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					Discover Cruising            Princess Cruises
                             Welcome to Princess. A relaxed, comfortable world where
                             days unfold slowly in a procession of refined pleasures
                             – fine meals and new friends, exhilarating activities and
                             unexpected moments, and singular, gracious attention

                                                                                             princess Cruises - windstar Cruises
                             from a crew whose only goal is providing an unforgettable
                             experience. Let us be your host and take you there - and
                             deliver an unparalleled escape. Come aboard and set sail
                             on any of over 115 unique itineraries visiting more than
                             350 of the very best ports.

Deluxe Cruising              Windstar Cruises
                             Sailing under the banner of its appropriate tag line “180º
                             From Ordinary,” Windstar was created in the mid 80’s
                             with the vision to offer an alternative to the typical cruise
                             or resort vacation. The Windstar passenger sees
                             the world from a romantic sailing ship with luxurious
                             accommodations, a casual yet elegant atmosphere,
                             and exquisite service and cuisine. Carrying just 148 to
                             312 guests, Windstar ships exude a private-yacht-like
                             atmosphere creating camaraderie and lasting friendships.