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									     Three Gorges Dam Conflict

PBC Corporation
  (People for a Better China)

   Fallyn Flaherty
 Tamara Mejia-Rabell
     Steven Eng
   Thomas Golden

                                Artist rendition of what the dam will look like when

Should China continue to build the
       Three Gorges Dam?

                    Yangtze River

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   Background
   Pros
    – Fallyn Flaherty
    – Thomas Golden
   Cons
    – Steven Eng
    – Tamara Mejia-Rabell
   Decision                An engineer checking the turbines.
   Questions and
 The Yangtze River is the third longest river
  in the world – 3,937 miles
 Damming the river where the Qutang,
  Wuxia, Xiling Gorges meet (Three Gorges)
 Approved in 1989 for construction

 Project began in 1993

 When complete, water level will be 175 m
  deep and 600 km long
 Will be completed by approximately 2009
        Construction Site
               Construction of Dam

Construction of Dam
 Flood control
 Power generation

 Navigation

 Water Diversion

 Environmental Protection

 Economic Boost
                  Flood control
   The Yangtze has claimed more
    than 1 million lives in past
    100 years
   Prevent catastrophic flooding
   Lessen the frequency of big
    downstream floods from once
    every 10 years to once every
    100 years                        The sluice gates

   Preserve:                        pacific/2977404.stm

    – Large amount of farmland
    – 15 million people's safety
    – Properties in the downstream
   The risk that the dam will
    increase flooding is remote
             Power generation
   26 generators will produce
    18.2M Kilowatts of energy
   Create as much energy as
    18 nuclear power plants or
    the burning of 40 million
    tons of coal
   Electrical power from dam
    will provide up to one-ninth
    of China’s output.             Beginning of water storage

   Power is to be sent through    /65919.htm

    transmission lines mostly to
    eastern and central China
    to solve energy shortages
   Will link three of China’s
    major rivers (the Yangtze,
    Haui, and Yellow)
   A 10,000 ton vessel can
    sail in interior for six
    months out of each year
   Would increase river
    shipping from 10 million      The Regal China cruise ship arriving
    to 50 million tons annually
   Transportation costs cut
    by 30 to 37 percent
   Shipping would become
              Water Diversion
   Droughts have
    effected irrigation
    and farmlands
   Three Gorges Dam
    will provide a
    balance in water
    distribution                      Resettled child in Ling Bao village

   Water in abundant

    areas will be
    redirected to areas
    of drought
    Environmental Protection
 Clean energy source
 Coal accounts for
  three quarters of
  country’s energy
 Reduce acid rain and
  global warming

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              Economic Boost
   Power increase to
    support annual rise in
   Increase in shipping
    and commerce
   Development of urban
    areas, factories and
    homes require
   Three Gorges artifacts
    preserved to increase
   Tourism of the Dam
                             Yangtze River: A pagoda overlooking the
                             river, near the Three Gorges dam.
                             Photo: Chris Stowers/Panos Pictures
 Cost

 Environmental  Impact
 Time Constraints

 Relocation of people

 Economic Strain

 Cultural Loss
 The dam will cost
  approximately $24
  Billion and strain
  China’s economy
 Subscription:
    – Electricity
    – Water

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          Environmental Impact
   Area around the dam
    is very beautiful
   Different species of
    plants and animals
    will perish
   Worsen pollution by
    trapping sewage and
    industrial waste
   Little to no attempts
    to move toxic waste
    and other potential
    pollutants that will
    inundate the river
            Time Constraints
   Erosion and a non-ideal
    foundation, adds time
    onto completion
   The project could be
    subject to a foreign or
    military attack
                              A construction worker prepares
   Construction limits       the hills for the reservoir.

    importing and exporting
            Relocation of people
   1.13M migrants will be
    forced out of their homes
   Violation of Human Rights
     – Discrimination
     – Unsatisfactory living
     – Fewer job opportunities
     – No channels to express
   Corruption and               People moving from their homes.
    Embezzlement of funds        hina.doomed.river/index.html
                  Economic Strain
   Flooding of the most
    fertile agricultural lands
   The effect on both the
    migrating and the host
    – Shortage of farmland
    – Unemployment
                                   Ling Bao village, a model resettlement village,
    – Decline in house hold        30km from the city of Yichang in Hubei province.
      income                       The damsite is about 60 km west of Yichang city.
    – Learning a new lifestyle     html

      (educational and technical
                  Cultural Loss
   Culture as a product of
    the environment
     – Learning new
   1,300 Archeological sites
    would be destroyed
   Destroy the legendary
    beauty of the scenery
   Reduce tourism revenue
 Itis in the best interest for China to
  continue to build the Three Gorges
  Dam due to all money and time
  invested in it.
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