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									Few Easy Tips Learn Accounting

Accounting is a department that has the potential employment opportunities are vast, why is that?
because we know that every company or a small office or large would require an accountant to handle
its financial problems. I personally seh chose this department because the chances gawenya so big, I can
ngelamar where ja is I want. We can work at the bank, in hospital, the Taxation Office, in particular
Perusahaan2, and others. It is very difficult majors (Private I), why? because to understand it requires
logic, the concentration of a strong and accurate. If we are strong logic and concentration, we certainly
understand it.

Those of you who majored in accounting, willing to take what concentration? if I want ngambil seh
taxation, because his money kenceng tuh ... he7, but I could not ya? everyone would be as long as we
want intention to run it and try and keep trying to learn and learn samapai the maximum point. I hope
readers of my blog this prayer so that I could become an accounting professional and dynamic. So even
with me, I will also pray for you in order to become a professional accountant.

Learn a few tips from my easy to understand accounting, as follows:

  If you are studying / college you do not daydream, let alone a ngeres2 ngelamunin. Bisa2 your
concentration can be shattered, and the material provided teachers / lecturers will not go at all. Trust
me! (Key point when studying / college full concentration).
  At the time of study / college try before you do not eat too much, because you will be sleepy, you end
up sleeping deh .......
  At the time teachers / lecturers try to explain the notice before write / record, since if you pay
attention and hear the material would be much more reasonable.
  Once you try the evaluation of the fourth phase of matter that has been delivered by the teacher /
lecturer you, continue the intensive yah ....
  Because accounting is difficult and requires a high concentration and logic, you should frequently
exercises at home, a discussion between friends, (you try to do about the accounting in your book).
Every day routine at least 2 hours / hari.okey!

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