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                          Voters Guide
                      L e a g u e o f Wo m e n Vo t e r s o f t h e H o u s t o n A r e a
      General & special elections ★                                              NoVeMber 2, 2010                                                      ★ Polls open 7AM to 7 PM

            WHAt’s oN                                                      Important notIce – Vote early!                                                                VieW Your
           tHe bALLot?                                                     On Friday, August 27, 2010, Harris County lost all of                                      sPeCiFiC bALLot!
                                                                           its eSlate election equipment in a warehouse fire.                                  1 – Go to www.harrisvotes.com
        On November 2, 2010                                                Sufficient replacement equipment has been pur-
                                                                                                                                                               2 – Click on English, Spanish or Vietnamese
      Harris County voters will                                            chased and borrowed to provide Harris County voters
                                                                                                                                                               3 – Click on Election Day Poll
      elect National, State and                                            a normal Election Day voting experience. However, the                                   and Voter Specific Ballot.
                                                                           Harris County Clerk strongly encourages voters to take
         County officials and                                              advantage of the early voting options the law affords
                                                                                                                                                               4 – Enter your name, your address, or your
                                                                                                                                                                   Voter Registration Certificate Number.
          vote for or against                                              them. That is, vote by mail if qualified or vote dur-
                                                                                                                                                               5 – Your Precinct Number, Name, Address,
                                                                           ing the Early Voting Period by personal appearance.
       three City Propositions                                             (See page 2 for ballot-by-mail guidelines and 31 for
                                                                                                                                                                   Polling Location and the words
                                                                                                                                                                   “Sample Ballot” will come up. Make
In addition to the City of Houston,                                        the early voting locations and schedule.) The County                                    sure the voter information is correct
                                                                           Clerk advises that Harris County is addressing this                                     and click on “Sample Ballot.”
many political subdivisions and ISDs
                                                                           unforeseen challenge using the proper remedies
are holding elections on November 2.                                                                                                                                  Your Voter Specific Ballot comes
                                                                           provided by the law and is poised to again create
These elections are not covered in                                                                                                                                    up just the way it will look when
                                                                           an election infrastructure that ensures fair and equal
this Voters Guide.                                                                                                                                                    you go to vote.
                                                                           access to the voting process for all registered voters.

                                                                       iNdeX to VOTERS GUIDE
CANDIDATES:                                                                State Representative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         10   County School Trustee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
U.S. Representative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        3   Chief Justice, Court of Appeals . . . . . . . . . . . .              13   County Commissioner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Governor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   5   Justice, Court of Appeals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          14   Justice of the Peace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Lieutenant Governor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          5   Judge, District Court . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        15
Attorney General . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       6   Judge, Family District Court. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            21   SPECIAL ELECTION:
Comptroller of Public Accounts . . . . . . . . . . . . .               6   Judge, County Court . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          22   City of Houston Propositions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Commissioner of the Gen Land Office . . . . . . . .                    7   Judge, County Court at Law. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              22
Commissioner of Agriculture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              7   Judge, County Criminal Court at Law. . . . . . . .                   23   VOTER INFORMATION:
Railroad Commissioner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            7   Judge, County Probate Court . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              27   Voter Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Justice, Supreme Court . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           8   District Clerk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   27   Telephone Numbers/Web Sites . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals. . . . . . . . . . . .                8   County Clerk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     28   Early Voting Locations/Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Member, State Board of Education. . . . . . . . . . .                  9   County Tax Assessor-Collector . . . . . . . . . . . . .              28
State Senator. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     9   County Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       28

About tHis VOTERS GUIDE                                                                                              Races and candidates are listed by political party and in ballot order.
                                                                                                                 Candidate replies are published without editing or verification. Each candidate is
    The League of Women Voters of the Houston area published this information                                    solely responsible for the content of the material submitted. Replies exceeding
to help voters cast an informed vote. Inside you will find candidates’ qualifi-                                  word limit requirements are indicated by (///).
cations, answers to our questions and photographs. Each candidate is solely                                          No portion of this Voters Guide may be reproduced for use in political
responsible for the content of the material submitted. Our state organization,                                   campaigns or advertising. Other proposed reproduction uses of the Voters
League of Women Voters of Texas, provided the statewide candidate information.                                   Guide must have the permission of the League of Women Voters – Houston
                                                                                                                 Area Education Fund.
             the League of Women Voters is nonpartisan. it does Not support or oppose any political party or candidate.
               We thank and acknowledge contributors who fund the Voters Guide. see page 32 for a list of contributors.
                        League of Women Voters of the Houston Area • www.lwvhouston.org • 713.784.2923
                                       Voter iNForMAtioN
As you may know, on Friday, August 27, 2010, we experienced a devastating loss of our                                Anyone meeting the position and filing requirements and either paying a fee or petitioning
eSlate election equipment in a fire that destroyed our warehouse. Our office is working dil-                         with voter signatures, may run as a write-in candidate. The names of all certified write-in
igently to secure adequate election equipment to conduct the November 2, 2010 election                               candidates will be posted in the voting booths. For each race in which certified write-in
with as little disruption to the citizens of Harris County as possible. We strongly encourage                        candidates are running, there will be a space on the ballot in which the voter may “write
voters to cast their ballots during the Early Voting period beginning Monday, October 18,                            in” a candidate’s name. Using the eSlate this is done by turning the wheel and selecting
and ending Friday, October 29, or through ballot-by-mail for those who are eligible.                                 the letters necessary to spell the candidate’s name.

Facts about Voting                                                                                                   What can I vote on in this election?
You are qualified to vote if you meet the following requirements:                                                        You may vote for candidates running for U. S. Representative for your district, Governor, Lt. Governor,
	 •	 You	are	a	U.S.	Citizen,	at	least	18	years	of	age,	and	a	resident	of	Harris	County.	                             Attorney General, Comptroller of Public Accounts, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Commissioner
	 •	 You	are	not	on	parole,	probation,	or	in	prison	for	a	felony.	                                                   of Agriculture, Railroad Commissioner, Texas Supreme Court Justice, Court of Criminal Appeals Justice,
	 •	 You	have	not	been	declared	mentally	incapacitated	by	a	court	of	law.	                                           State Senator and Representative for your district, State Board of Education Trustee for your district, Court
	 •	 You	are	registered	to	vote	in	Harris	County.	(October	4,	2010	was	the	last	day	to	register	                     of Appeals Chief Justice, Court of Appeals Justice, Civil/Criminal/Family District Judge, County Judge,
      for the General and Special Elections.)                                                                        County Civil and Criminal Judge, County Probate Judge, District Clerk, County Clerk, County Tax Assessor-
                                                                                                                     Collector, County Treasurer, County School Trustee, County Commissioner, and Justice of the Peace. There
How do I register to vote?
                                                                                                                     are three City of Houston charter amendments and a Special District VIII HISD Trustee election. To find out
    Each county has a Voter Registrar. In Harris County the Voter Registrar is the County Tax Assessor-
                                                                                                                     which U. S. House of Representatives, State Senate and House of Representatives, County Commissioner,
Collector. You may register in person at 1001 Preston Avenue – 2nd Floor, Room 200, in downtown Houston;
                                                                                                                     and Justice of the Peace District you are in, look on the right half of your Voter Registration Certificate or
any of 16 Tax Office substations throughout the County; any Texas Department of Public Safety Office (DPS);
                                                                                                                     contact the Voter Registrar at 713.368.2200, or the County Clerk’s Voter Information Line at 713.755.6965.
every Public Library, including any branch or service outlet; or several other state agency offices. Or you can
                                                                                                                         The County Clerk’s Elections Office has Your Specific Ballot online at
mail your application to Leo Vasquez, Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar, P.O. Box 3527, Houston,
                                                                                                                     http://www.harrisvotes.com. You may view which races and candidates will be on your specific
77253-3527. Applications are available at all of these locations, online at http://www.hctax.net/voter/
                                                                                                                     ballot. See instructions on Page 1. To obtain this information via telephone, call 713.755.6965, the County
voterintro.aspx or by calling 713.368.8683 to request one via mail. During voter registration drives you
                                                                                                                     Clerk’s Voter Information Line, during regular hours.
can register with a deputized volunteer voter registrar.
    After you register, you should receive your Voters Registration Certificate (VRC) within 30 days. Every 2        When can I vote?
years you will be mailed a replacement VRC. To maintain your registered status you must notify the Voter             You may vote:
Registrar of any address or name change.                                                                             	 •	 On	Election	Day	at	your	assigned	precinct’s	polling	place	
Where do I vote?                                                                                                     	 •	 Early	at	designated	times	and	locations	from	October	18	–	29,	2010	(see	schedule	on	page	31)	
    During the Early Voting Period, October 18 - 29, 2010, you may vote at any of the desig-                         	 •	 By	ballot-by-mail	if	you	are	at	least	age	65,	disabled,	confined	in	jail,	or	if	absence	from	the	county	
nated Early Voting Locations. Go to page 31 for a list of these locations. They are posted online at                       will prevent you from voting early or on Election Day. For this election your application to get a
http://www.harrisvotes.com or you can call 713.755.6965.                                                                   ballot-by-mail must be received between September 3 - October 26, 2010 (received, not
    On Election Day, you must vote in the polling location designated for your precinct of residence. Polling              postmarked), and you must follow the requirements for voting by mail. Contact the County Clerk’s
locations for each precinct may be listed in the newspaper the week of the election. Also, they are online                 Office, 713.755.6965 or visit http://www.harrisvotes.com to print an application for a
at http://www.harrisvotes.com or you can call 713.755.6965.                                                                ballot-by-mail.

Where do I find my Precinct Number?                                                                                  How does a student who is a registered voter and attends school outside the
    Your Precinct Number (Pct. No.) is in the middle of the left side of your Voter Registration                     county vote?
Certificate (VRC). Check the precinct number on your VRC before going to the polling location.                       	   •	 A	student	can	return	home	to	vote	on	Election	Day	or	during	the	Early	Voting	Period.	
Or, you can contact the Voter Registrar at 713.368.8683 or http://www.hctax.net/voter/                               	   •	 A	 student	 can	 vote	 absentee	 by	 using	 a	 ballot-by-mail.	 For	 ballot-by-mail	 instructions,	
voterintro.aspx, or the Harris County Clerk’s Elections Office at 713.755.6965 or                                           see the answer to the previous question.
                                                                                                                     What do I do if I change my address and still live in Harris County?
What do I take to the Poll?                                                                                               Promptly notify the Harris County Voter Registrar of your address change. You can change your address online
    Take your Voter Registration Certificate (VRC). This is all that is needed unless this is your first time to     at http://www.hctax.net/voter/voterintro.aspx or in writing by completing a voter registration change
vote in this county for a federal office and your original application was sent to the Voter Registrar without       form or by correcting the information on your current Voter Registration Certificate and returning it to the Voter
proper identification. Other documents accepted for voter identification purposes include                            Registrar. Voter registration change forms are available from the Harris County Voter Registrar, 713.368.8683,
    1. a driver’s license or personal identification card issued to you by the Department of Public                  online at http://www.hctax.net/voter/voterintro.aspx or the Texas Secretary of State’s office,
       Safety or a similar document issued to you by an agency of another state, regardless of                       1.800.252.8683, or online at http://www.sos.state.tx.us./elections/voter/reqvr.shtml.
       whether the license or card has expired;                                                                           You will be able to vote in your new precinct 30 days after your notice has been received by the Voter
    2. a form of identification containing your photograph that establishes your identity;                           Registrar. Meanwhile, you may vote a full ballot in your former precinct if your registration has not become
    3. a birth certificate or other document confirming birth that is admissible in a court of law                   effective in your new precinct. You will need to complete a Statement of Residence form.
       and establishes your identity;
    4. United States citizenship papers issued to you;                                                               What do I do if I change my address and move to another county?
    5. a United States passport issued to you;                                                                            You must reregister. Complete an application and mail it or take it in person to the Voter Registrar of your
    6. official mail addressed to you, by name, from a governmental entity;                                          new county. You will be registered 30 days after your application is submitted.
    7. a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other                             You may be eligible to vote a limited ballot, i.e. on measures in common between your former and new
       government document that shows your name and address.                                                         county, in your new county of residence after moving if you were qualified to vote in your former county at the
    You can take this Voters Guide or other written material into the Voting Booth. However, voters are not          time you moved, and if your registration in the new county is not yet effective. You must apply for a limited
allowed to display or share any campaign material in the polling place.                                              ballot and vote by personal appearance with the early voting clerk conducting the election in your new county
                                                                                                                     during the Early Voting Period – not on Election Day.
What if my name is not on the list of registered voters and the Voter Registrar has no
record of my registration but I think I have registered?                                                             What does the term “suspense” mean on a voter’s record?
     If your name is not on the list and you think you have registered, the Precinct Judge will contact the Voter        The term “suspense” is used to designate those voters for whom the Harris County Voter Registrar
Registrar. If the Voter Registrar cannot verify your registration, you may vote a “provisional ballot.” First, you   does not have a current address. A voter in “suspense” status on the rolls will be allowed to vote after
must complete an affidavit stating that you are a registered voter in the precinct in which you are attempting       completing a Statement of Residence form. Once the address is corrected, the “suspense” designation will
to vote and that you are eligible to vote in this election and you must present valid identification. Your ballot    be removed from the voter’s record. On November 30 of even-numbered years, the Voter Registrar cancels
will be counted only if state or local officials determine you are eligible under State law. You will receive a      registrations of suspense list voters if two general elections have occurred since the voter was first listed
letter after the election notifying you whether your provisional ballot was accepted or rejected.                    as a suspense voter and the voter has not submitted an address correction.
What is “provisional voting”?
   See answer to previous question. For more information on the provisional ballot process visit:

2                                                   League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                                          u.s. rePreseNtAtiVe
Member of U.S. Congress. Serves in the House of Representatives. The House originates revenue bills and, by tradition, appropriation bills. The House brings charges of impeachment for trial in the Senate. Both the House and the Senate count electoral votes following a
presidential election and, if no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes, the House chooses the President from among the top three candidates. The member is elected for a two-year term. Rank-and-file member salary $174,000. Speaker of the House salary $223,000.
Majority and Minority Leaders salary $193,400.
              QUESTIONS TO   What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)          Which actions by the federal government would you                   How can we best bring closure to the conflict in              What are the implications of the oil spill in the Gulf of
               CANDIDATES:                                                                        support to stimulate job growth? (60 word limit)                           Afghanistan? (60 word limit)                          Mexico on energy policy in the U.S.? (60 word limit)
                             ted Poe, Republican                                              Jobs must come from private businesses                           America has an important role to spread democracy and             It devastated our energy policy in the short term by
                                                                                              Companies need incentives to invest                              the rule of law and help open societies across the globe.         the administration’s knee jerk reaction to ban drilling.
                             US Representative for three terms (Foreign Affairs               Reduce tax rates on savings and investment                       We MUST support our troops with every tool they need to           I support an all-of-the-above approach to ending US
                             and Judiciary Committees), founder of Victims Rights             Stabilize the value of the dollar                                do their jobs and listen to the troops and commanders on          dependency on foreign crude oil and natural gas. I sup-
                             Caucus, teacher, prosecutor and judge for 30 years in            Defeat the “Cap and Tax” energy bill                             the ground for advice on closure. I support foreign policy        port legislation to expand domestic drilling and refining
                             Houston, Texas / Known for creative sentencing of crimi-         Discourage overseas outsourcing                                  that respects US sovereignty.                                     capacity and legitimate alternative energy.
                             nals and tough approach to enforcing the law / Served in         Sunset meaningless/duplicate regulations
                             C-130 Reserves Unit at Ellington Field
distriCt 2

                             Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Abilene Christian University; Law degree from University of Houston Law Center | Community Involvement: Board Member Children’s Assessment Center Board Member Justice for Children
                             Board Member Humble ISD Foundation | Website: www.tedpoe.com

                             dAVid W. sMitH, Libertarian                                      Cut spending and cut taxes!                                      10 day withdraw. Why are we the only country to rebuild           We should remove the 75$ million cap. Then when there
                                                                                                                                                               a country we defeated? We should do a 10 day with draw            is an oil spill, we would have the ability to seize assets
                             Nothing and everything! I am nothing more than another                                                                            and let them spend the next 50 years rebuilding. Cold and         and “hold them hostage” until its paid for and cleaned
                             person. I have 5 children that should not have to pay for                                                                         heartless, no, but practical.                                     up. Small price to pay for doing business. We should also
                             the mistakes of our current leaders. I listen to the people.                                                                                                                                        restrict the gulf to American companies unless the Non-
                             That alone should qualify me. I know what it is to be the                                                                                                                                           American company can prove themselves.
                             little guy. Thats something I won’t forget!
                             Education/Degrees: NSU Computer Sciences RSC Computer Sciences | Community Involvement: VA HOA Community Cleanup Community Watch | E-mail Address: dsmith@dsmithforcongress.com | Website: www.dsmithforcongress.com

                             joHN CuLbersoN, Republican                                       If I am privileged to represent you, & if Republicans            By giving our men & women in uniform full freedom                 Federal gov’t’s primary job is to help ID cause of disaster
                                                                                              earn a 2nd chance, I will be a subcommittee chairman             & support to win the war; stop nation building & stop             & lead clean up. Pres Obama is using it as excuse to
                             I keep my word. In 2000, I promised to expand I-10 asap.         on Appropriations, where I will zero out Obama’s illegal         handicapping our soldiers with rules of engagement that           achieve liberals’ long sought goal to shut down domestic
                             Broke ground: June, 2003; finished: Oct. 2008 w no new           czars/Obamacare/cap & tax etc. & will lead effort to pass        endanger their lives, & stop Pres BH Obama & AG Eric              O&G industry; We must defeat Dems in Nov to fire Pelosi
                             fed $. Led zero tolerance prog in Laredo & Del Rio border        mass. spending cuts to balance the budget. We must also          Holder from giving away our precious U.S. Constitutional          to repeal: offshore moratorium/cap&tax/EPA refinery
                             sectors; I voted no: $2.6 trill new GWB spending & over          cut taxes dramatically & zero out cap gain (///)                 rights to foreign terrorists & enemy soldiers.                    takeover. We must drill here & drill now!
                             $7 trill new BHO spending. Will lead in Jan to cut taxes/
                             sp; zero out czars/Obamacare/cap&tax (///)
                             Education/Degrees: Houston public schools, West U Elementary through Lamar HS. Southern Methodist University, BA, History. South Texas College of Law, JD. I hope one day to earn a Masters Degree in American History. | Community
                             Involvement: Through church & my work as US Representative. Member Memorial Drive United Methodist Church & attend Second Baptist Church as well as other churches throughout our district. | E-mail Address: john@culbersonforcongress.com
                             Website: culbersonforcongress.com

                             bob toWNseNd, Libertarian                                        Support or propose a tax credit for businesses (small &          Bring the American Troops home immediately!                       The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico gives the current
                                                                                              large) per job created. For every job created, a tax credit      American’s should not pay for an endless conflict, and            Congress & President an opportunity to promote more
distriCt 7

                             I’ve been a member of the San Jacinto Constitutional             of $20,000-$50,000 would be given to that business.              American Solders should not be putting their lives on             useless bureaucracy, stifling not only energy production
                             Study Group since 1995. Since that time, we as a group                                                                            the line protecting poppy fields for opium drug lords! If a       but job growth in the United States. I would only hold
                             have studied the Constitution of the United States,                                                                               country wants American protection, they should be pay-            the company that violated policy responsible, not the
                             the Texas Constitution as well as laws, statues and                                                                               ing the bill, not the American People.                            entire industry.
                             policies of both the United States Government & Texas
                             Education/Degrees: San Jacinto College North, San Jacinto College Central | Community Involvement: Baytown Little Theater - 1996-2004, Crighton Players - 2005-2006 | E-mail Address: bobwtownsend2@yahoo.com | Website: www.Townsend4Texas.info

                             LissA squiers, Write-in                                          Support of sustainable business practices through tax            Accept that it wasn’t people from Afghanistan who                 It is just one of many preventable accidents caused by
                                                                                              cuts & marketing for creation of sustainable products            attacked us on 9/11. Accept that radical terrorist                greed that costs human lives & hampers true progress.
                             My passion for the people of Houston to have safe, pro-          & services. Encourage contracts be given to businesses           Muslims aren’t any more dangerous than radical terrorist          Our practices are not sustainable. Greed is real & busi-
                             ductive & happy lives. My family has been raising children       that have sustainable wages, practices & raw materials.          Christians or Jews or athiests. Accept that there are             nesses do not self-regulate. We know how to have sus-
                             here for 4 generations. We can have healthy communities          Move focus away from churning of financial sector. End           tribal groups who think & pray differently. Teach sustain-        tainable energy but are held back by the lobbyists & stock
                             of productive people who care about each other, work             all predatory & poverty industry practices.                      able farming & building for their area & leave.                   market’s self-interest. We can change this.
                             together & capitalize on differences. I‘m a hands-on
                             grassroots Houstonian with a plan for success.
                             Education/Degrees: BBA - Sam Houston State University; MBA - University of Houston | Community Involvement: Work with local nonprofits to have venues for their events; attend St. Paul’s Methodist Church and Unity Church of Christianity;
                             speak at City Council about juvenile justice/education issues and the usurious practices of payday lending stores; volunteer for my childrens’ school groups and activities | E-mail Address: info@WinDistrict7.com | Website: WinDistrict7.com

                             steVe MueLLer, Republican                                        The most important actions by the federal government             There are currently many things I do not know about               The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico has highlighted the
                                                                                              to stimulate job growth are to cut federal spending on all       the United States’ involvement in the Middle East since I         importance of electing wise leaders who love freedom
                             I have common sense and I pledge to respect the US               non-Constitutional budgetary line items and reduce red           am a private citizen, so it would be premature for me to          and free-enterprise, will enforce the law, who respect
                             Constitution, specifically its limits on Congress in Article     tape. Businesses will then have confidence that we have          recommend a pathway to closure. Generally speaking,               economic activity in balance with environmental regula-
                             1, Section 8 and in Amendments 9 & 10. I believe in and          returned to the Rule of Law and to free enterprise and           I am more interested in securing our own borders and              tion, and who will rapidly move our country to energy
                             I trust the people of the US. Each one is created in God’s       prosperity will again begin to flourish.                         coastlines than I am in other countries.                          independence as a matter of national security.
                             image and must be treated accordingly. Please see my
                             website for my priorities/more info.
                             Education/Degrees: BS Industrial Engineering “Magna Cum Laude” - 1984 Texas A&M University - College Station, Texas Certifications: PMP - Project Management Professional - current CPIM - Certified in Production & Inventory Management - expired
                             CSI - Certified in Systems Integration - expired | Community Involvement: St. Thomas More Catholic Church: Instituted Acolyte, Lector, Coordinator of Extraordinary Ministers. Boy Scouts of America - Scoutmaster (3 yrs), Chaplain (2 yrs) Youth sports - Little
                             League baseball coach (many years); Soccer coach (several years) | E-mail Address: ElectSteveMueller@gmail.com | Website: ElectSteveMueller.com

                             AL GreeN, Democrat                                               I support actions which stabilize the economy and allow          “We are the land of the free because we are the home of           Offshore drilling provides crucial energy and vital jobs.
distriCt 9

                                                                                              business to expand, such as maintaining the jobs of first        the brave.” The price of freedom must ultimately be paid          Our policies must promulgate jobs, protect workers and
                             Democracy is “government of, by and for the people.”             responders, tax breaks for the middle class and small            by those who would be free. Afghans must ultimately               promote safe practices. Policies cannot allow the loss of
                             I’m of the people, having lived in the district since its        business. We should also improve critical infrastructure,        fend for Afghans. Our brave troops are doing their jobs.          precious human life to become simply the cost of doing
                             inception, and having served as a judge. I’m by the              thereby producing millions of jobs while repairing roads,        We must continue to do our job and provide them jobs,             business. Also, policies cannot allow preventable circum-
                             people, listening and working in our communities. I’m for        bridges, railroads, grids, etc.                                  housing and healthcare when they return.                          stances to prevent energy production.
                             the people having voted for: jobs, tax relief, education,
                             healthcare, housing, and veterans.
                             Education/Degrees: J.D., Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law | Community Involvement: Past President, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - Houston Branch and Co-Founder, Black and Brown Coalition
                             E-mail Address: al.green@mail.house.gov | Website: www.house.gov/algreen

                             MiCHAeL W. HoPe, Libertarian                                     The federal government has done too much already. Stop           We should not be in Afghanistan to begin with. We could           There shoul be no implications whatsoever. This was yet
                                                                                              printing, borrowing and spending. Start the process of           have hired a private army to go after Bin Laden and the           another case of the BOLM and the EPA telling BP that
                             My passion to restore respect for and follow the US con-         phasing out the Fed and the IRS. Abolish the unconsti-           Taliban(letters of marque and reprisal). A systematic             they couldn’t drill in shallow and more safer waters. They
                             stitution. My respect for individual liberty,the freemarket,     tutional departments. Central economic planning simply           draw down would be the best policy. Then we can adopt             told BP to drill away from the coast and that the Federal
                             the rule of law, sound money and a non interventionist           doesn’t work. Restore economic liberty.                          a foreign policy of non interventionism. We simply need           government would cap all liabilities associated with any
                             foreign policy.                                                                                                                   to mind our own business.                                         incident. The federal government inst
                             Education/Degrees: Paralegal degree- Blackstone Institute 2003 Texas dept. Of Criminal Justice corrections officer Academy- 1996                    |   Community Involvement:       Educating the public in the Austrian school of freemarket economics.
                             E-mail Address: mike@hopeforcongress2010.com | Website: hopeforcongress2010.com

                             MiCHAeL MCCAuL, Republican                                       Lower business taxes, ease burdensome regulations                With Iraq drawdown, now is opportunity for similar surge          Lift moratorium on deepwater drilling needlessly costing
                                                                                              that drive jobs overseas. Extend current tax rate. Ease          in Afghanistan to defeat terror orgs. Tribal Areas of             10,000+ jobs. This compounds environmental devasta-
                             Voting record of ltd govt & spending; tax cuts to cre-           tax burden on $250k/year since most small businesses             Pakistan are safe haven for Taliban, al Qaeda. As top             tion with economic disaster. I oppose nat’l energy tax
distriCt 10

                             ate jobs. Stopped requesting earmarks until system               pay at individual rate. Cut income taxes & capital gains         R on Homeland Security Intelligence I believe we cannot           - will only drive up cost of fuel everyone uses. Support
                             reformed. Uncovered $1 billion waste, fraud, abuse in            tax, incentivizing personal investment - worked under            ignore the continued threat originating in that region &          accelerated devel of alt energy in “all of the above” strat-
                             FEMA. It’s your money, not Govt’s. Key role shaping nat’l        Kennedy and Reagan. Make R&D tax credit permanent.               terrorist’s increased US recruitment.                             egy that includes safe oil/gas exploration
                             security & foreign affairs policies. Committed to secure
                             border. Repeal & replace healthcare reform.
                             Education/Degrees: B.A. in Business and History, Trinity University J.D., St. Mary’s University School of Law. Graduate, Senior Executive Fellows Program, School of Government, Harvard University. | Community Involvement: March of Dimes, Pediatric
                             Cancer Research, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Dell Children’s Hospital, Communities in Schools, National Charity League – Ronald McDonald House, Mobile Loaves & Fishes | E-mail Address: info@michaelmccaul.com | Website: michaelmccaul.com
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   U. S. RepReSentatiVe, DiStRict 10 continUeD on next paGe

                                                                   League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                         3
                                                                                                                           u.s. rePreseNtAtiVe continued
                        QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)         Which actions by the federal government would you                How can we best bring closure to the conflict in             What are the implications of the oil spill in the Gulf of
                         CANDIDATES:                                                                        support to stimulate job growth? (60 word limit)                        Afghanistan? (60 word limit)                         Mexico on energy policy in the U.S.? (60 word limit)
                                       ted ANKruM, Democrat                                             SHORT TERM: Loan guarantees to small busi-                    Decide that “Victory” is when Afghanistan isn’t a haven         The debate on the need to transition to a post-oil
                                                                                                        ness, ending tax breaks to companies shipping                 for Al Queda. Achieve that by negotiating with the Taliban      economy is settled. All agree that we must continue to
                                       Attitude. I believe in a limited Government that does what       jobs overseas, stimulus to repair bridges, roads,             to form a Gov’t that agrees to this, on pain of the USA         drill while ramping up alternatives and the Gulf oil spill
                                       we cannot do for ourselves. Instead of a reflexive NO to         water and sewer systems, secure the border.                   coming back at an altitude of 30,000 ft to punish, not to       makes clear that oil sources during that transition are
                                       anything that is not a tax cut or deregulation of banks &        LONG TERM: reduce deficit to no more than 3% of GDP           try to make a model Democracy. Nation Build in the USA,         increasingly difficult, hazardous & expensive. We simply
                                       big business, I want to find the solutions that 70% of us
distriCt 10 continued

                                                                                                        through bringing troops home, reducing spending & sim-        not in irreversibly corrupt Afghan.                             have to move faster and drill smarter.
                                       agree on, because the future of our Country depends on           plifying our tax system.
                                       us being able to work together.
                                       Education/Degrees: BS Electrical Engineering, U. of Colorado, 1965 MBA Financial Management, Loyola University, 1975 US Navy Nuclear Power School, 1966 US Navy Submarine School, 1965 | Community Involvement: Candidate for this same Office
                                       against this same opponent in 2006. Spokesman for Harris County Dem Party opposing the Iraq War in 2004. Offices in Community Associations. | Website: www.ankrum2010.com

                                       jereMiAH ‘jP’ PerKiNs, Libertarian                               The very first thing I would do is fight to lower taxes for   Billions of dollars spent and hundreds of American              We need to stop subsidising the oil and gas industries
                                                                                                        small business. Small businesses are the backbone of          life’s lost and we still can’t admit that Afghanistan is a      and allow the market to finally move towards a green
                                       I am a working class citizen not a professional politician       our economy and I believe that the fastest way to put         failed war. We should begin drawing down our troops             economy.
                                       and as such I have a much better grasp of the struggles          America back to work is by encouraging entrepreneur-          immediately.
                                       of every day people.                                             ship to once again thrive in this country.

                                       joHN FAuLK, Republican                                           The federal government should take to stimulate job           We should stop interfering with Afghanistan’s internal          Fed government regulators failed in their job of providing
                                                                                                        growth is to reduce taxes and stop spending money we          politics. Create multiple military districts then give notice   the legally required oversight. Environmental effects
                                       I meet all of the requirements of Article I, Section 2 of        do not have and can’t afford to borrow! My youngest           that during the next 60 days we will pull troops out of one     will be limited due the amount of oil that evaporates and
                                       the United States Constitution and I am the single candi-        grand-daughter’s share of the National Debt is $43,210        of the districts and deploy them as “reserves” in adjoin-       remediation. The drilling moratorium is creating more
                                       date that will abide by the entire Constitution! I will not      (http://www.usdebtclock.org/). Being born in 1946, my         ing districts. The Afghanistan government should protect        economic hardship to the Gulf Coast economy than the
                                       trample or ignore the same Constitution that I have sworn        inherited share of the national debt was $1,992.              their own country.                                              spill.Some rigs & jobs have already left.
                                       to defend and protect. As a businessman, I have made
                                       payroll in good & bad times.
                                       Education/Degrees: BBA and MBA | Community Involvement: University of Houston Clear Lake Alumni Association, South Belt Ellington Chamber of Commerce, Boy                                      Scouts of America as a professional and a volunteer
                                       E-mail Address: john@faulkforcongress.org | Website: www.faulkforcongress.org

                                       sHeiLA jACKsoN Lee, Democrat                                     Small businesses create jobs. I supported the Hire Act        I have just returned from a mission to Afghanistan visiting     Energy generates jobs in America. To save jobs safety
                                                                                                        passed into law to create 300,000 jobs with small busi-       our troops in Kabul and Kandahar. Our soldiers are resil-       & environmental laws must be enforced. We can’t be
distriCt 18

                                       Achieving results equals service. I secured                      ness tax credits and accelerated write-offs. Provide          ient and committed. Security Forces are being trained by        dependent on one source. America must develop a seam-
                                       $849,839,989.00 in federal funding creating jobs, sup-           Small Businesses access to credit & affordable loans.         Allied Forces to take over the Security of Afghanistan.         less energy policy from wind & solar to traditional sourc-
                                       porting schools & expanded health care. I brought people         Enroll Americans in expanded job re-training. I am work-      This must happen before June 2011. Eliminate corrup-            es. I wrote Remedies Act to boost technology, enforce
                                       together to save their homes due to unfair flood control         ing to rebuild America’s manufacturing.                       tion. Educate women and girls.                                  oversight & protect workers. Must restore Gulf jobs.
                                       laws. Secured airport security personnel for IAH. My
                                       office solved major issues for seniors & the military.
                                       Education/Degrees: B.A., Yale University, Political Science Honors; J.D., University of Virginia Law School and two honorary degrees. | Community Involvement: Organize Annual Holiday Party for children; sponsor for 3 years back to school give-a-way and
                                       health fair; board member of Boy Scouts & Houston Grand Opera; former board member to Interfaith Ministries, DePelchin, United Way, State Bar; Relief efforts for Tsunami, Haiti & Pakistan; Recovery efforts after Hurricane Ike
                                       E-mail Address: finance@sheilajacksonlee18.com | Website: www.sheilajacksonlee18.com

                                       MiKe tAYLor, Libertarian                                         I would support reduced taxation across the board after        Come home.                                                      It shows we are not following laws and regulations that
                                                                                                        eliminating any and all failed or failing projects that are                                                                    are already on the books. The current president and
                        NO PHOTO       I understand the importance of law makers to follow the          costing tax dollars with no positive result.                                                                                   congress are using it as a way to add more laws and
                        AVAILABLE      laws set to regulate congress in the U.S. Constitution.                                                                                                                                         regulations without knowing if the ones already in place
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       would have worked, if enforced.

                                       CHArLes b. “CHuCKM” MeYer, Write-in – We regret that the timing of the confirmation of this write-in candidate made it impossible for us to solicit question responses.

                                       Pete oLsoN, Republican                                           There is way too much government intrusion into our           By seeing the mission through. We have to make                  The oil spill is a tragedy and we need to know what
                                       For almost twenty years, I have worked under an Oath             small businesses. We need to alleviate the tax burden on      sure that Afghanistan does not revert into a pre 9/11           happened so we can prevent it from occurring again.
                                       to “Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution.”             businesses so that they can compete in a global econo-        Afghanistan where terrorists plotted and executed the           Unfortunately the spill has caused a knee jerk reaction
                                       I have spent my adult life serving my Country, first as          my. The federal government needs to get out of the way        terror attacks on our country. It is vital that the Afghan      out of Washington D.C in the form of a deep water drill-
                                       a Naval officer then as an aide to two United States             so that businesses can do what they do best, create jobs!     government takes the lead on the security and safety of         ing moratorium. This policy will drive jobs overseas and
                                       Senators and finally as a member of Congress. I have a                                                                         the Afghan people.                                              make the U.S. more dependent on foreign oil.
                                       unwavering commitment to America.
                                       Education/Degrees: B.A. Rice J.D. University of Texas | Community Involvement: My family and I are active members of the United Methodist Church. | E-mail Address: pete@olsonforcongress.com | Website: olsonforcongress.com

                                       KesHA roGers, Democrat                                           Impeach Obama, reinstate the 1933 Glass-Steagall              Obliterate the opium trade, expose the offshore money           We must shift to high energy-flux density power sources
                                                                                                        Act, nationalize the Federal Reserve, channel govern-         laundering, and bring in the region (including Iran), to sta-   like fission and fusion, to generate the electrical and
                                       I have the guts to tell the truth even if it’s not popular; my   ment credit into infrastructure megaprojects: the North       bilize and build the physical infrastructure of Afghanistan.    power potentials needed for large scale water desalina-
                                       allegiance is to the truth, my country, and humanity, not        American Water And Power Alliance (NAWAPA), national          Collaborate on infrastructure projects that benefit the         tion, domestication of the periodic table, and interplan-
                                       to a party, or anything else. I have put actual solutions to
distriCt 22

                                                                                                        maglev rail system, nuclear fission/fusion electricity, and   region as a whole. Promote a Classical humanist educa-          etary space travel. We need petroleum, not as fuel, but
                                       the economic collapse on the table, organizing and edu-          colonize/industrialize the solar system with NASA.            tion in science, history, and art.                              for its many other useful purposes.
                                       cating the population in the tradition of Hamilton, Lincoln,
                                       FDR, JFK, and LaRouche.
                                       Education/Degrees: Texas State University, B.A. in Political Science and Speech Communications; 2001 | Community Involvement: 2004: Knocked on doors of the 22CD to beat Tom Delay; ’05: Campaigned to stop privatization of Social Security;
                                       ‘06: Ran for TDP Chair to recruit youth to the tradition of FDR & JFK; ‘07: mobilized to stop bailouts, freeze foreclosures, & reinstate 1933 Glass-Steagall Act. ’08-10: Fought Obamacare, NASA cuts, etc. | E-mail Address: kesha@keshaforcongress.com
                                       Website: www.keshaforcongress.com

                                       steVeN susMAN, Libertarian                                       None. You cannot “spend” your way out of a depression.        Since a recent poll stated that 74% of Afghani’s do not         Why was a foreign company drilling on our shores? Why
                                                                                                        You can work to ease red tape, taxes, and unnecessary         want us there, we should pull out immediately. We do not        wasn’t an American company producing energy and
                                       I have managed to simplify and make some of the busi-            regulation to make it easier for Americans to open job        need to participate in nation building. The loss of lives       jobs here? I view the implications of this eco disaster as
                                       nesses I’ve been involved with, run more efficiently.            creating businesses. We can make vast improvements to         and our money only suit the banksters who are financing         a vehicle for ruthless entities to steal from Americans
                                       I believe in being totally, sometimes brutally honest            the systems that are already in place, without depriving      both sides of this illegal war.                                 through Cap and Trade legislation, as well as promote the
                                       with customers. I would continue this practice as your           the taxpayers of their money.                                                                                                 fraud known as “Global Warming”.
                                       Congressman. I feel that I can be instrumental in stopping
                                       the huge amounts of waste in our government.
                                       Education/Degrees: 2 years College/Galveston College-Journalism,Pre-Law/Paralegal | Community Involvement: Libertarian Party, Houston Area Liberty Campaign Activist | Website: stevesusman2010.ning.com

                                       joHNNY WiLLiAMs, Write-in – We regret that the timing of the confirmation of this write-in candidate made it impossible for us to solicit question responses.

                                       roY MorALes, Republican                                          Cut taxes -                                                   Define an exit strategy that includes winning in the whole      The only implication that should be addressed is to
                                                                                                                                                                      Middle East. We need to stop relying on the Middle East         improve the procedures and processes in preventing this
                                       Senior executive with more than 20 years experience in           Cut the budget -
                                                                                                                                                                      for oil and become energy independent by drilling where         from happening again. Also there should be procedures
distriCt 29

                                       enhancing public policy and services, managing innova-           Eliminate burdening regulations on businesses -               it makes sense in the U.S. and this includes ANWR.              in place (e.g. Jones Act) to quickly remedy the problem.
                                       tive, cost-effective, large-scale programs. Demonstrated                                                                                                                                       We should learn and move on. Oil and gas is prosperity
                                       experience in program management and strategic mili-             Lift the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      for America and jobs for Americans!
                                       tary planning. I provide solutions to strategic problems         Increase drilling for oil and gas on land
                                       and can solve problems in a crisis.
                                       Education/Degrees: B.A. Psychology (summa cum laude)- B.S. Computer Science - M.S. Space Operations | Community Involvement: I have been involved in many organizations from the Boy and Sea Scouts, Houston Hispanic Forum, Ambassadors
                                       International Ballet Folklorico Board President, La Rosa Family Services, Houston East End Chamber, Baytown Chamber, Pasadena Chamber, North Channel Chamber, and several veteran organizations. | E-mail Address: info@roymorales.com
                                       Website: roymorales.com
                                                                                                                                                                                                           U. S. RepReSentatiVe, DiStRict 29 continUeD on next paGe

4                                                                            League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                                         u.s. rePreseNtAtiVe continued
                        QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)       Which actions by the federal government would you                   How can we best bring closure to the conflict in          What are the implications of the oil spill in the Gulf of
                         CANDIDATES:                                                                      support to stimulate job growth? (60 word limit)                           Afghanistan? (60 word limit)                      Mexico on energy policy in the U.S.? (60 word limit)
                                       GeNe GreeN, Democrat                                           I have supported job programs in both the pri-                    Continue to expand and train Afghan military and police      The tragic oil spill has set us back from recent success
                                                                                                      vate and public sector. A job-less recovery is not                to take charge of their country and drawdown U.S troops      in expanding domestic energy production. We should
                                       Experience and service to constituents no matter what          a recovery, need to expand tax incentives for busi-               as soon as possible while insuring Afganistan is not a       enhance safety in production but our country needs to
                                       the issue or problem. I am a life-long resident of the         nesses to hire additional employees and increase                  training ground for attacking the U.S. again.                move toward alternatives while expanding all domestic
                                       district. I return to Houston every week to listen to con-     highway, water and wastewater construction                                                                                     sources of energy. I’m currently working to end the
distriCt 29 continued

                                       stituents and my votes reflect the opinions and needs of       projects.                                                                                                                      offshore production moratorium.
                                       the district.
                                       Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration-1971,University of Houston, attended University of Houston Law Center and passed State Bar exam 1977 | Community Involvement: Member of all District 29 Chambers of Commerce,
                                       Communications Workers of America local 6222, Life Member Natl Rifle Assn, sponsor of many Dist 29 events

                                       brAd WALters, Libertarian                                      Reduction of taxes and the burdens of compliance by               Withdraw and at the same time end the war on drugs.          Our energy policy should not be affected by the spill.
                                                                                                      moving to a simpler tax code that still makes allowances          Ending the war on drugs will reduce the funds available      In general our energy policy should remove obstacles
                                       What we need is someone to say no to special interests         for basic living expenses and taxes everyone at the same          to terrorist factions.                                       created by the government which make new sources of
                        NO PHOTO       and limit the federal government to its proper constitu-       rate beyond that.                                                                                                              energy economically unviable.
                                       tional role. I am only accepting votes, no money. My only
                        AVAILABLE      commitment is to the voters and I will not be bought by
                                       anyone or any group. If you like Ron Paul you will like me.
                                       I think he could use a hand.
                                       Education/Degrees: B.A. Humanities-Pre Law, U. Of Houston Clear Lake J.D. | Community Involvement: Lakewood Church | E-mail Address: bwalters56@yahoo.com

 Four-year term. Must be at least 30 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for the five years immediately preceding the election. Among duties: executes all laws and conducts all business with other states and the federal government; fills appointive
 offices; fills vacancies in state or district elected offices by appointment; calls special sessions of the Legislature and sets their agenda; signs or vetoes bills passed by the Legislature. Current annual salary: $150,000
                        QUESTIONS TO   What training and experiences qualify you for this office?       Texas is among the top-ranked states in the nation in some         What are the most important issues for the state’s         Aside from the issues above, what do you consider the
                         CANDIDATES:                         (50 words)                               areas (such as fastest-growing cities, low business taxes, wind    economy and jobs and how would you address them?            two most serious issues facing Texas during the next four
                                                                                                         power) and among the lowest-ranked in other areas (such                              (75 words)                               years, and how would you address them? (75 words)
                                                                                                         as greenhouse gas emissions, tax burden for low-income
                                                                                                       residents, teen pregnancies, wrongful convictions, uninsured
                                                                                                       children). How would you address these issues? (75 words)
                                       riCK PerrY, Republican                                         Texas will continue implementing policies based on                Texas is the example that other states should emulate to     Texas needs to remain competitive in the national and
                                                                                                      principles of limited government, low taxes, restrained           strengthen their economy and create jobs. There are four     global economies so Texans are free to succeed. We’ll
                                       My experience balancing budgets without raising taxes,         spending and individual freedom. Although Texas has its           basic rules we have stuck to: don’t spend all the money      achieve this goal by maintaining our focus on economic
                                       trimming billions in unnecessary spending and creating a       challenges, we have the tools to effectively tackle these         and keep taxes low; keep a predictable regulatory system     development, job creation, fiscal responsibility, educa-
                                       climate that has helped Texas generate more jobs than          issues. We believe that the government’s role is to create        so that employers aren’t burdened with unexpected            tion and border security. We will also continue to resist
                                       any other state this decade embody the Texas values of         a climate that frees people to succeed and then get out           changes; maintain a legal system that minimizes frivolous    the encroachment of the federal government upon our
                                       limited government, low taxes and fiscal restraint that our    of the way to let the private sector create the jobs that         lawsuits; and strengthen education by holding schools        liberties. Their spend it all, spend it now, one size fits all
                                       state needs to continue its forward momentum.                  Texans need to provide for their families and contribute          accountable and calling students to higher standards as      approach to governance will cripple our economy.
                                                                                                      to society.                                                       we build the workforce of tomorrow.

                                       biLL WHite, Democrat                                           Texas should be a leader, and our poor rankings in                The deficit facing the state means that as governor,         Education is key in Texas. For the first time, young Texans
                                                                                                      children’s health insurance and education are troubling.          I would be resposible for identifying efficiencies and       entering the workforce are less educated than the previ-
                                       With a long business career, I’ve met a payroll, bal-          I worked to make Houston a top city in the US, and will           productivity improvements that would allow a reduction       ous generation. Our long term economic future depends
                                       anced budgets, and increased efficiency. In six years          work to repeat that success statewide. Existing programs          in spending without the compromise in service delivery.      on the investments we make in students today. We must
                                       as Houston’s mayor, I brought people together to get           like CHIP should have higher enrollment. I helped cut the         We need to cut costs and stimulate job growth in the         improve achievement in public schools, cut the dropout
                                       results. We led the nation in job growth, cut crime, cut       drop-out rate in Houston by reaching out to students not          state. As governor, I will work to bring new business        rate, and reduce barriers to higher education. Examples
                                       property tax rates, and helped the city become a clean         returning to school. Giving students access to summer             here, allow small businesses to flourish, and will ensure    of potential solutions to improving achievement include:
                                       energy leader.                                                 school and tutoring increases student investment in               a skilled workforce by focusing on improving education       voluntary summer programs, expanded pre-K, closing
                                                                                                      education.                                                        and job training.                                            the digital divide, attracting and retaining great teachers.

                                       KAtHie GLAss, Libertarian                                      Such dubious negative rankings are attempts to foist              Problem: High property taxes and a budget that doubled       The most serious issues facing Texas are unconstitu-
                                                                                                      increased taxes and spending upon us. Other states                the last decade. Solution: Slash the budget 50% to levels    tional federal acts in violation of our 10th Amendment
                                       I am a civil trial lawyer and citizen who has run a business   really cannot compare to Texas. In things that matter             seen 10 years ago. Eliminate property taxes, reduce          sovereignty and our unsecure border. We must restore
                                       and understands our Constitution, history, and rule of         most -- the desire, will, and ability (given effective            education spending, increase local control including the     Texas sovereignty and resist unconstitutional acts using
                                       law. I played no role in the corruption and cronyism that      leadership) to assert our sovereignty and resist uncon-           ability to supplement funding. Medicaid was 26% of our       nullification and interposition. We must defend our border
                                       created our problems. “Experienced” people caused this         stitutional federal acts, defend our border, restore fiscal       $180,000,000,000 budget when Obamacare increased             using our Texas State Guard and eliminate taxpayer-
                                       mess; “experienced” people will not lead us out.               sanity, and defeat seizure of private property to enrich          our liability by 75%. Texas should opt out, using the        funded services to non-citizens. Our porous border is also
                                                                                                      well-connected cronies -- Texas is No. 1.                         savings to fund healthcare we choose, creating better        an economic issue, as 25% of our $180,000,000,000
                                                                                                                                                                        services at lower cost.                                      budget goes for non-citizens.

                                       deb sHAFto, Green                                              First, we need a graduated state income tax. We need to           We need to create living wage jobs to create renewable       We need to rethink education entirely. We are 49th
                                                                                                      strictly follow EPA guidelines. We need state medicare            energy throughout the state, create a power grid to get      among 50 states and, clearly, more of the same will not
                                       I have sold insurance, owned and operated a moving             for all. We need to give factual, relevant sex information        the energy where it is needed, and retrofit public build-    bring improvement. We are born learning machines and
                                       company, adolescents, run a group home for disturbed           to our adolescents and stop pretending that ignorance             ings and private housing to be energy efficient. We need     need authentic opportunities to experience and learn,
                        NO PHOTO       adolescents and taught kindergarten. I put a son through       works. We need to put a premium on justice not on                 to rebuild and update drainage solutions and repair aging    not discipline and grinding memorization which dulls the
                        AVAILABLE      college, a daughter through nursing school. I know what        convictions, and we need a judicial review to be sure all         infrastructure, including schools, streets and highways.     brain and discourages the learner. We need longer school
                                       meeting payroll means, keeping within budget, doing            evidence has been presented and tested, not just when             Good schools and subsidized college in-state tuition will    days to accommodate the work force and classes inter-
                                       hard work and being where the buck stops.                      the defendant can afford it.                                      attract business, and bring jobs.                            spersed with physical activity to maintain alertness and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     physical health. We need to de-emphasize testing (///)

                                       ANdY bArroN, Write-in – We regret that the timing of the confirmation of this write-in candidate made it impossible for us to solicit question responses.

                                                                                                                              LieuteNANt GoVerNor
 Four-year term. Must be at least 30 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for the five years immediately preceding the election. Among duties as part of both the Executive and Legislative branches: assumes powers of Governor when Governor is
 absent or unable to serve; acts as President of the Senate; by statute, is a member of several Legislative branch boards and committees. The salary is that of a state senator when serving as President of the Texas Senate and that of the Governor when serving as Governor.
                        QUESTIONS TO    What training and experience qualify you for this office?      How should Texas finance public education in light of               What is the best way for Texas to meet its growing        What do you think is the most important function of the
                         CANDIDATES:                          (50 words)                               reduced revenues from property and business taxes?                           transportation needs? (75 words)                  Lieutenant Governor during the legislative session?
                                                                                                                           (75 words)                                                                                                                      (75 words)
                                       dAVid deWHurst, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                                       LiNdA CHAVez-tHoMPsoN, Democrat                                State leaders are failing to heed the warnings of former          Response does not meet criteria                              Response does not meet criteria
                                       I’ve led an international union with millions of workers.      state demographer, and Bush appointee, Steve Murdoch,
                                                                                                      who has warned that real wages will be lower in 2030

                                       I’ve negotiated contracts, developed policy papers, and
                                       secured a living wage for thousands of workers across          than they were in the year 2000. Today’s economy is
                                       in my 28-year career as a labor organizer, culminating         driven by technology and innovation — and leaders of
                                       as the first woman of color to serve as Executive Vice         the new economy understand its an economic imperative
                                       President of the AFL-CIO.                                      that big business paying its fair share. This message
                                                                                                      was echoed in a recent report by the Texas Association
                                                                                                      of Business.                                                                                                                  LieUtenant GoVeRnoR continUeD on next paGe

                                   The Voters Guide is
                            online with State & County
                                                                                                      Click on: http://onyourballot.vote411.org
                                candidate information.                                                Then type in your address and zip code to see the candidates on your ballot.

                                                                            League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                    5
                                                                                                               LieuteNANt GoVerNor continued
                  QUESTIONS TO    What training and experience qualify you for this office?     How should Texas finance public education in light of             What is the best way for Texas to meet its growing           What do you think is the most important function of the
                   CANDIDATES:                          (50 words)                              reduced revenues from property and business taxes?                         transportation needs? (75 words)                     Lieutenant Governor during the legislative session?
                                                                                                                      (75 words)                                                                                                                     (75 words)
                                 sCott jAMesoN, Libertarian                                    A Modified Voucher System would provide optimal edu-            Public-Private Partnerships are important in meeting the        The Lt. Governor must help implement the Texas
                                                                                               cation choices and progressively save the state system          state’s highway infrastructure needs. However, we need          Constitution for everyone’s well-being. Legislatively, I
                                 I will not spend millions to convince everyone I should       billions. When individuals and corporations contributed         to use proper revenue sharing models to limit windfall          would be a fulcrum between the two legacy parties’
                                 be elected. I share your financially conservative values.     to a voucher school that school’s provision of education        profits. Also, as a Realtor, I am informed about the            agendas. As a conservative Libertarian, I am in the best
                  NO PHOTO       I will lead the Texas Senate to vastly improve education      tax dollars would be scaled down. Public school crowding        controversial expanded use of imminent domain, and I            political space to set the calendar of the Senate for the
                  AVAILABLE      at all levels, provide a smart, affordable transportation     and capital expenditure pressures would be reduced. The         oppose this expansion. Private property rights combined         best possible results -a conservative balanced budget, an
                                 infrastructure, while ardently defending all Texans with a    successful model of magnet schools should be expanded.          with good environmental laws must be preeminent.                optimal education framework, great transportation infra-
stAte continued

                                 shield of transparent and ethical values.                     Also, we should provide some property tax exemption for         Finally, Texas is a leader in technology and we need to         structure and a clean environment. As your Lt. Governor,
                                                                                               homeschoolers. We must repeal the NCLB Act and end              support building infrastructure for hybrid and fuel cell        I will listen to you and work for you.
                                                                                               federal intervention.                                           (///)
                                 Herb GoNzALes, jr, Green                                      The present system is in need of dismantling and creat-         Texas should begin to invest in transportation that will        It is affirmed that I will promote the public good and
                                                                                               ing a Permanent Public Education fund that is financed          be used by all to reduce and eliminate the need of oil          ensure with the Texas Senate that legislation will be of
                                 My experience is based on studying and being actively         by a minimum tax on the fortune 500 corporations that           and gas. Urban areas must began to create a public              benefit to the citizens and persons who reside in Texas.
                                 involved in politics and government. I have a BA in polisci   whether they are chartered in Texas or not will pay this        transport system that is energy efficient in not releasing
                  NO PHOTO       and was a representative for student group in student         minimum tax in order to profit from the income of Texans.       greenhouse gases. Monies should be directed at creating
                  AVAILABLE      government. I was elected precinct chair and a delegate                                                                       not toll but roadways that are for public transportation
                                 to Green convention. I have been campaign coordinator                                                                         electric and rail and to create a system to rebate citizens
                                 in city and county.                                                                                                           who use public transport instead of privately (///)

                                                                                                                           AttorNeY GeNerAL
 Four-year term. Must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for at least 12 months. Among duties: lawyer for the state; defends the laws and Constitution of the state; represents the state in litigation; approves public bond issues; enforces
 health, safety and consumer regulations; collects court-ordered child support; administers Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund. Current annual salary: $150,000

                  QUESTIONS TO              What training and experience qualify                 What are the most serious areas of consumer fraud in            What should be the role of the Attorney General’s office        What advisory and enforcement responsibilities of the
                   CANDIDATES:                you for this office? (50 words)                    Texas and how would you address them? (75 words)               in enforcing health, safety, consumer and environmental           Attorney General’s office will need the most attention
                                                                                                                                                                                regulations? (75 words)                         and resources in the next four years, and how would you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               address them? (75 words)
                                 GreG Abbott, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                                 bArbArA ANN rAdNoFsKY, Democrat                               Wall Street misconduct harmed Texans and our economy.           The Texas Attorney General should protect the economic          The office of Attorney General should: Provide leadership
                                                                                               Texas’ top ten investments lost $35 billion (2007-2009).        and physical well being of the people. Profiteering and         from the top, respect for the career employees, training
                                 Wife, mother, teacher, mediator. Lawyer for 30 years. I’ve    I will: Fight to get back our billions lost to Wall Street      misuse of state resources have led to sky high electrical       and resources to serve the public. Reform Child Support,
                                 represented people and businesses of every kind. Head         fraud. Declare the margin income tax unconstitutional,          and insurance rates and Texas’ number one ranking of            correcting computers to properly administer law of child
                                 of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, Vinson &       helping businesses create Texas jobs. Declare war on            several key pollution measures. The Attorney General            support and serve Texans. Declare margin income tax
                                 Elkins (retired 2006). Listing “Best Lawyers in America”      Internet child predators. Reform the Attorney General’s         should be enforcing the law, instead of suing the EPA to        unconstitutional. Declare war on Internet child predators,
                                 for the past 17 years. Outstanding Young Lawyer of            Child Support Division. Fight insurance, electric utility       protect polluters.                                              drug, human and gun traffickers. No longer neglect con-
                                 Texas 1988.                                                   companies, pay day lenders, and profiteers.                                                                                     crete evidence of crime, as occurred in the Texas Youth

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Commission scandal.

                                 joN roLANd, Libertarian                                       The two most important and neglected are for the public         Would seek to have them handled by grand and trial              Would work to institute a Federal Action Review
                                                                                               as consumers of government contracting, and as con-             juries, and insist that issues of law be argued in the          Commission, a grand jury empowered to hear citizen
                                 Founder and president of the Constitution Society, and        sumers of government services, especially at the local          presence of juries. Would seek to reduce unproductive           complaints about unconstitutional federal activities, and
                                 webmaster of its website. Editor of the most important        level. There is too much cronyism, bribery, and intimida-       paperwork and meddling by anonymous bureaucrats.                authorize disobedience of them by state agents and
                                 works, online there, on constitutional history, law, and      tion taking place, especially at the local level, that has      Would seek to have Texas Rangers moved to Office of the         citizens. Would seek to move most child support enforce-
                                 government. Author of several peer-reviewed and other         compromised local judges, prosecutors, and law enforce-         AG for use against public corruption. Would insist consti-      ment to the county level. Would seek a new, clean State
                                 articles on constitutional issues. Intervenor in several      ment agents. Would open grand juries to complaints by           tutions be defended in all cases, and that whistleblowers       Constitution, with greater protection of rights, providing
                                 court cases, and co-author of Supreme Court amicus            private citizens, and try to revive the practice of private     be adequately represented as required by law.                   for “superstatutes” approved by referendum that are
                                 briefs.                                                       criminal prosecutions of public officials.                                                                                      superior to ordinary statutes but inferior to constitutional

                                                                                                         CoMPtroLLer oF PubLiC ACCouNts
 Four-year term. Must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for at least 12 months. Among duties: collects taxes and fees owed the state; reports the state’s financial condition to the Legislature at the end of each fiscal year and provides
 estimates of revenue for the coming year; provides economic development assistance to local governments and businesses; audits the performance of Texas schools. Current annual salary: $150,000

                  QUESTIONS TO    What training and experience qualify you for this office?        How would you ensure that state officials and the            What measures do you support to make sure that state           Aside from the issues above, what do you see as the two
                   CANDIDATES:                         (50 words)                                public have timely and accurate data about the state’s                tax money is spent wisely? (75 words)                    most serious issues the Comptroller will face, and how
                                                                                                               financial status? (75 words)                                                                                             would you address them? (75 words)
                                 susAN CoMbs, Republican                                       We frequently update legislators on economic condition          As a small business owner I understand the importance           The budget deficit that we face heading into a legislative
                                                                                               in preparation for the Biannual Revenue Estimate. I devel-      of spending money wisely and, most important, effi-             session in 2011 will cause shortages of funds for state
                                 Have managed the CPA for 4 successful years, compre-          oped two programs called “Where the Money Goes” and             ciently. I have pushed Texas to harness the buying power        programs and agencies. We will be providing specific
                                 hensively reformed online transparency efforts; served        “Where the Money Comes From” so that people every-              of purchasing in bulk and have saved the state over $51         suggestions for cost containment. Secondly, the state-
                                 in state legislature and understand budget process;           where can search where the money is allocated from and          million. I have put all state expenditures online and have      wide unemployment rate, though one of the lowest in
                                 worked on Wall Street in corporate finance; small busi-       what it is used for. All state funds come from the taxpayer     worked to balance the books of other state agencies.            the nation, must improve. I will work tirelessly to allocate
                                 ness owner for 30 years; former prosecutor; have found        and it’s my job to ensure that they are informed regularly      By making state spending transparent I have uncovered           money to job training and the creation of jobs statewide.
                                 nearly $173 million in tax underreporting; pushed Texas       with transparent, accurate briefings.                           various ways to see Texas government work smarter.
                                 to buy smarter.

                                 MArY j. ruWArt, Libertarian                                   Because government entities in the United States use            Annual audits by independent accounting firms and               From 2008 to 2009, employee wages and benefits in
                                                                                               cash basis accounting, anyone monitoring the books              implementation of accounting controls are used in the           the Comptroller’s office rose from $192 to $202 million,
                                 My Ph.D. in biophysics and 30-year career in the sci-         sees what the State of Texas has already paid, but not          private sector to cut fraud and waste. The Comptroller          a 10%+ increase. Texans should never be expected to
                                 ences has given me ample training in computational            necessarily what it still owes. The Comptroller can pro-        should demonstrate the potential savings from these pro-        tighten their financial belts to grow bureaucratic govern-
                                 analysis. In addition, I have kept the books for a number     vide more transparency and accuracy by including addi-          cedures by having its own office independently audited          ment, especially in these difficult times. The Comptroller

                                 of small businesses throughout my career, as well as          tional information, such as outstanding bills, in its report-   and implementing appropriate controls. The Comptroller          must set the example for other government agencies
                                 analyzing budget items for the Libertarian National           ing to mimic the accrual accounting system used by most         can then recommend that other Texas agencies follow             by first cutting back waste and spending and then by
                                 Committee.                                                    businesses. Otherwise, even conscientious watchdogs             suit. If Texans must tighten their financial belts in today’s   exposing the government agencies which fail to follow
                                                                                               can get a very skewed picture of Texas finances.                economy, they should expect their government to do              its example.
                                                                                                                                                               the same.

                                 edWArd LiNdsAY, Green                                         The Texas State Comptroller’s Office is responsible for         Measures I support to make sure that state tax money is         The two most serious issues the Comptroller will face
                                                                                               collecting state revenue, tracking state expenditures,          spent wisely are to provide close monitoring of proposed        involve collection of tax revenues and authicating the use
                                 Married 34 years, 3 children, Vietnam Era Veteran, 2          and monitoring the financial condition of the state. To         state budgets to insure items comply with state law,            of taxpayers’ money for their intended purposes. With a
                                 Honorable Discharges, 3 college degrees (Mathematics,         insure that state officials and the public have timely and      to ascertain if revenues meet expenditures, and to col-         projected shortfall of nearly $18 billion, it is imperative
                                 School Administration, Administration), Licensed              accurate data about the state’s financial status, I will        lect data to insure tax monies are being spent on their         that tax dollars be collected and used for legitimate
                                 Insurance Broker, Licensed Real Estate Broker,                employ accountants and attorneys who are experienced            intended purposes. Furthermore, I will make recommen-           means. I intend to address these issues through diligent
                                 past Treasurer of the Texas Junior College Teachers           in state budgets, ad valorem and occupation tax records,        dations for retiring any debt which the state has incurred.     efforts, capable personnel and tireless energy for the
                                 Association, Certificate of Recognition (U.S. Secretary of    bonds, and computers. I will work closely with the State                                                                        people of Texas.
                                 Defense, 1991), Certificate of Appreciation (U.S. Army,       Legislative Branch and the media.

6                                                                    League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                          CoMMissioNer oF tHe GeNerAL LANd oFFiCe
Four-year term. Must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for at least 12 months. Among duties: management of state lands and mineral-right properties totaling 20.3 million acres and providing revenues for the Permanent School Fund;
repository of state land documents; responsible for the prevention of and response to oil spills that occur on “submerged” lands out to 10.3 miles in the Gulf of Mexico. The Commissioner also serves as a chairman of seven state boards, including the School Land Board, the
Veterans Land Board, and the Coastal Coordination Council. Current annual salary: $137,500
        QUESTIONS TO      What training and experience qualify you for this office?       What are the most serious threats to Texas coastal lands            How will emerging alternate energy sources affect                In managing Texas beachfronts, how would you
         CANDIDATES:                           (50 words)                                     and how would you address them? (75 words)                      the Permanent School Fund revenues from oil and                   balance the concerns of taxpayers, ecologists,
                                                                                                                                                                gas leases? How would you address a possible                   environmental groups, residents and commercial
                                                                                                                                                                       change in revenues? (75 words)                                      developers? (75 words)
                         jerrY PAttersoN, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                         HeCtor uribe, Democrat                                          Coastal development, off-shore and inter-coastal water-          Texas owns submerged lands (10.3) miles in the Gulf. The        Our beaches belong to all Texans. Our coastal com-
                                                                                         ways drilling, sea level rise and dams - that increasingly       GLO should promote the development of wind farms on             munities are great income generators for state and local
                         Thirteen years in the Texas legislature and service on          starve our coastlines of sediments that feed beaches             our submerged lands to provide a clean and renewable            businesses. I support the enforcement of the Dunes
                         the Finance, Education and Natural Resources com-               and limit water-flows that impact the salinity of coastal        source of energy to our coastal cities that would also cre-     Protection Act, the Open Beaches Act and the granting
                         mittees prepared me to plan for the future funding,             waters and threaten sensitive habitats are threats to            ate a new and permanent source of funding for our PSF.          of ordinance making powers to counties to address
                         educational and environmental needs of our state. I             coastal lands and habitats. I oppose eforts to divert water      The installation of approximately 5000 wind turbines            beachfront development. I‘ll be a strong advocate for
                         chaired the Senate’s standing sub-committee on Water            and sediment in our rivers from our environmentally              would generate as much income as generated by our               beach replenishment programs. Engineering solutions -
                         and vice-chaired the joint subcommittee on Oil Spills and

                                                                                         sensitive coastal lands and support greater funding for a        mineral leases in our peak year - 1984.                         seawalls, breakwaters and groynes, are often ineffective.
                         Water Pollution (///)                                           rapid and comprehensive response to an oil spill.                                                                                Beach replenishment is preferred on both economic and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          conservation grounds.
                         jAMes L. HoLdAr, Libertarian                                    The most serious threats to Texas coastal lands are              Alternate energy sources should not affect the revenues         I will work at developing ecological preserves on land
                                                                                         beach erosion and storm surge flooding. I will work to           to the Public School Fund. I will work at leasing state         that is not under pressure for development by private
                         Age 67 years. Resident of Texas since 1969. Military:           change laws and regulations to allow private property            lands for alternate energy development. I will work at          property owners. I will work with private property own-
                         US Army. Education: BSCE Civil Engineering. Registered          owners to protect their lands from erosion, while preserv-       insuring the oil and gas lessees develop their leases to        ers and developers to optimize the benefits for the State
                         Professional Land Surveyor. Registered Professional             ing the public’s right to the public beach easement. This        maximize revenues from the leases. I will work at leasing       and public. This will include increase property values,
                         Engineer. Owned an engineering and land surveying               will include energy dissipating structure when practical. I      state lands to produce the maximum revenue.                     increased recreational use by the general public. I will
                         company for 27 years. Served as District Engineer for           will work with the coastal counties to allow the maximum                                                                         encourage protection and development of environmental
                         Drainage Districts in Cameron and Willacy Counties.             local control of the public beach.                                                                                               resources for the benefit of the public.

                                                                                                        CoMMissioNer oF AGriCuLture
Four-year term. Must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas for at least 12 months. Among duties: regulates fuel pumps and weights and measures devices; regulates pesticide use and application; certifies organically produced products;
facilitates trade and market development of agricultural commodities. Current annual salary: $137,500
        QUESTIONS TO      What training and experience qualify you for this office?             What do you see as the role of agriculture as                What are the main environmental concerns for Texas                Aside from the issues above, what do you see as
         CANDIDATES:                           (50 words)                                    Texas becomes increasingly urbanized? How would                 agriculture (such as water and pesticides) and how                the two most serious issues the Commissioner of
                                                                                                     you support that role? (75 words)                               would you address them? (75 words)                       Agriculture will face during the next four years, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   how would you address them? (75 words)
                         todd stAPLes, Republican                                        We know that as Texas continues to grow we must utilize          Recently, the EPA has pushed forward with establishing          Texas is the envy of the nation. In order to continue to be
                                                                                         new technology to ensure our farmers and ranchers                controversial rules that would declare carbon dioxide           successful I’m committed to protecting private property
                         Having been involved in agriculture my entire life, I           have the tools necessary to be able to do more with              (CO2) to be a pollutant. I feel that implementing this rule     owners’ rights, ensuring we have the safest, and most
                         understand it’s the backbone of the Texas economy. As           less. We certainly don’t like being dependent on foreign         would have a very negative impact on Texas agriculture.         reliable food supply in the world, protecting consumers
                         Agriculture Commissioner I will continue to ensure we           oil, we must not become dependent on foreign food.               Studies show it would kill jobs. As Texans we need the          from the grocery store to the gas pump, promoting Texas
                         have access to the safest, most reliable, and affordable        Additionally, I will continue to fight for private property      bureaucrats in Washington to step aside and let the true        products through the GO TEXAN program, improving the
                         food supply in the world, and I will continue to fight the      owners’ rights and see that we have true eminent domain          stewards of our land (farmers and ranchers) do their jobs.      health of Texas children and families, and working to
                         overreaching federal government (///)                           reform in Texas.                                                                                                                 promote job opportunities and the Texas economy.

                         HANK GiLbert, Democrat                                          There’s a misconception about the role of the                    Overall, the biggest threat is climate change since             The biggest issue is food safety, making sure that the
                                                                                         Commissioner of Agriculture. The Texas Department of             Agriculture, more than any other industry, is completely        food we eat is safe from field to plate. Currently, the
                         I’ve spent my entire adult life in Agriculture. For me,         Agriculture oversees all transactions where a product is         dependent on the environment. We have to find a proper          regulations covering food safety are a patchwork filled
                         Agriculture is both a vocation and an avocation. I gradu-       sold using a weight or measure, including a cash register.       balance and keep ridiculous regulation, like EPA’s pro-         with holes, one of the reasons nine people died in 2009

                         ated with my BS from Texas A&M. I’ve taught Agriculture         Every time someone uses a bar code scanner or buys gas           posed dust restrictions, off small producers. Water use         as a result of one salmonella incident. It’s something that
                         as a public school teacher and has a 4H adviser. I’ve been      (for example), TDA has the responsibility to make sure           and efficiency will increasingly play a roll in our state and   has to be addressed now. The other issue is eminent
                         a rancher most of my life.                                      the device is accurate. This is a role that is absolutely        I’m looking forward to working with the Legislature to          domain abuse which must be addressed with real restric-
                                                                                         essential to both urban and rural Texans.                        address Agricultural concerns as they make water policy         tions on the state.
                                                                                                                                                          for the next 50 years.
                         riCK doNALdsoN, Libertarian                                     Texans need to be producing more from their own                  Water collection and consumption are two big issues that        More Farmers Markets and Neighborhood Co-ops should
                                                                                         properties to better accommodate themselves and their            need to be improved. Texas Lakes and water collection tanks     be created by the Free Market. The Texas Agriculture
                         I had a Pesticide Applicators License from about 1979           communities. Texas Constitution Article VIII mandates all        should be dredged and cleaned out when water levels are         Commission should refuse Funding (?) from the Federal
                         to 1985 when I decided to go Natural/Organic. I’ve been         Farm Products are tax exempt. Urban Farms, I believe,            reduced to accommodate this work. Home collection should        Government and Repeal all of the Federal Programs being
                         involved in Hands On Natural and Organic Agriculture            are to be included. Who, In Texas, is not involved in            be encouraged and tax incentives should be implemented to       funded (with promises to pay, i.e. Federal Debt Script
                         since 1985. Currently, I am a spring and Fall Truck             Agricultural production?                                         allow more Texans the ability to supplement their own water     money) should be re-evaluated and funded by Teas for
                         Farmer and a Small Ruminant producer.                                                                                            needs. Pesticide usage and water runoff from roadways           Texans, if the need is there. USDA, EPA, NAIS/NADT, APHIS,
                                                                                                                                                          should be more carefully investigated and controlled. So        ad infinitum Federal Programs should all be discontinued
                                                                                                                                                          called chemical usage (///)                                     and let Texas take care of (///)

                                                                                                                rAiLroAd CoMMissioNer
Six-year term (on a three-person commission). Must be at least 25 years old, a citizen of the United States, a resident and registered voter of Texas. Among duties: regulation of the oil and natural gas industry, including drilling production and environmental protection; natural
gas utilities; natural gas and hazardous liquids pipeline safety; surface mining of coal, uranium, and iron ore gravel, including land reclamation; transportation and storage of liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, and liquefied natural gas; encourages the use of
clean-burning propane and researches new technologies for its use. Current annual salary: $92,217 - $137,500
        QUESTIONS TO         What training and experiences qualify you for this               How would you balance the use of existing fuel               What are the main health and safety issues related to oil         Aside from the issues above, what are the two most
         CANDIDATES:                     position? (50 word limit)                         sources with the development of alternate fuel sources         and gas drilling and transmission in urban areas, and how           serious issues the Railroad Commission will face
                                                                                                            in Texas? (75 words)                                    would you address them? (75 words)                          during the next six years, and how would you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          address them? (75 words)
                         dAVid Porter, Republican                                        I believe we should encourage the exploration of alter-         Air and water quality concerns are the most press-               Budget cuts during a time of increased production in
                                                                                         native sources by incentivizing their development and           ing concerns and are currently an area of debate with            heavy populated areas are a major issue. I will work to
                         I have spent three decades working with independent oil         production rather than issuing more mandates and                regards to the responsible state agency. My first priority       ensure that public safety is never compromised. The
                         and gas producers, operators, oilfield service companies        regulations. As Texas continues to grow daily, so does          will be to ensure the health and safety of Texans and,           Commission must do a better job informing Texans
                         and royalty owners providing accounting, financial and          our demand for power. To keep our economy growing, we           with legislative authority, will consider air and water          exactly we what we do, and make itself more accessible
                         tax counsel. As a small business owner from the Permian         must pursue every source of energy available to power           concerns in relevant cases.                                      to Texans. I have proposed that the Railroad Commission
                         Basin, I know first-hand the challenges the industry            our daily lives, while continuing to develop cleaner and                                                                         create an ombudsman, whose sole focus will be to aid
                         faces, from financial to regulatory to environmental.           renewable sources including wind, solar, nuclear, clean                                                                          those who contact the RRC with questions or concerns.
                                                                                         coal and natural gas.
                         jeFF WeeMs, Democrat

                                                                                         I will promote the immediate expansion of natural gas            Drilling and transmission in urban areas has created            The public has lost faith in the Commissioners. I want to
                                                                                         as a transportation and power generation fuel. Texas             issues over air (from emissions) and water quality (from        eliminate the ability of a commissioner to run for another
                         I worked offshore to pay for college. 1983 high honors          has been blessed with abundant gas reserves, and this            hydraulic fracturing and water usage). The Commission           office or take contributions when they are not running.
                         graduate from the University of Texas in Petroleum Land         gas burns much cleaner than coal, diesel, or gasoline in         must begin to monitor and oversee gaseous emissions             We should focus our limited resources toward transpar-
                         Management. Worked at Shell as a landman. 1989 hon-             both transportation and power-generation uses. We must           from hydrocarbon facilities. Second, we must oversee            ency and facilitating public input. We must stop starving
                         ors graduate from Texas Law School. Over 20 years as an         continue to explore for traditional oil and gas reserves.        frac’ing and press the issue of water reclamation. We           this agency that plays such a vital environmental protec-
                         energy litigator, currently administrative partner at firm.     At the same time, we should encourage development of             also must closely oversee pipeline operations to reduce         tion role. We must fight for better funding and implement
                         Voted Energy Super Lawyer (2007).                               wind and solar power, although the Commission has no             leakage and dangers from explosions. We could accom-            a policy of getting more Commission employees perform-
                                                                                         jurisdiction over these sources.                                 plish more by creating a separate district for the Barnett      ing inspections.
                                                                                                                                                          Shale alone.
                         roGer GArY, Libertarian – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       RaiLRoaD commiSSioneR continUeD on next paGe

                                                               League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                    7
                                                                                                          rAiLroAd CoMMissioNer continued
              QUESTIONS TO        What training and experiences qualify you for this              How would you balance the use of existing fuel            What are the main health and safety issues related to oil       Aside from the issues above, what are the two most serious
               CANDIDATES:                    position? (50 word limit)                       sources with the development of alternate fuel sources       and gas drilling and transmission in urban areas, and how        issues the Railroad Commission will face during the next six
                                                                                                                in Texas? (75 words)                                 would you address them? (75 words)                         years, and how would you address them? (75 words)
                              Art broWNiNG, Green                                           Oil and gas depletion means we simply must move to             Pipeline explosions in the news highlight the need for            Increased hydrofracking for shale gas worries citizens.
                                                                                            alternate fuels. Every field begins decline the day produc-    more in spections; that and more careful pressure moni-           Drillers must prove no invasion of aquifers by gas
stAte cont.

                              I have worked in the oil and gas business as a geologist      tion begins. Since we use fossil fuels faster than Mother      toring will mutually benefit public safety and resource           and injected chemicals before starting new projects.
                              since 1975, earned degrees at Ohio State, and hold TBPG       Nature makes them, it is only prudent to switch to renew-      preservation. Regarding urban drilling, possible blowouts         The same applies to waste disposal wells. Constant
                              Certificate #6148. My experience includes exploration         able fuels. Furthermore, we must come to terms with            and hydrogen sulfide emissions raise concerns. With               monitoring in nearby water wells requires more staff.
                              and production on four continents where I have seen a         living in equilibrium with nature rather than believing that   modern directional drilling technology, there should be no        Overconsumption of limited energy will be the greatest
                              range of practices in the business, good and not so good.     constant growth is possible. Only cancer does that, only       need to issue permits for drilling where people live and          challenge. To address it, we must first recognize it. The
                                                                                            until the host dies. What will our grandchildren think?        work. This should also mitigate other issues including            true cost of energy is not being paid, and inequities exist.
                                                                                                                                                           noise and heavy equipment traffic.                                The Railroad Commission cannot solve this alone.
                                                                                                                   suPreMe Court justiCe
Six-year term. Must be at least 35 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas. Must have been a practicing lawyer or a lawyer and a judge of a court of record for a total of 10 years or more. Serves as a member of the court of highest appellate jurisdiction
in civil matters in the state; has the power to issue writs of habeas corpus, mandamus, and others; presides over proceedings for involuntary retirements or removal of judges. Current annual salary: $152,500 (Chief Justice), $150,000 (Justice)

              QUESTIONS TO        What training and experiences qualify you for this          What is the effect of the increasing amount of money         What method of selection of judges is most likely to result       Will you recuse yourself from cases in which the partici-
               CANDIDATES:                    position? (50 word limit)                        required to run for judicial office? (75 word limit)           in a qualified, diverse, and independent judiciary?             pating lawyers, their firms, or parties to the suit before
                                                                                                                                                                                  (75 word limit)                           the court have contributed substantial financial support to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            your election? Please explain your answer. (75 word limit)
                              debrA LeHrMANN, Republican                                    Diversity of thought is helpful when determining policy        The duty to guard a client’s confidential information is         Our system of electing judges in Texas requires candi-
                                                                                            issues of all kinds, including professional rules and stan-    central to the attorney-client relationship, and must be         dates seeking judicial office to raise money to finance
                              I currently serve on the Texas Supreme Court; prior to        dards. A wide variety of information from many sources         protected to the extent possible. However, technical             their campaigns. Judicial ethics regulations recognize
                              this appointment, I served as a trial judge for 22 years,     provides a sound basis from which to craft these types         advances present new challenges for the profession,              this, and therefore allow judges to preside over cases
                              and bring a critical trial court perspective to the Court.

                                                                                            of rules. Proposed rules and standards are frequently          particularly with regard to privacy interests. The legal         in which the participants have contributed to their cam-
                              The author of two legal treatises, I have been recognized     published in the Texas Bar Journal, with public feedback       profession is grappling with these issues to ensure that         paigns. If elected to continue my service on the Court, I
                              by the Texas Bar Foundation for legal scholarship. I (///)    being encouraged, resulting in a workable process for the      all persons’ interests are protected to the extent possible,     will recuse myself from any case when required to do so
                                                                                            gathering of this type of information.                         in light of the reality of current advances in modern day        by the Code of Judicial Conduct or any other rule of law.
                              jiM sHArP, Democrat – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                              WiLLiAM brYAN strANGe, iii, Libertarian – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                              PAuL GreeN, Republican                                        The public should, and does, have input to the rules and       The duties and obligations of lawyers are clearly spelled        The Code of Judicial Conduct provides situations in which
                                                                                            standards. The rule writing process of the Court is very       out in the disciplinary rules. Because of the fiduciary          judges must recuse from cases, and certainly I would
                              I spent seventeen years in a litigation practice trying and   open and transparent, providing many opportunities for         nature of the attorney-client relationship, a lawyer’s duty      recuse in such circumstances. Beyond that, I would
                              appealing cases involving personal injury and commer-         the public to be involved. Although the process is directed    is foremost to protect his or her client. If a client’s confi-   recuse in cases when my impartiality might reasonably
                              cial matters. I then spent ten years as a justice on the      primarily at lawyers, the proposed rules and standards are     dential information is generally known or is already in the      be questioned.
                              Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio, and the last six      published and available to anyone who is interested. The       public domain, it may be more difficult to protect, but it
                              years as a justice on the Supreme Court of Texas.             Court considers all comments and suggestions submitted         does not alter the lawyer’s duty to his client.
                                                                                            to it before any rules are implemented.

                              biLL MoodY, Democrat                                          Attorneys are hired or appointed on almost all litigation      Yes, lawyers and judges should protect and guard client’s        I recuse myself whenever I am legally disqualified from a
                                                                                            in Texas. They often compete for clients through ads           confidential information. In matters like divorces, sensi-       case or where I have a connection with the case, parties,

                              I have been a State District Judge for over 23 years and      and other means. Attorneys are constantly engaged with         tive and private matters are often pled. These personal          or the attorneys that affects my ability to be impartial or
                              before that, I was an Assistant District Attorney for 11      the public, and how they act with the public maybe very        matters are generally of no concern to the general public.       raises the appearance of impartiality. I always disclose
                              years. I have tried over 600 jury trials and have presided    different from the way they act in court. It is therefore      With public records becoming more accessible through             any special relationships I have with the parties or attor-
                              over thousands of legal hearings with less that 1% of my      essential that the public have input on attorneys rules        computerization a person’s privacy is highly compro-             neys that would call into question my impartiality at the
                              rulings being reversed.                                       and standards. Non-lawyers should have a presence on           mised. This information should be kept private unless a          first hearing between the parties, attorneys and myself.
                                                                                            all Supreme Court committees dealing with rules and            showing establishes the publics need to know.
                              toM oXFord, Libertarian                                       Public input into the rules and standards of the profes-       All attorney client communications are confidential. An          If a Justice has any financial or family interest in a case
                                                                                            sions are crucial to continued confidence in our system        attorney should never be expected to disclose those com-         or its outcome, however small, he should err on the side
               NO PHOTO       From my early years managing a non profit legal aid           of justice. There should be public members of advisory         munications. The fact that information may be otherwise          of recusal.
               AVAILABLE      office to my current position as Managing Attorney at         committees and disciplinary bodies. The grievance pro-         available is irrelevant.
                              Waldman Smallwood P.C. I have been exposed to a wide          cess should be open.
                              array of legal issues and a broad cross section of our
                              eVA GuzMAN, Republican                                        Yes. Given the technical nature of many of these rules and     This is an important and compelling issue. Advances              As a judge, I have an obligation and a duty to consider
                                                                                            standards, those trained and experienced in the law and        in technology have brought it to the forefront. Lawyers          the cases presented to me. But, I must recuse in those
                              My experience includes ten years in private practice          legal ethics are best equipped to provide the expertise        are generally prohibited from using “confidential infor-         rare situations when particular facts and circumstances
                              and ten years, at three levels, in the Texas judiciary. I     that is so essential to the process. However, it is also       mation” to the disadvantage of a client. It is important         warrant recusal; I am duty-bound to hear matters when
                              have ruled on thousands of cases, authored hundreds of        important to consider and give voice to the perspectives       to note that information is not necessarily “generally           they do not. One who is true to conscience and judicial
                              opinions, taught legal education programs and law school      of those who are served by the legal profession. Public        known” merely because it is in the public domain. A law-         oath knows when bias has overcome impartiality and it
                              classes, been elected to American Law Institute, and          input not only provides this valuable insight but also         yer must always act with utmost integrity and honor              is time to recuse.
                              honored with awards for judicial service.                     builds public confidence in the legal profession.              when dealing with a client’s confidential information. The
                                                                                                                                                           duty to a client is paramount.
                              bLAKe bAiLeY, Democrat                                        The public should have input in rules and standards deal-      Even if information can be obtained through other                I would recuse myself from a case in which my associa-
                                                                                            ing with the legal profession. The public should he able to    sources, any information given in confidence should              tion with the parties or subject matter was such that I
                              Prior to going to law school I worked at General Dynamics     express opinions via a Supreme Court website. Specific         remain that way unless an attorney is released from the          would not be able to set that aside and judge the case

                              in Fort Worth. I now practice law as a board certified        issues should be posted to help guide the discourse.           confidentiality. A client must be able to rely upon the word     solely on its merits. Additionally, even if I could set
                              personal injury trial lawyer and civil appellate lawyer. I                                                                   of his/her attorney.                                             aside my association, if the appearance would be that
                              have practiced for 37 years. I have written and lectured                                                                                                                                      I was unethically involved, I would remove myself from
                              on many legal issues in the United States and (///)                                                                                                                                           the case.

                              jACK ArMstroNG, Libertarian                                   Yes. Public participation will help bring the law out of       Yes. Let the public sources disclose the information             Any case where I could have a bias: cases involving
                                                                                            the cloak-room. Standards for accessible, accountable          if that happens, but keep the lawyers to their bond of           friends, family, campaign contributors or subject matter
                              I’m a real person, not a career politician: I’ve been a       lawyers need to be in a language we all understand. I like     complete confidentiality! There’s simply too much grey-          that directly affects my personal or financial interests or
                              lawyer 16 years, and a small-business owner 25 years.         a lottery system where politics have no place on selecting     area regarding a “test” for a lawyer to rationalize release      those of my friends or family. This is a huge problem. The
                              I’m especially qualified to preside over questions on how     a public commenter. The Court decides, but gives defer-        of confidential information where there shouldn’t be any         Justices on the Court have so much campaign/political
                              we live and work in Texas. Most importantly, I believe in     ence to the public voice.                                      question. Confidential should mean confidential.                 debt, the only way to repay it is to not recuse themselves
                              the same Liberty that made our country great.                                                                                                                                                 where often there is no question that they should. I’m not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            for sale. I have no political (///)

                                                                                                     judGes, Court oF CriMiNAL APPeALs
Six-year term. Must be at least 35 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Texas. Must have been a practicing lawyer or a lawyer and a judge of a court of record for a total of 10 years or more. Serves as a member of the court of highest appellate jurisdiction
in criminal matters in the state; has the power to issue writs of habeas corpus and others. Current annual salary: $152,500 (Presiding Judge), $150,000 (Judge)
              QUESTIONS TO What training and experience qualify you for this position?         What method of selection of judges is most likely to           What issues arise in processing last-minute appeals,              Under what conditions would you recuse yourself
               CANDIDATES:                        (50 words)                                 result in a qualified, diverse, and independent judiciary?         and how would you handle them? (75 words)                                  from cases? (75 words)
                                                                                                            Please explain. (75 words)
                              LAWreNCe ‘LArrY’ MeYers, Republican                           The electoral process seems to be working fairly well.         Last minute appeals concerning death penalty cases               I have never been asked to recuse myself on a case here
                                                                                            Voters seem to prefer this method. The appointment             usually deal with new evidence or new rulings by the             at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. But, if the occa-
                              Two years as appellate judge. Eighteen years as Judge         system has many attractive points though.                      U.S. Supreme Court. I follow the guidelines set out in           sion or circumstances arose, I would certainly recuse
                              on Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Board Certified in

                                                                                                                                                           Section 11.071 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure           myself and follow our rules concerning this procedure.
                              Criminal Law. Masters Degree in Law - University of                                                                          in addressing these issues.
                              Virginia School of Law - Judicial Process.

                              j. rANdeLL steVeNs, Libertarian – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
8                                                                  League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                judGes, Court oF CriMiNAL APPeALs continued
              QUESTIONS TO What training and experience qualify you for this position?           What method of selection of judges is most likely to           What issues arise in processing last-minute appeals,             Under what conditions would you recuse yourself
               CANDIDATES:                        (50 words)                                   result in a qualified, diverse, and independent judiciary?         and how would you handle them? (75 words)                                 from cases? (75 words)
                                                                                                              Please explain. (75 words)
                              CHerYL joHNsoN, Republican                                      I favor appointment and retention. One plan is ad hoc          The first issue is the legislative prohibition on subse-        I recuse myself from any case in which I was personally
                                                                                              committees with equal numbers of Republicans and               quent writs and its exceptions. If no exception exists,         involved while in practice and any case in which my hus-
                              I am board-certified as a specialist in criminal law. I prac-   Democrats. Members would practice a relevant area              we must dismiss the application. If an exception exists,        band was involved while he was an officer on the Austin
                              ticed criminal defense for 14 years and have served as a        of law: civil lawyers and judges for civil benches,            we consider the merits. Either way, the application must        Police Department. I consider motions to recuse me on a
                              judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals for 12 years.      defense, prosecution, and criminal-jurisdiction judges for     be promptly disposed of according to established court          case-by-case basis.
                                                                                              criminalbenches, a mix for general-jurisdiction benches.       protocol so that the applicant can exhaust state appeals
                                                                                              Candidates must garner a majority of votes. Three names        and go to federal court. When assigned, I remain at court
                                                                                              go to the governor, who must choose from that list, with       to receive filings until all issues are resolved.

                                                                                              the appointee subject to retention elections.

                              dAVe HoWArd, Libertarian                                        While appointment of judges would result in more               A “last minute appeal” is by definition a death penalty         Defining an ethical conflict is sometimes like defining
                                                                                              thoroughly vetted applicants, elections provide for a          appeal. I believe that humanity is not competent to play        art. You know it when you see it. A judge should recuse
                              I have been practicing law since 1993 and confine my            much broader range of opinion and background. Elected          God, and should not be making decisions of this nature          himself from any case where his decision might be
                              practice to criminal law. My focus of study is the phi-         judges are also not beholden to the politicians who would      to begin with. However, since the death penalty is the          significantly affected by influences outside of the case,
                              losophy of law, particularly criminal law, in Texas and         appoint them.                                                  law of the land, every effort should be made to hear            whether personal or professional. Knowing someone
                              the United States.                                                                                                             any reasonable appeal that presents itself, up until the        involved with the case does not mandate recusal. Having
                                                                                                                                                             moment of execution.                                            a genuine interest in that person’s welfare does.

                              MiCHAeL e. KeAsLer, Republican                                  There is no perfect way to select judges. On the one           During the last three years, my colleagues, our staff, and       I have recused and will continue to recuse from a case
                                                                                              hand, judicial independence is essential; on the other,        I have worked very hard to see that the procedures the          anytime when (1) I have a personal or economic interest
                              Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals since 1999; 43 years           judicial accountability is also necessary. I do believe        Court now has in place ensure that petitioners and attor-       in its outcome; (2) I have participated at the trial level
                              criminal law experience; private practice; 12 years,            change is needed. I prefer gubernatorial appointment           neys have continuing access to the Court until the very         either as a judge, lawyer, or witness; (3) my impartiality
                              Chief Felony Prosecutor, Dallas, 432 jury trials; 17 years      based on advice from a competent review board, with            last minute. In capital cases, the Court’s general counsel      can reasonably be questioned; or (4) the law requires
                              Criminal District Judge; Past Chair: State Bar Judicial         senate confirmation and periodic senatorial review or          and the specific judge assigned to the case are available       me to do so.
                              Section, ABA Ethics Committee; 19 years National                retention elections. Removing the judicial candidates          and anticipate having to respond to last minute appeals.
                              Judicial College Faculty; Dean, Texas Judicial College.;        from the straight-party vote on the ballot would certainly     The other judges can be reached for (///)
                              BA, LLB, UT (///)                                               enhance the election procedure.

                              KeitH HAMPtoN, Democrat                                         I do not have the perfect answer. We know that partisan        Ordinarily, there are no “last-minute” appeals. Petitions       I will not participate in any case in which I served as an
                                                                                              elections subject the judiciary to electoral mood swings       and appeals advance according to familiar deadlines.            attorney or was a witness, or in which my impartiality
                              I have extensive death-penalty litigation experience,           having nothing to do with the quality of justice. But we       However, in death-penalty cases, events sometimes               might reasonably be questionable. Candidates for this
                              handling cases from pretrial through all state and federal      have also seen how partisan the appointment process            occur necessitating the filing of a subsequent writ peti-       Court do not raise anything near the level of funds seen in
                              proceedings, including the United States Supreme Court          can be. Moreover, the best way for achieving diversity,        tion or a motion for stay of execution, such as proof of        civil contests, and the Court’s judges do not decide mat-
                              and before the Governor. I have also handled the widest         competence and independence may be different for each          innocence or a controlling decision from the Supreme            ters of money. Insofar as the question relates to recusal
                              possible variety of criminal cases, from traffic tickets to     judicial level. I strongly support efforts to bring the        Court. I would handle these appeals according to the            controversies in civil cases, financial influence is not an
                              felonies to appeals in state and federal courts.                complex issue of judicial selection under serious consid-      peculiar circumstances in which they arise, but mindful         issue for this Court.
                                                                                              eration by the Legislature.                                    that everyone is entitled to access to justice.
                              robert rAVee VirAsiN, Libertarian – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD

                                                                                                       MeMber, stAte boArd oF eduCAtioN
                              LAWreNCe A. ALLeN jr., Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR State BoaRD oF eDUcation, DiStRict 4

                                                                                                                               stAte seNAtor
A senator must be at least 26 years of age, a citizen of Texas five years prior to election and a resident of the district from which elected one year prior to election. Each senator serves a four-year term and one-half of the Senate membership is elected every two years in even-
numbered years, with the exception that all 31 Senate seats are up for election for the first legislature following the decennial census in order to reflect the newly redrawn districts. Duties include initiation of constitutional amendments, proposing new legislation, and serving as
an advocate for the residents of their home district. Senators also hear charges of impeachment as brought by the House of Representatives. State Senators salary is $7,200/year.

              QUESTIONS TO         What training and experiences qualify you for this            Considering the current state of reduced tax income,          What actions would you take to stimulate job growth?            If elected, what two issues do you feel will need the
               CANDIDATES:                     position? (50 word limit)                        how can we fund critical state services such as public                           (75 word limit)                              most attention and resources during your term of office?
                                                                                              education, public safety, health care and bridge and road                                                                                    Please explain. (75 word limit)
                                                                                                maintenance? What measures would you advance to
                                                                                              increase revenues and reduce expenses? (75 word limit)
                              dAN PAtriCK, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                              Lee CouGHrAN, Libertarian                                       Texas must better use its Sunset Commission to curtail         I would encourage business/academic partnerships to             Strengthen schools and law enforcement. We are failing
                                                                                              expenses. To increase revenue, we should consider              develop our skilled workforce and work to reduce                our children by educating them to pass tests vs. prepar-
                              My wife and I have raised and educated three kids in
distriCt 7

                                                                                              legalizing and taxing gambling (vs. funding other states       regulatory costs to businesses and provide incentives           ing them for life with practical skills. We must deploy
                              District 7 (Cy-Fair ISD). Save one year, I’ve lived my entire   with millions from Texans) and examine fees on money           for investments which create new permanent jobs in the          more Texas Rangers to provide intelligence to our cities
                              adult life, started and run my business, in District 7. I am    transfers from Texas to other countries, especially mon-       state. I would create tax breaks for those businesses that      so police are better prepared to fight crime stemming
                              familiar with the hopes and needs of its residents, my          ies that have escaped state taxation.                          forge those relationships with local schools.                   from unchecked border crossings.
                              neighbors, and I bring a small businessman’s perspective
                              to fiscal issues.
                              Education/Degrees: Studies in network engineering, criminal justice, history and petroleum engineering | Community Involvement: Active in ensuring my children get a good education. Little league football coach, Fulshear PD volunteer network administra-
                              tor. Working with my pastor to reach out to Spring Branch youths and find ways to give them opportunities they may not otherwise have with a new church. | E-mail Address: lcoughran@coughranfortxsenate.com | Website: coughranfortxsenate.com

                              MiCHAeL MAuLdiN, Republican                                     Government has a spending problem, and if we truly want        In District 13 we have economically underdeveloped              1.Life: We have established the largest abortion clinic in
                                                                                              to cut expenses we have to streamline government and           areas that are putting a major strain on the local econo-       America.It is obvious that the value of life is waning in a
                              First and foremost, it is my love for God and people. I have    increase efficiency. We have to treat our government like      my. As a Senator, I will work to establish Free Enterprise      catastrophic way. Empower positive solutions such as
                              broad experiences living and working in every socio-            a business, keeping a close eye on productivity and the        Zones in District 13 that will create small businesses          pregnancy centers. 2.Education: The system is cooking
                              economic stratum from the great state of Texas to living        bottom line. We must encourage private sector growth           and jobs. These areas will be supported by strategic tax        the books to make underpreforming schools look exem-
                              in a region with 70% unemployment, the West Bank of             with small business tax incentives.                            credits for the local business community.                       plary. Accountability and reform is needed.
                              Israel. I’m as diverse as my district.
distriCt 13

                              Education/Degrees: B of A from the University of St. Thomas majoring in Communications and Theology | E-mail Address: info@michaelmauldin.org | Website: www.michaelmauldin.org

                               rodNeY eLLis, Democrat                                         I will advocate using the Rainy Day Fund and implement-         Our residents are our greatest asset, so if we invest our      Education and energy are two of our state’s most critical
                                                                                              ing sustainable revenue-generation policies to close the        resources into developing the most skilled and brightest       issues. We must invest more resources into our children
                               Throughout my years of public service, I have gained the       budget deficit. My main focus will be to ensure that we         workforce possible, businesses will come to us. Texas          to prepare them for the workforce and secure our future
                               experience and institutional knowledge to skillfully navi-     do not balance the budget on the backs of our state; most       also is in a great position to be a leader in the burgeoning   economy. It is also important that we lead the way in
                               gate the political landscape. I know and understand the        vulnerable residents nor sacrifice the quality of services      green energy economy, which can expand job growth              clean energy development in order to ensure the health
                               concerns of my constituents and work effectively with          we all depend on.                                               in Texas.                                                      of our community and economic security.
                               my colleagues to take the necessary steps to address
                               those concerns.
                               Education/Degrees: B.A., Texas Southern University; M.P.A., LBJ School of Public Affairs; J.D., University of Texas Law School. | Community Involvement: In addition to my work as a Texas State Senator, I serve the community in a number of ways,
                               including serving on the boards of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rainbow Push Coalition, chairing the Board of the National Innocence Project, and co-chairing the Commission to Engage African Americans on Climate Change. | E-mail Address:
                               rodney@rodneyellis.com | Website: www.rodneyellis.com

                              biLL WALKer, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
distriCt 15

                              joHN WHitMire, Democrat                                         I think we prioritize our spending and look for better         Continue to make Texas a place that people want to live         There are many but it starts with better public education
                                                                                              efficiencies.                                                  and work.                                                       funding.
                              Understanding of the issues, the desire to address and
                              the experience to make a difference.
                               Education/Degrees: University of Houston, B.A. Attended University of Houston Law | Community Involvement: Plenty | E-mail Address: larawendler@sbcglobal.net

                                                                    League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                 9
                                                                                                                      stAte seNAtor continued
              QUESTIONS TO       What training and experiences qualify you for this               Considering the current state of reduced tax income,            What actions would you take to stimulate job growth?            If elected, what two issues do you feel will need the
               CANDIDATES:                   position? (50 word limit)                           how can we fund critical state services such as public                             (75 word limit)                              most attention and resources during your term of office?
                                                                                               education, public safety, health care and bridge and road                                                                                      Please explain. (75 word limit)
                                                                                                 maintenance? What measures would you advance to
                                                                                               increase revenues and reduce expenses? (75 word limit)
                             joAN HuFFMAN, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                             PHiL Kurtz, Libertarian                                          Senators need to learn to make hard choices about what           Job growth comes from the private sector. Cut existing            1) Reducing or eliminating dependency of Federal
distriCt 17

                             The true qualifications of the Texas Senate are not mea-         to leave in and what to cut out. I would support sun set-        programs that duplicate the work of private businesses.           Funding. Texas has the resources to manage its own
                             sured in years of experience or previous public service,         ting a lot of obsolete programs. Creating other streams of       This will allow entrepreneurs to develop innovations that         financial responsibilities without the help of the U. S
                             but rather in the sincere commitment to represent the            revenues to the state, that are not taxation, should be a        replace tax supported operations. Competitive develop-            government.
                             concerns of the district. I do not have ties to any special      primary consideration when doing the state’s business.           ment happens when government removes itself from the              2) District 17 geographically sensitive issues Coastal
                             interests and carry no agenda with me. I have joined the         Some agencies could be privatized.                               mix. I support deferred taxation on startups.                     economic development; Tourism and other concerns that
                             discourse to bring a grass roots view.                                                                                                                                                              I expect will be brought to my attention.
                             Education/Degrees: 2009-U of H, Bauer College of Business MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2009-U of H, Cullen College of Engineering MASTER OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 2003-U of H, Cullen College BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INDUSTRIAL
                             ENGINEERING Cum Laude 1979-Lawrence Institute of Technology ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING no degree 1975-Cent | Campaign Message: In Texas and the United States, the individual is the highest authority. All powers of the government are derived from
                             the constituent’s consent. Go out and Vote. When politicians over step the authorities you allow them to have or ignore the responsibilities you charge them with; Fire Them and hire your peers. | E-mail Address: Philvickyx@aol.com

                                                                                                                       stAte rePreseNtAtiVe
Member of the House of Representatives must be 21 years of age and a legal resident of the state of Texas for at least two years and resident of the district from which they are elected at least one year. All bills for revenue and appropriation of funds for operation of state
government originate in the House. Members’ duties include initiation of proposals for constitutional amendments, serving as an advocate for citizens in their home districts, and bringing any charges of impeachment for trial in the Senate. They are elected for a two-year term.
              QUESTIONS TO   What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)          Considering the current state of reduced tax income,             What actions would you take to stimulate job growth?                If elected, what two issues do you feel will need
               CANDIDATES:                                                                      how can we fund critical state services such as public                              (75 word limit)                                 the most attention and resources during your term of
                                                                                                 education, public safety, health care and bridge and                                                                                       office? Please explain. (75 word limit)
                                                                                                          road maintenance? (75 word limit)
                             PAtriCiA HArLess, Republican                                     We must stop diversions of money. If a tax is levied for a       Taxing business and citizens less. Keeping taxes low is           Education. Adequately funded schools provides a quality
                                                                                              specific purpose, that money should go for that purpose.         the most effective way to encourage economic growth               education for our children. That funding should provide
                             Small business owner and a community activist. I                 We must eliminate waste while prioritizing state spend-          and job creation.                                                 equality for our school districts. An educated workforce
                             understand the importance of balancing a budget and              ing. Continuing to make state agencies more transpar-                                                                              is essential in growing our economy.
                             spending money wisely. My business experience and 20             ent will make the budget process for each agency more                                                                              The Budget. Funding critical services without raising

                             plus years of service to the community has proven me to          accountable to the taxpayers.
                             be a responsive public servant.                                                                                                                                                                     taxes is important to the taxpayers of Texas.
                             Education/Degrees: BS in Business Administration | Community Involvement: Past board member of the Lone Star College Foundation, American Heart Association. Active with Northwest Assistance Ministries, The Pearl Museum of Fine Arts, Boy Scouts,
                             CypressCreek FACE. Member of Champion Forest Baptist Church for 20 years. | E-mail Address: patricia@patriciaharless.com | Website: patriciaharless.com
                             CAseY MCKiNNeY, Democrat – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                             dAN HubertY, Republican                                          The public understands government spending is the                Lower taxes and less regulation are the best tools the            To ensure long-term prosperity we must use fiscal disci-
                             As an elected School Board member, VP of a natural               problem not the solution. During this recession we must          government has to stimulate job creation in both the              pline and control the growth of government. The budget
                             gas fueling company and owner of a small real estate             cut spending not increase taxes. Washington contin-              short and long term. By providing a stable predictable tax        crisis will dominate the next Legislative Session. Given
                             company, I have the knowledge and skills to tackle the           ues uncontrolled spending but Texas’ balanced budget             and regulatory environment and a balanced legal system            my background in public education finance, I can help
                             problem facing Texas. I have a unique understanding              requirement will help enforce the fiscal discipline neces-       we can attract entrepreneurs and provide sustained job            guide the state in achieving parity and a more equitable
                             of school finance, alterative energy and small business          sary for leaders to do the job the voters demand.                growth for the long-term future of Texas.                         allocation of scarce education dollars.
                             issues. These factors make me the best candidate.
                             Education/Degrees: MBA - University of Phoenix - 1998; BA - Cleveland State University - 1991 | Community Involvement: Board Member - Be An Angel Foundation; Board Member - Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce; Member - Kingwood and
                             Crosby Chambers of Commerce; Associate Member - Kingwood Area and Lake Houston Shores Area Republican Women; Member - Knights of Columbus and Building and Planning Committee - St. Martha’s Church | E-mail Address: Dan@DanHuberty.com
                             Website: www.DanHuberty.com

                             joe A. MoNteMAYor, Democrat                                      We must show some maturity and scrub the Texas                   The business margins tax has failed to create income and          Education: Investing in K-12 and higher education institu-
                             From an early age, I have been committed to serving my           budget, get rid of the waste, create efficiencies in our         small businesses have suffered. While corporations must           tions and increasing the value of student aid by regulating
                             nation and my community in the military, as a federal            agencies, and most of all, determine the effectiveness           pay their fair share, it is small businesses that must be         college tuition must be our top priority. We must offer a
                             immigration agent, and as a community activist. As a             and need of current programs. This, while re-prioritizing        given incentives to create jobs in which Texans will thrive       prepared workforce.
                             lifelong Texan,committed parent and grandparent, I know          our tax investment, will determine how effective we will         and contribute to our tax base and our economy.                   Job Creation: We need a prepared workforce to attract
                             the challenges the district faces, and I offer a commit-         be at funding critical services.                                                                                                   job-creating companies. These issues go hand in hand.
                             ment to creating common sense solutions.
                             Education/Degrees: Graduate, INS/ICE, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Georgia. | Community Involvement: Harris County Democratic Party, Precinct 97 Chairman. Democratic candidate for Texas House District 127, 2008. 3rd degree Knight,
                             Knights of Columbus at Sacred Heart Church in Crosby. Civil Rights/Scholarship Committee, LULAC. Immigration Seminar Presenter, Various Conferences. | E-mail Address: votejoemonte@gmail.com | Website: joe4texashouse.com

                             WAYNe sMitH, Republican – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 128
129 128

                             joHN e. dAVis, Republican – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 129
                             ALLeN FLetCHer, Republican                                       As we work our way out of a recession, raising taxes             Last session I coauthored a bill which reduced the tax            Property taxes & budget. We must reign in these ever
                                                                                              is not the answer. I supported the governor, lt. gov. &          burden on small businesses. The bill was passed and               increasing appraisals & diversify funding which mainly
                             As a retired Houston Police Officer, a small business owner,     speaker when they asked state agencies to outline 10%            will allow 40,000 more small businesses to keep more              comes from property taxes. Texas cannot print money.
                             member of the Texas State Guard, and former Chairman             budget cuts for the next biennium. This gives the agen-          of their hard earned money and use it towards hiring and          When Texans suffer from a recession, tax revenues
                             of the Board of the Greater Tomball Area Chamber of              cies ample time to identify & eliminate waste, duplication,      retaining their current payrolls. Next session I intend to        decrease; our state must be flexible enough to adjust

                             Commerce, I understand the tough decisions and sacri-            & inefficiency within the agency.                                work to make these tax exemptions permanent.                      without increasing the tax burden on our residents.
                             fices Texans and Texas business owners must make.
                             Education/Degrees: A.A.; B.S.; M.S., Sam Houston State University | Community Involvement: Rotary, Chamber Chairman, Major Civil Air Patrol | Website: www.allenfletcher.net/

                             joe sPeNCer, Libertarian – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                             ALMA A. ALLeN, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 131

                             biLL CALLeGAri, Republican                                       Raising taxes is never the answer, especially in a reces-        We must stop punishing small business owners who are              Balancing our state budget & Securing our Border. Texas
                                                                                              sion. Instead, we must reduce state spending. We must            the main catalyst for job creation in Texas. I have helped        faces a potential $18 billion budget shortfall. We must
                             I am completing my 5th term as State Rep representing            prioritize spending and force the state to live within its       lead the fight to lower the franchise tax on small busi-          address it by reducing state spending and eliminating
                             the conservative values of my constituents in Austin             means just as Texas families must do when economic               nesses allowing them to keep more of their income and             unnecessary programs - not increasing taxes. If federal
                             since my election in 2000. I have built businesses and           times are tough. As a member of the Texas Conservative           use it to create new jobs and opportunities. Last session         officials will not secure our border, Texas must step in
                             created hundreds of jobs. I understand the concerns of           Coalition I am working to do just that.                          we cut the tax on 40,000 small businesses                         and use more state law enforcement there.
                             the taxpayers and have worked to lower taxes and reduce
                             an inefficient government.
                             Education/Degrees: BS Agri Engineering, Louisiana State University MS Civil Engineering, University of Houston | Community Involvement: Actively involved in leadership positions in various civic, business, community, school, and church organizations for
                             the past 40 years. Served as Katy ISD Trustee in the 80’s. | E-mail Address: billcallegari@consolidated.net | Website: www.billcallegari.com

                             siLViA MiNtz, Democrat                                           Securing available federal funds. Prohibiting that pro-          I understand the value of entrepreneurship and will work          Education. Ensuring that schools have the resources
                                                                                              curement contracts and programs that provide tax                 to strengthen small business so that there is more job            necessary to educate our youth. Making quality, higher
                             My understanding of the law, my diverse background               funded incentives to business are awarded to companies           creation. I will make sure that companies who receive             education affordable for everyone.
                             and my involvement with the community allow me to                that export jobs or that utilize tax loopholes to avoid          government economic development subsidies deliver the
                             comprehend the issues that affect my district. My lead-                                                                                                                                             Quality of life. Safe neighborhoods, healthy living, protec-
                                                                                              paying taxes.                                                    jobs they promise and by making it a priority to award            tion of the environment, and job creation to ensure that
                             ership abilities will enable me to get things done for the                                                                        contracts and purchase products
                             betterment of my district.                                                                                                                                                                          District 132 continues to thrive.
                             Education/Degrees: Doctorate in Jurisprudence, South Texas College of Law BA in Political Science, Magna Cum Laude, University of Saint Thomas | Community Involvement: I volunteer my time with several not for profit organizations as an attorney to
                             provide access to justice to people with limited resources. I also volunteer as a mentor at different schools throughout the city, and I sit on the board of various nonprofit organizations. | E-mail Address: silvia@plakelaw.com | Website: www.electsilvia.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                               State RepReSentatiVe, DiStRict 132 continUeD on next paGe

10                                                                 League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                              stAte rePreseNtAtiVe continued
                QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)       Considering the current state of reduced tax income,          What actions would you take to stimulate job growth?              If elected, what two issues do you feel will need
                 CANDIDATES:                                                                    how can we fund critical state services such as public                           (75 word limit)                               the most attention and resources during your term of
                                                                                                 education, public safety, health care and bridge and                                                                                  office? Please explain. (75 word limit)
                                                                                                          road maintenance? (75 word limit)
                               MiCHAeL rYAN, Libertarian                                      We must have a firm priority list of what defines “critical”   Growth occurs when gov’t gets out of the way. We need a        Freeze spending property taxes and hiring until we get
                                                                                              services and fund them accordingly. Fire, police are           State constitutional amendment to cap SPENDING- it can         an amendment to permanently limit spending. Need to
                               I was a C level executive in 5 firms and senior manager        critical, guaranteed bureaucratic pensions at 300% of          never grow faster than population + inflation. A line item     control both revenues and cost side of P&L.If we want
132 continued

                               at F500 firms over 30 years. I am an accomplished busi-        private sector are not. A 40ik defined contribution plan       budget, web published monthly, and current for account-        a future fix for current problems- first look at what
                               nessman and leader. I was an auditor for E&Y and know          is a better long term option for budget effectiveness and      ability and transparency. I’d support the AG lawsuit           didn’t work, need a root cause analysis- eliminate failed
                               how to look at and diagnose financial statements and           sustainability.                                                against Obamacare; it is a fiscal disaster.                    programs,it’s a fiduciary duty for shareholders
                               project plans in great detail. I will apply all my skills to
                               generate creative,cost effective solutions
                               Education/Degrees: BSEE General Motors Institute | Community Involvement: Coach Katy Little League and Katy Girls Softball, guest lecturer at Houston Baptist University MBA school and UTHSC, volunteer Habitat for Humanity.
                               E-mail Address: mikeryantexas@gmail.com | Website: mikeryantexas.blogspot.com
                               jiM MurPHY, Republican                                         The idea of putting more burden on the taxpayers, by           During my time at Westchase we have brought fifteen            We must stimulate our economy by attracting new busi-
                                                                                              increasing taxes or hidden fees, to pay for services that      thousand new jobs into the area and nearly two billion         nesses. We must be sure Texas isn’t only attracting com-
                               During my 25 years with Westchase District, I have been        should be guaranteed by the government will not work.          dollars in new investment. We must provide a business          panies from outside but that we also maintain a friendly
                               involved in planning and implementing public safety,           We must look at all agencies, and decrease their funding.      friendly environment to attract and keep jobs in Texas.        environment for all the small businesses currently in
                               addressing transportation needs, attracting new invest-        Unfunded mandates must be stopped and new projects             We can do this by lowering regulations and providing tax       Texas. A second issue that will be important is keeping
                               ments and job growth.                                          that are not necessary must also be frozen.                    incentives to small businesses.                                our budget balanced by cutting spending.
                               Education/Degrees: Strake Jesuit UT Austin | Community Involvement: Houston West Chamber of Commerce, West Houston Medical Center, Association of Commercial Real Estate Professionals, Greater Houston Partnership, Houston Association of Realtors,
                               Urban Land Institute, Houston Business Coalition, Jaycees, St. Cyril Catholic Church, Briar Forest Super Neighbhorhood, Alief Crime Task Force | E-mail Address: jim@votejimmurphy.com | Website: www.votejimmurphy.com

                               Kristi tHibAut, Democrat                                       We have big challenges to fund core state services while       Texas is among the few states in the U.S. to have actual       First is resolving the $18 billion shortfall. This means
                               I am serving my 1st term, and feel a great responsibility      balancing the budget. When session begins, we will face        recent job growth, but too many Texans remain without          tough decisions about how to cut state agency spending
                               to serve the people of my district. Doing the job, whether     an $18 billion shortfall. Using the “rainy day” fund will      work. We must continue to encourage new business               without jeopardizing core services. It will also require
                               in Austin during session or working every day for my           likely be necessary. We also need to consider potential        growth and relocation of existing businesses into the          creative thinking about generating more revenue without
                                                                                              new revenue sources, such as gambling, and we must             state. Improving education is also important, so that          further burdening taxpayers. Second is providing respon-

                               constituents, most qualifies me for the position. Many
                               years of private sector and non-profit experience, plus        get our fair share of federal dollars.                         Texans have the skills needed to be successful.                sive and effective constituent service.
                               my education also inform my judgment.
                               Education/Degrees: Bachelor’s degrees in Government & Kinesiology, University of Texas-Austin. | Community Involvement: In addition to her professional work, Kristi has served as a volunteer for the American Heart Association and the Houston Kiwanis
                               Club, and was a founding member of the Houston Democratic Forum, an organization of fiscally conservative, socially moderate young professionals. | E-mail Address: info@votethibaut.com | Website: www.votethibaut.com

                               ALFred N. MoNtestruC, Libertarian                              First we must continue Texas’s history of fiscal restraint.    Support our right to work legislation. Do as much as           1-Reform Texas Criminal law to keep penalties propor-
                               I am out to get government out of your life as much as         Where tax revenue declines, we must reduce expen-              possible to reduce red tape and cost to employers and          tionate to crimes. We have a very large prison population
                               possible. Out of your bedroom, out of your wallet, out         diture. We need to take a hard look at what we are             employees of hiring (and firing) this will have the long       and a large part of that is excessive punishments for
                NO PHOTO       of interfering with your relationship with your employer,      spending the people’s money on, and see where we can           term effect of having employers more willing to take on        trivial offenses.
                AVAILABLE      your friends, and your children. Other candidates are          cut costs.                                                     a new employee when they know that employees will not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2-Keep our budget balanced without raising taxes.
                               wanting to tell you how to live, and spend your money on                                                                      be a burden if things do not work out.
                               their pet projects.
                               Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (UNO), Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (LSU), Approximately 3 years work towards a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

                               sArAH dAVis, Republican                                        The issue is not a lack of revenue, the issue is over-         Government does not create jobs, businesses create             Balancing the budget by cutting government spending,
                               I am qualified to be a state legislator because I am a         spending. Just because the State is projected to have          jobs. The best way for the government to stimulate job         rather than raising taxes and limiting Federal intrusion
                               taxpayer. Ours is a citizen legislature that is meant to       a revenue shortfall, doesn’t mean critical services won’t      growth is to get out of the way of business. Specifically,     by fighting Federal takeovers of public education, health
                               allow working, taxpaying citizens a voice in the process       be funded. Focusing on revenue generation ignores the          I would work on repealing the Gross Margins Tax, and at        care, air quality permitting, offshore drilling, and state
                               of governing. Having worked since age 15, paying my            basic questions as to whether or not state programs are        a minimum support legislation requiring a super-majority       efforts to fight welfare and voter fraud.
                               own way through college and law school, I understand           efficient and funded properly originally.                      to increase the Gross Margins Tax.
                               the burdens we face as working taxpayers.
                               Education/Degrees: John Foster Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas (1990-1994); Baylor University in Waco, Texas (1994-1998) graduating with Bachelor of Arts in Economics; and University of Houston Law Center (1998-2001) graduating with
                               Doctorate of Jurisprudence | Community Involvement: I am a supporter of the Pink Ribbons Project and the American Cancer Society. As a recent breast cancer survivor, I am committed to finding a cure. I also provide support to the American Veterans
                               Center and the Admiral Nimitz Foundation, as learning and preserving World War II history is my favorite activity. | E-mail Address: sarahdavis.134@gmail.com | Website: www.sarahdavis134.com

                               eLLeN CoHeN, Democrat                                          The appropriations committee is dealing with those             Job growth depends upon the development of an edu-             Clearly our first issue is dealing with the budget. We are
                               I have served for the past two terms as the State Rep.         issues through Committee hearings. I also sponsored a          cated work force. Employers want people who can think          looking at a projected $18 billion budget deficit. Our big-
                               for District 134 and believe I have a clear understand-        Town Hall Meeting on this topic. Suggestions being con-        strategically and work effectively. Providing incentives to    gest objective is to figure out how to deal with the deficit
                               ing of what the district needs and demands. In the             sidered are the consolidation of departments and com-          companies considering moving to Texas offers the state         without hindering funding for education and healthcare,
                               2009 session, Speaker Joe Straus appointed me to the           missions, travel savings, greater use of teleconferencing,     a way to bring in business, jobs, and revenue.                 which are the two issues that need the most attention.
                               Appropriations and Higher Ed. committees making me a           as well as the use of the rainy day fund.
                               more effective voice for this district’s interests.
                               Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration from Northwood University Certification in Management of Nonprofit Organizations from the University of Texas at Austin | Community Involvement: Ellen serves or has served on the boards of
                               Park Plaza Hospital; American Leadership Forum; Congregation Beth Israel; Faith Trust Institute; the Police Advisory Board; and Houston Area Adult Protective Services. She is also a former President of Leadership Houston and the board of the Medical
                               Center Hospital. | E-mail Address: info@ellencohen.org | Website: www.ellencohen.org

                               GArY eLKiNs, Republican – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 135

                               beVerLY WooLLeY, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                               GerALd W. ‘jerrY’ LAFLeur, Libertarian                         This question has the problem standing on it’s head.           Certainly not the present policy of giving more govern-        I’ll be frank here; my “issues” will be dictated by the
                               I am just an average guy...maybe a little below average        The valid question is how can we reduce expenditures           ment contracts and creating more government jobs!              affiliations I can make with one of the parties of our “two-
                               in some respects and a little above in others. My experi-      to match our level of “funding.” The State government          How about creating a free-market environment for               party system.” Unless my long-time dream comes true

                NO PHOTO       ence as a Census Enumerator, Associate (Substitute)            has taken over too many projects that used to be handled       businesses? Repeal the insane “franchise tax” on gross         and the voters of Texas have an season of clarity; seeing
                AVAILABLE      Teacher and volunteer chaplain in the prison gives me a        locally. And we have imprisoned too many people who            revenues.                                                      their way clear to throwing all the bums out at once. In
                               ground level view of the impact of legislation from Austin     are a not threat to anybody except themselves.                                                                                that later case I will focus on get ///
                               has on the citizens of Texas 136.
                               Education/Degrees: Texas A&M University ‘69, BBA Finance | E-mail Address: Jerry@LaFleur4Texas136.info | Website: lafleur4texas136.info/
                               sYLViA sPiVeY, Republican                                      Spending needs to be done more responsibly. There is a a       Austin needs to reduce red tape and regulations that           Job Creation and Education. Job growth can be accom-
                                                                                              huge amount of waste in the Texas budget. Texas needs          stifle our small business environment. Small businesses        plished with a positive, focused business environment.
                               I have spent my life in District 137, I have seen the good     to focus on the priorities, and fund those first. Education    create jobs and become bigger businesses and we need           Education needs to be addressed as we continue to lose
                               and bad and I care about this district. I have engaged in      is a perfect example. Education spending does not need         to be as friendly toward small business owners as pos-         kids who drop out. More than 130,000 students drop out
                               civic activities to help get residents active and involved.    to be increased. Instead, more of the dollars actually         sible. I would also ensure that taxes on business do not       each year, as high as 50% of Hispanic students and 46%
                               As a mom, I have been actively involved in my children’s       need to reach the classroom.                                   increase. Learn more at SylviaSpivey.com                       of African American students. Not acceptable.
                               education, I have seen the problems in the education
                               system. Bio at SylviaSpivey.com
                               Education/Degrees: Bachelors Degree from University of Houston. Attended St. Agnes Academy. | Community Involvement: Former President of Briarmeadow Homeowners Association, Graduate of Leadership Houston, actively involved with St. Francis de
                               Sales Catholic Church, Parent Teacher Organizations, Past President, Daughters of Liberty. | E-mail Address: info@SylviaSpivey.com | Website: www.SylviaSpivey.com

                               sCott HoCHberG, Democrat                                       We must be smart about our budget and avoid indis-             I passed the bill creating the Sharpstown management           I will work hard to balance the state budget without laying
                                                                                              criminate reductions. For example, I’ve led our move           district to help build businesses in our area. I continue to   off teachers, closing schools, shutting our universities,
                               I’ve lived in southwest Houston for 35 years. I know this      from printed textbooks toward electronic books, saving         be a strong supporter of the Texas Medical Center and          or harming other vital services such as public safety or
                               district well, and have successfully led on issues impor-      millions while providing more up-to-date materials for         other engines of our region’s job growth. I’m working to       mental health. I’m working to make it easier for consum-
                               tant to those who live here: improving public schools,         students. I also ended a required tuition discount for out-    improve college enrollment and graduation rates so we          ers to save on their electricity costs without having to be
                               making our neighborhoods safer, and encouraging eco-           of-state students, saving money for our colleges.              can attract higher-paying jobs to Texas.                       experts on energy pricing.
                               nomic development. I’ve run a small business and know
                               the challenges of meeting a weekly payroll.
                               Education/Degrees: B.A. Rice University ‘75, Master of Electrical Engineering, Rice University ‘76 | Community Involvement: Associate Member, Sharpstown Civic Association. Board member, Anti-Defamation League Southwest Region. Board member
                               American Jewish Committee Houston Chapter. Graduate of Leadership Houston. Past board president, Houston Taping for the Blind. Past Trustee, Citizens Environmental Coalition. | E-mail Address: scott@scotthochberg.com | Website: scotthochberg.com

                                                                    League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                             11
                                                                                                         stAte rePreseNtAtiVe continued
          QUESTIONS TO   What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)         Considering the current state of reduced tax income,           What actions would you take to stimulate job growth?              If elected, what two issues do you feel will need
           CANDIDATES:                                                                     how can we fund critical state services such as public                            (75 word limit)                               the most attention and resources during your term of
                                                                                            education, public safety, health care and bridge and                                                                                   office? Please explain. (75 word limit)
                                                                                                     road maintenance? (75 word limit)
                         dWAYNe boHAC, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                         KeNdrA YArbrouGH CAMAreNA,                                       I will cut wasteful spending and ensure there is no            First, we must better prepare our children and retrain          The two most important issues facing Texas today are the
                         Democrat                                                         special treatment for the special interests in Austin. We      workers to develop a skilled workforce to compete in            economy and education. I will work to reduce the budget
                                                                                          must look into additional revenue sources and keep an          the global economy. Secondly, we must support small             deficit, eliminate wasteful spending, and create new jobs
                         As a lifelong resident of the district, I’m a mother, teacher    open mind but I will oppose any measure that places an         businesses in Texas. We should avoid any additional tax         that will grow the economy. I will work to improve our
                         and citizen leader who believes in giving back to my com-        additional burden on the backs of hard working families        burden on the small businesses that account for most of         schools and prepare our kids for success in tomorrow’s
                         munity. As State Rep I will speak from my experience as          during these tough economic times.                             the new jobs created in this country                            economy.
                         a teacher, parent and taxpayer who knows the problems
                         we deal with daily affect all families whether we are
                         Democrats Republicans or Independents.

                         Education/Degrees: B.A. Anthropology, Psychology and Government University of Texas, Austin | Community Involvement: Oak Forest Democrats, Spring Branch Democrats, Houston Federation of Teachers: School Steward, Library of Congress member,
                         Houston Livestock and Rodeo Lifetime Member, Precinct 86 Chair, Forest West Civic Club Treasurer, SDEC 15 Committeewoman, Auxiliary Women’s Club VFW # 879 | E-mail Address: kendra@electkendra.com | Website: www.electkendra.com

                         WesLeY HAMNer, Libertarian                                       Vouchers and similar systems can help to lower the cost        Tax cuts for any companies willing to open businesses           This depends on the People. The attention and resources
                                                                                          and improve the quality of public education and health-        in Texas.                                                       of any candidate or elected official should be determined
                         The fact that I am not part of the political system that         care. Road and bridge maintenance projects should                                                                              by those he or she represents, not by predetermined, or,
          NO PHOTO       created our current problems.                                    be subject to completely open bidding, with no political                                                                       worse, campaign dollar sponsored, talking points.
          AVAILABLE                                                                       favoritism. Funds saved in these areas could then be
                                                                                          directed toward other areas, like public safety.
                         Education/Degrees: B.A. Anthropology, Psychology and Government University of Texas, Austin | Community Involvement: Oak Forest Democrats, Spring Branch Democrats, Houston Federation of Teachers: School Steward, Library of Congress member,
                         Houston Livestock and Rodeo Lifetime Member, Precinct 86 Chair, Forest West Civic Club Treasurer, SDEC 15 Committeewoman, Auxiliary Women’s Club VFW # 879 | E-mail Address: kendra@electkendra.com | Website: www.electkendra.com

                         sYLVester turNer, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 139
140 139

                         ArMANdo LuCio WALLe, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 140
                         MiCHAeL buNCH, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                         seNFroNiA tHoMPsoN, Democrat                                     We face an economic crisis. Together we can attack it          We need to make college more affordable so we can cre-          Budget and education. How we balance the budget
                                                                                          and put Texas back on track. We need to look at the            ate the workforce that helps attract businesses. In addi-       affects our future. The budget drives every part of our
                         My years of dedicated service to the people of Texas have        Rainy Day Fund and find additional revenue sources. In         tion, the sunset review of the Department of Insurance          state government and both our public & higher education

                         given me the experience and extensive knowledge of the           doing so, we need to make certain that any additional          will give us a chance to rein in the rising cost of insurance   systems are in need of reform. The decision to deregulate
                         legislative process. My primary qualification is my ability      revenue sources do not provide a long-term negative            which will help businesses and consumers alike.                 tuition has driven up the costs for college and Texans can
                         to work with members from both parties for the better-           impact like the tuition deregulation did in 2003.                                                                              no longer afford to underfund our schools.
                         ment of this great state.

                         HAroLd V. duttoN, jr., Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 142

                         GiLbert PeNA, Republican                                         Reduced Taxes? We the voters, voted in more then $6            - no response -                                                 Goverment spending, as I have stated in the above
                                                                                          billion for DOT in 11/2007; $300 million for Harris county;                                                                    answer, the more taxes the state collects the more its
                         No Candidate had experience when they first run for              Plus other taxes in 11/2007. HISD ask for and received                                                                         waste. To reduce Taxes.
                         office. Every Candidate promises to fight Taxes and be           $300 million in bonds and the Texas Lottery give over $1
           NO PHOTO      invole in the community when running for office. But
           AVAILABLE                                                                      billion a-year to school districts in the state. So, how can
                         once elected, they forget their proimses and follow the          the state have a reduced tax income
                         Lobbies, PACs and special interest groups. I am more
                         common in that I am not a (///)
                         Education/Degrees: TSU Polic

                         ANA e. HerNANdez, Democrat                                       Every state program and line item expense in the budget        Our abundance of sunlight, wind, and natural resources          Two important issues the legislature will face in the
                                                                                          must be analyzed for the most effective and efficient          put Texas in a unique position to be the leader both            upcoming session up are the budget and the sunset
                         This is my fifth year serving in the Texas House of              use of taxpayer dollars. We must prioritize state issues       nationally and globally in solar, wind, and geothermal          review process. We must address the projected $18 bil-
                         Representatives. Before being elected, I worked as               and identify potential savings from less efficient use of      energy. As a legislative body, we need to provide addi-         lion budget shortfall. And, I will closely monitor several
                         legislative staff for over six years. In addition to the years   state funds.                                                   tional incentives in these areas to promote more business       state agencies that are scheduled for sunset review and
                         of service in the Texas Legislature, I also rely on my legal                                                                    development and creation of new jobs.                           have a tremendous impact on my district.
                         background as a practicing attorney to help better serve
                         my constituents.
                         Education/Degrees: University of Houston, B.A. - Political Science and Psychology, University of Texas School of Law, J.D. | E-mail Address: ana@voteanahernandez.com | Website: www.voteanahernandez.com
                         KeN LeGLer, Republican                                           People all across Texas are making cuts. Eliminating           Small business is the driving force of job creation in          Government spends too much of your money. You
                                                                                          government waste is a good place to look for savings in        America. If reelected, I will continue to advocate for poli-    know how to spend your money better than any Austin
                         As a small business owner in the Pasaden/Southbelt               the state budget. This is why I will continue to work to       cies that make it easier for small businesses to operate        bureaucrat.
                         area I know what it means to work hard. I will continue          abolish any fees or taxes that are not being spent for their   and create jobs.
                         to represent the people of my district by pushing for less       intended purpose, and ensure more transparency and
                         government intrusion into our lives.                             accountability in government.
                         Education/Degrees: Educated in the Pasadena Public schools | Community Involvement: Serve as a board member for the chamber and economic development organizations in the area, appointed to the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality Advisory
                         Board for Small Business, elected commissioner of teenage baseball in Pasadena for 2 years. | E-mail Address: ken@votekenlegler.com | Website: votekenlegler.com

                         riCK MoLiNA, Democrat                                            I believe we should use the Rainy Day fund to maintain         Improving educational opportunities and supporting state        My number one focus will be on improving education in
                                                                                          state services while also cutting back on things like          universities and community colleges is a way to provide         Texas. Our state ranks near the bottom in educational
                         I have lived in Pasadena most of my life and I have deep         the Governor’s Enterprise slush fund and scale back            a qualified workforce and incubate innovative new               achievement and we need to create a more sustainable
                         roots in Pasadena.                                               increases that Legislators have given to their own offices.    small businesses. We also need to support American              system for our children. Secondly, I want to protect con-
                                                                                                                                                         manufacturing and discourage companies from shipping            sumers by working to lower some of the high utility rates

                                                                                                                                                         jobs overseas.                                                  and insurance premiums that we pay.
                         Education/Degrees: B.A., Rice University; J.D., University of Houston Law School | Community Involvement: Board Member of Sarah’s House Women’s Shelter, Vice Chair, Pasadena Hispanic Business Council | Website: www.rickmolina.com

                         CLiFFord MessiNA, Libertarian – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                         joeL West, Green                                                 Texas already has a constitutional cap on spending             12% of the current budget is already allocated to               Enact Single-Payer healthcare for Texas – we cannot
                                                                                          based upon the state’s economic growth. With falling tax       Business & Economic                                             wait for the federal government to act. Savings will cover
                         An understanding of the root cause of the lack of effec-         revenues we have to do better than this cap in control-                                                                        first decreasing tax revenues and then pay for expanded
                                                                                                                                                         Development. Savings from adopting Single-Payer
                         tiveness of our government. As long as corporations as           ling spending. Health & Human Services is 32% of the                                                                           business development (see above). End the notion that
                                                                                                                                                         healthcare for Texas first needs to reduce expenses to
                         legal “persons” continue to have more rights than living         budget. This can be cut with Single-Payer healthcare for                                                                       corporations chartered or doing business in Texas are
                                                                                                                                                         balance the budget (see above). Any remaining savings
                         breathing persons in the political process there can be          Texas by reducing “for-profit” overhead.                                                                                       “too big to fail.”
                                                                                                                                                         can increase the size of B & E D budget, particularly to
                         no “of the people, by the people, and for the people” in
                                                                                                                                                         focus on creating “green” jobs.
                         this country.
                         Education/Degrees: BA math, math science, Rice University, 1981; BS electrical engineering, Rice University, 1989 | E-mail Address: he.lives@juno.com | Website: www.txgreens.org

                         CAroL ALVArAdo, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 145

                         borris L. MiLes., Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 146

                         GArNet F. CoLeMAN, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD in DiStRict 147

12                                                             League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                                stAte rePreseNtAtiVe continued
                QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)        Considering the current state of reduced tax income,            What actions would you take to stimulate job growth?             If elected, what two issues do you feel will need
                 CANDIDATES:                                                                     how can we fund critical state services such as public                             (75 word limit)                              the most attention and resources during your term of
                                                                                                  education, public safety, health care and bridge and                                                                                   office? Please explain. (75 word limit)
                                                                                                           road maintenance? (75 word limit)
                               FerNANdo HerrerA, Republican                                   As an employee of local government for 29 years, I have           I am a proponent of lower taxation to stimulate job            Government spending affects so many areas that it
                                                                                              experience identifying more efficient ways of operat-             growth. I would also consider legislation that encourages      should be a primary objective. If Texas can reduce
                               One of my greatest assets is an inherent ability to clearly    ing and utilizing taxpayer money. A statewide review is           tax breaks for Micro Business startups. The intent of          spending, then taxes could in turn be reduced; thereby,
                               identify needs and challenges and transform these into         needed to eliminate fraud and waste in all government             Micro Business legislation is to encourage one to create       stimulating business and job growth.
                               opportunities for improvement. “Listening” is the key to       programs. Texas must use targeted funds for the purpose           self economic empowerment versus relying on govern-
                               Representing, and I have walked through practically the                                                                                                                                         The community has made it clear that safety & Security
                                                                                              in which they were intended.                                      ment subsidies.                                                rate high on their list of concerns. This too will be a priority.
                               entire District in order to listen to anyone that presented
                               a concern, comment, suggestion (///)
                               Education/Degrees: Associate degree in Fire Science Master Fire Fighter Certification | Community Involvement: VP-Cottage Grove Civic Assoc, Mentor-Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office, Member-Mayor’s Environ Coordinating Cmte, Citizen Park Inspector,
                               Volunteer-Dia de La Mujer, 1st Aid-Ripley House Health Fair, 750 Backpacks & supplies- Ripley House, 1st Aid-Independence Heights, 125 Backpacks & supplies-Larkin Comm Ctr | E-mail Address: Fernando@VoteFernandoHerrera.com
                               Website: VoteFernandoHerrera.com

                               jessiCA CristiNA FArrAr, Democrat                              The most important element to address the state’s                 A prepared work force attracts employers and allows            The state budget is most pressing. I will oppose short-
                                                                                              antiquated, regressive, & inadequate tax structure is             businesses to grow, and I will continue to support edu-        sighted budget cuts that result in increased taxpayers’
                               The experience obtained during eight terms represent-          the political courage my record demonstrates. Revenue             cation and job training for Texans. The Legislature has        costs & decreases in needed services. I will seek rev-
                               ing the constituency of District 148 most qualifies me.        options must be evaluated with a focus towards recogni-           addressed public school funding only in response to law-       enue proposals that are not regressive. I will continue to
                               I have obtained the positions of Chair of the House            tion of the current state economy & a look toward sus-            suits. Instead, the Legislature should strengthen public       promote policies that protect the health of Texans, with
                               Democratic Caucus, Vice-Chair of the Land and Resource         tainable funding to prevent future funding crisis.                schools, universities and community colleges                   attention to families & environment.
                               Management Committee, and my seniority assures my
                               position on the Environmental Regulation Committee.
                               Education/Degrees: Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Houston JD from University of Texas, December 2010 | Community Involvement: Founder of Latinas on the Rise & co-founder of Texas Women’s Health Foundation; board member
                               of Air Alliance, Avenue CDC,Harris County Democratic Lawyers Association,National Advisory Committee of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health & the Postpartum Support International’s President’s Advisory Council | E-mail Address:
                               jessica@jessicafarrar.org | Website: www.jessicafarrar.org

                               jACK o’CoNNor, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                               Hubert Vo, Democrat                                             We have to set priorities. As a small businessman I know         Creating a smart and able workforce will attract jobs.         Public education and fiscal responsibility. Education is
                                                                                               what it’s like to work within a tight budget. My first           Investing in education has to be a priority. Holding down      the key to our future. We have to improve our public
                               Since entering the Texas legislature in 2005 I have             priority is education. Then we have to cover the basics.         taxes for small businesses is also necessary. Small busi-      schools and bring down the cost of a college education.
                               worked with area residents to accomplish a great deal.          And then we go down a priority list paying for what we           nesses are the true job creators. Locally, I will work with    We also have balance our state budget. In these tough

                               We have worked together to fight crime, improve our             can afford and leaving to better times what we can’t.            the city and area management districts to actively recruit     times this is going to be a challenge.
                               local public schools, and improve our neighborhoods. At         Spending smart and efficiently.                                  employers to move into our area.
                               the same time, I have worked with my colleagues in the
                               House in the effort to hold down taxes.
                               Education/Degrees: BS degree from the University of Houston in Mechanical Engineering | Community Involvement: Long time member of the local Super Neighborhood council, served for many years on the neighborhood YMCA board                  E-mail Address:
                               hubertvocampaign@aol.com | Website: www.hubertvo.com/profile.htm

                               debbie riddLe, Republican                                       The economy is not good. Our tax income for the state            Stimulating job growth is accomplished by government           My number one priority as an elected official is to make
                               I have been an active part of my community for many             is down. Every family is feeling the pinch and having to         getting out of the way of business owners and letting          sure the safety and security of the people of Texas are
                               years as a mother, grandmother, volunteer firefighter,          tighten their belts, prioritise, cut back, and even sacrifice.   them do what they do best, run their business. Small           well established. If I do not do that number one priority,
                NO PHOTO       volunteer EMT, and business owner. I have legislative           Government should do what every family is doing--                businesses provide a large majority of the jobs in my          and do it well, there is NO number two priority! My sec-
                AVAILABLE      experience because I have served in the state legislature       tighten the belt, prioritise, and cut back, not dig deeper       district, in our state, and in our nation. Government is not   ond priority is to do what is necessary to bring back our
                               since 2002 and authored legislation like “Jessica’s Law”        into the pockets of taxpayers.                                   in the business of creating jobs, business is                  robust economy and jobs.
                               protecting our children from pedophiles.
                               Website: debbieriddle.org/about/

                               brAd NeAL, Democrat                                             These critical services should be made more efficient            Sustained prosperity can best be achieved through our          Balancing the state budget will be the first and greatest
                               I have real-world, technical and managerial experi-             through (non-adversarial) audits of their expenditures.          ensuring that Texas industry has the lowest energy cost        challenge. Austerity and revenue increases, alone, will
                               ence in Texas’ crucial petrochemical industry, in state-        Additionally, we must seek further austerity in less             in North America. By such, we will become globally             not eliminate the deficit. We will have to draw from the
                                                                                               critical services while increasing state revenues from           competitive. I will work for property tax incentives and       Rainy Day Fund. To avert a chronic deficit, we must focus

                               owned institutions, and the military…and I’ve been self
                               employed. I have associated with people across our              (for example) increased severance taxes, user fees, and          fast-track environmental permitting for new refining,          on economic stimulus measures and the restructuring of
                               spectrum of ethnicity, class, and ideology…I respect            increased sales tax on alcohol and tobacco.                      generating, and transmission facilities.                       revenue and appropriations.
                               them and will serve them without exclusion.
                               Education/Degrees: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University | Community Involvement: I worked for several years in Voter Registraiton efforts before running for office. I volunteer during events at our local elementary school. I am a father of
                               six. My oldest “child” is in college...my youngest is only 3 years old. I, my wife of 12 years, Salwa, and our four children reside happily in Spring. | E-mail Address: brad@votebradneal.com | Website: votebradneal.com

                               eriC M. HoLdt, Libertarian                                     The obvious answer is to raise tax income and we do this          I would minimize the barriers that small business owners       Healthcare and green initiatives. Here in Texas we need
                                                                                              by creating growth in industry.                                   have to hurdle in order to stay afloat as small businesses     to take a strong stand against federalized healthcare and
                               My experience in operating a small business can be                                                                               make up a majority of total tax revenue.                       allow only those green initiatives that benefit everyone.
                NO PHOTO       translated in to effectively running my district. I am very
                AVAILABLE      concerned about the future of this country and want to
                               do what I can on any level to prepare this country for
                               my children.

                                                                                                                            Court oF APPeALs
Six-year term. Must be at least 35 years old, a citizen of the United States, a resident of Texas and a district resident. Must have been a practicing lawyer or a lawyer and a judge of a court of record for a total of 10 years or more. Each Court of Appeals has intermediate appellate
jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases appealed from district or county courts in its district. Current annual salary: $140,000 (Chief Justice), $137,500 (Justice)

                QUESTIONS TO     What training and experiences qualify you for this position? (50 word limit)                     What issues arise in processing last-minute appeals,                      Under what conditions would you recuse yourself from cases? (75 words)
                 CANDIDATES:                                                                                                        and how would you handle them? (75 words)
                               CHieF justiCe, 1st Court oF APPeALs
                               sHerrY rAdACK, Republican                                                            At any time day or night, our court has a procedure to provide quick action          I believe in a broad interpretation of the ethical rules of recusal. A judge should
                                                                                                                    whenever a case requires immediate review. Cases involving matters such as           recuse if she has participated in the earlier decision of a particular case while
                               I have been a judge for over eleven years, seven of which I have served as           life or death, destruction of property, election procedures, or mental health        serving on a lower court; if she has a financial interest in the outcome of a
                               Chief Justice. I am a wife, mother and have been a small business owner, and         commitment can be heard immediately by telephoning the court. After the              case, or her service on a case creates an appearance of impropriety.
                               a volunteer and leader in various charitable organizations. These life experi-       call is received, the office is opened, documents are filed, and a panel is
                               ences qualify me to serve as Chief Justice.                                          immediately assembled to handle the case.
CHieF justiCe

                               Morris oVerstreet, Democrat                                                          Last-minute filings because of electronic, technical or logistic issues often        In addition to applicable law and judicial canons, I would be guided by my
                                                                                                                    time cause problems that affect the proper consideration of time sensitive           conscience and discretion to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. If
                               My experience includes Assistant District Attorney for 5 years, Private              appleals. While I cannot prejudge what I would do in any instance, I trend           I were biased or prejudiced in a personal or extrajudicial manner I would
                               Practice for 8, Lobbyist for 1, Law School Professor for 5, Trial Judge for 8,       toward adoption of rules that would address those issues to ensure that              recuse myself. Whenever a reasonable person with knowledge of all the facts
                               and Appeals Judge for 8 on Texas’ Court of Criminal Appeals, Licensed in             litigants have access to the courts, and that justice is always served in a          could conclude that my impartiality might be reasonably questioned, I would
                               state and federal courts.                                                            timely manner.                                                                       recuse myself.

                                                                    League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                    13
                                                                                                                               Court oF APPeALs continued
                            QUESTIONS TO    What training and experiences qualify you for this position? (50 word limit)                    What issues arise in processing last-minute appeals,                     Under what conditions would you recuse yourself from cases? (75 words)
                             CANDIDATES:                                                                                                      and how would you handle them? (75 words)
                                           1st Court oF APPeALs justiCe
                                           eVeLYN KeYes, Republican                                                            Emergencies, including matters of life and death, immediate destruction or            If my husband’s firm was counsel; if my impartiality might reasonably be
                                                                                                                               sale of property, mental health commitments. For emergency appeal, the              questioned, I have personal knowledge of disputed facts, I or a lawyer with
                                           Justice, First Court of Appeals 8 years; more than 600 opinions in family,          litigant obtains a letter of assignment from the district or county clerk and       whom I practiced was a material witness, I expressed an opinion on the mer-
                                           criminal, civil, probate appeals; extensive law committee service; 14 years         contacts the court. If late in the day, the court accepts faxes saying an emer-     its while acting as a lawyer in government service, or I know that my husband
                                           complex civil litigation as partner, associate, Special Assistant Attorney          gency is on its way. After hours, calls go to the Harris County Call Center. The    or I have a financial interest in the subject matter, are a party, or have another
                                           General; juris doctor with honors, Houston Law Center; Distinguished Service        Court’s emergency contacts are notified and a panel of judges assembled.            interest that could be substantially affected.
                                           Award; Ph.D. in philosophy (Rice), English (Texas).
 PLACe 4

                                           MiCHAeL GoMez, Democrat                                                             Judges should aspire to see justice done in every case. At the very least,          Judges should recuse themselves when their impartiality in a particular
                                                                                                                               this means that all parties should have an opportunity to be heard and have         matter may reasonably be questioned or as required under the laws or rules
                                           I am judge of the 129th District Court, a lifelong Houstonian, and graduate of      their positions conscientiously considered. In processing last-minute appeals,      of the state of Texas. Judges should also strive to avoid the appearance of
                                           Rice University and the UH Law Center. I care about our community and enjoy         Courts should make reasonable accommodations to parties to facilitate filings       impropriety and work to maintain public confidence in their ability to rule fairly
                                           serving its people. I pledge to treat everyone with dignity and respect and to      and argument so that every party has their day in Court.                            and without preference.
                                           follow the law without agenda or bias.

                                           MiCHAeL C. MAsseNGALe, Republican                                                   Life-or-death circumstances can result in “last-minute appeals” requiring           Recusals in appropriate cases are essential to preserve the integrity of
                                           I’ve served in this position for over a year. I’m a former Baker Botts partner      immediate review. The main issues are identifying emergency circumstances           the judiciary and to avoid appearances of impropriety. I will recuse in all
                                           and for two years I worked at federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. I gradu-      and getting the information to judges for prompt action. Our court accepts          circumstances required under the Texas Constitution and procedural rules
PLACe 8, unexpired term

                                           ated from UT Law School with honors, and I’ve frequently presented and              after-hours emergency filings. When the office is closed, phones are still          (see TRCP Rule 18b), including but not limited to cases in which I may have
                                           organized continuing legal education. I am an Eagle Scout.                          answered. Court staff and the after-hours operators know how to contact me          a financial or other material interest, or if I have personal knowledge about
                                                                                                                               at any time. I am always ready to perform my judicial duties.                       disputed facts. I currently recuse in all cases involving my former law firm.

                                           robert rAY, Democrat                                                                Most important is that the appellate justices carefully guard the rights of the     If I have a conflict of interest that would cause me to be biased or prejudiced
                                                                                                                               parties, and ensure that both the letter and spirit of procedural and constitu-     or either the appearance of impropriety or substantive ethical concerns are
                            NO PHOTO       For 25 years, I have been working as a Texas trial lawyer in many types of          tional law is observed and followed.                                                an issue, I would consider recusal appropriate.
                            AVAILABLE      cases involving a wide variety of issues. I have also handled appellate cases
                                           and worked for a Court of Appeals.

                                           14tH Court oF APPeALs justiCe
                                           sHAroN MCCALLY, Republican                                                          There is one issue in processing a last-minute appeal: How can a Court              I will recuse myself from cases in which the participating lawyers, their firms,
                                                                                                                               ensure that an appeal is considered on its merits, instead of technicalities,       or parties to the suit before the Court have contributed substantial and dis-
                                           I am a forty-nine year old wife; mother; and Harris County judge. A judge           while discouraging litigants from intentionally creating emergencies for the        proportionate support to my election campaign because it is constitutionally
                                           for five years, I deliver balanced justice and tangible, taxpayer savings. After    purpose of obtaining an unfair advantage. Currently, such appeals at the inter-     required by the United States Supreme Court. I will also recuse myself in strict
                                           twenty years in law (state; federal; trials; appeals; civil; criminal) and seven    mediate Court of Appeals are of a nature (not death penalty cases) that are         compliance with the broader standards of Texas law, while upholding and
                                           years in business (construction), I have the best skills for this job.              well managed by existing rules that permit extensions of time, upon request,        supporting each citizen’s Constitutional right to participate in the electorate
                                                                                                                               with adequate explanation.                                                          process without penalty.
 PLACe 2

                                           NorMA VeNso, Democrat                                                               Courts of Appeals do not hear death penalty appeals, so our work is not as          Of course any case I heard as a trial judge and any claim I mediated would
                                                                                                                               “life and death” as that of the Court of Criminal Appeals. A reasonable exten-      require my recusal. Any connection I have that would raise a question in a
                                           As a lawyer I have 24 years experience in civil litigation and mediation. I wrote   sion of time to file a brief is usually granted. We do hear felony criminal cases   citizen’s mind as to fairness and impartiality would have me recuse myself.
                                           my own appeals. From 1997 to 2004, I served as 56th District Court Judge,           and all kinds of civil cases. Examples of Court of Appeals cases that require       Since I do not have investments or trusts, I am in a perfect position to know
                                           handling both criminal and civil cases. That background gives me great              immediate attention are requests to mandamus a trial judge, for injunctive          where my money is, as well as who I know and how well.
                                           respect for the trial judge and a jury’s hard work.                                 relief, and bail or contempt matters.

                                           MArtHA HiLL jAMisoN, Republican                                                     This court does not handle death penalty cases. The lawyers who handle              I will always recuse when required to do so under the Texas Rules of
                                                                                                                               cases in the 14th Court of Appeals have rules to follow in processing an            Procedure and Code of Judicial Conduct. I will consider voluntary recusal in all
                                           My nine years as a trial judge prepare me for this position. I am Board             expedited appeal or mandamus. Judges must be available to implement the             situations where such recusal will promote confidence in the judiciary, even
                                           Certified in Civil Trial Law, served on the Harris County Juvenile Board, have
  PLACe 5, unexpired term

                                                                                                                               rules. I would be available.                                                        where no impropriety exists.
                                           presided over the drug court and family cases, and have authored an appel-
                                           late opinion.

                                           WALLY KroNzer, Democrat                                                             The primary issues are: (1) does the emergency motion present enough                Whenever (1) I had represented a party in this or a similar case; (2) a party
                                                                                                                               information to allow the reviewing justice to do more than just guess at what       or their attorney is a family member to me by blood or marriage; (3) I or a
                                           I have been Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal      happened below; and (2) can the appellate court resolve the question without        family member has a direct financial interest in the case’s outcome; (4) the
                            NO PHOTO       Specialization since 1996. For over 15 years in state or federal appeals I have
                            AVAILABLE                                                                                          rewarding a party for using the court of appeals as a delaying tactic? A justice    case subject matter, a party, or a party’s attorney creates a possibility where
                                           been the attorney who reviewed the trial court’s record, fashioned issues on        should deny the motion if the party didn’t meet its evidentiary burdens. But,       I couldn’t impartially review the matter.
                                           appeal, wrote the brief, and presented any oral arguments.                          the justice must not choose form over substance.

                                           trACY eLizAbetH CHristoPHer, Republican                                             We handle emergency motions and use technology such as electronic filing            I will recuse myself from all cases where the constitution or the rules require
                                                                                                                               and email to process any motions promptly. The courts must be accessible.           recusal. In addition, I will voluntarily recuse myself where my impartiality
                                           I have been the justice on this court since December 2009 and have written          There are no “last-minute appeals” at the intermediate court of appeals             might be reasonably questioned.
                                           many opinions. As a former trial judge for 15 years, I know the law well. I         because we do not handle death penalty cases. All other appeals must be
                                           was voted Trial Judge of the Year by the Texas Association of Civil Trial and       filed timely, although the appellate court can grant extensions for some filing
                                           Appellate Specialists.                                                              delays.
  PLACe 9

                                           tiM riLeY, Democrat                                                                 Last minute death penalty appeals are not heard by this court but rather go         See Rule 18b. Summarized, recusal is required when the judge: (a) is biased
                                                                                                                               directly to the Court of Criminal Appeals. In the intermediate appellate courts,    or his impartiality might reasonably be questioned; (b) has a financial interest;
                                           Cum laude graduate UH Law Center; 27 year trial and appellate lawyer;               “last-minute” or “emergency” appeals generally involve certain types of             (c) was a lawyer in the case; or (d) is a party or material witness. Subsection
                                           Board-Certified Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law; Adjunct              mandamus procedures, habeas corpus matters, and the like, in which the              (b), (c), and (d) also apply to spouses and close family members and (c) and
                                           Professor of Law; Selected for inclusion in 2010 Texas Super Lawyers; 2007-         appellant claims irreparable harm without immediate action. I would address         (d) also apply to former partners or associate attorneys.
                                           2010 Recognition as one of “Houston’s Top Lawyers” H-Texas Magazine.                these very promptly, at any hour.

                                                                                         By registering and voting,
                                                                          American citizens decide how government affects us . . .
                                                             at the nation’s capitol in Washington – at the state capitol in Austin
                                                             at the county courthouse – at city hall – and at the school districts.
  14                                                                            League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                                            distriCt judGes
District Courts are the state trial courts of general jurisdiction. Twenty-two criminal courts have jurisdiction over felonies punishable by death or by incarceration in state prison or death, and over misdemeanors involving official conduct. An additional three courts deal exclusively
with juveniles accused of crimes. Twenty-five civil courts have jurisdiction over civil actions, which include disputes over personal or real property, civil rights, contractual matters, or other business dealings, and personal injuries. In addition, there are nine specialized civil
courts dedicated solely to family matters such as divorce and child custody. 4 year term.

                          judiCiAL distriCts 55tH – 182Nd
        QUESTIONS TO                  What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                        What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                     Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
         CANDIDATES:                                                                                                     facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                       trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                          jeFF sHAdWiCK, Republican                                                               From the trial bench perspective: making sure judges resist the urge to                 Yes. The rules are quite specific and, in my experience, are closely followed.
                          As both a lawyer and former judge I have 29 years of experience in the type of          legislate from the bench. Parties occasionally invite the judge to fashion a            As a proud former judge and current lawyer, I want the public to know that
                          cases which come before this court. My experience goes beyond legal qualifica-          result which is not allowed by law claiming the result would be “fair.” This            the judges I know would never allow their conduct to bring disrepute upon
                          tions. I am a published novelist, former school board president, active father and      leads to uncertainty and unfairness. Making new law is the job of upper                 themselves or the judiciary. Recusal is not typically a problem.
                          church member, and involved in the community. Life experience matters, too.             courts, and Austin.
                          Education/Degrees: B.A., History, University of Kansas 1978 J.D., Baylor School of Law 1981 | Community Involvement: Elected 1997 and 2001 to HISD School Board, 2001 Board President, Board Audit and Bi-lingual committees, Lawyers in Public Schools
                          volunteer, Member and teacher at West University Baptist, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Advisory Council, Boy Scouts, Greater Houston Partnership, Texas and Houston Bar Foundations. | E-mail Address: jshadwick@lawamc.com | Website: www.
55 tH

                          dioN rAMos, Democrat                                                                    The orderly administration of justice. Some cases take longer to develop than          I do. The process is well developed and has a system of checks and balances
                          I am the incumbent running for re-election for the 55th Civil District Court.           others. Some cases need more attention than others. I found this in my                 that requires review of a denial of a motion to recuse by the regional adminis-
                          I was elected in 2008 after a 25 year career as a Trial Lawyer. I am Board              practice and I see it on the bench every day. Its a matter of paying attention         trative judge. Further, with 24 Civil District courts in Harris County voluntary
                          Certified in both Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law - the kinds of          to every case and giving them all special consideration.                               recusals are often used with great success.
                          cases heard in civil district Courts.
                          Education/Degrees: B.S., University of Florida, 1978 J.D., University of Houston Law Center, 1984 LL.M., Tulane University School of Law, 1986 | Community Involvement: None | Website: dionramos.com

                          joHN doNoVAN, Republican                                                               Access to the courts to insure quick resolution of lawsuits while reducing              No. Recusal hearings should be decided quickly and openly. The law should
                                                                                                                 costs of litigation. Courts should administer lawsuits with current technology.         be amended to accelerate recusal hearings and reduce delay.
                          I was a District Court Judge for 12 years and presided over thousands of               Lawsuits should be resolved quickly by the courts with no delay.
                          varied and complex lawsuits. I currently work with County Judge Ed Emmett
                          resolving judicial and legal issues for Harris County. I have been licensed by
                          the State Bar of Texas over 25 years and certified in Trail Law since 1992.
                         Education/Degrees: J.D. cum laude, South Texas College of Law, 1984 B.A. University of St. Thomas, 1980 | Community Involvement: Lector, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 1992 - Present, Life member, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Since 1986,
                         Coach for over 20 little league baseball, youth soccer & basketball teams, Trustee West University Elementary School Foundation, 2004 to 2009 | E-mail Address: JudgeDonovan@yahoo.com | Website: www.JudgeJohnDonovan.com

                         CHristiNA brYAN, Democrat                                                               In the civil courts, the cost of litigation is a critical issue. I would address the    The current rules are sufficient if interpreted to require recusal any time the
                                                                                                                 issue by working efficiently, issuing prompt rulings and respecting lawyers’            slightest appearance of impropriety exists. The rules require recusal if bias
                         My education, experience and temperament: I am an honors graduate of                    and jurors’ time. I would be available by phone and encourage the use of                or prejudice could be alleged or impartiality questioned. These are sufficient,
                         Harvard Law School and have practiced law in Harris County for 18 years,                technology to help eliminate unnecessary costs.                                         but only if they are interpreted and applied appropriately.
                         representing plaintiffs and defendants in simple and complex cases at the trial
                         and appellate level. I am fair, will be well-prepared, and will rule promptly.
                         Education/Degrees: I received my law degree from Harvard Law School with Honors, a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin, both with Highest Honors. | Community Involvement:
                         I am a member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, have served on the boards of The Children’s Fund, Inprint, and Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas. I donate my time to organizations like the Houston Food Bank, SEARCH, The Center,
                         Texas Children’s Hospital, and the Memorial Hermann Ethics Committee. | E-mail Address: BryanForJudge@gmail.com | Website: www.BryanForJudge.com
                          rANdY WiLsoN, Republican                                                                The cost of litigation has skyrocketed to the point where the courts are inac-           In Texas, if someone feels the judge is biased and should be recused, that
                                                                                                                  cessible for many disputes. I continue to work as hard as I can to bring cases          judge does not hear the motion to recuse. Rather, the regional administrative
                          Graduated #1 in my class in law school                                                  to trial quickly and to minimize cost and expense.                                      judge appoints a neutral judge to hear the recusal. Texas is unique in this
                          Board Certified, Civil Trial Law                                                                                                                                                way. Texas’ procedure protects the parties and has been proven over time
                          7+ years experience as a trial judge                                                                                                                                            to work.
                          Selected as Trial Judge of the Year in 2009 by the Texas Assoc. of Civil Trial
                          & Appellate Specialists
                          Highest ranking Civil District Judge in Harris County in 2007 & 2009 Houston
                          Bar Assoc. Polls
                          Education/Degrees: 1. UT Arlington, B.A., 1974 2. Univ. of Houston College of Law, summa cum laude, 1977 | Community Involvement: Member and Elder of First Presbyterian Church of Houston; Member of Board of Trustees of The Star of Hope

                          of Houston, 1997-2005; Chairman of the Board and President of LifeHouse of Houston, a Christian maternity home, 1994-1996; Member of the Board of Directors of Main Street Ministries | E-mail Address: randy.wilson81@yahoo.com | Website:
                          sHAWN tHierrY, Democrat                                                                 The failure to move the case docket and make rulings timely is a critical               The Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits a judicial candidate from speaking
                                                                                                                  issue that currently prevents justice from being served. Some judges allow              on a matter which might come before the court in the future. Thus, I will
                          For over fourteen years, I have protected and championed the legal rights               motions to remain unaddressed for months. This creates an administrative                address the question in principle and without violating the rules. Judges who
                          of individual citizens, as well as represented small businesses and large               backlog which delays those needing legal relief. I will read pleadings timely           have any conflict of interest in a matter should recuse themselves to maintain
                          corporations. My diverse legal background will allow me to understand the               and efficiently.                                                                        public trust.
                          intricacies of the law, and also apply the balance necessary to ensure that
                          justice is achieved.
                          Education/Degrees: Thurgood Marshall School of Law Juris Doctor, 1996 Oxford University,1994 International Studies Abroad Queen’s College, Oxford. Howard University Bachelor of Arts, 1991 Major: Broadcast Communications Minor: Business
                          Administration | Community Involvement: Pro Vision School for Boys, Chair of Annual Fund, Chair Advisory Board, Presidential Delegate for Senatorial District 13 Texas Democratic Party State Convention 2008, Caucus Chair for Precinct 525, Senatorial
                          District 13, Presidential Primary 2008, Westbury High School, Mentor, Howard University Alumni Association | E-mail Address: snthierry4judge@gmail.com | Website: www.ShawnThierryForJudge.com

        QUESTIONS TO       What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)         What do you see as the most critical administration of           Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to       Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
         CANDIDATES:                                                                            justice issue facing the courts? (60 word limit)                maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                    for minor offenses? (60 word limit)

                          MArC broWN, Republican                                            Resolving the cases of defendants incarcerated awaiting          Yes. If one side feels that the court is biased in a par-         This court deals only with felonies. Few of them are
                          My experience. Prior to taking the bench, I was a pros-           trial. It is essential that “in- custody” cases be given pri-    ticular matter, they can seek recusal. A Judge must be            minor. For the ones that are, I believe that personal
                          ecutor for over 22 years. I tried over 100 felony jury trials,    orty. I will seek to fast track those cases. I would docket      mindful of the appearance of being biased and should              recognizance bonds are appropriate provided that society
                          including death penalty cases. I have been an adminis-            those cases more frequently and monitor them closely,            err on the side of caution in these matters. The current          is protected and the individual is not a flight risk. Each
                          trator. I have been an instructor for the Texas Center for        so that parties would have to work towards a resolution          rules call for a completely different Judge to make the           case should be judged individually to make the determi-
                          the Judiciary, teaching Judges from around Texas. I have          by plea, trial or dismissal.                                     decision. This is a fair method.                                  nation if such bonds are appropriate.
                          been a mentor to new lawyers.
                          Education/Degrees: B.A., Government, University of Texas at Austin, 1984; J. D. University of Houston Law Center, 1987. | Community Involvement: Downtown Optimist Club; Texas A & M College of Liberal Arts Development Council & St. Vincent de Paul

                          Catholic Church. | E-mail Address: electmarcbrown@comcast.net | Website: www.electmarcbrown.com

                          dArreLL jordAN, Democrat                                          The most critical issue facing the courts is over worked          Yes, I believe the current rules to recuse are sufficient to      I support the use of personal recognizance bonds for
                          I have had the experience to prosecute and defend those           Court Appointed Lawyers. No lawyer should be asked                maintain trust in the judicial system.                            minor offenses. This practice has proven to be effective
                          accused of breaking the law. The primary role of the              to do the work of 3-4 lawyers. I will strictly enforce the                                                                          in the past. It will help reduce jail overcrowding as well
                          Judge is to serve as an impartial referee in criminal mat-        nationally accepted case load limits. People should be in                                                                           as save the county the expense of jailing minor offenders
                          ters to ensure that justice is done. Since I have served on       prison because they are guilty of a crime, not because of                                                                           who are awaiting trial.
                          both sides of the arms of justice, I am prepared to serve         an overworked attorney.
                          in role of judicial referee.
                          Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in History, University of Missouri, Juris Doctor, Thurgood Marshall School of Law | Community Involvement: Bible school teacher. Coordinator Legal Advice Ministry. | E-mail Address: darrell.jordan@jordanforjudge.
                          com | Website: www.jordanforjudge.com

                          jeANNiNe bArr, Republican                                         We have too many young offenders. I believe education             Yes.                                                              Yes, when appropriate.
                          I have 25 years of courtroom experience in the area of            starting at the elementary school level and continuing
                          criminal law. I was an assistant district attorney in Harris      through high school is the key to reducing crime in
                                                                                            our community. I require offenders who are placed on

                          County for 9 years and have been Judge of the 182nd
                          District Court for the past 16 years. I listen carefully to       probation to get a high school diploma or GED. Parental
                          all litigants and treat all parties with respect.                 involvement is key if possible. I monitor closely.

                          Education/Degrees: English/Journalism Education 1981- Southeastern La. University, Juris Doctor 1985 LSU Law Center | Community Involvement: Houston Bar Association Night Court Volunteer,Susan G. Komen volunteer, High School guest speaker,
                          volunteer mock trial judge, unique probation quilting project for Texas Childrens hospital and MD Anderson, Arthritis Foundation volunteer
                                                                                                                                                                                                            jUDiciaL DiStRict 182nD continUeD on next paGe

                                                                 League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                      15
                                                                                                                        distriCt judGes continued
                                 judiCiAL distriCts 182Nd continued – 189tH
                  QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)        What do you see as the most critical administration of          Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to      Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                        justice issue facing the courts? (60 word limit)               maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                   for minor offenses? (60 word limit)

                                 brANdoN dudLeY, Democrat                                        The use of ineffective and unfair crime reduction prac-           I believe there is certainly room to improve when in             Yes, bc we use them less than almost anywhere in the
                                 My career has been dedicated to advancing fair and              tices that waste countless taxpayer dollars, and crowd            comes to building the public’s trust in our justice system.      nation. More than half of the people in our jail haven’t
                                                                                                 our courts with low-level arrestees and those with mental         Even in situations where a true conflict of interest may         even been convicted of a crime - they’re simply poor,
182Nd continued

                                 effective justice. My vast criminal justice experience -
                                 from working as a juvenile counselor, to writing laws           illness. I would utilize more evidence based treatment            not exist, it is best to err on the side of recusal to avoid     awaiting trial. And each tax dollar we waste to lock up
                                 at the Texas Capitol, to serving as an attorney at the          practices that are proven to be more effective at reducing        an appearance of inpropriety when it serves the interest         an unconvicted, nonviolent arrestee, is one not used to
                                 Innocence Project - provides me with a knowledge of the         crime and fiscally responsible.                                   of justice.                                                      effectively to fight crime in our communities.
                                 law and true dedication to justice for the people.
                                 Education/Degrees: BA- Univeristy of Texas at Austin, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Texas at Austin, JD- University of Houston Law Center | Community Involvement: I have been involved in multiple community efforts to improve the fair-
                                 ness and reliability of our justice system--working with coalitions of community and religous leaders to create a public defender office in Harris county, to advocate for reforms to prevent wrongful convictions, and numerous other efforts. | E-mail Address:
                                 brandondudley@brandondudley.com | Website: www.brandondudley.com
                                 VANessA VeLAsquez, Republican                                    Defendants in jail awaiting trial and defendants in jail         Yes                                                              Yes. I usually grant these bonds when requested
                                                                                                  awaiting disposition on cases. I have reduced the trial                                                                           because they are typically for minor, non-violent felonies,
                                 As the sitting judge of this court for almost five years, I      docket from one of the highest, when I first took the                                                                             and the defendant has no criminal history and ties to the
                                 have demonstrated a good judicial demeanor and man-              bench, to second lowest. I make sure prosecutors and                                                                              community.
                                 aged the court well. I have consistently received high           defense counsel are expeditiously moving cases to a
                                 ratings by the attorneys that practice in this court and         resolution, plea or trial.
                                 have reduced the overall number of cases in this court.
                                 Education/Degrees: J.D., South Texas College of Law, 12/1989; B.A., University of Houston, 12/1986. | Community Involvement: Houston Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, St. Michael’s Catholic Church | E-mail Address: Vangela350@aol.com |

                                 Website: www.judgevelasquez.com

                                 MiCHAeL GoMez, Democrat                                          The need to administer justice in a swift, open and equi-        Yes. Good judges inherently know when they should                Yes. However, repeat offender cases should be decided
                                                                                                  table manner. I will address these problems by applying          recuse themselves.                                               on a case-by-case basis.
                                 Along with my professional resume, my desire to hon-             appropriate justice to each individual case, free of politi-
                                 estly serve this community.                                      cal slogans and ideology.
                                 Education/Degrees: B.A. Political Science - Texas A&M Corpus Christi B.S. Criminal Justice - Texas A&M Corpus Christi J.D. Thomas M. Cooley Law School | Community Involvement: Mentor to Elementary School Students | E-mail Address: michael@
                                 gomezforjustice.com | Website: www.gomezforjustice.com

                                 jAN KroCKer, Republican                                          Clearly, the greatest issue is the wrongful conviction           In the criminal courts the rules are sufficient. If there is a   Yes, but some offenses, which may seem minor based on
                                                                                                  of innocent people. I support a centralized crime lab            possibility of an appearance of impropriety or conflict of       the charge, are much more serious when the allegations
                                 This is my 16th year as the judge of this court, so I am         & legislation to set out procedures for photo spreads            interest, I reveal that to the attorneys & offer to remove       are reviewed. Cases should be evaluated individually.
                                 very experienced. I also bring enthusiasm to the job,            and line-ups. Overloaded courts & lawyers increase the           myself from the case. If a judge rejects a motion to
                                 and I work hard. This year I received the top award from         chance of errors; resources should match the county’s            recuse, the rules require another judge to rule on the
                                 Justice for Children and was recognized as Judge of the          population growth.                                               motion.
                                 Year by an international group for my work with mentally
                                 ill probationers.
                                 Education/Degrees: B.J. and Law Degrees from the University of Texas | Community Involvement: Frequently work with students & interns. Guest lecturer at local law schools & Tulane University. 2009 President, Houston City Breakfast Club. Served on
                                 Advisory Committee to US Vets. Past Grievance Committee Chair. Active in St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Frequent speaker on mental health & other topics. | E-mail Address: jankrocker55@gmail.com | Website: www.judgejankrocker.com

                                 jAY W. burNett, Democrat                                         Over crowded County Jail:The Board of Judges must                No. It is not mandatory that the judge subject of the            Absolutely, if more Courts would adopt this policy it would
                                                                                                  develop a more efficient pre-trial release agency to allow       recusal appear and be subjected to cross examination.            definitely reduce the current jail over population and
                                 Judge of 2 Criminal felony District Courts-17 years of           defendants who are charged with minor offenses to be             Also the movant cannot appeal an adverse ruling by the           result in avoiding the necessity of building a new jail. As
                                 judicial experience. 20 years as a criminal trial and appel-     released on personal recognizance. The recently funded           judge hearing the recusal.The Judge assigned to hear             well as preventinting a defendant who wants a trial from
                                 lant attorney. Presently presiding as a Senior Criminal          public defender system must be implemented to attract            the recusal can be a colleague of the targeted judge and         sitting in jail for a year or more before his case could be
                                 District Court Judge. Served as an adjunct law professor         the most capable and qualified attorneys                         therefore reluctant to grant the recusal.                        heard by a jury.
                                 --teaching Texas Criminal Procedure and Death Penalty
                                 classes at South Texas College of Law.
                                 Education/Degrees: BA University of Texas, Juris Doctorate: South Texas Collegeof Law | Community Involvement: Current Chairman of the Board of “Grace,” a non-profit corporation with a mission to assist and train attorneys who represent indigent
                                 criminal defendants | E-mail Address: judgejwb@aol.com | Website: burnett4judge.com

                                 susAN broWN, Republican                                          Too many cases and not enough resources. I address               Yes, under our current rules participants have an oppor-         Yes, Although, I preside over felony cases I believe it is
                                                                                                  these issues by working hard to maintain a low docket.           tunity to present evidence to another court that tends           important to look at each case based on the merits and
                                 I have been the Judge of the 185th for twelve years. I           Holding afternoon dockets when necessary. I also try             to show they will not receive a fair trial. The ability to       stability of the individual to determine the appropriate-
                                 have a proven record of fairness and efficiency. Over the        more cases then any other felony court judge. I am               freely present this evidence is sufficient to maintain trust     ness of a personal recognizance bond. In some cases I
                                 last 12 years I have presided over more than 300 jury tri-       always working to find creative solutions to help my             in our system.                                                   believe funds are better used to repay the victim rather
                                 als and disposed of over 60,000 cases. I have the judicial       probationers become successes rather than statistics.                                                                             than paying for bond.
                                 experience and temperament to continue to preside over
                                 this very important felony court.
                                 Education/Degrees: Texas A&M University BS Elementary Education South Texas College of Law JD | Community Involvement: The Bridge Over Troubled Waters Battered Women’s Shelter Board Member, St. Agnes Academy Mothers’ Club Board, Texas
                                 A&M University Liberal Arts Development Council member, Texas A&M Mothers’ Club & St.Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. | E-mail Address: sb185@comcast.net | Website: votejudgesusanbrown.com

                                 ViViAN KiNG, Democrat                                            Stopping the Recidivism rate by requiring vocational             Yes.                                                             Yes. We spend too much money on Pre-Trial Services,
                                                                                                  training of youthful and unskilled offenders so they can                                                                          which currently helps Bondsmen supervise persons on
                                 I have tried over 100 jury trials and written over 50            go to work during the day instead of sitting around with-                                                                         bond. Harris County should not be helping bondsmen
                                 appeals. I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the             out jobs to curtail current predatory behavior.                                                                                   who are getting paid to supervise their clients. Also,
                                 Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I spend time train-                                                                                                                                           more use of personal recognizance bonds will reduce
                                 ing young lawyers in the practice of law. I care about the                                                                                                                                         Harris County Jail over-crowding.
                                 safety of Harris County and want to encourage youthful
                                 offenders to get vocational training.
                                 Education/Degrees: JD, 1992, cum laude BBA, 1980 Board Certified Criminal Law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization | Community Involvement: City of Houston Parks Board Member | E-mail Address: VivianRKing@msn.com | Website:

                  QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                        What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                   Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                                                 facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                     trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)

                                 biLL burKe, Republican                                                                I think think the biggest issue facing the civil courts is improving citizen par-      I don’t think the rules concerning recusal are the cause of any loss of trust in
                                                                                                                       ticipation in the jury system. Our system will work well only if the citizens feel     the judicial system. I have been sitting seven years and no one has sought
                                 I have an excellent law school record, a record of competence and extensive           ownership in the process, and we currently have a low percentage response              my recusal in Harris County. Rather, the partisan political system as applied to
                                 experience as a trial lawyer, and have been rated highly as a civil trial judge by    to jury summonses. I try to make our court “juror friendly” to encourage               judges is more of a problem. But that is an issue too large for discussion here.
                                 participants in the local bar polls. In addition, I contribute to the community       service.
                                 in significant ways, including as a volunteer judge in the STAR drug court.
                                 Education/Degrees: B.A., Economics & Business Administration, Rice University, 1965 J.D., University of Texas School of Law, 1968 (with honors), Texas Law Review | Community Involvement: Chapelwood United Methodist Church Volunteer & Member
                                 of the Board of Trustees, Star of Hope Mission, 2001-2009 Volunteer, Bridges to Life Prison Ministry (2001-2009) Volunteer, Kairos Prison Ministry (2001-present) NFL Community Quarteback Finalist, 2009 | E-mail Address: judgebill6486@sbcglobal.net
                                 Website: www.judgebillburke.com

                                 ursuLA A. HALL, Democrat                                                              The most critical administration of justice issue facing the courts is fairness        As Thomas R. Phillips, retired Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Texas, wrote,
                                                                                                                       (followed by access to justice; expedition and timeliness; independence and            in the paper “Fair Courts: Setting Recusal Standards,” today, no litigant,
                                 My legal knowledge, judicial demeanor and temperament, and history of                 accountability; equality and integrity; public trust and confidence). This is          acting in good faith, should be “saddled with a judge whose fairness can be
                                 public service qualify me for this position. I have presided over trials and          best addressed by electing qualified judges who are also humble, fair, and             reasonably questioned… now as never before, reinvigorating recusal is truly
                                 adjudicated thousands of cases, in one of the country’s largest and most              diligent.                                                                              necessary…”
                                 diverse court systems. And in each instance, I have presided with one guiding
                                 principal: fairness.
                                 Education/Degrees: Wellesley College B.A., South Texas College of Law J.D. (University of Texas School of Law), Montrose and Southland/Thompson Elementary Schools; Lanier Junior High - Vanguard, Jones High School - Vanguard | Community
                                 Involvement: Member - Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Member - Board of Directors - Houston Museum of African American Culture, Provider - pro bono legal services to the poor, Volunteer in community - social service organizations serving in areas of
                                 education, homelessness, health, hunger and childhood development. | E-mail Address: mail@judgeursulahall.com | Website: www.judgeursulahall.com

 16                                                                    League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                              distriCt judGes continued
                       judiCiAL distriCts 190tH – 230tH
        QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                       What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                   Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
         CANDIDATES:                                                                                                facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                     trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)

                       PAtriCiA j. KerriGAN, Republican                                                     Costs and the effective allocation of resources are critical issues impacting         Yes. There are safeguards in place to ensure an impartial ruling on a motion
                                                                                                            our system. Cohesive efforts by all Harris County judiciary to share resources,       to recuse. A motion to recuse is most always filed on the basis of a party’s
                       My record as Judge of the 190th District Court since 2007 reflects                   to develop and implement innovative programs to provide alternative rem-              legitimate concern and not as a means to forum shop and must be given
                       my commitment to fairness, service, hard work, my knowledge of                       edies is essential and such efforts are in fact underway. I join in those efforts.    prompt and careful consideration. The current rules call for such treatment.
                       the law and my respect for all who appear before me. I rule timely
                       and with an even hand.My record on appeal is outstanding. Visit
                       www.judgekerrigan.com to see my record of excellence.
                       Education/Degrees: JD University of Houston 1983; BSN Boston University | Community Involvement: I have had significant community involvement over the years. Currently I am in Class XXVIII of the American Leadership Forum and active in the Women’s
                       Initiative of the United Way, the Houston Bar Assoc. and am a Life Fellow of the Houston and Texas Bar Foundations and a member of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Comm. | Website: www.judgekerrigan.com

                       oLAN boudreAuX, Democrat                                                             I believe the parties have to be concerned about the cost of litigation. I would      The current rules relating to recusal of judges are appropriate. In applying
                                                                                                            take a proactive approach to streamline the process to get cases resolved             the rules, a judge must be careful to preserve the integrity of the court, and
                       Graduated first in law school class; highest grade on Texas Bar Exam. 26             quickly and efficiently. The parties have a right to have their cases tried           should apply the rules to make sure that the judge’s impartiality cannot be
                       year’s experience in civil litigation; board certified in two trial practice         fairly and impartially without unnecessary burdens and costs. See www.                questioned.
                       areas. Elected to the American Board of Trial Advocates, recognized in “Best         olanboudreaux.com
                       Lawyers in America”, “Super Lawyers” and “Top Lawyers in Houston.”
                       Education/Degrees: Doctor of Jurisprudence (summa cum laude) South Texas College of Law 1984; B.S. (summa cum laude) University of Houston - Downtown, 1980 | Community Involvement: In recent years, aside from activities through my church, I
                       have volunteered my time with the following community organizations: Bear Creek Assistance Ministries, Open Door Mission, Knights of Columbus Council 8482, Better Business Bureau Auto Line Program. | E-mail Address: olan@olanboudreaux.com
                       Website: www.olanboudreaux.com

        QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)       What do you see as the most critical administration of          Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to     Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
         CANDIDATES:                                                                       justice issue facing the courts? (60 word limit)               maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                  for minor offenses? (60 word limit)

                       deNise CoLLiNs, Republican                                      Judge Collins has implemented procedures for defen-              Judges cannot comment on appropriateness of any                 Personal recognizance bonds have always been used,
                                                                                       dants attending school by accommodating school sched-            particular law. Each party has a right to ask a judge           and are appropriate in certain cases. Matters to consider
                       Judge Denise Collins was elected to the 208th Criminal          ules. She is very mindful of the taxpayers’ money. Judge         be recused for bias or lack of ability to be impartial. If      include financial ability to make a surety bond, the nature
                       Court in ’92; reelected in ’94 & every 4 years thereafter.      Collins especially when addressing the issues and costs          the judge refuses they are entitled to a hearing where          of the offense, the likelihood of returning to court to
                       Judge Collins has 18 years judicial experience. Her court       associated with indigent defendants.                             evidence is presented to another judge. That judge then         answer to the charges, and prior criminal history.
                       administered verdicts for felony cases; sex offenders &                                                                          decides to grant or deny the recusal.
                       capital murderers.
                       Education/Degrees: B.A. Political Science, U. of N.C. at Greensboro, 1973 Masters in Education, U. of Houston, 1978 Law Degree(J.D.), U. of Houston, 1983 | Community Involvement: visit area schools along with probationers to discuss criminal justice;
                       lectured throughout the country on sex offenders | E-mail Address: judgedenisecollings@gmail.com | Website: www.judgedenisecollins.com

                       LorettA joHNsoN MuLdroW,                                        All are ‘most critical’. Pretrial bonds for minor offenders      Yes, if they are applied by a neutral magistrate, i.e.,          Absolutely. The cost of a jury trial should not depend
                       Democrat                                                        to relieve the jail pop, and give an indigent a chance to        without abuse of discretion. Rule regarding recusal of           upon an accused’s ability to make bond in minor offense
                                                                                       have a fair trial. Alternatives to prison for personal drug      defeated judges presidng over criminal matters, upon             allegations or in cases where the credibility of the affiant,
                       My extensive criminal law experience. I’ve practiced law        users. More options for nonviolent youthful offenders.           motion, is reasonably appropriate.                               or issue of guilt is tenuous.
                       and spoken to juries as a prosecutor, visiting misdemean-       Because many inmates suffer from mental illeness,
                       or magistrate, and defense attorney. Have accepted few          expand the mental health docket.
                       fee cases. My clients are indigent, many pro bono. My
                       firm belief is that all persons deserve a fair process, and
                       there’s honor in meeting this goal.
                       Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Science, Univ of Houston, 1976: Doctor of Jurisprudence, Univ of Texas at Austin,1984 | Community Involvement: Lecturer for K. Marshall Foundation at True Light Baptist Church, 4-24-10, regarding How to Avoid Gun
                       Violence Among Black Youth Co-lecturer & panelist at Thurgood Marshall Law School, Summer & Fall 2008 regarding Harris County Crimnal System | E-mail Address: lorettamuldrow@yahoo.com

                       MiKe MCsPAddeN, Republican                                       Our judicial selection process. Our judges should be            I do. However, this should not be an issue if judges did         Due to overcrowding in our jails, I do think we need to
                                                                                       elected on a non-partisan basis and be prohibited from           not take these motions personally and granted them              take a closer look at P.R. bonds for minor offenses. But
                       Experience. I was appointed to the bench in January of          receiving contributions from anyone in the specialized           when they are presented to the court. I automatically           we still need the assurance of our pretrial services that
                       1982 and this is my 29th year as presiding judge of the         area of law.                                                     grant them on those occasions when they come before             the particular defendant is a good risk for such a bond.
                       209th District Court. Before my appointment, I served                                                                            me.

                       as an assistant district attorney for 4-1/2 years and tried
                       many cases.

                       KAtHY CHeNG, Democrat – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD

                       MArC CArter, Republican                                         Harris County has two major challenges; jail overcrowd-          Yes.                                                            Yes
                                                                                       ing and indigent defense. I have addressed these prob-
                       I am the most qualified based on my seven years of              lems through the development of specialty courts such
                       experience as judge. Additionally, my experience as a           as The Veteran’s Court and Mental Health Courts. I have
                       prosecutor and a defense lawyer give me the perfect             also addressed the issue of indigent defense by assisting
                       perspective and ability to rule fairly. Lastly, my leadership   in the development of a Public Defender Off.
                       experience as an Army officer developed my ability to
                       take charge and command the courtroom.
                       Education/Degrees: University of Texas, BA, Texas Southern University, JD | Community Involvement: Lamar High School Booster, Texas Exes, Unity Church of Christianity, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Houston Bar Association

                       HArris Wood, Democrat                                           Efficiency.                                                     Yes.                                                             Yes.
                       Wealth of experience in criminal law and experience
                       received in connection with my chairing grievance panels
                       for the State bar wherein complaints vs. attorney’s were
                       heard by us.
                       Education/Degrees: South Texas College of Law J.D. 1990; SFASU B.A. Crim Justice 1986 | Community Involvement: Bellaire Fire Department (Certified Firefighter 2006); SBOT volunteer (2001-2004) | E-mail Address: hwoodatty@yahoo.com

                       beLiNdA HiLL, Republican                                        Insufficient resources and services for mentally ill per-        Yes. Several rules govern recusal. All of them speak to         Yes. Jail overcrowding is another critical issue. Harris
                                                                                       sons accused of crime. Often mental illness is the root          the issue of impartiality. Allowing judges to recuse on         County can’t continue to build its way out of jail over-
                       My experience demonstrates passion for law & justice.I          of the conduct charged.Our jail is the largest provider of       their own and allowing parties to seek recusal when a           crowding. In a step towards relieving jail overcrowding
        NO PHOTO       taught police cadets.I teach criminal clinic & advocacy         mental health services for the accused.We can address            judge’s impartialiy is reasonably questioned is fair and        the Sheriff will initiate a program releasing low level
        AVAILABLE      classes at UH Law School.I served as lead lawyer in 100+        this issue by partnering with other agencies for additional      promotes integrity in the administration of justice.            offenders on GPS monitors. I am one of 4 District Court
                       jury trials. As Judge I presided over numerous cases            services and alternate placements.                                                                                               Judges participating in this project.
                       including several high profile cases.I have the experience
                       to interpret & adhere to the rule of law
                       Education/Degrees: 1975-79 University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. B.A. Degree Speech Communications; 1979-82 Texas Southern University, Houston, TX. Juris Doctor | Campaign Message: As a judge and former prosecutor, I have worked hard
                       to pursue justice,ensure fairness and to uphold the integrity of the criminal justice system. I am committed to these principles which elevate equality & fair dealing while promoting public safety. I have the courage and compassion to decide issues firmly

                       and fairly. | E-mail Address: joyh72722@aol.com

                       GArLANd “MACK” MCiNNis, Democrat                                To ensure citizens’ safety without abridging individual          No. The judge who is a target of a Motion to Recuse             Yes. In the past Harris County had a Pre-Trial Agency
                                                                                       rights, I support the Texas Court of Crim. Appeals’ Justice      should not have any say in the procedure. I favor the           that selected qualified applicants for release. This meant
                       I am Board Certified in Criminal Law. I am an Assistant         Integrity Unit, a group calling for reform of the criminal       peremptory challenge procedure that is used in 19 states.       that minor offenders were helping to pay for their pretrial
                       Harris County Attorney in the Child Protection Division. I      justice system with biological evidence storage centers          This procedure permits litigants to disqualify a bad or         supervision. Now there is less room for dangerous crimi-
                       have tried hundreds of jury trials in federal & state courts.   & training under the NIJ Eyewitness Evidence Guide to            biased judge without a showing of cause. To prevent             nals because the agency has become a support system
                       I served 32 years as a criminal lawyer. I’ve been on both       help prevent wrongful convictions.                               abuse, only one challenge per party is allowed.                 for private bondsmen. It costs too much.
                       sides & I am unbiased toward either the state or the
                       defense. I will be a good judge.
                       Education/Degrees: J.D. University of Houston | Community Involvement: Eagle Scout, Former Assistant Scout Master, Active in various charities, Frequently volunteer to speak for Child Advocates & various foster care groups | E-mail Address:
                       mail@GarlandMcInnis.com | Website: www.GarlandMcInnis.com

                                                             League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                 17
                                                                                                            distriCt judGes continued
                       judiCiAL distriCts 232Nd – 247tH
        QUESTIONS TO   What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)        What do you see as the most critical administration of        Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to     Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
         CANDIDATES:                                                                       justice issue facing the courts? (60 word limit)             maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                  for minor offenses? (60 word limit)
                       MArY Lou KeeL, Republican                                      Criminal caseloads keep increasing with Harris County’s         Yes.                                                            I grant personal bonds for those accused of lower level
                                                                                      population, but the number of courts remains the same.                                                                          offenses provided they meet certain criteria such as little
                       My professional experience and training outlined               I have addressed this issue for almost 16 years by judg-                                                                        or no prior criminal history and a verified home phone
                         below qualifiy me to be a criminal court judge:              ing cases on their facts, consistently applying the law,                                                                        number. I do not think the use of more such bonds is
                       Judge of the 232nd since 1995                                  and working hard.                                                                                                               called for in the 232nd District Court.
                       Harris County assistant district attorney, 1986-1994
                       Briefing attorney, First Court of Appeals, 1985-1986
                       Board certified in criminal law since 1991
                       Education/Degrees: BA in English, UT Austin, 1982; JD, University of Houston Law Center, 1985. | Community Involvement: Spanish interpreter for the Houston Volunteer Lawyer Project; PTA member Stratford High School and Memorial Middle School;

                       Spartan Booster Club member; Girl Scouts former assistant troop leader; TCARE and Houston READ Commission former board member.

                       GreG GLAss, Democrat                                           5 to 25 new cases are assigned to each felony court in          Yes. A judge can recuse himself or herself on proper            Yes, but public safety is primary. True “PR” bonds
                                                                                      Harris County every weekday. Our jails are overcrowded,         Motion, or on his/her own initiative when ethics and pro-       (where an accused promises in writing to appear in
                       My vast experience in criminal law for over 30 years, and      and prisoners are sent at taxpayers’ expense to other           priety demand. If a judge does not recuse himself upon          court, and is liable for the bond amount, if he does not)
                       having been Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal        counties and even out of state. We must release non-            Motion, the Presiding Judge of the administrative district      are almost never used by our judges, but should be where
                       Specialization in Criminal Law since 1983. I understand        violent persons pending trial, giving preference to dis-        appoints an independent district judge to hear evidence         the accused has strong community ties, is no danger to
                       people, and can sort the trivial from the important. My        posing of the cases of jailed defendants.                       and decide if recusal is appropriate.                           himself or others, and has no criminal record.
                       temperament, judgment and fairness make me the better
                       candidate for the 232nd District Court.
                       Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Arts with Honors, University of Texas at Arlington, 1970; Doctorate of Jurisprudence, University of Texas at Austin, 1973. | Community Involvement: Member of Mayor Parker’s steering committee when she first ran for City
                       Council; Former Board Member, Montrose Counseling Center; Former Precinct Chair, Precinct 34, Harris County. | E-mail Address: gregglass4judge@gmail.com | Website: www.gregglass4judge.com

        QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                     What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                  Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
         CANDIDATES:                                                                                              facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                    trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                       reeCe roNdoN, Republican                                                            I do everything in my power to make sure that each litigant in front of me gets       As a judge, my role is not to decide which laws I like or don’t like or how I
                                                                                                           equal treatment under the law - no matter who they are or who represents              would re-write or alter laws that already exist. My job is not to legislate,
                       I’ve presided over more than 100 jury trials. My decisions are affirmed on          them. As a society, however, I believe that we need to consider how poor or           rather it is to apply the law evenhandedly to all who appear in our courts.
                       the merits on a regular basis. In 2009, I was asked by the Chief Justice of the     indigent people obtain representation, if they can at all.                            Whatever the rules are re: recusal, I will apply them evenly in all situations.
                       Texas Supreme Court to sit on a Texas Court of Appeal to decide one appeal.
                       In the 2010 HBA judicial qualification poll, I rec’d an 86% approval rating.
                       Education/Degrees: University of Houston, Bachelor’s of Business Administration (Accounting) with honors - 1992 University of Houston Law Center, Juris Doctorate with honors - 1995 | Community Involvement: Second Baptist Church: High School and
                       Jr. High Ministry, Assoc. Deacon, Welcome Team; Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: Life Member, Dir. and Assist. Comm.; Boards of Directors for U of H Alumni Assoc. (Chairman of the Board), Bo’s Place, Career and Recovery Resources, Houston Young
                       Lawyers Assoc. | E-mail Address: rondon@judgerondon.com | Website: www.judgerondon.com

                       tANNer GArtH, Democrat                                                              Fairness to all sides, balance, efficient and prompt resolution of cases. I           It is the application of the recusal rules, not the rules themselves, that can
                                                                                                           would address these issues by working hard, making clear, fair and prompt             and has created distrust in the Judicial system. Complete candor and hon-
                       Extensive and balanced trial experience. I have been a practicing civil trial       rulings to move the Court’s docket, bring cases to trial or to resolution through     est self-examination is required to prevent injustice and foster confidence
                       attorney for 23 years. I have tried many cases throughout Texas in both             mediation or agreement. Staff efficiency and courtesy must be expected and            in the system. Judges with agendas can abuse the system so honesty and
                       State and Federal Courts. I have represented parties on both sides of the           required.                                                                             integrity are vital.
                       docket gaining an understanding and respect for the issues confronting each
                       side in lawsuits.
                       Education/Degrees: B.A. (history) Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas 1979; J.D. South Texas College of Law, cum laude, Houston, Texas 1987; Member: South Texas Law Review, Order of Barristers (excellence in advocacy), Order of Lytae (academic
                       excellence), National Mock Trial Team. | Community Involvement: I support education and particularly focus on the disadvantaged. I am an advisory director of Pro-Vision, Inc. which runs a state charter school, manhood and career development program
                       for inner-city boys and their families and a strong supporter of the Parish School for children with language and learning differences. | E-mail Address: tgarth@garthlaw.com | Website: www.tannergarthforjudge.com

                       roY L. Moore, Republican                                                            The timely administration of competent, consistent and compassionate jus-             Yes. The current system has checks and balances to ensure fair and non-bias
                                                                                                           tice to all who appear before the 245th Family District Court of Harris County.       administration of justice and trust in the judicial system.
                       Experience. My years in private practice and in public service of listening         Everyone is entitled to have their case heard, to have the law applied to the
                       and ruling upon the thousands of cases before me has provided me with a             facts and to receive a just, fair and timely decision.
                       unique opportunity that has resulted in the efficient administration of justice
                       in a competent, consistent and compassionate manner.
                       Education/Degrees: J.D. - South Texas College of Law; B.S. - Southern Methodist University in Engineering | Community Involvement: Toys for Tots, Volunteer at Mayde Creek Elementary School, Celebrity Reader at The Shlenker School, Mystery Reader
                       at the Fay School as well as supporter of numerous local charities. | E-mail Address: Royal621@att.net | Website: www.RoyLMoore4Judge.com

                       jANieCe HorN, Democrat                                                              Too many cases & too much paper. I’d join the free program “FOCAS” to                 Current recusal rules for judges to be removed from hearing a case are
                                                                                                           increase efficiency enforcing & collecting child support & to reduce caseload.        sufficient for most situations, but a great deal depends on the honesty of
                       Licensed in 1980 & Board Certified in Family Law in 1991, I’ve tried jury &         I’d encourage e-filing. I’d work to improve opportunities for families through        the judge in disclosing conflicts of interest or bias. If a judge consistently
                       non-jury cases, handled appeals, served as associate judge, and mediated            aggressive child support collection, bilingual programs & stay-in-school              makes remarks about his or her views on certain matters, that should be a
                       nearly 3,000 family cases. Married 29 years with 3 teenagers, I’m commit-           programs.                                                                             basis for recusal.
                       ted to fairness for all litigants, regardless of economic status, nationality or
                       Education/Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction in English and Law Degree, University of Illinois at Urbana | Community Involvement: President Clear Lake High School Ice Hockey Booster Club 2009-11; Bay Area Houston Hockey Assn VP 2009-10
                       & Bd member 2010-11; PTA volunteer; 15-yr cast member & costume maker since 2001, HBA’s annual musical for charity, “Night Court;” member, S.S. teacher & director & performer Madrigal Singers, Clear Lake UMC. | E-mail Address: jhornforjudge@
                       yahoo.com | Website: jhornforjudge.com

                       jiM YorK, Republican                                                                 The opportunity to “legislate” oncoming and ongoing national family law              I am not an expert on recusal rules but, during my 8-year tenure, I am
                                                                                                            issues of marriage, divorce and children’s rights not bassed upon existing           unaware of problems with the rules. The recusal procedure provides for vol-
                       My 8 year service as Associate Judge in this 246th Family District Court and         statutory law. I will continue to follow the law as it exists and unless and until   untary recusal by the judge and for involuntary recusal of a judge on Motion,
                       my 8 year tenure as Presiding (elected) Judge of 246th. I am double Board            amendment, if any, by the legislature or by the Constitution’ (///)                  Notice and Hearing, (///)
                       Certified in both Civil Trial Law and Family Law. My pride as a Republican
                       incumbent Judge is my most recent endorsement by Mexican-American Bar
                       and by Pasadena Bar (///)
                       Education/Degrees: Baylor University; Baylor Law School; J.D, Section Editor of Baylor Law Review. | Community Involvement: Little League coach for 5 years; formerly Houston Jaycees and former Rotarian. Baylor Alumni Assoc; Baylor Law Alumni
                       Assoc; Baylor Letterwinner Assoc; First Baptist Church; Member, Family Law Section of State Bar of Texas and Houston Bar Assoc; Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists; Republican Party Candidate & activist. | E-mail Address: dyork98760@yahoo.com

                       sHerri CotHruN, Democrat                                                             Equal access to the family law courts for the poor and middle class. I will          In addition to the current rules, a Judge should recuse herself if there is
                                                                                                            develop a court web site with court procedures, court approved pleadings             even an appearance of bias or prejudice against a party or subject matter
                       I understand the realities families in Harris County are facing, including the       and links to other resources to assist those without lawyers which will speed        by statements or actions made from the bench which casts doubt on the
                       lack of assistance needed by the poor and middle class to pursue their cases.        up the docket for represented and pro se parties and improve access to the           court’s impartiality. Bias toward a type of litigant destroys the public’s trust
                       The problems of step and blended families are prevalent and, as a step               courts for all.                                                                      in our courts.
                       mother, my insight into the dynamics of these relationships will be beneficial
                       as a Judge.
                       Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, New Mexico State University, 1977, Juris Doctor, Pepperdine School of Law, 1981 | Community Involvement: Over the years I have been involved with the Houston Area Women’s Center, The Center for the Healing of
                       Racism, Planned Parenthood, Jane’s Due Process, READ Commission, Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, The Dispute Resolution Center as well as many professional associations in the area of family law. | E-mail Address: scothrun@aol.com |
                       Website: www.cothrunforjudge.com

                       boNNie CrANe HeLLuMs, Republican                                                    The load of cases is overwhelming for the 9 family judges and 9 associates.           I have complete confidence in the professionalism and ethics of Judge Olen
                                                                                                           We need more judges and BADLY need a new Family Law Center to handle all              Underwood who hears the recusals so I think the rules are sufficient to main-
                       For the past sixteen years I have presided over more than 7000 new cases            the complexities of family law cases. I have been in charge of getting a new          tain trust in the judicial system.
                       per year but also have initiated a family drug court where we place addicted        building for the last 7 years. We were close, before the economy tanked...
                       parents in treatment, monitor them weekly and when in recovery reunite them

                                                                                                           someday we hope!
                       with their children. I am an Advanced Addiction Counselor and Marriage and
                       Family Therapist.
                       Education/Degrees: BA, SMU, psychology and religion. M.Ed, University of Illinois, counseling and guidance, higher education administration and rehabilitation counseling. J.D. South Texas College of Law. All but thesis for Masters of Judicial Studies,
                       University of Nevada. | Community Involvement: Commissioner on Supreme Ct Permanent Judicial Commission on Children, Youth and Families. Boards of TUTS, American Leadership Forum, Compudopt, Delta Gamma Foundation, St. Luke’s United
                       Methodist Church, State Bar College, American WWII Orphans Network, 2nd Bomb Group, Houston Jr. Forum, etc. | E-mail Address: bstith@ix.netcom.com | Website: www.give-em-hellums.com
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    jUDiciaL DiStRict 247th continUeD on next paGe

18                                                          League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                                      distriCt judGes continued
                                 judiCiAL distriCts 247tH continued – 263rd
                  QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                     What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                 Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                                              facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                   trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                                 MArY KAY GreeN, Democrat                                                           Streamline court efficiency without denying the parties the ability to be            Yes if parties aware of areas of conflict: personal,prior business or financial
                                                                                                                    effectively heard. Dismissal only with good cause. Receive attorney input if         relationship to party, counsel, or fact knowledge. Need tightening regarding
                                 23 years experience in adoptions, custody and support, divorces, CPS cases,        a problem. Consider work schedules, finances and situation of the parties.           campaign contributions because a judge should avoid impropriety and the
247tH continued

                                 mediation, trial to jury and bench. Member Family Law Sections of State            Campaign to enlarge number of family courts that serve Harris County. Modify         appearance of impropriety. Impartiality can be questioned if funds come
                                 and Houston Bar. Endorsed by Pasadena Bar Assn and Mexican American                docket schedules.                                                                    from only one side
                                 Bar Assn of Houston. Volunteer La Rosa and Houston Bar. Pro bono service
                                 Substituted as associate judge.
                                 Education/Degrees: JD University of Houston, BBA University of Houston, regular attendance at annual Advanced Family Law Seminars and associated seminars, attendance at Houston Bar Association Family Law Section meetings, the experience of 23
                                 years working in the Harris County courts and courts throughout the state of Texas brings | Community Involvement: Member St. Luke’s Methodist Church, served as volunteer with the Houston Bar Association and La Rosa Family Services. Member
                                 of Houston Bar Association Family Law Section and State Bar of Texas Family Law Section. Individual pro bono service to those in subsidized housing who are disabled or out of work. | E-mail Address: marykaygreenforjudge@gmail.com | Website:

                  QUESTIONS TO   What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)      What do you see as the most critical administration of        Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to    Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                     justice issue facing the courts? (60 word limit)             maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                 for minor offenses? (60 word limit)
                                 joAN CAMPbeLL, Republican – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
                                 jiM suLLiVAN, Democrat                                         The most critical issue is the efficient administration of    No. Too many judges have relationships with lawyers             Absolutely. PR bonds save Harris County money and
                                                                                                justice and the use of our limited resources in ways that     appearing before them that influence their judgment,            also allow the defendant to maintain his job, housing
                                 I have practiced criminal law in Houston for 16 years. I am    maximize reductions in crime. To do so, we need to stop       but are not covered in the rules permitting recusal. For        and transportation. For too many people, losing their
                                 Board Certified in Juvenile Law. I have been endorsed by

                                                                                                wasting money building prisons to house non-violent           example, judges are more likely to side with a golfing          job because of a jail stay starts a downward spiral from
                                 the Houston Lawyers Ass’n, MABAH and the AFL-CIO.              offenders, and use more community based models,               buddy than opposing counsel, yet being close friends is         which they cannot recover. No one can be a productive
                                 Our justice system has problems, and I can help solve          including probation and restorative justice.                  not grounds for recusal under our system.                       member of society while homeless and jobless.
                                 them in a financially responsible manner while also pro-
                                 tecting the citizens of Harris county.
                                 Education/Degrees: Baylor University - B.A. (Journalism, Spanish), South Texas College of Law - J.D. | Community Involvement: Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church, Boy Scouts of America, Little League baseball (coach). | E-mail Address:
                                 jimsullivan@entouch.net | Website: www.sullivanforjudge.org

                  QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                     What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                 Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                                              facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                   trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                                 judY WArNe, Republican                                                              The family courts in Harris County sorely lack judicial resources. We have          If used properly they are,but too many judges voluntarily recuse to just get rid
                                                                                                                     fewer courts concentrating on family law per person than any other major            of a difficult case. In Harris County,a motion to recuse that requires a hearing
                                 High bar poll ratings;trial experience of 21 years before the bench;15              metropolitan area in the US. As the current Administrative Judge for this           is presided over by the Regional Administrative Judge, which guarantees that
                                 years teaching law school;speaking at over 50 educational programs for              Division, I have initiated plans to work with the Civil Judiciary to resolve this   the hearing is held by someone who is not a local colleague of the challenged
                                 State and Local Bar Associations, judicial conferences, and major law               issue.                                                                              one (///)
                                 schools;fellowship in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers[1 of 117
                                 out of all attorneys in Texas] (///)
                                 Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, University of Saint Thomas, J.D., University of Houston | Community Involvement: Co-Founder of “It Shouldn’t Kill a Texas Teen 2 Date” about dating violence, Member-Domestic Violence Task Force for the
                                 Catholic Diocese, Legal Trainer for Child Advocates University, volunteer for: SAFE visitation Christmas program for 14 years, School of ROK [Rights of Kids],Family Time Foundation, church activities | E-mail Address: judgejudy@keepjudgejudy.net
                                 Website: www.keepjudgejudy.net

                                 sANdrA PeAKe, Democrat                                                              The most critical issue is the cost of litigation. A high percentage of fam-        No. It’s very difficult to establish grounds for recusal. Bias or prejudice may
                                                                                                                     ily cases involve disputes between separate households. Few families can            come from what appears to be disparate treatment under same or similar
                                 What qualifies me most for this position is the broad range of experience           afford the cost to obtain relief when the parties are at an impasse and can’t       circumstances. Because a judge is human, she may not believe her state-
                                 that I’ve acquired practicing before these Courts. I’ve enjoyed a practice          decide short and long term what is best for their children, their safety and        ments or demeanor towards a litigant or lawyer would suggest bias as to the
                                 truly reflective of the diversity of our community. I have true appreciation of     property.                                                                           issue or party.
                                 the expense and associated financial and emotional stress associated with
                                 these cases.
                                 Education/Degrees: University of Houston, Jurisdoctorate, 1982 University of Houston, B.A., 1977 | Community Involvement: Blue Triangle Multi-Cultural Associate (legal advisory board), Westland YWCA (past board member), Asians Against Domestic
                                 Abuse (referral attorney), DAYA (2008 honoree), Texas Spring Cypress Chapter of Links, Inc., Houston Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Board Attorney, Koinonia Community Learning Academy | E-mail Address: sandrapeake@aol.com
                                 Website: sandrapeakeforjudge.com

                  QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)      What do you see as the most critical administration of        Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to    Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                      justice issue facing the courts? (60 word limit)             maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                 for minor offenses? (60 word limit)

                                 deNise brAdLeY, Republican                                     Non-violent offenders who are addicted to drugs and            The current recusal rules address the need for a fair and      PR bonds are currently being used by Judges on a regular
                                                                                                alcohol continue to be recycled through the courts and         impartial judiciary while making sure that the system          basis. I support the use of PR bonds when appropriate
                                 My extensive felony trial experience makes me uniquely         local jails at a staggering rate. I volunteer weekly in a      isn’t manipulated by lawyers interested in forum shop-         as long as the accused is not a threat to the community
                                 qualified to preside over the 262nd District Court. I have     highly innovative program called STAR (Success Through         ping.                                                          and there is some assurance that he or she will actually
                                 also argued before the court of appeals and I have testi-      Addiction Recovery) Court, which provides drug treat-                                                                         appear in court.
                                 fied before the State Legislature on criminal law matters.     ment, housing and job training instead of jail.
                                 I frequently speak on criminal law topics at the local,
                                 state and national level.
                                 Education/Degrees: I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1983 with a B.A. in History and a minor in Finance. I attended law school at South Texas College of Law where I was a on law review and a member of the the board of advocates.
                                 I graduated from law school in 1986. | Community Involvement: I am committed to this community and have been active in Girl Scouts for the past 7 years as a troop leader. I am also a volunteer coordinator for Special Olympics. My volunteer work was

                                 profiled recently in the June 2010 edition of the Houston Lawyer Magazine along with several other Houston lawyers. | E-mail Address: dbradley1127@gmail.com | Website: www.electdenisebradley.com

                                 toM berG, Democrat                                             Delayed justice. This makes for overcrowded jails, back-       Yes. Any system relies heavily on the judge’s own ability      Absolutely. I worked for Harris County Pretrial Release
                                                                                                logged dockets, anxious crime victims and defendants.          to recognize an appearance of impropriety or conflict          in 1975 before going to law school. At that time it effec-
                                 32 years trial and appellate practice at a high level in       Need to use pretrial release to ease jail overcrowding,        of interest. (S)elect good judges and you have few             tively lowered jail overcrowding with minimal risk but the
                                 criminal law coupled with with five years hands-on expe-       put non-violent defendants back to work to support their       problems.                                                      agency has long since lost its mission and is primarily
                                 rience as a military trial judge. Most of my active military   families, and implement the mandated public defender                                                                          used as an adjunct to bail bond agencies in supervising
                                 time was as a prosecutor. I have the maturity and the          system. Start early and work court all day.                                                                                   their clients.
                                 established judicial temperment needed to preside fairly
                                 in a busy felony court.
                                 Education/Degrees: Rice University/BA, University of Houston/JD, U.S. Army War College/MSS | Community Involvement: Past military obligations limited my involvement but campaigning for judge has me out and about again.

                                 jiM WALLACe, Republican                                        Overcrowded dockets. The more cases the more difficult         I think more often than not, recusal motions are abused.       I support and use personal recognizance bonds quite
                                 Experience. I have run for and been re-elected to this         it is to allocate adequate time to ensure both the defen-      Often the intent is not to ensure justice but to delay         often for minor offenses. If a defendant has no prior
                                 position four times for a total of 16 years. During this       dant and the complainant receive justice. Minor drug           proceedings.                                                   felony criminal history or any history of prior assaultive
                                 time I have tried every type of felony case including          cases should bypass the felony courts and be handled                                                                          conduct, personal recognizance bonds are a useful tool
                                 several capital murders. I am one of the few judges in         by special drug courts trained to focus on rehabilitation.                                                                    to ensure a defendant’s court appearance.
                                 Harris County who is Board Certified in Criminal Law by        This would greatly reduce our docket.
                                 the Texas Board of Legal Specialition.
                                 Education/Degrees: BS with Honors; Texas A&M University-Commerce;Juris Doctorate, University of Houston | Community Involvement: Habitat for Humanity; Meals on Wheels; Houston Bar Association Committee on Indigent legal representation
                                 E-mail Address: eagle151@att.net

                                 ALViN NuNNerY, Democrat                                        There is too much waste in the system; specifically cases      Yes. Judges however should also be willing to volun-           More. With overcrowding in our jails, personal bonds
                                                                                                are reset too often where nothing is accomplished. The         tairly recused themselves when even the appearance of          ought to be the norm, not the exception, for non-violent
                                 I have been practicing in the area of criminal law for 28      process needs to be streamlined. There must be more            impartiality exist.                                            offenders. Appropriate conditions for those bonds should
                                 years. I have served as a prosecutor and criminal defense      alternatives to incarceration for the non-violent offender.                                                                   be imposed.
                                 attorney. I believe having been on both sides of counsel       Rehabilitation facilities and community based programs
                                 table gives me an outlook that will allow me to do what        need to be stressed.
                                 is right and just.
                                 Education/Degrees: B.A., History and political science J.D., Villanova university school of law | Community Involvement: Bread of Life | Website: ALVINNUNNERYFORJUDGE.COM

                                                                      League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                             19
                                                                                                              distriCt judGes continued
                       judiCiAL distriCts 269tH – 295tH
        QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                       What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                      Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
         CANDIDATES:                                                                                                facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                        trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)

                       dAN HiNde, Republican                                                                 Delay in resolving cases. Justice delayed is justice denied. As the number               Generally speaking, yes. State law requires that when a party moves to
                                                                                                             of lawsuit filings has grown, the risk of delay increases. This hurts both               recuse the judge presiding in a case, a different judge must be appointed to
                       (1) Diverse experience: As a lawyer, I practiced civil and criminal litigation,       plaintiffs and defendants. I have addressed this by ruling promptly and put-             review and rule on the motion. This way, the parties can have confidence that
                       representing plaintiffs and defendants as well as prosecuting and some crimi-         ting policies and procedures in place to ensure cases are diligently prepared            the person deciding whether to recuse can do so objectively.
                       nal defense. (2) Strong management skills: Case filings and inventories have          and resolved.
                       risen since 2008, yet I have reduced the number of cases pending in the 269th.
                       Education/Degrees: (1) Doctor of Jurisprudence with Honors, University of Texas; (2) Bachelor of Science Magna Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University; (3) Klein Forest High School | Community Involvement: As a lawyer, I handled
                       pro bono matters for indigent clients and charitable and educational organizations, such as the Houston Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Houston Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. I also represented Methodist churches and
                       organizations in litigation. | E-mail Address: JudgeHinde@gmail.com | Website: www.JudgeHinde.com

                       KAtie KeNNedY, Democrat                                                               We must provide equal access to justice under the law for all persons regard-            Yes. A judge should voluntarily recuse herself in any case in which she has a
                                                                                                             less of their economic circumstances.I serve on the Texas Access to Justice              conflict of interest or in which there is any appearance of impropriety. If the
                       I have served with distinction as a top rated judge for seventeen years and prac-     Commission which develops, coordinates,and implements policy initiatives                 judge does not do so voluntarily, the rules allow a party to bring a motion to
                       ticed law for 24 years. In the 2010 Houston Bar Association Judicial Qualification    to expand access to and enhance the quality of justice in civil legal matters            recuse the judge. A judge from outside the jurisdiction rules on the motion.
                       Questionnaire, I received the top ranking among all district court candidates in      for poor Texans.
                       either party, incumbent or challenger. I was named Trial Judge of the Year.
                       Education/Degrees: B.A. Summa Cum Laude Rhodes College 1981; J.D. Vanderbilt University School of Law 1984. Member of Phi Beta Kappa. Assistant Managing Editor Vanderbilt Law Review. | Community Involvement: Pastor’s wife Atascocita United
                       Methodist Church. Volunteer for West University Softball Association and West University Elementary PTO. Girl Scout leader. Sustainer Junior League of Houston. Tri Delta Houston Alumni Chapter. Member of Houston Bar Association Alternative Dispute
                       Resolution and AIDS Outreach Committees. | E-mail Address: info@judgekatiekennedy.com | Website: www.judgekatiekennedy.com
                       breNt GAMbLe, Republican                                                              Preserving access to the courts while effectively dealing with with frivolous            Yes. The rules require timely action by the judge once a motion is filed and
                                                                                                             cases. These issues are best dealt with through docket management tech-                  provide for a hearing by an independent judge.
                       My qualifications are 11 1/2 years judicial experience as judge of this court. I      niques including the use of alternative dispute resolution, pro-active schedul-
        NO PHOTO       was an experienced trial lawyer before taking office. I have been board certi-        ing of pretrial proceedings and trials.
        AVAILABLE      fied in civil trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1993.
                       This is the specific area of law this court deals with.
                       Education/Degrees: BS, University of Houston, 1980 JD, South Texas College of Law, 1983

                       bob tHoMAs, Democrat                                                                  The role of a Judge is to apply, not make, the law, by listening, understanding          I believe that the Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 18(2)(3) is sufficient to
                                                                                                             and acting as a neutral referee. I pledge to serve the 270th Court wisely and            maintain trust in our judicial system. However, the compliance with this rule
                       My 40 years of work experience, as a twelve year mediator and as                      with impartiality, to treat every litigant with respect, and to operate my court-        depends on the integrity of the individual judge.
                       a thirteen year hearing examiner equips me to judge fairly.      I have               room with efficiency as a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars.
                       been a civil trial attorney in Harris County for twenty years, and I
                       retired from the Houston Police Department with twenty years of service.
                       I have been married for 40 years.
                       Education/Degrees: South Texas College of Law, J.D. Abilene Christian College, B.S. | Community Involvement: I am a Lifetime member of the 100 Club. I have served on the boards of several homeowners associations and youth activity leagues. I am
                       the proud grandparent of six grandchildren. | E-mail Address: bob@bobthomasforjudge.com | Website: www.bobthomasforjudge.com

                       LYNN brAdsHAW HuLL, Republican                                                        As a domestic violence court with 3000+ annual filings, safeguarding these               Yes. Recusal is required if a material witness,a party or related to party, when
                                                                                                             emergency proceedings and court administration is crucial. As judge, I pre-              previously acted as a party’s attorney, related to a party’s attorney, prepared
                       I have litigated, trained and presided in domestic violence matters. Trial            sided fairly in 60,000+ cases, including 500+ jury trials and served 9 years             any legal instrument in issue, when interested in the outcome, or cannot act
                       judge for 14 years, maintained favorable judicial service evaluations;received        as administrative judge of the County Civil Courts. I am responsive, consistent          impartially.Recusal is not required to avoid public criticism or political attack.
                       specialist certifications in Civil and General Jurisdiction;and received Texas        and impartial.
                       State Bar Presidential Commendations for Judicial Leadership. www.judge-
                       Education/Degrees: South Texas College of Law, J.D. 1984 | Community Involvement: Honorary member of Humble Intercontinental Rotary Club Past Board Member and recipient Rotarian of the Year; Paul Harris Fellow; Past Board Member:Lake Houston
                       YMCA, American Heart Association, Northeast Harris County Division; Past recipient Family Time Woman of Achievement; Member of St.Martha Catholic Church. | E-mail Address: email@judgebradshawhull.com | Website: www.judgebradshawhull.com

                       KAtHY VossLer, Democrat                                                               Volume. Harris County family courts have a large number of cases, which                  The current rules to recuse are dependent upon Judges being honest and
                                                                                                             overwhelm the system and can lead to the choice of expediency over justice               using good judgment. They also depend on lawyers being diligent and
                       The 280th is Harris County’s only Family Violence Protective Order court. I am        and treating people like numbers. I will handle each case individually, rule on          professional in their representation. Since all aspects of the judicial system
                       a family lawyer, with vast experience handling protective order cases. I have         the evidence and treat each person with respect, professionalism, courtesy               rely on these same factors, the recusal rules should be sufficient to maintain
                       represented all sides: victims, perpetrators, children, and the wrongly accused.      and fairness.                                                                            trust in our system.
                       This experience makes me the ONLY qualified candidate for this court.
                       Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Science, Political Science, University of Houston 1993, magna cum laude; Juris Doctor, University of Houston Law School 1997, cum laude | Community Involvement: Life Member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo,
                       Life Member of the Texas Family Law Foundation, 2nd Vice President of my Neighborhood Association, Member of my SuperNeighborhood Council, Volunteer with the Houston Bar Association, Houston Greeter, CERT trained, have volunteered with children
                       at schools, from K-12 | E-mail Address: CampaignMgr@KathyVosslerForJudge.com | Website: www.KathyVosslerForJudge.com

                       sYLViA MAttHeWs, Republican                                                           The right to a jury trial is fundamental. Yet, over the years, the number of             The rules regarding recusal and disqualification are specific and include all
                                                                                                             jury trials has declined, and jurors sometimes express frustration. I am on              the grounds that apply. If a motion is filed, it is not heard by the judge at issue.
                       I have had the honor to serve the people of Harris County since 2008. Before          a committee looking at ways to improve the jury system, for example, make                Instead, a neutral judge appoints another neutral judge to hear and decide the
                       I became judge, I was a partner at one of Houston’s most respected law                the process more cost effective, less time consuming, and enhance juror                  motion. There are sufficient safeguards in the rules to maintain trust.
                       firms and had over 20 years of experience in the courtroom. I chose to leave          participation.
                       private practice and become a judge because I wanted to make a contribution
                       to my community.
                       Education/Degrees: THE COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, Charleston, South Carolina Bachelor of Science, cum laude in mathematics, 1983; UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Columbia, South Carolina, JD, 1983 | Community Involvement: St. John the Divine
                       Episcopal Church (various comms) (1988 - present); Leadership Texas, Class of 2005 (leadership prog for women); United Way of Greater Houston, (2006 - present); Main Street Theater, Advisory Board (2004 - present); River Oaks Women’s Breakfast Club

                       (non-profit women’s group)(1999 - present). | E-mail Address: info@sylviamatthews.com | Website: www.sylviamatthews.com

                       doNNA rotH, Democrat                                                                  The most critical issue is balancing the administration of justice and fairness          The rules for recusal may be sound but in applying the rules, public trust is
                                                                                                             with the expediency of moving the court docket. The balance is achieved                  often lost. Why? There is no set criteria. Recusal is often based on “bias and
                       Experience and judicial temperament. I have tried almost every type of lawsuit        through a full days work/five days a week, mediation, encouraging parties to             prejudice”. With no guidelines, judges with agendas vs. judges who serve only
                       that could come before the court. I have been endorsed as the qualified can-          talk, ruling fairly and promptly and having an efficient working staff.                  justice, will reach different results, hence the deterioration of public trust.
                       didate by every legal organization who has endorsed. I have the patience and
                       poise to serve justice, with integrity, accountability and equality.
                       Education/Degrees: I received my B.A. degree in psychology in 1983 from St. John’s University and my law degree in 1987, with honors, from South Texas College of Law. | Community Involvement: I represent abused women with children who can-
                       not afford a lawyer. I volunteered after Hurricane IKE providing legal services and at the Children’s Assessment Center. I am a member of the Houston Women Chamber of Commerce and serve as a “judge” for mock trial competitions at the law school.
                       E-mail Address: droth@electdonnaroth.com | Website: electdonnaroth.com

                       CAroLiNe e. bAKer, Republican                                                         Promoting more efficiency and economy through technology while ensur-                    Yes; but, rules by themselves do not create public trust in the judicial system.
                                                                                                             ing open and equal access to the courts. I participated in a forum to hear               Judges must act in a way that promotes such trust - for instance, disclosing
                       12 years as trial judge. Board certified Personal Injury Trial Law and elected        comments/concerns from the public and attorneys about efiling so that this               to parties something that could be perceived to affect the judge’s impartiality
                       to American Board of Trial Advocates. Prior to bench, partner in respected            efficient tool may be further utilized with no risk that anyone will feel denied         (even if, in fact, it does not), and offering to recuse if a party is concerned.
                       litigation firm. Winner 2010 Houston Bar Association Judicial Qualifications          access to the court.
                       Poll by almost 5 to 1. Endorsed by AWA, MABAH, Pasadena Bar Association,
                       HPOU, “C” Club.
                       Education/Degrees: Princeton University, B.A. 1984 University of Texas School of Law, J.D. 1988 | Community Involvement: Serves and/or has served on Board of Directors of non-profit organizations, including Neighborhood Centers Inc., Girls Inc.
                       (Former Chair), Leadership Houston (Former Chair), the YMCA, and Advisory Boards of The Chinquapin School, Career & Recovery Resources, Inc. and City Hall Fellows. Also a Rotarian. | E-mail Address: keepjudgebaker@yahoo.com | Website:


                       PAuL siMoN, Democrat                                                                  In civil courts, inefficiency. It usually takes 2-plus years to go to trial, and a lot   No. Judges must avoid even appearing biased. The public’s trust is eroded
                                                                                                             of that is because of the judge. I won’t take months to rule or tolerate frivolous       when a judge raises a lot of money from lawyers who regularly appear in
                       My legal experience and broad support. I have handled a wide variety of               filings, and I will hear trials. We would fire teachers who didn’t use classrooms        her court, just like if one team paid the referee. I have voluntarily limited my
                       trials and appeals just like those this Court hears, for both plaintiffs and          to teach. Why tolerate judges who don’t use courtrooms for trials?                       fundraising in that regard to ensure that no one thinks I am for sale when I’m
                       defendants. I am supported by Democrats and Republicans. I am trusted by                                                                                                       elected judge.
                       those with different political views, and even supported by lawyers who have
                       worked opposite me.
                       Education/Degrees: I worked my way through college and law school, and graduated from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Political Science and a J.D. from South Texas College of Law, where I was on Law Review, a member of the Order of the Lytae (for
                       academic excellence) and a member of 3 of Dean Treece’s legendary moot court teams. | Community Involvement: My wife co-founded, and she and I have each served on several Boards of, a local charity that has given more than $600,000 in scholarships
                       to medical students. We donate a lot of our time and resources to many other charities that help our community. I also tutor and mentor young children and law students. | E-mail Address: psimon@shmfirm.com | Website: PaulSimonForJudge2010.com

20                                                           League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                                    FAMiLY distriCt judGes
District Courts are the state trial courts of general jurisdiction. Twenty-two criminal courts have jurisdiction over felonies punishable by death or by incarceration in state prison or death, and over misdemeanors involving official conduct. An additional three courts deal exclusively
with juveniles accused of crimes. Twenty-five civil courts have jurisdiction over civil actions, which include disputes over personal or real property, civil rights, contractual matters, or other business dealings, and personal injuries. In addition, there are nine specialized civil
courts dedicated solely to family matters such as divorce and child custody. 4 year term.
        QUESTIONS TO                  What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                        What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                     Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
         CANDIDATES:                                                                                                     facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                       trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                          judiCiAL distriCt 308tH - 312tH
                          jAMes LoMbArdiNo, Republican                                                           The cost of litigation. Whenever there is an issue concerning custody or                The current rules are a good compromise. In the event that the rules become
                                                                                                                 visitation, the court appoints an Amicus Attorney to represent the children.            more liberal, attorneys will use them to recuse judges just because they do
                          My BBA in Finance and extensive litigation and trial experience. Family Court          These attorneys often request retainers up to $2,500.00 per parent. These               not not like their rulings.
                          judges deal with complex family, criminal and civil issues. I am the only              fees must be substantially reduced for the low income parent and reduced
                          candidate that has jury trial experience in all these areas. My Finance Degree         for the rest as well.
                          allows me to understand and deal with complicated property issues.
                          Education/Degrees: BBA in Finance from the University of Houston; LLM from the South Texas College of Law; Graduate of AA White Dispute Resolution Institute and the HBA Amicus Attorney Training Institute. | Community Involvement: Founding member of
                          Crime Stoppers of Houston; Past President of Downtown Exchange Club; Fund Raising Chairman for Center for Hearing & Speech Impaired; Former Board member of Annunciation Greek Orthodox School; Pro Bono Volunteer for the Houston Bar Association;
                          Past President of UH Rodeo Association | E-mail Address: james.lombardino@lombardino4judge.com | Website: www.lombardino4judge.com

                         bruCe KessLer, Democrat                                                                 It takes too long and costs too much to have one’s day in court. Families               The rules by which a judge removes himself from hearing a case are adequate
                                                                                                                 should know that they will be heard, they will be respected and that their              if the judge has the personal integrity to do what is right rather than what is
                         I am a Family Law attorney and mediator with over 20 years experience; I am             time is valuable. I have specific plans to make the court more accessible, to           easy. I value honesty and integrity in my practice and will bring these values
                         Board Certified in Family Law indicating special competence in Family Law; I            reduce the costs and time involved and to help those who are representing               with me to the bench. I will strive to do what is right and to maintain trust.
                         am a former Family Court Associate Judge and I continue to serve as a Special           themselves.
                         Master; I know how to apply the law with compassion and fairness for families.
                          Education/Degrees: B.A.from Rice University (1980) and J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center (1986). | Community Involvement: Former presiding member and Committee Chair of a State Bar Grievance Committee; member of the State Bar of
                          Texas, College of the State Bar, Houston Bar Association - Family Law Section, Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists, and Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists; past president of home owners association | E-mail Address: KesslerforJudge@aol.com |
                          Website: www.KesslerforJudge.com
                          sHeri Y. deAN, Republican                                                               Failure of Courts to follow the Law and to avoid Activism. Courts must follow          Yes, since more specific rules could tend to interfere with the balance of
                                                                                                                  the law and Constitution to avoid activism and special agendas. I will adhere          our different branches of the government and could serve to undermine
                          I am the appointed presiding Judge of the 309th Family Court as of                      to strict construction of the law and Constitution to avoid making law from            the Court’s ability to serve the Public. More government (rules) means less
                          September 2010. I have practiced as a Family Law attorney in my own law                 the bench. All persons who seek justice must be able to rely on the Judicial           effectiveness. Judges may voluntarily recuse themselves.
                          firm for 18 years. I have experience in all nine of the Family Courts in Harris         System.
                          County. I have represented hundreds of Families in all types of cases. See
                          also www.Dean4Judge.com.
                          Education/Degrees: UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, BBA ‘76,SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE OF LAW, JD ‘92, Also See www.Dean4Judge.com for more information on education. | Community Involvement: Participated in the following activities in the com-
                          munity: Houston Volunteer Lawyers, Pro Bono legal services, Interfaith Caring Ministries, Friends of Bay Area Crisis Center for Domestic Abuse Victims. Also see www.Dean4Judge.com for more activities too numerous to list here. | E-mail Address: info@

                          dean4judge.com | Website: www.Dean4Judge.com

                          biLL riCe, Democrat                                                                     I think the most critical issue facing the family courts is the number of cases        Yes, I think the current rules to recuse a judge as stated in TRCP 18a and
                                                                                                                  that each court has on its docket. I would address this issue by being creative        18b are sufficient. However, my experience has been that if a litigant wants
                          I have practiced family law in the Houston area for almost 35 years. I have             with my docket, i.e. setting uncontested matters at 4:00 P.M. one day a                a judge recused and is unsuccessful then that person complains about the
                          handled every conceivable type of family law case. I have been a family law             week to save time on the morning docket. This would also keep people from              rules.
                          mediator since 1995. I have served as a visiting Associate Judge in the 309th           missing work.
                          and the 311th Family District Courts in Harris County, Texas.

                          Education/Degrees: Juris Doctor from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 1975 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Tougaloo College in 1972 | Community Involvement: I am a member of the St. James UMC (Board Chair), Shepherd Park Terrace
                          Civic Club (Legal Counsel), and the Houston Chapter of the Tougaloo College National Alumni Association. | E-mail Address: wriceatty@aol.com | Website: williambillriceforjudge.com

                          LisA MiLLArd, Republican                                                                Access to the courts to resolve disputes swiftly, fairly, and efficiently is para-     Yes-Judges are called to put aside their personal biases and make decisions
                                                                                                                  mount. I preside at trials regarding matters such as divorce, child custody,           based upon the law. While Judges may have a variety of associations with
                          My experience as judge of this court for almost 16 years is clearly my best             contempt, protective orders, CPS and adoption. My mediation background                 lawyers who practice before them, Judges need only concern themselves
                          qualification. I have presided over more than 20,000 cases in this time. While          helps to reduce legal fees and control hostilities while saving time, money            with whether the ruling is firmly grounded in the law and legal precedent. I
                          my education and work experience helped me, the last 16 years make me                   and heartache.                                                                         am committed to fairness
                          uniquely qualified. I put the children first and treat all with dignity and respect.
                          Education/Degrees: South Texas College of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence University of Houston, Bachelor of Science | Community Involvement: As a breast cancer survivor I donate time for Susan G. Komen, and Race for the Cure. | E-mail Address:
                          campaign@judgelisamillard.com | Website: www.judgelisamillard.com

                          judY douGHertY, Democrat                                                                Delays are expensive for families & cause prolonged emotional turmoil.Delays           Current rules protect the public by requiring a judge to recuse herself if her
                                                                                                                  in family court hearings are partially due to overwhelming caseloads. There            impartiality might be reasonably questioned or if she has a personal bias due
                          I practiced Family Law for 30 years with Dougherty and Dougherty. I taught              are twice as many civil courts as family courts with smaller caseloads. A              to personal knowledge or connection that could affect her ability to rule fairly
                          mediation and dispute resolution at UH Law Center & arbitrated with AAA.                pilot program could be jointly developed to utilize civil judges as resources          to all. Recusal should be considered when there is a reasonable appearance
                          I have a BA & MSW from U of Tx, & a JD from U of H. I built my career on                for overflow.                                                                          of bias
                          service, integrity, respect & real solutions for families in need. www.judy-
                          Education/Degrees: BA, Political Science, U. of Texas at Austin; Masters in Social Work, U. of Texas at Austin; JD, U. of Houston Law Center; Certified Mediator through Association of Attorney Mediators & DRC, Certifed Social Worker | Community
                          Involvement: Hous/Galv.Institute Bd, Multicultural Education, Counseling in Arts Bd., Museum District Alliance Bd., Krist Samaritan Center Bd., Amigos de las Americas Bd, SIDS Bd, St. Lukes Meth. Bd & Sunday School teacher, Amigos de las Americas Bd.,
                          P.O. YMCA Int’l Bd.,River Oaks Elem.PTA Bd,Girl Scout leader, Crestwood Civic Bd | E-mail Address: JudyforJudge@gmail.com | Website: www.judydoughertyforjudge.com
                          deNise PrAtt, Republican                                                                Families need swift resolution of their cases by judges who are knowledgable            Upon a legitimate concern’s being brought before the Court concerning
                                                                                                                  about the issues that come before family courts. DENISE PRATT is trained in             recusal, the Court should follow the rules, being certain to avoid even the
                          DENISE PRATT has practiced family law for 18 years, resolving conflict, facili-         family violence by HPD, trained by Suicide Hotline & Charter Lakeside Drug/             appearance of impropriety. To the extent the rules are insufficient to reach
                          tating child welfare matters, & settling family disputes. Judges, attorneys & cli-      Alcohol Rehab, and sits on the Texas Social Worker Board, and has real world            that goal, the rules should be amended.
                          ents show their trust & respect by appointing & recommending her to represent           experience.
                          children & litigants. She is a true public servant known for integry & fairness.
                          Education/Degrees: Memphis State University Law School, Memphis,TN Grad 1987; University of Texas, Austin, TX Grad 1983; Alchol/Drug Rehab, Suicide Hotline, Domestic Violence, Foster Parent Training, Continuing Legal Education, State Board of Social
                          Worker Examiners. | Community Involvement: Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse; Attorney for Women’s Shelters; Tutor, Mentor & Substitute Teacher; Children’s Friend in Court; Shriners Circus Supporter; Neighborhood Watch Board Member; Sunday School

                          Teacher; Jr. Achievement; Special Olympics; Autism Walk; Citizen’s Police Academy; & much more. Please visit website | Website: deniseprattforjudge.com
                          deborAH WriGHt, Democrat                                                                Overcrowding in the Family Law courts makes it difficult to conduct hearings            Yes. The rules provide for consideration of a motion to recuse by a second
                                                                                                                  and final trials on a timely basis. I will encourage resolution of cases through        judge selected by the presiding judge of the administrative judicial district
                          I have practiced exclusively in the area of Family Law for more than 30 years,          mediation and collaborative law, work to revive plans for a new Family Law              if the challenged judge denies a motion to recuse. Either party may then
                          and am the only candidate who is Board Certified in Family Law. I have com-             Center, and support legal services and family counseling for low income                 object to the judge assigned to hear the motion, thus adding a second layer
                          pleted specialized training in Family Law Mediation and Collaborative Law,              families.                                                                               of review.
                          and served as a Family Law Associate Judge in Harris County for 3 years.
                          Education/Degrees: B.A. cum laude, University of Texas at Austin; M.P.H., University of Texas School of Public Health; J.D., South Texas College of Law. | Community Involvement: St. Anne’s Catholic Community, Houston Heights Association, Houston Area
                          League of Women Voters, HBA Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program, Texas Democratic Women | E-mail Address: deborahwrightforjudge@yahoo.com | Website: www.deborahwrightforjudge.org

                          dAVid FArr, Republican                                                                  With the volume of cases heard in our family courts, the most vital issue              Yes. I think the rules are sufficient, as long as the judge adheres to them.
                                                                                                                  is making sure everyone gets their day in court and the system is run effi-
                          Board certified, Family Law; Fmr highly-rated Associate Judge, 257th                    ciently and does not bog down. As Judge of the 312th Family District Court,
                          Family District Court; fmr Judge, 312th Family District Court, November                 I increased the efficiency of the court and made sure everyone was heard. I
                          2007-December 2008; Streamlined docket and court operations as Judge,                   will do so again.
                          312th; State military judge.
                          Education/Degrees: Graduate, Texas A&M University, B.A., History; Law Degree, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University. | Community Involvement: Texas Army National Guard; Texas Aggie Bar Association; Former member, Texas
                          A&M Corps of Cadets; Board Member, HBA Family Law Section; Master Status, Burta Rayburn Inns of Court; Board Member, Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists; Frequent speaker, CLE courses; fmr adjunct professor, U of H and South Texas College of Law
                          E-mail Address: judgedavidfarr@gmail.com | Website: www.farrforjudge.com

                          robert HiNojosA, Democrat                                                               The family law courts of Harris Co. are hopelessly overwhelmed by a flood              Yes. Family law is unique due to personal issues. With new cases, recusals
                                                                                                                  of new cases. The judicial resources are seriously misappropriated. 24 civil           rarely come up. Family judges keep jurisdiction over modification issues until
                          Incumbent judge, most experienced;board certified since 1978, have handled              courts handle 37% of the cases; family courts handle 63%. Our cases                    all children are over 18. Disappointed litigants often want a new judge. The
                          every kind of family law case many times; have represented clients in                   keep coming back until the child is over 18.The solution lies with the county          Legislature settled this by statute, by prohibiting judge shopping.
                          contested property or custody trial; frequent speaker on family law issues              government.
                          at seminars throughout Texas; only Spanish-speaking judge in Harris Co.
                          family courts
                          Education/Degrees: BBA, University of Texas-Austin J.D. University of Texas-Austin | Community Involvement: Member Board of Directors St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Systems; active Episcopal Church layman, Optimist Club, active in State Bar and profes-
                          sional groups, including the Mexican American Bar Association and State Bar Hispanic Issues Section | E-mail Address: roberthinojosa41@comcast.net | Website: www.JudgeRobertHinojosa.com

                                                                 League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                     21
                                                                                                         FAMiLY distriCt judGes continued
         QUESTIONS TO                 What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                       What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                  Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
          CANDIDATES:                                                                                                   facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                    trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                          judiCiAL distriCt 313tH - 315tH
                          GLeNN deVLiN, Republican                                                              Cost vs. Benefit is the most critical issue. In balancing the need of the juve-       Recusals in the three Juvenile District Courts are extremely rare. In the rare
                                                                                                                nile with the need for protecting society, we must utilize all of the programs        instances where recusals are sought, the judges have routinely transferred
                          In addition to being a husband, father, coach, mentor, veteran and a lawyer,          established by the Juvenile Probation Department. We must expand in-home              the case to one of the other two juvenile judges. I will continue the fair and
                          I have practiced CPS and Juvenile law for over 30 years. I sit as a visiting          programs when appropriate to be cost effective and realistic in administering         reasonable practice of transferring cases where recusal is requested.
                          associate judge in the 313th and 315th Juvenile District Courts. I have tried         justice.
                          literally 100’s of cases and I am one of only a few “A” rated lawyers.
                          Education/Degrees: College: University of North Dakota, B.A. Political Science 1976 Law School: South Texas College of Law, Graduated 1980 | Community Involvement: Member of Grace Presbyterian Church. Involved in the CanCare Program in his
                          community. Associate Memberships with Texas Tea Party RWC, Daughters of Liberty RWC and Houston Professional Republican Women | E-mail Address: ghdevlin4@aol.com | Website: www.glenndevlin.com

                          NAtALie oAKes, Democrat                                                               Harris County needs to focus on effective rehabilitation programs to achieve          The purpose of recusal is to avoid even a hint of prejudice or impropriety.
                                                                                                                optimum results. Juveniles offenders must be guided to understand their               Judges must take the responsibility to avoid any outside perception of bias.
                          I am a former school teacher and mother of a teenage boy. I’ve spent the last         potential and turn their life around before they enter the adult system.              The current rules are fine if they are applied equally and with diligent oversight
                          decade working as a lawyer in Juvenile Court handling felonies, misdemean-            Juvenile Probation must track the success of these programs.                          of the chief administrative judge.
                          ors and cases for abused and neglected children.
                          Website: www.natalieoakes.com/

                          joHN F. PHiLLiPs, Republican                                                          In our Juvenile Courts making certain that each juvenile is properly assessed         Recusals are either heard by the Administrative Judge or agreed to by the
                                                                                                                for mental health issues and receives in-home treatment rather than in a              Judge a party is seeking to recuse. I believe our rules are adequate and
                          I am the Admin.Judge of the Juvenile Courts since 2005. I am chair of the             locked facility with an opportunity to have their records cleared if successful       that the Administrative Judge does an adequate job in presiding over these
                          mgmt. oversight committee of Annie E. Casey JDAI, responsible for many                in their rehabilitation.                                                              hearings.
                          significant reforms for Juvenile Justice in Harris. CO including a 62% reduc-
                          tion in committments to TYC. I established the 1st Juvenile Mental Health
                          Court in Harris CO.
                          Education/Degrees: Doctor of Jurisprudence - UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, 1972; BBA - TEXAS A&I UNIVERSITY- 1970 | Community Involvement: HISD Real Men Read Program; State Bar Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect; Board of Directors, Gulf
                          Coast Legal Foundation; Drug Free Schools & Communities Council; Harris County Juvenile Board Citizens Advisory Committee; Harris County Drug Task Force; Houston Bar Association Speakers Bureau | E-mail Address: davidlongoria.2010@gmail.com

                          Website: davidlongoria.org
                          dAVid LoNGoriA, Democrat                                                              It is critical that the Juvenile Judge only appoint competent, caring, and           Yes, so long as the judge requested to be recused follows the law and under-
                                                                                                                qualified attorneys to represent the litigants when required. Justice can-           stands that once the request is made, he/she can no longer hear any matter
                          Rated highest “Well Qualified” candidate for this court by an incredibly large        not be served if appointed attorneys do not properly represent their clients         regarding that case until a decision is made on the recusal. If the judge does
                          margin in the 2010 Houston Bar Judicial Candidate Qualifications Poll. Received       in court either because of lack of training, an overload of cases, or just for       not voluntarily recuse himself, the Regional Administrative Judge has a hear-
                          the highest “Outstanding” ratings 3 times and the second highest “Outstanding”        monetary gain (///)                                                                  ing and rules (///)
                          ratings twice in the Houston Bar Assn. Judicial Evaluations Polls (///)
                          Education/Degrees: Doctor of Jurisprudence - UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, 1972; BBA - TEXAS A&I UNIVERSITY- 1970 | Community Involvement: HISD Real Men Read Program; State Bar Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect; Board of Directors, Gulf
                          Coast Legal Foundation; Drug Free Schools & Communities Council; Harris County Juvenile Board Citizens Advisory Committee; Harris County Drug Task Force; Houston Bar Association Speakers Bureau | E-mail Address: davidlongoria.2010@gmail.com
                          Website: davidlongoria.org

                          MiCHAeL ‘MiKe’ sCHNeider, Republican                                                  In juvenile courts, we must be innovative and smart about reform. I have             Yes.I have never experienced an issue with this process that I believe would
                                                                                                                championed reforms that have resulted in lower juvenile crime rates, fewer           cast a doubt on trust of the judicial system.
                          My experience and commitment. Before taking the bench, tried more than                detentions and $700,000 a month in savings to taxpayers. On innovation, I
                          200 contested cases in juvenile and family courts and supervised office that          started the first juvenile drug court and a program to get abused teen run-
                          handled thousands of such cases. As a judge, I have presided over roughly             aways back in school.
                          15,000 cases, including complex jury trials involving mix of family, criminal
                          and juvenile law.
                          Education/Degrees: Graduate, Texas A&M University, B.A., Political Science; Visiting student, University of Texas School of Law; Law Degree, South Texas College of Law. | Community Involvement: Volunteer instructor, Child Advocates, Inc.; Former member,
                          Interdisciplinary Child Abuse Task Force, Memorial Hermann; State Bar of Texas; Member, HBA Juvenile, Criminal, Family and Animal Law sections; Life Fellow, Texas Bar Foundation; Life Fellow, Houston Bar Foundation; Member, HBA Pro Bono Award

                          Committee | E-mail Address: mikeschneider@mac.com | Website: www.mikeschneider.org

                          KeitH brANCH, Democrat                                                                There are a myriad of issues in the Juvenile Courts of which I have specific         The current rules regarding the recusal of judges are sufficient to maintain
                                                                                                                plans to address. The issues include dignity and respect, court efficiency,          trust in the judicial system as long as the individual judge is a person of
                          I have unique qualifications, experiences and skills in juvenile justice that         attorney appointments and mental health issues. The most critical issue is           superior character and integrity.
                          span over 28 years to offer the 315th Juvenile Court, Juvenile Board and              court access. I plan to expanded court hours to meet the needs of families
                          Probation Department; and I have a specific plan for reversing the deteriorat-        and victims.
                          ing conditions of the juvenile justice management system.
                          Education/Degrees: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Grambling State University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a specialization in Administration, Policy and Planning and a concentration in Community Mental Health from Atlanta
                          University. I graduated from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law | Community Involvement: I am a member of several community organizations; however I am most active in my church, Community of Faith where Bishop James
                          Dixon is Pastor. I am a teacher at the Empowerment Hour and a Board Vice President of the Church’s Dominion Academy Middle School. | E-mail Address: keith.branch@att.net | Website: www.branchforjudge.org

                                                                                                                            CouNtY judGe
This judge presides over commissioners court, which has budgetary and administrative authority over county governmnet operations. This office is responsible for calling elections, posting election notices and for receiving and canvassing the election returns. The county judge
may perform marriages. This office is also head of civil defense and disaster relief, and county welfare. The county judge is elected to a four-year term.
         QUESTIONS TO                What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                     Do you support combining voter registration and election administration                   Which services provided independently by both the city and the
          CANDIDATES:                                                                                                            into one entity in Harris County? (60 word limit)                                   county should be consolidated? (60 word limit)
                          ed eMMett, Republican                                                                 The current system of having the Tax Assessor/Collector handle voter regis-          Harris County and its resident cities should look for all areas of cooperation,
                                                                                                                tration is a throwback from the days of the poll tax. We need to modernize           including healthcare, public safety/emergency response, criminal justice,
                          Proven leadership on the job. Achieved through dedication, education, and             voter registration and election administration through consolidation as have         libraries, park facilities, and transportation/infrastructure improvements.
                          work experience necessary to do the job. Vision for future needs in emergen-          many other Texas counties. A management study will be reviewed after this            Joint purchasing of materials and services should also be considered for
                          cy management, transportation, healthcare, criminal justice. Committed to             year’s election.                                                                     volume discounts.
                          fiscal responsibility and highest ethical standards. Calm leadership in crisis.
                          Education/Degrees: Bellaire High School; BA, Rice University; Masters, UT Austin | Community Involvement: Partial list: Director of Harris Co Homeland Security & Emergency Management; Chairman, Harris Co Juvenile Bd. Serve on Bd/Advisory Bd for Joint
                          City-Co Commission on Children, Houston-Galveston Area Council and Transportation Policy Council, Society of Transportation & Logistics, Tejano Center for Community Concerns. | E-mail Address: info@edemmett.com | Website: www.edemmett.com

                          GordoN quAN, Democrat                                                                 No. I believe the citizens should always have the ability to collectively decide     I would push to develop a central jail processing center which would be
                                                                                                                through voting who their election administration officials will be. I am fearful     used by both the city and county. I would also combine library services, this
                          I am a lifelong resident of Harris County. I have successfully built and run          that appointed election officials would cease to be accountable to the people        would help keep operating costs in check, ensuring that library access will
                          organizations in both the public and private sectors. I can collaborate with our      of Harris County.                                                                    be a sustainable public service the city and county can continue to provide
                          County Commissioners to get things done for our constituents. Above all else                                                                                               and expand.
                          my job will be answering to and serving the needs of Harris County citizens.
                          Education/Degrees: University of Texas at Austin B.A., 1970 University of Houston M. Ed., 1973 South Texas College of Law J.D., 1977 | Community Involvement: I serve as a board member for Neighborhood Centers, Catholic Charities, Coalition for the
                          Homeless, South Texas College of Law, The Asia Society and the Houston Greeters Association. I feel very privileged to be in a position which allows me to serve and enrich our community. | E-mail Address: gquan@fosterquan.com | Website: www.

                                                                                                    CouNtY CiViL Court At LAW judGes
 Has jurisdiction over all civil causes and proceedings, original and appellate prescribed by law for County Courts. Each judge is elected for a four-year term.
         QUESTIONS TO                What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                       What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                   Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
          CANDIDATES:                                                                                                  facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                     rust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                          r. jACK CAGLe, Republican                                                             The rising need for increased access to our courts in an era of reduced              Yes.
                                                                                                                resources captures the most critical issue facing our courts. Over the last ten
                          My education, experience & proven track record have earned the reelec-                years our new case dockets have doubled to over 600 new cases per month.
                          tion endorsements of The Association of Women Attorneys, Mexican                      We meet these needs through a talented staff, hard work, and innovations
                          American Bar Association, Pasadena Bar Association, C Club, Houston Realty
No. 1

                                                                                                                in technology.
                          Business Coalition, Houston Apartment Association, Harris County Deputies
                          Organization, HPOU & Police Inc.
                          Education/Degrees: I triple majored at Rice University, received my Juris Doctorate at Baylor School of Law and now teach as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Houston. | Community Involvement: I teach future lawyers as an Adjunct Professor
                          at UH. I perform on stage for charity with HBA’s Night Court. I’ve served on the boards of the AWA, MABAH, St.Pius X High School, & Golden Gate BTS. Holland Lodge of Houston awarded me the 2010 Community Builder Award. And I am active at Second
                          Baptist Church Cypress. | E-mail Address: judge@judgecagle.com | Website: www.judgecagle.com
                                                                                                                                                                                                      coUnty ciViL coURt at LaW jUDGe, no.1 continUeD on next paGe

22                                                              League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                 CouNtY CiViL Court At LAW judGes continued
                  QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                      What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                  Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                                               facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                    rust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                                 eriCA M. GrAHAM, Democrat                                                            Docket overcrowding and increasing litigation costs, which I would address           Yes - the Rules of Civil Procedure prescribe numerous grounds upon which
                                                                                                                      by: 1) reducing and/or eliminating hearings on uncontested matters; 2)               parties may base a motion to recuse, and upon which Judges are obligated
No. 1 continued

                                 Experience - I have spent my entire career serving as a civil litigation attorney,   creating a submission docket, which would allow motions to be decided                to recuse themselves. If the motion is disputed, another Judge must hold a
                                 handling and trying the types of cases heard in CCCL#1. Furthermore, as a            upon papers submitted; and 3)advocating and encouraging the early use of             hearing on the motion. These mechanisms are sufficent to ensure fairness,
                                 minority female, I bring diversity of work and life experience to the bench, which   alternative resolution methods.                                                      and in turn build trust.
                                 better equips me to serve the needs of the diverse citizenry of Harris County.
                                 Education/Degrees: I am a graduate of Lamar High School in Houston ISD. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English from Santa Clara University, while attending school on a basketball scholarship, and graduated cum laude from Tulane Law School in 1997.
                                 | Community Involvement: I am a long-time member of The Church Without Walls in Houston, where I participate in various outreach ministries. I have also done volunteer work with DePelchin Children’s Center, the Houston Bar Association, and local legal
                                 aid organizations; and volunteered as a speaker at various schools and community programs. | E-mail Address: erica@emgrahamforjudge.com | Website: www.emgrahamforjudge.com

                                 jACqueLiNe LuCCi sMitH, Republican                                                   The issue of finding a balance between the administrative tasks of moving the        The field of cases that come before me is narrow enough that if a conflict-
                                                                                                                      ever-growing docket in a timely and efficient fashion, and hearing both parties      ing matter is brought into my court, I can easily recuse myself if needed.
                                 I have been the judge on this court since I was elected in 2006. I have worked       in a satisfactory manner in order to rule appropriately. I have addressed this       However, while the guidelines are sufficient, they may need to be updated to
                                 diligently during my first term to move the docket while showing fairness and        by implementing policies and procedures that accomplish these measures               address newer technologies, such as social media interaction.
                                 respect to all who come before me. I also value the constituents tax dollars,        in my court.
                                 which is why I don’t waste time and I move cases through in a timely manner.
                                 Education/Degrees: I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the College of Boca Raton in 1985. I graduated Order of the Lytae from South Texas College of Law in 1992. I studied one summer in Cambridge, England, where I focused on comparative laws
                                 thru Tulane Law School. | Community Involvement: Aside from being involved with my church and the school my children attend, I have also served various organizations. Boys & Girls Harbor, Board of Directors, 2008. United Who’s Who of Professionals,
                                 Selected 2005. St. Pius School Board, Chairman 2003-05; Vice Chairman 2002-03. | E-mail Address: JudgeJLSmith@gmail.com | Website: www.JudgeJLSmith.com
No. 2

                                 CHerYL eLLiott tHorNtoN, Democrat                                                    The poor are underserved in our courts. Because they cannot acquire the              It is not the current rules of recusal that are insufficient. In some instances,
                                                                                                                      represetation of a large firm, or, in some cases, any lawyer, there is a deaf        it is the implementation of those rules which makes the recusal rules seem
                                 My experience--Administrative Law Judge (2 State agencies), General                  ear sometimes given to them. In my court a more equitable and respectful             limited. In my court I will respect the limitations which life can impose, and
                                 Counsel, Assistant Attorney General-- combined with my community involve-            ear will be given to all parties regardless of representation. Again, truly          recuse myself when it is appropriate.
                                 ment, make me the most qualified candidate for this position. Courts need            justice for all.
                                 more than legal knowledge. They need judges who know,understand and
                                 can be fair to all people.
                                 Education/Degrees: Trinity University--Bachelor of Arts; St. Mary’s University--Master of Arts; Thurgood Marshall School of Law--Juris Doctorate | Community Involvement: Chair and Member, City of Houston Police Advisory Board; Board Member, Houston’s
                                 First Reinvestment Zone; Houston Lawyer’s Asso.; Houston Bar Asso.; Executive Board, World Youth Foundation; Emily’s List; Former Chair, Advisory Board, Museum of Fine Arts; Nat’l Asso. of Professional Women; Cultural Arts Council; | E-mail Address:
                                 cethorntonforcivct2@yahoo.com | Website: www.cherylelliottthorntonforjudge.org
                                 LiNdA storeY, Republican                                                             Docket control and the sheer number of cases filed into the Harris County            Yes.
                                                                                                                      Civil Courts. As the County Court, we have original jurisdiction and we are
                                 I am qualified because I have been the Judge of County Court No.3 for the            also the appellate court for all the Justice of the Peace Courts. Hundreds of
                                 past four years. This court handles consumer debt, condemnation, and evic-           cases are filed into the County Courts every month. Case and docket manag-
                                 tion cases, as well as general civil matters up to $100,000 in controversy.          ment are essential.
                                 Prior to taking the bench, I spent thirteen years as a civil litigation attorney.
                                 Education/Degrees: J.D. South Texas College of Law 1993, B.A. University of Texas at Austin 1990, graduate of St. Agnes Academy 1986 | Community Involvement: I am a member of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church and my three-year old son attends
                                 school at Cathedral House Montessori in downtown Houston. We enjoy living in Houston and participate in many family-oriented community activies. | E-mail Address: judge@judgestorey.com | Website: www.judgestorey.com
No. 3

                                 dAMoN CreNsHAW, Democrat                                                             Improving public confidence in the justice system is the biggest issue facing       The current rules are largely sufficient as long as the judges are diligent to
                                                                                                                      the courts. To do this I will be fair, independent, competent, hard working,        grant recusal when there is the appearance of bias or impropriety. Some
                                 My experience and temperament most qualify me for judge. I have seen how             ethical, and diligent to rule according to law. I will seek more transparency       adjustment to provide for review/hearing by a panel of judges or a panel of
                                 the best judges around Texas work. I have gained a balanced perspective              and public access to court administration. Court staff and I will serve the         varied interests (rather than just one other judge) might help instill more trust.
                                 from representing all types of people and businesses on all sides of cases.          public.
                                 My even tempered nature and willingness to consider all sides will help me
                                 be a better judge.
                                 Education/Degrees: South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas, J.D., 1985; Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas, B.B.A. - Accounting, 1982 | Community Involvement: I have worked as a free mediator for appropriate cases at the Dispute
                                 Resolution Center. I have also served on political candidate screening committees and a Harris County Grand Jury. I am a member of local political and community groups. Please see my website for more information. DamonCrenshawForJudge.com |
                                 E-mail Address: Damon@DamonCrenshawForJudge.com | Website: DamonCrenshawForJudge.com
                                 robertA LLoYd, Republican                                                            An ever-increasing number of cases in the county civil courts in the face of an      Not only are the current rules sufficient to maintain trust in the judicial system
                                                                                                                      ever-decreasing amount of resources available to fund the services provided          but they also protect the judicial system from the potential of forum shopping
                                 I have been the judge of this court for six years and presided over 230 jury         by the same courts. As Administrative Judge for 3 of the last 6 years, we            or intimidation by disgruntled litigants.
                                 trials to verdict and disposed of 35,000 cases. My previous 24 years of broad        constantly work to maximize the benefit of those resources to litigants and
                                 legal and courtroom experience (100+ jury trials and 1,000+ non-jury trials)         attorneys.
                                 is vital in dealing with the myriad cases in this court.
                                 Education/Degrees: B.S., Florida State University (Finance); J.D., Stetson University College of Law; L.L.M. in Taxation, University of Miami (FL) | Community Involvement: St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Choir; Houston SPCA-Dog Walking; Houston
                                 Livestock Show & Rodeo-Parade Committee; Houston Zoo Docent; HBA Night Court; HBA “Law Day Reading In Schools”; “Angel Tree” Christmas Toy Project; “Rally the Troops” Care Packages; “Support the Troops” Letter Writing Group | E-mail Address:
                                 judge@judgelloyd.com | Website: www.judgelloyd.com
 No. 4

                                 bruCe Mosier, Democrat                                                               Political partisanship that does not consider opposing views can skew the            No; Recusal is available in very limited situations, requiring proof of facts
                                                                                                                      administration of justice to the detriment of litigants, their lawyers and the       that must be ruled upon by another judge, engendering suspicions of bias or
                                 Graduate UH, BBA and JD; Board Certified in Resid. and Commer. Real                  jury system. As Judge, I will level the playing field for those seeking justice      collusion and undermining trust in the judicial system.
                                 Estate; Certified Mediator; Practiced law in Houston for 45 years; Asst County       and demand respect and courtesy - - this is the People’s court.
                                 Attorney; Division Chief of Eminent Domain; VP of Title Company; Name
                                 Partner in private practice; heavy trial and appellate law background. www.
                                 Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration, U of H - 1960; Doctor of Jurisprudence, U of H College of Law - 1965; Board Certified in Residential Real Estate Law and in Commercial Real Estate Law; Certified Mediator | Community Involvement:
                                 Former Army and Air National Guard-Former ASHME Member- Houston Assoc of Realtors(HAR)-First Baptist Church Heights-Floodway Coalition of Houston-Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 63-LULAC Council 402-Shady Acres Civic Assoc-Sunshiners Band,
                                 A Senior Show Band-Houston Bar Assoc and many other prof orgs | E-mail Address: brucemosier@sbcglobal.net | Website: www.mosierforjudge.org

                                                                                                      CouNtY CriMiNAL Court At LAW judGes
  Has jurisdiction over all criminal causes and proceedings, original and appellate prescribed by law for county courts. Each judge is elected for a four-year term.
                  QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)         What do you see as the most critical administration         Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to      Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                        of justice issue facing the courts? How would               maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                   for minor offenses? (60 word limit)
                                                                                                               you address it? (60 word limit)
                                 PAuLA GoodHArt, Republican                                      85% of individuals in prison today are high school drop-       A judge who identifies a conflict of interest should volun-     Cases should be reviewed on a case by case basis.
                                                                                                 outs.It is critical to identify misdemeanor defendants         tarily recuse herself from a matter. Litigants who believe      Factors to be considered should be the allegation, crimi-
                                 I am passionate about participating in a fair and effective     who are non-violent high school drop-outs and use court        a conflict exists should feel free to file a motion to recuse   nal history, ties to the community and community safety.
                                 criminal justice system and protecting the Texas and            intervention to motivate individuals to achieve success        without fear of reprisal. Our current system provides an        If an individual does not pose a threat to the community,
                                 United States Constitutions. My professional background         and responsibility through education.                          opportunity for such motions to be filed.                       has ties to a community and no criminal history, a misde-
No. 1

                                 and experiences give me the balanced perspective to                                                                                                                                            meanor personal bond may be appropriate.
                                 impartially and justly handle the matters presented in
                                 Court #1 with professionalism and integrity.
                                 Education/Degrees: University of Houston Law Center, J.D. 1993 University of Texas, B.A. with Honors 1990 J. Frank Dobie High School | Community Involvement: I have been an active participant in my childrens’ school as a homeroom mother, McGruff
                                 crime puppet volunteer, girl scout volunteer and International Day chairperson. | E-mail Address: campaign@paulagoodhart.com | Website: paulagoodhart.com

                                 beVerLY d. MeLoNtree, Democrat – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD

                                 biLL HArMoN, Republican                                         Harris County leads the entire country in alcohol related      yes                                                             Yes. Most first offenders charged with a misdemeanor
                                                                                                 traffic fatalities.                                                                                                            are a very low risk to commit a new crime while on bond
                                 4 years as an Asst. DA, 3 years as a criminal defense                                                                                                                                          and are generally responsible enough to appear in court
                                 attorney - 22 years as a Felony Judge - Presided over           Persons who are arrested and convicted of Driving While
No. 2

                                                                                                 Intoxicated as a first offender generally do not appreciate                                                                    when required.
                                 more than 600 Felony jury trials - Presided over 16
                                 Capital Murder trials - Presided over more than 100             the seriousness of their behavior. The judge should do
                                 misdemeanor jury trials                                         everything in his power to make sure that they do.
                                 Education/Degrees: Washingon and Lee University BA 1974 - St. Mary’s Law School - JD 1976 | Community Involvement: Little League coach 1995 and 1997
                                                                                                                                                                                                    coUnty cRiminaL coURt at LaW jUDGe, no.2 continUeD on next paGe

                                                                      League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                23
                                                                                              CouNtY CriMiNAL Court At LAW judGes continued
                  QUESTIONS TO   What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)         What do you see as the most critical administration          Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to     Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
                   CANDIDATES:                                                                       of justice issue facing the courts? How would                maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                  for minor offenses? (60 word limit)
                                                                                                              you address it? (60 word limit)
                                 MArY CoNNeALY ACostA, Democrat                                 The dockets are very heavy every day, and most business         There is alway room for improvement. At this time and           Yes. If more P.R. bonds were used this would cut down
                                                                                                is conducted in the morning. I would propose that several       administrative judge comes in the day of the hearing and        on the over crowding of the county jail. I would also
                                 I have practiced criminal law for the past fifteen years. I
No. 2 continued

                                                                                                days a week that we have afternoon dockets to eleviate          the parties put on their evidence and a decision is usually     make it possible for more people to get probations and
                                 worked as an adminitrator at the University of St. Thomas      the courts over crowding. This would cut down on the            made on the spot. I believe that the judge presiding over       not just jail time.
                                 prior to law school and during law school. I was single        long lines getting into the building and get people in and      the hearing needs more time to look into the individual
                                 parent for years and work and raised my son. These             out much quicker.                                               cases before making a decision.
                                 experiences have prepared me to take on the new and
                                 exciting challenge of being a judge.
                                 Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of St. Thomas, Masters in Finance and International Business, University of St. Thomas, Doctorate of Jurisprudence, South Texas College of law. | Community Involvement: Board of
                                 Directors George Foreman Youth and Community Center, St. Theresa School Board | E-mail Address: marylaw1@aol.com | Website: maryconnealyacostaforjudgecampaign

                                 NAtALie FLeMiNG, Republican                                    Repeat offenders cause our crime rate to remain high            Yes.                                                            While keeping in mind the safety of any alleged victim,
                                                                                                and slow down the administration of justice in our courts.                                                                      and as long as the individuals charged are first offenders
                                 I have been serving as the Judge of this court since my        More emphasis needs to be placed upon ensuring                                                                                  with strong ties to the community, then I believe the use
                                 appointment. Prior to that, I served as a visiting judge       that young offenders appreciate the seriousness of the                                                                          of personal recognizance bonds may be appropriate.
                                 throughout the Harris County Criminal Courts at Law for        situation presented to them so that they do not want to
                                 over 15 years. This, in conjuction with my experience          experience it again.
                                 as a felony prosecutor and fluency in Spanish make my
                                 uniquely qualified for this position.
                                 Education/Degrees: University of St. Thomas (BA, 1985); South Texas College of Law (JD, 1988) | Community Involvement: Board of Advisors, Saint Mary’s Seminary. Cookie Mom, Girl Scouts. | E-mail Address: natalie6@swbell.net | Website:
No. 3


                                 juditH sNiVeLY, Democrat                                       We need to seek remedies for the present bonding                Rule 18b of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure sets out         Yes, we definitely need to implement a system whereby
                                                                                                system to allow first time offenders pretrial bonds and         the rules for disqualification and recusal of judges. If        more pretrial bonds are issued. We have a severe prob-
                                 For the past twenty-two years I have practiced crimi-          alleviate jail crowding. One court should be designated to      used properly this rule is sufficient to maintain trust in      lem in Harris County with overcrowded jails. In proper
                                 nal law before all of the fifteen criminal misdemeanor         only hear uncontested matters on a rotating basis. Young        the judicial system.                                            misdemeanor cases we should take the burden from the
                                 benches in Harris County as a defense attorney. I have         offenders should be handled in a manner to deter further                                                                        tax payers and release more individuals from jail to their
                                 had exposure to every type of case that would come             criminal acts. Study of probation dept.                                                                                         families pending resolution of their cases.
                                 before me and every type of client. I have had to protect
                                 the Constitutional rights of my clients.
                                 Education/Degrees: B.A. Ohio State University J.D. South Texas College of Law | Community Involvement: I have always been involved with the PTO at HISD. I have served on neighborhood civic committees and done pro-bono work for different legal clinics.
                                 I have supported Ronald McDonald House and volunteered my time to different charities. | E-mail Address: judithforjudge@att.net | Website: judithforjudge.com

                                 joHN CLiNtoN, Republican                                       Our courts seem to focus solely on the rights of the            Yes, however, I see them used on occasion as a delay           Provided we have effective supervision of those out on
                                                                                                accused. While I strongly believe in enforcing the              tactic. I do not see recusals as a primary tool in maintain-   bond, yes. GPS and ankle monitoring, along with court-
                                 I spent 30 years as a Houston Police officer. I know the       Constitution, it is equally important to protect the rights     ing the public’s trust in the judicial system. An informed     ordered reporting to an approved agency will maintain
                                 criminal justice system from the ground up. My work in         of victims.                                                     electorate and open courtrooms are the keys to that.           public safety.
                                 the Robbery Division, investigating and preparing cases
                                 for trial, along with my courtroom experience, gives me
                                 unique insight into criminal trials and cases.
                                 Education/Degrees: Criminal Justice Degree, University of Houston; Law degree, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University. | Community Involvement: Previous work with Blue Santa Program and as community center volunteer; Coached
                                 Little League and works on finance committee of church. | E-mail Address: johnwclintonjr@sbcglobal.net | Website: www.clintonforjudge.com
No. 4

                                 ALFred G. ‘AL’ LeAL, Democrat                                  The most pressing problem in administering justice is           Yes, all recusal motions are heard promptly and by              During my previous judicial service I strongly supported
                                                                                                jail overcrowding and the expense associated with incar-        assignment to an impartial judicial officer.                    the creation of a pretrial release component and remain
                                 I possess over 37 years of criminal law experience &           ceration with limited access to rehabilitation. The most                                                                        an advocate today, especially in county criminal court,
                                 15 years of judicial experience, 12 of which were spent        effective way to address this problem is through the use                                                                        where the majority of offenses are non violent. Pretrial
                                 presiding over Harris County Criminal Court at Law #9.         of probation detention via house arrest & rehabilitative                                                                        bonds allow non violent offenders to return to work,
                                 My professional experience and military service dealing        and educational services.                                                                                                       school & family on a conditional basis.
                                 with substance abuse & mental health issues uniquely
                                 qualifies me for this bench.
                                 Education/Degrees: UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, Bates College of Law - Houston, TX J.D., Law 1973; UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON - Houston, TX B.S., Psychology 1967 | Community Involvement: Precinct Judge, 1972-1974, 2008-2009 State Democratic
                                 Executive Committee 1974-1980 Houston Bar Association, Legal Line Chair, 1984 Crime Stoppers Houston Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Harris County Tejano Democrats Bay Area New Democrats Sustaining Member, HCDP Graduate, American
                                 Leadership Forum | E-mail Address: al@lealforjudge.com | Website: www.lealforjudge.com

                                 MArGAret steWArt HArris, Republican                            The primary problem is a combination of a dearth of             Yes, I do. The rules create a system of due process that       Yes. These cases may include theft cases where a person
                                                                                                financial resources and a “wealth” of cases. We lack            ensures that persons charged with crimes may receive a         on bond can make restitution to the victim, or license
                                 I have 24 years of experience in criminal trial work: 8        treatment resources for substance abuse and mental              fair trial and that the community may have faith in their      suspension cases where a person on bond can clear their
                                 years as a judge, and 16+ years as a prosecutor. I have        health cases, so we must continue to be more creative           judiciary.                                                     license status. Because these situations require money,
                                 presided over 225+ jury trials as a judge and tried 100+       in searching for community resources and programs, as                                                                          the first offender with meager funds can use those for
                                 jury trials as a prosecutor. I taught criminal law to law      well as community placements for the mentally ill.                                                                             mitigation rather than for making bond.
                                 enforcement officers while a prosecutor and have edu-
                                 cated citizens groups on these issues.
                                 Education/Degrees: I received my J.D. (law degree) in May of 1986 from U of H Law Center. I graduated in May of 1982 with a B.S. in Psychology from Newcomb College of Tulane University. I am a native Houstonian and graduated from Lamar High School
No. 5

                                 in Houston, Texas in 1978. | Community Involvement: We attend St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Community, where I am a leader in the Children’s Liturgy of the Word program and a former teacher in the Children’s Church program. I am also an active
                                 volunteer in my children’s schools and extracurricular activities. I belong to several civic clubs and committees. | E-mail Address: JudgeMargaretHarris@gmail.com | Website: www.JudgeMargaretHarris.com

                                 ALFred ‘bud’ VALdez, Democrat                                  An issue facing our administration of justice is ensur-         Yes. I believe that when a judge is presented with the         Yes.
                                                                                                ing those individuals who want to have a jury trial, the        issue of recusal, the Court must ask whether it can truly
                                 Attorney for 25 years. During this time frame, I have          opportunity to fully present their case without a sense         be neutral during the presentation of the case. Just as
                                 represented hundreds of individuals in a wide variety of       that those around them “keep looking at their watches.”         when the attorneys ask whether a potential juror can be
                                 matters pertaining to criminal and civil issues in both the                                                                    unbiased to hear a case, I believe the Court must subject
                                 State and Federal courts. I have also been a mediator                                                                          itself to that same question.
                                 for over 15 years. The experience I bring to the court is
                                 diverse and diversity brings insight.
                                 Education/Degrees: TEXAS A&M -- B.A. SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE OF LAW -- J.D.

                                 LArrY stANdLeY, Republican                                     I’m a referee and shouldn’t have to be involved in the          Yes.                                                           Absolutely. The purpose of ANY bail bond is two-fold: 1)
                                                                                                appointment of lawyers. The County needs a Public                                                                              Make sure the public is safe & 2) Make sure the accused
                                 EXPERIENCE: Father of 4 kids for 20 years; Prosecutor          Defenders Office, or at least until then, a management                                                                         will show up for court on a certain future date. However,
                                 for 14 years; The Judge of this court for 12 years.            office to deal with the current system. I only want to “flip                                                                   all of this must be balance with the specific alleged facts
                                 Personally tried over 100 Criminal Jury Trials as a pros-      my coin, blow my whistle and make calls”. Keep me out                                                                          of the “minor” case as well as any prior criminal history
                                 ecutor & nearly 500 as the Judge Presiding of this Court       of any “team’s” business.                                                                                                      that might show a pattern.
                                 I seek re-election. I view all victims, lawyers, witnesses
                                 and defendants as humans & not a number.
                                 Education/Degrees: Juris Doctorate - South Texas College of Law, 1984 Bachelor of Science - Sam Houston State University 1980 Associate of Arts - Lone State College; 1978 High School Diploma - Aldine Sr. High School 1976
                                 Community Involvement: Volunteer - Children’s Assessment Center Guest speaker to all grade levels of local schools regarding the dangers of peer pressure, gang membership, substance abuse, and DWI’s. Also, the importance of graduating and having a
No. 6

                                 goal in life. I remind them that “An idle mind truly is the devil’s playground”. | E-mail Address: Mary.Pritchard@gophq.com | Website: www.harriscountygop.com/judges/BioJudgeStandley.htm
                                 deNise sPeNCer, Democrat                                       One of the most critical administration of justice issues       Texas law provides grounds for recusal of judges in            Yes. I support more use of personal recognizance bonds
                                                                                                facing the courts is the lack of a public defenders office.     court proceedings. These include (but are not limited          for minor offenses. The jails should not be filled with
                                 What most qualifies me for this position is my criminal        A county the size of Harris should have a fully staffed,        to) impartiality being questioned and personal bias or         individuals that are awaiting trial for minor offenses.
                                 justice experience. Having served as an assistant district     appropriately funded, indigent defense system in addition       prejudice concerning the subject matter or a party. The        This puts an unnecessary strain on jail personnel and
                                 attorney, associate municipal court judge, and criminal        to court-appointed attorneys. I would address this issue        current rules, IF APPROPRIATELY APPLIED, are sufficient        taxpayers.
                                 justice instructor, I have the knowledge needed to serve       by supporting such a system.                                    to maintain trust in the judicial system.
                                 as Judge of Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 6.
                                 Education/Degrees: Doctorate of Jurisprudence – The University of Texas School of Law; Bachelor of Arts in Government – The University of Texas at Austin | Community Involvement: Texas Challenge Academy – mentor for at-risk youth, Texas District
                                 and County Attorneys Association – Diversity Recruitment and Retention Committee, Lee College Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, Fort Bend County Child Fatality Review Team - coordinator | E-mail Address: odenisespencer@yahoo.com | Website:

 24                                                                   League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                      CouNtY CriMiNAL Court At LAW judGes continued
         QUESTIONS TO    What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)         What do you see as the most critical administration           Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to     Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
          CANDIDATES:                                                                          of justice issue facing the courts? How would               maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                  for minor offenses? (60 word limit)
                                                                                                        you address it? (60 word limit)
                        PAM derbYsHire, Republican                                      The most critical administration of justice issue facing        The current rules of recusal are sufficient to maintain the     I support the use of personal recognizance bonds for
                                                                                        the courts today is assuring public safety and providing        trust and integrity of the Harris County judiciary. Recusals    minor offenses for many defendants. I believe the nature
                        I have served as the Judge of this court for the past 12        a fair forum for victims and accused alike. My effort for       are heard by the regional presiding judge who is an expe-       of the offense charged, the defendants’ criminal record,
                        years.I was elected in 1998, 2002 and 2006. I began             the past twelve years has been to focus on reducing             rienced, senior respected jurist.                               the ties to the community, and likehood of appearance
                        my career as an Assistant District Attorney, served as a        recidivism, a challenge in light of overcrowded jails and                                                                       are all factors to be taken into consideration.
                        federal prosecutor and spent time in private practice. My       limited resources.
                        experience handling cases from both a state and defense
                        perspective gives me a balanced view.
                        Education/Degrees: University of South Florida (B.A. Criminal Justice) 1979; South Texas College of Law (J.D.) 1982 | Community Involvement: I contribute to many charities including the 100 Club, Special Olympics, Susan G. Komen
                        Foundation, Red Cross and others. I am a volunteer for the Houston Bar Law Day and Readers in the Schools. I am a guest speaker at local schools on drugs and alcohol,host an internship for students,and volunteer for local charities.
No. 7

                        E-mail Address: pamderbyshire@comcast.net | Website: www.harriscountygop.com

                        sHeLiA ACostA, Democrat                                         Rehabilitation is the most critical issue facing our courts.    Our judicial system is a system of checks and balances.         Absolutely. A bond is to insure that an individual returns
                                                                                        I believe we need to use whatever tools are necessary to        Recusal is an important factor in the dispensing of jus-        to court but it is often used as a punishment. Many
                        I have 14 years of criminal law experience and I have           educate our public and prevent our young offenders from         tice. A judge’s impartiality is the key to justice. A judge     people who have ties to the community can’t afford to
                        handled every type of case in the misdemeanor courts.           entering into the criminal system. By rehabilitating our        is bound by honor to uphold the law and if a judge has          pay a bond. If a defendant meets the criteria for a PR
                        I also have 20 plus years as a public school teacher            defendants, we are making them productive members               even a remote personal interest in a case, he must recuse       bond, then one should be granted.
                        which has exposed me to community residents from all            of our community.                                               himself immediately.
                        backgrounds.My knowledge of the law coupled with my
                        experience have prepared me for this position.
                        Education/Degrees: BS in Foreign Languages, NMSU, 1970, Doctorate, JP, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, 1996 | Community Involvement: I am an active member in my community church, St. Rose of Lima, and in my neighborhood civic club, Garden
                        Oaks, Sec.I | E-mail Address: shelawacosta@justice.com | Website: sheliaacostaforjudge.com

                        jAY KArAHAN, Republican                                         Defendants with mental health issues. The courts &              Yes. There is so much information readily available about        Yes, provided the pre-trial services agency serving the
                                                                                        county government are working together to institute             judges and lawyers and parties, so that if anyone had a          courts is properly funded & continues to carefully screen
                        30+ years in criminal justice: 3+ yrs internship; 20 yrs        ways to screen these cases & place them on different            legitimate concern about a judge’s impartiality in a case,       applicants for ties to the community, family support,
                        experience as lead trial counsel (prosecution & defense)        disposition tracks. Cooperation between sheriff (jail), DA,     a well-supported motion could be filed and expeditiously         employment, indigency, potential dangerousness, flight
                        in 150+ jury trials; 7+ yrs as judge in 200+ jury trials &      defense bar, courts, law enforcement, county govern-            decided within currently available recusal procedures.           risk, criminal history & other indicia of public safety &
                        35,000+ cases; bar leadership; & law school teaching &          ment & health care professionals is essential.                                                                                   reliability for their return to court.
                        public speaking. I have the experience, management skill
                        & temperament for this position.
                        Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Music, cum laude, degree in Music Theory, Florida State University 1978 Doctor of Jurisprudence, South Texas College of Law 1983 Board Certified Criminal Specialist, Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1988 |
                        Community Involvement: Board member, Metropolitan Dance Theater Board member, Asian American Bar Assoc. Advisory Board Member, The Company OnStage Cast member, Houston Bar Assoc. NIGHT COURT cast (community theater productions
No. 8

                        benefiting charity) Speaker at Houston schools RE drugs & alcohol Ct 8 has a DWI Repeat Offender Rehab program | E-mail Address: jkarahan@comcast.net | Website: www.judgejaykarahan.com

                        euGeNe NeWsoM, Democrat                                         The critical issues facing our courts are judges not            A timely filed recusal motion stops all judicial proceed-        Absolutely! PR bonds for minor non-violent offenses
                                                                                        being impartial and not following the law. My decisions         ings in a matter. Once filed, the sitting judge can only         should already be a common practice in our criminal
                        I have practiced criminal law throughout the state of           will always be dictated by our Constitution, Penal Code,        agree to the recusal or refer the motion to the administra-      justice system. The increased use of PR bonds will help
                        Texas, trying Misdemeanor, Juvenile and Felony cases.           Rules of Evidence and Code of Criminal Procedure. I will        tive judge for a hearing. If these procedures are followed       to reduce jail crowding, make our facilities safer, save the
                        I have helped to draft laws that judges swear to uphold.        apply each of these authorities equally to prosecutors          properly, I believe they are sufficient to maintain the          county money and decrease the number of individuals
                        My entire career has been based on the principle of fair-       and defense counsel.                                            integrity of our judicial system.                                pleading guilty just to be released.
                        ness and following our Penal Code, Rules of Evidence and
                        Code of Criminal Procedure.
                        Education/Degrees: Tennessee State University - B.S. with Honors, Political Science/Pre-Law, Texas Southern University/Thurgood Marshall School of law - J.D. Magna Cum Laude | Community Involvement: National Marrow Donor Program,
                        100 Black Men - Houston Metropolitan Chapter volunteer, Guest Law School Lecturer/Mock Trial Judge, Habitat for Humanity, Charity Races for Cancer and Sickle Cell Awareness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston | E-mail Address:
                        info@EugeneNewsom.com | Website: www.EugeneNewsom.com

                        ANALiA WiLKersoN, Republican                                    The volume of cases filed is growing. The economy has           Yes. I haven’t had issues with this. I recuse myself when       I do, if the defendant is a first offender, does not have a
                                                                                        forced us to appoint lawyers for many more defendants.          my old partner has a case in my court. I’ve only had            history of not showing up for court, or charged with an
                        I have served 16 years. I run an efficient court, trying        Those costs are going up significantly. The State wants a       one recusal with a lawyer/defendant who was mentally            evasive offense. I don’t see granting pretrial bonds to
                        most cases within 6 months of the arrest date. My               public defender system which would be good. However,            unstable and would not get treatment. I was not recused.        those who have outstanding warrants for not showing up
                        undergraduate is in Criminal Justice. I’ve been certified       they give us no funds to enable us to create one. We are        I’ve seen many recusals of judges making inappropriate          for traffic court, etc. Those should be made by a bonds-
                        in Criminal Law by the Tx Center for the Judiciary. I have      working on a better plan right now.                             comments and believe that system works.                         man who can better supervise them.
                        never been reversed by any court and been endorsed by
                        the C Club, HPOU, and Sheriff’s groups.
                        Education/Degrees: High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice(1982). Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice, University of Houston-Downtown(1985). University of Houston Law School(1988).
No. 9

                        juANitA jACKsoN bArNer, Democrat                                The overcrowding in our county jails is the most critical       The current rules to recuse are insufficient. In Harris         Our courts should grant qualified non-violent offenders
                                                                                        issue in our justice system. Once elected, I will assure        County, by way of law, Motions to Disqualify are often          personal bonds. It will decrease the overcrowding in our
                        I had a successful career in college administration which       qualified non-violent defendants receive personal bonds         referred by the regional adminstrative judge to the county      jails, cut down on the administrative costs, and increase
                        gave me a great deal of administrative, supervisory and         and that non-violent mentally-ill defendants are evalu-         administrative judge, who is usually a close peer of the        a defendant’s ability to hire counsel more quickly. Overall
                        fiscal/budgetary experience. I taught academic and lead-        ated timely and referred to effective programs instead of       judge at question. The result is often biased and it cre-       it will increase the courts ability to get cases resolved
                        ership skills at two major universities and as an adjunct       languishing in our jails.                                       ates a sense of impropriety.                                    more efficiently.
                        law professor. I enjoy an excellent reputation among my
                        peers, court staff and the judiciary.
                        Education/Degrees: B.A.(Criminal Justice)- University of Alabama,1988 J.D.- Thurgood Marshall School of Law, 1997 | Community Involvement: I actively participate in numerous community organizations and charitable events. I regularly volunteer at my chil-
                        dren’s schools and my church. I have organized numerous charity drives, events and fundraisers. I currently sponsor and mentor several indigent individuals and families in crisis. | E-mail Address: barnerforjudge@att.net | Website: www.juanitabarner.com
                        sHerMAN A. ross, Republican                                     The overcrowding of jails, coupled with the diminishment        In the Criminal Justice system, I feel the rules are suf-        Yes. The Harris County Criminal Courts use PreTrial
                                                                                        of funds for alternative programs, is a challenge for the       ficient to maintain trust.                                       Release bonds extensively and I personally support the
                        My experience and standing in the Justice Community.            Courts as well as the community.                                                                                                 concept of release with supervision
                        In my almost 30 years as a sitting Judge, I have actively
                        participated in the evolving justice system in Harris           I have served as Presiding Judge on a number of occa-
                        County. My ratings have always been high and I enjoy
No. 10

                                                                                        sions and will work with the Legislature as well as
                        the respect and participation of the entire Bar, Defence        Commissioners Court to strive for innovative solutions
                        and State.
                        Education/Degrees: Attended the University of Texas, University of Houston and South Texas College of Law. Licensed in September 1966 | Community Involvement: Active in the Houston Bar Association and recipient of “Committee Chairman of the Year”
                        award Houston Bar Association, Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, Community Service Options Program, Urban Mentors Program | E-mail Address: sross@airmail.net

                        Lori CHAMbers GrAY, Democrat – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD

                        diANe buLL, Republican                                          The safety of the community and fair administration of          I’ve never been the subject of a motion to recuse, but I         Yes, but only if the person otherwise is assessed as a
                                                                                        justice is of paramount importance. Jail overcrowding           believe the rules in place are adequate to protect litigants     “low risk” individual. A person’s criminal history, stability
                        I’ve served as judge of this court for the past 15+ yrs, am     and severe budget cuts have forced the criminal courts          from unfair bias. No system is perfect. Currently, a senior      (flight risk)and ties to the community are also important
         NO PHOTO       a former Asst DA and practitioner of crim law for 25+ yrs.      to do more with less to reduce recidivism rates. To this        judge from another jurisdiction hears these cases as             factors to consider.
         AVAILABLE      I’ve rec’d num awards and recog for jud’l excellence from       end, our courts have recently employed the therapy court        needed. This avoids possible local bias and the appear-
                        law enforcement and community orgs such as MADD,                model targeting hard core DWI offenders.                        ance of impropriety.
                        Crime Stoppers, Child Advocates and Food Bank. I’m
                        committed to safety and fairness for all.
                        Education/Degrees: 1981 Texas A & M University, BA, cum laude 1985 Baylor Law School, JD 2007 Texas College for Judicial Studies, Criminal Jurisprudence | Community Involvement: I’ve served on the Board of sev’l local charities including Food Bank
                        and Child Advocates, and participated in many local community service projects. I’ve chaired the HBA IDEA Committee, & am a frequent speaker in local schools. I serve on the Budget Comm for our jud region and am Chair of the Harris Co Bail Bond Board
No. 11

                        E-mail Address: dianebull@sbcglobal.net | Website: www.harriscountygop.com

                        MArK diAz, Democrat                                              Innefective use of a full work day at the courthouse and        No. The process should be more removed that it currently        Yes, it is time to stop wasting taxpayer money by working
                                                                                         the “cookie cutter” justice that has gone on for too long       is. The hearing should be in a completely different court-      to end the needless warehousing of non-violent, first time
                        I have been a Criminal Defense Attorney for 12 years.            in Harris County. It is time to have judges who will listen     room and conducted before a judge with no ties to the           offenders in the county jail, instead giving full consider-
                        I have had trial experience ranging from minor misde-            to all of the evidence and circumstances before making          county. It has happened that recusals have been heard in        ation to solutions, such as personal recognizance bonds,
                        meanors to Capital Murder (non-death). Having effec-             a decision and that are willing to put in a full work day.      the very court in which the recusal is being sought, and        pre-trial diversion, and effective sentencing that benefits
                        tively represented the very clients who appear before                                                                            the sitting judge in chambers.                                  the community.
                        these courts, I have a specialized knowledge of the
                        County Courts.
                        Education/Degrees: Undergraduate: BA - University of Houston Downtown JD: Thurgood Marshall School of Law - 1998 | E-mail Address: markdiaz@texascriminaljustice.com | Website: www.markdiazcampaign.com

                                                             League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                 25
                                                                                     CouNtY CriMiNAL Court At LAW judGes continued
         QUESTIONS TO   What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)         What do you see as the most critical administration          Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to     Do you support more use of personal recognizance bonds
          CANDIDATES:                                                                       of justice issue facing the courts? How would                maintain trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)                  for minor offenses? (60 word limit)
                                                                                                     you address it? (60 word limit)
                        robiN broWN, Republican                                        As case filings grow and during these tough economic            Yes.                                                            Pre-trial release bonds that are supervised by Harris
                                                                                       times, Judges are required to do more with even less                                                                            County Pre-Trial Services are an integral part of our
                        I have been working in the criminal courts of Harris           resources. I think it is imperative to keep experienced,                                                                        criminal justice system. I grant these consistent with
          NO PHOTO      County for 27 years. I was an Assistant District Attorney      hard-working Judges on the bench at this time. The tax-                                                                         balancing the need to protect the community, assuring
          AVAILABLE     for 11 years and prosecuted over 100 first chair jury tri-     payers have an investment in my training and experience,                                                                        the re-appearance of the defendant and providing good
                        als. I was a District Court Chief for 6 years. I was elected   and I am committed to this work.                                                                                                stewardship of the county resources.
                        in 1994 and have been consistently one of the highest
                        rated judges in the local bar poll.
                        Education/Degrees: B.A., University of Houston 1979; J. D., University of Houston 1981 | Community Involvement: I’m a lifelong resident of Houston and a member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church where I’ve served in the Children’s Chapel ministry as a
No. 12

                        Sunday school teacher, member of the vestry, and member of the Board of Trustees for St. Mark’s School. I have been a troop committee member for Boy Scout Troop 211 for over 10 years.

                        CHerYL HArris diGGs, Democrat                                  Docket management. Ensuring that every defendant has            No. The judge against who a motion to recuse is filed           Yes. The Office of Court Services exists to help minor
                                                                                       their day in court is more important than the number of         should not be the person who gets to decide whether             offenders who meet certain criteria be released on their
                        My diversity of experience most qualifies me for this          cases on the docket. Defense attorneys, prosecutors,            they will self-recuse or whether they will refer the mat-       own recognizance. Now, the agency’s focus has been
                        position. I am a former bilingual pretrial officer. I have     and defendants are pressured to resolve their cases             ter to the presiding judge in their administrative region.      shifted to supervising people who have been released on
                        handled immigration cases. I have served as a bilingual        quickly. It takes time to investigate cases. I will not force   Changes to the recusal rules are being considered for           surety bonds. That is not why the agency was created.
                        legal advocate at the Houston Area Women’s Center. I           quick trials or quick pleas in my court.                        this very reason.                                               More PR bonds would ease jail overcrowding.
                        handle cases in state and federal court in Southeast and
                        Central Texas.
                        Education/Degrees: B.S. Georgetown University - May 1992; J.D. - University of Houston - December 1997 | Community Involvement: I am Chairman of the Board of Kujichagulia, Inc. which is a Christian girls’ mentoring organization.
                        I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Windsor Village United Methodist Church, Scott Terrace Civic Club, Houston Lawyers Association, HBAD, Tejano Democrats, and Area 5 Democrats. | E-mail Address: diggsforjudge@gmail.com

                        doN sMYtH, Republican                                          The most critical issue facing the courts is the large num-     The current rules regarding the recusal of judges from          A “personal recognizance bond” is the release of an
                                                                                       ber of cases on the dockets. The accused and the victim         cases where they have a potential bias or conflict of           accused based on his promise to appear in court to
                        Don Smyth has practiced criminal law for 37yrs after           of a crime are entitled to as speedy a disposition of a         interest are sufficient if properly and consistently applied.   answer the charges against him. I approve of the use of
                        graduating from The University of Texas School of Law.         case as is consistent with the ends of justice. The courts      It is essential that judges not only handle cases without       such bonds so long as the accused has the maturity to
                        He has tried hundreds of misdemeanor & felony criminal         must aggressively work with the attorneys to eliminate          bias but also appear to handle their cases without bias,        appear in court as required or has a support system that
                        trials during his 33yrs as an Assistant District Attorney.     unnecessary and costly case delays.                             fear, or favor.                                                 will see that the accused honors his commitments.
                        Don has also argued civil & criminal cases before the
                        TX.CRIM.APP., the S.CT.TX.& the 5TH CIRCUIT.
                        Education/Degrees: Westbury High School,Houston,Texas; University of Texas-Austin, BA(Economics/Phi Beta Kappa)-1970; University of Texas School of Law, JD-1973. | Community Involvement: Active Member St.Paul’s United Methodist Church (since
                        1985); Boy Scout Leader (since 1986); Eagle Scout (1961);Emergency Aid Coalition,Volunteer;100 Club,Life Member & Survivor’s Club Member;Houston Bar Association, Criminal Law/Procedure-Treasurer,Vice Chair, Chair;Texas Exes,Life Member;Certified
No. 13

                        Texas Peace Officer 26yrs | E-mail Address: l_smyth@att.net | Website: www.DonSmythForJudge.com

                        deNNis sLAte, Democrat                                         Indigent defense. We need to have a public defender’s           The rules are fine with one exception; they are too broad.      Absolutely. The courts now barely use PR bonds, which
                                                                                       office in Harris County; set up in the model of the Federal     The rules allow for open interpretations by the judge you       results in more defendants in jail awaiting trial, more
                        In the last 10 years, I have handled nearly every type of      Public Defender. The judges, citizens, and the County           are asking to be recused and that it makes it hard even         need to appoint lawyers for those defendants, and no
                        case that comes before this court. In this race, I am the      Commissioners need to push for this reform. Getting the         in correct cases to remove the biased or conflicted jurist      benefit to the county or taxpayers. The current bond
                        ONLY candidate to routinely work in the County Courts          recent grant money is a good first step to ensure better        from the case. Having the administrative judge oversee          schedules must be redone to allow these minor cases to
                        and that has JUDICIAL experience. I have twice been            representation for the indigent.                                the recusal process is valuable.                                use PR bonds and ensure justice for our citizens.
                        selected after competitive interviews to serve as an
                        associate judge, in Houston and Pearland.
                        Education/Degrees: Texas A&M University; BS in Political Science University of Houston; Doctor of Jurisprudence | Community Involvement: Pasadena Bar Association(Past President), Houston Bar Association Equal Access to Justice, Volunteer lawyer for
                        Houston Veterans, Reserve Officers Association, Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, SPCA volunteer/ donor, HoustonFit volunteer coach. | E-mail Address: Dennis@Slateforjudge.com | Website: SlateforJudge.com

                        MiKe FieLds, Republican                                        The most critical administration of justice issue facing the    Yes.                                                            Each case should be addressed on a case by case basis.
                                                                                       courts is, in my opinion, docket management. Without
                        I have been the Judge of Harris County Criminal Court          proper docket management, cases languish for imper-
                        at Law #14 for nearly twelve years. In that time, I have       missibly long periods of time resulting in a lack of Justice
                        taken our docket from one of the largest to the smallest.      for Defendants and Victims alike. I have implemented a
                        I have been named Judge of the Year by the Houston             series of docket management strategies (///)
                        Police Officer’s Union, the P.O.L.I.C.E. organization, have
                        received the MADD Judicial Service awa (///)
                        Education/Degrees: B.S.C.J Texas State University, J.D. St. Mary’s University | Community Involvement: Co-Chair, JDAI Disproportionate Minority Confinement Committee, State Commission on Judicial Conduct, former Board member Lone Star Chapter
                        M.S. Society, former outside Director, Leadership Houston, Associate Minister Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church | E-mail Address: judgefields@msn.com
No. 14

                        Lee HArPer WiLsoN, Democrat                                    I favor change and reform. Reform through the use of            No. Judges should not decide cases whereby a party’s            I do favor the expanded use of personal recognizance
                                                                                       a public defender program for indigent defendants.              lawyer or law firm has contributed substantial or exces-        bonds for first time defendants in non- violent cases.
                        I am the only candidate that is Board Certified in Criminal    Change through the use of law school interns; e-filing,         sive campaign contributions to judge’s campaign. We             Judges in criminal courts must always promote public
                        Law. I will bring change and reform. Reform because I          visits to schools to explain the consequences of crimes;        need new rules to substantially limit campaign contribu-        safety. And they must strive to continue to protect the
                        favor a public defender program for indigent defendants.       and the creation of a county criminal court to deal with        tions to judicial campaigns. New amounts must be set at         innocent victims of crime. Restitution must be ordered to
                        Change because I favor converting a county court to deal       domestic violence cases.                                        a very low amount.                                              compensate the innocent victims of crime.
                        exclusively with domestic violence cases and the e-filing
                        all documents.
                        Education/Degrees: J.D. Thurgood Marshall School of Law/Texas Southern University; B.A. Political Science, University of Houston; and A.A. Coastal Bend College. | Community Involvement: Sheltering Arms Volunteer; “I Have a Dream” Mentor; Houston
                        Lawyer Referral Service Board of Trustees; Mexican Bar Association Board of Directors; Houston Community Services Board Of Directors; Houston Bar Association Chair:Inmate Life Skills; Ripley House Volunteer Lawyer offering presentations in Spanish and
                        English. | E-mail Address: leeharperwilson2010@yahoo.com | Website: leeharperwilsonforjudge.com

                        jeAN sPrAdLiNG HuGHes, Republican                              Defendants with mental illness/mental retardation. 25%          Yes. Judges must remain fair and impartial but you must         If a defendant is qualified. Over past few years we have
                                                                                       of jailed defendants on psychotropic medication. County         also prevent forum shopping through recusals.                   seen a change in the population - more people in the
                        38 years in the criminal justice system - law enforcement,     Criminal Courts have pilot mental health program with                                                                           criminal justice system have lengthy criminal records,
                        corrections and courts. This broad understanding of the        special prosecutor & defense attorney who quickly                                                                               no stable ties to the community, resulting in greater likli-
                        criminal justice system, along with my life experiences, is    assess & refer qualifying defendants to treatment & res-                                                                        hood of commiting further crimes while on bond or not
                        invaluable in determing appropriate outcomes for cases         toration, reducing jail population cost recidivism                                                                              appearing in court.
                        appearing before me as Judge the past 15 years.
                        Education/Degrees: University of Texas at Dallas B.A. Political Science/Criminal Justice South Texas College of Law, J.D. Advanced Certificate Texas Commission on Law Enforement Standards and Education | Community Involvement: Republican Womens
                        Clubs, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Chapelwood United Methodist Church, Houston Food Bank Serving for Success Committee | E-mail Address: jshughes15@gmail.com | Website: www.harriscountygop.com
No. 15

                        toNi MArtiNez iNGVerseN,                                       Dealing with the mentally incompetent defendant is              The current rules should be sufficient.                         Yes, this would be of help for indigent defendants, as well
                        Democrat                                                       an issue that may be facilitated by creating a separate                                                                         as relieve jail overcrowding.
                                                                                       court which can provide for immediate evaluation of
                        My experience serving as full-time Municipal Court judge       competency and referral to treatment facility, if needed.
                        for the City of Houston for the past 14 years qualifies me.    Jail overcrowding can be relieved by increasing use of PR
                        I have presided over hundreds of trials, including bench       bonds for minor offenses.
                        and jury trials. Having handled high-volume dockets and
                        doing arraignments in Spanish provides me with greater
                        insight and broader perspective.
                        Education/Degrees: BA at U of Missouri at St Louis 1968. JD at U. of Houston Law Center 1973 | Community Involvement: Past President of: Asian American Bar Assoc., Asian American Democrats of Texas, Asian Pacific American Heritage Assoc. and
                        President Emeritus of same. Currently on Advisory Board of Organization of Chinese Americans. Volunteer at Buddhist Temple and Rolling Thunder. | E-mail Address: mingversen@yahoo.com | Website: toni4judge.com

                                                  To find ouT where your precincT voTes on elecTion day:
                                                                        Call 713.755.6965                                            www.harrisvotes.com
                                                                         or 713.368.2200                                             or www.hcvoter.net

26                                                           League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                                    CouNtY ProbAte judGes
This court has jurisdiction over the probation of wills, appointment of guardians, and the settlement partition and distribution of estates. Probate Courts Nos. 3 and 4 share processing of the mental illness dockets with staff support by Court No.3. Each judge is elected to a
four-year term.
              QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                        What do you see as the most critical administration of justice issue                  Do you think the current rules to recuse are sufficient to maintain
               CANDIDATES:                                                                                                 facing the courts? How would you address it? (60 word limit)                                    trust in the judicial system? (60 word limit)
                             LoYd WriGHt, Republican                                                                Judges who do not follow the law. This may be from a lack of experience,            No, current recusal rules do not adequately address the issue of campaign
                                                                                                                    a political agenda, a failure to understand the role of a judge, pandering to       contributions to judges from attorneys/litigants who appear in their court.
                             I have 25+ years estate planning, probate, and guardianship experience.                contributors or a conflict of interest. I would increase public awareness of        Addressing this issue in some fashion and restrictions on these contributions
                             I have handled hundreds of probate matters and been appointed by many                  judges who legislate from the bench and eliminate campaign contributions            could help change negative public perception of our judicial elections and
                             probate judges (Republican and Democrat) as Administrator, Temporary                   by attorneys.                                                                       justice system.
                             Administrator, Guardian, Temporary Guardian, and Attorney and Guardian Ad
                             Litem, often in contested cases.
Court No. 1

                             Education/Degrees: J.D. - University of Houston (1981); M.B.A.- University of Texas Graduate School of Business(1980); B.B.A. - Accounting, University of Texas (1977) | Community Involvement: Served on Board of University of Texas Parents Assoc.;
                             Coached baseball in Post Oak Little League; Coached softball at Chapelwood Methodist; Coached football at Spring Branch-Memorial; Volunteer in numerous GOP campaigns; Member, Houston Estate & Financial Forum; Member, Houston Business & Estate
                             Planning Council | E-mail Address: lhwlaw@gmail.com | Website: loydwright.com
                             KAtHY stoNe, Democrat                                                                  The antiquated computer system is the most critical issue facing the Harris         In 2009 the legislature modified the rules to expand which Judges can hear
                                                                                                                    County Probate Courts and the attorneys who practice in those courts. I am          recusal motions. At this time, the current rules are sufficient to maintain trust
                             I am the current Judge of the Court. Attorneys voting in the 2010 Judicial             the representative from all the Probate Courts on the County’s technology           in the system. There are still a handful of litigants who abuse the recusal
                             Qualification Poll voted me the most qualified by 84%. I have over 30 years            committee and have been working with other users to get a unified system            system for delay purposes only. This requires a rule change by the legislature.
                             experience as an attorney and almost 20 years as a Judge. I have presided              for all the county.
                             over 600+ jury trials and heard hundreds of thousands of non-jury trials and
                             Education/Degrees: 2009 & 2010 National College of Probate Judges; 1997 National Judicial College; 1979 J.D. South Texas College of Law; and 1969 B.S. Oklahoma State University | Community Involvement: Volunteer Habitat for Humanity; Volunteer
                             Block Walker for the American Heart Association; Area Captain for American Lung Association | E-mail Address: judgestone@JudgeKathyStone.com | Website: www.JudgeKathyStone.com

                             MiKe Wood, Republican                                                                  The population growth in Harris County continues to put a strain on most            The current rules of disqualification and recusal are sufficient to remove
                                                                                                                    of the judicial system, particularly in the family courts. All judges and their     judges who should be removed from cases. Unfortunately, some parties
                             I have been judge since 1993. I implemented a user-friendly web page for               staffs must implement docket management techniques to fairly and expedi-            and lawyers blame an allegedly unfair judge for the loss of their case rather
                             the court, began scheduling court hearings through court staff at the con-             tiously handle the business of the courts. The Probate courts already have          than the facts or the law. No change in the recusal rules would cure that
                             venience of the parties, began holding uncontested probate hearings in four            such systems.                                                                       emotional feeling.
                             courtrooms outside of downtown, and began issuing letters testamentary in
                             the courtroom.
Court No. 2

                             Education/Degrees: B.A. Economics, Rice University, 1970, J.D., University of Texas School of Law, 1972 | Community Involvement: Sr. Captain, Houston Volunteer Fire Department, 2004-date, Former foster parent, DePelchin Faith Home, Former member,
                             Administrative Board, St. Lukes United Methodist Church
                             joeLLeN sNoW, Democrat                                                                 Impropriety when Judges favor attorneys and parties who are major cam-              Yes, the current grounds for recusal of Judges are fairly broad and the recusal
                                                                                                                    paign contributors. The Probate Courts should establish a uniform, random           process for Probate Judges has recently been improved. Campaign contribu-
                             My 20+ years of experience representing elderly clients, grieving clients, and         system for appointment of attorneys, maintain the maximum fee schedule,             tions from a party, attorney, or law firm in excess of the voluntary limits of
                             clients struggling with the care of incapacitated loved ones, my 28 years of           and limit total fees. Campaign contribution limits should be made mandatory.        the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act should be added as a ground for recusal.
                             judicial experience, and my own life experience make me highly qualified to
                             be a Probate Judge.
                             Education/Degrees: Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of Texas 1978; Master of Public Affairs, University of Texas 1979; Bachelor of Arts with High Honor in Political Science, Michigan State University 1975 | Community Involvement: Board Member and
                             former President, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance; Former Board member, Houston Heights Association; Various leadership positions, St. Mark’s United Methodist Church; Hosted 2 foreign exchange students, AFS Intercultural Programs;
                             Member, The Professional Group | E-mail Address: jsnow@snowforprobatejudge.com | Website: www.SnowforProbateJudge.com

                             rorY robert oLseN, Republican                                                          The legal system needs to revamp the way that the mentally ill are treated.         In the last session of the Texas Legislature, the procedure for handling recusal
                                                                                                                    As things are now, too many involuntary mental health patients are stabilized       hearings in the probate courts was changed. The system now in place for the
                             I have over three decades of experience in the probate courts, the last dozen          in the hospital and then released only to return to the system in a few days        statutory probate courts should be the guide for the rest of the court system,
                             as a probate judge. As a lawyer, I practiced in the probate courts regularly. As       or weeks because they go off of their medications and self medicate with            since it provides safeguards not found elsewhere.
                             a judge I have pioneered efficient docket control procedures and worked to             street drugs.
                             improve the way that the court system deals with mentally ill.
Court No. 3

                             Education/Degrees: B.A., Loyola University, 1971 J.D., Duke University, 1974 M.B.A., U.N.C., 1976 LL.M. (Master of Laws in Taxation) S.M.U., 1980 Master of Judicial Science, U.N.R., 2010 | Community Involvement: Past Vice President of the Houston
                             Jaycees; almost thirty years as a Rotarian.

                             PrisCiLLA WALters, Democrat                                                            The Courts are too expensive and the judges play favorites. In Probate Court        No. It is almost impossible to get a Harris County Judge recused unless
                                                                                                                    3, I would start a pro bono program for those who cannot afford a lawyer.           the judge agrees, which is rare. I am already discussing with the other
                             I’ve been a nurse for 30 years and a civil trial lawyer for 20 years. Healthcare       I would also start an Ombudsperson program so that there is system to               Democratic candidadates, changes in the Probate Court rules. A better recu-
                             knowledge is critical in this Court, where applications for commitments and            address public complaints and suggestions for the Court.                            sal rule is needed to prevent conflicts and I will work with the other judges
                             mandatory medication are decided. Also, complex civil disputes are now tried                                                                                               to improve this process.
                             in Probate Court. I am the only candidate with experience in all of these areas.
                             Education/Degrees: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and biology from Texas Woman’s University and law degree from the University of Houston Law Center. | Community Involvement: I am a volunteer for local elementary schools. I actively
                             support the SPCA, Women for Women Int’l, and Habitat for Humanity. This includes building houses for Habitat with the State Bar. I am in the 7th Amendment PAC preserving a citizen’s right to jury trials. I represent several pro bono clients every year. |
                             E-mail Address: priscillawaltersforjudge@gmail.com | Website: www.priscillawalters.com
                             CHristiNe riddLe butts, Republican                                                     Harris County Probate Courts 3 and 4 preside over the mental health docket.         A judge must recuse herself if “impartiality might reasonably be questioned”
                                                                                                                    Currently, the mentally ill are under served in Harris County, as elsewhere.        or she “has a personal bias or prejudice concerning the subject matter or a
                             My dedication to my mission to serve families in times of crisis in a thought-         The funding necessary to properly address the treatment of mentally ill             party, or personal knowledge of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the
                             ful, compassionate, and deliberate way that most qualifies me to serve Harris          patients does not exist. As a judge, I would raise awareness of this problem.       proceeding.” The process of appealing a judge’s decision in this regard
                             County as the next Judge of Harris County Probate Court 4. I invest my time,                                                                                               should be improved.
                             talent, and treasure in this mission every day.
                             Education/Degrees: J.D., University of Houston Law Center 1996 B.B.A., University of Texas 1993 Westfield High School, Houston, Texas 1989 | Community Involvement: Active Member of Junior League of Houston- I spend 80 hours a year making baby
Court No. 4

                             blankets. Planned Giving Council of Houston- Board Member Champions Figure Skating Club- Seamstress for the Club Texas Children’s Hospital- Former Volunteer Houston Achievement Place- Advisory Board Member Past Boy and Girl Scout Leader |
                             E-mail Address: butts@buttsforjudge.com | Website: www.buttsforjudge.com

                             tAMMY MANNiNG, Democrat                                                               I am concerned about a lack of uniformity and a perception of unfairness             Yes, the recent amendments to the probate recusal procedure have improved
                                                                                                                   in the appointment of attorneys in probate courts. I will work with the other        the perception of bias. It will be interesting to observe whether the changes
                             EXPERIENCE. I have over 20 years of litigation and mediation experience, the          probate judges to create a level playing field and an expanded and rotating          reduce the improper use of the recusal motion to force continuances and
                             last 15 years of which has been focused on probate, trust and guardianship            list of qualified appointees--all of which will increase the credibility of the      delay (rather than for bringing potential bias to the attention of the admin-
                             cases in the probate courts of Harris and surrounding counties. I co-manage a         probate court                                                                        istrative judges).
                             law firm that has roughly the same size staff and budget of Probate Court #4.
                             Education/Degrees: BBA, University of Houston 1986; Law Degree (JD), University of Houston Law Center 1989; Mediation Certificaton 1998 | Community Involvement: Legislatively appointed Board Member, Harris County Improvement District #6; elected
                             by my peers to the Probate Council, Houston Bar Association; American Constitution Society member; Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program volunteer; Assoc. of Women Attorneys; frequent speaker on probate topics at CLE seminars | E-mail Address:
                             Tammy@ManningforProbateJudge.com | Website: www.ManningforProbateJudge.com

                                                                                                                               distriCt CLerK
Duties include custodial care and safekeeping of all court records for the district courts and county courts and accounting for all money paid in as deposits on civil cases waiting disposition and all monies awarded to minors in court actions that are paid into the registry of the
court. The department accounts for and processes child support paymnents and also coordinates the jury system for the courts. The District Clerk is elected to a four-year term.

              QUESTIONS TO         What most qualifies you for this position?           What are the most critical issues facing this office?         QUESTIONS TO             What most qualifies you for this position?           What are the most critical issues facing this office?
               CANDIDATES:                     (50 word limit)                                    Please discuss. (60 word limit)                      CANDIDATES:                         (50 word limit)                                    Please discuss. (60 word limit)
                             CHris dANieL, Republican                                  As your District Clerk, I will improve the online legal                           LoreN jACKsoN, Democrat                                    Reduced budgets to meet increasing demand.
                                                                                       filing system to be compatible with other counties                                                                                           Over the past 2 years, my office’s budget has
                             As your Proven Elected Conservative, with a back-         & the Federal System, improve child support pay-                                  Before becoming Harris County District Clerk, I was        been reduced by over 2 million dollars. These cuts
                             ground in Engineering and Patent Law, educated            ments, improve juror experience by addressing                                     a litigation attorney for 5 years, practicing in federal   proved challenging, but I have been equal to the
                             at the University of Texas and South Texas College        parking & jury duty notice, protect citizens from                                 and district courts. I have first-hand knowledge as        challenge. I am one of only 2 countywide elected
                             of Law, I am a business owner with management                                                                                               to how the courts can be made more efficient. I

                                                                                       ID theft on court documents and I will cut waste.                                                                                            officials who stayed within budget, and cut spend-
                             experience who has cut taxes & managed a budget           www.ChrisDaniel.org                                                               have a proven record of working within the tough           ing, yet improved services.
                             in excess of $250 Million as a unpaid Trustee for the                                                                                       budget constraints that we now suffer in Harris
                             Lone Star College System.                                                                                                                   County.
                             Education/Degrees: I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at                                Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Texas A & M University, 2000 Doctorate of Jurisprudence, South Texas
                             Austin and my J.D. from South Texas College of Law. | Community Involvement: I am a member of Houston’s                                     College of Law, 2003 | Community Involvement: Board Member of Downtown YMCA. Houston Bar Association
                             Second Baptist Church, and I have been active in Target Hunger, Houston Food Bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters. I                              Habitat for Humanity. Houston Police Department Blue Santa Program-Donor Agency 2009 HBA Minority
                             have also earned the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. I have volunteered and headed up multiple                          Opportunities in the Legal Profession Committee (2008-2010). Sponsor-American Red Cross Represented indigent
                             social and community projects. | E-mail Address: texas.daniel@gmail.com | Website: www.ChrisDaniel.org                                      persons pro bono in eviction proceedings. | E-mail Address: campaign@lorenjackson.com | Website: www.

                                                                   League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                                27
                                                                                                                                 CouNtY CLerK
 This Department keeps the Public records of the county, including those filed by the general public with the County Clerk and all records of actions of Commissioners Court, the probate courts, the county and county court, and civil courts-at-law. The clerk handles all special
 and general elections called by the county and provides for assignment of voting equipment and supplies to polling places. This office also trains and coordinates election officials and tabulates election returns. The County Clerk is elected for a four-year term.

                 QUESTIONS TO        What most qualifies you for this position?              Do you support combinining voter registration             QUESTIONS TO            What most qualifies you for this position?                Do you support combinining voter registration
                  CANDIDATES:                    (50 word limit)                             and elections administration into one entity in            CANDIDATES:                        (50 word limit)                               and elections administration into one entity in
                                                                                                    Harris County? (60 word limit)                                                                                                              Harris County? (60 word limit)
                                stAN stANArt, Republican                                 If we have an unelected “Elections Administrator”,                              ANN HArris beNNett,                                         No, I do not support the creation of another level
                                                                                         the voters will have lost access to an elected official                         Democrat                                                    of government nor an appointee not accountable
                                Over 25 Years of Professional Experience as an           they can hold accountable. An “Elected” official is                                                                                         to the voters.
                                Engineer and Technical Manager. I have brought           critical to ensuring that “we the people” have con-                             My experience most qualifies me for the position
                                technology to many organizations including               trol of our voting process. Accountability to the vot-                          of County Clerk. I served in the Harris County Civil
                                Compaq and the International Space Station. I have       ers is critical to ensuring safe and secure elections.                          District Courts for 14 + years in court administra-
                                the management skills to deliver excellence with a                                                                                       tion for Democrat and Republican judges, 12 years
                                limited budget. In addition, I will stand up for the                                                                                     as a legal secretary in plaintiff and defense law
                                integrity of the ballot box.                                                                                                             firms, and 12 years in genealogy research.
                                Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Electronics Engineer Technology, Oklahoma State University | Community
                                                                                                                                                                         Education/Degrees: From 1992 to 2005 I completed a required 16 hours yearly of Continuing Legal Education
                                Involvement: - 2008 Republican Candidate - Harris County School Trustee, - Executive Director CLOUT (Citizens

                                                                                                                                                                         Courses for Court Coordinators including classes from: The National Center for State Courts, Texas Center for
                                Lowering Our Unfair Taxes) Texas ’07-’09, - Past President Cherry Tree Republicans, - Director, Downtown
                                                                                                                                                                         the Judiciary, Sam Houston State University, and Harris County Resources and Risk Management. | Community
                                Pachyderm Club ’08-’10 | E-mail Address: Info@StanStanart.com | Website: www.StanStanart.com
                                                                                                                                                                         Involvement: Gulf Meadows Civic Club; Deputy Voter Registrar; Volunteer - AdvocateWeb; Volunteer - Professional
                                                                                                                                                                         Boundaries, Inc. | E-mail Address: bennettann0720@sbcglobal.net | Website: www.electannharrisbennett.com
                                doN CooK, Green                                          Yes, but this official must be elected by the people
                                                                                         on verifiable voting machines in open, honest elec-
                                I am the only candidate who not only understands         tions rather than be “nonpartisanly” appointed,
                                that the duties of voter registration and election       as Judge Emmett would have it, by 5 county and
                                administration should be combined in a single offi-      major party officials (four Republicans and one
                                cial, but that this official should be elected by the
                                people on verifiable voting machines.                    Democrat).
                                Education/Degrees: B.A. University of Houston, 1970. M.S. University of Oklahoma, 1973. | Community
                                Involvement: Part time volunteer with Industrial Areas Foundation, 1997 - 2001; Director with local station board
                                of radio station KPFT, 2007 - 2009; Full time volunteer with Harris County Green Party 2001 to present, including
                                Administrator - HCGP 2007 - 2009, and Green Party of US national delegate from Texas since 2009. | E-mail
                                Address: don@txgreens.org | Website: www.progressivecoalitionhouston.org

                                                                                          CouNtY tAX Assessor-CoLLeCtor (unexpired term)
The Tax Assessor-Collector is responsible for collection of property taxes, the hotel-motel tax, and contracts with other taxing jurisdictions to collect their taxes. Other responsibilities include issuing licenses and titles for motor vehicles, voter registration, and mapping of voter
precinct boundaries.

                 QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                  Do you support combinining voter registration and elections administration               What are the most critical issues facing this office? Please discuss.
                 CANDIDATES:                                                                                                       into one entity in Harris County? (60 word limit)                                                       (60 word limit)
                                doN suMNers, Republican                                                              The initiative to appoint an Elections Administrator has near universal opposi-      Because of the economic downturn and the corresponding budget cuts,
                                                                                                                     tion. There are real benefits to the current management of voter registration        serving customers using fewer employees has rocketed to the top of Tax
                                The vast majority of Tax Office functions are accounting related. Thorough           and elections by elected officials, especially in their accountability to the        Office problems. Especially important is the restructuring necessary to keep
                                knowledge of the laws and rules is also important. I have an accounting              voters versus that of an appointed bureaucrat removable only by a four-fifths        adequate staffing levels at the branch offices, which are involved primarily in
                                degree from UT Austin, am a CPA and previously served as County Treasurer.           vote.                                                                                vehicle transactions.
                                For the last 10 years I held various oversight positions at the Tax Office. In
                                short, I am ready.
                                Education/Degrees: Graduate of UT Austin with BBA degree in accounting. Substantial graduate study at UT Austin, West Texas State and the University of Houston in accounting, finance, economics and in obtaining professional designations. I am a CPA,

                                Real Estate Broker, and have earned the Registered Tax Accessor-Collector designation. | Community Involvement: I have served as the elected Harris County Treasurer, Main Street Optimists president, director/treasurer Houston Property Rights Assn.,
                                assistant election judge, Randall County Republican Party Treasurer, and Spring Valley(Dallas) girls volleyball coach (2 championships). The Chronicle has published two of my op-eds. | E-mail Address: donsumners@yahoo.com | Website: donsumners.com

                                diANe trAutMAN, Democrat                                                             No, a new Election Administrator position would be an appointed position and        The biggest challenge will be dealing with a shrinking budget and declining
                                                                                                                     not accountable to the voters of Harris County. Since the county has been           revenues due to the 5% shortfall in property tax valuation this year. We must
                                I know how to keep a large office up and running by developing an organiza-          under a hiring freeze for the past year with layoffs and office closings, adding    also improve taxpayer services by increased community outreach, user-
                                tional vision and a plan to achieve it. I led large organizations in banking and     an additional “layer of government” would not be fiscally responsible.              friendly technology, and a voter roll that is accurate, inclusive, and above
                                education by building teams, supervising employees, implementing a budget,                                                                                               reproach.
                                hiring quality personnel, and adhering to state and federal regulations.
                                Education/Degrees: Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Sam Houston State University, 2000; Masters in Secondary Education, University of Houston, 1989; Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Houston, 1972 | Community Involvement: Active member
                                of the following: Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce, Crosby/Huffman Chamber of Commerce, Highlands Chamber of Commerce, Northeast County Criminal Justice Association, American Business Women’s Association, Girl Scouts Alumnae Association,
                                Humble Area Retired Teachers Association,Atacocita Lutheran Church | E-mail Address: dtrautman@comcast.net | Website: www.dianetrautman.com

                                                                                                                           CouNtY treAsurer
The Treasurer is chief custodian of county funds and receives all monies belonging to the county. The Treasurer keeps and accounts for the funds in designated depositories and disburses the funds as Commissioners Court may require or direct, not inconsistent with constituted
law. The Treasurer also serves the Flood Control District and the Port of Houston Authority. The Treasurer is elected for a four-year term.
                 QUESTIONS TO        What most qualifies you for this position?                 Many local governments are now putting                 QUESTIONS TO            What most qualifies you for this position?                   Many local governments are now putting
                 CANDIDATES:                     (50 word limit)                            expenditures on the internet. Are you agreeable            CANDIDATES:                         (50 word limit)                              expenditures on the internet. Are you agreeable
                                                                                              to this type of transparency? (60 word limit)                                                                                               to this type of transparency? (60 word limit)
                                orLANdo sANCHez, Republican                              I pledged to put your checkbook register online last                             biLLY brisCoe, Democrat                                    Yes. Promoting accountability through transpar-
                                                                                         election and post all county department budgets;                                                                                            ency is a solution that I agree with, as government
                                I have served the citizens of Houston & Harris           as a result, Harris County is 1 of 13 governments                                The office deserves a leader willing to put the needs      entities should be held accountable, responsible
                                County in a legislative as well as in a financial        nationwide to win a perfect score by the nonprofit                               of Harris County taxpayers above other consider-           and be entrusted to run efficiently.
                                capacity. This unique experience allows me to work       Sunshine Review and received the Gold Leadership                                 ations, by questioning the functional scope of the
                                with other elected officials in a financially prudent    Award for Financial Transparency, Openness and                                   office and advocating for job creation in the region.

                                manner ensuring government works within its              Public Accessibility.                                                            As a lawyer and business professional, I have suc-
                                means. It’s not the government’s money; it’s the                                                                                          cessfully managed such issues in the public and
                                peoples’ money!                                                                                                                           private sectors.
                                Education/Degrees: BA University of Houston College of Social Sciences; certified By Texas Association of                                 Education/Degrees: MBA - University of Michigan School of Business JD - University of Houston Law Center BA
                                Counties as a County Investment Officer | Community Involvement: Member of the Houston Livestock Show and                                 - Hampton University | Community Involvement: Mayor Appointee - Gulf Coast Community Services Association
                                Rodeo; Member and Board of Directors of the Deacons of Deadwood; a nonprofit motorcycle organization raising                              Board Former Commissioner - Houston’s Affirmative Action Contract Compliance Commission Harris County
                                money for children’s charities; member of the South East Texas Patriot Guard Riders; motorcycle organization                              Improvement District #12 - Board Member Making it Better, Inc - Board Member Have Haven, Inc - Board |
                                which provides motorcycle escort to fallen troops from Texas. | E-mail Address: orlando@orlandosanchez.com |                              Member Member of various professional/alumni groups | E-mail Address: info@billybriscoecampaign.com |
                                Website: www.OrlandoSanchez.com                                                                                                           Website: www.billybriscoecampaign.com

                                                                                                                     CouNtY sCHooL trustee
The Board of Trustees acts to establish policies governing the operation of Harris County Department of Education. As a governmental body, it can take action only by majority vote at a legally called public meeting. The Board elects the County Superintendent as its chief execu-
tive officer to administer the organization. Term of office is four years.
                 QUESTIONS TO                                   What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                                                       What impact can a County School Trustee have on public education? (60 word limit)
                                MArViN Morris, Republican                                                                                                      To assist in holding the line for extemporaneous costs. Being sure that a dollar spent gets a dollars value to the
                                                                                                                                                               students. Questioning why and where we spend the funds delegated to the board and if that service is needed as a
                                After 32 years of being involved with the local youth, I find that the educational process is letting them down. As I          value to the students.
Pos. 1, PCt. 2

                                can no longer help the youth of our area due the advance of time, I want to put back into my community where I feel
                                I can be of service.
                                Education/Degrees: University of Houston - Business | Campaign Message: I am a Reagan Conservative that believes that there is an increase in economic pressure on school boards to hold the line on spending through examination of budgets for waste
                                and unnecessary programs. Sex education is to be taught in the home not the schools. | E-mail Address: mwmorris@marvinmorris.com | Website: www.marvinmorris.com

                                MiKe rose, Democrat – no ReSponSe ReceiVeD
2, 4

                                ANGie CHesNut, Republican – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR coUnty SchooL tRUStee, poSition 2, pRecinct 4

28                                                                   League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                                                                                                             CouNtY CoMMissioNer
This office is a member of Commissioners Court, which supervises and controls the courthouses and jails. They appoint and employ personnel, fill vancies in elective and appointive positions, determine county tax rates, adopt budget, call band elections, set voting precinct
boundaries, let contracts, build and maintain roads, bridges, libraries, and parks, and appoint members to numerous boards and commissions. Within each member’s precinct, a Commissioner is directly responsible for adminsitration, parks, road and bridge programs. This
office is elected for a four-year term.

                    QUESTIONS TO              What most qualifies you for this position? (50 word limit)                      Do you support combining voter registration and elections administration           Which city and county services would you consider merging to eliminate
                     CANDIDATES:                                                                                                         into one entity in Harris County? (60 word limit)                      redundancies, for example, libraries and health services? (60 word limit)
                                   jACK MorMAN, Republican                                                                I am in favor of anything that will reduce bureaucratic excess and redundancy.     I think all services and agencies should be reviewed for ways that the services
                                                                                                                          If one entity can provide the same services and support as mulitple agencies       provided can be done so in a more efficient manner. Clearly, care needs to be
                                   Quite simply, I am a taxpayer. I will ensure that our tax dollars are not being        or entities, then this should absolutely be done. The fewer excesses there are     taken to ensure that any combined services or agencies are merged in a way
                                   wasted on needless projects and government spending. I believe that we all             the more efficiently (read - lower taxes) our goverment will run.                  that reduces bureaucracy instead of increasing it.
                                   know how to manage our own money better than the government can. As
                                   Commissioner, I will work for lower taxes and a more efficiant provision of
                                   vital services.
                                   Education/Degrees: Deer Park High School 1996, B.A. Baylor University 2000, J.D. Baylor university School of Law 2003 | Campaign Message: My mission is to restore fiscal accountability to the office of County Commissioner, PCT 2. I will ensure that
PCt. 2

                                   our tax dollars are wisely spent on projects that the citizens need and deserve. By ensuring our priorities are in order, I will be a champion for lower property taxes. | E-mail Address: jackmorman@ymail.com | Website: www.jackmormancampaign.com

                                   sYLViA r. GArCiA, Democrat                                                             This should be studied closely to identify cost savings & efficiencies. These      Working to improve efficiency & services, we have joint libraries or park
                                                                                                                          tough budget times may not be the time to create a new dept w/ high paid           projects with Houston, Galena Park, Jacinto City, Seabrook, South Houston,
                                   A record of listening, working & delivering for the families of PCT 2. This            administrator & staff. We must weigh the negative effects of taking these          La Porte, Baytown,Deer Park, El Lago & Pasadena. But remember, in unincor-
                                   includes bringing new jobs to the area while fighting Washington to protect            critical duties out of the hands of elected officials who are accountable to       porated areas of PCT 2, we are their prime service provider & we’ll continue
                                   NASA and other jobs; providing our Veterans rides to the VA ensuring they              the taxpayers.                                                                     to be there for them.
                                   receive care & benefits; & keeping a close eye on the county’s budget to
                                   avoid a tax increase.
                                   Education/Degrees: B.S., Texas Woman’s University, 1972; J.D., Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, 1978 | Community Involvement: I have served on more than 25 community boards and commissions, including all the chambers
                                   in the precinct, Pct2gether, Museum of Fine Arts, Project Stars and HGAC Ike Recovery Committee to name a few. Also, active in St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. | E-mail Address: info@sylviagarciacampaing.com | Website: sylviagarciacampaing.com

                                   jerrY eVersoLe, Republican – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR coUnty commiSSioneR, pRecinct 4

                                                                                                                               justiCe oF tHe PeACe
Has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only, e.g. assault, bail jumping, criminal mischief, bad check writing, public intoxication, theft. Hears civil cases involving up to $10,000. Handles miscellaneous complaints, performs marriages, issues com-
mitment papers for the mentally ill, issues search and arrest warrants. Judges are elected to a four-year term.
                   QUESTIONS TO         What most qualifies you for this position?                   What are your goals? (60 word limit)                     QUESTIONS TO            What most qualifies you for this position?                 What are your goals? (60 word limit)
                   CANDIDATES:                      (50 word limit)                                                                                           CANDIDATES:                         (50 word limit)

                                   dAVid PAtroNeLLA, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR jUStice oF the peace, pct. 1, pLace 2
1, 2

                                   PHiLLiP Webb, Republican                                   My goal is to operate a productive and ethical court,                            GeorGe e. risNer, Democrat                                Provide speedy and fair resolution of Class C
                                                                                              respecting the citizens and legal professionals who                                                                                        offenses and Civil cases, Electronic filing, Hold
                                   I have been a paralegal for the past 21 years, work-                                                                                        Lifelong Pct 2 resident, community service record,        night court, Ensure all parties appearing before the
                                                                                              have business within the court.
                                   ing alongside attorneys and our clients in all levels                                                                                       24 years of experience as JP, 800 hours of judi-          court are treated with respect, given an opportunity
                                                                                                                                                                               cial training with Texas State University, Passion
PCt. 2, PLACe 2

                                   of trial courts in Harris County and throughout the                                                                                                                                                   to present their positions, and provided with a legal
                                   State of Texas. The experience and knowledge I                                                                                              to serve youth and elderly, Work closely with             ruling that is assessed both on the law and the
                                   have gained over the years in performing my duties                                                                                          school administrators regarding truancy and edu-          facts of case.
                                   directly relate to those of a justice of the peace.                                                                                         cation related issues, Fair minded, Even tempered,
                                                                                                                                                                               Houston Press Best JP 2001.
                                   Education/Degrees: Pearland High School, 1988; Texas School of Business, 1990; obtained a Certified Paralegal
                                   certificate from the National Association of Legal Assistants in 2000. I regularly attend continuing legal education                       Education/Degrees: Associate Degree, Kilgore Junior College, Houston Community College, University of Houston,
                                   seminars. | Community Involvement: Over the years I have involved myself in youth groups, being an adult mentor                            Texas State University | Community Involvement: Pasadena Rotary Club, Paul Harris Award 1994, Life Member of
                                   to teenage young men and women. | E-mail Address: webbpk@sbcglobal.net | Website: www.webb4jp.com                                          the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Recognized by Galena Park School District for outstanding service, Texas
                                                                                                                                                                              Lifetime PTA Membership Award, Galena Park Pasadena South Belt Ellington and North Channel Chambers of
                                                                                                                                                                              Commerce, Area 5 Democrats, SPWaltrip Masonic L | E-mail Address: george_risner@jp.hctx.net | Website:

                                   doN CoFFeY, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR jUStice oF the peace, pct. 3, pLace 2
3, 2

                                   toM LAWreNCe, Republican – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR jUStice oF the peace, pct. 4, pLace 2
4, 2

                                   jeFF WiLLiAMs, Republican                                  To continue working with the JP5-2 court and staff                               MArY ANN brYAN, Libertarian                               1. Fight for a a better physical environment for
                                                                                              as I have been, and be ready to decide cases on day                                                                                        the court.
                                   This is the busiest Court in the State of TX with          one. To work on remedies to ease parking conges-                                 I am a woman with great life experience as a wife,
                                   10,000 new cases filed monthly. It is no place to                                                                          NO PHOTO         mother, grandmother,businesswoman and Interior
                                                                                              tion and overcrowding at the court. To maintain the                                                                                        2. Add to the spirit and efficiency of the people who
                                   learn on the job. I am the only candidate with years                                                                       AVAILABLE        Designer. I have held many responsible positions
PCt. 5, PLACe 2

                                                                                              many policies that are working in JP5-2; to be fair,                                                                                       work and use the facility.
                                   of legal experience and training. I have the experi-       honest, impartial, competent and rule according                                  and have been a decision maker and one known
                                   ence and knowledge of decades spent resolving              to the Law.                                                                      for good decisions and fairness. I believe in the
                                   every day legal problems such as are heard in                                                                                                                                                         3. Make good decisions for the people who come
                                                                                                                                                                               Libertarian principles of personal and economic           with their issues.
                                   this court.                                                                                                                                 freedom.
                                   Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, 1977, University of Central Florida. Doctor of Jurisprudence, 1981, South
                                   Texas College of Law. | Community Involvement: Past Den Leader and Committee Chairman for Cub Scout Pack                                    Education/Degrees: Bachelor of Arts University of Texas Major Interior Design | Community Involvement: Bluebird
                                   1040. Assistant Scout Master Troop 993. Rode in BP MS 150 Charity Bike Ride in 2009 to Austin. Past VP for                                  volunteer 15 years at Bluebird Clinic @ Methodist Hospital,5 Trips to Southeast Asia with American Delegation for
                                   my Congregation. Volunteered at Wings Over Houston, Fort Bend County Fair, Dickens on the Strand, San Jacinto                               the Friendship Among Women, Served as President of the Dover Club of Business Owners. Member of Chi Omega
                                   Day re-enactment at the Monument and Memorial | E-mail Address: jeff@votejeffwilliams.com | Website:                                        Fraternity | E-mail Address: maryannb@mabdesigns.net | Website: mabdesigns

                                   ArMANdo V. rodriGuez, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR jUStice oF the peace, pct. 6, pLace 2
6, 2

                                   ziNettA A. burNeY, Democrat – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR jUStice oF the peace, pct. 7, pLace 2
7, 2

                                   Louie dittA, Republican – RUnninG UnoppoSeD FoR jUStice oF the peace, pct. 8, pLace 2
8, 2

                                                                                                              CitY oF HoustoN sPeCiAL eLeCtioN

                              City of Houston, PROPOSITION NO. 1                                                   City of Houston, PROPOSITION NO. 2 CHARTER                                              City of Houston, PROPOSITION NO. 3 CHARTER
                              CHARTER AMENDMENT PROPOSITION                                                                    AMENDMENT PROPOSITION                                                                 AMENDMENT PROPOSITION
                  Relating to the Creation of a Dedicated Funding Source to                                 Relating to Residency Requirements for District Council Office                            An Amendment to the City Charter Relating to the Use of
                  Enhance, Improve and Renew Drainage Systems and Streets.                                  for the November 2011 General Election. Shall the City Charter                            Photographic Traffic Signal Enforcement Systems (Red Light
                  Shall the City Charter of the City of Houston be amended to                               of the City of Houston be amended to provide that for the general                         Cameras). Shall the City of Houston continue to use red light
                  provide for the enhancement, improvement and ongoing renewal                              election to be held in November 2011, and for the purpose of                              cameras to enforce state or local laws relating to traffic safety?
                  of Houston’s drainage and streets by creating a Dedicated Pay-                            redistricting, the required period of residency to file for the office                                       q FOR q AGAINST
                  As-You-Go Fund for Drainage and Streets?                                                  of District Council Member shall be reduced from 12 months to
                                      q FOR q AGAINST                                                       6 months preceding the election day?
                                                                                                                                  q FOR q AGAINST

                                                                         League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                                                                               29
                                                                the League of Women Voters
     The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan organization founded in 1920, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government,
     works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
     For more information call the League of Women Voters - Houston Area at 713.784.2923, visit our website http://lwvhouston.org, follow us on
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           Phone: Cell _____________________________________________________                                                                                        Mail check and application to:
                                                                                                                                                        League of Women Voters of the Houston Area,
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           Fax ____________________________________________________________                                                                                         Houston, TX 77018

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                                                                                        GiVe us Your oPiNioN!
                                                                          Voters Guide usaGe Questions
            1) Does the Voters Guide assist you in voting? q Yes q No                                                                    3) If the Voters Guide were available only online, i .e .
                                                                                                                                            electronically, would you use it? q Yes q No
            2) What information in the Voters Guide is most helpful?
            ________________________________________________________________                                                             4) What is your zip code? _______________________
            ________________________________________________________________                                                                                              Please mail survey to:
            ________________________________________________________________                                                                       League of Women Voters of the Houston Area,
                                                                                                                                                4001 N . Shepherd Dr ., Ste . #213, Houston, TX 77018

30                                                       League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide
                                            November 2, 2010 General and special elections
                                                e A r LY V o t i N G s C H e d u L e


                                                                         HWY 249
                                                                                            32      33
                                              HWY 290
                                                                                                            I-45                        19
                                                               34                                                                                                       37
                                                                                                                             US 59
    oCt 18th - 22nd: 8 am to 4:30 pm
          oCt 23rd: 7 am to 7 pm                                                 30                                    18         9                 BW 8
          oCt 24th: 1 pm to 6 pm                                                                             17
                                                                                    BW 8
 oCt 25th – oCt 29th: 7 am to 7 pm                                29
                                                                                                                                  I-610                 21
                                                         28                                    16                      2
                                                                                                                          3                                     I-10                 22
                                                                 I-10       27
                                                                                                    I-610          8    1 4
             i n si d e L o o P 6 1 0                                            26                                                5
1     Main Office: Harris County administration Building,
                                                                                25 US 59 14                        7
                   1001 Preston, 1st Floor, 77002                                                                                                               23
                                                                                                                        12                         11
2     Moody Park: Moody Park recreation Center,                                                      13
                  3725 Fulton, 77009
3     Kashmere:     Kashmere Multi-service Center
                                                                                                                                 BW 8
                    4802 Lockwood Dr ., 77026                                                                                                        I-45
4     Downtown E: ripley House,
                  4410 Navigation Blvd ., 77011                                outside BeLtWaY 8
5     SE Houston:   H.C.C.s. southeast College,
                    Learning Hub, 6815 Rustic, 77087              19 Humble:             octavia Fields Branch Library,
6     Palm Center: Justice of the Peace/Constable entry,                                 1503 South Houston Ave ., Humble, 77338
                   5300 Griggs Road, 77021                        20 *Kingwood:          Kingwood Branch Library
7                                                                                        4400 Bens View Lane, Kingwood, 77345
      Astrodome:    Fiesta Mart, inc.,
                    8130 Kirby Drive, 77054                       21 Wallisville:        north Channel Branch Library,
                                                                                                                                                     Any eligible voter
8     Neartown:     Metropolitan Mutli-service Center,                                   15741 Wallisville Road, 77049                              may vote at any one
                    1475 W . Gray, 77019                          22     Baytown:        Baytown Community Center,
                                                                                         2407 Market Street, Baytown, 77520
                                                                                                                                                     of the early voting
           o u t s i d e L oo P 6 1 0                             23     Pasadena:       Harris County Courthouse annex #25,                         polling locations.
                                                                                         7330 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, 77505
9     NE Houston: northeast Multi-service Center,
                                                                                                                                                   For more information:
                  9720 Spaulding, 77016                           24     Clear Lake:     Freeman Branch Library,
10 Galena Park: Galena Park Branch Library,                                              16616 Diana Lane, Clear Lake, 77062                       www.harrisvotes.com
                    1500 Keene Street, Galena Park, 77547         25 Alief:              Henington-alief regional Library,
11 Hobby Area:      i.B.e.W. Hall #66,
                                                                                         7979 South Kirkwood, 77072                                   (713) 755-6965
                    4345 Allen Genoa Road, Pasadena, 77504        26 West Houston: Lac Hong Center,
                                                                                         6628 Wilcrest Dr ., 77072                                 o u t s i d e B eLtWaY 8 c o n t
12 Sunnyside:       sunnyside Multi-service Center,
                    4605 Wilmington, 77051                        27     Far W. Houston: nottingham Park,
13 S. Houston:                                                                           14205 Kimberley Lane, 77079                          34 Cypress:          Cypress top Park,
                    townwood Park,
                    3403 Simsbrook, 77045                         28 Far West/Katy: Franz road storefront,                                                         26026 Hempstead Highway,
                                                                                         19818 Franz Road, Katy, 77449                                             Cypress, 77429
14 SW Houston: Bayland Park Community Center,
                    6400 Bissonnet (near Hillcroft), 77074        29     Bear Creek:     Bear Creek Park Community Center,                   35     Bush Park:     Glen Cheek education Bldg
                                                                                         3055 Bear Creek Dr . at Patterson Rd ., 77084                             16002 Westheimer Parkway,
15 Near West Side: tracy Gee Community Center,                                                                                                                     77082
                    3599 Westcenter Drive, 77042                  30 Jersey Village: City of Jersey Village-City Hall,
                    (One block East of Sam Houston Tollway)                              16327 Lakeview Dr ., Jersey Village, 77040          36     Lone Star      university Pk, Visitors Cntr,
                                                                                                                                                    College:       20515 State Hwy 249, 77070
16 Spring Branch: trini Mendenhall sosa Com. Center,              31 Tomball:            tomball Public Works Building,
                    1414 Wirt Road, 77055                                                501 B James St ., Tomball, 77375                     37    Crosby:        Crosby isd administration
                                                                  32                                                                                               Building
17 Acres Home: acres Home Multi-service Center,                          Cypress Creek: Champion Forest Baptist Church,
                                                                                                                                                                   706 Runneburg Road,
                    6719 W . Montgomery Road, 77091                                     Multi-Purpose Bldg .
                                                                                        15555 Stuebner-Airline Dr ., 77069                                         Crosby, 77532
17. North:          Hardy senior Center
                    11901 West Hardy Road, 77076                  33 Far North:          Ponderosa Fire station no.1,                              * Indicates changed location
                                                                                         17061 Rolling Creek Drive, 77090

                                          League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide                                                 31
                     the League of Women Voters appreciates
                the companies that make the Voters Guide possible.
     LoCAL busiNesses suPPort VOTERS GUIDE distributioN to sCHooLs ANd LibrAries
Area schools and libraries will receive free Voters Guides thanks to the generosity of several companies. The companies shown below made
this happen. On behalf of the libraries and schools and our organization, the League of Women Voters – Houston Area sincerely thanks you.

                                                                                                               University of Houston
                                                                                                           College of liberal arts and sCienCes

                                                      NRG Energy, Inc.
                                                      211 Carnegie Center
                                                      Princeton, NJ 08540-6213

                    LeAGue’s eduCAtioN FuNds Are esseNtiAL to VOTERS GUIDE
     The Education Funds of the League of Women Voters of the Houston Area and the League of Women Voters of Texas provide funding for this
     Voters Guide. These Education Funds are supported by individuals, businesses and foundations. Major contributors in 2010 to the LWV-HA
     and LWV-TX Education Funds are gratefully acknowledged and named below.
       eduCAtioN FuNd                           Dwight Jefferson                        Louise Greeley-Copley                            Stephen Costello
     League of Women Voters                       El Franco Lee                             Lynn Walshak                                  Terry Hershey
       of the Houston Area                      Frances Harmon                              Lynne Johnson                                     Vicki Huff
                                                Fredricka Brecht                           Madeleine Appel                              William Cunningham
          Alice May Berthelsen
                                                 Gloria Herman                           Marlene Lobberecht                             Zinn Petroleum Co.
              Ann Herbage
                                                 Gwen Essinger                                Mary Dix
       Armor Glass International
                                               Henrietta Milbouer                         Mary Lee Burrus                         eduCAtioN FuNd
          Barbara McCormick
                                                Jacqueline Alfred                           Mary Morgan                         League of Women Voters
             Barbara Swartz
                                                     Jan Wilbur                            Matilda Melnich                              of texas
               Bette John
                                                       Jim Box                        Mayor Bob and Elyse Lanier
              Betty Lemon                                                                                                        Harold Simmons Foundation
                                                   Joan Golding                              Nancy Parra
            Beverly Kaufman                                                                                                     Hatton W. Sumners Foundation
                                                    Jon Lindsay                           Novelle Doherty
              Blake Weisser                                                                                                              Ruth Bowers
                                                  Judy Hollinger                            Peggy Hamric
                Bill Hobby                                                                                                             Doug Hamman
                                                    Karen Derr                               Peggy Mason
              Celia Morgan                                                                                                            Susybelle Gosslee
                                                  Kay Guenther                               Renee Cross
              Cindy Clifford                                                                                                            Linda Krefting
                                                Laura Blackburn                          Sharon Cunningham
           Charlotte Bowers                                                                                                            Diane Sheridan
                                                    Leslie Taylor                           Shirley Gibson
      Dale and Cynthia Gorczynski                                                                                                      Barbara Swartz
                                                    Linda Cohn                              Sofia Adrogue
              Dorcus Hand                                                                                                              Linda Wassenich

32                                League of Women Voters-Houston Area • General and Special Elections Harris County 2010 Voters Guide

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