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									                               CABARETE GUIDE
Volunteers can buy or get a free map at many other locations in Cabarete. Unless stated
otherwise, every location mentioned in this document is on the main strip (the paved road)
or on the beach.

From the moment of arrival until the moment of departure volunteers will be
asked one question - “moto taxi?” DREAM absolutely prohibits year-round
volunteers from riding motoconchos without a helmet. You will be issued
a helmet upon arrival to Cabarete. Countless accidents occur due to reckless
behaviors and intoxicated drivers. Due to the limited protection a passenger is
provided in the case of a crash, many motoconcho accidents are fatal. Although
they are a common transport option in the Dominican Republic, there are many
other transport options available, such as taxis, public cars, and guaguas (mini
buses). DREAM takes this policy very seriously and non-compliance is
cause for dismissal.

A guagua is public transport in a van and usually packed with people. Often, a
guy hangs out the side door (cobrador) and the driver honks at you. Guaguas
travel from Rio San Juan to Puerto Plata. Guaguas usually stop running after 6
or 7 o‟clock. Costs are as follows:
Sosua: 15-20 minutes west of Cabarete; 20 RD
Puerto Plata: 50 minutes west of Cabarete; 40 RD
Sabaneta: 15 minutes east of Cabarete; 15 RD
Gaspar Hernandez: 30 minutes east of Cabarete; 30 RD
Rio San Juan: 50 minutes east of Cabarete; 40-50 RD

If you have baggage they will charge you for how many seats your bags take up.

Carro Publico
A carro publico is a multi-passenger car with a blue and white or a red and
white sign on the roof, not to be confused with the more expensive taxi cars
with yellow signs. They usually travel as far as one town over at which point
transfers are available. Costs are normally the same as guaguas (or slightly
higher), but more at night. A backwards wave will hail a guagua or a carro
publico. If the car or van is too full then you might get a regular wave by the
driver in response.
Sosua: 20 RD – the same as a guagua
Puerto Plata: 45 RD
Puerto Plata after dark: 60 RD

If volunteers wish to travel to Santiago or Santo Domingo there are two reliable
public bus services, Metro (from Puerto Plata) or Caribe Tours (from Sosua).
Both companies have large buses with air-conditioning (bring a sweater) and
both have a route to Santo Domingo that stops in Santiago. Caribe Tours
sometimes shows movies and is cheaper. It is usually 5 hours from Cabarete to
Santo Domingo. Check the Caribe Tours website for more information:

Metro station in Puerto Plata: 809-586-6062; Caribe Tours in Sosua: 809-571-

Private taxis are the most expensive way to travel. There is a taxi stand in
Cabarete to the west of Iguana Mama and next to The Market. They list prices
for various destinations, but you may bargain for a cheaper price. For instance,
if the sign says $15 one way to Puerto Plata, you can probably get the fare for
$10. Reminder: prices change. Check the taxi stand. For your convenience we
have listed several phone numbers of taxi drivers below.
Moreno Jiménez:809-858-0056/ 809-739-0764

Car/Moto Bike Rentals
DREAM does not advise renting a bike or car from an unknown rental agency.
DREAM recommends Avis and Friendly‟s as reputable companies. There are
rental companies in the area that have been known to make fraudulent charges
on cards and make extra keys to things like bikes, so take precaution and ask
around before renting. Car rentals average around $40 US per day.


All DREAM volunteers will be required to open a Dominican bank account at
Banco Popular. Volunteer stipends will be direct deposited into their accounts.
There are four main banks in Cabarete: Banco BHD, Banco del Progreso, Novia
Scotia and Banco Popular. To set up an account, volunteers need their passport
and a letter that will be given to them by DREAM during orientation.

      Banco Popular
      Located West of “downtown” Cabarete before the entrance to the Callejon
      on the South side of the street in a mini-mall.

      Scotia Bank
      Next to Albertico‟s. If you have a Bank of America account you can take
      money out of the ATM there without a service fee.

      Banco del Progreso
      Located in Plaza el Patio near the DREAM office.

DREAM advises their volunteers to use caution when using ATMs in Cabarete.
If a card gets stuck or it is lost, volunteers should never accept help from
strangers. Volunteers who lose a card must call their bank immediately to
deactivate the card and should know the 24-hour phone number to their bank

and NOT the 1-800 line. 1-800 numbers are very expensive to call and most
communication places will not permit connection from the Dominican Republic.

Wired Money
If volunteers have money wired, it can be received in US dollars or in pesos at
the Western Union Office at Remesas Vimenca in the center of Cabarete.
Remesas Vimenca also has telephone and fax service separate from the Western
Union services.

      Remesas Vimenca
      Location: Plaza Laguna Don Pepe, on the South side of the street. There
      is a huge Remesas Vimenca sign on the street.
      Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm; Saturday, 8 - 3 pm. Closed
      Sunday. Phone number: 809-525-0039


Internet & Phone
There are many places to use the Internet and telephone. The most popular
locations are listed below. Prices may fluctuate so volunteers are encouraged to
look around town for the “best deal”.

      K & K: West side of Cabarete, near Sans Souci Mariposa restaurant, the
      North side of the street.
      Services: Printing, email, phone and Xbox if you need a fix and you‟re so
      Cost: 1 peso a minute for everyone, with 15 minute minimum. It is 5
      pesos a minute to call United States or Canada. Printing is 8 pesos per
      Hours: 9 – 1 a.m. (at least 1 a.m.) everyday.
      Notes: For quick internet use K & K is the place to go; however,
      volunteers should not go here if they are allergic to cigarette smoke.

      Carlos Telecommunications
      Location: Between Hexenkessel Restaurant and Luis Casa de Cambio.
      Services: email, telephone and serves cheap refreshments as well.
      Hours: 8am-2am daily
      Cost: 15 min. - 20 RD; 30 min. - 40 min.; 45 min - 60 RD; 60 min. - 70

      My Office
      Location: Near the entrance of the Callejón, underneath the apartments
      in Plaza Mora.
      Services: telephone, printing, email.
      Hours: 8am-8pm daily
      Cost: 15 min. - 15 RD


Carry your insurance card with you at all times. Some insurance
companies require verification before hospital admittance. Get a
receipt for any visits to the doctor.

Medical Facilities
Cabarete has a 24-hour medical and dental clinic named, ServiMed, which has
a multi-lingual staff. ServiMed is across from José O‟Shays on the South side of
the main street in Cabarete. Volunteers should not go to the Farmacia‟s doctors
since it is sure to have less than adequate consultation.

Due to limited facilities, emergency cases might require a trip in Puerto Plata at
the private hospital named Centro Medico Bournigal. If an emergency arises
please notify someone on the DREAM staff.

Contact Information for Medical Facilities:

      ServiMed                    809-571-0964
      Medical Staff               809-571-0851
      Medical Office              809-571-0238
      Centro Medico Bournigal     809-586-2342 Calle Antera Mota, Puerto Plata

There are a few pharmacies in town. Listed below are three viable options.
Please be aware that they might not be stocked with the brand names available
in pharmacies at home. In the Dominican Republic, most prescription drugs
can be obtained over the counter, but this is due to the fact that there is no
government regulation.

      Farmacia San Rafael
      Across from Iguana Mama.
      Open from 8am – 6pm everyday; closed for lunch from 12-2.

      Farmacía Mirabile
      604-571-0284; Open everyday from 8am-8pm.
      West end of town on South side of street in long building with stores.

      Farmacia Cabarete
      East side of town, before Supermercado Janet across from entrance to
      Open everyday – Hours seem to vary.
      Notes: The prices for medications seem to be higher here than Farmacia
      San Rafael, but it has later hours (sometimes until midnight) and better

      Pharmacy in the Callejón

      On the mainstreet in the Callejón, past Colmado Mora, on the Right.
      Usually has a sign out front on the sidewalk.
      Open everyday – Hours seem to vary. Closed from 12-2.
      Notes: The prices for medications here are by far the cheapest, but they
      don‟t have tons of selection.


Volunteers should NOT drink the tap water. The ice in local restaurants is
made from clean water and should not be a concern, asking for no ice is always
an option. Bottled water at supermarkets is very inexpensive. Five gallon jugs
cost 200 pesos initially, but only 30 pesos to refill at a supermarket or 40 pesos
to refill at a colmado. Otherwise, disposable one gallon jugs run from 30-45
pesos each.

Grocery Stores
All of the supermercados have similar products, but not all carry everything.
Prices on items very from place to place, so it is smart to comparison shop.

      Supermercado Janet
      Location: Across from Escuela Puerto Cabarete
      Hours: 8am-8pm M-Sat.; 9am-12pm on Sundays.
      Notes: Accepts credit cards/debit cards for purchases over 300 RD.

      Location: Just east of Supermercado Janet on the same side of the street.
      Hours: 8am-8pm.
      Notes: Cash only. Best produce in town. Also carries some interesting
      cheeses and bread.

      Supermercado Albertico
      Location: Next to Scotia Bank in the Center of town.
      Hours: 8am-10 p.m. 7 days a week
      Notes: Cash only.
      More like a convenience store, but just expanded and has more options.

      Supermercado Cabarete
      Location: On the West side of town, almost a little out of town, North side
      of street.
      Hours: 8am-8pm. Closes early on Sundays
      Notes: Accepts credit cards/debit cards for purchases over 300 RD.

      La Rosa

      Location: Passed the entrance of the Callejón, past the ferretería, but
      before the entrance of Bahía de Arena. On the left side of the road.
      Hours: 8am-10 p.m. 7 days a week
      Notes: Accepts credit cards/debit cards for purchases over 300 RD.

      Location: At the main stop light in Sosua
      Hours: 8am-8pm, Closed Sundays
      Notes: Accepts credit cards/debit cards. Definitely pricier, but has more
      of a selection. Great place for cheese, tofu, or that American cereal
      you‟ve been craving.
      Ferreteria Linares
      Location: West of the entrance to the Callejón, past Luis Parilla
      Hours: 8am-8pm, Closed Sundays
      Notes: Not a grocery store, but this hardware store is a great resource for
      pest repellent and housewares like wastebaskets, kitchen utenstils, etc.


Note on tax/tip:
Restaurant taxes can be extremely frustrating in Cabarete. By law, restaurants
are supposed to add 16% to the cost of meals for tourists, in addition to the
usual 10%. Since this exorbitant fee often deters people from eating out, some
restaurants choose not to adhere to the 16% „tourist tax‟. As a general rule, the
more expensive restaurants on the beach are the only places that charge the
full tax. Once volunteers are established as a „locals‟, these taxes disappear,
but until then be prepared it is either pay or haggle. To complicate matters,
some restaurants will factor the 10% tax into their prices, whereas others will
add it to your bill at the end. Tipping is standard, but not as customary as in
the States, at 10%.

      Has fresh and inexpensive Dominican food, and is a DREAM Partner.
      Prices are in pesos and fairly cheap (100 RD for pollo guisado). If it‟s
      busy sometimes you have to wait a bit. Makes great batidas. Open from
      8 to 10 everyday except Thursday and serves breakfast, lunch, and
      dinner. On the street across from “The Market,” East of Restaurant
      China. No tax.

      Luis Parilla
      Has the most amazing grilled chicken you have ever tried and
      inexpensive Dominican food. They are very friendly to DREAM
      volunteers. Prices are in pesos and fairly cheap. 11am-10pm everyday
      and serves lunch, and dinner. West of the entrance of the Callejón,
      across from the Ocean Dream apartments.

      Restaurant China

Decent and inexpensive Chinese food. Lots for less than 150 pesos.
Serves lunch- dinner from 12-10 p.m. On the street beside Sandro‟s and
across from Panaderia Dick. 16% tax.

Panaderia Dick
Great bakery with great service. Closed Wednesdays. Full breakfasts,
coffee, tea, pastries and bread served from 7:30 – around 6 p.m. Across
from the Plaza de Patio. No tax.

Serves sandwiches, salads, smoothies, omelets, and crepes. Open for
breakfast and lunch. Next to Panederia Dick. No tax.

Prices are higher, so be sure to go for happy hour when they offer 50%
pizza, pasta, and beer. Food is okay and ambience is appealing. Service
is not consistent. No tax.

EZ Bar at the Carib Wind Center
Wraps from $200 RD with fresh veggies, pasta, salads etc. Open for
lunch and dinner. On the beach at the Carib Wind Center. Food is good,
though they are often out of certain ingredients. Full 26% tax; no tax if
recognized as a DREAM volunteer.

Jose O’ Shay’s
North American food for North American prices (and 26% tax). Food is
only mediocre, and definitely overpriced. Live music some nights and
American 70‟s rock hits. The main advantage are the large TV screens
airing American sports games. On the beach.

Decent prices and huge portions. Service for food takes a while. Serves
brunch, lunch, and dinner. Great 2 for 1 mojitos 5-6 pm and good 2 for 1
pizza and pasta/salad 6-7pm. On the beach, tax included on the menu.

Café Pitú
Monday is 2 for one pizza night and Thursday is cheap pasta night.
During the low season, 2 for 1 pizza is every day. Prices are in US
dollars. Sometimes slow service. Open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. everyday
except Wed. Serves breakfast – lunch- dinner. On the beach next door
(East) to Iguana Mama. 10% tax.

German restaurant with German food, but also pizza, sandwiches, and
pasta. Reasonable prices. Across the street from TeleCabarete and
Onno‟s. Open late into the night. No tax.

Otra Cosa

      Generally acknowledged as „best food in town‟, Otra Cosa is a treat worth
      trying (if funds allow). The ginger tuna (Locally harvested; 490 pesos)
      has been known to knock socks off. Across from the Velero Hotel, open
      for dinner only. 26 % tax.

      Onno’s Bar
      Generally identified as a nightlife hub as opposed to a restaurant, Onno‟s
      nonetheless has an extensive menu with lunch specials and happy hour
      food deals (tapas). Food is not bad, though service is slow. They have
      veggie burgers. No tax. On the beach.

      Great, fresh Italian pizzas and pastas. Prices are reasonable and service
      is generally decent. Mention that you are a DREAM volunteer and
      receive a 20% discount on your meal. 10% tax added. On the beach.

      El Tigre & Merecedes
      Two great inexpensive (90-100 peso) Dominican restaurants located it
      the Callejon. (“La Bandera” – rice, beans, chicken). Friendly service and
      good seafood. No tax.

      Yoshima Sushi
      Great, fresh sushi served up by a friendly owner. Serves lunch and
      dinner. Located in the Ocean Dream Plaza, across from the entrance to
      the Callejón.


Beach Lounging
Once you are identified as a DREAM volunteer, you may use the sun chairs at
the Carib Wind Center free of charge. Please inquire about their other
equipment specials (windsurf equipment rentals, kayaks, etc.) exclusively for
DREAM volunteers. Chairs can be bought for the day for about 100 pesos
anywhere on the beach. In addition, the yellow chairs at José O‟Shays are free
for anyone.

Sports and Tours
Cabarete is a great place to learn new sports. We have listed some sports
centers below.

Iguana Mama
DREAM volunteers are encouraged to stop by and introduce themselves to the
mountain biking and ecological tour operators Iguana Mama. It is the best
adventure tour outfit in Cabarete and they offer everything from mountain bike
trips, snorkeling and cascading waterfall tours. They are located near the center
of Cabarete across from Supermercado Albertico. They also have information on
other sports centers in Cabarete. A 10% discount is offered to DREAM

The skies of Cabarete on a windy day are full of colorful kites, a sight that
brings many a tourist into town even if they have no interest in the sport.
Spend 5 minutes watching the kiteboarders at Kite Beach and it is hard not to
run to the nearest kite school and enroll in lessons. Until you see the prices.
First lessons run $300-450 US (usually a three-day package) and after that
equipment rental and/or purchase is expensive. If you simply must try, check
out one of the kite schools below:
        Laurel Eastman             809-571-0564
        Kite Excite                809-571-9509
        Fly High                   809-571-0463
        Ali’s Surf Camp            809-571-0733

Surfing is done 10 minutes out of town (by car) at Playa Encuentro. Volunteers
can take a guagua and walk down to the beach to the many surfing booths
lining the shore. Unlike kiteboarding, surfing is relatively inexpensive. Further
discounts are sometimes possible by mentioning DREAM affiliation. Prices vary.

      No Work Team               809-571-0820
      Del Mar                    809-360-2576
      Take-Off 123               809-963-SURF

Cost wise, windsurfing is in between kiteboarding and surfing, but is perhaps
the most convenient sport to try for Cabarete residents. Done right in the midst
of things, the ideal conditions for windsurfing on Cabarete Bay is one of the
principal reasons that made Cabarete a tourist destination. Prices run from
$25-35 for an hour lesson, rental rates are cheaper.

Carib Wind Center         809-571-0640
Vela/Spin Out             809-571-0805

White Water Rafting & Kayaking

Aventuras del Caribe       809-242-0395

Volunteers are asked to contact DREAM staff members in case of
Local Numbers
Emergency:                       911
Police in Cabarete               809-571-0810
Tourist Police                   809-200-3500

ServiMed                        809-571-0964
Bournigal Medical Center        809-586-2342
Fire                            809-571-2301

For more embassy addresses and phone numbers, consult your government web
page or visit Iguana Mama to see a full list of phone numbers.

Austria 809-508-0709
C/. Las Amapolas No.9, Encanche Bella Vista, Santo Domingo

Email/website: http://www.europanas.com/Austria-RDominicana-en.htm

Belgium 809-544-2200
Apartado 1221, Santo Domingo
Email/Website: http://www.europanas.com/Belgica-RDominicana-en.htm

Canada 809-685-1136
C/. Cap. Eugenio de Marchena No. 39, La Esperilla, Santo Domingo
Email/ Website: sdmgo@dfait_maeci.gc.ca http://www.dfait-

France 809-687-5626
C/ Las Damas No. 42, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Email:/Website: www.ambafrnce_do.org

Germany 809-565-8811
C/ Rafael Augusto Sánchez No. 33 Plaza Intercaribe, 5to Piso, Ens. Naco, Santo
Email/Website: embal@codetel.net.do

Great Britain 809-472-7111
Av. 27 de Frebrero No. 233, Esq. Ave. Tiradentes, Edif. Corominas Pekín, 7mo
Piso, Santo Domingo Email/Website: brit.emb.hot.sadom@codetel.net.do

Italy 809-682-0830
Ca. Rodríguez Obijio #4, Gazcue, Santo DomingoEmail/ Website:

Spain 809-535-1615
Av. Independencia No. 1207, Santo DomingoEmail/Website:

United States 809-221-2171
C/. Cesar Nicolás Pensón, Esq. Leopoldo Navarro, Gazue, Santo Domingo
Email/Website: http://www.usemb.gov.do/
Updated: January, 2008


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