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					          Unlimited Network Web Services
                                  Website Maintenance
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These questions help identify your needs. If you don’t have answers to all, simply skip to the next one.

This questionnaire helps you get clear on what it takes to maintain your website. If you don’t
have a Basic Website set that up first. To find out what is involved in continuous marketing and
maintaining an Internet Business go to Advanced Internet Business and Marketing package.

The most common website features that need maintenance and periodic updates,
changes and upgrades:

    Changing, updating and/or adding text, pictures, products and services on your website.
    You may get new ideas for your website or want to change something on your website. Just
    email or call me and we’ll make it happen. (Estimated time depends on the project and is
    billed $35/hour.)

    Adding a Blog, Membership site, Online Seminar, Forum, Social Networking, etc. When you
    really get into using Internet for your business you may want to upgrade your website by
    adding new services. Call me and I can assist you with programming this. (Cost is calculated
    per project.)

    Website Search Engine Optimization: Search engines change their rules and people’s
    interest change so every 6 months or so it is good idea to take a look at your Search Engine
    status. (Estimated time to analyze this: 4 hours.) (Estimated to time to update depends on
    how extensive the search engines have changed.)

    Do you have any other ideas? _________________________________________________