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									       HSTA Benefits News
Merchant Discounts      * HSTA Member Owned                 Discount               15%
                                                            Phone                  970-493-8881
AMA Motorcycle Museum       Columbus, Ohio                  e-mail                 ihonda@frii.com
Product            Museum and Hall of Fame                  Website                www.interstatehonda.com
Discount            $9.00 individual admission
                    $7.00 for groups of 20 or more          Kisan Technologies Colorado Springs, CO
                    $5.00 for AMA members                   Product       Light modulators, battery chrgrs +
Website                                                     Discount              10%
www.motorcyclemueseum.org                                   Phone                 888-464-5472
                                                            e-mail                sales@kisantech.com
*Cycle Center of Denton      Denton, TX                     Website               www.kisantech.com
Product               Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki
Discount              15-20%
Phone                 888-808-1251
e-mail              sales @cyclecenterofdenton.com          Lee Parks Design Victorville, CA
Website                                                     Product       Deerskin gloves & Accessories
       www.cyclecenterofdenton.com                          Discount             Free microfiber towel with
                                                                                           purchase of gloves
Destination Higways.com                                     Phone                800-943-5638
Product               Map/Travel books for Northern         e-mail               info@leeparksdesign.com
                     California, Washington State,          Website              www.leeparksdesign.com
                      And British Columbia
Discount              10.00 or 5.00 off per book            MotorcyleOnlineStore.com
                       (limit 1 copy of each)               5% discount to members. Just mention your
Phone                 604-721-5001                          membership when calling the toll-free line
                       877-655-5006                         1-800-380-6016 ask for Ron
Website                www.Dstinationhighways.com
                      Use promo codeHSTA9908
                                                            Motorcycles Unlimited        Houston, TX
Eclipse Mfg. Corp.             Ashville, NC                 Product       Ohlins Susp, parts, accessories
Product                Motorcycle Luggage                   Discount              20% on Ohlins; 10% pts & acces
Discount               Free shipping by presenting          Phone                 281-444-0545
                       Membership card                      e-mail              patrick@motorcycles-unlimited.com
Phone                  800-666-1500
Website                 www.eclipseluggage.com
                                                            National Motorcycle Museum of Anamosa, Iowa
*Held North America                  Conover, NC            $1.00 off admission by showing your membership card
Product       Held apparel and luggage                      at entrance when purchasing your ticket. Regular
Phone                828-299-3392                           admission $7.00 with 12 and under free with paid adult
e-mail               info@heldusa.com                       admission
Website              www.heldusa.com
                                                            Nationwide Insurance Company
*Honda-Polaris of North Texas       Sherman, TX             Product             M/C, Auto, Home Insurance
Product       Honda                                         Discount             10% off, make sure to tell them you
Discount              15%                                                        You are an HSTA member
Phone                 800-477-5464                                               Also, receive a free 1yr AMA
e-mail                hpnt@hpnt.net                                              Membership with purchase
Website               www.hpnt.net                          Phone                call your local Nationwide Ins office

Interstate Honda     Ft. Collins, , CO                      *No-Mar Tire Changer     Valley Park, Mo
Product        Honda                                        Product              Tire Changer
                                                            Discount             5% off
Phone                 314-660-4987                          *Sport Touring Accessories Tapaco, NC
e-mail                 firemcchick@hotmail.com              Product        Parts & accessories
website                www.nomartirechanger.com             Discount               Free shipping
                                                            Phone                  800-889-5550
Powerlet               Warren, MI                                                  828-498-2231
Product                Accessories                          e-mail                 sportouringusa@aol.com
Discount               10% by presenting                    Website                www.sporttouringusa.com
                       Membership card
Phone                  877-752-7835                         TireQwik              Kearney, MO.
E-mail                 support@powerlet.net                 Product        Motorcycle tire changing tools
Website                www.powerlet.net                     Discount              10%
                                                            Phone                 816-718-7773
Recreational Leisure Corp/Brighton Superbike                e-mail                nyztyz@yahoo.com
Farmington, Michigan                                        Website               www.tireqwik.com
Product          Motorcycle Parts and Accessories
Discount              10% off apparel/accessory dept        Tires Unlimited       Dayton, Ohio
                      5% off parts and service              Product        Motorcycle tires
                      Show HSTA membership card             Discount              5% (use #10442)
Phone                  248-477-0212                         Phone                 800-628-4737
e-mail                 motorcycle@recleisure.com            e-mail                info@tires unlimited.com
website                www.recleisure.com                   Website               www.tiresunlimited.com

*RideSafer.com                                               *Tim Vipond/AMSOIL Sugarland, Tx
Product                 M/C safety products                 Products            AMSOIL, NGK, MOTHERS, WIX
Discount                10% off order, use Promo                                Donaldson, Twin Air, TRICO
                        Code HSTA01                         Discount            Wholesale Prices
Website                  www.ridesafer.com                                      20-30% off Retail
                                                            Phone                713-301-1872
                                                            e-mail              timvipond@comcast.net
                                                            website             www.lubedealer.com/timvipond
Ringo’s leather        Orlando, Fla
Product                Leather Jackets                      *Warm and Safe Heated Gear San Diego, CA
Discount               20% ( Use #HSTA 04 )                 Product             Heated Gear
Phone                  407-345-7933                         Discount            20% by presenting membership
e-mail                 custsvc@ringosleather.com                                Card
Website                www.abasleatherjackets.com           Phone                619-436-9973
                                                            E-mail              sales@warmnsafe.com
RoadRUNNER magazine       Winston-Salem, NC                 Website             www.warmnsafe.com
Product     RoadRUNNER magazine
Member rate       $20/yr (code= HSTACR6)
                   $36/ 2 years                             Wheels Through Time Museum Maggie Valley, NC
Phone             336-765-7780                              Product        Motorcycle Museum
e-mail            office@RRmotorcycling.com                 Discount       2.00 off admittance for all in party
Website           RRmotorcycling.com                                       Show membership card
                                                            Website        www.wheelsthroughtime.com
SportBikeTrackTime     Holland, Ohio
Product       Track events / accessories                    Cycle world International Motorcycle Shows
Discount              20-30% Held gloves/boots              Product         New Motorcycles and Vendors
Phone                 419-868-8703                          Discount        2.00 off admittance for all members
e-mail                monte@sportbiketracktime.com          Shows in various cities December to March
Website               www.sportbiketracktime.com            Contact State directors for discount coupons or order on
                                                            the web at www.motorcycleshows.com, use ROK as
*Sport Tour Ltd.       Cincinnati, Ohio                     the promo code when ordering
Product        Parts & accessories
Discount               Up to 20% - show HSTA card
Phone                  513-761-0936
                       866-761-0936                         OTHER MEMBER BENEFITS
e-mail                 info@sporttour.com                   HSTA members receive a membership card, pin, patch,
Website                www.sporttour.com                    and decal.

HOTELS                                                         This is a public forum and not limited to HSTA members,
Choice Hotels ( Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Clarion,               but the focus is on matters relating to HSTA and sport
EconoLodge, Rodeway Inn, and Mainstay Suites)                  touring.
Discount             20%                                       To receive messages posted to the HSTA forum you must
Phone                800-258-2847                              first subscribe to the forum. Simply go to the “HSTA
HSTA is a member of the Significant Savings Organization       Mailing List Subscriber Services” web page at
(S.O.S.) Program. CALL AHEAD for reservations and ask          hppt://www.micapeak.com/lists/hsta and fill out the form.
for the HSTA discount, using ID# 00800151                      Once you have subscribed to the HSTA forum, you can
                                                               post a message to all other subscribers by sending your
Country Store/Gear Box                                         message to hsta@micapeak.com
The Country Store provides the opportunity to purchase         However, you must send a plain text message with no
motorcycle related goods - HSTA plus many other items          attachments. Micapeak does not accept styled text.
you need to travel in comfort on your bike. Contact Rob        Contact Vic Norton, vic@norton.name with any questions
Pemble, Product Director, orders can be place at 828-507-      you might have regarding the Electronic Mail Forum
8884 or pemble@dnet.net, via the HSTA www home page
at ridehsta.com.                                               Annual Raffle for a new bike
                                                               Every year the drawing is held at STAR, our biggest event
Car Rental                                                     of the year, and one lucky HSTA member wins a brand new
Alamo Rent A Car                                               bike. How cool is that?
Discount                 5-20%
Phone                    800-354-2322                          HSTA website www.ridehsta.com
Call ahead for reservations and ask for the HSTA discount,     An excellent source for information on HSTA events and
using ID #BY419452.                                            what is happening in your state and nationwide. Also has
                                                               information on the history of HSTA, a list of officers, and
Motorcycle Towing Service (MTS)                                Country Store products. There are also links to each state
HSTA members receive a $15 dollar discount when                that has a webpage, so check out your home state. Our
joining MTS for a customized roadside assistance and           webmaster is Jon Poole. Thanks Jon!
towing plan. When applying, be sure to tell them you
are a member of the HSTA to receive the special price          New Member Benefit
of only $25 dollars per year.                                  New members receive a certificate good for any 1 AMA
800-999-7064 or www.mts-towing.com                             sanctioned event (except STAR). Member must
                                                               pre-registered to use certificate at an event.
Blue Book
Free with membership, this national directory is published     Member Assistance Partner (MAP) Program
annually and is the official membership guide of the HSTA.     The MAP program is designed to assist any HSTA member
                                                               who would like to be temporarily teamed up with a veteran
STAReview                                                      HSTA member. It might be for any one of the following
Free with membership, this national newsletter is mailed to    reasons: new HSTA member, new to HSTA events,
all HSTA members except members of household. It has           returning HSTA member, new rider, new to sport touring,
information on upcoming club events, articles of interest,     uneasy due to a recent crash or close call, or would like to
and classifieds. (Your state may publish its own newsletter,   meet more HSTA members. MAPs will be teamed with
too.                                                           riders of similar riding tastes and skills. Ask about this at
                                                               the registration area of the event if you are interested.
Classifieds Ads can be placed in the STAReview
classified section for free.

Support network for members
If during your motorcycling, you have need of assistance,
                                                               Dan Clark Safety Fund Program
you can ask members in that geographical area who offer
that kind of assistance. Check the assistance codes next       Will reimburse a limited number (30 in 2007) of members
to each member’s name in the Blue Book Membership              50% of the cost of safety equipment and training, up to
Directory.                                                     $100.00 for each item. All you need to do to be eligible for
                                                               the drawing is send a dated copy of your receipts to:
Electronic mail forum                                                             Dan Clark Safety Fund
                                                                                        J K Murray
                                                                                1514 Lake Koinonia Drive
             Woodstock, Georgia 30189-3577
Drawing will be held mid January or each year and will be
announced at STAR. You do not have to be present to

Sustaining member Benefits
Sustaining members receive a free T-shirt or $20 credit on
next purchase at the Country Store, and a 10% discount on
all purchases at the Country Store. They also receive a
10% discount on HSTA event registration fees, and receive
the STAReview by first class mail.

Life Member Benefits
Life members receive a special T-shirt, a 10% discount on
Country Store products, a 10% discount on HSTA event
registration fees, receive the STAReview by first class mail,
and are identified by a gold membership card.

I welcome questions and suggestions pertaining to
benefits. Please contact me with any.
Patrick Mogavero
National Benefits Director
Phone 859-472-5350
E-Mail kyzrex@aol.com


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