Cigar Article You Must Read! by timothy.haryanto


									I bet if people were aware of the chemistry that is in a cigarette they would not smoke anymore.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sigmund Freud

Once you become aware of and understand the chemistry of tobacco, the more likely you will be to take
steps to kicking the nicotine habit. Cigarette smoking causes over 400,000 needless deaths every year.
Before you light up, let us take a closer look at what is going up in smoke.

The tobacco industry is one of the largest and riches businesses in the world. Smoking was presented as
a "cool" thing to do in movies, television, and advertising of the past. Once there was a direct link
between cancer and tobacco use smoking began to be frowned on in the movies. Unfortunately, it had
already caught on throughout the world. Researchers have discovered that an addiction to tobacco is
more addictive than most street drugs because of the added substances that are put in tobacco.
Tobacco companies excuse the use of hazardous additives by claiming to enhance the flavor of tobacco

According to a new scientific study, healthy lung cells become cancerous in the presence of hydrogen
peroxide in cigarette smoke. There are forty-three chemicals in the more than four thousand chemical
compounds found in tobacco smoke that are known to be the cause of cancer. There are over two
hundred different chemicals in the tobacco used to make cigarettes. Tobacco smoke, when inhaled,
contains an extremely unhealthy mix of formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, methanol,
and hydrogen cyanide which enters your lungs via the blood stream.

In a recent, US survey adult men and women smokers were asked about serious health risk from
tobacco use. The majority of those who participated smoked one pack of cigarettes daily and had been
smoking since they were sixteen. The results were shocking even after all the efforts put in to educate
people about the dangers that smoking leads to. Although smokers said they knew smoking is related to
cancer, half of them thought it would happen to the other guy. As many as forty percent of smokers feel
that heredity plays more of a factor in lung cancer than smoking does. It is believed by thirty-three
percent of smokers that if they take vitamins and exercise then they will be protected from the harmful
side effects of tobacco use.

Tobacco use is a serious health risk and qiutting can be hard, know there is nicotine patches and gum to
help you quit the habit. If you are fighting a chemical dependency, ask for help. It is a struggle for
survival because of the chemicals in tobacco.

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