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The Georgia Daylily

VIEWS: 383 PAGES: 36

									 H. ‘Symphony of Praise’                                 H. ’Amanda’s Little Red Shoes’

                               H. ‘Ron Eller Memorial’

                               H. ‘Fluttering Beauty’

H. ‘Beside Still Waters’
                                                            H. ‘Banana Split Cupcake’

                 Region 5 2009 GA Hybridizer’s Award Nominees
                     John Kinnebrew

  “Memories are
gathered along life’s
way, pressed close to
   the heart in a
perennial bouquet.”

   Karen Mortenson

                 H. ‘Dixie Ayers’
                                              Table of Contents

    2009 Region 5 Hybridizer’s Award nominee pictures                    Front cover
    AHS Officers & Region 5 Officers and Committees                      4
    Region 5 Club Presidents                                             5
    A Message from Barbara Kirby, RVP                                    6
    A Message from Claude Carpenter, RPD                                 7
    Region 5 Spring Minutes                                              8-9
    Treasurer’s Report Note                                              9
    Tom Fletcher Photography Contest                                     9
    Tim’s Trivia & Down Memory Lane                                      10
    Bits and Blooms                                                      11
    Remembering Dixie                                                    11-12
    Region 5 AHS Awards                                                  13
    Region 5 Spring Regional Registration form                           14
    Popularity Poll Form                                                 15
    Club News                                                            16-25
    Tour Gardens                                                         26-27
    Youth Award Guidelines                                               28
    2009 Hybridizer’s Award Ballot                                       29
    AHS Region 5 Exhibition Judges                                       30-31
    Region 5 AHS Daylily Gardens                                         32
    The Future of Daylilies                                              33, 34
    Welcome New Members                                                  34
    Region 5 Spring Regional Garden Tour Pictures              35/Inside Back Cover

                                            The Georgia Daylily is a tri-annual publication of Region
    Georgia Daylily                         5 (Georgia) of the AHS. Subscriptions for Georgia
        Editor                              residents are included with membership in AHS.
     Sue Calbreath                          However, Region 5 requests a $5.00 annual donation
     (770) 972-3556                         from each Georgia recipient to help offset the                      publication cost. Club members may pay their region

        July 15, 2009                                                    Subscription Rates
   Please e-mail all articles and                                    Out of Region-US          $ 15.00
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                               Check-out our

                             American Hemerocallis Society Staff

National President                Executive Secretary                     Editor of the Daylily Journal
Kevin Walek                       Pat Mercer                              Meg McKenzie
9122 John Way                     P.O. Box 10                             1936 Wensley Ave.
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-3042    Dexter, GA 31019                        El Centro, CA 92243
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 AHS Region 5 Officers                 AHS Region 5 Liaisons                 AHS Region 5 Committees
      AHS Region 5 Director        Region 5 Exhibition Judges Liaison         Regional Awards and Honors
         Earnest Yearwood                       Joann Stewart                         Tim Herrington
         136 Meier Circle SE                    (706) 769-7652                      1617 Bellevue Road
      Milledgeville, GA 31061                            Dublin, GA 31021
           (478) 452-5692           Regional Garden Judges Liaison                     (478) 272-8794                  Joe Scott Watson        
     Regional Vice President          116 Watson Reynolds Road NE               Regional Ways and Means
           Barbara Kirby                 Milledgeville, GA 31061                         Jack Joiner
           102 Haag Drive                               1706 Lynwood Lane
    Warner Robins, GA 31093             Electronic Media Liaison                     Albany, GA 31707
           (478) 922-8416                        Charlie Shaw                          (229) 435-5319                 2541 Lumpkin Road             
    Regional Publicity Director             Augusta, GA 30906               Parliamentary, Policy, Procedures
         Claude Carpenter                       (706) 790-9428                   and Protocol Committee
       2426 Ballantrae Circle                    Tim Herrington (478) 272-8794
       Cumming, GA 30041             Regional Membership Liaison               Ron Bonner (229) 436-3753
           (770) 886-4731                         B.J. Selph                  Charlie Shaw (706) 790-9428               510 Strozier Street
         Regional Secretary                  McRae, GA 31055                  AHS Region 5 Chairman
          Shirley Williams                      (229) 868-2325              Tom Fletcher Photography Contest
        2115 Pine Cliff Drive                        Dennis Calbreath
        Valdosta, GA 31602               Regional Youth Liaison                      820 Connell Lane
           (229) 242-5865                Winfred and Janie Huff                  Lawrenceville, GA 30044                146 Henson Road                          (770) 972-3556
        Regional Treasurer               Hawkinsville, GA 31036         
             Ron Bonner                             Tom Wise Award
         2125 Stanley Drive        Scientific Advisor/Plant Pathologist                 Frances Gray
         Albany, GA 31721                      Mark Crawford                          1410 West Street
           (229) 436-3753                       P.O. Box 5611                      Bainbridge, GA 39819              Valdosta, GA 31603                          (229) 246-1530
              Historian                         (229) 242-2965                Endowment and Special Funds
         Earnest Yearwood                         Ralph and Jane Carson
         136 Meier Circle SE                                                    883 Oconee Springs Rd SE
      Milledgeville, GA 31061       AHS Region 5 Coordinators                       Eatonton, GA 31024
           (478) 452-5692                    Fall and Winter                           (706) 485-2175         Regional Meeting Coordinators      
      Editor Georgia Daylily           Morris and Barbara Kirby
           Sue Calbreath                   Anne McWilliams
          820 Connell Lane                   (478) 922-8416
     Lawrenceville, GA 30044    
           (770) 972-3556

            Region 5                                                         South Georgia
         Club Presidents                                                      Randy Jones
                                                                          2900 Chadwick Drive
       Albany Daylily Society                                                 Waycross GA
             Ron Bonner                                            Southwest Georgia Daylily Society
            (229) 436-3753                                                    Frances Gray                                            1410 S West Street
Chattahoochee Valley Daylily Society                                     Bainbridge, GA 39819
             Larry Miller                                                    (229) 246-1530
           (706) 327-2067                                           Thomson Iris and Daylily Society                                             Vernon Johnson
    Cobb County Daylily Society                                              (706) 595-4215
            Bill Waldrop                                     
           (770) 429-0204                                               Valdosta Daylily Society                                                   Wayne Taunton
 Daylily Society of Greater Atlanta                                          (229)549-8880
            Angie Tatum                                        
           (770) 271-2545
 Daylily Society of Greater Augusta
            Steve Willard            Deadlines/Dates To Remember
    Dublin Hemerocallis Society       2009
             Steve Mercer             20-23 May: AHS National Convention in Lake Mary FL
              P.O. Box 10             5-7 June: Region 5 Spring Regional in Perry GA (speakers
                                      Linda Agin and Larry Grace)
         Dexter, GA 31019             15 July:   Deadline to submit reports/articles for The Georgia Daylily Newsletter
            (478)875-4110             19 Sep:     Fall Regional at Macon State College
     Flint River Daylily Society
          Carole Bradshaw             2010
                                      27-29 May AHS National Convention in Valdosta GA
           (706) 648-3495             15-17 Oct. Region 5 Fall Fling, Atlanta GA
Middle Georgia Hemerocallis Society
           James Fennell
           (478) 988-5582
   North Georgia Daylily Society
           Perry McAllum
           (706) 367-9272
                                                                      Photos this Issue provided by:
 Northeast Georgia Daylily Society
                                                                      Barbara Kirby
              Patty Acree                                             Lynn McAllum
           (706) 629-7227                                             Diana Waldrop
                                             Tim Herrington
     Savannah Daylily Society                                         Club Photographer:
              Sheila Woo                                              Michael Hines
           (912) 897-3563

           Greetings from the RVP
           Barbara Kirby
   Springtime greetings to everyone. As we transition from winter to spring, it seems
like both groundhogs are trying to be right with their predictions. Our poor daylilies
start to thrive and are then pushed back with hard freezes—this is the time we
appreciate dormants, isn’t it. Those daylily and seed catalogues are pouring in and
we’re making our lists again. We haven’t had a Regional since September and we’re
suffering daylily and fellowship withdrawal. The big news of the New Year is the
incorporation of the AHS and Regions. We now have a “Regional President” (formerly
RVP) and a Board consisting of the RP, RPD, and Treasurer. AHS/Regional
guidelines are being updated to reflect the change.
   Morris & I attended the MWS in Nashville and it was fantastic. They’ve had 19 years
to perfect this event and it definitely shows with the quality and organization of the
symposium. While I’m writing this, we’re still accepting reservations for our Spring
Fling and we’ll hold up this spring issue to include reports on our event. We have an
incredible line up of speakers and presentations.
   My other hat as chairman for the Regional garden tours 5-7 June is keeping the
Middle Georgia Club busy in the gardens, arranging schedules, and fund raising
activities. Check out the registration form on page 14 and just note what a fun-filled
weekend we have planned. Not only will you be able to complete your judging
workshops, tour some beautiful gardens, but you will see the latest from our Georgia
Hybridizers and the current/future programs of Larry Grace, Elizabeth and Jeff Salter,
and Dan Trimmer. You will also be able to purchase daylilies hybridized by each of our
speakers as well as the Bells, Herringtons and Joiners at the auction on Friday night.
You’ll literally spend a weekend in daylily heaven…
   Our Region 5 website is running and has current info on the clubs, officers,
committees, registration forms for the Regionals, and our latest issue of The Georgia
Daylily. Charlie Shaw has perservered and been quite patient in taking care of this.
Thanks Charlie. He can only put on there what we give him. If your club has a
website, please provide it to Charlie so we can create a link on the region website and
vice versa. Cobb County has an excellent website and a very interesting video about
putting on a show—check it out.
   Last year, we didn’t have any entries for our Youth award. I know we had several
youth win in shows this past year so I’m appealing to you parents and grandparents to
apply for this award. The rules and application are further on in this issue. In 2010,
this award will be available for the Valdosta National, so keep this in mind as the youth
work projects in your club and enter shows. Speaking of the Valdosta National, Tim
Bell will be filling us in on the latest details at the Fall Regional on 19 Sep at Macon
State College.
   I will close by reporting on the loss of another esteemed Region 5 member and
friend. Dixie Ayers lost her battle with cancer on 31 Jan. To say the least, that sweet
face, soft voice, and beautiful smile will be missed by all.

             Greetings from the RPD
             Claude Carpenter

I am writing this article three weeks prior to our first Spring Fling. I am really excited and a
little nervous. There are still a few details to work out. We have a great lineup of speakers
that will cover a variety of topics that should be of interest to all daylily lovers. The Spring
Fling will appropriately start on the first day of spring and after a very cold winter here in the
Atlanta area, I am really ready for warmer weather. I want to thank all the people who are
contributing to the success of our first Region 5 symposium.
After discussions with sponsors of other winter and spring symposiums we have decided to
propose a date change in 2010 to a fall date. (Probably around the middle of October). This
is still during our daylily growing season and is not too late to plant the daylilies we purchase
at the auction. At that time we should not have competition from other symposiums and we
should attract people from outside our region. It would be a perfect time for hybridizers to
introduce their spring 2011 introductions. It could take the place of our regular September
Region 5 meeting. You will hear more about this proposed change at the Spring Fling.
The regional popularity polls will have a major change throughout the AHS this year. The AHS
board made a decision to change the format to one similar to the Garden Judges ballot. The
intent was to make voting easier for everyone, and to make the end product more useful for
members and public alike. There will no longer be a National Popularity Poll ballot (or
winner). Instead, each Region will have its own ballot based on a list of popular daylilies that
thrive in the local area. The ballot will contain a list of the top 75 daylilies receiving votes from
the year before. AHS members will vote for 10 daylilies. If all of your favorite 10 daylilies are
not on the list, you can write-in up to 5 daylilies not on the list. This change was made
because 500–700 daylilies in each region receive only one vote each year. This dilutes the
voting and many times one of the top 5 daylilies may receive only 5-10 votes. Daylilies
receiving enough write-in votes will be added to the ballot the following year. A copy of the
2009 ballot is included in this newsletter.
The AHS Board also approved a group voting policy to clarify what is appropriate for
situations that have been reported in recent years:

            “The Popularity Poll is intended to be an individual's own personal vote for the
          member's favorite daylilies. Independent voting ensures each member's vote will
        carry equal weight in choosing the Region's most popular daylilies. Group voting and
         other activities which influence the poll's outcome are not allowed and may result in
            those ballots not being counted. Each individual member may vote one ballot
         regardless of memberships held and the voting habits of their dual members. Club,
             corporations, and institutions may not vote and are not to be included when
                                        determining participation.”

Popularity Poll Ballots will be available during the June meeting in Perry, GA. In addition you
can vote on the AHS web-site: You can also
download a ballot from the Region 5 web-site:

                 Region 5 Minutes
                 Region 5 Spring Meeting
                 by Shirley Williams

 The Spring Fling for Region 5 of the American Hemerocallis Society was held on March 21, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta
Airport. Regional Vice President Barbara Kirby called the business meeting to order at 5:00 pm. All members were welcomed
and Tim Bell led the opening prayer. Visitors and first time attendees were recognized.
 Known deaths since last meeting in September are: Jim McGinnis, Dixie Ayers and Jack Joiner’s brother . Known sick are
James Fennell, B. C. Smith, Emily and Doug Hawthorne. Ted Collins is recovering from a tractor accident, Sandy Campbell is
recovering from an arm injury and Hugh Gandy has moved to a nursing home in Whigham. Another brother of Jack Joiner is
very ill. Dennis and Sue Calbreath’s son-in-law was involved in a dirt bike accident; he broke both arms and a wrist.
Director’s Report – Earnest Yearwood
It was announced that Earnest has been elected to serve as Chief Financial Officer for AHS.
RVP Report – Barbara Kirby
AHS website is up and running with 2008 registrations. Region 5 website and Cobb County has link to AHS website. Region
5 has incorporated. Barbara Kirby is now the Regional President and a board consists of the RP, RPD and Treasurer. AHS
encourages all clubs to incorporate stating that Albany and Valdosta have already incorporated. Tim Bell made brief
comments concerning the procedure to incorporate. Newsletter was delayed to include reports on the ‘Spring Fling’ and will go
to press in about ten days.
RPD Report – Claude Carpenter
Popularity Poll ballot has been changed and the changes will be outlined in the next edition of The Georgia Daylily. This
change has been made by AHS in an effort to keep the votes within 75 cultivars rather than being scattered over all
registrations, many of which receives only one vote. You will have the opportunity to vote for ten cultivars which will include
write-ins of your choice. There were a number of comments and questions that was answered by Claude. He further stated
that many clubs do not participate in the poll and Region 5 would like to encourage better participation.
Secretary’s Report - Minutes of the fall meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.
Treasurer’s Report – Ron Bonner – Report as of 30 September published in newsletter was approved as printed.

ROLE CALL by CLUB                                                    No. Present                Show Date
Albany Daylily Society                                               10                         May 30
The Daylily Society of Greater Augusta                                2                         June 13
Chattahoochee Valley Daylily Society                                  0
Cobb County Daylily Society                                          13                         June 13
Dublin Hemerocallis Society                                           2                         May 30
Flint River Daylily Society                                           4                         June 14
The Daylily Society of Greater Atlanta                               10                         June 13
Middle Georgia Hemerocallis Society                                  15       Hosting 2009 Regional 5-7 June
North Georgia Daylily Society                                         1                         June 13
Northwest Georgia Daylily Society                                     4                         June 20
Savannah Daylily Society                                              4                         May 30
South Georgia Daylily Society                                         2                         May 9
Thomson Daylily Society                                               1                         June 12
Valdosta Hemerocallis Society                                        12                         May 16
Newsletter Cost - Barbara Kirby discussed the cost problem of publishing The Georgia Daylily.
She felt this discussion should be continued until all of the options could be considered. At the present, each issue costs
$6.00 per edition or $24.00 to publish three newsletters per year. There was much discussion and suggestions from those
present, however, no action was taken at this time.
Internet Auction – Claude Carpenter volunteered to head up this project. Ron Bonner will act as liaison with Claude and the
persons selling or buying daylilies.

Minutes cont’d
Nominating Committee for new Regional President/2010-11 term – A committee of Chairperson Pat Bonner, Martha
Fawcett and Bill Waldrop were approved unanimously. They will make their report in June at the regional meeting at Perry.
Open nominations will be taken at that meeting and the nominees will be voted on.
Newsletter Editor Position – Sue Calbreath has agreed to remain as editor of The Georgia Daylily. This announcement was
met with much enthusiasm and applause.
National in 2010 – The Enman Joiner Seedling bed will be in Tim Bell’s garden. Entries will be limited to five per hybridizer.
Tim requests that he be contacted prior to shipping your seedlings.
Barbara urged those present to go back to their clubs and urge their members to attend.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.

                               REGION 5 TREASURER’S REPORT
                                   1 JAN 08 – 31 October 08

               Year End Report will be in the next “Georgia Daylily”

                                     Tom Fletcher Photography Contest
                                     By: Dennis Calbreath

                           "The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses"
                                                         Hanna Rion

This year's contest will be composed of a garden photograph that illustrates the above quote. While
daylilies should dominate, consideration should be given to other elements as well. Consider the five
senses and how your photograph will translate graphically the intent of the quotation. Entries will be
limited to not more that five photographs per contestant and the deadline for submission is 1 Aug
2009. Format will be a 4 X 6 photograph with contestant's name in pencil on the back. Additionally if
you desire to have your photograph incorporated into a slideshow, you can send the photograph in jpeg
format to Mail photos to Dennis Calbreath, 820 Connell Lane, Lawrenceville,
GA 30044

                          Friends and Family in Region 5 who are sick or have passed away

    In Memory of Them
    Jim McGinnis, Dixie Ayers, Tommy Joiner (Jack Joiner’s brother) and Becky Kilko (Jim Saddler's

    In Our Thoughts and Prayers for a Quick Recovery
    James Fennell, B. C. Smith, Emily and Doug Hawthorne. Ted Collins is recovering from a tractor
    accident, Sandy Campbell is recovering from an arm injury and Hugh Gandy has moved to a nursing
    home in Whigham. Another brother of Jack Joiner is very ill. Dennis and Sue Calbreath’s son-in-law
    was involved in a dirt bike accident; he broke both arms and a wrist.

Tim’s Trivia Time— Daylilies for Food and Medicinal Purposes :
By Tim Herrington
In a past trivia article I wrote about the early colonists and the history of how daylilies got to Georgia.
This time I want to share with you how they used them for medicinal purposes and food. Daylilies were
originally grown to be eaten, not admired. Fresh and dried daylily flower buds are still a popular
ingredient in oriental cooking and have been compared in taste to something between green beans and
asparagus. Salads assembled with layers of ingredients were enjoyed in 18th century Georgia. They
were called Salmagundi (chef’s salad now). Long fresh daylily buds were added to a lettuce and green
onion mix that was called the "spring salad". It became the "summer salad" later when tomatoes and
cucumbers were ripe enough to be included. While the daylily was in full bloom, folks gathered the
scapes and the long thin leaves. They were chopped, and then boiled with other greens such as
dandelion leaves and served with cornbread and buttermilk. For extra taste a splotch of bacon grease
was added to the cooked greens. The best cooks were very selective of the pig that donated the bacon
grease. The boiled green water was saved, stored in sealed bottles and used as a mild pain
Roots were gathered and pounded so that the juice was readily available. After the juice was extracted,
a few drops of water was added and given as a diuretic to one suffering from swollen feet. Also roots
were boiled and the water was administered internally, a teaspoon at a time, as a cure for cirrhosis,
jaundice, and to reduce high fever. The first daylilies imported to Georgia were edible and quickly
escaped into the wild. The clumps you see along the roadside are descendants of those early
escapees. Known botanically as Hemerocallis fulva, this common daylily is perfectly safe to eat and
some people say are actually higher in protein and Vitamin C than most of the vegetables we eat.
Maybe one day we might even see Paula Dean serving them up in her studio which ironically is located
in the city where the first daylilies arrived in Georgia. To wet you whistle there is daylily wine. The last
batch was made recently by Harold and Leila Cross from Region 4 and I know of a few bottles stored in
the cellars of some Region 5 members. Bone-Appétit!

Down Memory Lane – Weeding
By Tim Herrington
If you use gallons of “Weed Be Gone” in your arsenal of gardening tools, you could be missing an added benefit to old fashion hand
weeding. You all know by now that a weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.
We all have our time machines. Some take us back; they are called memories and weeding can be an excellent stimulus. However
daylilies go with weeds just as much as a slug on a scape or thrips in a bud. Conversely weeding and going down memory lane can
go hand and hand. Weeding might be considered a nasty chore, but it's a great way to really get to know what's going on in your
garden and also your mind. Plus, when it's done in the right frame of mind, weeding can be a pleasant, Zen-like experience.
Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm.

Have you ever been weeding in a daylily bed and it triggered a lot of pleasant memories in your mind? For example when I am
around Hemerocallis ‘Curious George’ I think of Martha Fawcett. H. ‘Me And Joe’ rings a bell of a happy day with Joe Watson
strolling though our seedling patch. H. ‘Mary’s Gold’ rekindles a funny episode with Ralph Carson. H. ‘Strawberry Cream Cupcake’
takes me to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and eating dessert with Lillian Grovenstein. H. ‘Cherokee Mary’ reminds me of the lovely
trip to the Valdosta regional when Ruth Killingsworth and I were staring at it in shear amazement. H. ‘Aliquippa’ jogs my memory of
our trip to Pittsburgh, Pa. When I see H. ‘Baby Boomer’ with multiple blooms I visualize the happiness on Mary Herman’s face after
she had won Best In Show with it in Albany. H. ‘Remembering Flo Nix’ reminds me of when Michael Hines observed it as a
seedling; furthermore this recollection brings back good and poignant memories. I am confident you have comparable recollections
as you weed also.

As I grew older, I am beginning to understand that weeding can be a form of meditation. It is kind of like going to another place so you
can figure everything out and you are not charged for it. I often get into that meditative zone when writing, and when I come out I feel
completely peaceful. Finally, it's not just about winning the weed war; it’s trying to relax about the weeds. A few weeds won't destroy
your daylily garden. Weeding is the best time to figure out the world. However when you visit a friend’s garden and start pulling their
weeds without their consent, then you might be showing signs of going over the edge.

Remembering Dixie
By Barbara Kirby

Dixie Ayers, wife of Joe for over 58 years, and beloved sister of Gwen Denny, lost her battle
with cancer on 31 Jan 09. After a reprieve from heart ailments in 2007, she bounced back for
a final season of admiring her favorite flower and following the judging trail. Dixie & I met
several times along the                                        judging trail and while we
judged, Joe and Morris                                         would sit over to the side talking
about farming and                                              anything else they could think of
to pass the time.
Dixie was quite refined                                        and presented a picture of the
typical southern lady                                          who spoke softly and people
were always attentive to                                       what she said. She was so
proud when David                                               Kirchhoff named a daylily H.
‘Dixie Ayers’ and in his                                       catalogue he wrote: “She is a
friend who delights                                            everyone with her keen humor
and fine eye for good                                          daylilies”.
She not only admired                                           daylilies but shared her
enthusiasm by being a                                          member of the North Georgia
Club for over 20 years.                                        She hunkered down and held
many club offices and was Regional Secretary for two years. Her contributions and
workaholic spirit were recognized in 2006 when she was presented the Region 5 Tom Wise
Award for service.
We all felt Dixie’s presence at her funeral as she was surrounded by so many gorgeous pink
floral arrangements. Region 5’s Rev. Joe Hulsey was one of two ministers officiating.
Unbeknownst to the other, both had chosen the “Consider the lilies of the field” scripture as
their theme. With two different interpretations, we all felt we were celebrating Dixie’s life and
love for the flower that bonds us together. Rest in Peace, Dixie, you’ll always have a place in
our heart.

Bits and Blooms: Daylilies on My Mind
By Sue Calbreath
Where does time go? I cannot believe that it is spring again and
with all this rain lately, many daylilies have awakened and are
now reaching for the sky. The yard has slowly transformed from
its brown winter coat to various shades of green in anticipation of
warm summer skies and gentle rains. And this includes both
friend (perennials) and foe (aka weeds).
For Dennis and I, 2008 could be called the "year of the pot" , the plastic ones of course, as we
began advanced planning for our future move to the Midwest. And as can be expected, at
least in our garden, several of our potted ones did not make it through the winter. I can always
feel a slight tug of my heart when I see a lifeless pot, quiet and inactive, silent and dead.
But the plan is to move our plants slightly northward, to a zone higher, and for the meantime to
take up residency at my daughter's house in southern Missouri where she will enjoy the
blooms of the plants we grew to love. The plants that make our yard a kaleidoscope of colors
and shapes, our friends the daylilies will be missed. Of course, we kept a few to keep an eye
on and enjoy.
A Tribute to Dixie Ayers
By: Lynn McAllum, North Georgia Daylily Society
With special thanks to Elaine Beck

Dixie Ayers was a quiet lady with a perpetual smile. Every time I think about Dixie, I envision
her with a smile on her face. She was one of the first people who spoke to me at the first North
Georgia Daylily Society meeting that my husband and I attended in 1997. Later on, as I
became more involved in areas of the club, she was usually the one I ended up calling with my
questions. I remember calling Dixie on several mornings and interrupting her morning cup of
coffee. I would always tell her that I would call her back later but she would insist that it was a
good time to talk. Sometimes, I would pepper her with questions about daylilies, the annual
daylily show, or later, when I was appointed secretary, questions about the secretary’s duties
or the way something in the club needed to be handled. Whether I had one question or ten,
she always answered every question with patience and knowledge.

Dixie was a very important part of the local and regional club. She, along with her husband
Joe, attended almost every meeting and function of the North Georgia Daylily Society.
Wherever Dixie was, Joe was quietly there too. Over the years, Dixie served as President,
Vice President, and Secretary of our club, as well as daylily show classification co-chairperson
and head of show clerks. She also donated her daylilies and time at club sales. She was both
an AHS exhibition judge and garden judge. She would usually judge five or six shows around
the southeast each spring. She was also the secretary for Region 5 and rarely missed a
regional meeting.

Dixie had a daylily named for her. David Kirchhoff introduced H. ‘Dixie Ayers’ in 2000.

Dixie loved daylilies. She and Joe owned and operated Dixie’s Land Daylilies at their home in
Bowman. At our annual club daylily auctions, Dixie always bid on and won various cultivars to
add to her garden. We attended a club picnic at her house several years ago. My toddler-age
son had a small plastic shovel and was digging in her flowers but Dixie didn’t mind.

In 2007, Dixie was fittingly named the recipient of the Tom Wise award. The North Georgia
Daylily Society members unanimously agreed that Dixie should be nominated for this award
and signed a petition as such. Longtime fellow club member, Elaine Beck, wrote a moving
submission to the Tom Wise Award Chairman, recommending Dixie. In her letter, Elaine
wrote: “ Dixie Ayers is not only willing to step up and do whatever is needed of her as a leader
in the organization, she is also the rare kind of individual who supports others quietly while
they go about the business of the club. She’s the one who is there for others when they are
serving as president, entering a flower in the flower show, or when they are looking for an
exhibition judge in a faraway place. Others have been president, show chairman, etc., but
Dixie has done all that and given her time, energy, and care to anyone else who is trying to
make the club better.”

Just as it would be for anyone, nothing written or spoken can ever convey an individual’s true
persona. You just had to know Dixie. If you were one of the lucky ones, you did.

We will all miss Dixie very much.

(photo of H. ‘Dixie Ayers’ on inside front cover.)

The total numbers of winners were 3 Individual Cultivar Awards, 12 HM Awards and 5 JC Awards. It is
very remarkable that this is the first time Region 5 has ever won 3 Individual Cultivar Awards in the
same year. Our Region has won 2 before 2 other times. The following are daylilies that received awards
from the AHS which was announced at the fall 2008 board meeting. These awards are voted on each
year by AHS Garden Judges.
Individual Cultivar Awards
H. ‘MOSES' FIRE’ hybridized by Enman Joiner won the Ida Munson Award for the most outstanding
double flower in the AHS.
H. ‘MEMORIES OF OZ’ hybridized by Katisue Herrington won the Harris Olson Spider Award for the
most outstanding spider or spider-variant flower in the AHS.
H. ‘TINY MORSEL’ hybridized by Tim Bell won the Donn Fischer Memorial Award for the best miniature
flower in the AHS.
Award of Merit
Established in 1950, this award is given to signify that a cultivar is not only distinctive and beautiful, but
also performs well over a wide geographic area. The award is given to the twelve cultivars receiving the
most votes from all candidates. There were no Region 5 winners; however H. ‘FIREFLY FRENZY’
hybridized by Jan Joiner was a runner-up which is still an honor.
Honorable Mention Awards
Established in 1950, this award is the first official "stamp of approval" by the AHS, where good
performance goes beyond the regional level. To win, a cultivar must receive a minimum of fifteen
votes.     These votes must come from no fewer than four different             AHS regions. Winners were
H. ‘LOOK HERE MARY’ hybridized by John Cranshaw, H. ‘KING JAMES’, H. ‘BESIDES STILL
hybridized by Tim Bell, H. ‘AMANDA’S LITTLE RED SHOES’ hybridized Nancy Eller, H. ‘RON ELLER
MEMORIAL’, H. ‘YOU QUACK ME UP’, hybridized by Don Eller, H. ‘TWICE AS NICE’ hybridized by
Tim Herrington, and H. ‘FASHION LEADER’, H. ‘TICKLE ME FANCY’ hybridized by Jan Joiner.
Junior Citation Award
This award was established in 1950 to focus attention on new cultivars that appear to have outstanding
qualities and distinction. It must receive a minimum of 10 votes. Winners were H. ‘LADY DUCK’
hybridized by Don Eller, H. ‘A GIFT FOR TREVA’, H. ‘SOFTEN MY HEART’, H. ‘DEFYING
SERENITY’ hybridized by Nancy Eller, and H. ‘HAT’S OFF TO SUE’ hybridized by Tim Herrington.

                         ATTENTION GEORGIA HYBRIDIZERS!!


                     Daylilies are looking fine--In Middle Georgia 2009
                  PERRY, GA
                                              June 5 ‐ 7, 2009 
Headquarters: Holiday Inn, I-75, Exit 136, Perry GA. 1-800-808-8804. Rate is $69 per night, for price use “Region 5
Daylily Meeting”. Rate Good through 15 May 2009 and includes full buffet breakfast.

Registrar: Barbara Kirby, 102 Haag Dr, Warner Robins GA 31093, phone number: 478 (922-8416)

Registration Fee: Adult: $95, Youth (under 12) $75, if paid by 15 May 2009. Afterwards $25 late fee.

Registration Times: Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. in the hotel lobby.

                 Clinic 2:        1:00 p.m. Location: Eula Fluellen, 2216 Highway 341 South, Perry GA
                 Clinic 1:        4:00 p.m. Holiday Inn
                 Clinic 1:        10:00 a.m. Location: Holiday Inn
                 Clinic 2:         2:00 p.m. Location: Holiday Inn
                 Refresher:        2:00 p.m. Location: Holiday Inn
Friday:          Boutique 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Holiday Inn
Friday:          Dinner and Auction: 6:00 p.m., Holiday Inn
Saturday:        Bus Tour Of Gardens: Buses load at 6:45 a.m. in front of the Holiday Inn for departure at 7:00 a.m.
                 promptly. Tour Gardens: Billy and Sarah Dick’s Peachland Farms (seedling beds), Morris & Barbara
                 Kirby's Garden, Winfred and Janie Huff’s Back Yard Daylilies, Eula Fluellen Garden
                 Lunch and Business Meeting: 12:30 p.m. Holiday Inn
Saturday:        Region 5 Hybridizer Seedlings/Intro’s Presentation: 2:30-3:30 p.m. Location: Holiday Inn
                 Speakers: Elizabeth and Jeff Salter 3:45-5:00 p.m.
                 Banquet: Holiday Inn
                            Social Hour: 5:30 p.m.
                            Dinner: 6:30 p.m. Speakers: Larry Grace and Dan Trimmer
                 Boutique: 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Sunday:          Open Gardens (on your own) in Milledgeville: Earnest & Nita Yearwood (breakfast),
                 Joe & Janet Watson, and Ralph & Jane Carson.
Check registration packet for directions, locations and possible time changes.
                           AHS Region 5 Spring Meeting 2009 – Perry, GA- June 5-7, 2009
Name (s):______________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________E-Mail: _____________________________________
Registration Fee: Adult: $95, Youth (under 12) $75, if paid by 15 May 2009. Afterwards $25 late fee. Registrar:
Barbara Kirby, 102 Haag Dr, Warner Robins GA 31093, phone number (478) 922-8416.
Make checks payable to Middle Georgia Hemerocallis Society (MGHS).

Amount enclosed $_________ (Registration does NOT include hotel reservations).
Make hotel reservations by contacting Holiday Inn directly.

CLINICS: I (we) will attend the following Clinics: Indicate number of attendees:
  Garden 1___Garden 2___Exhibition 1___Exhibition 2___Refresher___
Fee for Judges Clinics is $5.00 per person collected at the door. Checks payable to American Hemerocallis Society.

Early Bird Special:                                                                                            14
First 75 who register will be eligible for a drawing of 2- $100 daylilies…..
                              2009 Region 5 Popularity Poll Ballot
Select your favorite daylilies (up to 10) from the list below. Vote for daylilies that you have observed in your garden or immediate area. You can
write in up to 5 daylilies in the space provided if you do not find your 10 favorites on the list. Check the box to the left of daylily name.
(Remember to vote for only 10)
       Aaron's Little Whopper                                     Jan's Twister                                          Regal Wedding

       Across the Universe                                        Janice Brown                                           Renie's Delight

       All Fired Up                                               Julie Newmar                                           Ron Eller Memorial

       Amanda's Little Red Shoes                                  Just for Breakfast                                     Ruby Spider

       Anne Mcwilliams                                            Kathryn June Wood                                      Scatterbrain

       Beauty of the King                                         Katisue                                                Sebastian the Crab

       Bella Sera                                                 Kennesaw Mountain Hayride                              Sherry Lane Carr

       Belle Cook                                                 Last Midnight                                          Skinwalker

       Big Kiss                                                   Lava Flow                                              Spacecoast Gold Bonanza

       Bill Norris                                                Lavender Blue Baby                                     Spacecoast Sea Shells

       Bubbling Edge                                              Let It Rip                                             Spacecoast Small Talk

       Buzz Saw Boogie                                            Linda Beck                                             Spacecoast Sunkist Splendor

       Candy From Heaven                                          Lonnie Leroy Carpenter                                 Sparks Cool Mountain Mist

       Cimarron Rose                                              Look Here Mary                                         Spider Miracle

       Connie Can't Have It                                       Madge Cayse                                            Strawberry Candy

       David Arthur                                               Magic of Oz                                            Sunglasses Needed

       Desert Icicle                                              Mardi Gras Ball                                        Sycamore Sensation

       Diana's Pink Gown                                          Marion Tyus                                            Symphony of Praise

       Dixie Land Band                                            Mary's Gold                                            Thanks To Toopie

       Dorothy and Toto                                           Micro Dots                                             Tomato Sandwich

       Duck Shades                                                Midnight Raider                                        Velvet Ribbons

       Everybody Loves Earnest                                    Montez Fausett                                         Victorian Lace

       Fairy Tale Pink                                            Moonlit Masquerade                                     Watermelon Taffy

       Firefly Frenzy                                             Open my Eyes

       Frilly Bliss                                               Orange Velvet                                          Write in Additional Daylilies

       Glory Bright                                               Pastor Laurie Ann Moeller

       Grand Old Flag                                             Peachland Rainbow

       How Beautiful Heaven Must Be                               Primal Scream

       Indian Giver                                               Rainbow Over Georgia

       J.T. Davis                                                 Ram

 Name___________________________________________                                       Home Club: _______________________________
 Address:________________________________________                                      (Must be filled in to be eligible for club and region incentives)

 Ballot must be postmarked no later than 9/1/09 Please mail to:                        You can vote online:
 Claude Carpenter                                                                                    15
 2426 Ballantrae Circle                                                                You can download a ballot from:
 Cumming GA 30041                                                            
Daylily Clubs Around Georgia
ALBANY HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY                                     2009 Officers
By Diane Barnette                                               President …………………………….....Ron Bonner
                                                                1st Vice President ...............................Marion Tyus
The club meets the 3rd Saturday of each month at 2:30           2nd Vice President……………………..Jackie Nicholson
p.m. at Avalon United Methodist Church,                         Secretary .............................................Pat Bonner
3018 Gillionville Road, Albany, Georgia                         Treasurer .............................................Diane Barnette
                                                                2009 Show Chair at Albany Mall.……..Ron Bonner
Show Date:                                                              Co-Chair………………………..Mary Herman
  May 30, 2009, Albany Mall                                     Club Reporter ......................................Diane Barnette
                                                                (229) 432-0791 -

Albany Club News:

We had our annual Christmas party on December 13th and our new slate of officers was installed at
that time. A covered dish luncheon was enjoyed by everyone. The Secret Santa gift swap was fun and
there were several door prizes, as well. Christmas music and singing of carols were performed by
Wanda Perrett and Mary Crosby to help everyone get in the Christmas mood.
Our club will be using a point system this year for members to earn points to be used as dollars at a
special auction in October. Hopefully, this will encourage attendance and participation among our
On January 24th, our guest speaker was Larry Grace from Graceland Gardens in Newton, AL and his
wife, Cindy. Larry showed pictures of his 2009 collection. This is his first collection in six years. Larry
showed us this year’s introductions and many seedlings. It was a beautiful and informative program. An
auction was held afterwards with some plants Larry brought from his garden and others donated by Ron
and Pat Bonner.
Our February 28th speakers will be Jeff and Elizabeth Salter from Rollingwood Garden in Eustis, FL.
We have two new members, Penny and Richard Certain, from Moultrie, GA. Penny came to her first
meeting with Ruby Sullivan.
We hope everyone has a good daylily year. Come visit with us, if you have a chance to do so.

               My two cents on growing daylilies in pots: Sue Calbreath

                    As major gardening interest decreases in the younger generations, there seems to be an increasing
                    interest in container gardening. Several of my younger friends and neighbors have asked me, will daylilies
                    grow in pots? Because all they do is container gardening. This is something that I have been working on
                    becoming successful. I have had several daylilies in beautiful blue pots that have done very well. While
                    others in the same blue pots and the same soil don’t bloom. I find that miniatures do best in pots and that
tall daylilies should never be put in pots as their permanent homes.
      • Use at least 3 gallon pots for mature plants, the depth of the pot is important for root growth.
      • Prepare a potting mixture that will drain well
      • Keep your potted daylilies in partial shade
      • Use a regular regiment for watering (you will need to water more often than those planted in the ground) and
      • Give them special attention so you can address concerns immediately
      • Clear all fall tree leaves that have fallen on top of the daylily pot (I think that contributed to some of the daylilies
      • Tag them well – It seems the squirrels like to drag them off.
            Please share your two cents about growing daylilies in pots with me at and I will share
          them in the next Georgia Daylily.

CHATAHOOCHEE VALLEY DAYLILY SOCIETY                            Officers
By Jon Christenson                                      President ................................... Larry Miller
                                                        1st Vice President .....................John Christenson
The club meets the 1st Saturday of every other month at 2nd Vice President……………...Kenny Manis
12:30 p.m., Hospice, 7020 Moon Rd., Columbus, GA        Secretary .................................. Alice Christenson
                                                        Treasurer .................................. Nancy Stansby
Show Date:                                              Show Chair ................................Kenny Manis
   May 30, 2009, Calloway Gardens Discovery Center      Club Reporter ............................ Joyce Milliron

Chatahoochee Valley Daylily Society News

No report.

COBB COUNTY DAYLILY SOCIETY                                  2009 Officers
By Dianna and Bill Waldrop                      President ………………….Bill Waldrop
                                                VPresident…………………Camilla Arthur
The dates for our general meetings for 2009 are Secretary ...........................Diana Waldrop
as follows: April 19, September 13 and November Treasurer ...........................Jack Rigsby
15. Our meetings are held on Sunday at 2:00     Publicity .............................Anne Murray
p.m. in Room 252 at the First Methodist Church, Show Chair ........................Patty Franklin
56 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta, Georgia. All      Parliamentarian……………Glenn McKinney
visitors are welcome.                           Hospitality…………………. Cynthia Rigsby
Show Date:
   June 13, 2009, Cobb Galleria; combined with Greater
Cobb County Daylily Society News

Our first speaker for 2009 was Mr. John Kinnebrew from Kinnebrew Daylily Gardens in Scottsmoor,
Florida. We had over 50 people in attendance. We were very fortunate to have Mr. Kinnebrew to
come to speak to our club. Bill thanked Camilla and David Arthur for arranging Mr. Kinnebrew’s visit,
and for picking him up at the airport. We found out that Mr. Kinnebrew worked for 28 years at the Air
Force Space Station at Cape Canaveral, Florida. After Mr. Kinnebrew’s retirement he began to grow
daylilies at his home, and very soon thereafter he was hybridizing great flowers. Mr. Kinnebrew is
married and has one son. Mr. Kinnebrew’s wife and his son both help him in his hybridizing work in his
garden. Mr. Kinnebrew’s son, John, is also a Hybridizer. Mr. Kinnebrew grows over 10,000 seedlings
in 6 x 12 raised boxes on about one-half acre. From his 10,000 seedlings he keeps approximately 200
plants. He ships his introductions to many countries including Russia, Japan, Germany and Australia.
Mr. Kinnebrew’s Garden will be featured on the tour of gardens at the National Convention this coming
May. People are very interested in Mr. Kinnebrew’s daylilies because he grows such beautiful daylilies
on a relatively small parcel of property. Mr. Kinnebrew then presented his PowerPoint presentation.
We were all treated to a very entertaining presentation. We then auctioned the 20 plants that Mr.
Kinnebrew brought with him. These daylilies were very large and beautiful, and the plants auctioned
included double and sometimes three or more fans.              Many people in our club purchased Mr.
Kinnebrew’s daylilies, and it was a fun time for everyone. We then took the photograph shown below.
You can see John sitting in the middle of the front row. (picture found on inside cover)

DAYLILY SOCIETY OF GREATER ATLANTA                           2009 Officers
By Sue Calbreath                                             President…………………..Angie Tatum
                                                             Vice President.……………Claude Carpenter
Meeting locations and times are on our website at            2nd Vice President……….Bobbie                                      Higginbotham
                                                             Secretary.………………….Felicity O’Neal
Our next event is a picnic and auction at McDaniel Farm      Treasurer…………………. Carolyn Herndon
on Sept. 13 at noon.                                         Parliamentarian:…………..Joann Stwart
                                                             Show Chair..………………Harold McDonell
Show Date:                                                   Club Reporter……………. Sue Calbreath
   June 13, 2009, Cobb Galleria, combined with Cobb County   (770) 972-3556 -

Daylily Society of Greater Atlanta News:

We have a new president, Angie Tatum and a mission statement:

“We are committed to bringing the joys of daylilies and good gardening practices to EVERYONE
through education, public awareness, sharing and kindness.”

This year for the first time, the Daylily Society of Greater Atlanta is partnering with Cobb County Daylily
Society to jointly sponsor our annual show. The show will be held at the Cobb Galleria.

We are looking forward to our April 18 meeting where we will have our annual MAPS Plants and daylily
auction. One of our highly anticipated events where we have the opportunity to buy newer introductions
with our Maps $$ for participation and support of national, regional and local daylily activities. This
year’s plants are provided by Bill Waldrop.

We are planning a day trip to the Athens Botanical Gardens, JoAnn Stewart’s home, and other local
nurseries in the Athen’s area. Athens has an abundance of nurseries with unusual perennials and
herbs. Angie is hosting a dig and clump separation party. Anyone who digs and helps separate gets to
take home some great daylilies. The Calbreath’s are going to host an ice cream social and swap meet
in late August. Attendees will bring daylilies and swap them for other daylilies of equal value.

We hope to see you at the Regional in May.

                                         Make Your Vote Count!!

Region 5 Daylily Enthusiasts we need your help! Last year Georgian Daylily Enthusiasts didn’t
make their votes count. Refer to Claude’s report on p. 8 for details on this year’s voting. Don’t
let your daylily down—Vote!!

This is a great opportunity for us to share with newbies to the daylily world what daylilies
perform in Region 5. They won’t be disappointed when they buy from our Region 5 Popularity

It’s Easy to Vote!
Popularity Poll Ballots will be available at the June meeting in Perry, GA. In addition you can
vote on the AHS web-site: You can also download
a ballot from the Region 5 web-site:

DAYLILY SOCIETY OF GREATER AUGUSTA                         2009 Officers
By Arleigh Mansfield                                       President…………………..Steve Willard
                                                           Vice President.……………Vernon Johnson
The club meets the 2nd Sunday of alternate months at       Secretary.………………….Mandy Smith
2:30 p.m. at National Hills Baptist Church..               Corresponding Secretary...Laura Sheets
                                                           Treasurer…………………..Josephine Grier
Show Date:                                                 Historian..…………………..Karen McConnel
   June 13, 2009                                           Club Reporter……………...Arleigh Mansfield

Daylily Society of Greater Augusta News

On January 11, 2009, as the day rapidly turner colder, our new president Steve Willard warmly welcomed 21
members to our bimonthly meeting.

Mandy Smith, who shares secretarial duties with Laura Street, urged members to receive our society newsletter via
email to save on postage and to allow Laura to send out the newsletter even when she is traveling. Peggy Sue
Golembeski in her last report as treasurer had good news on the club’s finances. We hope new treasurer
Josephine Grier will have another glowing report in March.

Steve led a discussion of what to do with an unused transportation deposit left when the club had to cancel a trip to
visit several gardens last summer. The possibilities included the use of a van to attend the Winter Symposium in
Athens, the Regional Spring Fling, the regional convention, or the national convention in Orlando. The club will
make that decision in the near future.

Nancy Burkhalter thoughtfully provided us with copies of suggestions that she came across to enhance group effort.
Every organization might learn from these suggestions.

Charlie Shaw, owner with his wife Debra of Shaw’s Sunshine Gardens, gave a beautiful PowerPoint presentation of
their trip to national in Houston. His photos had us oohing and awing , writing away and generally drooling over
some of the outstanding flowers and lovely gardens. We are ready for winter to leave so we can plant, plant, plant.

We look forward to our next gathering on March 8th when Tim Herrington, strongly supported by Walter Wall, will
provide our program.

DUBLIN HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY                                2009 Officers
By Jane M. Carson                                          President…………………....Steve Mercer
                                                           Vice President.……………..Jack Joiner
The club meets the 4th Monday of each month at             Secretary.…………………...Earnest Yearwood
6:30 p.m.– Bring a covered dish, at the New Bethel         Treasurer…………………....B.J. Achord
Baptist Church, (located at Highway 257 and I-60). We      Club Reporter………………Jane M. Carson
invite anyone in the area to join us and bring a friend.
The food is always great and we usually have an
abundance of door prizes in the way of plants and
garden items.
Show Date:
  May 30, 2009
No Report.
FLINT RIVER DAYLILY SOCIETY                           Officers
By Linda Daniels                                      President…………………..Carole Bradshaw
                                                      Vice President.……………Ann Weatherford
The club meets 3rd Sunday of each month at            Secretary.………………….Annette Hadaway
2:00 p.m. at The First United Methodist Church,       Treasurer…………………..Robert Corley
132 Cherokee Road, Thomson, GA                        Show Chair..………………Michael Barwick
                                                      Club Reporter……………..Linda Daniels
Show Date:                                  
     June 14, 2009

No Report.

MIDDLE GEORGIA HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY                   2009 Officers
By Marcia Whidby                                         President…………………..James Fennell
                                                         Vice President.…………….Floyd McNeal
Our Club meets six times a year at the Centerville Lions 2nd V President…………...Winfred Huff
Clubhouse.                                               Secretary.…………………. Linda Daniel
                                                         Treasurer…………………..Janie Huff
Show Date: No show this year.                            Show Chair..……………….Winfred Huff
June 5 – 7: MGHS Host Regional Tour                      Show Co-Chair……………James Fennell
                                                         Club Reporter……………...Marcia Whidby

Middle Georgia Hemerocallis Society News:

       We had a marvelous turnout at our Christmas meeting. Jeff and Liz Salter presented a
fabulous program and slide show of their new introductions. We are so blessed to have such
talented hybridizers.
       We have some who have lost loved ones and several who are still ill. Please let them
know they are still in your thoughts and prayers.
       Spring is right around the corner and we have many exciting upcoming events.
Please join us and bring a friend to introduce to the joys of daylilies.
       “A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.” Sadi

                                                                      Ode to the Daylily
        Every day it’s new from morning to dew,
              Every color of the rainbow,
            Every shape you can imagine                             When the Sun rises
                  Every bud a delight                                  Petals unfurl
                                                                 Revealing a jeweled palate
                                                                    Color like no other
         They are gone into the world of night                   When the Sun goes down
       And alone sad (in the garden) I linger here                  Their day is done.
        Their memory is (quite a site) so bright,                                        SC
             And my sad thoughts disappear
           As each day there is a new delight
     And (in the garden) a new daylily does appear.


NORTH GEORGIA DAYLILY SOCIETY                    2009 Officers
By Lynn McAllum                                 President…………………..Perry McAllum
                                                Vice President.……………Ralph Carson
The club meets on Sunday at 2pm at Family Life Secretary.………………….Lynn McAllum
Center, First Baptist Church, 751 Grant St. NE, Treasurer………………….Burney Sullivan
Gainesville, GA.                                Show Chair..………………Perry McAllum
                                                Show Co-Chair…………...Carolyn Rafter
Show Date:                                      Club Reporter/Publicity…..Lynn McAllum
  June 13, 2009                                 (706)367-9272

North Georgia Daylily Society News

Our first meeting of the new year was held on Sunday, January 11th at the First Baptist Church
Family Life Center in Gainesville. Elaine Beck, along with her husband Luther, is owner of
Harmony Grove Garden in Commerce. They have grown daylilies for over thirty years. Luther
is also a seasoned hybridizer with many introductions. Together, Luther and Elaine have many
years of daylily experience and knowledge and lucky for us, Elaine shared some of this
knowledge with us in her Daylily 101 presentation. She discussed many different elements of
daylilies, such as the history of the daylily as well as daylily forms, colors, patterns, ploidy,
assessing proportions/foliage/bloom time, etc.

With the new year we began featuring a member in our club’s newsletter. This gives members
an opportunity to learn a bit more about a member of the club. In January’s newsletter we
spotlighted longtime member Joe Hulsey. Joe has served as both President and Vice
President of our club for quite a number of years. He’s also served on various committees. He
is an exhibition judge and also hybridizes and has quite a number of registered cultivars. He
and his wife Lou live in Dahlonega and own Possum Hollow Daylilies. Joe purchased his first
daylilies in 1960 from a lady in Hiawassee, four clumps for $1 per clump. His favorite daylily is
H. ‘Possom Hollow Lynn McAllum’, which he introduced in 2003. When asked what his
favorite thing about daylilies and being involved in our local club is, he replied that he joined
the club about 15 or 16 years ago and enjoys being in the club. He enjoys the friendship and
the people in the club and the work that we all do together. Joe mentioned that years ago in
gardening magazines, daylilies were called the ‘men’s flower’ because they were so easy to
grow. When asked if there was anything else he would like to share, he replied with a laugh,
“I’m short, dark…used to be…and handsome!”

In April, our club will be participating in the Hall County Master Gardeners Spring Expo sale in
Gainesville. In the past this has been a great fundraiser for us. Members donate and prepare
daylilies for sale and also donate their time to work at the sale. It is a great opportunity to not
only raise funds for the club, but also to answer questions from buyers and spectators about
our favorite flower. We’ve also been fortunate to attract new members this way.

Recent members to the club are Bruce & Pat Kovach of Centerpiece Gardens in Suwanee,
and Dr. Tom Nichols of Gainesville.

Sadly, our club has lost a precious and longtime member. Dixie Ayers passed away on
Saturday, January 31st. She and her husband of 58 years, Joe, have been members of the
club for many years. Dixie was such a special person. She will be greatly missed.

NORTHWEST GEORGIA DAYLILY SOCIETY                           2009 Officers
By Terri Mullinis                                       President…………………..Patty Acree
                                                        Vice President.……………Wes White
The club meets the fourth Saturday of each month, Secretary.………………….David Bishop
January through October, at Ryan's Restaurant, Hwy 53, Treasurer…………………..Doris Bishiop
Calhoun, GA at 12:00 p.m. Visitors are always welcome. Show Chair..……………….Patty Acree
                                                        Show Co-Chair…………….Teresa Teague
Show Date:                                              Club Reporter/Publicity…...Terri Mullins
  June 20, 2009, North GA Experiment Station in Calhoun (706)635-4527

Northwest Georgia Daylily Society News:

The first meeting of 2009 for the North West Georgia Daylily Society was held Saturday, January 24, 2009 at Ryan's
Steakhouse in Calhoun, GA. President Patty Acree welcomed everyone to the meeting. Doris Bishop gave the
treasurer's report. Discussion was given to the show for 2009, which will be held Saturday, June 20, 2009 at the
North Georgia Experiment Station in Calhoun, GA. Patty Acree is the show chairman for 2009, with Teresa Teague
the Show Co-Chairman. Other committee chairs include: Awards - Patty Acree, Judges & Clerks - Jim Mullins,
Hospitality - Doris Bishop, Schedule - Patty Acree, Plant Sale - Doris Bishop, Education - Paula Lust, Classification -
Terri Mullins, Placement - David Bishop, Publicity - Terri Mullins, Tabulation - Terri Mullins, Dismantling - Bob Lust.

New locations and times for club meetings was also discussed. Several suggestions were made, and it was agreed
to check on availability for the locations with futher discussion for changes to be included at the next meeting. A
plant sale conducted by the club is scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2009. A club plant auction will also be held on
that date. Bill Waldrop of Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens will be the guest speaker for the next meeting on
Saturday, February 28, 2009. This meeting will be held at Ryan's steakhouse in Calhoun, GA.

SAVANNAH HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY                               2009 Officers
By Martha Fawcett                                   President…………………..Sheila Woo
                                                    Vice President.……………L.B. Davis
The Savannah club meets the 3rd Thursday each month Secretary.………………….Tina Sikesl
At 7:00pm at the Coastal Gardens Bamboo Farm,       Corresponding Secretary...Stan Woo
HWY 17 S, Savannah, Georgia                         Treasurer…………………..Ben Blackwell
                                                    Club Reporter……………...Martha Fawcett
Show Date:                                          (912)354-8994
  May 30, 2009, Ogelthorpe Mall
Savannah Hemerocallis Society News

The Savannah Society began the 2009 year on a cold winter's night in January with a Chili Cook-off. Six intrepid
members presented their special recipes to be judged by all attendees. White chili, red chili, hot chili, mild chili were
all offered accompanied by corn bread muffins and cole slaw. All members had to taste each entry in order to judge.
The winner (Ben Blackwell) was presented a daylily: FLYING TIGERS by Trimmer 2005.

We were happy to welcome home our former members, Ray Parker and his wife Joyce. Ray moved from Savannah
five years ago. After Ray's retirement, they have returned and rejoined the Savannah Society.

Gene Philips from the Southeast Camellia Society gave the program. He really inspired us with his presentation of "A
Trail of Camellia Species". This is the project of the society at the Bamboo Farm/Coastal Garden. After many years
of planning, clearing, digging and finally planting, this camellia garden demonstrates the tremendous diversity found
in the camellia family. When completed it will be home to the largest collection of camellias in the country.

         Future programs for the year include:
         February Mike Smith from Longwood Plantation on soil composition
         March      Spring Festival at the Bamboo Farm/Coastal Gardens
         April      Tim and Dave Nursery

SOUTH GEORGIA HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY                 2009 Officers
By Jean Stanton                                      President…………………..Randy Jones
                                                     Vice President.……………Troy Dominy
Meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except during    Secretary.………………….Deloris Surrency
July and August, and November and December, at the Corresponding Secretary...Elaine Moody
Ag. Bldg, 711 Hendry St., Blackshear, GA. At 7:00pm. Treasurer…………………..Brenda Jones
New members and guests are welcome                   Program Chair……………..Vicky Carson
                                                     Show Chair..……………….Marilyn Waters
Show Date:                                           Club Reporter……………...Jean Stanton
   May 9, 2009                                       (912)283-7139

South Georgia Hemerocallis News

The Southwest Georgia Hemerocallis Society assembled in the months of September and October to
organize and plan for 2009. We had wonderful food and fellowship. We engaged in a colloquy with
each other to make plans for our upcoming daylily show in 2009. Plans for the growth of our club and
fundraising were addressed.

On November 3, 2008, the Southwest Georgia Hemerocallis met at the Decatur County Senior Center
in Bainbridge, Georgia. One of our members, Miss Mary Frances Donalson, gave a program on daylily
art. It was quite a surprise to most of our members as they were not knowledgeable of her artwork.
She has painted numerous pictures of daylilies and has donated a beautiful frame picture to our club to
use as fundraising project for 2009. Shortly after our meeting in November, Miss Donalson was
diagnosed with cancer and is currently receiving treatments. So far, she has responded well. President
Frances Gray asked that everyone remember her in his or her prayers and to please send her a card.

In December, the Southwest Georgia Hemerocallis Society held its annual Christmas Party at the
Decatur County Senior Center in Bainbridge, Georgia. We had a delicious buffet of fried chicken,
vegetables, and desserts. All the members engaged in a gift exchange process with each other. This
was an amicable meeting and was enjoyed by all who attended.

The Southwest Georgia Hemerocallis Society assembled on January 6, 2009, at the Decatur County
Senior Center, in Bainbridge, Georgia. Plans for our upcoming show were unveiled and the following
officers were selected for the show: Frances Gray, chairperson; Rosemary Dixon, co-chairman; Mary
Netherton, awards; and Rosemary Dixon, judges. Other show positions will be filled later. The show
will be held on May 9, 2009, in the Bainbridge Mall.

The Southwest Georgia Hemerocallis Society convened on February 3, 2009, at the Decatur County
Senior Center in Bainbridge, Georgia. A discussion ensued regarding fundraising and plans for the
upcoming daylily show. Moreover, we discussed increasing our membership. Several new members
are embarking on new ideas to get the community involved with our club. President Frances Gray said,
‘’We have a club with the best participation with door prizes and refreshments. We have wonderful
fellowship and food. We hope to see some of you as judges and visitors to our club in May.”

The Southwest Georgia Hemerocallis Society is pleased to relate that Frances Gray was elected
president of our club for a second term. Mrs. Gray brings to the club a vast array of experience for she
has served as president and show-chairman for many years. Moreover, she is known for her tenacity,
humility, and passion to humanity. We are proud to have someone of her stature to lead our

    Spring is here!! Get out and dig in the dirt and plant some

SOUTHWEST GEORGIA HEMEROCALLIS                       Officers
SOCIETY                                              President…………………..Frances Gray
By David Daniel                                      Vice President.……………Jackie Nicholson
                                                     Secretary.………………….Mary Frances Donalson
                                                     Treasurer………………….Gina Shelton
The club meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at
                                                     Show Chair..………………Frances Gray
7:00 p.m. Call for loction.
                                                     Program Chair..…………..Rosemary Dixon
                                                     Club Reporter…………….David Daniel

Southwest Georgia Hemerocallis News

No Report

THOMSON IRIS AND DAYLILY SOCIETY                     2009 Officers
By Vernon Johnson                                   President…………………..Vernon Johnson
                                                    Vice President.……………Jane Waldrop
Meet 4th Sunday of each month at 2:30pm at the      Secretary.………………….Judy Johnson
Thomson McDuffy Library, 338 Main St., Thomson, GA. Treasurer…………………..Fay Story
                                                    Club Reporter……………..Vernon Johnson
Show Date:                                          (706)595-4215
  June 12, 2009

Thomson Iris and Daylily Society News

  Our first meeting of the year was blessed by a program given by Mrs. Joanne Stewart. This amazing
lady makes guys like me ashamed by all of her activity. Her garden is a sight to behold, with many
plants growing in pots. We all know how difficult this is to keep them watered and cared for. In addition
to all of her horticultural activities she manages property in Scotland! How can such a small lady do so
much? We truly thank her for coming to Thomson and sharing her garden and life with us.
  Our February program was given by Charlie Shaw of Shaw's Sunshine Gardens. Charlie brought us a
slide program of the National Convention the year it was held on Long Island. I don't think I have I have
ever seen lovelier gardens. I think everybody knows Charlie by now. If you don't pull up Shaw's
Sunshine Gardens on the internet. I don't think I have ever seen such a gorgeous presentation. Every
one of his daylilies is illustrated by a full-sized photograph. All seem to say "Order me!" There is a
section giving feed back from his customers that are filled with praise. One quote says, "Their plants are
superior and so is their customer service."
  What more could one ask?
  Our March meeting was cancelled, due to bad weather. Earnest Yearwood, whom everybody in the
world knows, was scheduled to come and do a program on flower arranging. We all know what a treat
that would have been. I have never known a more skillful arranger. We hope this can be rescheduled for
another time.

 VALDOSTA HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY                       2009 Officers
 By Shirley Williams                                 President…………………..Wayne Taunton
                                                     Vice President.……………Clay Smith
 Meet third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at   Secretary.………………….Shirley Williams
 Ole Times Country Buffet, 1193 N. St. Augustine     Treasurer…………………..Shirley Williams
 Road, Valdosta, Georgia.                            Asst. Treasurer……………Frances Busby
 Show Date:                                          Club Reporter……………..Shirley Williams
   May 16, 2009                                      (229)242-5865

Valdosta Hemerocallis News

  Valdosta Hemerocallis Society’s Annual Christmas Party was on Thursday, December 4th at O’Neal’s
on Ashley Street, Valdosta, GA. The club paid for the delicious buffet dinner and members provided
salad and a sumptuous variety of desserts. The entertainment was a “Dirty Santa” gift exchange which
is always lots of fun to see what you get to take home and what treasured gift was taken away by “your
  Program Chair, Lucille Register, has arranged interesting programs for each month in 2009:
January – Tim Herrington
February – Ludlow Lambertson
March - Dan Trimmer
April – Joann Stewart
July – Christie Dixon
August – Earl and Barbara Watts
September – Ralph and Jane Carson
November – Winfred Huff
This year’s Daylily Show is scheduled for May 16 at the Valdosta Mall. Chairman is Wayne Taunton.
Co-chairs are Jo Taunton and Jeanette Shaw.
  Other important events are the June Youth Picnic, October Points Auction, and December Christmas

Get your daylilies ready for a great show!

Spring ISSUE DEADLINE                                                          AHS MEMBERSHIP
                                                                          Dues are payable by January 1
      July 15, 2009                                                        Make checks payable to AHS
   Please e-mail all articles and                                       Send dues to the Executive Secretary
pictures to Georgia Daylily Editor                                                           Individal:
                                                                              1 Year $25; 3 Years $70
                                                                                 Dual Membership:
                                                                               1 year $30; 3 Years 83
                                                                               Youth: Up to 18 years
                                                                                  Individual Life:
                                                                                     Dual Life:

         ... a flower which perisheth at night, and buddeth at the sunne rising,
                 ... and therefore is called the Day Lillie, or Lillie for a day.
                                       John Gerard, 1597

The Kirby Garden
Warner Robins GA
By Morris & Barbara Kirby

We are excited about the opportunity to share our garden with you again. A few things
have changed since the last tour in 2002. For those of you who told us we couldn’t get
anything else in our back yard—well, there are always beds to enlarge, shrubs to
move out, and creating new ones. We now have over 750 different cultivars in oval,
round, and winding beds. There are theme “rooms” throughout including all of Ted
Collins' introductions, the Eller “quack quack” area, as well as a special Georgia
Hybridizer Award (since 1991+) winners bed. If you’ve noticed that Morris always
dresses in the red and black of Georgia, you can bet that we also have a special
“Dawg” room. Although daylilies are the first love, you will discover many perennials
intermingled among the garden statuaries with particular emphasis on those fragrant
oriental lilies and the newer varieties of Echinacea. We are proud to have numerous
guest plants (which will be appropriately identified) and are grateful to Dan Bachman,
the Herringtons, Kinnebrews, Salters and Trimmers for allowing us to share their
plants with you. June will soon be here and we anxiously await your visit.
(photo on inside back cover.)

Back Yard Daylilies
Hawkinsville Georgia
By Janie and Winfred Huff

  “Back Yard Daylilies” has been the ongoing dream of Janie & Winfred Huff for over ten
years. The garden was christened with its name because the plot of beauties started in
the back yard. The only problem was the garden has not remained there; it has spread its
wings to take in other unsuspecting areas. Gone are the spiraling azaleas that once
graced the landscape with their spring beauty. Lines of daylilies now replace the spring
color with summer and fall beauty from over 950 named cultivars.
  One of the highlights of Back Yard Daylilies is the new gazebo located in the center of
the garden. It stands as a garden sentinel overlooking the Georgia Bulldog theme
seedling bed. The only pillows and sheets on this bed are the Spiders & Unusual forms
that bedeck the covering and surround the skirts. Vince Dooley, Herschel Walker and
Larry Munson would smile on the work of an avid Bulldog fan. A brick patio, next to the
gazebo, invites you to come and rest a spell before you take leave for the next garden.
  Scattered throughout the dash of daylilies are all kinds of garden enhancements. From
the small and inviting bird houses to the medium and “come stare a while” watering cans,
you can find all shapes and colors and sizes. Hopefully the birds and the bees will see fit
to take a one day vacation from their new found homes and will leave a welcome mat for
you when you come to visit our garden.
We hope your anticipation of visiting us at Back Yard Daylilies will be richly rewarded with
down to earth friendship and southern hospitality. Our welcome signs will be hung out
with the hope that your footprints will grace the paths around our daylily beds. Hope to
see you for our regional tour. (photo on inside back cover)

                                                                                     TOUR GARDEN’S CONT’D

Eula’s Garden
Perry, Georgia
By Eula Fluellen

      It all began in June 1992 as I passed Ms Mary Jones home in Warner Robins, several times before I felt
comfortable enough to stop for a visit. I wanted to know what was growing in her garden that captivated my
attention and stopped to ask her about the spectacular sight before me. She told me the flowers were daylilies. I
had seen the old traditional orange ones but nothing compared to the daylilies I was viewing at the time. I then
decided to purchase 10 two dollar daylilies without thinking where I was going to plant them. It did not take me
long to decide where I wanted to plant those daylilies—and many, many more.
    After stopping by Ms Jones’ residence several times and wishing I could afford all those awesome beauties, I
inquired about others who were involved with growing daylilies. I then met Mrs Jean Swann and started weeding
her garden in exchange for daylilies. She encouraged me to join the Middle Georgia Hemerocallis Society to learn
more about these incredible plants. I joined the society and it has been one of the most rewarding hobbies I could
ever have invested in.
    I’m just like a child in a candy store who sees so much and wants it all—that’s the way I am about daylilies. I
am ecstatic about growing daylillies and am thankful to my Lord and Saviour for allowing me to befriend people
who have the same passion as me. My garden expands to approximately one half acre with over 600 varieities of
daylilies, ranging from large to small, doubles, toothy edges, and spiders. I also have a display of guest plants from
several hybridizers (Christie Dixon, Nicole Harry, Elizabeth & Jeff Salter, and Dan Trimmer), who so graciously
allowed me to grow such eye catching daylilies in my garden. Please take time to view their introductions and see
what they have in store for us as growers. I invite you to come and explore my garden and enjoy the beautiful
scenery. (photo on inside back cover)

Peachland Daylily Garden
Fort Valley, Georgia
By Billy and Sarah Dick

  Our addiction to daylilies began in the late 1990’s. A friend gave us a large number of daylilies and I plowed up part of our
vegetable garden to plant them. They were beautiful daylilies but none identified by name.
We joined the AHS, not knowing there were local daylily clubs until we attended a regional in South Georgia the following
summer. One of the many friends we made at the meeting was Jack Joiner, who told us about the Middle Georgia Daylily
Club and invited us to join.
   After touring four fabulous gardens in the Bainbridge area, we knew we wanted a “real” daylily garden. We came home,
bought a gallon of Round-up and killed all of our unidentified dayliles. We started over with a goal of developing an official
AHS Display Garden.
  Peachland Daylily Garden is an official AHS Display Garden with more than 1000 different cultivers by over 150 hybridizers.
Cultivars range from the old classics to some of the newest introductions. They include miniatures, small and large flowers,
doubles, spiders and unusual forms. We also dab a little pollen and have introduced 10 cultivars, including Hemerocallis
Peachland Rainbow, which is again in the top ten of the 2009 Region 5 Popularity Poll.
Yes, we do sell daylilies, but our garden is more of a hobby and labor of love to us than a commercial venture. This is evident
by the many plants we have in addition to the daylilies.
  We are proud of our daylilies, but equally as proud of our .8 acre shade garden and other companion plants. The shade
garden has over 250 camellias of 99 varieties, 300 azaleas of 19 different varieties, 51 ferns of 11 different varieties and over
150 hostas of 65 varieties. We especially enjoy our collection of over 150 native azaleas of 33 different species and hybrids,
plus the 76 hydrangeas of 39 different varieties.
  Over 300 other plants fill out the shade garden, many of them unusual and not often seen growing in Middle Georgia. Oh, I
don’t want to leave out our “arbus bottilas” (bottle tree). We think of our garden as a small botanical garden with something
blooming every day of the year.
  We welcome visitors in the spring and fall, as well as, during daylily bloom season. We have a picnic area under the pine
trees with several picnic tables. So come on out and bring a picnic lunch. We’re especially proud to be a tour garden again
and look forward to seeing you on June 6th. (photo on inside back cover)

                                 Region 5 Youth Award Guidelines

At the 2008 Winter Regional, the Youth Committee (consisting of Ralph/Jane Carson and Winfred/Janie
Huff), recommended the “Region 5 Youth Project” to distribute the youth funds earned in previous
years. The recommendation was affirmed by the members present and this year’s guidelines are listed
below (only the dates will change in future years). Applications will appear in The Daylily Journal, on
the website and the actual application forms will be sent to the club presidents for
dissimination. There were no entries received for 2008, but for 2009, the winner will attend the Region
5 Regional. In 2010, the winner will attend the AHS National Convention in Valdosta.

                                    AHS Region 5 Youth Project

An award will be presented to one youth from Region 5 to attend the AHS Region 5 Spring Meeting in
Perry, Georgia on June 5-7 2009. This award will include Regional Registration and cost of hotel room
for two nights. Travel and meals, other than what is included in registration will be the responsibility of
the youth.

The youth must:
1. Be under 18 years of age
2. Be an AHS member
3. Be a member of a local club in Region 5
4. Grow own cultivars in an area maintained by the youth
5. Be accompanied to the Regional by a parent/guardian or chaperone arranged
       by parent/guardian. Parent/guardian/chaperone is responsible for youth while
       attending the Regional

A written application will be submitted to the Youth Committee and must include the following
information concerning the youth:
Address                                                     Age & Date of Birth
Phone Number                                                Number of cultivars grown by
Name of parent/guardian                                     applicant
Date of AHS membership                                      Name of local club
Date of local club membership
List of Daylily Shows and Dates in which youth has exhibited
A paragraph stating why youth desires to attend the 2009 Spring Regional
Attachment of two (2) letters of recommendation which include information on personal knowledge of
the youth’s involvement in daylily cultivation and exhibition from the local Daylily Club President and one
other AHS Member

The application must be mailed to: Winfred & Janie Huff.
Postmarked on or before April 28, 2009

The application will be reviewed by the Youth Committee. The name of the award recipient will be given
to the RVP on or before May 5, 2009. The RVP will immediately notify the recipient of the award. All
applicants will be notified of the final decision of the Youth Committee.

Further information may be obtained from Winfred or Janie Huff, 146 Henson Road, Hawkinsville, GA
31036, phone – (478) 987-3763

                  2009 Region 5 Hybridizer’s Award Ballot
History: The Georgia Hybridizer’s Award was created in 1969 to recognize outstanding efforts of hy-
bridizers in Region 5. Members of Region 5 vote on the award each year. The RVP is responsible for
tallying the votes and presenting the award each year. On September 13, 2003, the membership voted to
change the process from Region 5 members selecting a winner of their choice at random to a system
where the membership can choose a cultivar on a ballot from choices made by Region 5 members. The
ballot will also have choice of a write-in candidate if one chooses not to vote for the hybridizers choices
on the ballot. This process mirrors the awards systems of the AHS.
Rules: The rules for eligibility are 1) The cultivar must be registered by a Georgia Hybridizer; 2) The
cultivar must have been registered in the last ten years; and 3) The cultivar must not have won the
award in previous years.
Procedure: A nomination form will appear in the fall/winter newsletter where hybridizers are invited to
nominate one or more of their daylilies for the Georgia Hybridizers Award. Hybridizers have a choice
of what they can nominate or not even to nominate a cultivar at all. The ballot will appear in the spring/
summer newsletter. The award will be presented by the RVP at the fall meeting as it has been done in
the past. The RVP maintains overall responsibility for the award procedures.

        ----------Sign your name below and mail the ballot below by August 1, 2009 to: ----------

                       Barbara Kirby, 102 Haag Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31093

BALLOT: The list below is the cultivars submitted by the hybridizers. Circle your choice OR write
your choice on the line provided.

H. ‘Amanda's Little Red Shoes’                    H. ‘Banana Split Cupcake’

H. ‘Beside Still Waters’                          H. ‘Fluttering Beauty’

H. ‘Ron Eller Memorial’                           H. ‘Symphony Of Praise ’

Write-in_________________________          Signature___________________________

BALLOT FOR SECOND MEMBER OF FAMILY: The list below is the cultivars submitted by the
hybridizers. Circle your choice OR write your choice on the line provided.

H. ‘Amanda's Little Red Shoes’                    H. ‘Banana Split Cupcake’

H. ‘Beside Still Waters’                          H. ‘Fluttering Beauty’

H. ‘Ron Eller Memorial’                           H. ‘Symphony Of Praise

Write-in_________________________ Signature___________________________

                                                                                 Photos on front cover
                     AHS Region 5 Exhibition Judges
Last Name                First Name            Status    Exp. Date      Phone #           Email address
Annee                    Jan                    E/J        2009         770-479-5360
Annee                    Stephanie              E/J        2009         770-479-5360
Beck                     Elaine                  EX        2010         706-335-3931
Beck                     Luther H.               EX        2010         706-335-3931
Bell                     Tim                     EX         2010        229-256-1234
Bonner                   Pat                     EX         2011        229-436-3753
Bonner                   Ronald                  EX         2011        229-436-3753
Bozeman                  Stacy W.                E/J        2008        770-972-0902      S.W.
Brown                    William A.              EX         2011
Burgess                  Jesse                   EX         2010        770-787-7177
Burgess                  Mary Lois               EX         2010        770-787-7177
Campbell                 Billye                  EX         2012        912-244-6144
Campbell                 Sanford                 EX         2012        912-244-6144
Carpenter                Claude                  EX         2012        770-886-4731
Carson                   Jane M.                 EX         2010        706-485-2175
Carson                   Ralph                   EX         2010        706-485-2175
Collins                  Claudette               S          2009        229-762-4259
Collins                  Patrick                 S          2009        229-762-4259
Collins, Jr.             Chappell A.             EX         2011        912-883-1208
Crawford                 Frankye J.              EX         2008        706-541-1032
Crawford                 Aubrey E.               EX         2012        706-541-1032
Curlin                   Deborah Wilkes          EX         2012        912-764-5428
Curlin                   Mike                    EX         2012        912-764-5428
Daniel                   Johnny                  EX         2011        706 472 3124
Daniel                   Linda                   EX         2011        706 472 3124
Denny                    Gwen                    EX         2008
Dick                     Sarah                    S         2009        478-825-2989
Dick                     Billy                   EX         2012        478-825-2989
Dixon                    Rose Mary               EX         2010        229-246-4233
Donalson                 Mary Frances            EX         2010        229-465-3632
Edwards                  Lois B. (Jean)          EX         2011        706 335 4550
Elkins                   David                   EX         2011        912-377-6560
Fawcett                  Martha                  EX         2011                
Fennell                  James A.                EX         2012        478 988 5582
Fordham                  Karen                   EX         2011        229 883 4197
Gandy                    Betty Ruth               S         2009        229-377-3344
Gibbs                    Belinda                 EX         2009        706-324-3328
Grovenstein              Lillian                 EX         2012        770-938-3229
Grovenstein              Erling                  EX         2012        770-938-3229
Ham                      Frederick               EX         2011        770 476 3458
Herrington               Tim                     EX         2012        478-272-8794
Hicks                    Lee                     EX         2009                
Higginbotham             Bobbie                  EX         2010        770-972-8588
Huff                     Janie                   EX         2011        478-987-3763
Huff                     Winfred                 EX         2011        478-987-3763
Hulsey                   L. Joe                  EX         2009        706-864-1319
Jessup                   Nell                    EX         2011        770-979-4683
Johnson                  Vernon H.               EX         2012        706-595-4215
Joiner                   Frances                E/H           0         912-355-3996
Joiner                   Jack                   EX          2012        478-275-7696
Jones                    Randy                  EX          2011        912-285-8138
Killingsworth            Ruth                   EX          2010        478 272 9465     illegible
Kirby                    Barbara                 EX         2013                
Landers                  Mamie                   S          2011        404 307 4166

                E/H - Honorary        E/J - Junior      EX - Senior Exhibition Judge   I - Instructor     S - Student

                    AHS Region 5 Exhibition Judges
Maki-King               Joanne                     S          2010        706 788 2841
Manis                   Kenny                      E/J        2010        706-884-9072
McCreery                Nell                       EX         2011
McDowell, Jr            Ed                         EX         2010        912-929-1267
McNeal                  Floyd                      EX         2012        229-292-7163
Mercer                  Pat                        EX         2011                 
Miller                  Virginia                   E/H          0
Miller                  Claudia                    E/J        2010        229-524-1246
Mitchell                Camille                    EX         2010        706-327-0017
Mullins                 James J.                   EX         2011        706 625 4507
Mullins                 Terri                      EX         2011        706-625-4527
Netherton               James D.                   EX         2009        912-723-6703
Nicholson               Jackie                     E/J        2010        229-221-3930
Parker                  Ray                        EX         2012        229 683 0094
Payne                   Jeanne                     EX         2012        706 860 1385
Price                   Marlee J.                  E/J        2011        770-425-5546
Roberts                 David L.                   EX         2011        706 324 7174
Seckinger, Sr.          Ernest                     EX         2008        706-379-2365
Sliger                  Edith                      EX         2010        706-947-3683
Smith                   Wynyard (Windy)            EX         2010
Stewart                 Joann P.                   EX         2012        706-769-7652
Stone                   Mary                       S          2008        706-693-4248
Templeton               Jack R.                    EX         2011        770-925-3291
Templeton               Michele                    EX         2011        770-925-3291
Threewitts              Jackie B.                  E/H          0
Threewitts              Marvin                     E/H          0
Tyus                    Marion                     EX         2012        229-439-0376
Vickers                 Charles                    E/J        2010        229-686-2877
Waldrop                 Jane                       EX         2009        706 294 2188
Ward                    Sidney Glenn               EX         2011        706-561-6546
Ward                    Yolanda Wages              EX         2011        706-561-6546
Watson                  Joe Scott                  EX         2012        912-452-8916
Webb                    Mary                        S         2010        770 886 9807
White                   Lendell                    EX         2009        404 634 7751
Williams                David R.                   E/J        2010        678 557 4687
Williams                Shirley                    EX         2011        229 242 5865
Williams                Donna                       S         2011        678 557 4687
Wise                    Jean                       E/H         0
Yearwood                C. E.                      EX         2010        478 452 5692
             E/H - Honorary         E/J - Junior         EX - Senior Exhibition Judge    I - Instructor    S - Student

                                                 ***Calling all Clubs***
                                 Wouldn’t you like to host the Spring Regional in
                                 It’s not as difficult as you might think—you just
                                 need a few hard working folks, 3-4 gardens for a
                                 morning tour— and you’re set!
                                       Please contact Barbara Kirby.

                        Region 5 AHS Daylily Gardens
 There are 21 AHS Display Gardens in Georgia. Note that many Display Gardens are at private homes.
                     Please call ahead to arrange a convenient time for visiting.

Archway Gardens, John B. Kirkland, 178 Springlakes Ct., Augusta, GA        (706) 863-2261
Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens, University of Georgia, Katherine L.       (912) 921-5460 or
Deloe, 2 Canebrake Road, Savannah, GA 31419                 (912) 921-5461
Bell's Daylily Garden, Tim Bell,1305 Griffin Road, Sycamore, GA 31790      (229) 256-1234

Bethlehem Gardens, Ruby Sunday, 1248 Varnell Tunnel Hill Road,             (706) 694-3487
Dalton, GA 30720                                                           (706) 280-5911 cell
Busby's Daylily Garden, Frances & Charles Busby, 5019 Studstill Rd.        229-242-6070
Quitman, GA 31643
Country Lane Nursery and Daylily Garden, Wayne & Jo Taunton, 340           (229) 549-8889
Roundtree Bridge Road, Sparks, GA 31647
Christie's Daylilies, Christie & Ronnie Dixon, 6131 Lanes Bridge Rd.,      (912) 586-2273
Jesup, GA 31545
Daylily Wonderland, Massee Lane Gardens, 100 Massee Lane,                  (478) 967-2358,
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Doll's Daylilies, Marquerita "Doll" Brazell, 116 Woodlawn Avenue,          (478) 923-0857
Warner Robins, GA 31093
Edith's Daylilies, Edith Sliger, 2145 Hwy 255, Clarkesville, GA 30523      (706) 947-3683
Farmhouse Daylily Garden, Emily Hawthorne, 591 Strickland Road,            (229) 762-3135
Whigham, GA 39897
Favorite Things Daylily Garden, Gregg & June Connell, 675 Newtown          (706) 629-0081
Church Road NE, Calhoun, GA 30701
Greystone Gardens, Pat & Steve Mercer, 420 Springhaven Road, Dexter,       (478) 875-3328
GA 31019
Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens, Diana & Bill Waldrop, 310 McDaniel      (770) 429-0204
Road, Marietta, GA 30064
Oak Crest Gardens, Janet & Richard Kiczek, 247 Jennifer Lane Carrollton,   (770) 836-0884
GA 30116
Peace on Earth Gardens, Jim & Mary Netherton, 113 Dothan Road, Blakely, (229) 723-6703
GA 39823
Peachland Daylily Garden, Billy and Sarah Dick,188 Amy Circle,             (478) 825-2989
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Prissy's Garden, Camilla & David Arthur, 2596 Riley Drive, Marietta, GA    (770) 919-2668
Scarbrough's Garden, Sam & Rebecca Scarbrough, 5969 Huddersfield           (478) 474-8276
Road, Macon GA 31210
Shaw's Sunshine Gardens, Charles D. Shaw, 2541 Lumpkin Road, Au-           (706) 790-9428
gusta, GA 30906
Shumake's Daylily Garden, Peggy Shumake, 1190 Academy Ch. Rd., Jef-        (706) 367-9175
ferson, GA 30549
The Future of Daylilies and the American Hemerocallis Society
By Erling Grovenstein
                                                                     cont’d on the next page at the bottom

   As a grower of daylilies of some fifty year, I am concerned about the future of our beloved plant and
the American Hemerocallis Society. Stout wrote in 1934, “Daylilies thrive in any soil and any part of the
garden…The strong and often fleshy roots withstand ordinary draught. Garden weeds do not crowd the
daylilies and cannot compete with their compact and sturdy habits of growth. No garden plant is more
reliable, more self-sufficient…Insect pests and diseases of a serious or even troublesome nature have
never been reported for daylilies…At the New York Botanical Garden there have been only minor and
transitory attacks of either insects or fungi. In a few cases plants have been attacked by thrips which
feed on the tissues in the base of the leaves causing the foliage to die prematurely. As a means of
precaution plants which showed considerable infestation have been dug and destroyed. But, (if the
plant was valuable) the leaves were removed and burned. Plants thus treated were usually vigorous
and fully healthy the following year….The experience with daylilies wherever they are grown seems to
indicate that they possess a freedom from diseases and insect pests that is surpassed by no other
garden plant.” (Daylilies, Sarapress, Inc., Millwood, NY, 1986, pp93, 98, 99) Duncan and Foote in
their book, Wildflowers of the Southeastern United States, (University Press, Athens, GA 1975,
p.248) include Hemerocallis fulva and H. flava since the plants have escaped from cultivation and
flourish along roadsides, abandoned home sites, and borders of fields.
   After some 75 years of very fruitful hybridizing does Stout’s description still describe our lovely modern
daylilies? Does anyone really know? Likely some modern daylilies still meet Stout’s description but
which are they? The future of the American Hemerocallis Society depends on determining the answer
to this question and encouraging the propagation of such daylilies.
   The daylilies which are currently winning most of the purple ribbons and appearing at the head table
in daylily shows are now generally grown under what can be described as “super good growing
conditions”. Some are grown in hot houses or shade houses in artificial growing media. Others while
grown outside are still growing in artificial growing media. This type of cultivation may be necessary in
some geographic areas. These daylilies are also subjected to regular, frequently weekly, spraying
routines to kill insects, rust, and other pests. Is it fair to have these daylilies compete in daylily shows
with daylilies which are grown under ordinary good garden conditions? Why should such details
concern the American Hemerocallis Society? The chief reason for having daylily shows is they
encourage hybridizing for improvement of daylilies and then the growing of daylilies by the general
public. If a member of the general public should buy one of these prize-winning daylilies and attempt to
grow it under what he or she believes is ordinary good gardening conditions, isn’t this grower likely to be
disappointed? Isn’t he or she likely to give up on growing daylilies? Can this be a reason our society is
decreasing in membership?
   There is a growing concern in our society about the destruction of the natural environment and about
the dangers which insecticides, fungicides,, and other non-natural chemicals pose for people. It is very
expensive to determine the toxicity of a new chemical and even those which the drug companies have
spent millions on testing may pose harm to people. A general good rule is that any chemical which will
kill an insect is likely harmful to mankind. Should not the American Hemerocallis Society set policies to
protect its members and the general public from harmful chemicals while gardening? Do we wish to kill
all the insects in our gardens and deprive the birds of some of their most nutritious food? Don’t we wish
to protect our natural environment? Even if we wish to ignore such things, Congress and the EPA may
deprive us by law of using such harmful chemicals in gardening. Don’t we wish to have modern
daylilies with good qualities of H. fulva and H. flava which don’t require toxic chemicals for protection
from Insects and other pests?
As a grower of daylilies for over fifty years without the use of insecticides or fungicides (save on the
occasion when rust first appeared in my garden). I can say that Stout’s description still applies to some
modern daylilies but not to all. Hybridizers feel that they must spray regularly for insects and rust in

                                           New Members
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BENNETT      JOYCE                                   PO BOX 212                        FARMINGTON      GA    30638-0212
BUEHER       RITA                                    1219 KAYLYN COURT                 KENNESAW        GA    30152-0000
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GREENE       KATE                                    402 W MC INTOSH CIRCLE            WHITESBURG      GA    30185-3331
HARMON       MITCHELL        RITA        HARMON      5554 HEDGE BROOKE DR NW           ACWORTH         GA    30101-7138
HERNDON      JACK            CAROL       HERNDON     PO BOX 4055                       VALDOSTA        GA    31604-4055
IGYARTO      MARGARET                                708 VININGS ESTATES DR SE         MABLETON        GA    30126-5909
MC MANUS     CRAIG                                   PO BOX 1111                       DOUGLASVILLE GA       30133-0000
POSEY        JACKIE                                  409 WINDRIDGE DR                  MARTINEZ        GA    30907-2155
ROUNTREE     DAVID                                   6535 THOMAS CREEK DR              BLAIRSVILLE     GA    30512-0000

order to sell their plants and to give a beautiful display for garden visitors. Members of the American
Hemerocallis Society think they need to spray for insects and rust in order to enter their plants in daylily shows in
competition for ribbons and awards. The argument of hybridizers may be justified, but for members who enter daylily
blooms in shows, the arguments depends upon rules of judging established by the American Hemerocallis Society.
Can’t we modify these rules slightly and have one section in our daylily shows for daylilies which are grown for at least
one year without the benefits of insecticides, fungicides, or protection of hot houses or shade houses? Having a
section in daylily shows for daylilies which are grown in way which protect the environment would improve the image
of the daylily and of the American Hemerocallis Society. Would it require new rules to judge such daylilies? I would
think not but would suggest that small defects which do not appreciably mar the presentation from a distance of three
feet should have negligible points taken off for such defects.
  Let me summarize possible benefits of a section in shows for daylilies grown at least one year without the use of
insecticides, fungicides, hothouses, shade houses, or artificial growing mixtures far different than natural soil.
Foremost, we would learn which daylilies would grow well under such conditions and therefore more nearly resemble
the daylilies described by Stout. I am sure that these daylilies would become more widely grown than those which
required more artificial growing conditions and likely would be those that are preserved for future generations to
cherish. Such growing conditions would protect the natural environment and thus benefit mankind as well as plants
and animals. These daylilies would ensure the continued popularity of daylilies as beautiful plants which are easy to
  Would such daylilies be as beautiful as those gorgeous daylilies which hybridizers are currently producing? In the
long run I am certain that they would. In the short run we would need to alter hybridizing goals to include selection of
beautiful daylilies which lived up to Stout’s description.

(Note: The Camellia Society in Atlanta has one section for camellias grown outdoors and another for camellias grown
in greenhouses.)
(Note: At our Region 5 Spring Fling, Erling had the opportunity to discuss his concern with AHS President Kevin
Walek who suggested that he send his concern to Ms Pat Loveland, AHS Board of Director, Executive Committee
Member in charge of Scientific Studies and Judges’ Education. The above printed article is what Erling sent to Ms.
What are your thoughts? Do you have another solution? You can contact Erling at

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