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									                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Keith ablow                                                   catherine aird                                                Jeffrey archer
                                Psychopath                                                    chapter and Hearse                                            cat O’Nine Tales
                                Narrated by alan Sklar                                        Narrated by bruce Montague                                    Narrated by Anton Lesser
                                TheFbIasksforensicpsychiatristFrankclevengertohelp            Aird’smixofdeftplotting,charmingwit,andcleverwriting          Hereisthefifthcollectionofirresistibleshortstoriesfrom
                                catch an elusive serial killer. as clevenger embarks on a     has made her one of the most engaging and enduring            themasterstoryteller.Ingeniouslyplotted,someofthese
                                bizarrekindofpublictherapy,hemustexposehisownpast             traditional crime writers. In her latest volume, all of her   thirteenstorieswereinspiredbythetwoyearsarcherspent
                                and risk pushing the killer to murder new victims.            considerable gifts as a storyteller are on display.           inprison,includingthestoryofthecompanychairmanwho
                                9 CDs   978-0-7927-2887-0              SLD 554 $89.95         8 CDs       978-0-7540-9497-5          CCD 394 $79.95         with unexpected consequences.

                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2951-8              CMP 554 $29.95
                                                                                                                                                            6 CDs   978-0-7927-4681-2              SLD1072 $64.95
                                Diana Abu-Jaber                                               Hole in One                                                   1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4761-1              CMP1072 $39.95
                                Origin                                                        Narrated by bruce Montague                                    also available as a digital download
                                Narrated by Elisabeth S. Rodgers                              DetectiveChiefInspectorC.D.Sloanworksinthedeceptively
                                a series of crib deaths draws the attention of the police     quiettownandcountyofcalleshire,whereformanyyears
                                andthenationalmediaincentralNewYork.couldthere                he’senduredthepressuresofhisdemanding,unreasonable            False Impression
                                be a serial infant murderer on the loose? Orphaned as a       boss and the company of constable crosby, Sloan’s             Narrated by byron Jennings
                                child,out of place as an adult, gifted with delicate and      constant but not very helpful sidekick.                       Whenanaristocraticoldladyisbrutallymurderedinher
                                terrifyingpowersofintuition,Lenafindsherselfplayinga                                                                        EnglishcountryhomeonthenightbeforeSeptember11,
                                critical role in the case. could the deaths of a half-dozen   5 CDs       978-0-7927-3777-3          SLD 854    $59.95      2001, it will take all the resources of the FbI and Interpol
                                                                                              also available as a digital download                          toworkouttheconnectionbetweenherdeathandapriceless
                                babies somehow be connected to her own survival?
                                                                                                                                                            Van Gogh, which is stolen that night.
                                12 CDs      978-0-7927-4864-9          SLD1123 $110.95
                                also available as a digital download                          Passing Strange                                               10 CDs  978-0-7927-3905-0              SLD 904 $94.95
                                                                                              Narrated by bruce Montague                                    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3965-4              CMP 904 $59.95
                                Peter ackroyd                                                 When a fortune teller goes missing from the almstone          also available as a digital download
                                                                                              FlowerShow,andthenturnsupdead,DetectiveInspector              More Jeffrey Archer pp 27, 49, 74
                                Hawksmoor                                                     SloanandDetectiveConstableCrosbyfindthemselves
                                Narrated by Derek Jacobi                                      investigating a murder for which there seems to be no
                                Two hundred-fifty years after the Great Fire of London,       means, no motive, and no opportunity.                         Kate atkinson
                                investigates a series of macabre murders that have            6 CDs       978-0-7540-8772-4          CCD 324 $64.95
                                                                                                                                                            case Histories
                                occurred on the sites of certain eighteenth-century                                                                         Narrated by Susan Jameson
                                                                                              More Catherine Aird p 49
                                churches in the city.                                                                                                       AsPrivateDetectiveJacksonBrodieinvestigatesthreecases,
                                10 CDs      978-0-7540-5509-9          CCD 200 $94.95         Margery allingham                                             clients’emotions,Jacksonfindstheirunshakableneedfor
                                                                                                                                                            resolution much like his own.
                                                                                              Mystery Mile
                                The Fall of Troy                                              Narrated by Francis Matthews
                                Narrated by Michael Maloney                                   Judge Crowdy Lobbett knew too much about the evil             9 CDs       978-0-7927-3383-6          SLD 719    $89.95
                                Sophia Chrysanthis is only sixteen when German                SimisterGang.SoSimisterhadhimfollowedwhereverhe
                                archaeologistHerrObermanncomeswooing:hewantsa                 went, and tried to kill him. He followed him through the
                                GreekbridewhoknowsherHomer.SoonSophiaishelping                UnitedStates,acrosstheatlantictotheheartofEngland             One Good Turn
                                toexcavatetheamphoraeandbronzevesselsatthebattle              and there he encountered albert campion.                      Narrated by Susan Jameson
                                siteofTroy.Sophia finds herself increasingly baffled by                                                                     Former detective Jackson brodie has followed Julia, his
                                thepast...notonlytheremotepastObermannissokeen                8 CDs       978-0-7540-5336-1          CCD 027 $79.95         occasionalgirlfriendandformerclient,toEdinburghforits
                                to share with her in the form of his beloved epics of the                                                                   famoussummerartsfestival.Suddenlyoutofretirement,
                                Trojan wars, but also his own recent past that he has                                                                       brodieisonceagaininthemidstofseveralmysteriesthat
                                chosen to hide from her.                                      The Fashion in Shrouds                                        intersect in one giant and sinister scheme.
                                                                                              Narrated by Francis Matthews
                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-5042-0          SLD1188 $64.95
                                                                                              GeorgiaWellswasamagnificentperformer.AlbertCampion            12 CDs  978-0-7927-4512-9              SLD1042 $110.95
                                also available as a digital download
                                                                                              was to meet her at a dress show on Park Lane. Only the        2 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4560-0              CMP1042 $ 69.95
                                                                                              daybeforehehadlocatedthedinner-jacketedskeleton               More Kate Atkinson pp 50, 75
                                Lydia Adamson
                                a cat Named brat                                              before. GeorgiaWells wasn’t allowing it to be a suicide,
                                Narrated by Deborah Hall                                      not at any price.
                                toentertainhiscatbrat,inhisapartment,whilehewrites.           10 CDs      978-0-7540-5536-5          CCD 227 $94.95
                                there, but Morant’s murdered body is.

                                4 CDs       978-0-7927-2645-6          SLD 483    $49.95
                                also available as a digital download

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Louis Bayard                                                  M. c. beaton                                                 Death of a Maid
Mr. Timothy                                                   a Highland christmas                                         Narrated by Graeme Malcolm
Narrated by Mark Honan                                        Narrated by Graeme Malcolm                                   Mrs.Gillespieisfamousforbeingthebestmaid-andthe
Hisfatherfreshlyburied,Mr.Timothycratchitembarkson            PoliceconstableHamishMacbethmustuseallhisHighland            biggestgossip—inthenorthwestofSutherland.Whenshe
thenextphaseofhislifeintentontwothings:toridhimself           charmanddetectiveskillsnotonlytosolvesomemysteries,          isfounddead,struckdownviolentlybyametalbucketof
ofhisimageasapitiedcrippleandtoescapethefinancial             butalsotobringYuletidecheertoatownlongdampened               water. Hamish is sure she knew all her clients’secrets—
shacklesofhisbenevolentUncleEbenezerbyvanishing               by religious piety.                                          whichmeansthateveryonewhosehomeshecleanedis
into the thick of London’s teeming underbelly.                                                                             a suspect.
                                                              2 CDs       978-0-7540-9468-5       CCD 364 $29.95
                                                                                                                           5 CDs   978-0-7927-4721-5              SLD1082 $59.95
13 CDs  978-0-7927-3106-1              SLD 618 $112.95
                                                              Death of a Bore                                              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4750-5              CMP1082 $39.95
2 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3153-5              CMP 618 $ 69.95                                                                     also available as a digital download
also available as a digital download                          Narrated by Graeme Malcolm
                                                              forming a writers’ circle, the idea is met with much         Death of a Poison Pen
The Pale blue Eye                                             enthusiasmfromlocalresidents.However,oncetheclasses          Narrated by Graeme Malcolm
Narrated by Charles Leggett                                   get underway, attendance quickly falters due to one          WhenthetownspeopleofLochdubhbeginreceivingpoison
When the body of a suicide victim disappears at West          undeniable fact: John Heppel is a long-winded,               penletters,noonetakesthemveryseriously,evenifthey
Point Military Academy in 1831, only to be discovered         consummate bore.butisdullnessamotiveformurder?               are full of wild accusations. but Hamish fears that they
hourslatermissingitsheart,theacademycallsonretired                                                                         might lead to something deadly.
                                                              5 CDs       978-0-7927-3478-9       SLD 749      $59.95
detective Gus Landor to investigate.
                                                                                                                           5 CDs       978-0-7927-3163-4          CCD 393 $59.95
13 CDs  978-0-7927-3106-1              SLD 618 $112.95        Death of a Celebrity
2 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4237-1              CMP 973 $ 69.95        Narrated by Graeme Malcolm
                                                                                                                           Death of a Village
also available as a digital download                                                                                       Narrated by Graeme Malcolm
                                                              intoLochdubhwithHighlandLife,ahard-hittingTVshow             SuddenlyHamishMacbethhasmorepoliceworkthanhe
                                                              that has more than just the heather shaking. but when        desires,andhissuperiorsareconsideringapromotionfor

                                                                                                                                                                                        MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Greg Bear                                                     crystalturnsupdead,anapparentsuicidethatturnsout             himthatheisn’tinterestedin,andheneedstoquashthe
                                                              to be murder, the entire village becomes suspect.
Dead Lines                                                                                                                 move without losing his job.
Narrated by Jason culp                                        6 CDs       978-0-7927-2784-2       CCD 287 $64.95
Inthenearfuture,wirelessbandwidthfordatatransmission                                                                       5 CDs       978-0-7540-9469-2          CCD 365 $59.95
                                                                                                                           More M. C. Beaton pp 15, 50, 154
abrand-new channel is discovered that allows almost           Death of a Dreamer                                           Mark billingham
infinitevolumesofdatatobetransmittedinstantaneously.          Narrated by Graeme Malcolm
but strange things are happening to the users of this         WhenlocalconstableHamishMacbethcallsEffieGarrand,            The Burning Girl
bandwidth,andthemostlikelyexplanationisscariestofall.         he is amazed to find the small woman still in residence      Narrated by Graeme Malcolm
                                                              afteraparticularlyhideouswinter.afterahugefightwith          X marks the spot of a vicious killer, his calling card the
9 CDs   978-0-7927-3269-3              SLD 674 $89.95         Jock,Effieisfoundinthemountains,poisonedbyhemlock.           letter carved on his victims’backs.While the killings are
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3270-9              CMP 674 $54.95         Now,it’suptoHamishtofindthedreamer’skiller—before            morbid, they also offer detectiveTomThorne plenty of
also available as a digital download                          any more nightmares unfold.                                  clues.

                                                              5 CDs   978-0-7927-3951-7           SLD 927 $59.95           8 CDs   978-0-7927-3714-8              SLD 829 $79.95
Quantico                                                      1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3976-0           CMP 927 $39.95           1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3715-5              CMP 829 $44.95
Narrated by Jeff Woodman                                                                                                   also available as a digital download
It’s the second decade of the twenty-first century, and
terrorismisalmostbeyondcontrol.TheDomeoftheRock               Death of a Dustman                                           benjamin black
in Jerusalem has been blown to bits, and, in retaliation,     Narrated by Graeme Malcolm
thousandshavediedinanothermajorattackontheUnited              Thegarbagecollectorsinbritainarestillcalleddustmen,
                                                                                                                           christine Falls
                                                                                                                           Narrated by Timothy Dalton
States. Now the FbI has been dispatched to deal with a        and Lochdubh’s dustman is an abusive drunk named
                                                                                                                           One night, after a few drinks, Quirke shuffles down into
newmenace.aplaguetargetedtoethnicgroupshasthe                 Fergus Macleod. When his body is found stuffed in a
potentialtowipeoutentirepopulations,andtheplot-and            recyclingbin,noone’ssorry—includinghislong-suffering
the man behind it—prove to be far more complex than           family.Hamish must quickly sift through the litter of lies
anyone expects.                                               and dark secrets.
                                                                                                                  Quirke reluctantly
                                                                                                                           presses on toward the true facts behind her death,
11 CDs  978-0-7927-4844-1              SLD1103 $99.95         5 CDs       978-0-7927-2781-1       CCD 286 $59.95
                                                                                                                           he comes up against some insidious-and very
2 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4903-5              CMP1103 $59.95                                                                      well-guarded-secretsofDublin’shighCatholicsociety,
also available as a digital download                                                                                       among them members of his own family.
More Greg Bear p 50
                                                                                                                           8 CDs   978-0-7927-4682-9              SLD1073 $79.95
                                                                                                                           1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4759-8              CMP1073 $44.95
                                                                                                                           also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                           More benjamin black p 51

                                                            For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                  103
                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Lawrence Block                                                Grifter’s Game                                             The burglar on the Prowl
                                A Stab in the Dark                                            Narrated by alan Sklar                                     Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                Narrated by William Roberts                                   conmanJoeberlinisabouttopulloffthemostdangerous            bernie Rhodenbarr is no ordinary burglar. Smart,
                                Nine years have passed since the killer last struck. Now      conofhiscareer:onethatwillleavehimeitherakiller—or         sophisticated, and the perfect gentleman he’s cased
                                ex-copMatthewScudderhasbeenhiredtobringtheslayer              a corpse. Block’s debut novel under is a classic example   some of the big apple’s most fashionable. In this long-
                                to justice. Scudder sets out on a bloody trail of death       ofprimepulpfiction,withanendingthatwillastonisheven        awaited new installment in the popular series, the
                                almostadecadecold,searchingforapsychowho’seither              the most jaded crime fiction fan.                          legendary GrandMasterbringsbacktheintrepidBernie
                                long gone, long dead, or patiently waiting to kill again.                                                                inadelightfully suspenseful talethatwillleavelisteners
                                                                                              5 CDs       978-0-7927-3669-1          SLD 814   $59.95    clamoring for more.

                                                                                              also available as a digital download
                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-9974-0          SLD 025    $64.95
                                                                                                                                                         9 CDs   978-0-7927-3201-3              SLD 649 $89.95
                                                                                                                                                         1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3202-0              CMP 649 $54.95
                                All the Flowers Are Dying                                     Hit Parade                                                 also available as a digital download
                                Narrated by alan Sklar                                        Narrated by the author
                                MatthewScudder,block’sacclaimedunlicensedprivate              Keller is a new kind of hero. a real pro: the hitman’s
                                investigator, pursues his most personal case to date.         hitman.While Keller might be a crack assassin, he’s also   The Girl with the Long Green Heart
                                Scudder has just agreed to investigate the ostensibly         pronetodoubtsandloneliness,justlikeeverybodyelse,          Narrated by alan Sklar
                                suspicious online lover of an acquaintance. When              whichiswhyreaderslovetocheerforhim—evenwhenhe’s            JohnnyHaydenandDougRancehadaschemetotakea
                                people startdyingandthevictimsareincreasinglyclose            killing a complete stranger in cold blood.                 realestateentrepreneurforallhe’sworth,buttheyneeded
                                to home, it becomes clear that a vicious killer is at work.                                                              a girl on the inside to make it work. Enter Evelyn Stone:
                                                                                              7 CDs   978-0-7927-4050-6              SLD 956 $74.95      Gunderman’s secretary, his lover-and his worst enemy.
                                                                                              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4244-9              CMP 956 $44.95      Gundermanhadpromisedtomarryher,butnevercame
                                8 CDs   978-0-7927-3514-4              SLD 771 $79.95         also available as a digital download
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3515-1              CMP 771 $49.95                                                                    through. Now she’s ready to make him pay.
                                also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                         5 CDs   978-0-7927-3795-7              SLD 863 $59.95
                                                                                              Lucky at Cards                                             1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3846-6              CMP 863 $39.95
                                                                                              Narrated by alan Sklar
                                canceled czech                                                Onthemendaftergettingrunoutofchicago,professional
                                                                                                                                                         also available as a digital download
                                Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                                                                                More Lawrence Block pp 8, 51
                                Janos Kotacek has been imprisoned by the czech
                                government andwillnodoubtbetriedandhangedfor
                                                                                              bill’slatestmark.Togethertheyhatchaningeniousscheme        Matt bondurant
                                                                                              togetridofherhusband. butinlife,asinpoker,theother
                                works for, Kotacek is worth more alive than dead.
                                                                                              player sometimes has an ace up his sleeve.
                                                                                                                                                         The Third Translation
                                                                                                                                                         Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-9880-4          SLD 131    $64.95                                                                 Walter Rothschild is an american Egyptologist living in
                                                                                              5 CDs       978-0-7927-4846-5          SLD1105 $59.95
                                                                                              also available as a digital download                       LondonandchargedbytheBritishMuseumwiththetask
                                                                                                                                                         of unlocking the ancient riddle of the Stela of Paser, one
                                Eight Million Ways to Die                                                                                                of the last remaining real-life hieroglyphic mysteries in
                                Narrated by the author
                                                                                              Tanner’s Tiger                                             existence today.
                                                                                              Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                Scudder’sprotection.Shedidn’tdeservetolivetheway              Tanner’s been smuggled out ofTurkey. Now, he’s been        11 CDs   978-0-7927-3560-1             SLD 791 $99.95
                                she did, or die the way she did. Now Scudder wants to         givenhismostdifficultassignment,toinfiltrateacountry       2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3626-4             CMP 791 $59.95
                                findherkiller.buthisinvestigationintoKim’sshadypast           motivated torepelhiseveryattempttoenter,acountry           More Matt bondurant p 51
                                reveals lethal secrets even dirtier than her clients.         whichwillimprisonhim,drivehimunderground,andcause
                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-9976-4          SLD 027    $94.95                                                                 James O. born
                                                                                              That country is canada.
                                                                                                                                                         Field of Fire
                                                                                              6 CDs   978-0-7927-2741-5              SLD 510 $64.95      Narrated by Jonathan Davis
                                Enough Rope                                                   1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3120-7              CMP 510 $39.95      SincereturningfromBosnia,ATFagentAlexRocketDuarte
                                Narrated by alan Sklar                                        also available as a digital download                       hasbeenslowlyreacclimatingtolifeinSouthFlorida.but
                                                                                                                                                         high gear in a high-profile hunt for what appears to be a
                                Rhodenbarr,andthedisarmingduoofchipHarrisonand                Tanner’s Twelve Swingers                                   serial bomber.
                                LeoHaig.Here,too,areKeller,thewistfulhitman,andthe            Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                nattyattorneyMartinEhrengraf,whotakescriminalcases            Evan Tanner’s latest assignment is to find a friend’s      10 CDs  978-0-7927-4722-2              SLD1083 $94.95
                                onacontingencybasisandwhoseclientsalwaysturnout               long-lost love,andsmuggleheroutofRussia.Everyone           1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4760-4              CMP1083 $59.95
                                to be innocent.                                               EvanmeetsonhistrekacrossEasternEuropeisdesperate           also available as a digital download
                                                                                              for a one-way ticket to america. There’s a subversive
                                4 CDs       978-0-7927-2768-2          CMP 505 $169.95        Yugoslavian author, a six-year-old future queen of
                                                                                              Lithuania, and the beautiful woman Evan has been
                                                                                              sent to rescue.

                                                                                              4 CDs       978-0-7927-9863-7          SLD 114   $49.95

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Suzanne brockmann                                             Sandra brown                                                 Stephen J. cannell
Into the Night                                                The Switch ª                                                 cold Hit
Narrated by Deborah Hazlett                                   Narrated by Jan Maxwell                                      Narrated by Scott brick
WhiteHousestafferJoanDaCostaarrivesearlytoscope               MelinaproposesthathertwinsisterGilliantakesherplace          Scully and his partner are assigned to the case of the
outtheareawherethepresidentwillbevisiting.assigned            asamediaescorttoNaSaastronautcolonelchristopher              FingertipKiller—aserialmurdererpreyingonhomeless
to be her SEAL liaison is Lt. (jg) Mike Muldoon. When         ChiefHeart.Gilliandeclines.Thefollowingmorning,police        veteransinLosAngeles.Thelatestkilling,however,does
tensionmountsbetweenthem,asinisterdangerislurking,            arriveatMelina’sdoorwiththenewsthatherbelovedtwin            not quite fit the pattern. It appears to be the work of the
as terrorists plot a daring attack against the president.     has been murdered.                                           FingertipKiller,butScullysuspectsanelaboratecopycat
                                                                                                                           murder meant to hide a criminal conspiracy.
14 CDs      978-0-7927-2803-0          SLD 515   $115.95      14 CDs      978-0-7927-9994-8          SLD 045   $115.95
also available as a digital download                                                                                       9 CDs   978-0-7927-3741-4              SLD 836 $89.95
More Suzanne Brockmann pp 25, 51, 144                         Ken bruen                                                    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3831-2              CMP 836 $54.95
                                                                                                                           also available as a digital download
Dale Brown                                                    Narrated by Gerard Doyle
                                                              Somewhere in the teeming heart of London is a man on
act of War                                                    alethalmission.Hiscause:along-overduelessononthe             Hollywood Tough
Narrated by William Dufris                                                                                                 Narrated by Paul Michael
army engineer Jason Richter is head of a top-secret                                                                        At a glamorous party with his new wife, Alexandra,
militaryunit,code-namedTaskForceTALON.Richtermust                                                                          Shane Scully hears a world-famous producer make
                                                              soon find out just how bad a man’s manners can get.
leadhisgroupagainstacabalofinternationalterrorists—                                                                        an ominous remark about the strange death of his
backedbyapowerfulconsortium—whoaredeterminedto                3 CDs       978-0-7927-4073-5          SLD 980   $39.95      ex-wives. Scully discovers that the man’s mystery past
destabilize the global economy.                               also available as a digital download                         may hide deadly secrets.

11 CDs   978-0-7927-3652-3             SLD 807 $99.95                                                                      8 CDs   978-0-7927-2831-3              SLD 529 $79.95
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3653-0             CMP 807 $59.95         The Dramatist                                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2791-0              CMP 529 $49.95
also available as a digital download                          Narrated by Michael Deehy

                                                                                                                                                                                         MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
                                                              JackTaylor is finally sober.Onereason:hisdealer’s in jail.
                                                              but when his dealer calls him and asks a favor, Jack can’t   Runaway Heart
air battle Force                                              say no because the man’s sister is dead and the guards       Narrated by Nick Sullivan
Narrated by William Dufris                                    havecalleditdeathbymisadventure.butthedealersays             RolandMinton,corporatespy,hasmadeabonechilling
U.S.AirForceaerialwarfareexpertMajorGeneralPatrick            that can’t be true and begs Jack to see what he can find.    discovery: the genetics firm he’s been spying on is
the air combat unit of the future. Soon, McLanahan and        4 CDs   978-0-7927-3911-1              SLD 907 $49.95
hiswarriorswillhavetheirfirsttarget:Talibanfighterswho                                                                     produce a new humanoid species capable of untold
                                                              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3967-8              CMP 907 $29.95
areplanningtoinvadetheneighboringoil-richRepublic                                                                          ferocity. And he’s the next victim.
of Turkmenistan.                                              James Lee Burke                                              9 CDs   978-0-7927-2949-5              SLD 574 $89.95
13 CDs   978-0-7927-2928-0             SLD 568 $112.95        Heartwood                                                    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2950-1              CMP 574 $54.95
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-2929-7             CMP 568 $ 69.95        Narrated by alan Sklar
also available as a digital download                          When billy bob Holland takes on the defense ofWilbur
                                                              Pickett—a man accused of stealing an heirloom and            Vertical coffin
                                                              $300,000 in bonds from Earl Deitrich’s office-he finds       Narrated by Scott brick
Edge of battle                                                himselfupagainstnotonlythepowerfulDietrichfamily’s           L.A.sheriff’sdeputy,ShaneScully,isgunneddownonthe
Narrated by Michael McShane                                   influence, but also his own inescapable past.                frontporchofahousewhileservingaroutinewarrant.The
In an america still reeling from a devastating military                                                                    arrestisgiventotheSheriff’sDepartmentbytheBureauof
attack, Russian terrorist Yegor Zakharov hatches an           12 CDs      978-0-7927-9993-1          SLD 044   $110.95     alcohol,Tobacco,andFirearms,whoneglectstomention
incredibly daringplotinsidethecountry’sownborders.                                                                         the man is suspected of hording an arsenal of illegal
MajorJasonRichter,Dr.AriadnaVega,CommandSergeant              Purple cane Road                                             weapons.
Major Ray Jefferson, Patrick McLanahan, and Dave              Narrated by Nick Sullivan
Lugerreturninthistechnomilitary-thrillerthatexplores          WhenanotoriouspimpreferstoDaveRobicheaux’sdead               8 CDs   978-0-7927-3155-9              SLD 635 $79.95
the dangers of illegal immigration through america’s          motherasthewhoresomecopsonthetakemurderedand                 1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3156-6              CMP 635 $49.95
southern border.                                              thendumpedinthebayouthirtyyearsago,thedetectiveis
                                                              not only shocked but determined to arrive at the truth.
12 CDs   978-0-7927-4047-6             SLD 953 $110.95                                                                     White Sister
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4224-1             CMP 953 $ 69.95        10 CDs      978-0-7927-9909-2          SLD 060   $94.95      Narrated by Scott brick
also available as a digital download                                                                                       StephenCannell’ssixthShaneScullythrillerfollowsupthe
                                                              chelsea cain                                                 NewYorkTimesbestsellercoldHit,andleadstheveteran
Plan of attack                                                Heartsick ª                                                  ofapowerfulhip-hopmogul—whostandsattheheartofa
Narrated by William Dufris                                    Narrated by carolyn Mccormick                                ruthless conspiracy.
Air Force aerial warfare expert Major General Patrick         PortlandDetectiveArchieSheridanspenttenyearstracking
McLanahan and his air combat unit were secretly               GretchenLowell,abeautifulserialkiller,butintheendshe         10 CDs  978-0-7927-4063-6              SLD 970 $94.95
deployed totheoil-richnationofTurkmenistantostop              capturedandtorturedhim.When another killerbegins             1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4255-5              CMP 970 $54.95
aTaliban invasion.TopunishtheU.S.a.fortheiraudacity,          snatchingteenagegirls,archiepullshimselftogetherto           also available as a digital download
RussianpresidentGeneralAnatoliyGryzlovstagesasneak            investigatethemurders.Ifhecancatchthissadist,maybe
attack that devastates america’s strategic air forces.        he can be free of Gretchen once and for all.

12 CDs   978-0-7927-3253-2             SLD 668 $110.95        9 CDs       978-0-7927-5022-2          SLD1168 $89.95
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3254-9             CMP 668 $ 69.95        also available as a digital download
also available as a digital download                          More chelsea cain p 52

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                                  and Free replacement CDs! See pages 186-190
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                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Lorenzo Carcaterra                                         Snobbery with Violence                                       carol Higgins clark
                                chasers                                                    Narrated by Davina Porter                                    Fleeced
                                Narrated by L. J. Ganser                                   When a marriage proposal appears imminent for the            Narrated by Laura Hicks
                                Thisisthereturnoftheapaches—acadreofcontroversial,         beautiful—ifrebellious—LadyRoseSummer,herfather              When Regan Reilly arrives in NewYork city to attend a
                                adrenaline-junkieformerNYPDcops.Theirnewadventure          wantsto know if her suitor’s intentions are honorable.       conference organized by her celebrity mother, the last
                                startswiththemachine-gunmurderofinnocentbystanders         He calls on captain Harry cathcart, the impoverished         thingsheexpectsistobeplungedintoaheadline-making
                                in a Manhattan restaurant, an incident that leads to an    youngersonofabaron,todosomeintelligenceworkon                case.butthat’sjustwhathappenswhenanoldfriendcalls
                                investigationofacolombiandrugcartelresponsiblefor          the would-be fiancé.                                         onRegantoinvestigatethemurderoftwofellowSettler’s
                                thesellinganddistributionofmillionsofkilosofcocaine.                                                                    club members.

                                It’s the apaches versus the drug lords in an all-out New   6 CDs       978-0-7927-4025-4          SLD 941   $64.95
                                                                                           also available as a digital download
                                York city street war.                                                                                                   6 CDs       978-0-7927-9946-7        SLD 097      $64.95

                                10 CDs  978-0-7927-3877-0              SLD 891 $94.95      Jill churchill
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4763-5              CMP 891 $59.95      a Midsummer Night’s Scream                                   Jinxed
                                also available as a digital download                       Narrated by Susan Ericksen                                   Narrated by Deborah Hazlett
                                                                                           Single-momsleuthJaneJeffry’sbestfriend,Shelley,and           Regan Reilly’s horoscope says now is not really the best
                                                                                           her husband buy a run-down theater. Shelley decides          time to get started on a new case. She finds herself
                                Marion chesney                                             she’lltryoutnewcaterersforherhusband’sbusinesson             thwartedbyastringofmisadventures,inexplicablyjinxed
                                Hasty Death                                                the theater’s volunteers. but life soon imitates art and a   as she races up and down the Pacific coast highway
                                Narrated by Davina Porter                                  cast member is found dead.The police are convinced it        lookingforamissingyoungheiress,whenNewYorkcop
                                RoseSummerrefusestoabidebyherparents’insistence            was an accident. Jane and Shelley are sure it isn’t.         Jack Reilly steps in with some timely reinforcement.
                                OnadvicefromcaptainHarrycathcartherparentsagree            5 CDs       978-0-7927-3369-0          SLD 713   $59.95      6 CDs       978-0-7927-2726-2        SLD 487      $64.95
                                toletRosework.butwhenaplayboyismurdered,Rosewill           also available as a digital download
                                                                                           bell, book, and Scandal                                      Twanged
                                prepares to end rebellious Rose’s sleuthing for good.                                                                   Narrated by Melissa Hughes
                                                                                           Narrated by Susan Ericksen                                   a guest found floating face-down in a pool atchappy’s
                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-4476-4          SLD1006 $64.95      Whileatamysterywriters’convention,JaneJeffryintends          welcoming party for brigid is only the first in a series of
                                also available as a digital download                       to mingle with the brightest lights of literary crime. but   ominousincidents.asbrigid’sFourthofJulyconcertnears,
                                                                                           whenafamouseditorkeelsoveratthespeaker’spodium,              it looks as if the cursed fiddle should be shipped back to
                                                                                           and a journalist is himself bashed in the parking lot, it    Ireland—ExpressMail!It’sRegan’sjobtoholdthecurseat
                                Our Lady of Pain                                           seemsfairlycertainthatatleastonereal-lifemurdereris          bay and fend off brigid’s pursuers.
                                Narrated by Davina Porter                                  stalking the proceedings.
                                Rose Summer would swear she is not a jealous woman.                                                                     8 CDs       978-0-7927-9963-4        SLD 014      $79.95
                                afterall,sheknowsherengagementtoprivatedetective           4 CDs       978-0-7927-3385-0          SLD 720   $49.95
                                                                                           also available as a digital download
                                latestclientDoloresDuvalstartsappearingeverywhereat                                                                     Mary Higgins clark
                                hisside.RosethreatensDolores,onlytobefoundthevery          It Had to be You                                             Before I Say Good-bye ª
                                next day, standing over her dead body.                     Narrated by Wendy Dillon                                     Narrated by Valerie Leonard
                                                                                           Thedaythebrewstersiblingsarriveforvolunteerworkata           adamcauliff’snewcabincruiserblowsupinaNewYork
                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-3869-5          SLD 886   $64.95    nursing home, one of the patients slips into a coma and      harbor with him and several close business associates
                                                                                           dies.Nooneissurprisedathispassing-untilit’srevealed          aboard. As the investigation into the boat’s explosion
                                                                                           thathe’sbeenmurdered.Thebrewstersiblingsaremore              proceeds, adam’s wife Nell is shocked by the official
                                Sick of Shadows                                            committed than ever to helping the police find a             confirmations that it was not an accident but foul play.
                                Narrated by Davina Porter                                  cold-blooded criminal before he strikes again.
                                Captain Harry Cathcart and Lady Rose Summer have                                                                        8 CDs       978-0-7927-2840-5        SLD 276      $79.95
                                enteredintoanengagementofconvenience,sinceRose’s           4 CDs       978-0-7927-3525-0          SLD 776   $49.95
                                sharp intellect and radical ideas have repelled her        also available as a digital download
                                would-be suitors. Unfortunately, even a pretend
                                engagement cannot save Rose from trouble. bored                                                                         Daddy’s Little Girl ª
                                withendlessparties,teas,andballs,shebefriendsDolly         Who’s Sorry Now?                                             Narrated by Jan Maxwell
                                                                                           Narrated by Susan Ericksen                                   Upon hearing that the man who murdered her sister is
                                                                                           For siblings Lily and Robert Brewster and the rest of the    being granted an early release from prison, a young
                                friendship is cut tragically short when Dolly is found
                                                                                           HudsonValley, the dark days of the Depression mean           journalistreturnstoherhometowntouncoverthetruth.
                                floating in a river. Harry must solve the mystery of
                                                                                           deprivation all around. but when a swastika is found         butthesearchforanswersleadsonlytomorequestions,
                                Dolly’s death,andkeepRosefrombeingthemurderer’s
                                                                                           paintedonthetownwidow’swindow,andthetrainporter              including evidence that her sister’s killer has murdered
                                next victim.
                                                                                           isfounddead,RobertandLilyknowthatsomethingmuch               more than once.
                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-4516-7          SLD1046 $64.95      darker has moved into their sleepy little town.
                                also available as a digital download                                                                                    10 CDs      978-0-7927-9882-8        SLD 133      $94.95
                                                                                           5 CDs       978-0-7927-3827-5          SLD 879   $59.95
                                                                                           also available as a digital download

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                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Mary Higgins clark (cont.)                                    Mary Jane clark                                                Let Me Whisper in Your Ear
On the Street Where You Live ª                                close to You                                                   Narrated by Laura Hicks
Narrated by Jan Maxwell                                       Narrated by Carrington MacDuffie                               apairofthrill-seekingboyscreptintoPalisadesParkafter
EmilyGrahambuysaVictorianhouseherfamilyhadsold                It begins innocently enough:a fan letter; request for an       darktoridethecyclone.Whentherollercoasterreturned
in 1892 after one of Emily’s forebears, young Madeline        autograph; desire to know just a little bit more about         to the station, it was carrying only one child. Desperate
Shapley, had disappeared. Now, a skeleton is found. It is     thefamousfaceinfrontofthecamera.Fornewsanchor-                 to uncover the truth and unmask a cunning killer, Laura
MarthaLawrence,whohaddisappearedonlyfouryears                 womanElizablake,it’ssimplypartofherjob...untilherjob           soonrealizeswithgrowingdreadthatthenextobituaryshe
before.Inherskeletalhandisafingerbonebearingaring             turns deadly.                                                  should be writing is her own.
- a Shapley family heirloom.
                                                              8 CDs       978-0-7927-9857-6          SLD 108     $79.95      6 CDs       978-0-7927-2733-0          SLD 315   $64.95
8 CDs       978-0-7927-9912-2       SLD 063     $79.95

Silent Night ª                                                Dancing in the Dark                                            Lights Out Tonight
                                                              Narrated by Eliza Foss                                         Narrated by Isabel Keating
Narrated by William Dufris
                                                              Dianelandsanexclusiveinterviewwithatroubledyoung               asKEYNewsfilmandtheatercritic,carolineEnrighthas
In New York for treatment of his father’s leukemia,
                                                              womanwhosetaleofbeingabductedforthreeterrifying                taken her fair share of irate phone calls and even an
seven-year-old Brian Dornan sees his mother’s wal-
                                                              dayshadbeendisbelievedbytheauthorities.aftertaping             occasionalthreatfromdisgruntledproducersandagents.
let being lifted.DesperatetoretrievetheSt.Christopher
                                                              theinterview,asecondvictimturnsupdead.Dianeand                 butsheisunpreparedwhenhertriptotheWarrenstown
                                                              the police turn to the first victim for clues, but it may be   Summer Playhouse is interrupted by murder.
the most dangerous adventure of his young life.               too late.
                                                                                                                             6 CDs   978-0-7927-4027-8              SLD 942 $64.95
4 CDs       978-0-7927-9929-0       SLD 080     $49.95        6 CDs   978-0-7927-3673-8              SLD 816 $64.95          1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4246-3              CMP 942 $39.95
                                                              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3674-5              CMP 816 $39.95          also available as a digital download
                                                              also available as a digital download
We’ll Meet again ª
                                                                                                                             Nobody Knows

                                                                                                                                                                                         MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Narrated by Shelley Thompson
Afterservingsixyearsinprisonforthemanslaughterofher           Do You Promise Not to Tell?                                    Narrated by Fran Tunno
husband,MollyCarpenterLaschemergestofacethemedia,             Narrated by beth Fowler                                        cassie Sheridan, aWashington insider, is forced to the
achangedanddamagedwoman.Determinedtoproveher                  FarrellSlater’sjobatKEYNewshangsinthebalancewhen               Miami bureau to wait out the end of her contract.While
innocence, she persuades an investigative reporterto          she fails to convince her boss to broadcast the story of       coveringahurricane,shemeetseleven-year-oldVincent,
researchherhusband’sdeath,butit’sadecisionthatsoon            theauctioningofthelegendaryFabergeMoonEgg.She                  whohasjustmadeagrislydiscoveryonthebeach.Inone
resultsinmenace,unansweredquestions,andpotentially            learns that the multimillion-dollar treasure isn’t all it      week, cassie traces the connection betweenVincent’s
fatal choices.                                                appears to be.                                                 newfound treasure and a secret operation in the dark
                                                                                                                             shadows of sunny Sarasota.
9 CDs       978-0-7927-2785-9       SLD 316     $89.95        6 CDs       978-0-7927-9959-7          SLD 010     $64.95
                                                              also available as a digital download                           6 CDs       978-0-7927-2652-4          SLD 469   $64.95
Mary Higgins & carol Higgins clark
Deck the Halls ª                                              Do You Want to Know a Secret?                                  Nowhere to Run
Narrated by carol Higgins clark                               Narrated by beth Fowler                                        Narrated by angela Pierce
When Luke Reilly mysteriously disappears just before          BillKendall,asenioranchorman,diesunexpectedly,and              When someone dies inside the broadcast center with
christmas, together this colorful cast attempts to find       Eliza is thrust into the limelight—offered her biggest         symptomsterrifyinglysimilartotheonesannabellehas
him. Soon they discover that Luke is not just missing,        opportunity ever. Eliza starts to suspect that Kendall’s       just reported, panic spreads. as one death leads to
but kidnappedalongwiththedriverofthetaxiinwhich               death has ramifications beyond the set of theTV show.          another, the circumstances suggest that these may be
hewasriding,asinglemother,andheldforransombyhis                                                                              diabolicallyexecutedmurders.Andwhenauthoritieslock
partner’s angry, disinherited son.                            8 CDs       978-0-7927-2637-1          SLD 174     $79.95      downthebroadcastcenter,neithervictimsnormurderer
                                                              also available as a digital download                           can escape.
6 CDs       978-0-7927-9945-0       SLD 096     $64.95
                                                                                                                             6 CDs   978-0-7927-2959-4              SLD 577 $64.95
He SeesYou WhenYou’re Sleeping                        ª       Hide Yourself away                                             1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2960-0              CMP 577 $39.95
                                                              Narrated by Sarah Hamiliton
Narrated by carol Higgins clark                               beingaKEYtoamericainternmaybehazardoustoyour
For forty-six years Sterling Brooks has lingered in the       health.GraceCallahanarrivesinNewportforaweeklong
celestialwaitingroomoutsidetheheavenlygates,awaiting          broadcast from america’s First Resort, and swiftly finds
summonsbytheHeavenlycouncil.atlastthedaycomes                 herself caught up in a career-making story.
and the council settles on a test for Sterling—he will be
worthiness by helping someone else.                           7 CDs   978-0-7927-3285-3              SLD 680 $74.95
                                                              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3286-0              CMP 680 $44.95
4 CDs       978-0-7927-2742-2       SLD 425     $49.95

                                                            For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                   107
                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Stephen coonts                                             Leave the Grave Green                                      The Merlot Murders
                                The Traitor ª                                              Narrated by Michael Deehy                                  Narrated by P. J. Davis-Oran
                                Narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris                             WhenabodyisdiscoveredfloatinginaThamesriverlock            LucieMontgomery’ssemi-estrangedbrother,Eli,callsher
                                aFrenchintelligenceagent’sdeathisthetriggerthatlaunches    onedrearymorning,SuperintendentDuncanKincaidand            in France to tell her their father, Leland, has been killed
                                Tommycarmellini’slatestadventure.Toinvestigate,the         SergeantGemmaJamesaresummonedfromScotland                  ina hunting accident.Then Lucie’s godfather tells her
                                Americans bring Jake Grafton back from retirement to       Yard.They discover a tangled web of family secrets and     Leland’s death was no accident. Unsure whom she can
                                unravel a tangle of espionage terrorism and murder.        hidden emotions.                                           trust, Lucie must uncover the truth—and oversee a
                                                                                                                                                      successful harvest—to save the vineyard she loves.
                                9 CDs   978-0-7927-4029-2              SLD 943 $89.95      7 CDs       978-0-7927-3556-4          SLD 792   $74.95

                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4245-6              CMP 943 $54.95      also available as a digital download                       8 CDs       978-0-7927-4525-9          SLD1055 $79.95
                                also available as a digital download                                                                                  also available as a digital download
                                More Stephen coonts pp 55, 150                             Mourn Not Your Dead                                        More Ellen crosby p 55
                                                                                           Narrated by Michael Deehy
                                Deborah Crombie                                            ScotlandYardSuperintendentDuncanKincaidandSergeant
                                                                                                                                                      Robert Daley
                                A Share in Death                                           themurderofahigh-rankingpoliceofficer.ButDuncan            Enemy of God
                                Narrated by Michael Deehy
                                                                                           andGemmamustputasidetheirpersonalfeelings—for              Narrated by Richard M. Davidson
                                Scotland Yard’s Superintendent Duncan Kincaid’s
                                                                                           the victim, as well as for each other—to solve the most    PoliceChiefGabeDriscollisinthecitymorguewatching
                                vacation ends dramaticallywiththediscoveryofadead
                                                                                           troubling case either has faced.                           anautopsyofactivistpriestFrankRedmond.Redmond
                                                                                                                                                      has gone off a Harlem rooftop a few blocks from his
                                when a second murder occurs, and Kincaid and James         7 CDs   978-0-7927-3554-0              SLD 790 $74.95      church,andthesurvivingmembersoftheteam—Driscoll
                                findthemselveslockedinadeterminedhuntforafiendish          1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3847-3              CMP 790 $44.95      andPulitzerPrize-winningjournalistandrewTroy—find
                                felon looking for fresh blood.                             also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                      themselves reunited in a bizarre new race to figure out
                                                                                                                                                      how and why Redmond died.
                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-3265-5
                                also available as a digital download
                                                                       SLD 673   $64.95    Now May You Weep
                                                                                           Narrated by Michael Deehy                                  10 CDs  978-0-7927-3681-3              SLD 819 $94.95
                                                                                           AcrimeofpassionstrikesclosetohomewhenGemmaand              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3682-0              CMP 819 $59.95
                                all Shall be Well                                          ofmistsandfinewhiskey,ofhiddenpastsanddangerous
                                Narrated by Michael Deehy                                  secrets. Or so Gemma discovers when an unexpected
                                Perhaps it is a blessing when Jasmine Dent dies in her                                                                Lindsey Davis
                                                                                           meeting with Hazel’s old flame yields shocking—and
                                sleep. but small inconsistencies lead her neighbor,        mortal—consequences.                                       a body in the bathhouse
                                Superintendent DuncanKincaid,toastartlingconclu-                                                                      Narrated by christian Rodska
                                sion:Dentwasmurdered.AsSergeantGemmaJamessifts             10 CDs  978-0-7927-3405-5              SLD 729 $94.95      The Fishbourne Palace Marcus Falco is building is beset
                                throughthewoman’sstrangehistory,atroublingpuzzle           1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3406-2              CMP 729 $59.95      by numerous financial problems...not to mention the
                                emerges.                                                   also available as a digital download                       accidentsthatseemtoplaguetheconstructionsite.Enter
                                7 CDs       978-0-7927-3450-5          SLD 746   $74.95    Water Like a Stone                                         starts anew when his favorite contractors from Rome
                                also available as a digital download                       Narrated by Michael Deehy                                  appear on the scene, and Falco realizes that someone
                                                                                           ScotlandYard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma           with murderous intentions is now after him.
                                and Justice There is None                                  present.ateenagerdrownsinalocalcanal,theremains            10 CDs      978-0-7927-3462-8          SLD 753    $94.95
                                Narrated by Michael Deehy                                  ofaninfantarediscoveredinanoldcanal-sidebarn,then
                                GemmaJamesisadjustingtoprofessionalandpersonal             a troubled former social worker is found murdered in
                                changes—and a future now intricately entwined with         her boat.AsDuncanandGemmainvestigate,theyrealize           Saturnalia
                                Duncan Kincaid. But her new responsibilities are put to    that the lives of the three victims were intertwined       Narrated by christian Rodska
                                the test when she is placed in charge of a particularly    in unexpected ways.The all-too-present dangers only        It is the Roman holiday of Saturnalia, with nights of
                                brutal homicide.                                           underlinehowthepastnevertrulydies,andthatnoteven           wild parties.a general has captured a famous enemy of
                                                                                           Kincaid’s family is safe from harm.                        Rome, and brings her home to adorn his Triumph as a
                                9 CDs       978-0-7927-3558-8          SLD 794   $89.95                                                               ritual sacrifice. Then a young man is murdered and
                                also available as a digital download                       12 CDs      978-0-7927-3867-1          SLD 885   $110.95   she escapes. Marcus Didius Falco is pitted against his
                                                                                           also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                      old rival in a race to find the fugitive. Falco has other
                                In a Dark House                                            Ellen crosby
                                                                                                                                                      Only Falco seems to notice that some dark agency is
                                Narrated by Michael Deehy                                  The chardonnay charade                                     bringing death to the city streets...
                                SuperintendentDuncanKincaidiscalledtoinvestigate           Narrated by christine Marshall
                                the shocking death of a woman found burned beyond          When a May freeze threatens her vineyard, Lucie            10 CDs  978-0-7927-4845-8              SLD1104 $94.95
                                recognition inaVictorianwarehouseinsouthLondon.            Montgomery hires a helicopter to fly over the vines,       1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4902-8              CMP1104 $59.95
                                When his lover and partner, Gemma James, is asked to       warming the arctic air. but her luck runs out when she     also available as a digital download
                                trace a friend’s missing roommate, she and Duncan          discoversthebodyofGeorgiaGreenwood,alocalpolitical
                                discover that their cases have several disturbing links.   candidate, lying near the fields.
                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-3342-3          SLD 702   $94.95    8 CDs       978-0-7927-4882-3          SLD1137 $79.95
                                also available as a digital download                       also available as a digital download

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                                              MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Lindsey Davis (cont.)                                              Jeffery Deaver                                             The Stepmother
Scandal Takes a Holiday                                            The blue Nowhere ª                                         Narrated by Susanna burney
Narrated by Jamie Glover                                           Narrated by William Dufris                                 When sixty-five-year-old Steven Armstrong marries
InOstia,Falcotriestoenjoyarelaxingholiday.Butwhen                  WhenasadisticInternethacker,code-namedPhate,setshis        charlene, a thirty-three-year-old personal trainer, his
alocalgossipcolumnistgoesmissing,hisinvestigation                  sightsonSiliconValley,hisvictimsneverknowwhathitthem.      grownstephchildrenarenotpleased.charlenebecomes
leads him into a world of piracy and to the discovery of           Heinfiltratestheircomputers,invadestheirlives,and—with     a rival for his world-class fortune. but could one of them
criminal tradiitons long believed dead.                            chillingprecision—luresthemtotheirdeaths.NowPhateis        really have motive to kill her?
8 CDs        978-0-7927-3552-6         SLD 789      $79.95         level, with bigger targets.                                9 CDs   978-0-7927-3690-5              SLD 822 $89.95
                                                                                                                              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3691-2              CMP 822 $54.95
                                                                                                                              also available as a digital download
                                                                   12 CDs      978-0-7927-9921-4          SLD 072   $110.95
See Delphi and Die                                                 The Devil’s Teardrop               ª
Narrated by christian Rodska                                                                                                  Arthur Conan Doyle
                                                                   Narrated by William Dufris
story about two dead women at the ancient site of the              An early morning machine gun attack by the Digger, an      The Valley of Fear
                                                                   emotionless,robot-likemadman,leavesdozensdeadin            Narrated by Derek Jacobi
Olympic Games. Falco is sent out to ensure the scholar                                                                        Look down the valley! See the cloud of a hundred
findshisuniversitywithoutbeingsidetrackedbysport,                                                                             chimneysthatovershadowsit!Themysterybeginswitha
corpses, or the Seven Wonders of the World.                                                                                   codedwarningofimminentdanger,drawingtheillustrious
                                                                   new century may be their last on earth.                    SherlockHolmesandthefaithfulDr.Watsontoasecluded
9 CDs   978-0-7927-4065-0              SLD 972 $89.95                                                                         country home. a trail of bewildering clues—raincoats,
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4259-3              CMP 972 $54.95                                                                         dumbbells,amissingweddingring—leadstosleuthingin
                                                                   12 CDs      978-0-7927-9983-2          SLD 034   $110.95
                                                                                                                              of a cult that terrorized a valley in the americanWest. a
The accusers                                                       The Empty chair ª                                          cracklinglysuspensefulnarrativemakesthisamustforall
Narrated by Jamie Glover                                           Narrated by Richard Perry Turner                           lovers of mystery and detection.
The latest novel in the acclaimed Marcus Didius Falco              aquadriplegicsinceabeamcrushedhisspinalcordyears

                                                                                                                                                                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
seriesfindsthefirstcenturydetectiveconfrontingRoman                ago,renowneddetectiveLincolnRhymeisdesperateto             6 CDs       978-0-7927-5059-8          SLD1205 $64.95
legalforcesthatmayjustdestroyhim-andhisfamily.Fresh                improvehisconditionandgoestotheUniversityofNorth
fromatriptofar-flungLondiniuminBritain,Falconeeds                  CarolinaMedicalCenterforhigh-riskexperimentalsurgery.
to re-establish his presence in Rome. a minor role in the                                                                     Ruth Dudley Edwards
                                                                   He and Sachs have hardly settled in when the local
trialofasenatorentangleshiminthemachinationsoftwo                  authorities come calling.                                  Clubbed to Death
powerful lawyers.                                                                                                             Narrated by bill Wallis
                                                                   14 CDs      978-0-7927-9951-1          SLD 002   $115.95   Robert amiss is working undercover as a waiter at a
8 CDs        978-0-7927-3376-8         SLD 716      $79.95                                                                    gentleman’sclub.Theclubsecretaryhasallegedlyjumped
                                                                   The Stone Monkey ª                                         wasmurdered.amissfindshimselfinabizarrecaricature
The Jupiter Myth                                                   Narrated by William Dufris                                 of a club run by—and for—debauched geriatrics, with
Narrated by christian Rodska                                       RecruitedtohelptheFbIandtheINSperformthenearly             skeletons in every closet.
Unfortunately Marcus Didius Falco is a thousand miles              impossible,LincolnRhymeandhispartner,AmeliaSachs,
northofhome,stuckintheRomanoutpostofLondinium.                     managetotrackdownacargoshipheadedforNewYork                6 CDs       978-0-7540-5482-5          CCD 173 $64.95
andjustwhenhe’sabouttopack up his family, assorted                 city carrying two dozen illegal chinese immigrants, as
                                                                   as the Ghost.
                                                                                                                              Matricide at St. Martha’s
                                                                                                                              Narrated by bill Wallis
                                                                                                                              St. Martha’s women’s college is the sort of second-rate
                                                                   12 CDs      978-0-7927-9871-2          SLD 122   $110.95   establishmentthatmaleacademicshavealwayslooked
10 CDs       978-0-7540-9621-4         CCD 418 $94.95
                                                                   Diana Diamond                                              andthedonsareinopenwarfareconcerninghowtospend
The Silver Pigs                                                                                                               the money.
                                                                   The Daughter-in-Law
Narrated by christian Rodska                                       Narrated by Noma Lana
PrivateeyeMarcusDidiusFalcoknowshiswayaroundthe                                                                               6 CDs       978-0-7540-5329-3          CCD 020 $64.95
eternalcity.Hecanhandlethemuggers,thepolice,and                    takingoverthefinancialandsocialresponsibilitiesofhis
mostofthegirls.Somefriends,Romans,andcountrymen                    family.allthatchangeswhenhemarriesNicolePierce.On          Publish and be Murdered
aredoingahighlyprofitable,ifhighlyillegal,tradeinsilver            theirhoneymoon,however,tragedystrikesandJonathanis         Narrated by bill Wallis
ingots, or pigs. For Falco it’s the start of a murderous trail     killedinaterribleskydivingaccident.Hermother-in-law        amiss is unhappy with his job managing a right-wing,
that leads far beyond the seven hills.                             thinks she’s behind the accident and sets out to prove     200-yearoldEnglishmagazine.andwhenthedeputyeditor
                                                                   Nicole’s guilt.                                            is found drowned in a bowl of punch, suspicions of foul
8 CDs   978-0-7927-3815-2              SLD 873 $79.95                                                                         play are brushed aside by the police. but after another
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3851-0              CMP 873 $49.95              8 CDs       978-0-7927-3011-8          SLD 582   $79.95    death,itappearsthatsomethingwickedisatplayamong
                                                                   also available as a digital download                       the magazine staff.

                                                                                                                              6 CDs       978-0-7540-5431-3          CCD 122 $64.95

                                                                 For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                109
                                                 MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

      Ruth Dudley Edwards (cont.)                                    blood on the Moon                                             Twelve Sharp ª
      Ten Lords A-Leaping                                            Narrated by L. J. Ganser                                      Narrated by Lorelei King
      Narrated by bill Wallis                                        DetectiveSergeantLloydHopkinsisathinkingman’scop.             america’sfavoritebountyhunter,StephaniePlum,isonce
      Ida“Jack”Troutbeck,outrageousmistressofStMartha’s              Heseesaconnectioninaseriesofincreasinglygruesome              again struggling with her tangled love life, her chaotic
      college, has been elevated to the peerage, and so the          murdersofwomencommittedoveraperiodoftwentyyears.              family,andhergiftfordestroyingeverycarshedrives.Not
      House of Lords will never be the same again. She feels         Tosolvethecase,Hopkinswilldumpalltherulesandrisk              tomentionherattemptstobringinthesometimesscary
      confidentofwinningthebattle—butshehasn’treckoned               his career to make the final link and get the killer.         bailjumpersofTrenton,andthesuddenappearanceofa
      against a campaign of intimidation...                                                                                        mysterious female stalker.
                                                                     7 CDs       978-0-7927-3897-8          SLD 900    $74.95
                                                                                                                                   7 CDs   978-0-7927-4074-2              SLD 981 $74.95
      6 CDs       978-0-7540-9608-5         CCD 403 $64.95                                                                         1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4240-1              CMP 981 $44.95
                                                                                                                                   also available as a digital download
                                                                     clandestine                                                   More Janet Evanovich p
      The anglo-Irish Murders                                        Narrated by Jeremy Gage
      Narrated by bill Wallis                                        Intheearly1950s,rookiecopFreddyUnderhillpatrolsLos
      ThebritishandIrishgovernmentshavechosenbaroness                angelesfromWilshiretoWatts,dreamingofmakingthe                Linda Fairstein
      Troutbeck to chair a conference on anglo-Irish cultural        bigbustthatwillgrabheadlinesandbringhimglory.and              The Deadhouse
      sensitivities. The interested parties seem intent on           whenanoldonenightstandisfoundmurdered,Freddy                  Narrated by Melissa Hughes
      livingup to the worst stereotypes and when a delegate          seizes his chance and enters a world of kinky sex and         It’s the holiday season but there’s little reason for cheer
      plummetsoffthebattlements,noonecandecidewhether                sleazy secrets.                                               atoneofNewYork’smostelitecollegeswhenarespected
      it was by accident or design.                                                                                                professor is found dead. Opportunistic murder seems
                                                                     12 CDs      978-0-7927-9864-4          SLD 115    $110.95     unlikelyasassistantD.A.AlexandraCooper,workingwith
      6 CDs       978-0-7540-5435-1         CCD 126 $64.95                                                                         detectivesMikechapmanandMercerWallace,uncoversa
                                                                                                                                   distressing pattern of betrayal and terror.
                                                                     Suicide Hill
                                                                     Narrated by L. J. Ganser                                      12 CDs      978-0-7927-2822-1          SLD 525    $110.95
      The Saint Valentine’s Day Murders                              In disgrace after a badly handled arrest in New Orleans,
      Narrated by bill Wallis                                        SergeantLloydHopkinsisassignedasaliaisonofficerto
      Robert amiss, still in the civil Service, is seconded to the                                                                 Monica Ferris
                                                                     an FbI investigation of a series of diabolical and clever
      wastelandofthenewlyprivatizedbritishconservation               bank robberies. When the bank robbers turn violent,           crewel Yule
      corporation.Heissoonrockedbythemaliceandenvyhe                                                                               Narrated by Melissa Hughes
                                                                     Hopkins findshimselfwithabitofinformationhewould
      findsamongthefilingcabinetsbutallthepettinessand                                                                             Thisyear’sneedleworkconventioninNashvilleistragically
                                                                     rather not have.
      the practical jokes soon lead to murder...                                                                                   interruptedwhenMilwaukeeshopownerbelleHammermill
                                                                     8 CDs       978-0-7927-4011-7          SLD 934    $79.95      tumblesninestoriestoheruntimelydeath.atfirst,betsy
      6 CDs       978-0-7540-5413-9         CCD 104 $64.95           also available as a digital download                          Devonshirethinksthefallwasjustanunfortunateaccident,

      The School of English Murder                                   Janet Evanovich                                               6 CDs       978-0-7927-3775-9          SLD 853    $64.95
                                                                                                                                   also available as a digital download
      Narrated by bill Wallis                                        Eleven on Top            ª
      Robert amiss is a civil servant down on his luck and out       Narrated by Lorelei King
      of a job—and thus ripe for a post as a police spy at the       Stephanie Plum has decided to quit her job as a bounty        Embroidered Truths
      Knightsbridge School. Robert’s cover will be to teach          hunter.Shewantssomethingsafe.Shewantssomething                Narrated by Melissa Hughes
      Englishasaforeignlanguage.Hismissionsoonbecomes,               normal. She’s tired of creeps, weirdos, and stalkers. but     After her good friend Godwin has a nasty quarrel with
      well, murder.                                                  just when she thinks she’s out, they pull her back in!        John,hissignificantother,full-timeneedleworkshopowner
      6 CDs       978-0-7540-5454-2         CCD 145 $64.95           7 CDs   978-0-7927-3646-2              SLD 805 $74.95         a roommate. but sadness turns to grief when betsy and
                                                                     1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3647-9              CMP 805 $44.95         Godwin discover John dead in his home, and Godwin is
                                                                     also available as a digital download                          arrested for the murder.
      James Ellroy
                                                                                                                                   6 CDs       978-0-7927-3663-9          SLD 811    $64.95
      because the Night                                                                                                            also available as a digital download
      Narrated by L. J. Ganser                                       Lean Mean Thirteen ª                                          More Monica Ferris pp 30, 56
      Threecitizensarebutcheredduringaliquorstoreholdup.             Narrated by Lorelei King
      anunstableveterancopvanisheswithoutatrace.Nothing              In the thirteenth book in the series, the stakes are raised
                                                                     even higher as Stephanie Plum finds herself in her most       Jasper Fforde
      backofDetectiveSergeantLloydHopkins’brain—asinister            dangerous, hilarious and hottest chase yet. With her          The big Over Easy
      forebodingthatwillleadhimthroughthesin-and-sleaze              lovably offbeat family along for the ride (as well as a few   Narrated by Simon Prebble
      playground of nighttime L.A.                                   new faces), there’s no doubt that the Stephanie Plum          HumptyDumptyisfoundshatteredtodeathbeneathawall
                                                                     novels put the fun in dysfunctional, and it’s clear to see    in a shabby area of town. Evidence points to his ex-wife
      8 CDs   978-0-7927-3797-1             SLD 864 $79.95           whythey’recalled“HotStuff”bytheNewYorkTimesand                whohasconvenientlyshotherself.Jackandhisreluctant
      1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3852-7             CMP 864 $49.95           why Evanovich herself is called “the master.”                 newsergeantMaryMaryareunconvinced,andthey’resoon
                                                                                                                                   grappling with a sinister plot.
                                                                     7 CDs   978-0-7927-4867-0              SLD1126 $74.95
                                                                     1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4905-9              CMP1126 $44.95         10 CDs  978-0-7927-3701-8              SLD 783 $94.95
                                                                     also available as a digital download                          1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3702-5              CMP 783 $59.95

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Joy Fielding                                                Murder, She Wrote:                                          Murder, She Wrote:
Puppet                                                      a Question of Murder                                        Panning for Murder
Narrated by Laura Hicks                                     Narrated by Cynthia Darlow                                  Narrated by Cynthia Darlow
amandaTravisisahigh-powered,twenty-eight-year-old           Jessicaisinvitedtojoinothercrimewritersataresortfor         JessicaFletcherhasbookedaone-weekcruisethrough
lawyer whose greatest likes are spinning classes at her     aninteractivemurdermysteryweekend.atheatricaltroupe         alaska in order to enjoy some solitude. Her plans are
Palm beach gym and a compliant jury. Her idyllic world      presents a play for the guests, but a young actor’s death   thwarted when Kathy Randall asks to accompany her.
isshatteredwhenoneofherex-husbandscallswiththe              during the actual performance isn’t part of the script.     Kathy’s sister,Wilimena, recently disappeared from the
alarming news that her mother has shot and killed a                                                                     same cruise ship Jessica is booked to travel on. Kathy
complete stranger.                                                                                                      thinksherdisappearanceislinkedtothepastmurderofa
                                                            6 CDs       978-0-7927-3943-2          SLD 923   $64.95
11 CDs   978-0-7927-3420-8             SLD 734 $99.95                                                                   receipts,JessicaandKathyembarkonanadventuretofind
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3470-3             CMP 734 $59.95                                                                   Wilimena and a fabled gold treasure.
also available as a digital download
                                                            Murder, She Wrote:
                                                            a Vote for Murder                                           6 CDs       978-0-7927-4475-7          SLD1004 $64.95
                                                            Narrated by Cynthia Darlow                                  also available as a digital download
Joseph Finder                                               Jessica’sinWashington,D.C.,tosupportasenator’snew
company Man                                                 literacyinitiative.butduringoneaffairatthesenator’shome
Narrated by Scott brick                                     in Virginia, Jessica discovers the dark side of politics.
cEONickconover,oncethemostadmiredmaninFenwick,              at the foot of a rickety staircase, she finds the body      Narrated by Cynthia Darlow
Michigan,isnowthemostdespisedafterhavingtopreside           of the senator’s chief of staff—and he has taken a          JessicaFletcherfindsherselfinanincrediblycompromising
over massive layoffs.When his family is threatened by a     permanent recess.                                           situation,awakeningonalobsterboatadriftincabotcove
stalker,eventsspinoutofcontrolandNickisfacedwitha                                                                       to discover she’s not alone: there’s a dead body aboard.
dead body and damning circumstances.                        7 CDs       978-0-7927-3332-4          SLD 698   $74.95     Jessicasoonfindsherselfinaswirlinginvestigationthat
14 CDs   978-0-7927-3538-0             SLD 780 $115.95                                                                  6 CDs       978-0-7927-3527-4          SLD 777   $64.95
                                                            Murder, She Wrote:

                                                                                                                                                                                   MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3539-7             CMP 780 $ 69.95
also available as a digital download                        coffee, Tea, or Murder?
                                                            Narrated by Cynthia Darlow                                  Murder, She Wrote:
Killer Instinct                                             invitesJessicaFletcherandotherlocalsontheinaugural          Three Strikes and You’re Dead
Narrated by Scott brick                                     flight from Boston to London. Jessica is thrilled for the   Narrated by Cynthia Darlow
Witty,charismaticJasonSteadmanlacksthekillerinstinct        opportunitytovisitadearfriend,ScotlandYardinspector         Visiting old friends Jack and Meg Duffy in Arizona,
necessary to move up the corporate ladder. but all that     GeorgeSutherland.Butthereunionhitsturbulencewhen            Jessica watchestheirfostersonhitthewinningruninhis
changes one evening when Jason meets Kurt Semko, a          Georgeiscalledtotheairporttoinvestigatetheapparent          aaleagueplayoffgame.Harrisonbennettisnot.Hisson
former Special Forces officer, and gets Kurt a job in       murder ofWayne Silverton. Jessica and George decide         JuniorandTyarebitterrivals.Bythenextmorning,Junior
corporateSecurity.Soon,goodthingsstarttohappenfor           toput their finely honed sleuthing skills together and      bennett is dead, and Ty is the prime suspect.
Jason and bad things start to happen to Jason’s rivals.     investigate. NowJessica’sgoingtohavetocatchakiller
                                                            before she can catch a flight home.                         6 CDs       978-0-7927-4472-6          SLD1002 $64.95
                                                                                                                        also available as a digital download
10 CDs  978-0-7927-4005-6              SLD 931 $94.95                                                                   More Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain pp 41, 57
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4222-7              CMP 931 $59.95       6 CDs       978-0-7927-4474-0          SLD1003 $64.95
also available as a digital download                        also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                        Vince Flynn
Power Play                                                  Murder, She Wrote: Dying to Retire                          Separation of Power ª
Narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris                              Narrated by Cynthia Darlow                                  Narrated by Ken Kliban
Itwastheperfectretreatforatroubledcompany:adeluxe           JessicaandherfriendDr.SethHazlittgettheshockoftheir         WiththehauntingspecterofWorldWarIIIlooming,Rapp
lodgeinthewilderness.JakeLandryisajuniorexecutive,          liveswhentheytraveltoaFloridaretirementcommunityfor         racesagainsttimeandimpossibleodds,navigatingthe
asteadyguywithagiftforkeepinghisheaddown-anda               thefuneraloftheiroldfriendPortiaShelby,onlytodiscover       deadlyalleysofbaghdad,tearingthroughthecorruption-
pastheprayshe’sputbehindhim.Thenhunterscrashthe             she has been murdered. One thing is certain: the beach      riddled streets of Washington, D.C., and taking drastic
opening-nightfestivities.Soontheexecsfindthemselves         umbrellasaren’ttheonlyshadythingsintheseemingly             measures against anyone who gets in his way.
atthemercyofagroupofmenwithguns...andacunning               innocent community.
plantotakeHammondaerospaceforallit’sworth.butthe                                                                        14 CDs      978-0-7927-2819-1          SLD 523   $115.95
hostagetakersaren’twhotheyappeartobeandneither              6 CDs       978-0-7927-3199-3          SLD 648   $64.95
is Jake Landry.
                                                                                                                        Term Limits
                                                            Murder, She Wrote:                                          Narrated by Nick Sullivan
7 CDs   978-0-7927-4873-1              SLD1132 $74.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4917-2              CMP1132 $44.95       Manhattans & Murder                                         Inanightofshatteringbrutality,threeofWashington’smost
also available as a digital download                        Narrated by beth Porter                                     powerfulandunscrupulouspoliticianshavebeenexecuted
                                                            Promotingherlatestbooksbringsbestsellingmysterywriter       withsurgicalprecision.ajointFbI-cIataskforcereveals
                                                            JessicaFletchertoNewYorkforchristmas.Herschedule            thatthekillersareelitemilitarycommandos,butnoone
Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain                              includesbooksignings,chatshowappearances,department         knowsexactlywhotheyareorwhentheywillstrikenext.
                                                            store shopping—and murder? but it all begins with a
Murder, She Wrote:                                          sidewalkSantastaringatJessicawithfearandrecognition.        2 CDs       978-0-7927-2666-1          CMP 477 $74.95
A Deadly Judgement
Narrated by beth Porter                                     6 CDs       978-0-7927-2955-6          SLD 167   $64.95
Jessica Fletcher is off to boston to help her eccentric                                                                 Transfer of Power
lawyerfriend,MalcolmMcLoon,defendatycoonaccused                                                                         Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                                            Murder, She Wrote:                                          agroupofterroristsdescendsontheWhiteHouse,killing
onlyalibi,isfounddeadinherapartment,thecasetakes            Margaritas and Murder                                       anyone in their path. Mitch Rapp, the cIa’s top
a deadly turn.                                              Narrated by Cynthia Darlow                                  counterterrorism operative, determines that the
                                                            MysterywriterJessicaFletcheraccompaniesherpublisher         president is not as safe. Moving stealthily through the
5 CDs       978-0-7927-2946-4          SLD 199   59.95      to Mexico to relax and spend some time with her good        corridors and secret passageways of theWhite House,
                                                            friendsVaughanandOlgabuckley.butwhenVaughanis               Rapp makes a chilling discovery that could rock
                                                            kidnappedforalargeransom,Jessicamustputherlifeon            Washington to its core.
                                                            the line to find her friend.
                                                                                                                        14 CDs      978-0-7927-3143-6          SLD 633   $115.95
                                                            6 CDs       978-0-7927-3828-2          SLD 785   $64.95

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                                                                        MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Frederick Forsyth                                          Keep Me close                                                Stephen Frey
                                avenger                                                    Narrated by Robert Powell                                    Shadow account
                                Narrated by Eric conger                                    catherine has become a victim in her own home. First a       Narrated by Ken Kliban
                                AttorneyCalvinDexterhasareasonablysuccessfulpractice,      stringofnuisancecalls,thenaviciousattackbyamystery           Investment banker conner ashby is doing all right for
                                butDexterisnoordinarylawyer.Suddenly,oneofthefew           intruder.Now,asshestrugglestocometotermswithher              himself-untilhereceivesawaywardemail…andisplunged
                                peoplewhoknowofDexter’sotherlifetriestocontacthim.         injuries,twoverydifferentmenseemanxioustouncover             intoaterrifyingnightmare.Survivingwillmeanstruggling
                                Forinaworldthathasforgottenrightandwrong,fewcan            the truth.                                                   toexposetheplotasrelentlesslyashisshadowyenemies
                                settle a score like Calvin Dexter can.                                                                                  seektoconcealit—andfightingforhislifeasruthlesslyas

                                                                                           10 CDs      978-0-7540-5384-2       CCD 075 $94.95           those determined to end it.
                                9 CDs   978-0-7927-3015-6          SLD 584 $89.95
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3076-7          CMP 584 $54.95                                                                       10 CDs  978-0-7927-3192-4              SLD 645 $94.95
                                                                                           anthea Fraser                                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3193-1              CMP 645 $59.95
                                Karin Fossum                                               a Family concern                                             also available as a digital download
                                                                                           Narrated by Jacqueline Tong
                                Don’t Look Back                                            afterachanceencounterwithanoldfriend,nowmarried
                                Narrated by David Rintoul
                                                                                           intotheTarltonfamily,ownersoftheoldestjewelryshop            Silent Partner
                                atthefootofKollenMountainliesanidyllicvillage,where                                                                     Narrated by Norma Lana
                                neighborsknowneighbors.butwhenthebodyofateenage                                                                         SummonedundermysteriouscircumstancestomeetJake
                                girl is found by the lake at the mountaintop, the town’s                                                                Lawrence,oneoftheworld’srichestentrepreneurs,Angela
                                tranquilityisshatteredforever.InspectorSejeruncovers                                                                    Day may be on the threshold of a brighter future. But
                                                                                           two families.
                                layer upon layerof distrust and lies beneath the town’s                                                                 acceptingthereclusivebillionaire’stemptingdealmeans
                                seemingly perfect facade.                                                                                               taking a great risk.
                                                                                           7 CDs       978-0-7927-4739-0       SLD1095 $74.95
                                8 CDs      978-0-7927-3351-5       SLD 706     $79.95
                                                                                                                                                        8 CDs   978-0-7927-2811-5              SLD 519 $79.95
                                                                                           Jigsaw                                                       1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2788-0              CMP 519 $49.95
                                He Who Fears the Wolf                                      Narrated by Jacqueline Tong                                  also available as a digital download
                                Narrated by David Rintoul                                  JournalistRonaParishiswritingaseriesofarticlesonthe
                                InspectorSejerisinvestigatingthebrutalmurderofawoman       quaintEnglishvillageofbuckford.WhenRonaisattacked
                                wholivedaloneinthemiddleofthewoods.Shrewdlyand             byanunknownassailant,andEdnaturnsupdead,Rona                 The Fourth Order
                                patientlysheconfrontsacasewherethestrangenessof            begins to discover some dark secrets lurking behind          Narrated by Holter Graham
                                the crime is matched only by the strangeness of the        buckford’s pleasant facade.                                  MichaelRoseisthechieffinancialofficerofatopenergy
                                criminals, andwheresmall-townprejudiceswarpevery                                                                        companyheadquarteredinWashington,D.C.Heisworking
                                piece of information he tries to collect.                  6 CDs       978-0-7927-3390-4       SLD 722      $64.95      hardtoacquireaglobalinformationtechnologycompany.
                                7 CDs      978-0-7927-3698-1       SLD 825     $74.95                                                                   a company used as a pawn by intelligence agencies. He
                                                                                           Person or Persons Unknown                                    pushes ahead, unaware that he’s tightening the noose
                                                                                           Narrated by Jacqueline Tong                                  aroundhisownneck—especiallywhenoneofthecom-
                                When the Devil Holds the Candle                            Rona Parish’s last assignment, a series of articles on       plicitforeigngovernmentsrealizeshe’sabouttodiscover
                                Narrated by David Rintoul                                  thetownofbuckford,isalmostcomplete,whenayoung                their involvement.
                                Teenagetroublemakers,Zippandandreasunwittingly             womannamedZaracraneapproachesherwitharequest
                                commitmurderwhentheyaccidentallykillababyinthe             to help her trace her natural parents. Rona’s curiosity is   9 CDs   978-0-7927-4045-2              SLD 962 $89.95
                                course of a petty crime. at first, there is no reason      aroused-notleastbecauseshediscoversthatZara’sbirth           1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4907-3              CMP 962 $54.95
                                for Inspector Sejer to see a connection between the        motherhadbeenmurderedinherbathtwenty-fiveyears               also available as a digital download
                                infant’s death and the later disappearance of the town     earlier.
                                the police must wait for the evidence to present itself    7 CDs       978-0-7927-3945-6       SLD 924      $74.95      The Power broker
                                beforetheycanbegintocomprehendtheunsettlingnature                                                                       Narrated by Holter Graham
                                of the case on their hands.                                                                                             In this tense thriller, Christian Gillette is approached by
                                                                                           Rogue in Porcelain                                           ashadowygroupwithapoliticallyconservativealliance
                                7 CDs      978-0-7927-4061-2       SLD 968     $74.95      Narrated by Jacqueline Tong                                  interestedinapartnershipwithGillette’scompany.Then
                                More Karin Fossum p 57                                     Writing an article on old family businesses, Rona Parish     he’scontactedbyacharismaticliberalpoliticiannamed
                                                                                           contactscurzon,localmanufacturersoffinebonechina,            JesseWood,whoisabouttoannouncehiscandidacyfor
                                                                                           whenshelearnsthey’relaunchingaspectacularnewline.            president;Skepticalofbothoffers,Gillettetriestodiscern
                                clare Francis
                                                                                           but her research digs up old family secrets-and a fresh      who can be trusted.
                                A Death Divided                                            corpse.
                                Narrated by Alex Jennings                                                                                               9 CDs   978-0-7927-4031-5              SLD 944 $89.95
                                Joe is faced with the challenge of finding his childhood   6 CDs       978-0-7927-5051-2       SLD1197 $64.95           1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4253-1              CMP 944 $54.95
                                friendJenna,whohasbeenmissingforfouryears.buthas           More Anthea Fraser p 57                                      also available as a digital download
                                she disappeared through choice?

                                10 CDs     978-0-7540-5526-6       CCD 217 $94.95

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Stephen Frey (cont.)                                          Frances Fyfield                                              Lisa Gardner
The Protégé                                                   Blind Date                                                   The Other Daughter
Narrated by Holter Graham                                     Narrated by Rula Lenska                                      Narrated by Laurel Lefkow
Having survived his rise to chairman of Everest capital,      Elisabeth Kennedy is haunted by her sister’s horrific        Melanielostallmemoryofherlifebeforeshewasadopted.
Christian Gillette is safely perched atop the financial       murder and her own humiliating attempts to lure the          as she chases every shadow in the search for her real
industry.buteverythingcomestoascreechinghaltwhen              killer into a confession.Then she herself is the victim of   identity,twoseeminglyunrelatedeventsfromtwentyyears
a shadowy man calls Gillette to a meeting, offering new       a senseless attack and wanting to hide from the world,       agowillcometogetherinadangerousexplosionoftruth.
informationabouthisfatherandhisstillmysteriousdeath.          she flees the comfort of her mother’s house for her own
                                                              eccentric home.                                              10 CDs      978-0-7927-2901-3       SLD 245     $94.95
9 CDs   978-0-7927-3861-9              SLD 883 $89.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3954-8              CMP 883 $54.95         8 CDs       978-075405558-7         CCD 249 $79.95
also available as a digital download                                                                                       The Perfect Husband
                                                                                                                           Narrated by Jennifer Wydra
                                                              Frances Fyfield                                              Two years after Tess married Jim, she helped put him
The Successor                                                 Seeking Sanctuary                                            behind barsforsavagelymurderingtenwomen.While
Narrated by Holter Graham                                                                                                  lockedupinamaximumsecurityprison,hevowedtomake
                                                              Narrated by andrew Sachs
There are secret negotiations going on with senior                                                                         herpay.Nowthecunningkillerhasescaped.Themanhunt
                                                              by the time their mother Isabel died it was the blessed
capitalists inpost-communistcubaconcerningtheU.S.,                                                                         for beckett begins and the clock winds down to the
and the President wants Christian Gillette to handle it.                                                                   terrifying reunion between husband and wife.
Seeing no option but to accept the dangerous mission,         Francis:ayoung,good-lookinggardener.althoughthe
GilletteheadstoFloridawithbestfriendandbodyguard,                                                                          10 CDs      978-0-7927-2849-8       SLD 146     $94.95
                                                              nuns are besotted by his charm and handiwork, anna is
leavinghiscapableandalluringprotegeallisonWallacein           less convinced by his motives.
charge of Everest.
                                                              8 CDs       978-0-7540-9461-6       CCD 357 $79.95           Julie Garwood
9 CDs   978-0-7927-4043-8              SLD 951 $89.95                                                                      Heartbreaker

                                                                                                                                                                                       MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4749-9              CMP 951 $54.95                                                                      Narrated by Laura Hicks
More Stephen Frey p 57                                        Staring at the Light                                         Inthestillshadowsoftheconfessional,thepenitentkneels
                                                              Narrated by Nathaniel Parker                                 andmakesabone-chillingdisclosure:“blessmefather,for
                                                              JohnSmithisamanwithacorruptedconscience:histwin,             Iwillsin.”Thistime,though,hehasraisedthestakesinhis
Mark Frost                                                    cannon, has disappeared. cannon, a gifted artist, goes       twistedgame,daringauthoritiestocatchhimiftheycan.
The Second Objective                                          intohidingtoavoidJohnny’        He has even revealed the name of his next victim.
Narrated by by Erik Steele                                    SarahFortuneshieldscannon,andmoreimportantly,his
Fall 1944. Germany is losing, and the Americans               wife, who is the real target.                                12 CDs      978-0-7927-9930-6       SLD 081     $110.95
are starting to hope they’ll be home for christmas.
                                                              10 CDs      978-0-7540-5313-2       CCD 004 $94.95
famedforhisdaringrescueoftheimprisonedMussolini,                                                                           Mercy ª
has just received orders for Operation Greif: He is to                                                                     Narrated by Johanna Rodriguez
assemble a new brigade of 2,000 men, all of whom              The Nature of the beast                                      JusticeDepartmentattorneyTheoBuchanan,devoted
speak English, and send them behind allied lines              Narrated by Rula Lenska                                      tohis crime-fighting career, encounters a group of four
disguised asGIs,wheretheywillwreakhavocinadvance              When an Intercity train service crashes, one passenger       white-collarprofessionalscallingthemselvesTheSowing
of a savage new offensive.                                    usestheopportunityformurder. anotherseesthetrain             club.Theirsophisticatedcrimeshaveamassedmillionsof
                                                              crash as an opportunity to leave her life behind.            dollars in a cayman Islands bank account. buchanan
9 CDs       978-0-7927-4843-4          SLD1102 $89.95                                                                      follows them down the dark road of their passions
                                                              10 CDs      978-0-7540-5510-5       CCD 201 $94.95
also available as a digital download                                                                                       and obsessions.

David Fulmer
                                                              Undercurrents                                                12 CDs      978-0-7927-9948-1       SLD 099     $110.95
                                                              Narrated by Alex Jennings
Rampart Street                                                Twentyyearsago,HenrymetFrancesca—andlosther—
                                                                                                                           Nancy Geary
Narrated by Dion Graham                                       while backpacking around India.Twenty years later, he
It’s 1910, and Creole detective Valentin St. Cyr has just     travelsfromamericatoanEnglishcoastaltowntofindher.           Redemption
returnedtoNewOrleans.Havingonlyrecentlysolvedthe              Butwhathediscoversisnotwhatheexpects:Francescais             Narrated by Vivienne benesch
caseofthejassmurders,heisdrawn reluctantly into the           in prison for murdering her young son…                       Frances,aseasonedveteranofcriminalinvestigation,is
investigationofanewmurder—thatofawell-to-dogentleman                                                                       stillrecoveringfromtherecentmurderofherstepmother.
on seedy Rampart Street.                                      8 CDs       978-0-7540-5436-8       CCD 127 $79.95           but on the day of her cousin’s wedding, Frances is thrust
                                                              More Frances Fyfield p 58
                                                                                                                           back into her role as a sleuth when she must unravel the
9 CDs       978-0-7927-3949-4          SLD 926   $89.95                                                                    mysterysurroundingtheshockingdeathofanotherrelative.

                                                                                                                           11 CDs      978-0-7927-2945-7       SLD 573     $99.95

                                                            For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                 113
                                                                        MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                             Tess Gerritsen                                                 Painting the Darkness                                         The Ghost Orchid
                             Gravity                                                        Narrated by Michael Kitchen                                   Narrated by Jen Taylor
                             Narrated by William Dufris                                     Onamildautumnafternoonin1882,Williamsitssmoking               Formorethanahundredyears,creativesoulshavetraveled
                             EmmaWatson, a brilliant research physician, has been           hispipeoutsidehiscomfortablefamilyhome.Whenthe                totheboscoestatetoliveandworkunderitscaptivating
                             trainingforthemissionofalifetime:tostudylivingbeings           creakofthegateannouncesanunexpectedstranger,heis              spell.NovelistEllisbrooksiswritingabookbasedonthe
                             inspace.Onceaboard,however,thingsgoterriblywrong.              puzzledbutnotalarmed.Hecannotknowthedestruction               darkeventsthattookplaceduringthesummerof1893.
                             Thetrueandlethalnatureofthisexperimenthasnotbeen               this man will wreak on all he holds most dear…                Thelinesbetweenpastandpresent,livinganddeadblur,
                             revealed to NaSa.                                                                                                            untilthetangledtruththreatenstoensnareallittouches.
                                                                                            16 CDs      978-0-7540-5404-7          CCD 095 $119.95
                             10 CDs      978-0-7927-9934-4         SLD 085      $94.95                                                                    10 CDs  978-0-7927-3917-3              SLD 910 $94.95

                                                                                                                                                          1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3969-2              CMP 910 $59.95
                                                                                            Past caring                                                   also available as a digital download
                                                                                            Narrated by Paul Shelley
                             The Surgeon            ª
                             Narrated by christine Marshall
                                                                                            EdwinStraffordresignattheheightofhisparliamentary             The Lake of Dead Languages
                                                                                            career? Why, seventy years later, should people go to         Narrated by Vivienne benesch
                             doctorturnedauthor,hereisathrillerofunprecedented              suchlengths—includingmurder—topreventthetruthfrom
                             depthandsuspense.Exposingtheshockinglinkbetween                                                                              Twenty years ago, three girls at the Heart Lake School in
                                                                                            being revealed?                                               theadirondackstooktheirownlives.OnlyJanewasleftto
                             Tess Gerritsen’s most exciting accomplishment yet.                                                                           carrytheburdenofamysterythathasstayedhiddenever
                                                                                            16 CDs      978-0-7540-5470-2          CCD 161 $119.95
                             10 CDs      978-0-7927-9937-5         SLD 088      $94.95
                                                                                                                                                          are beginning to die...
                                                                                            Sea change
                                                                                            Narrated by Paul Shelley
                             Robert Goddard                                                 Torelieveadebt,WilliamSpandrelmustsecretlyconvey              12 CDs      978-0-7927-2836-8          SLD 532   $110.95
                                                                                                                                                          also available as a digital download
                             Caught in the Light                                            animportantpackagetoYsbranddeVriesinamsterdam.
                             Narrated by Michael Kitchen                                    butitallgoeshorriblywrongwhenhebarelysurvivesan
                             suddenly and desperately in love with a woman he has
                                                                                                                                                          The Seduction of Water
                                                                                            10 CDs      978-0-7540-5442-9          CCD 133 $94.95         Narrated by christine Marshall
                             metpurelybychance,MarianEsguard. backinEngland,                                                                              When Iris returns to the remote Hotel Equinox in the
                             heseparatesfromhiswifeandgoestomeetMarianatan                                                                                catskills,theplacewhereshegrewup,towritehermother’s
                             telephonethatshewillnotbecomingafterall.Shethen                Set in Stone                                                  biographyandsearchforhermother’smissingmanuscript,
                                                                                            Narrated by Michael Kitchen                                   sheunravelsahauntingmysterythatthreatenstoenvelopher.
                             vanishes from his life as mysteriously as she entered it.
                                                                                            tohissister-in-law,Lucy,Tonyisalsotroubledbyweirdand          12 CDs   978-0-7927-2838-2             SLD 533 $110.95
                             12 CDs      978-0-7540-8782-3         CCD 334 $110.95          vividdreams.AndasheandLucyembarkonasecretand                  2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-2793-4             CMP 533 $ 69.95
                                                                                            passionateaffair,Tonybeginsuncoveringthetruthabout            also available as a digital download
                                                                                            Lucy’s strange new home, Otherways…
                             closed circle
                             Narrated by bill Wallis                                        10 CDs      978-0-7540-5378-1          CCD 069 $94.95         The Sonnet Lover
                             It is 1931, and the luxurious liner Empress of Britain is on                                                                 Narrated by Jen Taylor
                             hertransatlanticpassage,bearingamongitspassengers                                                                            Literature professor Rose Asher can’t shake the feeling:
                             twoEnglishconfidencetricksters.achancemeetingon                Carol Goodman                                                 studentRobinWeissremindsherofbrunobrunelli,whom
                                                                                            The Drowning Tree                                             Rose loved years ago in Italy. When Robin dies under
                                                                                            Narrated by christine Marshall                                mysteriouscircumstances,RosereturnstoItalyandfinds
                                                                                            JunoMcKayisforcedtoconfronttheeventsthatshattered             herself enmeshed in a web of secrets and scandal.
                             10 CDs      978-0-7540-5323-1         CCD 014 $94.95           the intense friendship between herself, her best friend
                                                                                            christine, and her husband Neil. after years of absence       11 CDs   978-0-7927-4865-6             SLD1124 $99.95
                                                                                            Juno learns that christine is to deliver a lecture at their   2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4910-3             CMP1124 $59.95
                             Into the blue                                                  collegereunion.butwhenchristineisdiscoveredfloating           also available as a digital download
                             Narrated by Paul Shelley                                       in the Hudson River, Juno is forced to confront the truth     More Carol Goodman p 58
                             Harrybarnettisamiddle-agedfailure,leadingashabby               of their past.
                             existence in the shadow of a past disgrace, reduced to
                             caretaking a friend’s villa on the island of Rhodes and        11 CDs      978-0-7927-3291-4          SLD 682    $99.95
                             workinginabartoearnhiskeep.Thenaguestatthevilla—               also available as a digital download
                             to—disappears on a mountain peak.

                             14 CDs      978-0-7540-5388-0         CCD 079 $115.95

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Caroline Graham                                                Repair to Her Grave                                         Wreck the Halls
a Place of Safety                                              Narrated by Lindsay Ellison                                 Narrated by Lindsay Ellison
Narrated by Hugh Ross                                          Jacobia Tiptree and her teenage son are used to their       christmas is just weeks away, but what Jacobia“Jake”
When ex-vicar Lionel Lawrence opens his rectory to             Eastport, Maine, home attracting more than its share        TiptreediscoversatFayeannecarmody’shouseisfarfrom
rehabilitate astreamofyoungoffenders,hehasnoidea               ofhouseguests.butwhenthecharmingandmysterious               festive:adazedFayeannecoveredwithblood.Jakehad
of the consequences, least of all that they will include       JonathanRainesappearsonherdoorstepandthenjustas             plannedtospendthewinterrehabilitatingheroldhouse,
blackmailandmurder.andchiefInspectorbarnabyhasn’t              suddenlydisappears,remodelingthehousebecomesthe             but now she’ll have to work on nailing a killer before her
a shred of evidence to support his hunch…                      least of Jake’s problems.                                   beloved town gets even smaller.

10 CDs      978-0-7540-5550-1          CCD 241 $94.95          8 CDs       978-0-7927-3278-5          SLD 677   $79.95     8 CDs   978-0-7927-3813-8              SLD 872 $79.95
                                                               also available as a digital download                        1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3850-3              CMP 872 $49.95
The Killings at Badger’s Drift                                                                                             also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                           More Sarah Graves pp 6, 59
Narrated by Hugh Ross                                          Tool & Die
astrollinthewoodsforEmilySimpsonbringsanabrupt                 Narrated by Lindsay Ellison
end to her life. Emily sees something that she was never       Whenbella,JakeTiptree’shaplesshousekeeper,confides          Andrew M. Greeley
meant to see, and someone makes sure she will never            in Jake that she’s been receiving death threats, Jake has
reveal it.To the doctor, Emily’s death looks natural, but      two choices: find out who is frightening the hapless        The Bishop Goes to the University
herfriend Lucy is unconvinced, so she drags Detective                                                                      Narrated by Nick Sullivan
barnaby into the case.                                                                                                     The irrepressible bishop blackwood Ryan heads toThe
                                                               you remodel your life, murder can take up residence
8 CDs       978-0-7540-5501-3          CCD 192 $79.95                                                                      assassinationofaRussianOrthodoxMonk.Blackiesoon
                                                               7 CDs       978-0-7927-4676-8          SLD1067 $74.95
Ann Granger                                                    also available as a digital download                        asheseekstounravelthedeepeningmysterysurrounding
                                                                                                                           the murdered monk.
Mixing with Murder
Narrated by Kim Hicks
                                                               Trap Door                                                   7 CDs       978-0-7927-3028-6          SLD 591   $74.95

                                                                                                                                                                                     MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
FranVarady isn’t keen to help seedy club owner Mickey
                                                               Narrated by Lindsay Ellison
Allerton track down Lisa, a dancer who’s done a bunk. If
                                                               uncover: a trio of mysteries certain to make her usual      The bishop in the West Wing
                                                               homerepairprojectsseemsassimpleasscrapingpaint.             Narrated by Paul Michael
girl and doing Mickey’s bidding.
                                                               Only Jake can jigsaw the clues into place before a killer   Blackie Ryan, the Cardinal’s auxiliary bishop, goes to
                                                               snares her in a trap she can’t escape.                      Washington, D.C. where one of his friends Jack Patrick
8 CDs       978-0-7927-4527-3          SLD1057 $79.95
                                                                                                                           McGurn has just been elected president and needs his
                                                               7 CDs       978-0-7927-4676-8          SLD1067 $74.95       help.blackiehasbeencalledontodealwithghostsinthe
Sarah Graves                                                   also available as a digital download                        White House, but there are more problems in theWhite
                                                                                                                           House than ghosts.
Mallets aforethought
Narrated by Lindsay Ellison                                    Unhinged                                                    6 CDs       978-0-7927-2644-9          SLD 467   $64.95
When Jacobia“Jake”Tiptree and her friend Ellie White           Narrated by Lindsay Ellison
agreetorefurbishEastport’smostdisreputableolddwelling,         It began with the mysterious disappearance of Harriet
pulling up the floorboards reveals something far more          Hollingsworth-Eastport, Maine’s snoopiest resident.
sinister than dry rot. Jake and Ellie are hot on the trail                                                                 Lucretia Grindle
                                                               Everyone is convinced the old busybody bolted out of
ofthemurderer,butthistimemorethantheirreputations              towntoescapehercreditor—everyoneexceptJakeandher            The Nightspinners
may be on the line.                                            best friend, Ellie.                                         Narrated by Isabel Keating
8 CDs       978-0-7927-3195-5          SLD 646   $79.95        8 CDs   978-0-7927-3392-8              SLD 723 $79.95       inasecretlanguagetheycallednightspinning.afterMarina
also available as a digital download                           1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3409-3              CMP 723 $49.95       is brutally murdered, Susannah experiences a series of
                                                               also available as a digital download                        inexplicableevents.Isshegoingcrazy,orisMarinatrying
Nail biter                                                                                                                 seek revenge?
Narrated by Lindsay Ellison                                    Wicked Fix
a coven of self-styled witches has taken over Jake’s           Narrated by Lindsay Ellison                                 9 CDs       978-0-7927-2865-8          SLD 543   $89.95
Eastport,MainewaterfrontrentalpropertyforHalloween.            There’snothingidyllicaboutthisDownEastautumn.For
WhenpreacherGeneDibbleturnsupdeadthewholetown                  starters,thereturnoftrulyviciousnativesonReubenTate
is convinced that Jake and her tenants are up to sorcery       stirs up the town. and when somebody slits Reuben’s
andskullduggery.It’suptoJaketopryouttheidentityof              throat and hangs his corpse on the cemetery gate, the
the real culprit-before the killer nails her.                  policetraceabloodiedscalpeltosurgeonVictorTiptree—
                                                               Jake’s former husband.
8 CDs       978-0-7927-3865-7          SLD 882   $79.95
also available as a digital download                           8 CDs       978-0-7927-3719-3          SLD 831   $79.95
                                                               also available as a digital download

                                                             For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                              115
                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                James Grippando                                              Michael Gruber                                              Steve Hamilton
                                Got the Look                                                 Night of the Jaguar                                         A Cold Day in Paradise
                                Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                    Narrated by Jonathan Davis                                  Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                a beautiful woman is kidnapped, and a chilling ransom        Deep in the jungles of Colombia, an American priest is      FormerDetroitpoliceofficerAlexMcKnightthoughthehad
                                demandissenttoherwealthyhusband.FbIagentandie                shot dead in his makeshift church. Jimmy Paz, Miami’s       put the nightmare of his partner’s death and his own
                                Henningisupagainstauniquebreedofserialkidnapper.             resident expert on the deeply weird, is called out of his   near-fatal injury behind him.With convicted murderer
                                Throughout, nothing is what it seems, and Jack is in for     self-imposed retirement to find the killer.                 MaximilianRoselockedaway,McKnightcan’tunderstand
                                a twisty ride if he’s to find the madman before someone                                                                  who else would know the intimate details of the old

                                else dies.                                                   12 CDs   978-0-7927-3931-9             SLD 917 $110.95      murders—nottomentionthesignatureblood-redroseleft
                                                                                             2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3973-9             CMP 917 $ 69.95      on his doorstep.
                                                                                             also available as a digital download
                                10 CDs  978-0-7927-3893-0              SLD 898 $94.95
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3962-3              CMP 898 $59.95                                                                    8 CDs       978-0-7927-9968-9          SLD 019   $79.95
                                also available as a digital download                         Tropic of Night                                             also available as a digital download
                                                                                             Narrated by Valerie Leonard
                                                                                             Jane Doe is a once-promising anthropologist and an
                                Hear No Evil                                                 expert onshamanism.Everyonethinksshe’sdead.Orso             North of Nowhere
                                                                                                                                                         Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                    shehopes.JimmyPazisacuban-americanpolicedetective.
                                When a beautiful woman is accused of murdering her           as their lives slowly interconnect, Jane and Paz are soon
                                                                                                                                                         with a gun to the back of his head after a game of cards
                                husbandthereisonlyonepersonshewantstorepresent               caught in a cataclysmic battle between good and evil.
                                                                                             15 CDs   978-0-7927-3829-9             SLD 782 $117.95      wrongdirectionandhisclosestallieseithermissingorinjail,
                                                                                             2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3853-4             CMP 782 $ 74.95      Alexknowsheistheonlyonewhocanuncoverthetruth.
                                suspicions.                                                  also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                         8 CDs       978-0-7927-2632-6          SLD 463   $79.95
                                                                                                                                                         also available as a digital download
                                9 CDs   978-0-7927-3272-3              SLD 675 $89.95        Valley of bones
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3273-0              CMP 675 $54.95        Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                also available as a digital download                         a wealthy oilman plunges ten stories to his death from      The Hunting Wind
                                                                                             ahotel-roombalcony.DetectiveJimmyPaz’sonlysuspect           Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                                                                             isEmmylouDideroff,aneerilypiousyoungwomanwho                RandyWilkins has come back to Michigan to find Maria,
                                Last to Die                                                  claimstocommunewithsaints.Togetherwithhisnewpartner,        theonetrueloveofhislife.He’sconvincedMcKnightisthe
                                Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                    TitoMorales,andpolicepsychologistLornaWise,Pazmust          right man to help him find her. McKnight agrees to help
                                as a favor to his best friend Theo, Miami lawyer Jack        find the truth hidden in this strange woman’s tale.         him and as the search for Maria deepens, he begins to
                                SwytekreluctantlyagreestorepresentTheo’sbrother,Tatum                                                                    realizethatheisanunwillingplayerinadangerousgame.
                                Knight.Tatum is a thug who claims he’s gone straight.        14 CDs   978-0-7927-3430-7             SLD 739 $115.95
                                Suddenly peoplearedying,andJackhastofindoutifhis             2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3442-0             CMP 739 $ 69.95      8 CDs       978-0-7927-9888-0          SLD 139   $79.95
                                client is an innocent man or a killer.                       also available as a digital download

                                10 CDs  978-0-7927-2966-2              SLD 580 $94.95        James W. Hall                                               Winter of the Wolf Moon
                                                                                                                                                         Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2967-9              CMP 580 $59.95        Off the chart                                               WhenayoungwomancomestoAlexMcKnightforhelp,he
                                also available as a digital download                         Narrated by Gary Littman
                                                                                             WhenThorn’s girlfriend Alexandra Rafferty’s villainous
                                                                                             brother Vic decides that he must possess the land on
                                When Darkness Falls                                          whichThorn’sbelovedhomeisbuilt,nothingwillstandin           morning.Hebeginsafranticsearchthatleadstoavariety
                                Narrated by Jonathan Davis                                                                                               ofunsavorytypesandlearnsthatcriminalsadismknows
                                                                                             his way. Passion and intrigue continue to heat up in the
                                MiamiattorneyJackSwyteckgetsmorethanhebargained                                                                          no boundaries.
                                for when he reluctantly takes on a new client, a curious     brutal killer.
                                manwhocallshimselfFalcon.Fullofcontradictions,Falcon                                                                     6 CDs       978-0-7927-2902-0          SLD 253   $64.95
                                lives in a car but he has access to a lot of cash. He also   10 CDs  978-0-7927-2891-7              SLD 557 $94.95
                                hasanobsessionwiththeMiamimayor’sdaughter.When               1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2910-5              CMP 557 $59.95       Thomas Harris
                                car, there are dangerous secrets about to be revealed.       Pete Hamill                                                 Red Dragon
                                                                                                                                                         Narrated by alan Sklar
                                9 CDs   978-0-7927-4730-7              SLD1087 $89.95        The Guns of Heaven                                          SpecialAgentWillGrahamfindshimselflockedinadeadly
                                                                                             Narrated by christian conn                                  alliancewiththebrilliantDr.HannibalLecter-theinfamous
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4751-2              CMP1087 $54.95
                                                                                             On a visit to Northern Ireland, newspaper reporter Sam      massmurdererwhoGrahamputinprisonyearsago.Asthe
                                                                                             briscoemeetswithamysteriousIRaleaderandagreesto             imprisonedLectertightensthereinsofrevenge,Graham’s
                                                                                             deliveranenvelopetohissupportersinNewYorkcity.It’s          feverishpursuitoftheRedDragondrawshiminsidethe
                                                                                             adecisionwithgraveconsequences—notjustforbriscoe,           warped mind of Lecter once again.
                                                                                             but for his eleven-year-old daughter as well.
                                                                                                                                                         12 CDs      978-0-7927-9886-6          SLD 137   $110.95
                                                                                             5 CDs       978-0-7927-4484-9          SLD1014 $59.95
                                                                                             also available as a digital download

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
John Hart                                                      Deadheads                                                     craig Holden
Down River                                                     Narrated by colin buchanan                                    The Narcissist’s Daughter
Narrated by Scott Sowers                                       DeadheadsisoneofthemanybooksinthepopularDalziel               Narrated by Erik Steele
adam chase has spent the last five years trying to erase       and Pascoe series. In this case, the pair are investigating   SydReddingisagruff,ambitiousworking-classyoungman
hisworstmemories.WhenhereturnstoNorthcarolinahe                aseries of fatalities, and someone is blaming Patrick         andpre-medstudent.Sydpassesthestultifyinghoursin
isrememberedasamurderer.adamisbeaten,accosted,                 Aldermann.ChiefSuperintendentDalzielthinksit’sprob-           Ethics class fantasizing about the destruction of the
andhostilelyconfrontedbyhisfamily.Thenpeoplestart              ably all nonsense, but Inspector Pascoe is not so sure...     Kesslers, his boss’s well-to-do Ohio family. Syd has no
turningupdead.WithinthissmallSoutherntown,John                                                                               detailed plan in mind, only vague, delicious dreams of
Hart explores the lengths to which people will go for          8 CDs       978-075408756-4            CCD 308 $79.95         vengeance.
is ever attainable.                                            Exit Lines                                                    6 CDs       978-0-7927-3494-9          SLD 762   $64.95
                                                               Narrated by colin buchanan
10 CDs      978-0-7927-5037-6          SLD1183 $94.95          InspectorPascoeinvestigateswhenthreeoldmendieon
also available as a digital download                           astormynight.Whenthedyingwordsofoneofthevictims               Kay Hooper
                                                               suggestthatadrunkenSuperintendentDalzielhadbeen               after caroline
                                                               behindthewheel,theintegrityoftheYorkshireconstabulary         Narrated by Valerie Leonard
Joan Hess                                                      is called into question.                                      Joanna Flynn was lucky to be alive. but when the
Damsels in Distress                                            8 CDs       978-0-7540-5389-7          CCD 080 $79.95
Narrated by c. J. critt                                                                                                      the near-fatalaccident,theywerewrong.Thatnightthe
                                                               More Reginald Hill p 60
arenaissancefairiscomingto the quiet college town of                                                                         nightmaresaboutcarolinebegan.SoonJoannarealizes
Farberville,arkansas.Thoughresistanttogettinginvolved,                                                                       thatunravelingthemysteryofcarolinemeansuncovering
claire Malloy finds herself drawn into the strange inner       Tami Hoag                                                     secrets someone may have killed to hide.
workingsofthegroupputtingonthefair.butadarkmood                ashes to ashes ª
falls over the festivities when one of the organizers is a     Narrated by Carrington MacDuffie                              9 CDs       978-0-7927-3070-5          SLD 247   $89.95
victimofarson,andherbodyisfoundintheburnedwreckage             Newspapers have dubbed him“The cremator.”He has

                                                                                                                                                                                        MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
ofherrentedhouse.Someoneisdefinitelydead—butis                 claimedthreelives.Butthistime,AngieDeMarco,ateenage
it murder?                                                     runaway, witnesses a murder. Kate conlan and Special          Finding Laura
                                                               agentJohnQuinn,theFbI’saceprofilerofserialkillers,are         Narrated by Kate Fleming
10 CDs  978-0-7927-4741-3              SLD1097 $94.95          confronted with the most difficult role of their careers.     charming, seductive Peter Kilbourne has been found
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4765-9              CMP1097 $59.95                                                                        stabbed to death in a seedy motel room, and Laura
also available as a digital download                           16 CDs      978-0-7927-9992-4          SLD 043    $119.95     Sutherland,thestrugglingartistwhowasoneofthelast
More Joan Hess p 60
                                                               Dust to Dust ª                                                of his murder.
Reginald Hill                                                  Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                                               Sorryisthesinglewordwrittenonthemirror.Reflectedin            12 CDs      978-0-7927-2654-8          SLD 416   $110.95
a Killing Kindness                                             themirroristhebodyofandyFallon,aMinneapolisInternal           also available as a digital download
Narrated by colin buchanan                                     Affairscop.Wasitsuicide,oratragicaccident?Detective
WhenMaryDinwoodiewasfoundchokedinaditchfollowing               Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska begin to dig at the too-neat
anightoutwithherboyfriend, a mysterious nightcaller            edges of Fallon’s death.                                      Haunting Rachel
phonedthelocalpaperwithaquotationfromHamlet,and                                                                              Narrated by Kate Fleming
the career of the Yorkshire choker was underway.               12 CDs      978-0-7927-9935-1          SLD 086    $110.95     TenyearsagoRachelGrant’sfiancé,Thomas,disappeared
                                                               More Tami Hoag pp 13, 25, 61                                  withouttrace.Nowthere’sastrangerwatchingRachelwho
8 CDs       978-0-7540-5446-7          CCD 137 $79.95                                                                        couldbeThomas’stwin—orhisghost.Hehasthelocket
                                                               Peter Høeg                                                    fatherthreemilliondollars.Isheaninnocentmantryingto
child’s Play                                                   The Quiet Girl                                                repay a debt, or someone with a score to settle?
Narrated by colin buchanan                                     Narrated by James Gale
GwendolineLomas’sonhadgonemissingduringWWII,but                KasparKrone,aworld-renownedcircusclown,iswanted               8 CDs       978-0-7927-3150-4          SLD 391   $79.95
she’dneveracceptedhisdeath.Herfuneralisinterrupted             for tax evasion.Then Krone is drafted into the service of     More Kay Hooper pp 40, 61
by a man falling to his knees crying“Mama!”. could it be       a mysterious order of nuns who promise to help him if
her son? Dalziel and Pascoe investigate when a body is         he’llsafeguardagroupofchildrenwithmysticalabilities—
found in a car.                                                abilitiesthatKroneshares.Whenoneofthechildrengoes
                                                               missing, Krone sets off to find the young girl and bring
8 CDs       978-0-7540-5372-9          CCD 063 $79.95          herback,makingashockingseries ofdiscoveriesalong
                                                               the way aboutheridentityand the true intentions ofhis
                                                               young wards.

                                                               12 CDs   978-0-7927-5049-9             SLD1195 $110.95
                                                               2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-5084-0             CMP1195 $ 69.95
                                                               also available as a digital download

                                                             For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                 117
                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Linda Howard                                                The Program                                                 Michele Jaffe
                                all the Queen’s Men ª                                       Narrated by Erik Steele                                     Loverboy
                                Narrated by Kate Forbes                                     calledbackintothefoldoftheU.S.MarshalsService,Tim           Narrated by Liz Zazzi
                                JohnMedinaworksintheshadowsofthegovernment’s                Rackleyistaskedwithretrievingthedaughterofapowerful         Two weeks before he intends to slowly and sadistically
                                deadliestmissions.andnooneknowsthedangersofgetting          Hollywoodproducerfromamind-controlcult.atstake:             killhisprey,Loverboysendsacollageofthefuturecrime
                                closetohimbetterthancommunicationsexpertNiema               innocent minds—maybe even his own.                          scenetotheFBI.DeterminedtorescueLoverboy’slatest
                                burdock.NiemaneverplannedtoseeMedinaagain.but                                                                           catch,FbIagentImogenPage’scognitivegiftsnowputher
                                now John Medina needs her…                                  12 CDs   978-0-7927-3793-3             SLD 862 $110.95      in grave danger.
                                                                                            2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3845-9             CMP 862 $ 69.95

                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-9914-6          SLD 065   $94.95     also available as a digital download                        11 CDs      978-0-7927-3243-3          SLD 664   $99.95
                                                                                                                                                        also available as a digital download

                                Mr. Perfect ª                                               Troubleshooter
                                Narrated by Laura Hicks                                     Narrated by Erik Steele                                     P. D. James
                                WhatbeganasajokeamongJainebrightandherfriends,              afteradaringescape,severalU.S.marshalsaredeadand            a certain Justice ª
                                turnsdeadlyseriouswhenoneofthefourwomenisfound              Laurey is riding free.Tim Rackley, back on the Service’s    Narrated by Michael Jayston
                                murdered.Turningtoherneighbor,anunpredictablepolice         warrant squad, is in hot pursuit of the outlaw and his      WhenVenetia Aldridge QC defends young Gary Ashe,
                                detective,forhelp,Jainemustunmaskakillertosaveher           ruthlessgang—withamediawhirlwindandtheentireLos             accused ofthebrutalmurderofhisaunt,thisforherisjust
                                friends - and herself.                                      angeles law enforcement community dogging him.              onemorecaseasacriminallawyer.Until,thatis,sheisfound
                                                                                                                                                        murdered at her desk in her Middle Temple chambers.
                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-9861-3          SLD 112   $94.95     9 CDs   978-0-7927-3769-8              SLD 850 $89.95
                                                                                            1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3839-8              CMP 850 $54.95       12 CDs      978-0-7540-5459-7          CCD 150 $110.95
                                                                                            also available as a digital download
                                Now You See Her               ª
                                Narrated by Laurel Lefkow                                   charlie Huston                                              Original Sin
                                Talented painter Paris Sweeney has achieved enviable                                                                    Narrated by Michael Jayston
                                success. but lately, her dreams seem to echo a growing      caught Stealing                                             The Peverell Press is ripe for change since the elder
                                restlessness that has taken hold of her. She falls into a   Narrated by christian conn                                  chairmanhasjustdiedandhispartnerhasretired,leaving
                                nightofpassionwithFortWorthmillionaireRichardWorth.         Henry HankThompson is working as a bartender and            the latter’s ruthless son, Gerard Etienne, as Chairman.
                                Nowthetruedangersofherall-consumingurgesareabout            taking careofacatnamedbudwhoissurelygoingtoget              Etiennehasmademanyenemies,andwhenheisfound
                                to be revealed where she least expects.                     himkilled.Someonewantssomethingfromhim.Hejust               dead on the premises, there’s no shortage of suspects.
                                                                                            doesn’t know what it is, where it is, or how to make them
                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-9889-7          SLD 140   94.95      understand he doesn’t have it.                              14 CDs      978-0-7540-5357-6          CCD 048 $115.95
                                                                                            7 CDs       978-0-7927-3667-7          SLD 813   $74.95
                                Open Season ª                                               also available as a digital download                        J. a. Jance
                                Narrated by Deborah Hazlett                                                                                             Day of the Dead
                                Minor resolves to enliven her life by finding a man with    Six Bad Things                                              Narrated by Tim Jerome
                                                                                                                                                        Former Sheriff brandon Walker is living the life of
                                whomshe’llhaveasteamyfling.butwhenshewitnesses              Narrated by christian conn
                                                                                            Henry“Hank”Thompsonisontherun-dodgingfederales              a reluctant retiree. When he’s invited to join“The Last
                                something dangerous, she’s shocked to find that man                                                                     chance club”to review and attempt to solve long-cold
                                might just be the sexy chief of police.                     and Russian mobsters, sneaking past the U.S. border
                                                                                            Patrol,negotiatingwithnefariousbusinessmen,andtrying        cases, he little imagines the first case to cross his path
                                                                                            desperately toavoiddyingatthehandsoftwohell-bent            will be the one he may have botched years ago when he
                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-9940-5          SLD 091   $94.95                                                                 was sheriff.
                                                                                            surfer bums who fancy themselves his allies.

                                Gregg Hurwitz                                                                                                           10 CDs  978-0-7927-3280-8              SLD 678 $94.95
                                                                                            8 CDs   978-0-7927-3687-5              SLD 821 $79.95       1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3281-5              CMP 678 $59.95
                                The crime Writer                                            1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3688-2              CMP 821 $49.95       also available as a digital download
                                Narrated by Scott brick                                     also available as a digital download
                                withascarandnomemoryofbeingfoundconvulsingover              James W. Huston                                             Dead Wrong ª
                                hisex-fiancée’sbodythepreviousnightholdingaknife,                                                                       Narrated by Susan Ericksen
                                herbloodbeneathhisnails.Toreconstructthestory,the           The Shadows of Power                                        Pregnant Sheriff Joanna brady could deliver at any
                                writermustnowbecometheprotagonist,searchingthe              Narrated by christopher Price                               moment, but there are two serious crimes open for
                                corridors of his life and the city he loves.                WhenKentRathman’sannapolisroommateisattackedin              investigation.Then one of Joanna’s officers is brutally
                                                                                            midairbyanalgerianfighter,hedownsthejet,settingoff          attacked andleftfordead,becomingthedepartment’s
                                9 CDs   978-0-7927-4851-9              SLD1110 $89.95       aninternationalincidentthatwillleaveamericathetarget        top priority.
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4911-0              CMP1110 $54.95       of a diabolical plan.
                                also available as a digital download                                                                                    9 CDs   978-0-7927-4046-9              SLD 952 $89.95
                                                                                            12 CDs      978-0-7927-2634-0          SLD 461   $110.95    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4251-7              CMP 952 $54.95
                                                                                            also available as a digital download                        also available as a digital download

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
J. a. Jance               (cont.)                             Iris Johansen                                              Alex Kava
Edge of Evil                                                  The Face of Deception                                      a Necessary Evil
Narrated by Susanna burney                                    Narrated by Laurel Lefkow                                  Narrated by Deborah Hazlett
TelevisionjournalistalisonReynoldsfacesnotonlytheend          ForensicsculptorEveDuncancanreconstructtheidentity         Someone is killing catholic priests across america in
ofalucrativecareer,buttheendofaten-yearmarriageto             ofthelongdeadfromtheirskulls.Whensheisapproached           ritualized murdersthatspeakofvengeanceandhatred.
acheatingstudioexecutive.EscapingtoArizona,Alison             byabillionairetoreconstructthefaceofanadultmurder          When a twisted priest offers to help Maggie solve the
beginsbloggingfortherapy,butthreateningpostsstart             victim,shebeginstouncovertheskull’sidentity.Soonshe        crimesinexchangeforprotection,shehasnochoicebut
to haunt her and the death of a friend may not be all         is thrust into a frightening web of murder and deceit…     to ally herself with an elusive child killer-the person she
it seems.                                                                                                                despises with an almost religious fervor.
                                                              10 CDs      978-0-7927-2752-1          SLD 218   $94.95
7 CDs   978-0-7927-3881-7              SLD 888 $74.95         also available as a digital download                       9 CDs   978-0-7927-3891-6            SLD 897 $89.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3956-2              CMP 888 $44.95                                                                    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3961-6            CMP 897 $54.95
also available as a digital download
                                                              The Killing Game ª
Exit Wounds           ª                                       Narrated by Laurel Lefkow                                  One False Move
                                                              ThekillerknewthepainEveDuncanfeltforhermurdered            Narrated by Laura Hicks
Narrated by Stephanie brush                                   daughterwhosebodywasneverfound.butthisisonlythe            MelanieStarksandherseventeen-year-oldson,charlie,
SheriffJoannaBradyhaslearnedtoexpecttheunexpected.            beginningofthekiller’ssadisticgame;forhewon’tstop          have been running one con job or another for as long as
as she probes the macabre death of a loner and her            until he has the prize he wants the most: Eve’s life.      she can remember. Melanie is ready to give it up, but
seventeen dogs,Joannawilldiscoverthatsecretsofthe
pastcanrundeeperanddarkerthanshe’severimagined.               10 CDs      978-0-7927-9962-7          SLD 013   $94.95    back, and there is nothing left to lose.
                                                              More Iris Johansen pp 6, 61
9 CDs   978-0-7927-3019-4              SLD 586 $89.95
                                                                                                                         8 CDs   978-0-7927-3303-4            SLD 687 $79.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3077-4              CMP 586 $54.95
                                                                                                                         1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3304-1            CMP 687 $49.95
also available as a digital download                          Stuart M. Kaminsky
                                                              Always Say Goodbye

                                                                                                                                                                                       MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Long Time Gone                                                Narrated by Michael Mcconnohie                             H. R. F. Keating
                                                              Four years ago Lew Fonesca’s wife was struck and killed
Narrated by Tim Jerome
                                                              inahit-and-runwithinsightoftheirapartment.NowLew           A Detective at Death’s Door
Whenamiddle-agednununexpectedlyrecallsthegrisly                                                                          Narrated by Sheila Mitchell
details of an unsolved murder she witnessed as a child,       returnstohishometown,tofriendsandfamily...andtoa
Special Homicide Investigator J.P. beaumont gets the          grief that threatens to engulf him.
case. The investigation brings him close to a band of                                                                    haveit,heisreadingaboutapoisonjustassheisdrinking
powerful coconspirators who will go to any lengths to         6 CDs       978-0-7927-4891-5          SLD1146 $64.95
                                                              also available as a digital download                       itandheisabletorespondquickly.UntilHarrietcandraw
keep their secrets.                                                                                                      out the killer, leaving one’s pint unattended could be a
                                                              More Stuart M. Kaminsky pp 12, 62
                                                                                                                         fatal mistake.
10 CDs  978-0-7927-3705-6              SLD 795 $94.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3706-3              CMP 795 $59.95         andrea Kane                                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-3723-0        SLD 833      $64.95
also available as a digital download
                                                              I’ll be Watching You
                                                              Narrated by Kathleen McNenny
Partner in crime ª                                            I’llbewatchingyou,thee-mailread.Forradiopersonality        One Man and His bomb
Narrated by Gene Engene & Stephanie Brush                     Taylor Halstead this was not a random threat from an       Narrated by Sheila Mitchell
RochelleBaxter,anup-and-comingartist,diesmysteriously         overwroughtfan.No,thesewordsbroughtbacknightmarish         anuncannilyrelevantmystery,OneManandhisbombsees
thenightbeforeherfirstgalleryopeninggala.Thefactthat          memoriesofherattacker.Taylorrealizesthattheonlyperson      HarrietMartensstrugglingbetweenhercareer,herfamily,
her death is probably a homicide isn’t such a surprise to     who will truly watch out for her is herself.               and the lines that are drawn by patriotism and duty.
Sheriff Joanna brady.
                                                              10 CDs  978-0-7927-3426-0              SLD 737 $94.95      6 CDs       978-0-7927-4479-5        SLD1009 $64.95
10 CDs      978-0-7927-2650-0          SLD 475   $94.95       1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3443-7              CMP 737 $59.95
also available as a digital download                          also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                         The Dreaming Detective
                                                                                                                         Narrated by Sheila Mitchell
Sebastien Japrisot                                            John Katzenbach                                            Summoned by the new, fanatically determined chief
A Very Long Engagement                                        The Wrong Man                                              constable,HarrietMartensisstartledtobegreetedwith
Narrated by Isabel Keating                                    Narrated by Jonathan Davis                                 thebluntquestion:WhokilledthePreacher?Shefindsthat
SetduringandaftertheGreatWar,AVeryLongEngagement              ashley and her family try and fail with every reasonable   only seven people had access to the scene, and Harriet
tells the story of a young woman’s search for her fiancé,     method to extricate her from her violent and obsessed      has to rely on her ability to make connections that past
who she believes might still be alive despite having          boyfriend.Finallytheyareforcedtocomeupwithaplan            investigators have missed.
officially been reported as killed in the line of duty.       thatwilldestroynotonlythethreattotheirdaughter,but
                                                              the predator himself.                                      7 CDs   978-0-7927-3394-2            SLD 724 $74.95
9 CDs   978-0-7927-3356-0              SLD 708 $89.95                                                                    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3411-6            CMP 724 $44.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3357-7              CMP 708 $54.95         16 CDs      978-0-7927-4515-0          SLD1045 $119.95     More H. R. F. Keating pp 34, 62
also available as a digital download                          also available as a digital download

                                                            For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                 119
                                                                        MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Faye Kellerman                                              Julie Kenner                                              Natsuo Kirino
                                Jupiter’s bones ª                                           California Demon                                          Out
                                Narrated by Sheila Mitchell                                 Narrated by Laura Hicks                                   Narrated by Bernadette Dunne
                                after disappearing for ten years, world-renowned            Kateconnor,retireddemonhunter,keepsbusyfendingoff         amasterpieceofliterarysuspenseandblackcomedyof
                                astrophysicist Dr.EmilGanzreappearsasFatherJupiter,         demonattacks,wonderingwhythemysteriousnewteacher          gender warfare, Out is also a moving evocation of the
                                thefounderofapseudoscientificcult—theOrderofthe             atthehighschoolseemssostrangelyfamiliar,andkeeping        pressures and prejudices that drive women to extreme
                                Rings of God. Suddenly, Ganz is found dead. Is it an        awatchfuleyeonherdaughter’sgrowinginfatuationwith         deeds, and the friendships that bolster them in
                                accident, suicide, or homicide? Suspicions abound.          asurferdude,Kateisthebusiest—andmostdangerous—            the aftermath.
                                                                                            soccer mom on the block.

                                16 CDs      978-0-7927-2657-9       SLD 259     $119.95                                                               15 CDs   978-0-7927-3923-4             SLD 913 $117.95
                                                                                            9 CDs       978-0-7927-3979-1          SLD 929   $89.95   2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3970-8             CMP 913 $ 74.95
                                                                                            also available as a digital download

                                The Forgotten                                                                                                         andrew Klavan
                                Narrated by barrett Whitener                                Carpe Demon                                               Dynamite Road
                                Rina is shocked when her modest place of worship is         Narrated by Laura Hicks                                   Narrated by the author
                                desecrated with anti-Semitic graffiti and grisly Nazi       Lotsofwomenputtheircareersasideoncethekidscome            aroutineinvestigationintocorruptionataNorthcalifornian
                                death-campphotographs.Rina’shusband,Lt.PeterDecker,         along.Kateconnor,forinstance,hasn’thuntedademon           airportsetsinmotionshockingeventsthatleadhardman
                                is also rocked by this outrage, which cuts close to his     inages.Thatmustbewhyshemissedtheonewandering              JimBishopandworld-wearyex-copbossScottWeissinto
                                family’sspiritualheart,buthecan’tlethisemotionsgetin        throughtheSanDiabloWal-Mart.Unfortunately,hemanaged       the center of a massive criminal conspiracy.
                                the way of his duties…                                      tocatchherattentionanhourlater—whenhecrashedinto
                                                                                            the connor house, intent on killing her.                  8 CDs   978-0-7927-3091-0              SLD 612 $79.95
                                12 CDs      978-0-7927-9936-8       SLD 087     $110.95                                                               1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3092-7              CMP 612 $49.95
                                                                                            8 CDs       978-0-7927-3805-3          SLD 868   $79.95   also available as a digital download
                                                                                            also available as a digital download
                                Stalker     ª
                                                                                                                                                      Shotgun alley
                                Narrated by Paula Parker
                                LAPD rookie Cynthia Decker’s instincts for danger are       Demons Are Forever                                        Narrated by the author
                                                                                            Narrated by Laura Hicks                                   Honey’s run off with cobra, the leader of a band of
                                                                                            It isn’t easy when your daughter’s figured out that her   motorcycle-gangoutcastswhohavedubbedthemselves
                                is being watched. as her stalker grows bolder and more
                                                                                            mom’sademonhunter—andwantstogrowuptobejust                the Outriders. but her father, who is running for the U.S.
                                                                                            likeher.Orwhenyoususpectyourdeadhusbandusedthe            Senate,wantsherbackbeforeshetakeshiscareerdown
                                those around her slowly come to light.
                                                                                            forcesofdarknesstofilchthebodyofanotherhuman.and          inflames.Hasbishopfinallymethismatch?IsHoneytoo
                                                                                            yourlivinghusbandisn’tthemanyoumarriedanymoreeither.      hot to handle?
                                14 CDs      978-0-7927-9987-0       SLD 038     $115.95     Withhusbandwoesplayinghavocwithheremotions,an
                                                                                            ambitiousteenageprotegéeatherheels,andhelltopay,          8 CDs   978-0-7927-3329-4              SLD 697 $79.95
                                                                                            this stay-at-home mom is putting in a lot of overtime.    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3330-0              CMP 697 $49.95
                                Street Dreams                                                                                                         also available as a digital download
                                Narrated by Laura Hicks                                     8 CDs       978-0-7927-4898-4          SLD1153 $79.95
                                LAPDOfficerCindyDeckerrescuesanewbornabandoned              also available as a digital download                      Laurence Klavan
                                in an alley dumpster. Now, the hunt is on for the mother,   More Julie Kenner p 62
                                morethanlikelyadesperategirlinneedofmedicalcare.                                                                      The cutting Room
                                butwitheachnewlead,thetwistedjourneygetsdarker,                                                                       Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                                                                            Jonathon King                                             a transatlantic love triangle finds Roy Milano caught
                                her life.                                                   A Visible Darkness                                        between his very own Gal Friday and a sultry Spanish
                                                                                            Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                 siren with a stunning secret. but when the bodies start
                                                                                            MaxFreeman’sself-imposedisolationisinterruptedwhen        falling, Roy must cut to the chase in his quest to save the
                                12 CDs   978-0-7927-2953-2          SLD 575 $110.95         hereceivesadesperatecallfromhisbestfriend,attorney        Holy Grail of cinema.
                                2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-2954-9          CMP 575 $ 69.95         BillyManchester.Tohelphisfriend,Maxmustreluctantly
                                                                                            prywherehe’snotwanted,andactlikethecophe’strying          7 CDs   978-0-7927-3452-9              SLD 747 $74.95
                                                                                            to forget he was.                                         1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3453-6              CMP 747 $44.95
                                Jesse Kellerman                                                                                                       also available as a digital download
                                Sunstroke                                                   6 CDs       978-0-7927-2869-6          SLD 545   $64.95
                                Narrated by annie Henk
                                Gloria Medes is single and thirty-six, and secretly and
                                                                                            also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                      The Shooting Script
                                                                                                                                                      Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                                                                            The blue Edge of Midnight                                 Roy Milano, a self-described movie detective who is
                                                                                            Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                 devoted to finding, hoarding, and reciting arcane
                                impulsive search for him reveals the wreckage of a          Whenex-copMaxFreemanfindsthecorpseofachildbeside          information about films, once again stumbles into a
                                hidden past.                                                anancientriverandanotherchildgoesmissing,heknows          murder case. It’s up to Roy to save the day, and the film,
                                                                                            that he has no choice but to hunt down the seemingly      before everything unspools.
                                9 CDs   978-0-7927-3879-4           SLD 890 $89.95          unstoppable murderer himself.
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3957-9           CMP 890 $54.95                                                                    6 CDs   978-0-7927-3509-0              SLD 769 $64.95
                                                                                            7 CDs       978-0-7927-2877-1          SLD 549   $74.95   1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3536-6              CMP 769 $39.95
                                                                                            also available as a digital download                      also available as a digital download

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Harley Jane Kozak                                            John le carré                                              Uniform Justice
Dating Dead Men                                              The Constant Gardener ª                                    Narrated by David Colacci
Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                    Narrated by Michael Jayston                                Whenbrunettiiscalledtoinvestigateapresumedsuicide
Greeting-cardartistWollieShelleyisdatingfortymenin           britishdiplomatJustinQuale,complacentraiseroffreesias      in Venice’s elite military academy, his inquiries are
sixtydaysasresearchforabook.Thenshestumblesovera             anddotinghusbandofthestunning,muchyounger,Tessa,           immediately metwithawallofsilence.Isthesilencethe
deadbodyenroutetovisitingherbrotheratRioPescado—             has tended his own garden in Nairobi for too long. Now     naturalreluctanceofItalianstoinvolvethemselveswith
astate-runmentalhospital.Wolliefearsthatherbrother,          Tessa has turned up dead while on a visit to remote Lake   the authorities, orishefacingafargreaterconspiracy?
a paranoid schizophrenic, is involved in the murder, so      TurkanainKenya.Hertravelingcompanionhasvanished.
she decides to solve the crime on her own. as she meets      So too, has Quale’s complacency.                           8 CDs   978-0-7927-3235-8              SLD 661 $79.95
upwith an array of small-time crooks and swaggering                                                                     1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3236-5              CMP 661 $49.95
mobstersonlyslightlymoresinisterthanherrecentdates,          14 CDs      978-0-7540-5443-6          CCD 134 $115.95     also available as a digital download
Wollierealizesthattofindtrueloveshe’llfirsthavetoavoid                                                                  More Donna Leon pp 38, 63
getting killed!
                                                             Donna Leon
                                                                                                                        David Lindsey
9 CDs       978-0-7927-5054-3          SLD1200 $89.95        blood from a Stone
also available as a digital download
                                                             Narrated by David Colacci                                  The Rules of Silence
                                                             OnacoldVenetiannightshortlybeforechristmas,astreet         Narrated by christopher Price
                                                             vendor is killed in a scuffle in campo San Stefano. Once   Tituscainisbeingkidnapped.butcainwillnotbebound,
Dead Ex                                                      brunetti begins to investigate this unfamiliarVenetian     gagged, and carried away to a deserted cabin. He will
Narrated by Deanna Hurst                                     underworld,hediscoversthatmattersofgreatvalueare           live his life as usual: kiss his wife, go to work-and slowly,
WhenDavidZetrakis,theproducerofapopularsoapopera,            at stake.                                                  carefully,makeaseriesofunfortunateinvestmentstotalling
isfoundshottodeath,WollieShelleyfindsherselfcaught                                                                      $64 million.
up in the murder. Her friend Joey is the media’s prime       7 CDs   978-0-7927-3546-5              SLD 786 $74.95
suspect. butZetrakisleftlotsofnicebequeststothecast          1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3623-3              CMP 786 $44.95      9 CDs   978-0-7927-2881-8              SLD 551 $89.95
andcrewoftheshow. andasthe dating correspondent              also available as a digital download                       1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2907-5              CMP 551 $54.95
onatalkshowcalled SoapDirt,Wollie,who’srequiredto

                                                                                                                                                                                        MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
dine and dish with the stars, quickly discovers that the
behind-the-scenes intrigues of television soaps are as
                                                             Doctored Evidence
                                                             Narrated by David Colacci                                  Laura Lippman
highly charged as the on-screen shenanigans.
                                                             brunettifindshimselffightingalonebattletoprovethe          baltimore blues
                                                             innocenceofaRomanianhousekeeperaccusedofbrutally           Narrated by Deborah Hazlett
10 CDs      978-0-7927-4874-8          SLD1133 $94.95        murderinghermiserlyemployer.Stealthilyworkinghisway
also available as a digital download
                                                             throughthelabyrinthinealleysofVenice,deathnippingat        therent-includingabitofunorthodoxsnoopingforher
                                                             hisheels,brunettiwillhavetodefyhissuperiorstovindicate     rowingbuddy,DarrylRockPaxton.Buttryingtoproveher
                                                             the housekeeper.                                           friend’s innocence could prove costly to Tess.
Joe R. Lansdale
The bottoms                                                  7 CDs   978-0-7927-3211-2              SLD 652 $74.95
                                                                                                                        9 CDs   978-0-7927-4488-7              SLD1018 $89.95
Narrated by Don Jellerson                                    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3212-9              CMP 652 $44.95
                                                             also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                        1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4571-6              CMP1018 $54.95
Harry Crane and his younger sister,Thomasina, fix their                                                                 also available as a digital download
GoatManwhothelocalssaylurksbeneaththeswinging                Suffer the Little Children
                                                             Narrated by David Colacci                                  butchers Hill
                                                             Whencommissariobrunettiissummonedtothehospital             Narrated by Deborah Hazlett
string of brutal and confounding murders.                    bedofapediatrician,heisconfrontedwithmorequestions         Tess Monaghan has finally hung out her shingle as
                                                             thananswers.Threemenburstintothedoctor’sapartment          a PI-for-hire.Then in walks Luther Beale, the notorious
9 CDs       978-0-7927-3069-9          SLD 348   $89.95      whilethefamilywassleeping,attackedhim,andtookaway          vigilante who shot a boy for vandalizing his car. Just out
                                                             his eighteen-month-old boy.                                of prison, he says he wants to make reparations to the
                                                                                                                        kids who witnessed his crime, so he needs Tess to find
William Lashner                                              7 CDs   978-0-7927-4842-7              SLD1101 $74.95      them. but once she starts snooping, the witnesses start
Falls the Shadow                                             1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4900-4
                                                             also available as a digital download
                                                                                                    CMP1101 $44.95      dying. Like it or not, Tess is embroiled in a case that
Narrated by Jason collins                                                                                               encompassesthepowersthat-be,aheartlesssystemthat
abeautifulwomanisdead,herhusbandconvictedofthe                                                                          has destroyed the lives of children, and a nasty trail of
grislymurder.DefenseattorneyVictorCarlmustconfront           Through a Glass, Darkly                                    money and lies.
notonlyadeterminedprosecutorandapolicedetective              Narrated by David Colacci
whomighthavesetuphisclient,butalsoastrangedentist            OnaspringdayinVenice, commissario brunettiandhis           7 CDs       978-0-7927-4490-0          SLD1020 $74.95
named Bob. Is Bob a Good Samaritan, or a murderer?           assistantVianelloplayhookytohelpafriendwhoisarrested       also available as a digital download
12 CDs   978-0-7927-3655-4             SLD 808 $110.95       peaked, and he finds himself drawn to investigate.
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3656-1             CMP 808 $ 69.95
also available as a digital download                         7 CDs   978-0-7927-4013-1              SLD 935 $74.95
                                                             1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4219-7              CMP 935 $44.95
                                                             also available as a digital download

                                                           For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                   121
                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Laura Lippman (cont.)                                        The circle                                                 The Wrong Hostage ª
                                charm city                                                   Narrated by Simon Prebble                                  Narrated by Maria Tucci
                                Narrated by Deborah Hazlett                                  WidowedvandriverbobNaylorisproddedintojoiningthe           Politics cost Joe Faroe his career and his freedom.When
                                PITessMonaghanknowsandloveseveryinchofherna-                 chichesterWriters’circlebyhisteenagedaughter.There         catherine Silva, a respected judge with a past, comes
                                tivebaltimore.It’saquirkycitywherebaseballreigns,but         seems to be nothing about any of them to incite a serial   to him, Joe’s past and present collide. He finds himself
                                lately homicide seems to be the second most popular          killer.However,thereisanarsonistintheirmidstandbob         suckedbackintotheshadows,trackingaviolentkillerwho
                                sport.businesstycoonWinkWynkowskiistryingtochange            becomes a suspect.                                         holds the life of catherine’s son in his bloody hands.
                                all that by bringing pro basketball to town—until a
                                devastating expose appears in the baltimore beacon           9 CDs       978-0-7927-4056-8          SLD 963   $89.95    9 CDs   978-0-7927-4049-0              SLD 955 $89.95

                                                                                             also available as a digital download                       1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4230-2              CMP 955 $54.95
                                                                                                                                                        also available as a digital download
                                planted the lethal story.                                    The Last Detective
                                                                                             Narrated by Simon Prebble                                  Where the Heart Is
                                                                                             Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond is a genuine        Narrated by Debora Weston
                                8 CDs   978-0-7927-4489-4              SLD1019 $79.95        gumshoe;committedtodoor-stoppinganddeduction               Wilde’scherisheddreamhasfinallycometrue:ahomeall
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4766-6              CMP1019 $49.95        rather than fancy computer gadgetry.When the naked         herown,whereshecanlivehappily,securelyandalone.
                                also available as a digital download                                                                                    butcamRemingtonhascometoshatterhersolitude.He
                                                                                             identifyher,nomarksandnomurderweapon,hissleuthing          willshowherthatrealloveinvolvesriskanddanger,and
                                                                                             abilities are tested.                                      that home is the haven found in a lover’s embrace.
                                In big Trouble
                                Narrated by Deborah Hazlett                                  9 CDs       978-0-7927-4486-3          SLD1016 $89.95      7 CDs       978-0-7927-3148-1          SLD 190   $74.95
                                TessMonaghanhaslearnedhowtosurviveandthriveon                also available as a digital download
                                the streets of baltimore. but a new case will force her to   More Peter Lovesey p 63
                                confront her own past, and a man she loved and lost. It                                                                 Whirlpool
                                startswhenshegetsanewspaperphotographofherold                                                                           Narrated by Carrington MacDuffie
                                boyfriendwithatantalizingshardofheadlineattached:In          Elizabeth Lowell                                           Whenanexquisitelycrafted,authenticimperialFabergé
                                big Trouble.                                                 Always Time to Die                                         eggmysteriouslyshowsupatLaurelSwann’shomestudio,
                                                                                             Narrated by Simon Prebble                                  sheknowsitcanonlybefromherfather,whohasdrifted
                                8 CDs   978-0-7927-4491-7              SLD1021 $79.95        carlyneverknewherbiologicalfamily.Ironic,considering       inandoutofherlifeforaslongasshecanremember. but
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-5086-4              CMP1021 $49.95        sheisasuccessfulfamilyhistorian.Recentlyhiredbythe         this time he leaves her something people will kill for.
                                also available as a digital download                         eccentricauntofNewMexico’smultimillionaireGovernor,
                                                                                             carly begins to learn the true meaning of fear.            10 CDs  978-0-7927-4523-5              SLD1053 $94.95
                                                                                                                                                        1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4573-0              CMP1053 $59.95
                                Chuck Logan                                                  10 CDs  978-0-7927-3649-3              SLD 806 $94.95      also available as a digital download
                                Homefront                                                    1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3650-9              CMP 806 $59.95
                                Narrated by Joe barrett                                      also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                        Robert Ludlum
                                PhilBroker,NinaPrycetakesanextendedmedicalleave                                                                         The ambler Warning ª
                                fromthearmy.Theyrelocatetoaremoteresorttownwhere             Running Scared                                             Narrated by Scott Sowers
                                daughter Kit is enrolled in second grade at the local        Narrated by Carrington MacDuffie                           Former consular Operations agent Hal ambler is kept
                                elementaryschool.Kit’simitationofherparents’violent          Set amid the shimmering neon and wild desert beauty        heavily medicated and closely watched at an isolated
                                proclivities soon puts them all in harm’s way.               of Las Vegas, Running Scared is a spellbinding tale of     psychiatricfacility.Withthehelpofasympatheticnurse,
                                                                                             intrigue, passion, and danger centered on Rarities         Halmanagestoclearhismindofthedrug-inducedhaze
                                                                                             Unlimited, an exclusive appraisal house.                   andpulloffadaringescape.Nowfree,he’souttodiscover
                                10 CDs  978-0-7927-3684-4              SLD 820 $94.95
                                                                                                                                                        who stashed him there and why.
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3685-1              CMP 820 $59.95
                                also available as a digital download                         10 CDs      978-0-7927-2630-2          SLD 457   $94.95
                                                                                             also available as a digital download                       14 CDs   978-0-7927-3763-6             SLD 847 $115.95
                                                                                                                                                        2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3836-7             CMP 847 $ 69.95
                                Peter Lovesey                                                                                                           also available as a digital download
                                Diamond Solitaire                                            The Color of Death
                                Narrated by Simon Prebble                                    Narrated by Carrington MacDuffie
                                OnetimepolicedetectivePeterDiamondloseshisjobas              Whentheforemostcollectorofgemstonesintheworld              The bancroft Strategy
                                a security guard when he fails to spot a small Japanese      approaches jewel cutter Katherine Jessica chandler to      Narrated by Scott Sowers
                                childhidinginthefurnituredepartmentofHarrods.but             cutseven extraordinary sapphires worth millions, it’s      FieldagentToddbelknapiscutloosewhenanoperation
                                Diamond is unable to forget the frightened eyes of the       the opportunityofalifetime.Katediscoversthateventhe        goes wrong and his best friend is abducted by a militia
                                silentlittlegirlandtakesonthechallengeofuncovering           most meticulous planning cannot allow for murder.          group.When the government refuses to rescue him or
                                her identity.                                                                                                           negotiate for his release,belknap takes matters into his
                                                                                             10 CDs  978-0-7927-3256-3              SLD 669 $94.95      own hands.
                                9 CDs       978-0-7927-4487-0          SLD1017 $89.95        1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3257-0              CMP 669 $59.95
                                also available as a digital download                         also available as a digital download                       16 CDs   978-0-7927-4374-3             SLD 998 $119.95
                                                                                                                                                        2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4559-4             CMP 998 $ 74.95
                                                                                                                                                        also available as a digital download

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Robert Ludlum (cont.)                                          Proof Positive ª                                            Vintage Murder
The Janson Directive                   ª                       Narrated by Nanette Savard                                  Narrated by James Saxon
Narrated by Paul Michael                                       D. A. Amanda Jaffe is representing an insane derelict       The leading lady touring New Zealand was stunningly
Paul Janson, notorious for a past career in U.S. consular      chargedwithahideousmurder.Whenshestartslooking              beautiful.Noone—includingherlover—understoodwhyshe
Operations,isnowlivingaquietlife.PeterNovak,whoonce            toocloselyattheseeminglyair-tightevidence,peoplestart       marriedthecompany’spudgyproducer.butdidsheriga
savedJanson’slife,hasbeenkidnappedbyterroristsand              todieandshediscoversthatamadmanwiththepowerto               hugejeroboamofchampagnetokillherhusbandduring
is to be executed. Janson hastily assembles a team of          alter the truth is on the loose.                            acastparty?InspectorRoderickalleynmustuncorkthis
formercolleaguesandprotegestorescueNovakbutthe                                                                             mystery and uncover a devious killer...
operation goes horribly wrong…                                 8 CDs   978-0-7927-4051-3              SLD 957 $79.95
                                                               1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4242-5              CMP 957 $49.95       8 CDs       978-0-7540-5451-1          CCD 142 $79.95
18 CDs   978-0-7927-2738-5             SLD 497 $129.95         also available as a digital download
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-2763-7             CMP 497 $ 79.95
                                                                                                                           Valerie Martin
                                                               Sleeping beauty ª                                           Trespass
Robert Ludlum & Patrick Larkin                                 Narrated by Suzanne Houston                                 Narrated by Bernadette Dunne
                                                               MilesvanMeterisontourtopromotehisbestsellingtrue            Chloe Dales’life is in order, but she is troubled—by the
Robert Ludlum’s                                                crimebookaboutaserialkilleraccusedofputtinghistwin          aggression of her government’s foreign policy; by the
The Lazarus Vendetta                                           sister in a coma, and of murdering both parents of high     poacherwhoroamsthelandbehindherstudio;andbyher
Narrated by Scott brick                                        schoolstudentashleySpencer.Whenthesuspectedkiller           son Toby’s new girlfriend, a croatian refugee named
a sudden surge in the deep chatter detected by U.S.            escapes custody, ashley goes on the run to save her life.   SalomeDrago.RaisedintheCroatianexpatriatecommunity
intelligenceleadseveryonetobelieveonething—Lazarus                                                                         of New Orleans, Salome is a toxic mix of the old world
is preparing to make his boldest move yet. Lt. Col. Jon        10 CDs  978-0-7927-3230-3              SLD 659 $94.95       andthenew:intelligent,superstitious,sly,seductive,and
Smith—-publiclyaresearcherforUSAMRIID—isactivated              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3231-0              CMP 659 $59.95       confident. asToby’s obsession grows, chloe’s mistrust
bycovert-Onetobringhisskillstobearinuncoveringthe              also available as a digital download                        deepens,alienatingherfromhertoleranthusbandand
truth behind the terrorists.                                                                                               besotted son.

                                                                                                                                                                                       MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
11 CDs   978-0-7927-3323-2             SLD 695 $99.95          Ngaio Marsh                                                 8 CDs       978-0-7927-5017-8          SLD1163 $79.95
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3324-9
also available as a digital download
                                       CMP 695 $59.95          Death and the Dancing Footman                               also available as a digital download
                                                               Narrated by James Saxon
                                                               It began as an entertainment for a winter weekend. It
                                                               endedinsnowbounddisaster.Everyonehadanalibiand              Michele Martinez
RobertLudlum’sTheMoscowVector                                  mostamotiveaswell.butInspectoralleyn,whenhefinally          Most Wanted
Narrated by Erik bergmann                                      arrived,knewitallhungonThomas,thedancingfootman.            Narrated by Isabel Keating
Dr. Fiona Devin, scientist, is contacted by one of her                                                                     MelanieVargas takes her child out on an innocent stroll
Russiancolleagueswho’sconcernedaboutasmallcluster                                                                          and walks right into a crime scene. Melanie knows that
                                                               10 CDs      978-0-7540-5456-6          CCD 147 $94.95
ofdeathsinMoscowandtheRussiangovernment’srefusal                                                                           with her personal problems she should stay away from
to publicly release any data on the outbreak. Lt. Col. Jon                                                                 whatpromisestobeademanding,high-profilecase.but
Smith is dispatched to Prague to get Devin and her
information safely back to the U.S.                            Death in Ecstasy                                            she signs on, only to be led into a race for her life.
                                                               Narrated by James Saxon
                                                               Thepoisonwascyanide,slippedintothesacredwineof              10 CDs  978-0-7927-3491-8              SLD 761 $94.95
12 CDs   978-0-7927-3676-9             SLD 817 $110.95         ecstasyjustbeforeitwaspresentedtoMisscaraQuayne             1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3492-5              CMP 761 $59.95
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3677-6             CMP 817 $ 69.95         at the House of the Sacred Flame. cara Quayne had           also available as a digital download
also available as a digital download
                                                               provoked lust, jealousy and murder. Roderick alleyn
                                                               suspected that more evil still lurked behind the Sign of
Phillip Margolin                                               the Sacred Flame…                                           The Finishing School
                                                                                                                           Narrated by Isabel Keating
Lost Lake                                                      8 CDs       978-0-7540-5360-6          CCD 051 $79.95       alate-nightcallfromherbosssendsfederalprosecutor
Narrated by Deborah Hazlett                                                                                                MelanieVargas to a vast Park avenue apartment where
VanessaKohlerisatabloidreporter inWashington, D.C.                                                                         two beautiful teenagers lie dead under suspicious
She writes fantastic stories about a vast government
                                                               Light Thickens                                              circumstances.breakingalltherules,shegoesundercover
                                                               Narrated by James Saxon                                     on a hunt that takes her into the darkest recesses of the
herasacrackpotparanoid.butafewpowerfulmenknow                                                                              city’s nightlife.
                                                               When the last act ends in real-life tragedy, chief
                                                               Superintendent alleyntakescenterstage—uncovering
                                                               aheartbreakingsecret,murderousjealousy,andadark,            10 CDs      978-0-7927-3901-2          SLD 902   $94.95
8 CDs   978-0-7927-3511-3              SLD 770 $79.95                                                                      also available as a digital download
                                                               desperate reason for murder for foul.
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3512-0              CMP 770 $49.95
also available as a digital download
                                                               8 CDs       978-0-7540-5528-0          CCD 219 $79.95

                                                             For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                123
                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Steve Martini                                               The Second Mouse                                            Ed Mcbain (ed)
                                The arraignment               ª                             Narrated by Christopher Graybill                            Transgressions, Vol I
                                Narrated by William Dufris                                  WhenJoeGuntheriscalledtothehomeofayoungwoman                Various Narrators
                                When a lawyer friend is gunned down outside a federal       apparentlydeadbyherownhand,heistroubledenough               Volumeone:listenersaretreatedtothereturnof block’s
                                courthouse,Madrianitakesonasuspiciousclienttofind           by his findings to want to dig deeper. but his normally     hit man Keller; an adventure from the 87th Precinct
                                out who killed his friend and why. as he searches for the   trustworthy medical examiner is crippled by personal        from McBain; King’s grappling with the legacy of 9/11;
                                killer, Madriani rides the crest of a dangerous wave        problems and stalls the investigation.                      and gripping mysteries from Mosley, Oates, and Perry.
                                of international drugdealsandpeoplewhomurderfor

                                money.                                                      7 CDs   978-0-7927-4524-2           SLD1054 $74.95          12 CDs      978-0-7927-3629-5          SLD 798   $110.95
                                                                                            1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4564-8           CMP1054 $44.95
                                10 CDs  978-0-7927-2801-6              SLD 514 $94.95
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2790-3              CMP 514 $59.95                                                                   Transgressions, Vol II
                                                                                            The Sniper’s Wife                                           Various Narrators
                                                                                            Narrated by Christopher Graybill                            Involumetwo,Westlake’shaplesscrookJohnDortmunder
                                The attorney           ª
                                                                                            Leaving the relative calm ofVermont, Detective Kunkle       stumbles through another caper gone bad, Mccrumb
                                Narrated by William Dufris                                  confrontshispastasheseeksrevengeforthedeathofhis            bringstheSouthof1850stolife(anddeath),Farrispaints
                                HavingmovedtoSanDiegotobeclosertothewomanin                 ex-wifeinNewYorkCity.Hissearchuncoversmoreabout             afrighteningportraitofapossiblymurderousportraitist,
                                his life, Madriani takes on the case of an elderly man in   hisownlifethanevenhethoughtpossible—andplaces               andDeaver’scopTalbotSimmsgetsabeadonanapparent
                                direstraits.Whenthingsturndeadly,Madrianifindshimself       him in the gravest danger he has ever known.                double suicide—or is it murder?
                                out of the courtroom.                                       7 CDs       978-0-7927-3036-1       SLD 595     $74.95      11 CDs      978-0-7927-3632-5          SLD 799   $99.95
                                                                                            More Archer Mayor p 64
                                12 CDs      978-0-7927-9952-8          SLD 003   $110.95

                                                                                            Ed Mcbain                                                   Transgressions (full set)
                                                                                                                                                        Various Narrators
                                The Jury                                                    Money, Money, Money                                         3 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3630-1             CMP 798 $129.95
                                Narrated by William Dufris                                  Narrated by Garrick Hagon
                                PaulMadrianihasamplereasontosuspecthe’srepresenting         Thedetectivesatthe87thprecinctarealreadybusyforthe
                                aguiltyman.astheinvestigationgrows,Madrianiisleft           holidays.awoman’sbodyisdiscoveredinthelion’scage            colleen Mccullough
                                withnaggingdoubtsabouthisclient—doubtsthatare               at the zoo, and there’s a trash can stuffed with a book
                                answered with a stunning revelation and a shattering        salesman carrying a P-38Walther and a wad of big bills
                                                                                                                                                        On, Off
                                climax.                                                                                                                 Narrated by Lewis Grenville
                                                                                            that leads to the offices of a respected publisher.         In 1965, the dogged Lieutenant Carmine Delmonico is
                                                                                                                                                        assigned to solve what appears to be a single murder.
                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-9933-7          SLD 084   $79.95     10 CDs      978-0-7927-9858-3       SLD 109     $94.95      Part of a young woman’s body has turned up at one of
                                                                                                                                                        the world’s leading neurological research centers, but
                                archer Mayor                                                                                                            it’s not long before Delmonico realizes he’s hunting a
                                                                                            The Gutter and the Grave                                    serial killer.
                                Gatekeeper                                                  Narrated by Richard Ferrone
                                Narrated by Christopher Graybill                            Former Detective Matt Cordell makes his home on the
                                Whenherointraffickersestablishavastandswiftpipeline                                                                     10 CDs   978-0-7927-4054-4             SLD 960 $94.95
                                                                                            streets of NewYork; his only companions are the city’s
                                intoVermont, Joe Gunther’s Bureau of Investigation is                                                                   2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4232-6             CMP 960 $59.95
                                                                                            bartenders. buttroublestillknowshowtofindhim,and            also available as a digital download
                                calledintostemthetide.butwithpressurebuildingfrom           when an old friend shows up begging for Matt’s help,        More Colleen McCullough pp 5, 64, 92
                                politiciansandresentmentburgeoningintheranksofrival         cordell finds himself drawn into a case full of beautiful
                                investigativeunits,Joe’steamisforcedtotakewildrisks.        women and bloody murder.
                                                                                                                                                        Val McDermid
                                7 CDs   978-0-7927-3058-3              SLD 606 $74.95       4 CDs       978-0-7927-3871-8       SLD 893     $49.95
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3078-1              CMP 606 $44.95                                                                   The Grave Tattoo
                                                                                                                                                        Narrated by Kate Reading
                                                                                            The Last Dance
                                St. albans Fire                                             Narrated by Garrick Hagon
                                                                                                                                                        body on a Lake District hillside, a long-disregarded old
                                Narrated by Christopher Graybill                                                                                        wives’taletakesonachillingnewplausibility.Forcenturies,
                                                                                            The hanging death of a nondescript old man in a
                                JoeGuntherdiscoversthatsomeoneiswreakinghavoc                                                                           LakelandershavewhisperedthatFletcherChristian,made
                                                                                            shabby little apartment in a meager section of the 87th
                                across the bucolic farmlands surrounding the town of                                                                    infamousbyMutinyonthebounty,stagedthemassacre
                                                                                            Precinct was nothing much in this city, especially to
                                St.albans. Somewhere in the dense social fabric of the                                                                  on Pitcairn so that he could return home.Wordsworth
                                                                                            detectives carella and Meyer. but everyone has a
                                community,intheheartsandsoulsofbobby’sfamily,and                                                                        specialistJaneGreshamfeelscompelledtoinvestigate.
                                                                                            story, and this old man’s story stood to make some
                                inthecutthroatfarmingbusinessunderneaththeregion’s                                                                      but as she pursues each new lead, death follows hard on
                                                                                            people a lot of money.
                                placid exterior are the truths his team must ferret out.                                                                her heels.
                                                                                            8 CDs       978-0-7927-9985-6       SLD 036     $79.95
                                7 CDs       978-0-7927-3799-5          SLD 865   $74.95                                                                 12 CDs   978-0-7927-4678-2             SLD1069 $110.95
                                also available as a digital download                                                                                    2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4755-0             CMP1069 $ 69.95
                                                                                                                                                        also available as a digital download

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                                            MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Patrick McGrath                                              Kyle Mills                                                      Rumpole Misbehaves
Port Mungo                                                   Darkness Falls                                                  Narrated by bill Wallis
Narrated by Jennifer Van Dyck                                Narrated by Erik Steele                                         anti-Social behaviourOrders(aSbOs)maybethepride
SiblingsJackandGinRathboneinhabitaworldofprivilege           ErinNealhasbeenlivinginseclusionsincehisgirlfriend’s            andjoyoftheNewLabourParty,buttheydon’tcutmuch
andeccentricityintowhichnostrangersarepermitted.Until,       deathandheisn’thappywhenanoilcompanyexecutive                   icewithHoraceRumpole;hebelievessomeformoflegal
thatis,JackfallspassionatelyinlovewithVeraSavage.but         comescalling.ErinquicklyfindshimselfstuckintheSaudi             proceedingoughttobegonethroughfirst.Soononeofthe
whenJackandVeramovetoPortMungo,aseedytownin                  desertstudyinganewbacteriawithavoraciousappetite                TimsonchildrenisgivenanaSbOforplayingfootballinthe
themangroveswampsofHonduras,Ginisaffordedthe                 foroilandanuncannytalentfordestroyingdrillingequipment.         street,andRumpolerealizessomethingfishyisgoingon.
opportunitytostakeherclaimtoherbrother’slifeagain.           but worst of all is its ability to spread. Erin realizes that   Whyaretheresidentspursuingtheirvendettaagainstthe
                                                             there’ssomethingeerilyfamiliaraboutthisbacteria. and            Timsonboyquitesostrongly?couldtheyhaveasinister
6 CDs       978-0-7927-3251-8          SLD 667   $64.95      that it couldn’t possibly have evolved on its own.              reason for not wanting him on their street?
also available as a digital download
                                                             7 CDs   978-0-7927-5053-6              SLD1199 $74.95           3 CDs       978-0-7927-5046-8       SLD1192 $39.95
andy McNab                                                   1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-5081-9              CMP1199 $44.95
                                                             also available as a digital download
Firewall                                                                                                                     Rumpole of the bailey
Narrated by clive Mantle                                                                                                     Narrated by Robert Hardy
NickStone,ex-SAS,nowworkingundercoverforBritish              John Mortimer                                                   Of incisive wit and a nose that cuts swathes through the
Intelligence,istough,resourceful,ruthless,highlytrained—     Quite Honestly                                                  judicialsystem,HoraceRumpolefeaturesintheseshort
and desperately in need of cash. Offered the lucrative       Narrated by Suzy Aitchinson & Toby Longworth                    stories:“RumpoleandtheYoungerGeneration”,“Rumpole
freelancejobofdeliveringaMafiawarlordatoSt.Petersburg,       LucindaPurefoyfeltsheshoulddoalittlegoodintheworld.             andthealternativeSociety”,“RumpoleandtheHonourable
Stone doesn’t realize his problems are only beginning.       That’swhyshejoinedScRaP(Socialcarers,Reformersand               Member”,“RumpoleandtheMarriedLady”,“Rumpoleand
                                                             Praeceptors),anorganizationwhichtrainsgirlslikeLucyto           the Learned Friends”, and “Rumpole in the Heavy
12 CDs      978-075408747-2            CCD 299 $110.95       becomeafriendtoconvictsnewlyreleasedfromprison.                 brigade.”

Last Light                                                   5 CDs        978-0-7927-4478-8         SLD1008 $59.95           6 CDs       978-0-7540-5493-1       CCD 184 $64.95

                                                                                                                                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Narrated by clive Mantle
WhenSecretIntelligenceServicedeniableoperatorNick            Rumpole and the Golden Thread                                   Rumpole on Trial
Stone aborts an officially sanctioned assassination          Narrated by bill Wallis                                         Narrated by Timothy West
attemptatthehouseofParliament—havingrealizedwho              In this collection, Horace Rumpole takes on the                 HoraceRumpolereturnswithsevennewcases.Winding
thetargetis—heisgivenachillingultimatumbyhisbosses:          con-o-sewers of the art world, journeys deep into the           hiswayfromthecourthousetothebar;whowillbeforand
flytoPanamaandfinishthejob,orKelly,theeleven-year-old        throbbingheartofafrica,dabblesinsomefemalepolitics,             against Rumpole, and will he live to fight another day?
orphan in his guardianship will be killed…                   decidesthecountryisaverydangerousplace,andincurs
                                                             the wrath of Hilda.                                             8 CDs       978-0-7540-5361-3       CCD 052 $79.95
10 CDs      978-0-7540-5531-0          CCD 222 $94.95
                                                             8 CDs        978-0-7540-5553-2         CCD 244 $79.95           Rumpole Rests His case
Remote control                                                                                                               Narrated by Tony britton
Narrated by Ric Jerrom                                       Rumpole and the Penge                                           There’sanewwindblowinginthisdazzlingcollectionof
BackinWashington,D.C.,BritishIntelligenceagentNick                                                                           new Rumpole stories: For the first time Rumpole finds
Stone decides to visit an old colleague. but when Stone
                                                             bungalow Murders                                                himself appearing for an asylum-seeker at the appeals
                                                             Narrated by bill Wallis
arrives at his friend’s eerily quiet suburban home, he                                                                       Tribunaland—worstofall—hischambershavebecomea
discovers a chilling scene of carnage. Stone begins to                                                                       smoke-free zone.
piece together a shocking global conspiracy.                 readers to get to know Mortimer’s addictive barrister.
                                                                                                                             6 CDs       978-0-7540-5532-7       CCD 223 $64.95
12 CDs      978-0-7540-5496-2          CCD 187 $110.95       5 CDs   978-0-7927-3438-3              SLD 743 $59.95
                                                             1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3441-3              CMP 743 $39.95           Rumpole’s Last Case
brad Meltzer                                                                                                                 Narrated by bill Wallis
The Zero Game ª                                              Rumpole and the Primrose Path                                   HoraceRumpole,unbowedbynearlyfiftyyearsknocking
Narrated by Scott brick                                      Narrated by bill Wallis                                         around the hallowed courts of justice, the icy winds
MatthewandHarrisarebestfriends-andbored.Until,that           SolvingthemysteryofthePrimrosePathHomeprovesto                  blowing from“SheWho Must be Obeyed,”an overdraft
is,oneofthemdiscoversasecretgame—theZeroGame.                bethefirstofacollectionofgreatnewcases,asRumpole                bursting at the seams and by regular indulgence in
butwhatstartsoutasafunwagerbetweenfriendsquickly             defies hospital and returns triumphantly to defend the          chateauFleetStreet,revealsmoreofthesplendorsand
becomedeadlywhentheyfindthey’reabouttobecome                 innocent—and the not-so-innocent.                               miseries of life as an Old bailey hack in these seven
the game’s next victims.                                                                                                     wonderful stories.
                                                             6 CDs        978-0-7540-8759-5         CCD 311 $64.95
10 CDs  978-0-7927-3110-8              SLD 620 $94.95                                                                        7 CDs       978-0-7540-8778-6       CCD 330 $74.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3111-5              CMP 620 $59.95
                                                             Rumpole and the Reign of Terror                                 Rumpole’s Return
                                                             Narrated by bill Wallis
Fern Michaels                                                While defending a mind-numbingly dull theft charge,             Narrated by Robert Hardy
annie’s Rainbow                                              Rumpolefindsthatthenewterroristlawshavehamstrung                Yes,thebelovedbarristerisnowretired(thoughfarfrom
Narrated by Valerie Leonard                                  his beloved courts.Trouble is also brewing at home and          retiring) and gently ripening to a rosy hue in the Florida
Outoftheblue,anniefindsahalf-milliondollarsontheday          Rumpole’sbattleonthehomefrontthreatenstoderailhis               sunshine.butacolleague’scasualrequestforadviseona
ofhercollegegraduation.Vowingtopaythemoneyback               case, but where there’s a Rumpole, there’s a way!               difficultcasesendshimwingingbackacrosstheatlantic.
one day, she takes the cash and doesn’t look back.Then
                                                             4 CDs        978-0-7927-4675-1         SLD1066 $49.95           6 CDs       978-0-7540-5513-6       CCD 204 $64.95
and annie is plunged into the chaos of a deadly chase.
                                                             Rumpole for the Defence                                         Trials of Rumpole
10 CDs      978-0-7927-9879-8          SLD 130   $94.95                                                                      Narrated by bill Wallis
                                                             Narrated by bill Wallis
                                                             TheimmortalRumpole—defenderofourwiltingfaithin                  HoraceRumpoleisbackintheseshortstories:“Rumpole
The Guest List                                               mankind—isbackinsevensuperbstories:“Rumpoleand                  andtheManofGod,”                         “Rumpole
Narrated by Jen Taylor                                       the Confession of Guilt,”“Rumpole and the Gentle Art of         andtheFascistbeast,”“RumpoleandthecaseofIdentity,”
abbyMitchellhasbeenreunitedwithhersister,Mallory,            Blackmail,”“RumpoleandtheDearDeparted,”“Rumpole                 “RumpoleandtheCourseofTrueLove”,and“Rumpoleand
afteratragicaccidentseparatedthem.butwhilethetwo             andtheRottenApple,”“RumpoleandtheExpertWitness,”                the age for Retirement.”
sistersmakeupforlosttime,dangerlurksintheshadows.            “RumpoleandtheSpiritofchristmas”and“Rumpoleand
                                                             the boat People.”                                               6 CDs       978-0-7540-8742-7       CCD 294 $64.95
10 CDs      978-0-7927-2648-7          SLD 289   $94.95
                                                             6 CDs        978-0-7540-5581-5         CCD 272 $64.95

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                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Walter Mosley                                               Neil Olson                                                     James Patterson & Andrew Gross
                                Fearless Jones                                              The Icon                                                       3rd Degree ª
                                Narrated by William andrew Quinn                            Narrated by Lewis Grenville                                    Narrated by carolyn Mccormick
                                Paris Minton is minding his own business when Elana         a church burns to the ground in an act of betrayal, and        aquietafternooninSanFranciscoturnsnightmarishfor
                                Lovewalks in and asks a few questions.Within the next       severaldietryingtoprotectareligiousiconhiddenthere.            DetectiveLindseyBoxerandAssistantDistrictAttorneyJill
                                twenty-fourhours,Parishasbeenbeatenup,madeloveto,           Sixty years later, the icon surfaces on the NewYork art        Bernhardtwhenatownhouseexplodesinflamesinches
                                shotat,androbbed.He’sinsomuchtroublethathegets              market,generatingkeen—andpossiblydeadly—interest               away from them. Soon a wave of escalating violence
                                his friend, Fearless Jones out of jail to help him.         from a variety of suitors.                                     engulfs the city, all with links to political terrorism.

                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-9927-6          SLD 078   $79.95     10 CDs  978-0-7927-3624-0              SLD 797 $94.95          6 CDs   978-0-7927-3182-5              SLD 642 $64.95
                                                                                            1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3625-7              CMP 797 $59.95          1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3183-2              CMP 642 $39.95
                                                                                            also available as a digital download
                                Marcia Muller
                                                                                                                                                           Richard North Patterson
                                Ever-Running Man                                            barbara Parker
                                Narrated by Susan Ericksen                                                                                                 Exile ª
                                SharonMcconeishiredbyherhusband’ssecurityfirmto             Suspicion of Madness                                           Narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris
                                trackdowntheever-runningman,whohasbeensettingoff            Narrated by William Dufris & Christine Marshall                David Wolfe, a successful San Francisco lawyer being
                                explosivedevicesattheirvariousoffices.WhenMcCone            AttorneysGailConnorandAnthonyQuintanaarespending               primedforCongress,getsanunexpectedcallfromHana
                                narrowlyescapesanexplosioninherapartmentbuilding,           a couple of days in a private villa on a secluded island. as   arif, the Palestinian woman with whom he had a secret
                                she catches a glimpse of his retreating figure. He is       theiridyllicvacationturnsintoaterrifyingnightmare,they         affair in law school. The next day, the prime minister of
                                dangerouslyclose—anditseemsthatanyoneconnected              findthemselvestrappedamongthestrangeandsecretive               Israel is assassinated by a suicide bomber while visiting
                                tothefirmiswithinhisdeadlyreach.complicatingmatters         islandersasalatetropicalstormthreatenstounleashits             San Francisco.
                                is Mccone’s discovery of the firm’s shady past. but         fury on them all.
                                uncovering these secrets may be the only way she can                                                                       17 CDs   978-0-7927-4677-5             SLD1068 $124.95
                                save her husband’s life—and her own.                        10 CDs   978-0-7927-3099-6             SLD 615 $94.95          2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4743-7             CMP1068 $ 74.95
                                                                                            2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3100-9             CMP 615 $59.95          also available as a digital download
                                7 CDs       978-0-7927-4952-3          SLD1154 $74.95       also available as a digital download
                                also available as a digital download
                                More Marcia Muller p 64                                                                                                    The Race ª
                                                                                            Suspicion of Rage                                              Narrated by Michael boatman
                                                                                            Narrated by William Dufris                                     CoreyGrace,acharismaticRepublicansenatorfromOhio,
                                Shirley Rousseau Murphy                                     Recentlymarried,GailConnorhopestolearnmoreabout                is locked in a fierce presidential primary battle. Grace’s
                                cat breaking Free                                           her husband by visiting cuba, his ancestral home.The           reputationforvotinghisconscienceratherthantheparty
                                Narrated by William Dufris                                  nightbeforeGailandAnthonyleaveforHavana,theCIA                 line—togetherwithhisgrowingromancewithanafrican-
                                The fur starts flying when a gang from L.A. comes up to     pays a visit.They want anthony to deliver a message            americanmoviestar—hasearnedhimareputationasa
                                tranquilMolenaPoint,california,andbeginsbreakinginto        to General Ramiro Vega: He is in grave danger, unless          maverick and an iconoclast.
                                thevillage’squaintshops.Joe Grey, Feline P.I., has called   he defects.
                                MolenaPointhomesincehewasakitten,andhedoesn’t                                                                              11 CDs   978-0-7927-5050-5 SLD1196 $99.95
                                take well to marauding strangers.                           12 CDs   978-0-7927-3485-7             SLD 759 $110.95         2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-5078-9 CMP1196 $59.95
                                                                                            2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3486-4             CMP 759 $ 69.95         also available as a digital download
                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-3811-4          SLD 871   $94.95     also available as a digital download

                                                                                                                                                           Michael Pearce
                                Cat Pay the Devil                                           The Perfect Fake                                               A Dead Man in Athens
                                Narrated by William Dufris                                  Narrated by Paul Garcia                                        Narrated by clive Mantle
                                Molena Point is a quaint hamlet. It’s also the home of a    Tom Fairchild is struggling to make it as a graphic artist,    Athens,1913,isonthebrinkofwar.Thenewprimeminister
                                state’switnesswhoputathiefnamedcageJonesbehind              but his probation officer thinks he belongs in jail.Then       hasavisiontounitealltheGreekpeoplescatteredaround
                                bars—until he broke out.Wily tomcat Joe Grey senses         millionaire Miami real estate developer Stuartbarlowe          the Mediterranean.While his plan is being challenged
                                trouble. Soon a federal officer is shot and two locals      offers him $50,000 to travel to Italy with his daughter        by other countries, the exiled former Sultan’s cat is
                                arebrutallymurdered.Withdangerclosingin,thefeline           Allison, a map expert and Tom’s childhood love, to             poisoned and some believe this was a first strike at
                                detective,hisgirlfriendDulcie,andtheirtattercoatfriend      duplicate a rare Renaissance map.                              the Sultan himself.This,inthebalkans,couldstartawar,
                                Kit—withspecialpowersthatonlyafewselecthumansare                                                                           so britain sits up and takes notice. action must be quick
                                privyto-mustcaptureaverynastycriminalbeforehestrikes        10 CDs  978-0-7927-4680-5              SLD1071 $94.95          and discreet.
                                again.                                                      1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4752-9              CMP1071 $59.95
                                                                                            also available as a digital download                           6 CDs       978-0-7927-5025-3          SLD1171 $64.95
                                                                                            More barbara Parker p 65
                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-4619-5          SLD1060 $79.95
                                also available as a digital download

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                                         MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Michael Pearce (cont.)                                      a christmas beginning                                      bedford Square
A Dead Man in Istanbul                                      Narrated by Terrence Hardiman                              Narrated by Terrence Hardiman
Narrated by bill Wallis                                     SuperintendentRuncorn—WilliamMonk’sex-boss—isfeeling       When a man is found murdered on the doorstep of a
TheSecondSecretaryoftheEmbassyinIstanbulhasdied             lonelyduringhisholidayonaremote,snowyislandoffthe          respectable house in bedford Square, Thomas Pitt
indecidedlystrangecircumstanceswhileattemptingto            coastofWales.Heissuddenlycalledintoactionwhenthe           is immediately called to the scene. The house and a
swimtheDardanellesStraits,thepassagebetweenEurope           localvicar’ssisterisdiscoveredmurderedanddrapedover        snuffbox found on the body, belong to a pillar of the
and asia. as Seymour tries to untangle the threads that     agravestone.Interweavingtheoriginalchristmasstory          community, a friend of Pitt’s wife.
leadtocunningham’sdeath,theirendsleadhimintoall             withherownholidaytale,Perryexploresthemeaningof
parts of this rich and complicated city.                    Joseph’s secondary role compared to that of Mary and       12 CDs      978-0-7927-2658-6          SLD 336    110.95
                                                            Jesus.                                                     also available as a digital download
6 CDs      978-0-7927-4480-1       SLD1010 $64.95
                                                            4 CDs       978-0-7927-5040-6          SLD1186 $49.95
                                                            also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                       Farriers’ Lane
A Dead Man in Trieste                                                                                                  Narrated by Terrence Hardiman
Narrated by clive Mantle                                                                                               When Mr. Justice Stafford, a distinguished judge, falls ill
Trieste in 1906 is one of Europe’s great seaports, the      A Christmas Guest                                          anddiesofopiumpoisoning,hisdeathresurrectsoneof
austrianEmpire’smainoutlettotheMediterraneanand             Narrated by Terrence Hardiman                              themostsensationalcasesevertoinflameEngland.Slowly,
theworldbeyond.butvariousnationalistmovementsare            Cantankerousandvinegar-tonguedGrandmamaarrives             bothInvestigatorThomasPittandhiswife,charlotte,begin
threatening to pull the place apart. Enter Seymour of       on a holiday visit to the home of charlotte’s parents,     to reach the same sinister and deeply dangerous truth.
Special branch.                                             whereafellowguest—anoutcastfromherownfamily—
                                                            is subsequently murdered.Liketheheroesbeforeherin
6 CDs      978-0-7927-3759-9       SLD 845    $64.95        AnnePerry’sChristmasnovels,Grandmamaiscalledupon           13 CDs      978-0-7927-3274-7          SLD 242    $112.95
More Michael Pearce pp 45, 65                               to play the role of amateur detective.

                                                            3 CDs       978-0-7927-3785-8          SLD 858   $39.95    Slaves of Obsession
George Pelecanos                                            also available as a digital download                       Narrated by Terrence Hardiman
Hard Revolution                                                                                                        TheAmericanCivilWarhasjustbegun,andLondonarms

                                                                                                                                                                                     MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Narrated by charles canada                                                                                             dealerDanielAlbertonisbecomingaverywealthyman.
WhenhisolderbrotherDennis,atroubledVietnamveteran,          a christmas Journey                                        Thequietdinnerpartyheldbyalbertonandhiswifeseems
                                                                                                                       remote indeed from the passions rendingamerica.Yet
finds himself in varying degrees of trouble, cop Derek      Narrated by Terrence Hardiman
Strange tries his hardest to help him. but one bad          ReadersofannePerry’sbestsellingsuspensenovelsrevel         investigatorWilliam Monk and his bride, Hester, sense
decision toomanyfindsthemcrossingpathswith alvin            in a world that is all their own, sharing the privileged   growingtensionsandbarelyconcealedviolenceinthis
Jones,alocaldrugdealerwhoknowstoomuchandwon’t               existence ofBritain’swealthyandpowerfulelite.Itisalso      well-appointed mansion.
let Dennis go.                                              aworldinwhichdangerbidesinunsuspectedplaces,and
                                                            the line between good and evil can be razor thin.          11 CDs      978-0-7927-4798-7          CCD2403 $99.95
8 CDs   978-0-7927-3185-6          SLD 640 $79.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3186-3          CMP 640 $49.95           3 CDs       978-0-7927-3064-4          SLD 609   $39.95
                                                                                                                       The Twisted Root
                                                                                                                       Narrated by Terrence Hardiman
The Night Gardener ª                                        a christmas Secret                                         ForMiriamGardner,attendingapartyattheLondonhome
Narrated by Richard M. Davidson                             Narrated by Terrence Hardiman                              of her fiancé, Lucius Stourbridge, to celebrate their
GusRamoneisaformerInternalAffairsinvestigatornow            DominicandClariceCordejourneytoaquainthamletto             forthcoming marriage should have been one of the
working homicide. His new case unearths intense             replacethelocalvicarwhoisawayonholiday.Thingstake          happiest daysofherlife.But,aftermakingasuddenexit
memories of a case he worked as a patrol cop twenty         anastyturnwhenthevicarisdiscoverednottobeawayat            from the party, Miriam disappears without a trace.
yearsearlier.Themurders,allinvolvinglocalteenagerswith      all, but brutally murdered and stashed in the cellar.
palindromicnames,wereneversolved.NowGusmustface                                                                        12 CDs      978-0-7927-9751-7          SLD 152    $110.95
off with the killer who eluded him years ago.               4 CDs       978-0-7927-4477-1          SLD1007 $49.95      also available as a digital download
                                                            also available as a digital download
9 CDs   978-0-7927-4482-5          SLD1012 $89.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4554-9
More George Pelecanos p 65
                                   CMP1012 $54.95                                                                      The Whitechapel conspiracy
                                                            a christmas Visitor                                        Narrated by Terrence Hardiman
                                                            Narrated by Terrence Hardiman                              InapackedOldbaileycourtroom,distinguishedsoldier
                                                            ThejoyfultranquilityofasnowboundestateintheLake            John Adinet is sentenced to hang for the inexplicable
anne Perry                                                                                                             murderofhisfriend,MartinFetters.ThoughThomasPitt
breach of Promise                                           murder.RenownedmathematicianandinventorHenry               shouldreceivepraiseforprovidingkeytestimonyinthe
Narrated by Terrence Hardiman                               Rathbonemustputhisanalyticalandcreativecapacities          Fetters investigation, adinett has powerful friends.
KillianMelvilleisabrilliantarchitectandlikedbyeveryone.     to the test as he assumes the role of an amateur
HemaintainsanhonestywhichendearshimtoVictorian              investigator.                                              11 CDs      978-0-7540-5597-6          CCD 288 $99.95
Society.SowhenhevisitsSirOliverRathbone,inneedof                                                                       More anne Perry p 65
thebestlawyerthereistorepresenthimoveranalleged             4 CDs       978-0-7927-3362-1          SLD 710   $49.95
breachofpromise,Rathboneagreesdespitehismisgivings.         also available as a digital download
14 CDs     978-0-7927-9973-3       SLD 024    $115.95

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                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Nancy Pickard                                               Epitaphs                                                        Quarry
                                Marriage is Murder                                          Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                       Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                Narrated by Norah bernard                                   Skiesaresunny,andtheNamelessDetectivewantsthem                  OldManHassisconcernedbythenear-catatonicbehavior
                                JennyCainandpolicedetectiveGeofBushfieldalready             to stay that way. So he decides to do an old man a favor        ofhisdaughter,Grady.AsNamelessbeginstoinvestigate,
                                havepre-nuptialjitters.Thenasuddenwaveofdomestic            andfindhismissinggranddaughter,Gianna. Butnoone                 hediscoversthatinordertosaveherhe’snotonlygoingto
                                violencerocksplacidPortFrederick.AsGeofsearchesfor          said it would be easy.                                          havetofindhertormentor,he’sgoingtohavetocallonhis
                                clues,Jennyuncoversadangeroussecretthatthreatensto                                                                          owndarkestimpulsesandturnthequarryintothevictim.
                                tear Port Frederick apart.                                  6 CDs       978-0-7927-3276-1          SLD 676     $64.95
                                                                                            also available as a digital download                            6 CDs   978-0-7927-3402-4              SLD 728 $64.95

                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-9969-6          SLD 020   $64.95                                                                     1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3403-1              CMP 728 $39.95
                                                                                                                                                            also available as a digital download
                                The Virgin of Small Plains                                  Narrated by John Michalski
                                Narrated by Kymberly Dakin                                  a happy newlywed at last, Nameless returns from his             Savages
                                On the night of the decade’s worst blizzard, a local farm   honeymoonwiththeideaoftakingiteasy.WhenMelanie                  Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                boydiscoversthenakedbodyofabeautifulyoungwoman              annaldrichwalksintohisofficewithacasetofindherreal              The police said it was an accident. The dead woman’s
                                in the snow. Seventeen years later, the Virgin of Small     parents,Namelessthinkshecandothecaseinhissleep.                 sister said it was murder...and that she knew who did
                                Plains has become a local myth.What really happened         butwhenhefindsdisturbinginformationaboutMelanie’s               it. Nameless isn’t certain, but the more he learns about
                                seventeen years ago?                                        father,Stephenchehalis,informationchehaliswouldkill             Nancy Mathias’life, the more inclined he is to accept her
                                                                                            to keep secret, the case spirals out of control. Nameless       sister’s theory.
                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-4057-5          SLD 964   $94.95     findshimselfriskinghisownlifetoprotectadaughterfrom
                                also available as a digital download                        a vicious father with a deadly secret.                          6 CDs       978-0-7927-4857-1          SLD1116 $64.95
                                                                                            6 CDs       978-0-7927-4794-9          SLD 267     $64.95
                                Douglas Preston                                             also available as a digital download
                                Tyrannosaur canyon ª                                                                                                        Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                Narrated by Scott Sowers                                                                                                    Shaken after a hair’s-breadth escape from death,
                                a moon rock missing for thirty years; a scientist with      Mourners                                                        Nameless hasmadechangesinhisprofessionallife,but
                                ambition enough to kill; a monk who will redeem the         Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                       he’s not put himself out to pasture. again he enters San
                                world;andadarkagencywithadeadlymission.Whatfire             Nameless has hit a brick wall with his wife. Tamara,            Francisco’sshadowyunderworld,thistimeinasearchfor
                                boltfromthegalacticdarkshatteredtheEartheonsago             Nameless’assistant,hassomethingeatingathertoo,but               theidentityofagentle,mentallydisturbedhomelessman
                                and now hides in that remote cleft in the southwest U.S.    she won’t talk about it. Even Jake, his co-private eye, is in   who has been found dead in an alley doorway.
                                known as Tyrannosaur canyon?                                abadplace.Forawhile,everyone’smourninginisolation
                                                                                            until Nameless starts to put the pieces together.               6 CDs       978-0-7927-2833-7          SLD 530   $64.95
                                10 CDs  978-0-7927-3745-2              SLD 838 $94.95                                                                       also available as a digital download
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3833-6              CMP 838 $59.95       6 CDs       978-0-7927-3550-2          SLD 788     $64.95
                                also available as a digital download                        also available as a digital download
                                More Douglas Preston p 66
                                                                                                                                                            The crimes of Jordan Wise
                                                                                                                                                            Narrated by Richard Ferrone
                                bill Pronzini                                               Nightcrawlers                                                   JordanWisewasanordinaryaccountant,insecureabout
                                                                                            Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                bleeders                                                    Things were quiet in Nameless’s San Francisco agency,
                                Narrated by Gregory Gorton                                                                                                  herheembezzledhalfamilliondollarsofhiscompany’s
                                asimplecaseofblackmailgetslethallycomplicatedwhen                                                                           moneyandarrangedtheperfectescapeforthemtothe
                                Nameless exposes a nasty scam that involves junior                                                                          Virgin Islands, outside the reach of the law. However, he
                                                                                            to do some fieldwork, so she took off for his last known
                                accountsexecutiveJayCohalan,hisunhappywife,anda                                                                             couldn’t control what happened next.
                                                                                            address. When Tamara goes missing, Nameless feels a
                                mistresswithaseriousdrugproblem.ThenNamelessfinds           sinking in his gut.
                                hisclientshotdeadinthemiddleofafour-posterbed…                                                                              6 CDs       978-0-7927-4055-1          SLD 961   $64.95
                                                                                                                                                            also available as a digital download
                                                                                            6 CDs   978-0-7927-3498-7              SLD 764 $64.95           More Bill Pronzini pp 42, 66
                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-2751-4          SLD 511   $79.95
                                also available as a digital download
                                                                                            1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3499-4              CMP 764 $39.95
                                                                                            also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                            Ellery Queen
                                Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                                                                                   The Player on the Other Side
                                For the Nameless Detective, investigations involving                                                                        Narrated by David Edwards
                                matters of the heart are to be avoided at all costs.                                                                        acardwiththeletterJappearedinRobertYork’smailand
                                Unwillinglyherelentswhenanoldbuddyaskshimtohelp                                                                             adaylaterhewasdead.Thenanothercardshowedupand
                                a friend of his whose husband is having an affair with a                                                                    ElleryQueenknewhewasupagainstabrilliantkillerwho
                                mysterywoman.However,hesoondiscoversthereismuch                                                                             made a game of death by warning his victims.
                                more at stake than a simple affair.
                                                                                                                                                            8 CDs       978-0-7927-3228-0          SLD 321   $79.95
                                6 CDs   978-0-7927-3170-2              SLD 636 $64.95
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3171-9              CMP 636 $39.95

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                                         MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Ian Rankin                                                  Fatal Voyage ª                                              The babes in the Wood
bleeding Hearts                                             Narrated by Kate Harper                                     Narrated by Nigel anthony
Narrated by Steven Pacey                                    Investigating a plane crash in the Smoky Mountains in       The River brede had burst its banks, and not a single
assassinMichaelWestonmadeonemistakealongtime                North carolina, forensic anthropologistTemperance           house in the valley had escaped flooding.The Subaqua
ago,whenayoungamericangirlhadaccidentallyreceived           brennan discovers in a most disturbing way that the         Task Force could find no trace of Giles and Sophie Dade.
thefatalbullet.Thefatherofthedeadgirlstillhadaprivate       evidence doesn’t add up.                                    Thiswasaninvestigationwhichwouldcallintoquestion
eye named Hoffer on a permanent retainer to track him                                                                   many ofWexford’s assumptions about the way people
down.EverytimeWestoncompletedajob,heknewHoffer              10 CDs      978-0-7927-2747-7          SLD 504   $94.95     behaved, including his own family.
would not be far behind.
                                                                                                                        10 CDs      978-0-7540-8751-9          CCD 303 $94.95
10 CDs  978-0-7927-4378-1          SLD1005 $94.95           Grave Secrets                                               also available as a digital download
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4574-7          CMP1005 $59.95           Narrated by Katherine borowitz
                                                            Twenty years ago, soldiers stalked into a Guatemalan
                                                            highlandsvillageandexecutedeveryoneinsight.Now,             The copper Peacock
blood Hunt                                                  thehastilyduggravesforunidentifiedvictims.butTempe
                                                                                                                        Narrated by Penelope Keith
Narrated by christian Rodska                                                                                            Poetic justice overtakes a young thief from the public
                                                            begins to uncover evidence of a new massacre…               library... a dying man’s wife exacts revenge...A failure
SanDiego—thecarwaslocked from the inside, a gun in                                                                      discovershissolitarytalentishomicide...Theaccidental
                                                            8 CDs   978-0-7927-2647-0              SLD 481 $79.95       deathofaqueenlycatlocksherkillerintothestrangelife
                                                            1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2664-7              CMP 481 $49.95       ofanoldlady...agirl’sacquiescenceinmurderboomer-
murdered. and the horror has just begun.                                                                                angs again and again.
                                                            Matthew Reilly
11 CDs     978-0-7927-4003-2       SLD 930    $99.95        7 Deadly Wonders                                            4 CDs       978-0-7540-5464-1          CCD 155 $49.95
                                                            Narrated by William Dufris
                                                            The Golden Capstone atop the Great Pyramid at Giza
Witch Hunt                                                  offeredprotectionfromtheglobalfloodingandscorching          The Keys to the Street

                                                                                                                                                                                   MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Narrated by Peter capaldi                                   sun that occurs every 4,500 years due to the Tartarus       Narrated by Simon Russell beale
Witch is an ingenious assassin and a master of disguise     Rotation solar event. Now, in 2006, another Tartarus        MaryJagohaddonatedherownbonemarrowtosavethe
withaninstinctforescape.Herrumorednextassignment            Rotation is due, and whoever places the reconstructed       life of someone she didn’t know.This generous act led
willcreatepoliticalchaosaroundtheglobe.asshecloses          capstone on the pyramid in time will gain absolute          directlytothebitterbreak-upofheraffairwithalistair.but
inonhertarget,thedetectivesonhertrailmustuntangle           earthly power.                                              the man whose life she had saved would change Mary’s
a web of deceit that reaches into the highest ranks of                                                                  life completely.
international law and finance.                              10 CDs   978-0-7927-3875-6             SLD 892 $94.95
                                                            2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3958-6             CMP 892 $59.95       10 CDs      978-0-7540-5569-3          CCD 260 $94.95
10 CDs     978-0-7927-3314-0       SLD 691    $94.95        also available as a digital download

                                                            Ruth Rendell                                                The Rottweiler
Kathy Reichs                                                                                                            Narrated by Nigel anthony
                                                            13 Steps Down                                               The latest victim in a series of apparently motiveless
Deadly Decisions            ª
                                                            Narrated by Ric Jerrom                                      murders is found near Inez Ferry’s antique shop in
Narrated by Lorelei King                                    TheNottingHillneighborhoodhaschangedradicallyover           Marylebone.TheactivitiesofthesinisterRottweilerwill
Nine-year-oldEmilyisshotdead on a Montreal street.a         the last fifty years, and 10 Rillington Place, where the    exertaprofoundinfluenceonthelivesofasmallgroupof
Northcarolinateenagerdisappearsandpartsofwhatmay            notorious Johnchristiecommittedaseriesofmurders,            people,especiallywhenthesuspicionemergesthatoneof
beherskeletonarefoundhundredsofmilesaway.ForDr.             has been torn down. Mix Cellini is obsessed with the life   them may be a homicidal maniac.
Temperancebrennan,aforensicanthropologist,thedeaths         ofChristie.ButwhenrealityintrudesintoMix’slife,along
kindle deep emotions that propel her on aharrowing          pent-up violence explodes.                                  10 CDs      978-0-7540-9463-0          CCD 359 $94.95
journey into the world of outlaw motorcycle gangs.                                                                      More Ruth Rendell p 66
                                                            9 CDs       978-0-7927-3751-3          SLD 842   $89.95
10 CDs     978-0-7927-9944-3       SLD 095    $94.95
                                                                                                                        Robert Reuland

Death Du Jour                                               Make Death Love Me                                          Semiautomatic
                                                            Narrated by Ric Jerrom                                      Narrated by Jason collins
Narrated by bonnie Hurren                                   Themanagerofatinybranchoftheanglican-Victoriabank,          WhenAndrewGiobberti,exiledfromHomicidetoAppeals,
From the crime scene to the morgue to the lab, Tempe        AlanGroombridgeisdoomedtoalifeofdomesticboredom             suddenlyfindshimselfindemandintheprosecutionof
brennanusesherconsiderableforensicskillstoprobea            andtediousroutine.He’shusbandtoawomanhedoesn’t              thehorrificmurderofabelovedneighborhoodgrocer,he
mysterythatbeginswithdeathsinafireinQuebecthen              like,thefatheroftwochildrenheneverwanted.butalan            cannotknowthehornet’snestofliesanddouble-dealing
leadshertothecarolinas.Nowshe’sheadedforastartling          has a fantasy: to rob the bank of enough money for one      he will uncover.
showdown…                                                   year of freedom.
                                                                                                                        8 CDs       978-0-7927-3261-7          SLD 671   $79.95
12 CDs     978-0-7540-5330-9       CCD 021 $110.95                                                                      also available as a digital download
                                                            6 CDs       978-0-7540-5327-9          CCD 018 $64.95

                                                          For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                               129
                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Karen Robards                                                 Patrick Robinson                                            Peter Robinson
                                Heartbreaker                                                  Barracuda 945                                               Piece of My Heart
                                Narrated by Lisa Jandovitz                                    Narrated by Erik Steele                                     Narrated by Ron Keith
                                LynnandherdaughterRorysetoutwiththeirguide,Jess,              The Barracuda 945 is the ultimate weapon. A jet-black       Inspector alan banks is investigating the murder of a
                                into in Utah’s mountain wilderness. but in a terrifying       Russiannuclearhunter-killer,itrunsdeepanditssilence         freelancemusicjournalistwhowasworkingonafeature
                                moment,LynnandRoryfalloffacliff!Riskinghislifetosave          and speed are unparalleled. In the hands of the Navy, it    abouttheMadHattersforMOJOmagazine.banksfindshe
                                them, Jess guides them through the dense wilderness.          brings instant credibility and respect. In the hands of a   hastodelveintothepasttofindoutexactlywhathornet’s
                                                                                              diabolical terrorist, it brings sheer terror.               nest the journalist inadvertently stirred up.
                                9 CDs       978-0-7927-3287-7        SLD 274      $89.95

                                                                                              13 CDs      978-0-7927-3026-2          SLD 590   $112.95    13 CDs   978-0-7927-4068-1             SLD 975 $112.95
                                                                                              also available as a digital download                        2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4249-4             CMP 975 $ 69.95
                                Night Magic                                                                                                               also available as a digital download
                                Narrated by Renee Maxwell
                                claraWinston writes sizzling romance novels, always           Ghost Force                                                 James Rollins
                                including acourageoushero,thekindofmanshehopes                Narrated by Erik Steele                                     black Order ª
                                to meet someday.Then she encounters cIa agent Jack            Under the stern eye of admiral Morgan, the Navy Seals       Narrated by Grover Gardner
                                Mccain,amanindangerandrunningforhislife.Suddenly              bringinlegendarycommanderRickHunter.Theirmission:           FromtheHimalayas’frozenpeakstothecongo’sdiamond
                                claraissweptintohistroubledworld,andreadytobreak              tohammerargentina’smilitaryandfreetheFalklands.For          fields, from a lost era’s subterranean labs to the
                                every rule in the book to win his heart.                      thefabledHunter,theassignmentstrikesclosetohome.            Smithsonian’s glittering halls, Sigma Force will face its
                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-3227-3        SLD 404      $79.95      13 CDs   978-0-7927-4048-3             SLD 954 $112.95      scientific mystery—the origins of life.
                                                                                              2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4225-8             CMP 954 $ 69.95
                                                                                              also available as a digital download                        12 CDs   978-0-7927-4069-8             SLD 976 $110.95
                                One Summer                                                                                                                2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4235-7             CMP 976 $ 69.95
                                Narrated by Kate Fleming                                                                                                  also available as a digital download
                                Johnny Harris is home again, his too-tight jeans and          Hunter Killer
                                belligerent attitude honed to perfection by a ten-year        Narrated by Erik Steele                                     Ice Hunt
                                stretchinprisonformurder.Nowthathe’soutonparole,              With the French and Muslim fanatics on the verge of         Narrated by Ron Dryer
                                RachelGranthaspromisedtohelphimstartanewlife.Then             controlling Saudi oil, and the world economy and oil        InthefrozenabyssofthePolarIcecap,anamericandeep-sea
                                thekillerstrikesagainandallevidencepointstoJohnny.            industry nearing collapse, america must act. admiral        scientific research team discovers a Russian ice station
                                                                                              (Ret.)arnoldMorganfacesanunparalleledchallengeas            hiddendeepwithinasubmergediceberg.aswordofthe
                                12 CDs      978-0-7927-2638-8        SLD 278      $110.95     he marshals the forces to discipline a wayward ally and     existenceofthesecretbaseleaksout,RussianandAmerican
                                                                                              crush the terrorist menace.                                 intelligence agencies rush to the scene to cover up any
                                                                                                                                                          trace of the horrifying scientific research.
                                To Trust a Stranger                                           14 CDs      978-0-7927-3627-1          SLD 784   $115.95
                                Narrated by Laura Hicks                                       also available as a digital download                        12 CDs      978-0-7927-2970-9          SLD 581   $110.95
                                infuriating suspicion that her husband, a wealthy and                                                                     ann b. Ross
                                powerfulcontractor,washavinganaffair.Notsurewhom              Scimitar SL-2                                               Miss Julia Hits the Road
                                to trust, Julie turns to a handsome stranger....Private       Narrated by Erik Steele
                                detectiveMacMcQuarry.Soontheirfieryflirtationsparks                                                                       Narrated by claudia Hughes
                                                                                              InthecanaryIslands,inthesouthwestcorneroftheisland          Miss Julia always likes to nip any little problems in the
                                into full-blown passion.                                      of La Palma, lies the massive crater of the volcano         bud.Whenherinvaluablehousekeeper,Lillian,andallher
                                                                                              cumbre Vieja. What if someone sent a nuclear missile        neighborshavebeenevictedfromtheirhomesbyalandlord
                                12 CDs      978-0-7927-9894-1        SLD 145      $110.95     into the volcano and blew it up? It’s up to United States   who has bigger plans for the property, she rides on a
                                                                                              admiralarnoldMorgantopreventtheunimaginablefrom             motorcycle fund-raiser to save her friends’ home.
                                Whispers at Midnight                                                                                                      9 CDs   978-0-7927-2873-3              SLD 547 $89.95
                                Narrated by Laura Hicks                                                                                                   1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2906-8              CMP 547 $54.95
                                                                                              12 CDs   978-0-7927-3311-9             SLD 690 $110.95
                                After her divorce, Carly Linton moves back to her tiny                                                                    also available as a digital download
                                                                                              2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3312-6             CMP 690 $ 69.95
                                hometowninBenton,Georgia.Butthetownthatremembers              also available as a digital download
                                carly as the proverbial good girl is in for a surprise. but
                                a mysterious enemy is making it all too clear that carly
                                                                                              More Patrick Robinson p 67                                  Miss Julia Meets Her Match
                                                                                                                                                          Narrated by claudia Hughes
                                should never have come back to benton.
                                                                                                                                                          knot. but Miss Julia isn’t about to give up her
                                10 CDs      978-0-7927-2815-3        SLD 521      $94.95
                                                                                                                                                          independence soeasily.Therearesimplyfartoomany
                                                                                                                                                          other matters in need of her attention, such as Dwayne
                                                                                                                                                          Dooley’s plans to build the Walk Where Jesus Walked
                                                                                                                                                          christian theme park…

                                                                                                                                                          9 CDs       978-0-7927-3233-4          SLD 660   $89.95
                                                                                                                                                          also available as a digital download

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
S. J. Rozan                                                   Reflecting the Sky                                            Lawrence Sanders
absent Friends                                                Narrated by Kathy Hsieh                                       McNally’s caper
Narrated by barbara Mcculloh                                  Lydia Chin is hired by Grandfather Gao to deliver a family    Narrated by adam Henderson
IntheunforgettableaftermathofSeptember11,absent               heirloom. but before she can deliver the heirloom, the        apricelessfirsteditionofEdgarallanPoehasdisappeared
Friends brilliantly captures the mood of a singular time      grandson is kidnapped and two separate ransom                 from the Forsythe family mansion, a scary place itself.
andplace,windingthroughthewoundedstreetsofNew                 demands are made.                                             behindeverydoorisasuspect.Ineverybed,aseductress.
York and Staten Island and into a maze of old crimes,                                                                       and in every closet, a skeleton or two. McNally knows it
damaged lives, and heartbreaking revelations.                 10 CDs      978-0-7927-4793-2          SLD 377    $94.95      takes more than a thief to cause the fall of the House
                                                              also available as a digital download                          of Forsythe.
12 CDs      978-0-7927-3301-0          SLD 686   $110.95
also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                            8 CDs       978-0-7927-2846-7       SLD 476      $79.95
                                                              Winter and Night
china Trade                                                   Narrated by William Dufris
Narrated by christine Marshall                                Privatedetective billSmithishurtledheadlongintothe            McNally’s Gamble ª
Asian-American P.I. Lydia Chin knows NewYork City’s           mostprovocative—andpersonal—caseofhiscareer.bill              Narrated by adam Henderson
Chinatown as no outsider ever could. Lydia has a nose         must unravel a long-buried crime and confront the             As Chief of Discreet Inquiries at his father’s white-shoe
fortrouble,adisapprovingchinesemother,andapartner             darkness of his own past.                                     lawfirm, archy keeps tabs on the rich and famous while
namedBillSmithwho’sbeenlivingaboveabarforsixteen                                                                            keepinghoursonlyabarflycouldlove.Whenwell-to-do
years.Hiredtofindsomepreciousstolenporcelain,Lydia            10 CDs      978-0-7927-3671-4          SLD 815    $94.95      widowEdytheWestmoreisurgedtobuyaFabergeImperial
follows a trail of clues from highbrow art dealers into a     also available as a digital download                          egg,heradultoffspringviolentlyopposetheinvestment
worldofchinesegangs.Suddenly,thiscasehasbecome                More S. J. Rozan pp 19, 67                                    and enlist archy’s services to put the kibosh on the deal.
as complex as her community itself-and as deadly as a
killer on the loose.                                                                                                        8 CDs       978-0-7927-9910-8       SLD 061      $79.95
                                                              Greg Rucka
8 CDs       978-0-7927-4850-2          SLD1109 $79.95
also available as a digital download                          Patriot acts
                                                              Narrated by Jonathan Davis                                    McNally’s Risk

                                                                                                                                                                                         MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
                                                              ProfessionalbodyguardatticusKodiakislayinglow—with            Narrated by adam Henderson
                                                                                                                            Fighting his way through copious deaths and fiendish
concourse                                                     alenacizkova,oncetheworld’spremierassassinandnow
Narrated by Sky Vogel                                         thetargetofassassinationherself.atticusandalenaare
                                                              wounded,alone,andontherun.FromEasternEuropeto                 grisly puzzle, including a sealed letter containing a
                                                              GenevatotheMontanawilderness,they’rebeinghunted               horrifying secret;anudedancerwhoknowsmorethan
                                                              bysomeonemorepowerfulthanthemob,theFbI,orthe                  shereveals;amissingportraitsomeonewouldkillfor;and
                                                              cIa-and if they don’t figure out who it is and how to stop    abutterflytattooinaveryprivateplace,whichcouldbethe
                                                              him, they’re history.                                         key to the murder spree.
decaying brick building.

9 CDs       978-0-7927-3146-7          SLD 134   $89.95       9 CDs   978-0-7927-5013-0              SLD1159 $89.95         7 CDs       978-0-7927-3173-3       SLD 637      $74.95
                                                              1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-5068-0              CMP1159 $54.95
                                                              also available as a digital download
In this Rain                                                                                                                McNally’s Secret
                                                                                                                            Narrated by adam Henderson
Narrated by Susan Ericksen
achild’sdeathsentoneinnocentmantoprisonandblew                Marcus Sakey                                                  archy McNally, freewheeling playboy, has another
                                                                                                                            scintillating mysterytosolve.beneaththeglaringsunof
open a vortex of corruption at the heart of Manhattan’s       The blade Itself                                              Palmbeach—andbehindthelowestcrimesofhighsociety—
lucrativeconstructionindustry.Joecolewasthatinnocent          Narrated by Grover Gardner
                                                                                                                            McNallyispaidtokeepfamilyskeletonsinthecloset. but
man.TwomoremurdersplungeJoeandhisformerpartner                For Danny Carter, retired thief turned respectable
                                                                                                                            when it comes to sex and scandal, McNally has a few
intoadesperateracetoexposethesecretsthathelpthe               businessman, a normal life seems like the ultimate
                                                                                                                            secrets of his own.
powerful hide their crimes.                                   score—untilhisformerpartnerarrives.ahardenedkiller
                                                              of Danny’s millionaire boss, and needs help to pull it off.   8 CDs       978-0-7927-9897-2       SLD 148      $79.95
12 CDs   978-0-7927-4672-0             SLD1063 $110.95
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-4746-8             CMP1063 $ 69.95        DoingthejobcouldcostDannyhiscareer,hisrelationship,
also available as a digital download                          and his freedom; refusing could cost him his life.

                                                              7 CDs       978-0-7927-4720-8          SLD1081 $74.95
No colder Place                                               also available as a digital download
Narrated by Sky Vogel                                         More Marcus Sakey p 67
When a Manhattan construction site is plagued by an
hireP.I. billSmithtoinvestigate.Smithgoesundercover
asabricklayertotryanduncover the person behind the
job-site trouble.

8 CDs       978-0-7927-3267-9          SLD 119   $79.95

                                                            For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                   131
                                                                        MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                Lawrence Sanders & Vincent Lardo                           Dorothy L. Sayers & Jill Walsh                               A Line in the Sand
                                McNally’s alibi ª                                          A Presumption of Death                                       Narrated by anthony Head
                                Narrated by adam Henderson                                 Narrated by Edward Petherbridge                              Frank Perry waits for his past to arrive. a decade before,
                                Palmbeach’sman-about-crimearchyMcNallyisbackina            Whenapracticeair-raidendswithayoungwoman’sdeath,             hehadspiedforthegovernmentontheIranianchemical
                                delightfullyraucousstewofmystery,comedy,andsuspense!       it’s almost a shock to hear that the cause is not enemy      andbiologicalweaponsinstallations.Hehadprivileged
                                                                                           action, but murder. Or is it?With Peter away, Harriet sets   accessandhisinformationdamagedtheirkillingcapacity
                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-2646-3       SLD 482    $79.95      out to find out whodunit…                                    for years.

                                                                                           8 CDs       978-0-7540-8752-6          CCD 304 $79.95        12 CDs      978-0-7540-5318-7          CCD 009 $110.95

                                                                                                                                                        More Lisa Scottoline pp 36, 37
                                McNally’s chance ª
                                Narrated by adam Henderson                                 Thrones, Dominations                                         Elaine Shannon & ann blackman
                                bestsellingromanceauthorSabrinaWrightasksforarchy          Narrated by Ian carmichael
                                McNally’shelpinfindinghermissinghusband.Soit’sup           LordPeterWimseyandhiswifeHarrietVanearesettling              The Spy Next Door
                                toarchytofindthefugitivefamilymembersbeforelocal           into their new life together, but when murder strikes in     Narrated by Barbara Daniels Korsen
                                gossips get wind of the story-and start pointing fingers   theirsocialcircle,theyaredrawnintoanunexpectedcase.          RobertHanssenwas,byallappearances,atrustedandloyal
                                at some of Palm beach’s most prestigious names.            DorothyL.Sayers’unfinishednovelhasbeencompletedby            FbIagent.Hehadalmosttotalaccesstothemostsensitive
                                                                                           JillPatonWalsh,andtheresultisworthyofthemistressof           material,includinginformationaboutRussianswhowere
                                7 CDs   978-0-7927-3131-3           SLD 628 $74.95         the golden age of the crime novel.                           secretlyworkingfortheU.S.Hewasinapositiontobetray
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3132-0           CMP 628 $44.95                                                                      morevaluablesecretsthanalmostanyoneelse.andhedid.
                                                                                           8 CDs       978-0-7540-5439-9          CCD 130 $79.95
                                                                                                                                                        10 CDs      978-0-7927-9866-8          SLD 117   $94.95
                                McNally’s Dilemma               ª
                                Narrated by adam Henderson                                 Sandra Scoppettone                                           Karin Slaughter
                                afterfindinghusbandnumbertwoinaprecariousposition          This Dame for Hire                                           a Faint cold Fear
                                with an attractive young lady, MelvaWilliams pulls the     Narrated by Laura Hicks
                                trigger-and readily admits to the crime passionel. To                                                                   Narrated by Deborah Hazlett
                                                                                           FayeQuickisasassysecretarywhokeepsthehomefires               SaraLinton,medicalexaminerinthesmalltownofHeartsdale,
                                shield hergorgeousdaughterfromthepress,sheturns            burningbyreluctantlybecomingaprivateinvestigatorafter
                                toher friend, archy McNally. bewitched, bothered, and                                                                   Georgia, is called out to an apparent suicide on the local
                                                                                           herbossjoinsthearmy.Truetohername,Fayecatcheson              collegecampus.asJeffreypursuesthesadistickiller,he
                                bewildered, archy stands to lose more than his patient     quick,andisespeciallyadeptatsolvingcrimes-notably
                                fiancée by playing bodyguard.                                                                                           discovers that ex-police detective Lena Adams, now a
                                                                                           when she stumbles (quite literally) over the body of a       securityguardoncampus,maybeinpossessionofcrucial
                                                                                           murdered woman.                                              information.
                                12 CDs      978-0-7927-9904-7       SLD 055    $110.95
                                                                                           8 CDs       978-0-7927-3696-7          SLD 824   $79.95      10 CDs   978-0-7927-3066-8             SLD 610 $94.95
                                McNally’s Folly ª                                          also available as a digital download                         2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3083-5             CMP 610 $59.95
                                Narrated by adam Henderson                                                                                              also available as a digital download
                                for its production of Arsenic and Old Lace, archy tosses   Too Darn Hot                                                 Indelible
                                hismegaphoneintothering.Forpoorarchy,there’smore           Narrated by Laura Hicks
                                                                                           awashintears,salesgirlclaireTurnerarrivesattheTimes          Narrated by Deborah Hazlett
                                drama backstage than onstage. When an actor sips                                                                        The sins of the past have caught up to Sara Linton and
                                somepropwineanddropsdead,thePalm beachpolice               SquareofficeofprivateinvestigatorFayeQuickandbegs
                                                                                           Fayetofindhermissingboyfriend,armyprivate charlie            Jeffrey Tolliver. When medical examiner Linton and
                                suddenly develop a special interest in the local theater                                                                police chiefTollivertakeatripawayfromthesmalltown
                                scene.                                                     Ladd, who has been AWOL for three days. While Faye
                                                                                           detects, the mercury rises in the city that never sleeps.    of Heartsdale,itshouldbeastraightforwardweekendat
                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-9924-5       SLD 075    $79.95
                                                                                           8 CDs       978-0-7927-4064-3          SLD 971   $79.95      goes violently wrong.
                                                                                           also available as a digital download
                                Dorothy L. Sayers                                                                                                       10 CDs  978-0-7927-3293-8              SLD 683 $94.95
                                                                                                                                                        1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3294-5              CMP 683 $59.95
                                Strong Poison                                              Lisa Scottoline                                              also available as a digital download
                                Narrated by Ian carmichael
                                DashingdetectiveLordPeterWimseyiscaughtupinthe             Mistaken Identity
                                murdertrialofmysterywriterHarrietVane.Herfiancèdied        Narrated by Kate Harper                                      Like a Charm
                                of poisoning and she is the prime suspect. Will she be     NothingcanpreparebennieRosatoforhermeetingwith               Narrated by Susan Ericksen
                                convicted andexecutedforthecrime,orcanhesaveher            hernewclient,aliceconnolly.Whatshocksbennieisthat            Onesingularlyunluckycharmbraceletfindsitswayinto
                                life and win her hand in marriage? Strong Poison is the    connollylooksjustlikeher.Withthetrialonlyaweekaway,          theimaginations of the most critically acclaimed and
                                first of a series of Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane    bennie plunges into the mystery of the murder and her        award-winning practitioners of the new noir in this
                                mysteriesinwhichtheircomplexromanticrelationshipis         family’s dark secrets.                                       explosive and dazzlingly inventive suspense novel of
                                revealed in detail.                                                                                                     linked stories. The incredible array of contributors
                                                                                           12 CDs   978-0-7927-3205-1             SLD 243 $110.95       includes Lee Child,Val McDermid, Laura Lippman, and
                                6 CDs       978-0-7927-5058-1       SLD1204 $64.95         2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-2766-8             CMP 243 $ 69.95       Peter Robinson.
                                More Dorothy L. Sayers pp 68, 163                          also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                        9 CDs   978-0-7927-3238-9              SLD 662 $89.95
                                                                                                                                                        1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3239-6              CMP 662 $54.95
                                                                                                                                                        also available as a digital download

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                                           MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
More Karin Slaughter p                                       Out of the Deep I Cry                                        Richard Stark
Martin cruz Smith                                            Narrated by Suzanne Toren                                    ask the Parrot
December 6: A Novel ª                                        Whenthelocaldoctordisappears,itdoesn’ttakelongfor            Narrated by William Dufris
Narrated by Susan Ericksen                                   thegossip-mongerstostartinsinuatingfoulplay.clareand         Racing through the backwoods of Massachusetts and
as seen through the eyes of a U.S. spy hours before the      Russpursueaninvestigationthattakesthemdeepintothe            on the verge of being taken down for one of the biggest
Japanese sneak attack, December 6 is a taut and              past and to a series of sordid and horrifying secrets, one   andmostdisastrousbankheiststhestatehaseverseen,
suspenseful tale about a young american agent who            family will risk everything to keep hidden.                  Parkerrunsrightintothebarrelofagunpointedfromthe
infiltratesJapaneseIntelligence—anduncoversknowledge                                                                      wrong side of the law.
abouttheimminentstrike.HemustwarnWashingtonand               12 CDs   978-0-7927-3221-1             SLD 656 $110.95
escape with his family before it’s too late.                 2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3222-8             CMP 656 $ 69.95       5 CDs   978-0-7927-4356-9              SLD 990 $59.95
                                                             also available as a digital download                         1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4575-4              CMP 990 $39.95
10 CDs   978-0-7927-2740-8             SLD 500 $94.95                                                                     also available as a digital download
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-2765-1             CMP 500 $59.95
                                                             To Darkness and to Death
                                                             Narrated by Suzanne Toren                                    Lemons Never Lie
Julia Spencer-Fleming                                        What begins as a simple case of a woman lost in the          Narrated by Steve aveson
                                                             woods leads to a tangle of revenge, blackmail, assault,      When he’s not carrying out heists with his friend Parker,
a Fountain Filled with blood                                 kidnapping, and murder. as the hours tick by, chief          AlanGrofieldrunsasmalltheaterinIndiana.Butjobshave
Narrated by Suzanne Toren                                    of Police RussVanalstyneandEpiscopalpriestReverend           beenthinlately—whichiswhyGrofieldagreedtoflytoLas
clareandRusswonderiftherecentcrimewaveisconnected            clare Fergusson struggle to make sense of their town’s       VegastohearandrewMyers’plantoknockoverabrewery
tothevictim’scontroversialplantoopenanupscalespa.            plunge into chaos—and their own chaotic emotions.            in upstate New York.
They’re left to fight their unspoken attraction to one
another evenastheyuncoveralabyrinthineconspiracy
that threatens to turn deadly for them both.                 11 CDs   978-0-7927-3548-9             SLD 787 $99.95        5 CDs       978-0-7927-4684-3          SLD1075 $59.95
                                                             2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3644-8             CMP 787 $59.95        also available as a digital download
                                                             also available as a digital download                         More Richard Stark p 68
11 CDs   978-0-7927-3316-4             SLD 692 $99.95        More Julia Spencer-Fleming p 68

                                                                                                                                                                                      MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
2 MP3CDs 978-0-7927-3317-1             CMP 692 $59.95
also available as a digital download                                                                                      Peter Straub
                                                             Peter Spiegelman                                             Shadowland
all Mortal Flesh                                             Death’s Little Helpers                                       Narrated by William Dufris
                                                             Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                    Twofriendsarespendingaseasonofhorror,apprenticed
Narrated by Suzanne Toren
                                                             PrivateinvestigatorJohnMarchishiredtofindmissingWall         toaMasterMagician.Nowtheyarelearningsecretsbest
                                                             StreetanalystGregoryDanes.Marchunearthsarat’snest            left unlearned by entering a world of incalculable evil
in the town about his secret feelings for the Rev. clare
                                                             offamilystrifeandbusinessbetrayals,andhediscovershe          moreancientthandeathitself-moreterrifyingandmore
                                                             isn’t alone in his hunt for the missing man.                 real. and only one of them will make it through.
suspect when his wife is found murdered in their own
the authorityofthechurch,andtheirownguiltyhearts.            12 CDs      978-0-7927-3693-6          SLD 823   $110.95     16 CDs      978-0-7927-2820-7          SLD 524   $119.95
                                                             also available as a digital download                         More Peter Straub p 42

11 CDs      978-0-7927-4368-2          SLD 992   $99.95
also available as a digital download                         Mickey Spillane                                              carsten Stroud
                                                             Dead Street                                                  cuba Strait
In the bleak Midwinter                                       Narrated by Richard Ferrone                                  Narrated by Gary Littman
Narrated by Suzanne Toren                                    For twenty years, former NYPD cop Jack Stang has lived       Rick broca rescues a pilot from his downed sea plane
a newborn infant left at the church door brings clare        withthememoryofhisgirlfriend’sdeathinanattempted             during a massive storm, his good Samaritan act draws
together withthe town’spolice chief, RussVan alstyne.        abduction.butwhatifsheweren’tactuallydead?Whatif             himintoaninternationalwebofmurderandespionage,
Theirsearchforthebaby’smotherquicklyleadstheminto            shesomehowsecretlysurvived—butlosthersight,andher            with a bit of political maneuvering, caribbean voodoo,
thesecretsthatshadowMiller’sKillliketheever-present          memory,andeverythingelseshehad...exceptherenemies?           and backroom Hollywood drama thrown in for good
adirondacks.                                                                                                              measure.
                                                             5 CDs       978-0-7927-5009-3          SLD1155 $59.95
                                                             also available as a digital download                         14 CDs      978-0-7927-2807-8          SLD 517   $115.95
11 CDs      978-0-7927-3180-1          SLD 641   $99.95
also available as a digital download

                                                           For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                 133
                                                                          MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER

                                James Swain                                                   True Justice                                             Donald E. Westlake
                                Deadman’s Bluff                                               Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                361
                                Narrated by alan Sklar                                        butch Karp’s nightmare begins when a shocking act of     Narrated by L. J. Ganser
                                AblindpokerplayernamedSkipDeMarcoisscamming                   negligence results in homicide. Goaded by the media’s    Themeninthetan-and-creamchryslercamewithguns
                                the world’s largest poker tournament in LasVegas, and         sensationalpublicity,thepublicisscreamingforblood,       blazing. When Ray Kelly woke up in the hospital, it was
                                cheatingexpertTonyValentine and his son, Gerry, have          and Karp’s boss, D. A. Jack Keegan, is listening.        a month later, he was missing an eye, and his father was
                                been hired to find out how.                                                                                            dead. Then things started to get bad.
                                                                                              14 CDs     978-0-7927-9984-9      SLD 035    $115.95
                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-4346-0          SLD 988    $79.95      More Robert K. Tanenbaum p 69

                                                                                                                                                       5 CDs   978-0-7927-3642-4              SLD 804 $59.95
                                also available as a digital download                                                                                   1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3643-1              CMP 804 $39.95
                                                                                                                                                       also available as a digital download
                                                                                              andrew Taylor
                                Deadman’s Poker                                               The american boy
                                Narrated by alan Sklar                                        Narrated by Alex Jennings                                Put a Lid on It
                                What started as a conman’s deathbed confession turns          Despitehisefforts,Shieldiscaughtupinadeadlytangleof      Narrated by William Dufris
                                intoadeadlyLasVegasgrudgematchduringtheworld’s                sex,money,murder,andlies—atanglethatgripshimtighter      aWashingtonmanwantsMeehantostealtheincriminating
                                biggestpokertournament.WhileGerrytangleswiththeVegas          evenashetriestoescapefromit.andwhatofthestrange          evidenceinexchangeforfreedomfromtheManhattan
                                mob, Tony enlists the aid of an aging grifter to save the     americanchildattheheartofthesemacabreevents—what         correctional center. The problem is that no one in
                                tournament,andstopablindplayerwho’souttoheistit.              is the secret of the boy named Edgar allen Poe?          Washington can keep their mouths shut.

                                8 CDs       978-0-7927-4059-9          SLD 966    $79.95      16 CDs     978-075409626-9        CCD 423 $119.95        8 CDs       978-0-7927-9884-2          SLD 135   $79.95
                                also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                                                       also available as a digital download

                                                                                              Minette Walters            Audie Award
                                Midnight Rambler                                              The breaker                                              The Fugitive Pigeon
                                Narrated by Peter Jay Fernandez                               Narrated by Robert Powell                                Narrated by Nick Sullivan
                                Years ago, South Florida cop Jack carpenter beat up           Twelvehoursafterawoman’sbrokenbodyiswashedup             Whentwohit-mencomeafterhim,he’ssuddenlyonthe
                                a murder suspect named Simon Skell, a dangerous               on a deserted shore on the south coast of England, her   run. Now charlie has to learn how to handle his Mafia
                                predatorwhotorturedyoungwomen.WhenJacklosthis                 traumatizedthree-year-olddaughterisdiscoveredtwenty      Uncleal:Pointwithagun,notafinger,andthreatentotell
                                temper, he lost his job and marriage, too; so as Skell’s      milesawaywalkingthestreetsofPoole.butwhywasKate          aunt Florence everything!
                                earlyreleasefromprisondrawsnear,thetarnishedhero—             killed and her daughter, a witness, allowed to live?
                                now a specialist in missing-child cases—sees an
                                opportunity to make things right.                                                                                      6 CDs       978-0-7927-9988-7          SLD 039   $64.95
                                                                                              10 CDs     978-0-7540-5315-6      CCD 006 $94.95
                                8 CDs   978-0-7927-5033-8              SLD1179 $79.95
                                1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-5073-4              CMP1179 $49.95                                                                  The Hook
                                also available as a digital download
                                                                                              The Shape of Snakes                                      Narrated by William Dufris
                                More James Swain p 69                                         Narrated by Frances barber                               bryceProctorrhadamultimillion-dollarcontractforhis
                                                                                              She was known as Mad annie and was despised by her       next novel and a bad case of writer’s block. Wayne
                                                                                              neighbors.Herpassingwouldhavegoneunnoticedand            Prenticeisafadingauthorinaworldthatnolongervalues
                                Robert K. Tanenbaum                                           unmournedbutfortheyoungwomanwhofindsherand               hiswork.ProctorrproposesthatPrenticehandoverhisunsold
                                                                                              believes—apparently against reason—that she was
                                absolute Rage                                                 murdered.
                                Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                                                                              advance fifty-fifty. There’s just one rider to the deal…
                                afast-rising,blue-collarTeamsterwithdesignsintheunion         10 CDs     978-0-7540-5429-0      CCD 120 $94.95
                                presidencyhasbeenmurderedinthemountainsofWest                                                                          8 CDs       978-0-7927-9954-2          SLD 005   $79.95
                                Virginia, along with his wife and youngest child. Karp is
                                waryaboutwadingintosuchapoliticallydiceysituation—            Joseph Wambaugh
                                andhisfearsarechillinglyjustifiedwhenkillerstargethis                                                                  The Road to Ruin
                                own family.                                                   Hollywood Station                                        Narrated by William Dufris
                                                                                              Narrated by Adam Grupper                                 The mark is Monroe Hall, corrupt cEO of a now defunct
                                                                                              astheymaketheirwayfromthedrugdenstodirtystreet           conglomerate,whospentmoreofhiscompany’smoneyon
                                14 CDs      978-0-7927-2749-1          SLD 507    $115.95
                                                                                              corners,astringofseeminglyunrelatedeventsluresthe        himselfthantheboysatEnronandWorldcomcombined.
                                                                                              copsofHollywoodStationtotheirmoststartlingcaseyet—       Having escaped prosecution, Hall is holed up on his
                                Enemy Within                                                  andremindsthemthatnothing’stoohorrificorextreme          massivePennsylvaniafarmandDortmunder,asusual,has
                                Narrated by Nick Sullivan                                     for Los Angeles.                                         his eyes on the big prize: Hall’s vintage wheels.
                                In an election year, no one feels the pressure more than
                                the men and women who vow to protect and serve. For           10 CDs  978-0-7927-4521-1         SLD1051 $94.95         8 CDs   978-0-7927-3216-7              SLD 654 $79.95
                                butchKarp,chiefassistantdistrictattorneyforNewYork            1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4569-3         CMP1051 $59.95         1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3217-4              CMP 654 $49.95
                                county, bullet holes aren’t the only holes in this volatile   More Joseph Wambaugh p 70                                also available as a digital download
                                case, or in a second shocking puzzle.

                                14 CDs      978-0-7927-9938-2          SLD 089    $115.95

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                                            MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
Donald E. Westlake (comt.)                                       Marianne Wiggins                                             Messenger of Truth
Trust Me on This                                                 The Shadow catcher                                           Narrated by Orlagh cassidy
Narrated by Nicki Van Gieson                                     Narrated by Bernadette Dunne                                 WhenNickbassington-Hopefallstohisdeaththepolice
EnroutetohernewjobattheWeeklyGalaxy,SaraJoslyn                   In this remarkable novel,Wiggins weaves parallel tales       rule it an accident, but Nick’s twin sister, Georgina isn’t
stumblesacrossabloodycorpseina buickRiviera. a big               of famous photographer Edward curtis.                        sosure.Whentheauthoritiesrefusetoconsiderhertheory
story?Notinthispaper.Instead,Sarafindsherselfscheming                                                                         thatNickwasmurdered,Georginaseeksoutanoldclassmate
over100-year-oldtwinsandhuntingdownaTVmega-star!                 8 CDs       978-0-7927-4893-9          SLD1148 $79.95        from Girton College, Maisie Dobbs, psychologist and
Then there’s the problem of the corpse in the buick.                                                                          investigator, for help.

10 CDs      978-0-7927-9967-2          SLD 018    $94.95         Penelope Williamson                                          9 CDs       978-0-7927-4367-5          SLD 991    $89.95
                                                                                                                              also available as a digital download
                                                                 Wages of Sin
Watch Your back!                                                 Narrated by barrett Whitener
Narrated by William Dufris                                       Daman Rourke is once again trying to solve a brutal          Paula L. Woods
Beforetheypullthejob,Dortmunder’screwisstartledto                murder.Thistimealocalpriesthasbeencrucifiedandleft
find their beloved gin joint, the OJ, in the clutches of the     inanabandonedwaterfrontwarehouse.Theinvestigation            Dirty Laundry
Mafia.Now,Dortmunderandhisgangaredeterminedto                    revealsashockingsecretandRourkegetscaughtupina               Narrated by Karen Kelly
split their time, fighting the mob and robbing the rich          disturbingseriesofeventsthatultimatelyputshim,and            ThestakesarehighforDetectiveCharlotteJustice,ofthe
simultaneously.                                                  those he loves, within the killer’s reach.                   LAPD’seliteRobbery-HomicideDivision.Whenshe’scalled
8 CDs   978-0-7927-3533-5              SLD 773 $79.95                                                                         Park,specialmarketsstrategistforanupstartcampaign,
                                                                 13 CDs      978-0-7927-2867-2          SLD 544   $112.95
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3534-2              CMP 773 $49.95                                                                         all of her skills—and fears—come to the fore.
also available as a digital download

                                                                 Jacqueline Winspear                                          8 CDs       978-0-7927-2936-5          SLD 569    $79.95
What’s So Funny?                                                 Maisie Dobbs
                                                                                                                              also available as a digital download
Narrated by William Dufris
                                                                 Narrated by Rita barrington

                                                                                                                                                                                            MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • THRILLER
periloustreasurehuntforalong-lostgoldandjewel-studded            at first, Maisie only suspects foul play, but she must act
                                                                                                                              Strange bedfellows
chess set once intended as a birthday gift for the last                                                                       Narrated by Melissa Maxwell
                                                                 fortuneandtakerefugethere.Maisiehurriedlyinvestigates,       LAPDhomicidedetectiveCharlotteJusticereturnstoan
Romanov czar.The purloined past of this precious set is
                                                                 uncoveringadisturbingmystery,which,inanastonishing           investigationsheoncehadtoleavebehind.Thirteenyears
                                                                 denouement,givesMaisiethecouragetoconfrontaghost             before,Justice’shusbandandchildweremurderedintheir
8 CDs   978-0-7927-4740-6              SLD1096 $79.95            that has haunted her for years.                              owndriveway.Nowcharlotteisonedgeagain,bedeviled
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-4764-2              CMP1096 $49.95                                                                         bybloodymemories,aviolentincidentinvolvingafellow
also available as a digital download                             8 CDs       978-0-7927-3460-4          SLD 752   $79.95      officer, and a cold case that turns red-hot.
More Donald E. Westlake pp 29, 71                                also available as a digital download
                                                                                                                              8 CDs       978-0-7927-3899-2          SLD 901    $79.95
Kate White
                                                                 birds of a Feather
A Body to Die for                                                Narrated by Kim Hicks
Narrated by Jen Taylor                                                                                                        Margaret Yorke
Whenbaileygoestothemassageroomtoretrieveherlost                  whenMaisielearnsoftherecentviolentdeathsofthreeof            The Price of Guilt
watchandfindsadeadbody,herdetectiveinstinctskick                 the heiress’old friends. Is there a connection between       Narrated by Rula Lenska
backin.asbaileyuncoversthevictim’smysteriouspast,                her mysterious disappearance and the murders?Who             Journalist andrew Sherwood witnesses an assault on a
shebecomesinfatuatedwithJeffreybeck,whoisworking                 would kill such charming young women?                        woman and wants to find out more about her. Louise
onthecase.Thenanotherhorrifyingmurderoccurs-and                                                                               Widdows is on the run from a tyrannical husband. She
Bailey seems to be the next target.                                                                                           movesintoavacantcottageandisbefriendedbyandrew
                                                                 9 CDs       978-0-7927-3665-3          SLD 812   $89.95
                                                                 also available as a digital download                         and his young son. She is drawn to the freedom so long
7 CDs   978-0-7927-2933-4              SLD 561 $74.95                                                                         denied,whileandrewisdrawntoherbythemysteryofher
1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-2934-1              CMP 561 $44.95                                                                         sudden flight and the secret he knows she is hiding…
                                                                 Pardonable Lies
Ethel Lina White                                                 Narrated by Orlagh cassidy                                   8 CDs       978-0-7540-5515-0          CCD 206 $79.95
                                                                 Agnes Lawton never accepted that her aviator son was
The Lady Vanishes                                                killedintheGreatWar,atormentthatledhertotheedge
Narrated by Finty Williams
Iris carr is a beautiful young socialite on her way back
                                                                 spiritual strength tested, as well as her regard for her
home to England after vacationing in Europe. Feeling
                                                                 mentor, Maurice blanche.
terribly alone and afraid, she finds comfort in the
butcomfortsoonturnstohorrorwhenMissFroymysteriously              9 CDs   978-0-7927-3749-0              SLD 841 $89.95
vanishes without a trace.                                        1 MP3CD 978-0-7927-3835-0              CMP 841 $54.95
                                                                 also available as a digital download
                                                                 More Jacqueline Winspear pp 17. 71
5 CDs       978-0-7927-4888-5          SLD1143 $59.95

                                                               For digital download information please see pages 180-185                                                                                   135

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