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                                  8 May 2005
LAST week we looked at what a deacon           As minister of the altar the deacon
is. This week we will look at what a           prepares the gifts and thus “serves at
deacon does.                                   table” before standing back for the
Deacons’ roles vary considerably; as they      presider to offer the gifts to God. As an
receive no salary, many are in full or part-   ordinary minister of Holy Communion he
time employment and can only devote            always helps with the distribution of
part of their working week to the Church.      Communion at Mass. As a sign of his
But always their functions in the Church       identification with Christ “The Suffering
come within the threefold ministry of          Servant”, he is particularly associated
Word, Altar and Charity. This has its          with the chalice and he will frequently
origins in the early church when the first     distribute the chalice at Sunday Mass. He
deacons were appointed by the apostles to      is also an ordinary minister of Baptism
take over the charitable task of               and Matrimony and administers these
distributing food to the poor but were also    sacraments, as well as presiding at
soon engaged in spreading the gospel, as       funerals.
we saw in last Sunday’s reading about the      It is the deacon’s particular role to have a
deacon Philip from the Acts of the             concern for the weak in society,
Apostles.                                      especially the sick, the poor and the
From the beginning, the distinctive            bereaved, to stand in solidarity with them
ministry of the deacon lay in Pope John        in their suffering and to seek its
Paul’s phrase “attitude of humble              amelioration through charity and justice,
service”. As a minister of the Word, the       frequently in conjunction with other
deacon carries the Book of the Gospels         organizations. In an address to American
into Mass and it is his function to            deacons in 1987 Pope John Paul summed
proclaim the Gospel. He also preaches at       up the threefold ministry of the deacon
Mass if asked to do so by the presiding        “The word of God inevitably leads us to
priest. He leads the people in prayer at       the Eucharistic worship of God at the
the bidding prayers, though he may defer       altar; in turn this worship leads us to a
to others to read them. He also a teacher      new way of living which expresses itself
of the faith and prepares people for the       in acts of charity.
                     Mass times & intentions
                 Morning Prayer (Week 3) 15 mins before Mass

SATURDAY (7th )               6.30p.m. (St John’s) – Ivor Leach

SUNDAY (8th)                  9.00a.m. – Jake Scott
                            11.00a.m. – All Parishioners

MONDAY (9th )
                            10.00a.m. – Eucharistic Service

                            7.30p.m. - Rosary

                            10.00a.m. - Eucharistic Service

(St John Houghton)

FRIDAY (13th)
(St Erconwald)               10.00a.m. - Intentions of Graham Donnelly

(St Matthias)                12 noon - Abigail Witchell
                              6.30p.m. (St John’s) – Heather Mills

SUNDAY (15th)                 9.00a.m. – Lilian Mary Richards
                             11.00a.m. – All Parishioners

    SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Saturday: 11am - 12 noon
                           EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS
                                (14th/15th May 2005)
6.30p.m (St John’s) Evelyn Fahie and Trevor Lines
9.00a.m *Rita Cofie, Chris Ransom, Rosemarie Hall, John Bradley, Maureen Cosgrave
11.00a.m. *Renate Bates, Charles Dymond, Ewa Borsley, Jan Lockyer, Anne Hall
                         FOR YOUR PRAYERS
A special request for your prayers this week for Abigail Witchell, who is still seriously
ill. We continue to remember always those parishioners who are sick and housebound,
especially Lilianne Banna, Tilly Barnes, Joanna Blake, Ida Butlin, Paulina
Cabuche, Maureen Cannon, Nic Chanarin, Bill and Yvonne Couperthwaite, John
Cronin, Xavier Drury, Maureen Gallagher, George Galletly, Grace George, John
Gillespie, John Corbett Gillespie, Olive Hall, Joan Harvey, Enrica Holbert, Jean
Humphrey, Philip Jansma, Mary Kelly, Marea Kemp, Joan Lannen, Catherine
Libby, Winifred McDowell, Teresa McKenna, Jane Miller, Ron Monro, Carol
Montague, Gregory Mowett, Denise Muxlow,             Ivy Nice, James Norris, Violet
O’Connell, Pat Palin, Eileen Pool, Winifred Potter, Carrieanne Rogers, Kathleen
Rowles, Maureen Secker, Sheila Sheppey, Ann Staines, Ann Stokes, Alison Taylor
and Stella Williamson. We remember also Alban James Fowler, John McAndrew,
Gwen Richmond, Camilla Skinner, Denis King, Geoffrey Roberts, Emily Stanley,
Patrick Hyland, Anne Reade, Ivy Kelly and Lilian Mary Richards, whose
anniversaries occur this week
             THIS WEEK                            ORDINATION AS DEACON
Please note that there will be no morning     Graham Donnelly will be ordained as
Mass on Tuesday, Wednesday or                 Deacon here in St Teresa's on Saturday
Thursday of this week. There will be a        21st May at 11.30a.m. All parishioners
Eucharistic Service at 10.00a.m. on           are warmly invited to the Ordination
Wednesday (11th) at 10.00a.m.                 Service and to the Buffet Reception in the
  PENTECOST NOVENA WEEK                       School Hall afterwards. It is envisaged
The nine full days between the feast of       that the Service will end at about 1pm and
the Ascension (May 5th) and Pentecost         that the reception will finish by around
Sunday (15th) form The Great Novena,          2.30p.m. Do keep Graham in your
when the Church prays for a special           prayers.
outpouring of the Holy Spirit.                               THANKS
   FIRST HOLY COMMUNION                       The family of Heather Mills write: "We
The children and their parents come           express our grateful thanks to the
together this afternoon at 3.00p.m. for a     parishioners of St Teresa's for their
Service of Reconciliation as part of their    many kind messages of condolence,
preparation for First Holy Communion          Mass Cards and loving support in
  WORLD COMMUNICATIONS                        respect of the recent death of Heather.
          DAY                                 We were overwhelmed to see so many
Today is being held as a Day of Prayer for    parishioners at Mum's funeral Mass"
all who work in and through the Media. In          MAY IS MARY'S MONTH
a message, written shortly before his         Throughout the month of May, we will in
death Pope John Paul stressed prayer as       our prayers and devotions and hymns,
an essential background in the importance     give special devotion to Our Blessed
of all Communications.                        Lady. There will be recitation of the Holy
             WELCOME                          Rosary on Tuesday (10th) at 7.30p.m. Do
We welcome Orla Elizabeth Higgins             come.
and Cian Louis Higgins, who were
baptised last Sunday into the family of the
                          SUNDAY 15th MAY at 3.00p.m.
We invite all parishioners to come and share in this Service, when with
prayer and the lighting of candles, we will call to mind all those known to
us who have died and especially those of our own families Do invite your
friends and neighbours and any who you feel might be helped by such a
  ST TERESA'S SCHOOL FETE                       drinks from 7.30pm, and the evening ends
Details of the School Fete, taking place        around midnight. Full details from Teresa
next Saturday (14th May) are given in the       – 01277 265286, or
flyer accompanying this Newsletter. The
fete gives an opportunity to all
                                                St Teresa's Altar Servers
parishioners to support the school, as well
                                                represented the parish as
as being a happy and enjoyable occasion.
                                                700 Catholics gathered last
Do come along between 11am and
                                                Monday at walsingham for
2.00p.m. If you still have raffle tickets,      the    Diocesan     Pilgrimage.
they can left at the Presbytery at anytime      They walked the Holy Mile
during the week.                                (with Daniel, Alex and Charlotte
  SICK AND RETIRED CLERGY                       doing so barefoot - as did pilgrims of
There will be a collection after all Masses     old!)
next Sunday for this fund which provides        Next Saturday, fourteen of
assistance to the priests of the Diocese.       our Servers will be meeting
   MAKE POVERTY HISTORY                         up at Ingatestone Hall with
The Catholic Church is playing a leading        several   hundred   servers
role in an important international effort to    from around the Diocese
tackle global poverty during 2005. In this
country, all parishes are being asked to
join what will be a powerful
demonstration of the Church's teaching on
concern for the poor.
CAFOD offers a simple action that all
parishes can share in. Parishioners are
asked to sign a white sash and all these
sashes from thousands of parishes will be
sent to Edinburgh for the July Meeting of
the G8 Summit of the World leaders.
Further details next Sunday
           GARDEN PARTY
            Saturday 21 May
 You are invited to a relaxing evening by
the lake at New Hall with a flute quartet,
live band, mime artist, and full buffet - all
for £30. The event is for adults, and will
support the work of the Brentwood
Catholic Youth Service. Bring some
friends and fill a table of ten! Welcome

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