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									                                         Accepted Variance
Explanation of          A variance is written permission issued to build in a manner not consistent with the
variance                specific requirements of the Alberta Building Code 2006 but which provides, in
                        the opinion of the issuing Safety Codes Officer, an equivalent or greater level of
                        safety to persons and property.
                        (Replace red sample text with your information)
Date of Issue           April 11, 2011
Name and address of     ????? Master Built
the owner and/or        54321 – ABC Street SW
contractor upon whom
the variance is being
                        Edmonton, Alberta
issued                  T0T 0T0

Code provision to be    Limiting Distance where Firefighting Facilities are Inadequate, of
varied                  Division B of Alberta Building Code 2006. This Article is described by the
                        Objective OP3 Protection of Adjacent Buildings of Facilities from Fire OP3.1 –
                        “fire or explosion impacting areas beyond the building or facility of origin” and the
                        Functional Statements F03 – “To retard the effects of fire on areas beyond its point
                        of origin”.

Reason for variance     To allow for the installation of unprotected openings in exterior walls of a single
                        family dwelling that is 1.2 meters from the property line, and beyond the City of
                        Edmonton Fire Department 10 minute response time.

Details of variance     A variance is hereby granted in respect to the requirements of of
                        Division B of the 2006 Alberta Building Code to allow for glazed openings at a
                        minimum 1.2 meters from the property line in an area outside of the City of
                        Edmonton Fire Department 10 Minute Response Time. The subject dwelling is of
                        combustible construction, two storeys in building height and approximately 101
                        square meters (1088 square feet) in building area and situated approximately 1.2
                        meters (4.0 feet) from both side property lines.
                        The side walls are to be constructed as per the attached plans including being
                        sheathed on the exterior with fire retardant treated plywood or OSB panels with a
                        minimum 15 minute fire resistance rating complying with ULC-S101 and having a
                        flame spread less than 25. The interior of the side walls are to have a minimum 45
                        minute fire resistance rating complying with ABC 2006, A- - EW1b or
                        Appendix D.

                        A summary of the windows:
                        Right side elevation: basement, 60 x 24 in.; second floor 40 x 48 in.,
                        Left side elevation: basement, 36 x 24 in.; main floor 2 – 16 x 60 in.; second floor
                        30 x 48 in., 40 x 48 in.
                           All windows listed are to have wood frames, are permitted to be open-able or fixed,
                           but not of a slider type. Soffits are to be non-venting.
                           The intent of the requirements is to prevent further damage to the subject and
                           adjacent buildings as required by the referenced Objection and Functional
                           statements for a minimum period of 15 minutes due to fire. The design of the walls
                           is supported by the NRC- Full Scale Fire Study of Spatial Separation, Research
                           Report: IRC-RR-195, dated May 19, 2005; the Larden Muniak Consulting Inc. –
                           report for Spatial Separation Between Residential Buildings – dated Feb 15, 2011,
                           and Intertek, Report Number 100397303SAT-002, issue date April 28, 2011 fire
                           tests and Engineering reports.

Variance is site-          This variance is site-specific and sets no precedent.
specific and non-
precedent setting

Address and /or legal      12345 ABC street SW
description of the         Edmonton, Alberta
property upon which
the thing, process or
                           Plan 0123456 Block 1 Lot 1
activity which is the
subject-matter of the
variance is located

Authority under which      This variance is issued under the authority of the Safety Codes Act, Chapter S-1
the variance is being      and Clause (1) (b) of Division A of Alberta Building Code 2006

Advisement of offence      Non-compliance with the requirements of this variance is an offence under the
                           Safety Codes Act.
Identification of Safety
Codes Officer              ______________________________________

                           Safety Codes Officer of Building Discipline
                           Certification Number S 000000
                           Designation Number D 0000

Accredited                 City of Edmonton
organization               Planning and Development Department
employing Safety           Current Planning Branch
Codes Officer              500, 10250-101 ST NW
                           Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3P4          780-496-3100   Fax: 780-496-6054
                           Accreditation Order Number M000177

Submission of copy of      A copy of this variance will be submitted to:
variance to                Technical Administrator of Building
Administrator              c/o Safety Codes Council
                           Suite 1000, 10665 – Jasper Avenue NW
                           Edmonton, AB T5J 3S9

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