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									                   Be More Environment Friendly- Use electronic documents

Go green! This is one hot topic nowadays, that can be heard from most of the environmentalists,
propagating the benefits of going green. Going green is meant by becoming more environment-
friendly, so that nature can be sustained for longer time. It has almost become a fad that people are
supporting the notion of becoming environment friendly not only in our houses but offices too! At
first, people show a lot of interest and take complete care to support the cause, but unfortunately
that interest fades away with time. Although, making drastic changes could be very difficult for the
initial stages but making a handful of improvements will ascertain that you're putting your efforts
into saving the environment. Making minor changes at your office will have a big impact like
managing your documents well and the way you deal with them. Document management is a key
factor, which will be able to create a positive impact upon the environment. Apart from this, there
are many other methods in which you can lessen the stress upon the environment by managing the
paper-flow in your office. We have seen a great advancement made by the technological world, and
this has helped various businesses, institutes and offices to lessen the use of paper work for their
records and documentation. There are various easy-to-use document management software
programs, which if you use will support the revolution of making the Earth a greener planet. With
the help of a digital document management system in place, you can store all company documents
almost instantly! You will not have to bother yourself with the old lame paper work system to
maintain documents.

Recycling papers is a good option to show your support towards preserving the environment by
regularize the usage of paper in your office. You can set a targeted use of paper in your office so that
people get used-to work in this manner. Another method of doing your bit to make this a greener
planet is by emphasizing on the use of electronic documents rather than physical papers. Portable
document format is a universal file format used by various computer users. Offices across the globe
use this format to save their documents as it is non-editable, lighter, more secure and is also
considered to be the best document format for sending over the internet. It has been observed that
PDF helps in limiting paper use in offices, which is one of the main reasons why many users
convert Word to PDF. Taking a little extra care, and giving back something to the mother nature
will not only benefit your office but the entire humanity in a lot of ways!

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