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									FIBA Elects New Board of Directors Headed By
President Frank Robleto
A Journey To Financial Excellence To Be a Key Objective

June 21, 2011 09:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

MIAMI--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--FIBA, (Florida International Bankers Association) a trade association
whose membership includes some of the largest financial institutions in the world, with foreign and domestic banks
from Europe, the U.S. and Latin America who are active in international trade and finance in our hemisphere, has
elected its new Board of Directors to be headed by President Frank Robleto. Robleto will serve during the 2011-
2012 fiscal year and has served as First Vice President of FIBA for the past year.

In his inauguration speech, FIBA's president-elect addressed members and guests who gathered for the 32nd
anniversary and the installation of the new Board of Directors. Robleto believes that in spite of challenges to the
industry from increased regulation combined with a slow economic recovery, FIBA will continue on its Journey to
Financial Excellence. "International banks continue to face major challenges on the regulatory side, including the
Dodd-Frank Act which represents the most comprehensive financial reform since the Great Depression, and Basle
III which will increase the cost of capital and lower the profitability of banks, as well as restrict the funds available to
loan in the local community," Robleto said during his acceptance speech. "The sluggish economic recovery, including
a still-declining real estate sector, has prolonged the financial crisis," he added.

With opportunities in international trade finance and international wealth management, as well as a commitment to
innovation and talent development, Robleto and the Board of Directors are confident that FIBA will continue to
move forward on its path to financial excellence. Robleto identified the 5 key pillars to achieve this:

- Protocols and Advocacy. FIBA will continue working on strategic alliances and cooperation with other entities
that share FIBA's goals of economic growth and expansion in our community, such as the Beacon Council,
Enterprise Florida, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and the Latin American Federation of Banks
(FELABAN). In addition, FIBA will re-double its advocacy efforts on issues such as the newly proposed IRS rule
which would require banks to report non-taxable interest income earned by NRAs (non resident alien account

- In depth Support of Key International Business Activities. International wealth management, international
trade finance which is a national priority for job creation through the doubling of exports, will be key priorities for

- Strong Communication. Both internal and external communication are critical for FIBA and international banking
to remain at the vanguard in an industry undergoing constant change.

- Local and International Conferences. These remain a necessity for members, regulators and the larger financial
community to come together to share best practices.

- Talent Training and Development. FIBA has been extremely pro active in creating a variety of learning
platforms to keep the international bankers up-to-date. Examples are the broad range of e-learning courses, the new
international trade finance specialist certificate, the FIBA AML Institute certifications.


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