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                                                                  Tech Stuff

               MFL Resources                                                Link                                                          Notes
MFL Resources Home Page etc.          1) Home page/ French                     French PowerPoint/ scroll to 4 from bottom: Template for
                                               Worksheets/ La Ville (6 down)                                    Millionaire
MFL Resources                                                                  French (LHS)/ scroll to Halloween/ Vocab PowerPoint
Resources on weather and climate             open first item: Vocab: snow transport
Collaborative page for teachers                                        French/ French songs (RHS) 5 item down/ Food and
                                                                                                                drink YouTube video (je commence à avoir faim!)
Tour de France worksheets                    nope
MFL Resources                                                          French PowerPoint/ être - passé composé by
                                                                                                                barbaracheded (about 30 down)

   Name           Description                                            Websites General                                                           Notes

Languages      Resources for Irish                                                                      textbook resource, LC/JC material, oral,
at Rock        Teachers                                                                                                           grammar, quiz, trivia, jokes
Edcodigital    Book Resources        Interactive resources: (NB Not active as yet for French)                  under development for French &
Word           online dictionary
Pointdufle     links to 100’s of audio/ des dizaines de                     grammar, multiple choice, fill blank etc.
               websites              compréhensions audio/ famille
Vocab          vocab learning
Express        software for pupils
Mon JT         News clips; easy                                                               short news pieces, excellent
Bonjour de     free cyber   vocabulaire/ la méteo// then do “exercise de                 gram, comp, vocab, games
France         magazine with         compréhension”
               links to courses      Note: some quizzes involve sending email address
Tapis Volant   standalone          can be used without the textbook
               exercises             click Unit 12/ Liens/ book yourself a virtual train
French         PowerPoint   1) “Interactive Sites” (go 2 down on LHS) for links to other   links to 100’s of sites   resources, game        sites // 2) Interactive Exercises/ scroll to Quizzes
              suggestions etc
French        Link to A levels View (link to vocab lists)   vocab lists
French        game suggestions Games that Work/ Irish Bingo!!
Elysee        PF for Sarkozy home/ Bureau de M. le ….                        send email to Sarkozy; clips, photos
NZ            New Zealand   scroll to La Vie en Rose                    worksheets for films, song lyrics,
              French teachers                                                                                                 activities, scene by scene description;
              resource website                                                                                                links to sites, activities etc.
Languages     Oz resources for click on Ready made            1. online games; 2. pdf worksheets; 3.
Online        teachers; Fre, Ger,    activities, large number of games, good instructions                                     game makers
A Tantot      Language games (NB not same site as ) good; click on    free!
              (Fr/Ger/Sp/It)         French/ Penalty/ Adjectives/ One player game/ Kick off
Linguafun     online games in Free activities/ French/ Activity 10                            costs £100 pa for school licence
              Fre, Ger, Sp
BBC           BBC language        French/ Cool French/ Food                          also try “Ma France”. Video with
              courses                                                                                                         subtitles and activities
Fab French    School website school site; average                                grammar games; quia exercises
              with links;
School site   French, Spanish French/ Expo 1/ famille/ jig word/ matchword/         TaskMagic style games
                                     speedword/ wordweb/ ….word attack
Film          Reviews       synopsis of films in French                                      suggestion: write a film critique en
Films         Film info and View                                                 Les Choristes
Internaute    Photos of animals      view, discuss
              and nature             dans-la-nature/une-spectaculaire-explosion-de-couleurs-dans-la-
                                     nature.shtml?f_id_newsletter=631 View
IT Scotland   Beginner games       easy
Languages     Fre, Ger, Sp, It. Français/ Vêtements/ first exercise                   Encore Tricolore, TaskMagic; quiz,
on line                                                                                                                       grammar, games
Curiosphere   clips                                                                       science, arts etc.
Curiosphere   how a plane flies                                     science of flight
Curiosphere   L’effet serre   fast
                                     meteo-aerienne-les-courants-verticaux start clip at 18 secs
Pomme         links to 1,000s of resources for Primary teachers in France               festivals around the world; links to
Verte         sites collected by a                                                                                            primary class activities
              French parent
Disney        Aimed at French resources for Primary teachers   games; activities; videos; music etc.
              primary schools        in France;
French        Enormous site; our resources/ Year 10 – 11/ Road signals (LHS) AND        x-words; PowerPoints; games   grammar, topics        iPhone (RHS) scroll to vocab and exercises                                               suggestions; text with exercises
French        Advanced level type “Cas de Renvoi” in search box   topics with questions; snakes and   link                                                                                                            ladders conversation!
Branksome     Includes celebrities Categories/ Adverts           Sting sings “Ne me quitte pas”; games
languages     speaking French;       promoting languages “Goldfish V kitty” & “What are you sinking about?”                   (“War of the words”) etc.
Realnet       Games, grammar bottom of page/ grammar games index/ millionaire 7/ future    excellent
              etc.                   tense/ (scroll down)/ continue to choose in detail/ irregular formations/ choose your
                                     exercise. Note: Word Buster very good; multiple gram elements can be combined
Sandfield     Huge variety of home/ CliclClock2 (on LHS)                         Flash resources; donation accepted
school        games; NB scroll
              down on Home
Sutton High   lots of exercises French/ GCSE/ New GCSE/ Il faut bosser/ 2.           Excellent!
Ina           Collection of                                 ads; 100s of vid clips from French news,
              archive items etc.                                                                                              politics, sports, arts, culture
              Authentic French
Accents       French Regional
Illusions     Optical Illusions in                PowerPoint pres
Second Life   The future!                     Avatar
Teachnet      teaching imperfect                                       PowerPoint and notes; bon
              through a murder       Imperfect%20Tense/imperfect%20tense/index.htm
              suspense story
Polarfle      Teaching                                                       lots of varied exercises; 4 different
              Grammar etc.           le crime: debutant (have a look then return to Home/ Les Personnages: Debutant/ …(no     levels; jeux; excelllent
              using a detective      facility to insert accents)
Wikispaces    French Resources. slow to load                                     bon; Ppt: grammar, expressions +
                                                                                                                              animals; games; history; news;
Penpals       French site that
              connects students.
              Penpals etc
Epals         Penpals      
Penpals       Penpals, linking
              schools etc
Pratiks       How to. Practical                                                                  see: “comment ouvrir un coca cola
              tips.                                                                                                           secoué”
France Bis    French Podcast requires downloading of MP3 files to work                    listening Comps with questions
Allgemein     Swiss website with click on French flag on LHS                      good for vocab; otherwise so so;
Bildung       online activities
Jokes         Learn French            jokes online
              using jokes            s
Mobiclic       Interactive                                                    school topics eg. history, geog, science
               CDROM for                                                                                                  etc.
               French kids 9 – 13
               years old.    Website with 103                                                          video resources & teaching
               videos                                                                                                     plans/suggestions/ideas etc.
Sacodeyl       Interviews with 13                                      click on French Corpus/ Go! requires
               to 17 year olds                                                                                            add-on
Linguascope    games                                                      subscription required
Linguascope    Classroom Posters               buy posters
Web.mac        Listen Comp site,_French,_German_    Podcasts. Fre, Ger, Spa;
                                      AS_+_A2.html                                                                        requires add on
Frenchpod      Daily Podcast                                                      irritating, slow spoken French
Jeunesse       advice for French                               bullying, love, family …..
J’Ecoute       kids on problems
AF Touch       Gastronomie en
Cuisine        France
               Link to A levels
               vocab lists
North-         Language learning                                        French, German, Spanish
umberland      through fairy tales.
“Enchanted     Resources. Maps                                subscription
Learning”.     etc. All subjects
“TTS”.         Resources                                    Shop
Bookbox        Simple stories for eg.                                                         Shop: Flash, sound and text; $3 each
Dictionary     Talking Dictionary                                                       French, German, Spanish
Teachers       Create classroom                                                        turn text into puzzles, bingo cards,
Pet            games                                                                                                      flashcards, word search, crossword etc.
Peinture fle   Using art to teach
Wikipedia                                                                   Wikipedia in French
200 words-     use pics to learn                                            Shop
a-day          voc
Manfred        Teacher’s website   exercise on poem by Jacques Prévert
Overmann       yes he’s German!       Présentation Powerpoint/ Questions à réponse courte
Newbury        Intro to other                                show kids how easy it is to learn eg.
Park           languages for kids;                                                                                        portuguese, as they now speak French
website        v. short
Marmiton       Cooking recipes
Surfrider      site eco                         for teachers
Marie Claire   les règles du,connaissez-vous-les-regles-du-savoir-          quiz on savoir-vivre
Maison         savoir vivre           vivre,200355,33212.asp
Bonjour de      Online FLE   click on Jeux (LHS)/ Intermediaire/ Futur Simple         comp, gram, voc, idioms, games
Second Life     Avatar. The future!                   created by a student; contains errors
Quiz            Quiz         try “Inventeurs”                    en français
Maps, clipart                       for sale
Marchand        clipart, maps etc                                                         free
Plonk et        Cartes Postales                                    display and discuss
Replonk                               Catalogues:
Verb            free for desktop
Desktop         Calendrier  
Vocab Files                                                                       must download programme first
Lexique Fle     vocab                                                                      PowerPoint
Phonetics       downloads                                                                  section for teachers
Webswami        Web Based    purchase only                                                   for purchase only; click on video tour
                Language Lab
Sunderland      Resources for Fre.                            grammar, X-words; worksheets etc.
Schools         Ger. Sp.
Maison de       interactive site poor                                                     sound files are poor; short interactive
Quartier                              How to use site:              written exercises;
                                      Interactive Grammar:
Goethe          vocab tests; X-                                            links to Amazon
Verlag          words
Maternelle      Primary school Primary school resources                                          cutting and pasting required
Moustache       resources
Societaires     saving the                                        slightly adult content!
                environment clips
TV5             French Quizzes                          difficult
Esclavage       Slavery in                                                       Interactive site (“ludo-éducatif”)
Vocab           ICT Vocab                                 uses rollover. Canadian govt site; limited
A Tantot        English website; subscription required                                    games, jokes, videos; good but requires
                Fre, Ger, Sp;                                                                                                  subscription (£40 pa)
Edhelper        USA; all subjects                                                                 $40 pa for licence; not great
Souffler        Various multimedia see clip on Go Animate: (RHS) “Sylvia on Go         ideas on use of PowerPoint,
                ideas; blog           Animate”                                                                                 Smartboard, video, songs etc.
Animal          animals sounds
sounds          translated
USA site        Video clips with view clip, answer questions;   also: history, culture, politics, links etc.
               study guides from     good concept but poor quality
History        History of France                                                  difficult
               with authentic
Newspaper      Front Pages from                                           text unreadable on screen….only for
               around the World.                                                                                              printing
USA            School website run                                               games; links; kept up to date
               by teacher
Celebrities    Famous French                      links to other sites; beware ads!
Delicious      Links to 100s of                                                              also German, Spanish etc.
               French lang sites

Clips,                                                                             Link                                                                      Notes
                 YouTube clips etc. can be used at the end of a class/week as reward. Suggestion: show clip and discuss in target language/ show clip,
                 pupils write description of what they saw as HW or exercise
Sting: ne me
quitte pas       Lyrics: open both files/ play song & read words
Recommended      Belle Ville Rendez-vous, the Eighth Day, Asterix at the Olympic Games, Gloire de mon Père, Chateau de mon Père, my Father the            recommende
films            Hero, Trois Hommes et un Couffin (3 Men and a Baby), Mr Bean’s Holiday, Brice de Nice, Belle Ville Rendez-Vous (no speaking), A          d by teachers
                 Self-made Hero, le Silence de la Mer, le Scaphandre et le Papillon; Tanguy; La Science des Rêves
Recommended      La vache du prisonnier (humoristique), La traverse de Paris, La grande vadrouille, Vol au dessus d`un nid de coucou, Un long dimanche    recommende
War films        de fiancailles, La ligne de démarcation, La Grande Illusion, Jules et Jim, Les Croix de Bois, Les Otages, Joyeux Noël, Un Long           d by MFL
                 Dimanche de Fiançailles , Les Fragments d'Antonin, Capitaine Conan, Le Caporal épinglé                                                   teachers
Ashcombe                                                                                              photo, TM;
School                                                                                                                                                    YouTube, X-
Resources                                                                                                                                                 words,
animation in                                                                                               links to
French done                                                                                                                                               hundreds of
by kids                                                                                                                                                   websites
Sticky Notes                                                                                                             sticky notes
Short                                                                                                                    Suggest:
animations                                                                                                                                                view, discuss
Film.                                                                                                        history of
Immigration                                                                                                                                               imigration
Jalons                                      Old newsreel
Cheap DVDs
Video clip; fun;                                                                          French chap
long                                                                                                                                                       visits London
Film by Yann NB Here is a link to download this film:        90 mins long.
Arthus-            arthus-bertrand-bittorrent/                                                                                                             Also German
Bertrand on                                                                                                                                                and Spanish
YouTube                                                                                                                                                    versions
called “Home”
Recommended                                                           Fre, Ger, Sp,
films                                                                                                                                                      It
French cinema                                                                                                                  en anglais
Cheap DVDs                                                                                                                 eg. Manon
                                                                                                                                                           des Sources
Cheap DVDs                                                                                                                             eg. Au revoir
etc.                                                                                                                                                       les enfants
Hotel de Ville
Google photos                                                                           360 degree
                                                                                                                                                           Photos of
Failblog: clips                                                                                                    caution!
of funny                                                                                                                                                   check before
incidents                                                                                                                                                  using!
Advert. Clips

            Music, lyrics                                                     Link                                                 Notes
lyrics                          Les Textes (LHS)/ Jacques Brel (LHS 20 down)/
                                         Amsterdam/ demo copy & paste
interactive gram, voc, dict, games La grammaire   excellent music games
via songs                                par les chansons/ then scroll along to right to “quelqu’un m’a dit”
beginners; not many songs                        easy
classical instruments introduced                              with sound; fun; definitions; games
music & lyrics                            J Brel: Ne me quitte pas + text
music & lyrics                                         Carla Bruni!!: ”La dernière minute“;
                                                                                                                    très vite!
music & lyrics                                        Cabrel: “Octobre“
music & lyrics                                        Nougaro : “Tu verras“
music & lyrics                                      Claude François: “Comme
                                                                                                                    d’habitude” (I did it my way)
music & lyrics                           Pierre Bachelet: “En l’an 2001”
music & lyrics                              Simon & Cherhal: “Ces mots
                                                                                                                    stupides” (Something Stupid”)
music & lyrics                       Clarika: “Ne me demande pas”
Platea                                               Exercises in French
Platea                                                     games
Comptines                                            Text of songs. Beware: redirection to
                                                                                                                      other commercial sites!!!
Songs, words, videos         
4Shared; videos like YouTube            this one is about kittens
4Shared: inventive Malawian          text in English
4Shared: Le train et l’amour 
Song: “Un monde parfait”                                                 comptines                                             Poisson d’Avril
Lion King: Video and lyrics  
Song for learning parts of body.             “Jean Petit qui danse”
Create a quiz based on a YouTube

          Internaute: Magazine                                              Link                                                    Notes
home page                          
Photos insolites                   
science quiz                       
“Les perles du bac”; common errors in the      eg. “comme son nom l’indique les blues a
Bac                                          bac/jeu-de-couleurs.shtml?f_id_newsletter=1161                       été inventé par les Noirs”
Teach facial expressions using animal
photos                                       sauvages/photo/grimaces-de-nos-amis-les-animaux/grimaces-de-

          Tech stuff                                                     Link                                                        Mes Notes
Applian. Captures streaming                                                    gratuit
video/ sound MP3/ MPEG-4           (Note: when downloading clear checkboxes labelled 'Make Ask my default browser
                                   search provider' and 'Set my home page to')
1AV Capture                                                    record what you see/hear on PC;
Fraps                                                                                   take screen shots; record
                                                                                                                          video/animation from your
                                                                                                                          screen; $37
Screencast                                                                    make recording of your screen
                                                                                                                          activity; online tutorial; free
Screentoaster                                                                            make recording of your screen
                                                                                                                        activity; free
Video on how to insert Flash
into Powerpoint                    powerpoint-from-notebook.html
Screen Jelly                                                                       record screen activity and email
                                                                                                                        it to someone
Intro to Multimedia                                             document
Video on using Interactive         you can create boxes to appear,
Whiteboard spotlight function in   function-in-powerpoint-how-to-do-it.html                                             disappear, reappear, move
Powerpoint                                                                                                              quickly, slowly, in any direction
                                                                                                                        and be repeated as often as you
Audacity                                                                      free recording software
Audacity: how to use etc. videos
Audacity.                                   how to create a sound file basics
How to Podcast using Audacity                                                 video
Create a website                                                                                  €50-100; superbe!!
Create a website                                                      free
Website building                                                    links to free web building
Use Filezilla FTP                                                                upload to your website
TEFL clips (article)                                                           how to upload files to youtube
Audacity (article)                            download LAME to convert MP3
                                                                                                                        files in Audacity
Typing accents etc. using
Unicode etc.
ICT4LT                                                               article on authoring progs
Virtual dice                          for use with games

  TaskMagic/ Boardworks/                                                     Link                                                       Notes
       Melvin/ Quia
  Cartoon/ Game Creation

TaskMagic Trial          
TaskMagic activities     
TaskMagic activities     
Boardworks                home/ Secondary School/ View the full size video (RHS)/     School licence for French:
                                   scroll to French teacher                                                                 £1,200 p.a.For use with
                                                                                                                            Interactive Whiteboard.
                                                                                                                            Request demo disk.
Melvin                    Not much variety in exercises       teaching software with lots
                                   Simple vocab building. Aimed at interactive whiteboards                                     of games/ £100 to purchase
                                                                                                                               licence for 1 computer.
Quia Demo                                                                                     game maker; some ready
                                                                                                                               made games
Content Generator                                                                    games creation software
Hot Potatoes                                                                        game making software,
                                                                                                                               multiple choice, x-words etc.
Toondoo                                                                           create comic strips
                                   Example of aToondoo (Slow to load):
Mrs Hampson                          Make Beliefs Comix Strip
                                   90ba-40cc-8e2d-b58ddde58a6c                                                                 Tutorial video
Cartoon making           
Goanimate                                                                                       create animations
                                   Example in French:
How to create text to speech
Anithings                                                                                   animated cartoon creation
                                                                                                                               with speech bubbles
Site with links to game creation   first 2 sites mentioned seem
sites                              mfl.en                                                                                      very good; lots of research
Flash games; so-so                                                                 bingo, countdown,
                                                                                                                               millionaire etc.
Photostory                        use photos to tell a story
“Tarsia”: Word jigsaw maker                                                   free; designed for maths
Quizlet: quiz maker.                                                                               “scatter, space race”; all

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