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					11.1. – 19.2. London module Experimental Radiation Oncology for MSc
Radiation Biology (RB) and Module Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy for
MSc Cancer (CA), including cell survival curves practicals

11.1. 10 am         CA only: primary interactions of radiation with
                    cells, radiation dose, DNA damage and repair,
                    radiation effects on cells                            Prof. Trott
      2 pm          Principles of radiotherapy                            Prof. Trott
12.1. 11 am         Growth and staging of cancer                          Prof. Trott
      2 pm          Tutorial: principles of experimental radiotherapy;
                    discussion of students seminars                       Prof. Trott

13.1. 11 am         Proliferation kinetics of cancer cells               Prof. Trott
      2 pm          Radiation effects on cancer cells                    Prof. Trott
14.1. 11 am         Cancer stem cells                              Dr. Kummermehr
      2 pm          Cancer cure: experimental methods and
                    clinical implications                          Dr. Kummermehr
15.1. 11 am         Tumor response and regrowth delay
                    after irradiation of cancer                    Dr. Kummermehr
       2 pm         In vitro and in vivo cancer models
                    for translational research                     Dr. Kummermehr

18.1. 11 am         Human tumour xenografts in experimental
                    radiotherapy I: the role of tumour immunology,    Dr. Zips
       2 pm         Human tumour xenografts II: experimental design
                    and results                                       Dr. Zips
19.1. 11 am         practical I: theory                               Prof. Trott
      1 / 4 pm      practical I                                       Dr. Nuta
20.1. 11 am         Radiobiology of tumour hypoxia                    Prof. Trott
      2 pm          Tutorial: Tumour stem cells                       Prof. Trott
21.1. 2 pm          Clinical Principles of curative and
                    palliative radiotherapy                    Prof. Hoskin
22.1. 1 / 4 pm      practical II                                      Iria GV

25.1. 11 / 3 pm     practical III                                          Iria GV
26.1. 9 am          practical IIIa: irradiation of cells
      11 am         completion of tasks of practical III                   Iria GV
27.1. 11 am         Tumour angiogenesis and hypoxia:
                    vascular targeting I                                   Dr. Tozer
       2 pm         Endothelial cells and the cytoskeleton, their role
                    in tumour response of radiotherapy                 Dr. Kanthou
28.1. 12 am         Fractionation in radiotherapy: dose per fraction       Prof. Trott
      2 pm          Principles of medical statistics                  Dr. Hackshaw
29.1. 10m           Principles of clinical trials in cancer treatment Dr. Hackshaw
      1 pm          practical IV                                           Dr. Nuta

1.2.   11 am / 3 pm practical V                                           Dr. Nuta
2.2.   11 am / 3 pm practical VI                                          Dr. Nuta
3.2.   10 am        students seminars (CA)
4.2.   9.30 am       Early radiation effects in oral mucosa              Prof. Dörr
       12 am         Post-irradiation biological modification
                     of early and late radiation effects                 Prof. Dörr
       3 pm          Acute and late radiation effects on the skin        Prof. Trott

5.2.   10 am          Fractionation in radiotherapy: overall treatment
                      time, accelerated repopulation                     Prof. Trott
       1 pm           Tutorial: discussion of results of practical       Prof. Trott
       3 pm           Radiotherapy Chemotherapy interactions             Prof. Trott

8.2.   1 / 4 pm       practical VII
9.2.   10 am          continue practical VII
       2 pm           Molecular targeting in experimental radiotherapy
                      of cancer                                            Dr. Short
10.2. 11 am           Principles of antibody-directed cancer radiotherapy Dr. Pedley
      1 pm            Dosimetry of antibody-directed radiotherapy Dr. Green
      3 pm            Interactions of biological modulating agents with
                      radiotherapy                                  Prof. Hochhauser
11.2. time to be decided: visit of MSc Cancer students to the radiotherapy
      department of Mount Vernon Hospital Northwood (Prof. P. Hoskin)
                     free for preparing essay (CA only) and of description of
                     methods and results of practicals (all!)
12.2. 11 am           test (RB only): radiation effects on tumours and tumour stem
                     handing in essay: The impact of the progress of molecular
                     oncology on the progress of clinical oncology/radiotherapy
                     (CA only)

next week: MSc RB only
15.2. 11 am        Acute and late radiation effects on the intestinal
                   system                                                Prof. Trott
       2 pm        students seminars RB only
16.2. 11 am        radiation effects on the heart                        Prof. Trott
       2 pm        Quality control in radiotherapy                       Dr. Aird
       4 pm        Tutorial: Discussion of the reports on the practicals Prof. Trott
17.2. 11 am        Radiation effects in the lungs                        Prof. Trott
       2 pm        Volume effects in radiotherapy                        Prof. Trott
18.2. 11 am        Radiation effects on the central nervous systemProf. v. d. Kogel
       2 pm        The structural physiology of human cancers Prof. v. d. Kogel
19.2. 11 am        New concepts and new trials in radiotherapy           Dr. Short
       2 pm        The role of large animal studies in experimental
                   radiotherapy                                   Prof. Hopewell
Description of practicals:

The aims of these practicals are to teach the students methods, potential, limitations
and interpretation of experimental methods to investigate the effects of radiation on
cancer cells in vitro

Structure of the practicals: there will be 8 practical sessions of 120 minutes each.
There will be 8 students from MSc Radiation Biology and 9 students from MSc
Cancer. These will be divided into 2 groups of 8 and 9 students each, but each group
should have similar numbers of students from either course. Most practicals will be
introduced by a 60 minutes lecture in the morning of the same day. Both groups will
perform their practicals on the same day between 1 and 3, and between 4 and 6

Requirements for the practicals: 4 hoods, 2 incubators, availability of X-ray machine
on 2 mornings, but irradiation will be performed by UCL staff
Experiments will be performed using 4 different cell lines, i.e. each group works in
parallel experiments with a different cell line ( e.g. CHO, CHO repair deficient, HeLa,
other established human cell line available in the lab

Practical I: basic cell culture technique, single cell suspension, viability testing,
counting cell numbers, serial dilution, plating cells for population growth and clonal
growth study. Each group prepares 16 dishes/flasks. Introduction: Trott/Otilia/UCL

Practical II: staining of 2 flasks of clonal growth and count cells per clone.
Trypsinize two flasks of population growth experiment and count cell numbers
subculture stock culture. no introductory lecture: Iria/UCL

Practical III: as practical II, plus: trypsinize stock culture, serial dilution and plating
of cells for cell survival curve, radiation doses of 0 Gy, 3 Gy, 6 Gy, 9 Gy, 6 flasks
each dose. Next morning demonstration irradiation: Iria/UCL

Practical IV: last experiment on clone growth and population growth. Compile data
and analyse data: Trott/UCL

Practical V: stain survival curve flasks, count colonies. Set up MTT assay, apoptosis
assay and micronuclei assay in parallel: Otilia/UCL

Practical VI: stain micronuclei: Otilia/UCL

Practical VII: analyse using microscope micronuclei, perform MTT and apoptosis
assay; Otilia/UCL