UpStage Players Presents by liuhongmei


									          UpStage Players
             Invite all to Join our
                             Improvisational Troupe

            If you like to think on your feet and create original stories then this is the
           group for you. We started the group last year and would love to build it up
              this year. This improvisational troupe will include ages: Readers to ?????
            We will rehearse theater games about once a month. Then we will go and
               present them at events such as fundraisers, benefits, carnivals, birthday
               parties etc. It will be a fun way to market UpStage and get some more
           acting experience. You and your parents or you alone can participate. There
            is really no specific time commitment except you must sign up when you
               can be there and then be there. We also will look for theater events to
                           attend as a group to enhance our craft of acting.

If you are interested fill out the below and come to our first meeting and rehearsal on
      February 2nd and 23rd from 6:15-7:45 at the Slovenian Workman’s Home.
                    Call Mrs. Walsh-Hilf for details at 216.978.2395.

___ Yes I am interested in participating in the Improv. Troupe.
Name _________________________ Age ______ Grade _____
School _____________________Phone Number ____________
Email _________________________
Parent Permission ___________________________
Parent email _______________________
Please sign and return by January 30th.

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