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Contents of the module 27.9 and 29-30.9.2007
•       Thursday PM
    –       Definitions and concepts: Process and Project
    –       Methodology by Neoxen
•       Saturday AM
    –       Quality Management and Control Systems
    –       Key issues in quality management, models and guidelines
    –       Process Model Handbook
•       Saturday PM
    –       Documentation Requirements
    –       Documentation framework, scope and structure
    –       Challenges of change management
•       Sunday AM
    –       Process Planning, building the process map
    –       Budgeting and resourcing, phased milestone approach
•       Sunday PM
    –       Project Management and Participation
    –       Interfaces with customers
    –       Internal logs, security and accessibility
              METHODS & MATERIALS


•   Examples from companies in Finland
•   Hands-on teamwork and discussion
•   Templates and models

Off-shoring         Partnerships and
Service             distributed
(call center etc)   projects

Outsourcing       Core
(software/module) competence-
                  based and value-
                  adding activities

Processes are…

•      Defined operational procedures
•      Describe “the way we work”
•      Intended to be repeatable

•      Standards, auditable processes
•      A good quality manual describes processes

    Discussion item: Real life processes, examples

…projects, in turn, are…

•       Individual cases where the processes are applied
•       Variable, since processes have decision trees
•       Customer and product specific angle -> modular

•       Turn process metrics to budgets and time
    –      Hours worked
    –      Investments and costs
                    QUALITY MANAGEMENT


•   Neoxen original materials
•   Discussion
•   Application with a group excercise

(file form, only for the class presentations)
                      CONTROL SYSTEMS

Motivation and benetifs of control systems

•   Customer requirements
•   Internal efficiency – competitive advantage!
•   Process metrics for project status monitoring
•   Estimations for project competion

Documentation requirements

•        Must be complete
     –       Criteria: someone else with the same skill set will be able to modify, update and complete regardless
     –       In English (example: case SmallTalk)

•        Must not become an end by itself, over-documentation is redundant, also very costly

Documentable items, considering process model already in place?

Material: Software Development Center model, distributed
and discussed.

Application to case companies present at the training
                          CHANGE MANAGEMENT

The documentation is ready, but now….

•    The customer changed his mind
•    A new processor/platform/protocol emerged in the middle of the project
•    Just one more feature to be added…

Discussion: Effect on project duration and cost,
necessary elements for handling changes occurring during the project

Discussion: Usage of CVS and other repositories
                                       PROCESS PLANNING

•   iSPEM
•   Printed material distributed in class

•   Groupwork and applying process vs. project concepts. Study the effects of change requests
    to your software project. Note the classification on “nice_to_have”, “good_to_have” and
    “must_have”- categories.

•   NB: Change means cost – lead time, resource – effect on bottom line?
•   NB: Consider collecing change requests to weekly/monthly meetings, and moving the
    changes to a separate Roadmap or Version 2.0 instead.

       Handbook, downloadable:

About Finnish Software Business:

Making a quotation

•        Assumptions about own cost
     –        Profit margin
     –        CEO or CFO takes care of this, but those aware of the projects requirements must be able to deliver within the cost frame

•        Fixed, variable, investments
     –        Do we have all the equipment for development and testing?
     –        Buy, rent .. Check availability and effect on cost

•        Note: working time, metrics and cost!
•        Discussion: How to use Asset Manager, benefits and limitations
•        Exercise: Device a simple AM architecture with consideration to
         -   hardware, software
         -   warranties, purchase cost, serial number…
         -   and bookings for use in projects


Staffing your project

•       Skills in-house, CV’s and competence map
•       Strategic Partnerships and Clusters
    –      Instead of “outsourcing”
•       Using MS Project and WBS
    –      Why?

        Discussion: “The project which never started, never ended. But it
        made big losses and took all our time.” What happened?
        Why ? - Study and evaluate causes and effects for the company

        Years later, if you only remember one slide, hopefully it is this one
                  PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Example distributed on paper: YAIP project plan

•   Assignment or group work: SWOT in software projects

       “It is better to prevent than to cure”

•   Choose a case company for the teamwork and make a SWOT
    analysis for a real, or imaginary case.
•   Note down your assumptions and reasoning for the risk rating
    you are using. Eventual contingency plans?
•   NOTE: probability of the risk materializing AND seriousness
                          CUSTOMER INTERFACE

The first paper you are likely to see…

•       IPR is the real asset, thereby protected by NDA’s
•       One example distributed in paper form
•       Group work: what does this practically mean, what mesures to
        take considering:
    –      Using external contractors
    –      Hiring new personnel
    –      Physical office space
    –      Other factors?
                                INTERNAL LOGS

Agile methods and informal procedures

•   Diaries and team blogs, SCRUM procedure
•   When to use wiki, benefits and limitations?
•   Allowing the use of ICQ and Messager?

•   Discussion on implications for outsourcing and
    distributed projects

Example distributed in class

•   Discussion: the uses and benefits of a security
•   Define the groups needing the document

•   Group work: make a short one in group, NOTE: the
    length of the document must not exceed one page

Groupwork: consider safety issues

•           Now, how to make the data both accessible, and secure?
        –       Define the critical data
        –       How to handle security copies (USB Flash Drives and CD’s plus….?)

•           Roles and accessibility for user groups
        –       Role-based e-mails vs. personal ones

      Documenting the means for keeping versions and customer data safe. Possible
      drawbacks? Balancing with data availablity issues.

            ESCROW agreements for securing source code. How to? Benefits and
            application in larger software projects.


•   Dddddd
•   Dddd
•   Ddd
•   dd
                                                   TO DO LIST


•       One learning to be implemented
•       One classical mistake to be avoided
•       About our documentation…
•       About our security policy…
•       And furthermore……….

    Timeline, responsible process owner and check points


End credits and acknowledgements

•   Turkka Ristimäki, TE-Keskus for organizing in Finland
•   BASIS for hosting and organizing in Dhaka
• for methods, materials and support
• for materials and contacts
• for ideas and contributions
•   Abu Harun Rashed for his valued advice
•   Åbo Akademi University and Turku University of Applied
    Sciences (Devera materials)

    All the students bringing their experience, views and skills into
    discussions and exchange of know-how during the training

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