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					                 “Marven of the Great North Woods”
                     Reading Test Study Guide
Dear Parents,

Several parents have inquired about ways they can help their children study and do
better on the PAWS reading tests. To address this, this study guide is provided
which will give parents and students an overview of the skills being covered over
the story’s two week period. Keep in mind that these skills are being covered in the
classroom, but any reinforcement at home is very welcome.

 Story Details / Comprehension: focusing on the skill “Problems / Solutions” and
  the strategy “Evaluate”. Students must determine the problems in the story and
  how they are solved. They must also evaluate the relationship between the two
  main characters and use clues to determine future events in the story.

 Story Vocabulary: The words for this story are: bunkhouse, cord, frantic,
  landscape, lumberjack, snowshoes, timber, woodsman, fragrance, immense,
  flapjack, and dismay. From two to six vocabulary words can be on the reading

 Information and Study Skills: Students will be learning how to find information in
  passages about following directions. They will need to use transition words such
  as first, next, then, and finally to determine the order of steps in a set of
  directions. They will be asked questions such as what comes before or after the
  step that is being described or must answer general questions about the steps
  themselves (i.e. the order of a particular step using transition words).

 Word Families: Students will be given a word and asked to find other words that
  belong to that word family. A word family is all of the words that contain the main
  (base) word of the word given. An example is “sunny.” Since the base word is
  “sun,” words that belong to this word family are those that contain that word, like
  “sunshine,” “sunflower,” “sunburn”, and “sunbeam”. Words that belong to the
  word family “waterfall” (main word is “water”) include “watery,” “saltwater,”
  “watermelon,” and “underwater.”

This story’s reading test will be given on the following date:


                                                            4th Grade Reading Test Study Guide
                                      HM: Theme 4, Story 2: “Marven of the Great North Woods”

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