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									                                        LOS CERRITOS

                                 BULLETIN                        Member of
                General Federation of Women’s Clubs –California Federation
                                 of Women’s Clubs

                                        Suzanne Seager, President                         Mary Lou Hjort, Editor
                                                LIII – Volume 10                  
                                                  June 2011                    Charlotte Weigel, Bulletin Mailing
                                                                                          Elaine Steen, Assistant
A Message from the President:
            Back from State Convention 2011, and we had a wonderful
turnout of sixteen members from Los Cerritos District. Great work-
shops and reports will follow. I was able to attend the Legislative
session and the Leadership session with a hotel fire alarm going just                    Calendar
before. I had just left the bathroom and heard an announcement from
the room speaker: ―This is a Fire Alarm. Do NOT take the elevators                  Mon., June 6—8:30 a.m.
and proceed down the stairs safely.‖ I just happened to be on the               District Executive Committee
second floor and also had a huge balcony where four tables were                  (9:30 a.m. coffee) 10:00 a.m.
outside so decided to finish dressing (only had undies on) and then slid           District Board Meeting
open the sliding door and proceeded outside and looked down over the                     WC Bellflower
pool and up the balconies above and no smoke so went back inside and              9402 Oak St., Bellflower
dialed the operator. It rang, and she answered (so I figured someone
                                                                                   Tues., June 14—10 a.m.
was still inside) and said it was a ―False Alarm.‖ I gathered my
                                                                                     District Auditions
scooter and paperwork and headed for the elevator and went to the
                                                                                    Downey Clubhouse
Legislation session, which was fantastic.
                                                                                  9813 Paramount, Downey
            It was wonderful to have so many of our district ladies
present especially with a down-turned economy but the enthusiasm                  Fri., June 24—11:30 a.m.
was strong and lots to learn. Toby Kahan made us all look good with                        Red Hats
all the activities she shared about Area C and our up coming May 25th                        Delius
event in Leadership to be held in El Monte. We will report on that              2951 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill
later as we will leave by bus from the Bellflower Clubhouse.
            We had a mini zoo at our convention and enjoyed seeing                       June 18–20
several types of animals including minks, owls, lizards, etc. A lot had               GFWC Convention
been rescued including a turtle who braved the highway. The most                        Milwaukee, WI
interesting sharing was the lady who did quilting and was able to teach
                                                                                   July 1–4, 9 a.m.–9 p.m.
the young girls who had suffered in ―sex slave trade‖ in Cambodia,
                                                                                 Lakewood Women’s Club
and were terrified to be touched after suffering so. Only when they
                                                                                     Fireworks Stand
would reach out to the teachers (the ones teaching sewing and quilting)
                                                                                Corner of Paramount Blvd. &
could they respond and touch back. The trauma had been so terrible
                                                                                       Del Amo Blvd.
that these young ladies were having to learn again how to trust people.
This was very hard on the teachers as they wanted to reach out and hug                    July 7
and show their concern. It was emotional to hear the speaker and                WC of Artesia-Cerritos Bingo
when she showed the beautiful quilts they had made and the detail. It
was amazing! Knowing that the pillows purchased were made by the                          July 23
young ladies helped to bring much needed support to this wonderful                 WC of Artesia-Cerritos
cause and also an awareness we might not have known.                             Ride Your Horse Fundraiser
                                                     back information to share with all of you club
                                                     members. I took so many notes I ran out of
        I am leaving from Los Osos on Thursday       spaces to write them. Besides being with other
as my brother had successful surgery on Monday       Federated members in the State, the workshops
and came home the same day and rested ―like a        were the most interesting. From Membership to
baby.‖ He is doing very well and Jan, his wife, is   Leadership, Fundraising and Art, Conservation
lots of fun to visit with. We kept the humor         and Education, Home Life and Communications,
going.                                               we listened and learned. I made a huge notebook
         See you in June and we will hand out the    for you all to see what we did; and then we got up
certificates we collected at State.                  the next day and went to more workshops:
                Fondly, your president,              International Outreach and Public Issues,
                                    Suzanne Seager   Advocates for Children, Legislation and Public
P.S. Please remember the                             Policy, to learn about the communities we live in.
Ride Your Horse! Therapeutic Riding Program.         There were vendor exhibits to view and see who
See                            won the categories from crafts to quilting, arts
or call Darlene Harman 714/292-3563.                 and oils, still life paintings and student artwork;
                                                     we went to vendor tables and bought items to
              2011 @ San Jose                        support Federation.        We enjoyed California
State Awards presented at CFWC Convention            History, Credentials, and Convention rules. We
Leadership, 1st Place Medium District:               heard reports of Officers and District Presidents
   Suzanne Seager, Los Cerritos District             and Chairmen; there were Area meetings; we
Membership Narrative Report:                         voted on bylaws and standing rules and more
   Area C, Small Club—North Long Beach WC            resolutions.      There were visits with Past
Membership Increase Certificate (11% increase):      Presidents of the State and current Presidents of
   Women’s Club of Artesia-Cerritos                  District and receptions and tasty meals and
Recruiter Pin Program List—Silver Star (20–24):      awards presented and a moving Celebration of
   Barbara Briley Beard, WC of Downey                Life to honor those club members who have gone
Clubwoman Art                                        to heaven before us. There was entertainment
   Oil or Other Medium Advanced Still Life—          and a time to learn about protocol and amenities,
     2nd Place: Jan Warner, WC of Artesia-           CERT information given out, and information
                                          Cerritos   about Senior Scam Kits available through the
   Other Medium Advanced Scenic—                     State of California. We learned about PTA
     2nd Place: Barbara Briley Beard, WC of          Moms signs in windows of homes that say ―Safe
                                         Downey      Home‖ and children can run to these homes for
Student Photography                                  safety if threatened or followed going to or from
   Grades 11–12—                                     school. We heard about ―Safe Routes‖ to schools
     3rd Place ($10.00 Target Gift Card):            and how we can get further information to help.
     Michael Ramirez, Norwalk Woman’s Club           There are clubs that have organized swimming
   Grades 6–8—                                       lessons to help children learn how to swim so
      2nd Place ($20.00 Target Gift Card):           they won’t drown and about clubs who sew
      Tony Guerrero, Norwalk Woman’s Club            costumes for children’s plays and skits. One club
Certificates for Sharing Artwork (Students)          put water vests by water recreation areas, and
   Lizz Andres, Norwalk Woman’s Club                 they weren’t stolen or ruined, and many adults
   Victoria Dee, Norwalk Woman’s Club                and children used them for safety. We bought
   Leilana Memo, Norwalk Woman’s Club                Cambodian silk pillows that children made to
   Cynthia Florez, Norwalk Woman’s Club              help with their families’ expenses in poverty
   Erica Garibalde, Norwalk Woman’s Club             conditions. I hope each and every one of you
                                                     gets a chance to attend a State convention and
1st Vice President, Dean:                            become a sponge and absorb the many ideas and
        The Federation Safari for State              projects information to help in your clubs and
Convention in San Jose was wonderful! So much        districts to do more in the communities we live
to learn and so little time when we were busy day    and work in. Have a blessed summer and see you
and night trying to absorb all we could to bring     in the fall.
       Love in Federation,
                             Barbara Briley Beard   3rd Vice President, Program:
2nd Vice President, Membership:                             Auditions are at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday,
Hi, Everyone!                                       June 14, 2011, at the Woman’s Club of Downey,
        May has been such a busy month, but it’s    9813 Paramount, Downey. Lunch is $12.00.
been lots of fun. First, I attended the District    Make your reservations with Jackie Reifenstein
Board and then State Convention in San Jose.        (562/531-0805) by June 7. Please give her a list
Convention was very informative and lots of fun.    of the members attending from your club and one
Being that we were on Safari, the ladies outdid     check from the club. Please invite others to
themselves accordingly and we saw elephants,        attend! Thanx, Alison Babcock
tigers and leopards and monkeys. The reports for                     562/531-0805 (Home)
the District presidents were very impressive.                        562/884-0932 (Cell Phone)
Thousands of projects, hours and money were                
donated and the enthusiasm was amazing. Helen
Brown and I drove up together and shared a room
and it was fun.
        Next comes the Garden Conference on
Monday, May 23, and everyone is busy preparing
and praying that the rain we’ve had will enhance
our gardens with beautiful flowers. Competition
is always fun and I’m looking forward to it.
Also, we have the May 25th Area C Workshop in
El Monte.       Sharing information and brain-
storming with the other districts should be                    Deadlines & RSVP’s
productive. Membership is so important to our         June 6: Subscriptions are due for the 2011–
growth. I look forward to attending.                  2012 District Bulletin. $3.50 per member;
        Thinking of you all. Have a wonderful         $3.00 per member for clubs that are 100%
day!                             Laura Oropeza
                                                      subscribers. There will be a June bulletin
Additional Members:                                   but none in July or August. Turn in list of
       Clubs may add new or renewing members          names and club check to Joanne Witt.
by June 10. Send me their names, addresses, and       June 7: Los Cerritos District Auditions
your club check for $21 for each member payable               Reservations to Jackie Riefenstein
to Los Cerrritos District.      Mark ―new‖ or
―renewal‖ by the name. Fill in remittance form        June 10: GFWC Convention
for new and/or late paying members found on           It’s not too late to attend the 120th GFWC; click on forms-emblems. Or get form         Annual International Convention June 18–
from me: 562/233-9671.                                20, 2011. The registration deadline has been
                Joanne Witt, Financial Secretary      extended to Friday, June 10, and late
                                                      registration fees will be waived until after
                                                      this date.
Dear Members in Federation,                           August 15: September District Bulletin
        As our Garden Day speaker, Helen                           Articles to Mary Lou Hjort
Woods, was packing up to leave, she discovered
that three of her books were missing. If anyone
accidentally picked up one or all three by          Also lost at Garden Conference:
mistake, please let me know so I can return them.           A 9-inch-tall clear glass vase with one
Helen is a teacher and these books are very         rose in it. The rose is red outside with a pink
special to her:                                     center. The vase has grapes etched about 3
  1. Kauffmans                                      inches above the bottom.      If you find this
  2. North America or California butterflies        vase, please call Ruby Cure, 562/421-8416.
  3. Caterpillars
                       Diane Deliz 562/429-5535
Red Hats Section—Everyone is invited!                Itinerary:
       The Red Hats June luncheon will be on                 As you are beginning to plan your
Friday, June 24, 11:30 a.m., at Delius, 2951         programs for next Club year, if you wish to have
Cherry Ave., Signal Hill. For information and        a CFWC officer or a CFWC chairman come to
reservations, email me or call me.                   your club as a speaker, please get in touch with
                      QueenMum Barbee                me. I will send you a form for you to send back
                    to me filled out.         Fran Itkoff, Chairman
                      562/498-2103                                             5307 Kettler Ave.
                                                                               Lakewood, CA 90713
Fundraising:                                                                   562/925-4405
       Show your support for Los Cerritos District
while you save money and earn cash back!             Inspiration
       The LOS CERRITOS DISTRICT is                            Out in the Fields with God
participating in an exciting new fundraising            The little cares that fretted me
program. The DISTRICT now has its own                       I lost them yesterday,
website featuring thousands of partner stores like      Among the fields above the sea,
Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, Apple, The Home                   Among the wind at play,
Depot, and many more.                                   Among the lowing of the herds,
       When you make a purchase on                          The rustling of the trees,
http:/ , the         Among the singing of the birds,
Los Cerritos District receives royalties and you            The humming of the bees.
earn up to 35% cash back on qualified purchases.
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2) Register as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER                         Out in the fields with God.
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· Follow the prompts                                 Care & Concern
· You are now eligible to earn up to 35% on                 Phyllis White is recovering from a stroke.
    qualified purchases                              Her speech has improved, and she hopes to be
3) Go Shopping                                       back with the District in the fall.
· Use the search box at the top of the screen to                         Gerri McGlocklin, Chairman
    find a specific item or type of product you’re
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· Use Shop Partners to find a specific partner       Women’s Club Memorial
    like Target or Walmart or Macy’s or Staples            At the Los Cerritos District Convention,
· Use ―Shop All Departments‖ to shop via             we honored the memory of the following
    category                                         members who have departed from us since the
· Use Hot Deals to find special deals and            2010 Convention:
   coupons to save even more money                     Woman’s Club of Artesia-Cerritos:
· Look for the MA icon to find out exactly how             Pearl Nevins
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   made from that store or on a particular                 Jeanne Putrick
   product                                                 Maxine Wittig
        IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS,                     South Gate Women’s Club:
PLEASE CALL BARBEE HEINY at 562/498-                       Charlotte Gaston
2103 or 562/412-9811 (cell) or email                                    Gerri McGlocklin                                                 Care and Concern Chairman
PLEASE JOIN US                                      Resolution 012-111
       Woman’s Club of Artesia-Cerritos will        VIOLENCE AND TEEN DATING
play Bingo at Cerritos Park East on Thursday,       (Convention 2010)
July 7, from 1 till 3 p.m. Refreshments will be     Whereas,     Dating violence is controlling,
served. Lots of nice prizes. Cost $10.                           abusive, and aggressive behavior in
            RSVP to Linda Harp, 562/860-9964.                    a romantic relationship. It occurs
                                                                 in both heterosexual and homo-
SAVE THE DATE                                                    sexual relationships and can
         The National Day of the American                        include verbal, emotional, physical,
Cowboy fundraiser will be held on Saturday,                      or sexual abuse, or a combination
July 23, 2011, at B & B Stables, 10900 Artesia,                  of these. It is not gender specific;
City of Cerritos. This is a family event with                    and
children’s activities, horse demonstrations, and    Whereas,     Lack of dating experience allows
barbecue. Craft booths will be available to rent.                teens to be more vulnerable to
In the evening, adults can attend the Birdcage                   dating violence where they are less
Saloon fundraiser for dinner, Monte Carlo, and                   likely to recognize the abuse; and
raffles.       For       more     info,       see   Whereas,     While dating, domestic and sexual .            Joanne Witt                   violence affects primarily females
                                                                 regardless of their age, but teens
                                                                 and young women are especially
                                                                 vulnerable; and
                                                    Whereas,     Eighty-one percent (81%) of
 LCD Subscriptions                                               parents surveyed either believe teen
         Subscriptions are due for the 2011–                     dating violence is not an issue or
 2012 District Bulletin. Please turn in a list of                admit they do not know if it is an
 names, addresses, and club check by June 30                     issue and a majority of parents
 to Joanne Witt or mail to 12835 Wrightwick                      (54%) admit they have not spoken
 Dr., Cerritos, CA 90703. It is $3.50 per                        to their child about dating violence;
 member or $3.00 per member for clubs that                       and
 are 100% subscribers. Make checks payable          Whereas,     Except for parents, teachers
 to Los Cerritos District. There will be a June                  probably have more contact with
 bulletin but not July or August.                                young people than any other adult;
              Joanne Witt, Financial Secretary
                                                    Whereas,     Education is the best mechanism to
                                                                 stop teen dating violence and is
                                                                 crucial to creating a culture of
                                                                 intolerance for teen dating abuse;
Tidbits from CFWC History                                        therefore
        From the 1973 & 1974 administration:        RESOLVED, THAT GFWC CALIFORNIA
                                                              FEDERATION OF WOMEN’S
―CFWC retaliated against criticism of astronauts
                                                              CLUBS REQUESTS THE
quoting the Bible while in orbit, and urged                   CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE
freedom of speech be safeguarded.‖                            ENACT LEGISLATION
        The above information is from page 76 of              INCORPORATING POSITIVE
California Federation of Women’s Clubs History                DATING EDUCATION INTO THE
Highlights 1900–1990.                                         MIDDLE SCHOOL/HIGH SCHOOL
        (These articles are submitted in each                 CURRICULUM.
bulletin by Editor Mary Lou Hjort, who reads the
books cited and selects items that might be of
interest to YOU.)
      Awards at LCD Convention
     for Jan. 1, 2010–Dec. 31, 2010
     Art Community Service Program            International Outreach—Community Service
Arts—Partnership, Judy McNatt                                    Program
Div. Place Club                              International Outreach—Collaboration,
II    1st    South Gate                                                       Helen Melton
                                             I       1      North Long Beach
   Conservation Community Service Program    II      1st    Lakewood
Conservation—Collaboration, Diane Deliz              2      Paramount
I      1st    North Long Beach               International Outreach—Partnership,
II     1st    Lakewood                                                        Helen Melton
       2      Paramount                      II      1st    South Gate
IV     1st    Artesia-Cerritos                       2nd    Lakewood
Conservation—Partnership, Elaine Steen                       Special Projects
II     1st    Lakewood                       Advocates for Children, Lynn Hutton
                                             II     1st    South Gate
    Education Community Service Program             2nd    Lakewood
Education—Collaboration, Elizabeth Romero    Communication and Identity, Helen Brown
I      1st    North Long Beach               I      1st    North Long Beach
         st                                           st
II     1      South Gate                     II     1      Lakewood
       2nd    Paramount                      IV     1st    Artesia/Cerritos
         st                                           nd
III    1      Norwalk                               2      Downey
IV     1st    Artesia/Cerritos               Domestic Violence, Jean Barrera
       2      Downey                          II    1st    South Gate
Education—Partnership, Paula Grimes                 2nd    Lakewood
IV     1st    Artesia/Cerritos               III    1st    Norwalk
                                             IV     1      Artesia-Cerritos
    Home Life Community Service Program                    Downey
Home Life—Collaboration, Naomi Pasillas      Fundraising Program, Betty Bates
I     1st     North Long Beach               II     1st    South Gate
II    1       South Gate                     III    2 nd
      2nd     Lakewood                       IV     2nd    Artesia-Cerritos
III   1       Norwalk                        Jennie Award, Helen Brown, Chairman
IV    1st     Artesia/Cerritos                      (None presented to be judged)
      2nd     Downey                         Leadership Program, Suzanne Seager
Home Life—Partnership, Winnie Baker          I      1st    North Long Beach
II    1st     Lakewood                       II     1st    Paramount
      2       South Gate                            2 nd
III   1st     Norwalk                        III    1st    Norwalk
IV    1       Artesia/Cerritos               IV     1 st
   Public Issues Community Service Program          2nd    Artesia/Cerritos
Public Issues—Collaboration, Judy Dessel     Legislation & Public Policy, Jean Barrera
I       1st    North Long Beach              I      1st    North Long Beach
II      1 st
               Lakewood                      IV     1      Downey
        2nd    South Gate                    Women’s History & Resource Center,
IV      1 st
               Artesia-Cerritos                                             Norma Byllesby
        2nd    Downey                        II     1st    Paramount
Public Issues—Partnership, Jean Barrera      III    1st    Artesia-Cerritos
II      1st    Lakewood                      Newsletters, Helen Brown
        2nd    Paramount                     IV    1st     Artesia-Cerritos
IV      1      Downey                              2nd     Downey
page: M
       District Garden Conference May 24, 2010             ladies holding the winning tickets. The drawing
YearbooFlower Categories                                   was for three $25.00 envelopes, two $20.00
any Arrangement of Roses — less than 5
Correct:                                                   envelopes, and one $17.00 envelope.             The
thank 1st Carolyn West, Lakewood
                                                           Norwalk Woman’s Club members walked away
                 2nd Ginger Webber,                        with $115.00 of the total money. The winners
s to Arrangement of Roses — 5Artesia-Cerritos
                                        or more            were Elizabeth Romero $25.00, Louise Ralston
my Naomi 1st Kathleen Leedy, Norwalk
                                                           $25.00, Alice Allen $20.00, and Mary Jane
                 2nd Gerda Trutzl, Paramount               Coleman who had two tickets that matched the
Los Old-Fashioned Bouquet
     Chang                                                 numbers called for a $25.00 and a $20.00
Cerri 1st Laura Oropeza, Paramount
                                                           envelope. Lois Iles of the El Dorado Woman’s
                 2nd Ana Flores, Paramount                 Club held the lucky ticket for the last envelope of
tos Arrangement — All One Kind                             $17.00.       Congratulations, Norwalk Club
number to
Distr 1st Helen Jaramillo, South Gate
                                                           members; you are always ready when it comes to
                 2nd Lois                                  fundraising. It is great having all the members of
ict Arrangement of Iles, El Dorado
                            Succulents or Cacti            the clubs in the district participate the way they
frien                 (None entered)                       do. Congratulations, Lois from El Dorado Club,
                                                           for not letting Norwalk take the sixth envelope;
ds         Single Flower
                 1st Julie Lehenbauer, N. Long Beach       and I might add, your hat was beautiful, a perfect
for              2nd Doris Mas, El Dorado                  match to your floral arrangement.
                                                                   Thanks to all of you for your great
your Miniatures Gerda Trutzl, Paramount
                 1st                                       support for the district fundraising effort.
cards 2nd Elaine Steen, Lakewood                                   Ruby Cure, Acting Fundraising Chairman
                                                                                  for the Los Cerritos District
,        Categories for Tables
                                                                                  Garden Conference
            Best of Theme
hugs, 1st Artesia-Cerritos
love, 2 Lakewood

            Most Beautiful                                 Los Cerritos District Board Alumnae
conce 1st North Long Beach                                          Come and join us at Alumnae meetings!
rn               2nd Paramount                             We meet 4 times a year for lunch and fellowship.
           Best Overall                                             We are different from District and Club in
and              1st Downey                                as much as we DO NOT have to do Fundraising
suppo 2nd South Gate                                       projects—we just meet and socialize!
                                                                    So, won’t you join us in October? The
rt Hat Parade
            Most Beautiful — Fresh Flowers                 date and place are to be announced.
durin 1st Cleone Hatwin, Paramount
                                                                    REQUIREMENTS for MEMBERSHIP:
                      Socorro Enriques, South
g my Most2Humorous — Fresh Flowers Gate                    Section 1. of our BYLAWS reads:
                                                           Any woman who has served for at least one year
healt 1st Joanne Witt, Artesia-Cerritos                    on the Los Cerritos District Board shall be
            Most Beautiful — Silk Flowers
h                1st Louise Ralston, Norwalk
                                                           eligible for membership in the organization
                                                           without sponsorship. She may become a member
crisi 2nd Laura Oropeza, Paramount                         by paying the membership dues for the year, June
            Most Humorous — Silk Flowers                   1st to June 1st.
s.               1st Elisa Trasoras, Paramount                      So, please give us a chance to welcome
                 2nd Naomi Pasillas, Norwalk               you into our group, where friendships old and
                                                           new are formed.
        Fundraising Report of Garden Day                            Where else can you find something like
   F        At the GFWC/CFWC Los Cerritos                  this for a $10.00 annual dues fee?
    District Annual Garden Conference on May 23 at                  Have a wonderful summer and we will
    Progress Park the ladies all looked lovely in their    see you in the fall.
,   beautiful flowered outfits and hats. They were all              In Federation, Betty Mc Dougall,
        ready with their $5.00 bills to be a part of the                           Membership Chairperson
        Opportunity Drawing, which brought in $264.00                              562/715-5553
        of which one-half ($132.00) went to the lucky                    

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