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  INSIdE                        City Attorney Accused of DUI                                                                                                       Candidates
                                                                                                                                                                    Take the
                           By Jeremy Twitchell                                                                                                                      Offensive
Plan to lay concrete       THP Reporter
in Pittman Wash                                                                                                                                                  By Jeremy Twitchell
draws resdients’ ire         Henderson                                                                                                                           THP Reporter
              >>       3   City Attor-
                           ney Eliza-                                                                                                                                  As voters take to the polls
Bedbug regulations         beth Quil-                                                                                                                            during early voting for Hen-
challenge business         lin alleg-                                                                                                                            derson’s upcoming General
              >>       4   edly struck
                           another ve-
                                                                                                                                                                 Election, the two candidates
                                                                                                                                                                 for the final City Council seat
Henderson Marine           hicle, a fire ELIZABETH QUILLIN                                                                                                       have stepped up their personal
aids Afghanistan           hydrant and                                                                                                                           attacks on each other.
              >>       6   a tree while driving under
                           the influence on Monday, ac-
                                                                                                                                                                       In mailers sent to voters
                                                                                                                                                                 in the last two weeks, Planning
Crime Map                  cording to a Henderson Police                                                                                                         Commission Chairman Sam
               >>     8    Department arrest report.
                                 Quillin is facing three
                                                                                                                                                                 Bateman has taken former
                                                                                                                                                                 police chief Mike Mayberry
Police and Fire news       misdemeanor charges – driv-                                                                                                           to task for his collection of
in brief                   ing under the influence (first                                                                                                        disability pay since retiring in
              >>       9   offense), leaving the scene
                           of an accident and having                                                                                           STAFF PHOTO
                                                                                                                                                                 2005; Mayberry has respond-
                                                                                                                                                                 ed by accusing Bateman, a
                                                              Tire skid marks and a damaged tree mark the spot on Carnegie Drive where City Attorney
Online Henderson           an open container in her car       Elizabeth Quillin was allegedly involved in an accident while intoxicated on Monday afternoon.     Clark County chief deputy
retailer opens first       – following an accident on         Quillin was arrested on suspicion of three misdemeanor charges, including DUI.                     district attorney, of having
storefront                 Carnegie Drive near Paseo                                                                                                             conflicts of interest by virtue
           >>    10        Verde Parkway shortly before
                           3 p.m. Monday afternoon.
                                                                    A passing driver who
                                                              witnessed the accident told
                                                                                                    The driver told police
                                                                                               that Quillin drove a little
                                                                                                                                      According the arrest-
                                                                                                                                                                 of his role as a registered lob-
                                                                                                                                                                 byist representing the District
Henderson city                   According to witness         police that she pulled over      way down the road, but again      ing officer, Quillin had a      Attorney’s Office.
pools to open on           interviews in the arrest report,   and got out of her car to go     swerved off it and struck an-     strong odor of alcohol                In a twist on the role
Memorial Day               Quillin was driving a Lexus        check on Quillin, when Quil-     other tree, at which point        when he spoke to her, as        of social media in modern
            >>   12        RX400 and attempting to turn
                           left onto Carnegie Road from
                                                              lin attempted to drive her car
                                                              away. The driver told police
                                                                                               her car stopped running.
                                                                                               Witnesses said Quillin then
                                                                                                                                 well as bloodshot eyes and
                                                                                                                                 slurred speech. He said
                                                                                                                                                                 campaigns, Bateman’s cam-
                                                                                                                                                                 paign pulled photos from
Golf benefit raises        Paseo Verde Parkway when           that Quillin nearly hit her as   exited the car and began to       she admitted to drinking        Mayberry’s Facebook page
funds for young            she veered off the road and        she drove away and struck        walk away from the scene,         bottles of wine and failed      that showed him fishing and
heart patients             struck a fire hydrant, tree and    her car that was parked on       but they caught up to her and
           >>    14        landscaping boulder.               the side of the road.            stayed with her until police        —SEE QUILLIN PAGE 5               —SEE ELECTION PAGE 5

                                                               Opinion: Pride Runs Deep in Henderson
                                                               Memorial Day time               tribute to those who defend
                                                               to reflect on city’s            our freedom.
                                                                                                    It is hard to drive though
                                                                heritage, heroes               Henderson without seeing
                                                                                               an American Flag proudly
                                                              By Don Logay                     displayed and waving in the
                                                              Special to THP                   breeze at almost every turn
                                                                                               and on every block. This
                                                                   The city of Henderson       is especially evident at the
                                                              was incorporated in the          major intersection of Lake
                                                              years following World War        Mead Parkway and Boulder
                                                              II, during an era of extreme     Highway, also known as the
                                                              patriotism.                      “Gateway to Henderson.”
                                                                   While it has since grown         There, drivers will see
                                                              into one of Nevada’s major       eight American Flags on dis-
                                                              cities, it has also managed      play – two on each corner –
                                                                                                                                                                           COURTESY DON LOGAY
                                                              to maintain the original         reminding each passerby of
                                                                                                                                 Ward 1 City Councilwoman Gerri Schroder says the eight Ameri-
                                                              small-town values of its         Henderson’s vow to “never         can Flags placed at the intersection of Lake Mead Parkway and
                                                              original 7,410 residents and     forget.” These flags were also    Boulder Highway serve to commemorate 9/11 and Henderson’s
                                                              their heartfelt dedication to                                      vow to “never forget.” The flags were placed in the weeks fol-
                                                              always remember and pay                   —SEE PRIDE PAGE 7        lowing 9/11 at the suggestion of a resident.
                                                                                                                      3                                                             May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

                                                                                                Local News
                                                                                         Flood Project Pits City, Volunteers at Odds
                                                                                        By Fred Couzens                munication about this at all.”
  Home delivery prices for 52 issues: $25 for Henderson                                 THP Reporter                        The Regional Flood
  addresses and $40 for addresses outside of Henderson                                                                 Control District included
   (but in the U.S.). Free copies are available at locations                                  Henderson’s plan to turn the $5.1 million project in
             listed at                                          a section of the Pittman Wash its 2008 Master Plan Update
                                                                                        into a concrete flood channel at the request of the city’s
                       Office Address                                                   has raised the concern of the Public Works Department,
          117 Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015                                         volunteer group that maintains and funded it last month.
                      Mailing Address                                                   the trails and natural areas        However, the project
      850 S. Boulder Hwy., #221, Henderson, NV 89015                                    within the wash.               appears to fly in the face of
             (702) 425-3005 Fax (702) 933-3121                                                Henderson Public Works previous city master plans,
                                                                                        officials and project contrac- feasibility studies and federal
                                                                                        tors recently met                             and state fund-
 Eric Buskirk...............................................................Publisher
                                                                                        with the group,                               ing agreements
 Jeremy Twitchell.............................................Interim Editor            Project GREEN:         “We need to            that all dictate
 Wes Wright...............................................General Manager               Friends of the        put flyers out          the entire wash                                       FRED COUZENS / HENDERSON PRESS

 Teresa Wyne.........................................Marketing Manager                                                                                    City officials are about to go out to bid on the concrete channeliza-
                                                                                        Pittman Wash,         there to bring          is to be restored   tion of this stretch of the Pittman Wash, as seen from the Union
 Jarred Bogens-Francisco.................Advertising Manager                            a r m e d w i t h this to people’s and revegetated                Pacific Railroad trestle east to Arroyo Grande Boulevard. The
 don Mika.........................................Advertising Executive                 maps, informa-        attention. I’m          to its natural      project is opposed by a volunteer group that maintains the wash.
 Christine Ma......................................Technology Manager                   tion, a concilia-      not willing to         state.
 Olive Chen.........................................Accounting Manager                  tory tone and an concede that we                    While the     and attended their meetings         and that few, if any, potential
 Mike Anand..............................................Customer Service               olive branch, but                             Friends are         until July 2009, when Friends       alternatives to concrete were
                                                                                        the conservation
                                                                                                              can’t stop it.”         charged with        members say attendance from         considered.
 Jayson He..................................................Graphic Designer
                                                                                        group remained                                maintaining all     all three departments suddenly           They also expressed
 Larry Chai........................................................Web Designer                                — Elizabeth
                                                                                        skeptical and                                 of the wash in      evaporated.                         dismay that there would be
 Fred Couzens................................Contributing Reporter                                               Brickfield,
                                                                                        confused.                                     its natural con-          Recognizing that, As-         very little or no potential for
 don Logay......................................Contributing Reporter                         The city’s Project GREEN dition, the city                   sistant Public Works Director       revegetation.
 Karen Y. Lu.....................................Contributing Reporter                  engineering               member              exercises its       Rob Herr apologized to the               The city’s “pro-channel
 Jennifer Twitchell...........................Contributing Reporter                     group was there                               control of the      group for the lack of partici-      group” explained that the
                                                                                        to discuss the                                wash from Ar-       pation.                             railroad track supports and
                                                                                        imminent concrete chan- royo Grande to Pecos Road                       “We’ve needed to get to       nearby rock-protected wash
                                                                                        nelization of a quarter-mile under three departments              this group, but we didn’t,”         slopes were being eroded
                                                                                        stretch of the wash between – Public Works for flood              he said. “Our intent is not         at an alarming rate and, if
                                                                                        Arroyo Grande Boulevard and control, Utility Services for         to pull a fast one; that’s not      left unchecked, could cause
                                                                                        the Union Pacific Railroad maintenance of an in-the-              a good relationship. We’re          significant property damage.
          CORRECTIONS                                                                   tracks – something the Friends wash sewer line and its tower-
                                                                                        say they had no knowledge ing manholes, and Parks and
                                                                                                                                                          here maybe not on the best
                                                                                                                                                          of terms, but we want to hear
                                                                                                                                                                                                   They also said other,
                                                                                                                                                                                              less dramatic channelization
                                                                                        about whatsoever.              Recreation for recreational        from you.”                          alternatives had to be tossed
The Henderson Press corrects its mistakes.                                                    “We have no informa- and trails purposes.                         Friends members said          out because they couldn’t
Please bring any errors to the attention of the                                         tion at all,” Friends Vice          All three departments         they were not happy with the        properly handle a 100-year
editor at                                                    President Evelyn Gajowski previously had a working                proposed concrete channel
                                                                                        said. “We’ve had no com- relationship with the Friends            that’s ready to go out to bid                —SEE WASH PAGE 6
May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13                                                                        4

                                                                            Local News
                  Bedbug Issue Proving Difficult to Regulate
By Fred Couzens                                                                                                                             for sanitizing used mattresses the past year. Prior to 2000,
THP Reporter                                                                                                                                he accepts, but discovered it that number was only 25
                                                                                                                                            would cost him $230,000 to percent.
      Like cheating on a                                                                                                                    sanitize that way, and the few      Some 67 percent of the
spouse or embezzling com-                                                                                                                   mattresses he gets wouldn’t respondents reported treating
pany funds, likewise, almost                                                                                                                pay for the system.            bed bug infestations in hotels
everybody shies away from                                                                                                                        In the absence of a sani- and motels.
recognizing or even talking                                                                                                                 tization method, Phillips           The major cause of
about the bedbug problem in                                                                                                                 ships his used mattresses to a greater infestations is in-
Southern Nevada.                                                                                                                            California company that has creased mobility of infected
      Infestations are more                                                                                                                 a Clark County health permit. goods and persons.
common than might be imag-                                                                                                                       “My feelings on which          “Travelers create more
ined, and devastating eco-                                                                                                                  method they should use is of an opportunity to bring
nomic impacts would occur in                                                                                                                they’re getting too compli- things in,” Giunchigliani said.
the local hospitality industry                                                                                                              cated,” Phillips                                  Dwight
if a trend in unmanaged out-                                                                                                                said. “They’re                               Blackburn,
breaks became widespread                                                                                                                    trying to cover        “(The Health          owner of Black-
knowledge and nobody – the                                                                                                                  all the bases District) is trying burn Pest Con-
Southern Nevada Health Dis-                                                                                                                 and not trying to cover all the trol in Hender-
trict nor the mattress, bedding                                                                                                             to solve their        bases and not          son for 28 years,
and furniture industries – can                                                                                                              problem.”             trying to solve said the problem
come to grips with regulations                                                                                                                   The pro-
aimed at eradicating Cimex                                                                                                                  posed amend-
                                                                                                                                                                 their problem.” hereas badlybut
                                                                                                                                                                                         not           as
lectularius.                                                                                                                                ments come at a                              elsewhere.
      The bug itself is easily                                                                       FRED COUZENS / HENDERSON PRESS         time that reports — Greg Phillips                 “Today, it’s
defined – they’re the size and    Greg Phillips, owner of Phillips Furniture in Henderson, said the few used mattresses that he
                                                                                                                                            of bedbug in-                                the number one
color of an apple seed, will      stores at a time hardly justify the $230,000 cost of a bedbug-killing dry heat sanitizing system          festations are                               pest problem in
hide in suitcases, boxes and      that is required by the Southern Nevada Health District.                                                  exploding worldwide.           the country,” he said. “Lo-
shoes to be near a food supply,                                                                                                                  “The results of our 2010 cally, though, hotels have
and are nocturnal creatures       meeting, where proposed           included regulations for             even allow them to accept          Comprehensive Global Bed been on top of things. Being
that come out at night for a      amendments to the regula-         lighting and plumbing.               them.”                             Bug Study suggest that we proactive is the reason why
blood meal.                       tions drew so much criticism           “That’s unrelated to bed-             Originally, the only sani-   are on the threshold of a it’s not as bad here as it is in
      They not only are found     from frustrated mattress,         bugs, I’d say,” he concluded.        tization method allowed was        bedbug pandemic, not just in other areas.”
in mattresses and headboards,     bedding and furniture own-             Currently, nonprofit or-        a dry heat treatment that          the United States, but around       Still, a Web site called
but behind baseboards, elec-      ers and their attorneys that      ganizations such as Goodwill         required temperatures of 230       the world,” Missy Henriksen, The Bedbug Registry (bedbu-
trical switch plates, picture     adoption of the amendments        Industries and the Salvation         degrees to “bake” and kill         vice president of public af- shows in the
frames, wallpaper, upholstery     was postponed until August        Army are exempt from any             bedbugs, but that temperature      fairs for the National Pest past five years that Nevada
and in furniture crevices.        for further industry input.       regulations governing the sale       was lowered to 125 degrees         Management Association, has had 170 bedbug reports,
      What’s not so easily             “We need paved road          of used mattresses, bedding          in the amendments.                 said in a published report.    with 69 in Las Vegas hotels
defined is the refinement of      fencing to prevent debris?        or furniture.                              Still, store owners say           Some 95 percent of the and motels. Also, 15 apart-
current health district regu-     We’re not in that business,”           “We shouldn’t be ex-            the method is financially          association’s 1,000 U.S. and ment buildings reportedly
lations, originally adopted       Jack Campbell, manager            empting anyone,” Southern            unreasonable.                      international pest manage- had infestations.
in 2007, that keep bugging        of Walker Furniture, told         Nevada Health District Board               Greg Phillips, owner of      ment company respondents            The reports are uncon-
those who are subject to them.    the board as he read from a       Member and County Com-               Phillips Furniture in Hender-      indicated in the 2010 study firmed by any source and
       Such was the case at the   laundry list of health district   missioner Chris Giunchigliani        son, said he looked at install-    their company has encoun- may be skewed by unhappy
April health district board       permit requirements that          said. “Maybe we shouldn’t            ing a dry heat oven system         tered a bedbug infestation in customers.
                                                                                                           5                                  May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

                                                                                 Local News
                                    the heart and knee problems         a lobbyist for another entity
       ELECTION                     that doctors cited when they        should not be a City Council                 QUILLIN
        From page 1                 declared him disabled under         member for Henderson. It just                From page 1
                                    state law in 2005, due to the       has the potential to end up in
                                    fact that his disability directly   a conflict of interest, and it
playing in the snow, and            resulted from his profession        could happen when you least            a field sobriety test. The
used them to question why           and prevented him from              expect it.”                            officer also found an open
Mayberry would be collecting        performing it anymore.                    Bateman said he has a            bottle of wine in her car.
an alleged $40,000 per year               “I receive disability pay     very strictly defined respon-                Quillin was booked
in disability payments.             because I am 100 percent            sibility before the Legislature,       into the Henderson Deten-
     Mayberry retired under a       disabled as a police officer,”      and that Mayberry’s asser-             tion Center at 3:57 p.m.
doctor’s advice in 2005, citing     Mayberry said. “I can never         tions that he could stray into         on a $3,516 bond. She
heart problems. He resurfaced       be a police officer again, or       issues of employee pay and             has been placed on paid
in the 2009 mayoral race, stat-     a police chief, or anything to      compensation are unfounded.            administrative leave pend-
ing that he was healthy, and        do with that.”                            “You just won’t find             ing an internal review.
has repeated the assertion in             Mayberry also takes issue     me in any legislative session                She issued a state-
the current campaign.               with the numbers Bateman            advocating for or against,             ment on Tuesday after-
     “You have a person say-        has used in his mailers. He         signed in for or against, or           noon apologizing for her
ing they’re perfectly healthy,      said his disability pay is about    having anything to do with             actions.
but they’re collecting disabil-     $29,000 per year, not $40,000.      employee pay and benefits,”                  “I would like to apol-
ity pay in addition to their six-         Mayberry said the key         he said. “That’s not my job.”          ogize to the Mayor, City
figure pension, both of which       issue that voters should be               Both men say they care-          Council, my colleagues,
… are funded by taxpayers,”         considering is Bateman’s            fully weighed the decision             family and friends for my
Bateman said.                       employment with the Clark           to go negative in their cam-           misconduct and assume
     Bateman said he brought        County District Attorney’s          paigns.                                full responsibility for my
up the issue because it casts       Office, where Bateman is a                “In light of the environ-        actions,” she said. “I am
doubt on Mayberry’s ability         registered lobbyist with the        ment of austerity that we’re           seeking immediate treat-
to make tough decisions at          State Legislature.                  looking at, you’ve got an              ment from an inpatient
a time when Henderson is                  Bateman said his testi-       individual that is living off          facility and ask that I be
facing a projected $19 million      monies before the Legislature       of government largesse that            allowed this time of pri-
shortfall.                          have been strictly limited to       no longer exists, and we have          vacy in order to address
     “I think that’s a relative     matters of law – such as sen-       to ask if he will really be            my underlying illness.
issue in light of our economic      tencing guidelines, victims’        able to take a critical look at              The Henderson City
times, when we have to take         rights and jury selection,          how government spends its              Council appointed Quillin
a look at our budgets and our       and legislative records from        money,” Bateman said.                  to her position in June
public employee compensa-           the 2009 and 2011 sessions                Mayberry said he had             2009. She makes an an-
tion,” Bateman said. “I don’t       confirms this.                      hoped to avoid a negative              nual salary of $190,000.
know how somebody who is                  But Mayberry contends         campaign, but felt compelled                 City spokesman Bud
the poster child for gratuitous     that Bateman is walking a           to respond to Bateman’s mail-          Cranor said he did not yet
public employee pay struc-          dangerously thin line.              ers and automated telephone            know if Quillin was on
tures, and who is endorsed                “Quite often, Hender-         calls to voters.                       duty at the time of the ac-
by all of the city’s employee       son’s interests are different             “I never, ever wanted to         cident, as she had been in
groups, can be trusted to make      from Clark County’s, and            campaign like this,” he said.          Carson City for a few days
those decisions.”                   I think he would be in the          “I never, ever wanted to have          the previous week and
     Mayberry has dismissed         awkward position of having          this type of campaign. But             then took some time off.
Bateman’s allegations, saying       two masters to serve …,”            unfortunately, we did, and                   “I don’t know if she
29 years as a police officer,       Mayberry said. “It’s just my        at some point, you have to             was back (at work) yet or
including six as chief, caused      opinion that anyone who is          fire back.”                            not,” he said.
May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13                                                                      6

                                                                          Local News
 Henderson Marine Building Bridges in Afghanistan
By Karen Y. Lu                  fellow Marines near Marjah,                                                                             has proven himself to be an await his next deployment.
THP Reporter                    on the Sistani Peninsula.                                                                               outstanding Marine,” he            Waldburger said he looks
                                      By military definition,                                                                           said. “His hard work and forward to visiting his mom,
     Lance Cpl. Thomas          non-standard bridges are                                                                                dedication to whatever he his dad and his older brother.
Waldburger of Henderson has     permanent and less expensive                                                                            is tasked with is                               His mother,
been busy building bridges      bridges that are specifically                                                                           unparalleled by                            Susie, works for
in Afghanistan, literally and   designed for the particular                                                                             his peers.”             “Lance Cpl.        local publish-
figuratively                    location and use. They usu-                                                                                   A s k e d         Waldburger         ing company,
     A drafter-surveyor with    ally replace a standard bridge                                                                          what he would           has proven         Parmenides
Bravo Company, 8th Engi-        that is pre-fabricated and                                                                              remember               himself to be       Publishing. His
neer Support Battalion, 2nd     expensive.                                                                                              most from his         an outstanding father, Eddie,
Marine Logistics Group                The bridge not only                                                                               deployment in           Marine. His        is a retired ski
(Forward), the 26-year-old      serves the Marines currently                                                                            Afghanistan,          hard work and technician. His
soldier from Green Valley is    stationed in the area, but                                                                              Wa l d b u r g e r     dedication to       brother, Nick, is
                                                                                                               COURTESY U.S. MARINES
serving his first deployment    will also continue to benefit                                                                           said it would
and is stationed in Camp        the local Afghan security
                                                                  A member of Lance Cpl.Thomas Waldburger’s Marine platoon
                                                                                                                                        be “the cama-
                                                                                                                                                              whatever he is a Bikram yoga
Leatherneck in the southwest    forces and the local civilian
                                                                  welds a joint on a bridge in Afghanistan. The unit is building
                                                                  bridges to aid troop movements and boost the local economy            raderie between        tasked with is           W h e n
region of Afghanistan.          population.                       by improving trade routes.                                            different people unparalleled by asked what he’ll
     Waldburger said he               Locals will be able to                                                                            of various back-         his peers.”       do first when he
joined the Marines in 2009      travel faster between farms       success of a bridge construc-        bridge would not meet design     grounds.”                                  is back state-
as an “opportunity to serve     and markets and carry more,       tion mission …,” said Lt. j.g.       specifications and therefore           The young — Lt. j.g. Joshua side, the young
my country.” He chose the       helping to improve trade          Joshua Senecal, the officer in       would be degraded in perfor-     Marine’s six-             Senecal          Marine joked,
Marines because they are        and transportation and thus       charge of Waldburger’s unit.         mance and longevity.”            month deploy-                              “What won’t I
the “toughest” and “do the      stabilize the local economy       “Without the high level of                Senecal said the Hender-    ment ends in a                             do?”
most with the least.”           more quickly.                     attention to detail asserted         son resident has established     couple of weeks and he will        Then he added, “There
     On a recent operation,           “As a land surveyor,        by Lance Cpl. Waldburger             himself as a model to his        be able to visit his family in are things I have to do. I
Waldburger completed a 25-      Lance Cpl. Waldburger has         during the early stages of           fellow Marines.                  Henderson before returning have to go to In-N-Out and
foot non-standard bridge with   an integral part to play in the   bridge construction, the                  “Lance Cpl. Waldburger      to Camp LeJeune, N.C. to Pizza Hut.”

                                preserved wash versus a           tions, but we have to control        channel would be built.               Both applications            and may be terminated in
         WASH                   concrete wash.                    the flow; the flows dictate.”              The grant money came       stressed that the goal of         whole or in part.”
       From page 3                   She pointed out the flood         Those contradictions            out of the $200 million so-      the Friends project is “…to             Left unsettled after the
                                control plan update was made      could be problematic for             called Question 1 bond funds     restore Pittman Wash to a         city’s presentation, the Friends
                                in September 2008 and yet         the city.                            that voters approved statewide   natural habitat and construct     decided to press on in an
storm event – a standard by     the Parks and Recreation               Under a five-phase pro-         in 2000.                         trails for public use and         attempt to stop the concrete
which the Regional Flood        department had included $8        posal that the city’s Public               Also, the Friends indi-    benefit.”                         channel.
Control District funds its      million in restoration money      Works Department made                rectly received $11.4 mil-            The city could be liable           “We need to put flyers
projects.                       for Project GREEN in its          to the Nevada Division of            lion in Southern Nevada          for repayment of the $11.4        out there to bring this to
     Gajowski explained         Capital Improvement Plan          State Lands, the Friends were        Public Land Management           million, since the Department     people’s attention,” Elizabeth
there were “contradictions”     approved by the City Council      awarded nearly $300,000 of           Act funds in February 2006       of Interior financial agreement   Brickfield, a frustrated Friends
between the objectives and      in May 2010.                      conservation bond money in           for the Arroyo Grande and        states, “This Agreement is        member, said. “We need to
goals of the Parks and Rec-          “We understand those         December 2004 for projects           Pittman Urban Watershed          subject to enforcement if the     meet one on one with council
reation and Public Works        contradictions,” Herr said.       in areas including the area of       Recreational Trails, Phase       recipient fails to comply with    members. I’m not willing to
departments – a naturally       “We have our own contradic-       the wash where the concrete          II project.                      any terms of this Agreement       concede that we can’t stop it.”
                                                                                                    7                                                          May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

                                                                                                                              YOUR VIEW
                                       In fact, starting this     that says “Veteran” – with a
          PRIDE                   weekend, give a little more     symbol representing one of
        From page 1               thought to Henderson’s many     the United States military
                                  flags that proudly wave day     branches – you don’t have
                                  after day. Take note of the     to smile, wave or nod your                 The Henderson Press accepts letters to the editor and opinions on stories it publishes.
placed in direct response to      huge flags that are displayed   head. Just know they are one          To submit comments for publication, send an email to and
the World Trade Center trag-                                      of Henderson’s many silent            indicate “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line.To reach us by mail, send comments to:
edy of September 11, 2001.                                        heroes. And be thankful for
      “Shortly afterward,” said
                                      Henderson is                their service.                        The Henderson Press, c/o Letters to the Editor, 850 S. Boulder Hwy., #221, Henderson,
City Councilwoman Gerri           indeed a city filled                 Finally, and last but not        NV 89015. To be considered for publication, letters must contain the author’s name,
Schroder, “a Henderson resi-         with pride and               least, Henderson is also home         address and telephone number for verification purposes. Only the author’s name and
dent approached our Com-           patriotism. It is a            to Southern Nevada’s only
                                  city that has vowed                                                   city will appear in print. Some letters may be subject to editing. due to space limitation,
memorative Beautification                                         Veterans Memorial Wall –
Committee and suggested this        to “never forget”             similar to the Viet Nam Veter-        please keep submissions to 400 words. Submitted material cannot be returned.
memorial. Within weeks, the          and it faithfully            ans Memorial in Washington,
recommendation was unani-         keeps this promise.             D.C. It is located next to City
mously approved, and just                                         Hall and directly behind the
a few weeks later, the eight                                      Events Plaza on Water Street.
American flags were perma-        and brightly lit 24/7 above     It was officially dedicated on
nently installed.”                all the Terrible Herbrst Gas    Veteran’s Day, November 11,
      The next time you pass      Stations. Start noticing the    1994, bearing 1,213 names.
this intersection, take a look    many businesses and homes       That number has since grown
and remember what they            that also display the Stars     to over 1,500. It is one more
stand for – and not just on       and Stripes.                    place residents can visit and
this Memorial Day weekend,             And when you drive         pay tribute as well.
but in the days, weeks and        past the home of our local           Henderson is indeed
months that follow. It’s hard     V.F.W or American Legion,       a city filled with pride and
to believe, but in four and       give thought to the fact that   patriotism. It is a city that
one-half short months, these      these are where our local       has vowed to “never forget”
flags will commemorate a          returning heroes gather.        and it faithfully keeps this
full decade since the tragic      Should you be driving and       promise, day after day and
morning of 9/11.                  see a Nevada license plate      year after year.
May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13                                     8

                                                 Crime Map
 BURGLARY                                                                        N                           Lake Las Vegas
   1800 Block, Margarita Ave

   800 Block, Seven Hills dr
          5/12/2011                        City of Henderson
3000 Block, Whispering Crest dr

    5600 Block, E Russell Rd

      500 Block, Sellers Pl

   1100 Block, Wigwam Pkwy


     100 Block, S Water St


      100 Block, Brown St

   100 Block, Stone Cress dr

     300 Block, Tungsten St

   1300 Block, W Sunset Rd

   500 Block, Conestoga Way
                                                            VEHICLE THEFT                  DISTURBANCE                    NARCOTICS
   3000 Block, St Rose Pkwy
                                                                300 Block, Glasgow St      1100 Block, Paradise Home Rd      1500 Block, Misty Sky dr
 2300 Block, Paseo Verde Pkwy                                         5/11/2011                      5/15/2011                      5/11/2011

                                                              100 Block, Montelago Blvd      3000 Block, High View dr        600 Block, Blackmore dr
                                                                      5/12/2011                      5/15/2011                      5/12/2011
                                                            1000 Block, Whitney Ranch dr       100 Block, Mallory St          200 Block, Hillcrest dr
                                                                      5/12/2011                     5/15/2011                       5/14/2011
  1300 Block, Gran Vista Ave
          5/11/2011                                          3100 Block, La Mancha Way       100 Block, Magnesium St        100 Block, Myrtle Beach dr
                                                                     5/12/2011                      5/15/2011                       5/14/2011
     500 Block, College dr
           5/12/2011                                            800 Block, Zinnia Cir       1000 Block, Timberline Ct     2800 Block, Mahogany Grove Ave
                                                                     5/14/2011                      5/15/2011                         5/15/2011
       200 Block, Lead St
                                           Locations are approximate. Courtesy of the Henderson Police Department.
                                                                                                      9                                                          May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

                                                                        Police & Fire
                                                                                                           Police Officers Issue 325 Tickets
                                                                                                              During Traffic Crackdown
                                                                                                               The Henderson Po-         out 219 speeding tickets dur-         The Henderson Police
                                                                                                          lice Department’s Traffic      ing the speeding enforcement     Traffic Unit received fund-
                                                                                                          Unit officers issued 63        part of the effort from April    ing from the Department
                                                                                                          tickets to drivers for fail-   8 until May 9.                   of Public Safety - Office of
                                                                                                          ing to yield to pedestrians          The officers also issued   Traffic Safety, as part of the
                                                                                                          in crosswalks during the       28 citations for no insurance    Joining Forces Grant.
                                                                                                          recent effort targeting        and 15 citations for seat belt        The grant provides fund-
                                                                                                          pedestrian safety.             violations.                      ing for enforcement and
                                                                                                               Henderson Traffic               The enforcement effort     education to reduce deaths
                                                                                                          officers were also joined      on pedestrian safety was         and injuries on Nevada road-
                                                                                                          by officers from Las Ve-       extremely important as there     ways. The grant will assist in
                                                                                      STAFF PHOTO
                                                                                                          gas Metropolitan Police,       have been nine pedestrian        funding special enforcement
The home at 2040 Deer Springs Dr. is boarded up after a garage fire caused approximately                  Mesquite Police, Boulder       fatalities statewide so far      details throughout the year
$100,000 in damage on May 19.                                                                             City Police and Nevada         this year and 434 pedestrian     targeting seat belt usage,
                                                                                                          Highway Patrol for speed       fatalities statewide from 2000   DUIs, pedestrian safety and
    Garage Fire Causes $100,000 in                                                                        enforcement and handed         to 2007.                         speeding violations.

    Damage to Green Valley Home                                                                           Railroad Work to Close Arroyo Grande Blvd.
     The Henderson Fire          found smoke pouring out of             Firefighters were able to              Arroyo Grande Bou-        work on the Union Pacific        beneath the railroad crossing.
Department responded to a        the garage of the two-story       save two family dogs from              levard will be closed          Railroad line.                        Arroyo Grande is the
house fire on Wed., May 18,      home.                             the fire, but it did claim the         between American Pa-               The road closure will        third of five streets to close
in a neighborhood located             Crews entered the home       lives of two family cats.              cific Drive and Windmill       allow crews to maneuver an       for a week to allow for the
near Green Valley and Silver     and determined that no one             Investigators estimate            Parkway from Tues., May        80-foot piece of equipment       work; Stephanie Street will
Springs parkways.                was inside, then extinguished     the damage caused by the               31 - Fri., June 3 due to       needed to replace the road bed   follow beginning June 6.
     Units arrived on the        the blaze in about five min-      fire at about $100,000. The
scene at about 2:19 p.m. and     utes.                             cause is under investigation.

    Neighbor Saves Residents from Home Fire
     Two Henderson resi-         neighbor, who noticed the         and inside the garage, and
dents were able to escape a      fire, woke up the home’s          were able to extinguish it in
late-night home fire thanks      residents and then called 911.    about four minutes.
to an alert neighbor.                 Henderson Fire crews               There were no injuries to
     The Henderson Fire          arrived on the scene approxi-     firefighters, residents or pets.
Department received a call       mately five minutes after the           The cause of the fire was
at 11:09 p.m. on Mon., May       911 call. By that time, the two   undetermined, and damage
23 for a residential fire near   residents and their two dogs      was minimal. Investigators
at 202 Cimarron Ct., located     had been able to evacuate         estimate the total damage
near Horizon Ridge Parkway       from the residence.               to the home and personal
and Canyon Drive.                     Fire crews encountered       property to be approximately
     The call came from a        flames on the home’s exterior     $5,000.
May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13                                                                  10

     Henderson-Based Shoe Co. Opens First Retail Store
By Jenny Twitchell                water created sample shoes            Edgewater wasn’t just
THP Reporter                      for her daughter. Despite hav-   guessing about foot tech-
                                  ing no design background,        nology when she developed
      When Angela Edgewater       her daughter’s sample shoes      the line. She had help from
couldn’t find the right shoes     caught people’s attention.       podiatrists and even com-
for her daughter’s feet, she           “After I took the kids      missioned a study with the
took the matter into her own      out with the samples shoes I     Harvard Medical School on
hands and created the shoes       had made, people kept com-       how kids walk and what the
on her own.                       ing up to me asking where        best footwear is for them.
      That simple act led her     they could get those shoes,           A product of all the re-
to start the children’s shoe                                       search was coming up with
company Pediped, which                                             three stages of Pediped
after selling millions of shoes    “We asked through               footwear that best match
worldwide through the Web           our Web site if we             the walking stages of the
and other stores, opened its      should open a store,             children: Originals (for
first dedicated storefront on     and the answer was               pre-walkers), Grip-n-Go
Saturday in Henderson.              an overwhelming                (for toddlers) and Flex (for
      Hundreds of eager par-              yes.”                    comfortable walkers).
ents lined up in front of the                                           Recommended by the
new storefront to get a com-                                       American Podiatric Medi-
plimentary pair of Pediped        — PediPed founder                cal Association, each stage
shoes for their children          Angela Edgewater                 mimics barefoot walking to                                                                     JENNY TWITCHELL / HENDERSON PRESS
during the grand opening at                                        match each stage of child       Mayor Andy Hafen, center left, helps PediPed founder Angela Edgewater, center right, cut the
1191 Center Point Dr., near                                        development, and does not       ribbon on her company’s first retail storefront, located in Henderson, on Saturday.
American Pacific Drive and        and I thought, ‘That’s a good    force children to change
Gibson Road. Kids were ea-        sign,’” she said.                their natural stride, Edge-     there’s no other place to get      they are young adults.”          and named them after her –
ger as well.                           After extensive research    water said.                     children’s feet fitted so they          Edgewater wanted to         Maggie Sandals.
      “I love ’em because the     into what the best attributes         Despite finding success    know exactly what size they        give back to a local charity           Pediped has its own
style is just so unique and the   of shoes are for growing feet,   selling shoes online, in the    need.”                             during the grand opening, and    charitable foundation, the
color is too,” said 8-year-old    Edgewater said the technol-      2,500 shoe stores that carry         If the store is successful,   chose the Children’s Heart       Pediped Foundation, which
Siena Simmon. “They’re very       ogy, style and materials of      Pediped nationwide, and in      Edgewater said she plans on        Foundation to be the recipient   reaches out to charities
comfortable. I could go to        Pediped shoes set the shoes      the more than 50 countries      expanding to 25 stores in          of $5,000.                       around the world, but wanted
sleep with them on.”              apart.                           where the shoes are sold, the   the next five years. Edge-              The heart foundation        to focus on a local charity
      Comfort and style was            “Before children are        grand opening of the store-     water chose the location in        offers support to families       during the grand opening.
exactly what Edgewater had        walking, their feet are mostly   front happened because local    Henderson because it is near       who have children dealing              “They are a great fit
in mind when she started the      made up of cartilage, and        customers wanted it that way,   the corporate office and in a      with heart problems. Mollie      because Pediped focuses
Pediped brand.                    hard soled-footwear can alter    Edgewater said.                 large space.                       and John Stewart benefited       on improving the lives of
      “I wanted shoes that        the way their feet develop,”          “We have a base of about        “We have a very loyal         from the support of the foun-    children, and the Children’s
were comfortable yet cute,”       Edgewater said. “We mimic        1,200 customers here locally,   following,” she said. “People      dation, and when they lost       Heart Foundation is right
Edgewater said. “Comfort-         barefoot walking with flex-      and we asked through our        hear abut Pediped through          their daughter, Maggie, in       in line with our mission,”
able shoes that were more         ible insoles and high quality    Web site if we should open      friends and family, and it         2008 to complications dur-       Edgewater said.
fashionable – shoes that I        materials. Barefoot walking      a store, and the answer was     has grown because of word          ing a procedure to correct a           For more information,
would want to wear.”              shoes are very popular these     an overwhelming yes,” she       of mouth and our market-           congenital heart defect when     visit For
      Using resources from        days – all the big companies     said. “Customers wanted to      ing efforts. People who buy        she was 14 months old.           more information about the
a factory she and her own         have caught on to that – we      see the product line and get    Pediped shoes buy them for               Edgewater created a        Children’s Heart Foundation,
husband own overseas, Edge-       just figured it out earlier.”    their kids fitted for shoes;    their kids from birth until        pair of cute, pink sandals       visit
                                                                                                  11                                                               May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

      MonteLago Opening to Launch Memorial Weekend
By Don Logay                      game positions for roulette,                                                                                On Sunday afternoon,           ing a $49 room rate for the
Special to THP                    blackjack and poker.                                                                                   the Original Tacos & Tequila        entire holiday weekend
                                       Adults will also receive a                                                                        Festival fills the streets of The   – from Thursday, May 26
     The highly anticipated       “pre-activated” Club Monte-                                                                            Village. From noon to 6 p.m.,       through Tuesday, May 31
Grand Opening of the all          Lago Players Card ready for                                                                            sample tacos and cuisine            – along with two big family-
new Casino MonteLago              immediate use. All gaming                                                                              from the Las Vegas Val-             friendly weekend pool party
kicks off five days of live       done that evening, or over                                                                             ley’s best restaurants paired       events. Saturday’s Caribbean-
entertainment and fun-filled      the holiday weekend, will                                                                              with your favorite tequilas.        themed bash includes a live
special events in The Village     count for future rewards and                                                                           General Admission is free.          steel-drum band, jerk pork
at Lake Las Vegas.                promotions and can earn                                                                                A bracelet for 10 tequila or        shoulder, banana fritters
     On Thursday, May 26,         a free play “bonus” award                                                                              10 taco tastings is $25 at the      and a shaved-ice station for
the red carpet celebration        of between $5 and $500, as                                                                             door. Must be 21 to enter the       the kids. Sunday afternoon,
begins at 7 p.m., with free       long as card holders wager                                                                             Tequila Cantina Exposition.         meet Holly’s World and
live entertainment by string      at least one dollar and then                                                                                “We look forward to one        ABSINTHE starlet, Angel
quartet Phat Strad and cash       return to the casino between                                                                           of our best and most exciting       Porrino and her son Roman.
bars on the Village street just   May 31 and June 6 to receive                                                  COURTESY DON LOGAY
                                                                                                                                         holiday weekends ever,” said        Food includes smoked beef
outside the casino entrance.      a personalized Players Card.      On Thursday, May 26th, the Grand Opening of the all-new Casino
                                                                                                                                         Karl Hanson, executive board        brisket, drumsticks, a hot
At 9 p.m., fireworks from the     Participants must be 21 to        MonteLago kicks off five days of live entertainment and fun-filled   president of the Montelago          dog-by-the-foot station and
casino rooftop will signal the    play and to qualify.              special events in The Village at Lake Las Vegas.                     Village Association. “With          top hits played by a poolside
official grand opening and             Then, starting on Fri-                                                                            the Casino and Ravella Ho-          deejay. For the kids, there
time to “let the games begin!”    day evening and continuing        Annual “Gimme Shelter Con-        of Kool & The Gang, takes          tel now part of the fun, The        will be balloon animals, face
     The casino will feature      through Sunday, five of the       cert” benefiting the Heaven       over and rocks the house.          Village at Lake Las Vegas is        painting and cotton candy.
241 popular state-of-the-art      Village restaurants are also      Can Wait Animal Society           General admission tickets are      once again the place to stay             Two other Lake Las
slot machines – such as           featuring an exciting line-up     takes the stage. The show         $20. VIP Lounge tickets are        and play.”                          Vegas hotels, The Aston
Wheel of Fortune, Star Wars,      of live entertainment. For        begins at 6 p.m. with Arms of     available for $40 and include           To celebrate the Grand         MonteLago Village Resort
Ruby Slippers and Sex and         details visit http://hender-      America (a U2 tribute band).      access to a private bar. For       Opening of the new Casino           and Loews Lake Las Vegas
the City – and 38 of the lat- .      At 7 p.m., headliner Skip         more information, please           MonteLago, the Ravella              are also offering special
est hi-tech electronic table           On Saturday, the Third       Martin, former lead singer        visit                Hotel and Resort is offer-          weekend rates and packages.
May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13                                                                      12

                                                                     Sports & Leisure
    Lifeguards Prepare to Open City Pools on Memorial Day
By Fred Couzens                    so they can handle almost any                                                                               “When we opened, there levels of management, be-
THP Reporter                       emergency situation.                                                                                   were about 100 to 150 swim- cause we know the lifeguard
                                        “Our lifeguards are ex-                                                                           mers a day, but now we’re on the stand can do the job,
     Slip on that fogged-up        actly like EMTs (emergency                                                                             experiencing 300 to 400 but there’s still a team aspect
mask, adjust those web-            medical technicians) because                                                                           people a day,”                              involved.”
footed fins, grab that big terry   our level of training is just                                                                          she said. “The                                   Although
cloth beach towel and head         about what theirs is,” said                                                                            difference tells       “Lifeguards          open for just
down to your nearest city          Brittany Reid, head lifeguard                                                                          you how badly         have a lot of         17 months,
swimming pool on Monday            at the Heritage Park Aquatic                                                                           this (east Hen-       responsibility        Reid has had a
because they’ll all be open        Complex. “We don’t want to                                                                             derson) com- because they’re chance to learn
Memorial Day, followed by          wait and see if a lifeguard                                                                            munity needed
the start of the regular sum-      is ready to handle an emer-                                                                            a pool.”
                                                                                                                                                               our first line of much about the
                                                                                                                                                                                      first-rate com-
mer swim season on June 10.        gency. We’re 100 percent                                                                                    Reid over-          defense.”          plex.
     Most pools will be open       against that. Lifeguards                                                                               sees a staff of                                  “It’s defi-
from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on          have a lot of responsibility                                                                           40-plus life- — Brittany Reid, n i t e l y b e e n
the holiday, but the two           because they’re our first line                                      FRED COUZENS / HENDERSON PRESS
                                                                                                                                          guards and life-     head lifeguard, an experience
Multigenerational pools, the       of defense. We put a lot of       The $23 million, 41,500 square-foot Heritage Park Aquatic Complex
                                                                                                                                          guard managers       Heritage Park          opening a $23
Heritage Park Aquatic Com-         trust and a lot of responsibil-   that opened less than 18 months ago consists of two pools — a        and an office Aquatic Complex million facility,”
plex and the Whitney Ranch         ity in our lifeguards.”           14-lane competitive pool and a four-lane theraputic pool.            staff of five                               she said of the
indoor pool have extended               For this summer, all staff                                                                        just at Heritage                            complex that’s
hours from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.        received additional training      lifeguards; well, really four,”    the job.”                         Park. That may sound like a made up of two 25-yard
     With big, water-loving        during a two-week period in       Reid said. “First, we have              Reid has been the chief      lot of lifeguards and manag- pools – a 14-lane competi-
crowds expected over the           May. Lead guards refreshed        pool operations specialists,       lifeguard at the $23 million      ers, but, according to Reid, tion pool and an exercise/
three-day weekend, the city’s      their training on management      then lifeguards and after          Heritage Park Aquatic Com-        they’re all necessary.         therapeutic pool. “I’d like to
lifeguarda are gearing up to       skills because, as Reid put it,   that, lead lifeguards. We also     plex, the newest swimming              “The more levels of make it even bigger.”
be at the top of their game.       “emergencies do happen.”          have junior lifeguards, some       facility in the city, since the   management we have, the             Heritage Park has the
     They recently received        They also took one full day       as young as 15, who aren’t         41,500 square-foot structure      less chance there will be of a biggest therapeutic pool in
additional training and brush-     to go over CPR techniques.        old enough to be certified         opened its doors to throngs of    drowning,” she said. “Behind the Las Vegas Valley, with
ups on lifesaving techniques            “We have three levels of     lifeguards but can still do        swimmers in January 2010.         the lifeguards stand many four lanes.
                                                                                                 13                                                           May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

    Volunteer Group Tasked with Preserving History
By Karen Y. Lu                                                                                       report on their sites a mini-    observed facts and trends to          And for those who are
THP Reporter                                                                                         mum of once a quarter.           the agency that governs the      just curious, Phillips cau-
                                                                                                           Phillips has found that    particular location.             tioned that even touching
      A small army of 500                                                                            the volunteer stewards have           According to Phillips,      or moving an ancient item,
volunteers is protecting                                                                             observational judgment           the most common cause of         such as a pottery shard or ar-
Southern Nevada’s cultur-                                                                            that is often as good as,        damage is graffiti, followed     rowhead, lessens its historical
ally significant historic and                                                                        and sometimes better than,       closely by off-road vehicles     significance as it “places the
prehistoric sites through a                                                                          professionals. This is be-       driving over delicate evidence   item out of context.”
public partnership called the                                                                        cause they often feel close      of cultural and ecological            Anyone interested in
Cultural Site Stewardship                                                                            personal ownership of their      history.                         becoming a site steward is
Program.                                                                                             site, he said, noticing any           Unfortunately, there is     encouraged to contact George
      These sites represent the                                                                      little change or disturbance     also malicious looting and       Phillips at george.phillips@
history of ancient animals                                                                           since their last site visit.     removal of valuable artifacts. or 702-895-4863.
and cultures including the                                                                                 Linda Nations, a Hen-
Piaute, Mojave, Patayan,                                                                             derson resident and guide at
Chemehuevi and Soshone.                                              KAREN Y. LU / HENDERSON PRESS
                                                                                                     Hoover Dam, has been a site
      The program is part of      One of the culturally significant petroglyphs found in the Sloan   steward since 2005.
the Public Lands Institute        Canyon National Conservation Area. To preserve this unique               Nations said she volun-
(PLI), which is headquartered     rock art, only photography is recommended.                         teered because the federal
at UNLV and represents a                                                                             agencies were short staffed
partnership between UNLV          Duck Creek, the Las Vegas        As a result, there are sev-       and because these sites are
and five federal govern-          Wash, Whitney                             eral local stew-         fragile and a “part of our
ment agencies: the National       Mesa, Sunset                              ards actively            human heritage.”
Park Service, US Fish and         Park, Lake Las        “One of the         monitoring and                 Her assigned site is in
Wildlife, Bureau of Land          Vegas and Sloan things that I love reporting on the                Henderson and is both “very,
Management, Bureau of             Canyon.
Reclamation and the National            For ex-
                                                     about the site is conditions of
                                                                            their assigned
                                                                                                     very old” and “surprisingly
                                                                                                     close to a residential area.”
Forest Service.                   ample, Sloan that people can sites within the                            “One of the things that
      The Public Lands Insti-     Canyon, which walk by and have 4 8 , 4 3 8 - a c r e               I love about the site is that
tute is led by project manager    is easily acces- no clue that they Sloan Canyon                    people can walk by and
George Phillips.                  sible from the      are walking by National Con-                   have no clue that they are
      Because “close to 80%       Anthem com- something that servation Area,                         walking by something that
of our (state) lands are pub-     m u n i t y, h a s   is historically      which the U.S.           is historically significant,”
lic,” Phillips said, there are    “phenomenal           significant.”       Congress desig-          Nations said.
not enough park rangers or        sites,” said Phil-                        nated in 2002.                 Stewards are trained to
public archaeologists to ad-      lips, including         — Linda                 The PLI            notice and report any changes
equately monitor and protect      those that show Nations, Cultural Cultural Site                    or damage to a cultural site,
these culturally sensitive        evidence of pre-                          Steward Pro-             on a scale from 0 (no change
areas.                            historic peoples
                                                       Site Steward         gram has more            to site) to 4 (active destruc-
      “Henderson is complete-     moving north                              than 500 dili-           tion witnessed during visit).
ly surrounded by sites,” he       and south and                             gent volunteers                Phillips reviews all
said, including areas within      ancient game trails.          who visit, photograph and            reports and forwards the
May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13                                                                   14

                                                                        Around Town
Golf Tourney Honors Memory of One Child, Aids Many More
     The Lowdown                 Heart Maggie Golf Tourna-         and be randomly assigned to      to needing a transplant, Lynn
We Heart Maggie Golf             ment at the Black Mountain        a foursome of players who        Acebo said.
      Tournament                 Golf and Country Club this        will be golfing in the tour-           “Heart problems are a
Date: Sunday, May 29             Sunday.                           nament. If the virtual golfer    huge, somewhat unknown
Where: Black Mountain                  “Obviously there is a       is assigned to the team with     childhood issue,” Lynn Acebo
                                 bit of a somber note remem-       the best score of the day, he    said. “It is a scary thing. Our
Golf and Country Club,
                                 bering Maggie, but we’re          or she will win a $200 gift      3-month old was diagnosed
500 Greenway Rd.                 having a good time that day       card to the online catalogue     with congestive heart failure.
More info: visit www.            because it is a tribute to Mag-   Heartland America.               Now she is finishing her ju-                gie, rather than a sad thing,”         Since its inauguration      nior year of college, but at
                                 Mollie Stewart said. “We’re       in 2009, the tournament has      that time we had nowhere to
By Jenny Twitchell               remembering the good things;      raised more than $115,000 for    turn. We wondered, ‘What’s
THP Reporter                     how in her short life how         the Children’s Heart Foun-       ahead of us?’ So we wanted
                                 many lives she touched, and       dation, founded in 2001 by       to offer parents support that
                                                                                                                                                                          COURTESY MOLLIE STEWART
     As Mollie and John          how since she has passed she      husband and wife Lyn and         we didn’t have.”                   The third annual We Heart Maggie Golf Tournament will take
Stewart dealt with the pass-     is still doing good things. She   Jay Acebo. The foundation              One foundation pro-          place on Sunday at the Black Mountain Golf and Country Club.
ing of their 14-month old        is still inspiring people. “      supports families dealing with   gram that means a lot to the       Proceeds benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation.
daughter, Maggie, to heart             A little more than 200      children who have heart is-      Stewart family is Maggie’s
complications, they knew         golfers are expected to tee it    sues by providing emotional      Garden, located in the Chil-       office become more of a        to remember our daughter
they had to keep her memory      up for the cause, and a few       and financial support, a free    dren’s Heart Center at Sun-        positive experience,” John     and help some families at
alive and give back to the       spots may still be available      camp in Alamo, Nev. called       rise Hospital in Las Vegas. A      Stewart said.                  the same time,” John Stew-
organization that gave so        on the day of the tournament.     Camp Mend-A-Heart, and           portion of the proceeds from           After finding support      art said.
much to them.                          Those who would like to     education on pediatric car-      the golf tournament goes to        through the foundation, the         For more information
     As a tribute to Mag-        play golf, but can’t make it,     diology issues.                  the garden, which is a room        Stewarts now support it by     or to make a donation, visit
gie and as a means to raise      can be virtual golfers – a new         The foundation helps        filled with toys for children to   being board members and
funds for the Children’s Heart   feature to this year’s tourna-    families whose children have     choose from prior to having        giving back what they can      For more information on the
Foundation, the Stewarts are     ment. With a $50 donation,        a wide range of issues – ev-     heart surgery.                     with the golf tournament.      Children’s Heart Foundation,
hosting the third annual We      virtual golfers can go online     erything from a heart murmur           “It helps the doctor’s           “It’s a great way for us   visit
                                                                                    15                                                May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

                 Sudoku                                                                          Crossword
Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3                              Across                                                 Down
box contains the numbers 1 through 9.
                                                               1. Stop (nautical)       40. Refused               1. "Oh, my!"                 29. Used to look at the
                                                               6. Formerly (archaic)    41. Cost                  2. A hole for the escape     stars
                                                               10. Be inclined          43. Go down               of gas or air                31. Travelled on a horse
                                                               14. Slowly, in music     44. Afternoon snooze      3. ___ meridiem              33. Wish granter
                                                               15. Distribute           46. Concludes             4. Mix                       34. Backside
                                                               16. A Central American   47. The Final Frontier    5. Carried with difficulty   36. Security for a debt
                                                               sloth                    50. Preserves, as pork    6. An uncle                  37. Give temporarily
                                                               17. Exact opposite       53. Tropical root         7. Hotel                     38. Tallies
                                                               19. Feint                54. Animal doctor         8. Ossify                    42. Core
                                                               20. Record player        55. For some time         9. Exam                      43. An Indian dish
                                                               21. Frequently           60. At the peak of        10. Instability in the       45. A design on the skin
                                                               22. A very troublesome   61. Antibacterial drug    atmosphere                   47. Begin
                                                               child                    63. Ascend                11. Habituate                48. Place for a barbecue
                                                               23. Midget               64. Computer symbol       12. Kind of spray            49. Came up
                                                               25. Honor fights         65. The body              13. Songs for two            51. Bar bill
                                                               26. Sieve                66. Foot digits           18. In what manner?          52. Moving very fast
                                                               30. Steroid alcohol      67. A gas found in some   24. American Sign Lan-       54. Conceited
                                                               32. Against the law      lights                    guage                        56. Puncture
                                                               35. A short novel        68. Pace                  25. Birds of peace           57. Detail
Find more Sudoku here:                                         39. Trader                                         26. Pro or con               58. Speech problem
                                                                                                                  27. Holly                    59. Reflected sound
                                                                                                                  28. Ado                      62. Motel
May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13                                                                   16

                                                                                                                                              3rd Annual
  Country Fresh Farmers Market                                                 Evening with the Stars                                     Gimme Shelter Concert
 When: May 27, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM                                     When: May 27, 8:00 PM                                       When: May 28, 7:00 PM
 Where: Across from The district at Green Valley Ranch                Where: Lake Mead National Recreation Area                   Where: The Village at Lake Las Vegas, 30 Strada Nathan
 in front of the Henderson Pavilion, 200 South Green Valley Parkway   Contact: 293-8990, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM                       Admission: $20.00
 Admission: 267-2171                                                                                                              Contact: 564-4766
                                                                         Explore the wonders of the night sky with Ranger
 Country Fresh Farmers Market will be open every Friday,              Maia. Learn the major constellations and the stories that      Grammy Award Winner Skip Martin will rock the
 year round, wind and weather permitting. It is located               go with them. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight.           Village at Lake Las Vegas.
 across from The District at Green Valley Ranch, in front                This program will be presented at the Boulder Beach         Skip Martin is a former lead singer of Kool and the
 of the beautiful Henderson Pavilion. You will enjoy                  Campground Amphitheater.                                    Gang. He will be performing at the Village at Lake Las
 shopping at local as well as California farm stands for                 The National Park Service is presenting a variety of     Vegas for the 3rd Annual Gimme Shelter benefiting Heaven
 just picked fruits and vegetables. In addition there will            programs throughout the Lake Mead National Recre-           Can Wait Animal Society.
 be bakery fresh bread and pastries, a variety of tasty               ation Area during the month of May. Reservations are
 salsas, pizza, kettle corn, hot dogs and ice cold drinks.            required for these events.
 You will also find household and gift items made by                     For safety reasons please leave dogs at home.
 local artisans and crafters.

                                                                                                                                       “Don’t Stop The Music”
 Thirteenth Annual Puerto Rican
                                                                          Henderson Farmers Market                                          Astudia Dance
      Memorial Day Festival
                                                                                                                                      World’s First Annual Recital
 When: May 29, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM                                     When: June 2, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM                             When: June 18, 6:30 PM (dress Rehearsal 11:00 AM)
 Where: Henderson Pavilion, 200 South Green Valley Parkway            Where: Henderson Events Plaza, 200 South Water Street       Where: Basic High School Theatre, 400 North Palo Verde drive
 Admission: $10, Children under 10 - Free                             Contact: 267-2171                                           Admission: $5
 Contact: 267-4849                                                                                                                Contact: 451-8054
                                                                         Stop by the Farmers Market and bring home your
    The Puerto Rican Memorial Day Festival will celebrate             favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables.                      Tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 2:00
 the contributions of the Puerto Rican people to the com-                In addition to the wonderful fruits and vegetables you   pm. Cost is $5.00 and need to be purchased ahead of time.
 munity. It affords the opportunity to share their beautiful          will find fresh baked breads, fresh made salsas, honey        For sponsorship opportunities please call Astudia
 music, cultural foods, generations of art and traditions.            and much more. There are booths with great gift ideas       Dance World at (702) 451-8054.
    All proceeds are earmarked for educational scholar-               such as hand made knitted and embroidered items,
 ships to benefit the community.                                      beautiful wood carved items, hand made jewelry and
    There will be Live Music – DJ – Children’s Corner                 other specialty items.
 – Cultural Food – Merchandise Crafts – Information                      This event takes place every Thursday, weather per-
 Vendors.                                                             mitting. For additional information about the Farmers
    General Admission is $10.00 Children 8 and under                  Market, or to participate as a vendor call Dave Star at
 are free.                                                            702.579.9661.
    Tickets can be purchased at the Pavilion Box Office.                 Get to know the Water Street District, stop by one of
                                                                      the great eateries and enjoy breakfast or lunch.
Sudoku Solution   Crossword Answer
                                             21                                             May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

                    Service Directory/Jobs
     Sewing         Florist/Wedding Chapel             RV Park                           Automotive Credit Union

Business Services   Jewelry & Watch Repair            Locksmith                                 Printing & Mail

  Auto Repair          Service Directory          Auto Tires & Repair                                 Catering

      Jobs                   Jobs                        Jobs                                            Jobs
                                                                                                      Nevada Army National Guard
                                                                                                      Serving in the Nevada National
                                                                             Jobs                     Guard is an excellent way to
                                                                                                      honor your State and Country
                                                                                                      while at the same time furthering
                                                                                                      your education and jump starting
                                                                                                      your career.
                                                                                                      By working part-time, just 1
                                                                                                      weekend a month and a 2-weeks
                                                                                                      drill each summer, you will be
                                                                                                      eligible for the following benefits:
                                                                                                      FREE tuition at all Nevada State
                                                                                                      Colleges to include UNLV, UNR,
                                                                                                      CCSN, TMCC, GREAT BASIN
                                                                                                      Receive $509.00 a month Federal
                                                                  We are hiring 1 full time hair      tuition assistance in addition to
                                                                  station (rent) and 1 part time      the State exemption if you are a
                                                                  hair station (commission) and       fulltime student.
                                                                  1 full time nail station (rent or   Starting pay for one weekend a
                                                                  commission) 527-5300 ask for        month is $204.56 (E-3)
                                                                  Veronica (auditions required).      Serve locally here in Las Vegas
                                                                                                      and Henderson
                                                                                                      If you are between the ages
                                                                                                      of 17&41, you are eligible to
                                                                  Looking for a Qualified Cook        join now and learn one of the
                                                                  Must have experience with           following skills: Military Police,
                                                                  heavy grill work. Starting at       S u p p ly, M e d i c a l , M e c h a n i c s ,
                                                                  $10.00 an hour or above. Call       Transportation, Cavalry Scout,
                                                                                                      Electrician, Plumber, Indirect
                                                                                                      Infantry, Computer Specialist,
                                                                                                      And more??!
May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13                                                                                       22

                                                                                                                                                                Wheel, Cruise Control, AM-FM            USED 2004 Audi TT 2dr Cpe quat-
           Cars                                                                                                                                                 Stereo, OnStar, Dual Air Bags,
                                                                                                                                                                ABS (4-Wheel), Rear Spoiler, Alloy
                                                                                                                                                                                                        tro D.S. Auto ($14,164)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Exterior: gray, interior: black,
                                                                                                                                                                Wheels ~ Internet rates apply, look     AWD, 3.2 L DOHC, automatic,
                                                                                                                                                                us up online!                           stk#: 41016126, 60,056 miles

                                                                                                                                                                                                        USED 2005 Chrysler Sebring
                                                                                                                                                                                                        4dr Sdn ($6,682)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Exterior: gold, interior: black,
                                                                                  2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo             2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4x4 SUV                                                 FWD, 2.4 L DOHC, automatic, stk
                                        1982 CORVETTE GOLD -                      SS Coupe ($11,235.00)                  ($26,345.00)                                                                   #: 5N570046, 75,696 miles
                                        $9900                                     ~ CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back            ~ CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back
      Auto financing -                  1982 Rare Gold Metallic Corvette,         Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident    Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident
    Everyone Approved                   original color only 648 Corvettes         ~ LOADED WITH: CD (Single Disc),       ~ Certified ~ $1,000 below Kelley      CERTIFIED 2007 Pontiac
Great selection of used cars!           ever painted this color, in excellent     Leather, Moon Roof also has: V6,       Blue Book Retail Value ~ LOADED        Solstice 2dr Convertible GXP
   Warranties available                 condition for being a mostly original     3.8 Liter, Automatic, FWD, Dale        WITH: Power Windows, Power             ($18,993)
       702-568-8485                     car. Is not perfect needs a little TLC.   Earnhardt Ed,Traction Control,Air      Door Locks,Tilt Wheel, CD (Single      Exterior: yellow, interior: black,
                                        Mechanically excellent, original          Conditioning, Power Steering, Power    Disc), ABS (4-Wheel) also has:         RWD, 2.0 L DOHC, automatic, stk
                                        engine with crossfire injection, runs     Windows, Power Door Locks, Tilt        V6, 4.0 Liter, Manual, 6-Spd, 4WD,     #: 7Y121591, 8,070 miles
                                        great, good smog check, good tires,       Wheel, Cruise Control, AM-FM           Traction Control, Stability Control,
                                        some areas of paint need touch            Stereo, Cassette, OnStar, Dual Air     Air Conditioning, Power Steering,
                                        up but majority is excellent. No          Bags, LH Front Side Air Bag, ABS       AM-FM Stereo, Dual Air Bags, Steel     CERTIFIED 2008 Chevrolet                 USED 2005 Kia Amanti 4dr
                                        accidents, body is excellent. I have      (4-Wheel), Power Seat, Rear Spoiler,   Wheels ~ Internet rates apply, look    Silverado 1500 2WD Extended                  Sedan Auto ($9,994)
                                        owned this car for 17years. Must          Alloy Wheels ~ Internet rates apply,   us up online!                          Cab Short Box Work Truck                Exterior: gold, interior: black, FWD,
                                        sell quickly for only $9900 OBO           look us up online!                                                            ($19,694)                               3.5 L DOHC, automatic, stk #:
                                        call (702) 379-1317.                                                                                                    Exterior: blue, interior: black,        55051705, 51,968 miles
                                                                                                                                                                5.3L V8, automatic, stk #: 81131554,
                                                                                                                                                                41,786 miles                            USED 2005 Jeep Wrangler 2dr
1993 Ford Bronco $1,800 OBO                                                                                                                                                                             X ($15,493)
Reliable truck, has 240,000 odometer,                                                                                                                           USED 2000 GMC New Sierra                Exterior: silver, interior: black, 4WD,
engine and trans have about 130,000,                                                                                                                            1500 4WD Extended Cab 3dr               4 L OHV, manual, stk #: 5P354841,
4x4 works good.                                                                                                                                                 Standard Box SL ($8,872)                32,992 miles
Call (702)-885-2376 Chris                                                                                                                                       Exterior: black, interior: gray, 4WD,
-New Steering Gearbox -power                                                                                                                                    5.3L V8, automatic, stk #:YE230575,     2010 Toyota Camry Sedan
steering pump                           2009 Chevrolet Cobalt LT                                                         2006 Chevrolet Impala SS               120,545 miles                           ($20,159.00)
-brake caliper -shocks less than a      Sedan ($12,388.00)                                                               Sedan ($17,367.00)                                                             ~ CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back
year old -Synergy axle pivot bushings   ~ CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back               2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser               In absolutely pristine condition.                                              Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident
-Two new ball joints - brake pads       Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident       ($11,988.00)                           Well cared for black on black it                                               ~ Certified 7 YEARS, 100,000 MILE
less than year old -new u joints on     ~ $1,500 below NADA Retail Value          ~CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back             is a rare find CARFAX: 1-Owner,                                                WARRANTY. ~ LOADED WITH:
rear driveshaft - new waterpump         ~ LOADED WITH: Power Windows,             Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident    Buy Back Guarantee, Clean Title,                                               MP3 (Single Disc), ABS (4-Wheel),
NEED TO SELL ASAP!                      Tilt Wheel, MP3 (Single Disc) also        ~ LOADED WITH: CD (Single Disc),       No Accident ~ $400 below Kelley                                                Power Seat also has: 4-Cyl, 2.5 Liter,
                                        has: 4-Cyl, 2.2 Liter, Automatic,         ABS (4-Wheel) also has: 4-Cyl, 2.4     Blue Book Retail Value ~ LOADED                                                Automatic, 6-Spd with Overdrive,
                                        4-Spd with Overdrive, FWD, Air            Liter, Automatic, 4-Spd with Over-     WITH: MP3 (Single Disc), Leather,                                              FWD,Air Conditioning, Power Steer-
/////HONDA ACCORD//////1997             Conditioning, Power Steering, Power       drive, FWD,Air Conditioning, Power     Dual Power Seats, Moon Roof            USED 2007 Cadillac Escalade             ing, Power Windows, Power Door
- $1400                                 Door Locks,AM-FM Stereo, OnStar,          Steering, Power Windows, Power         also has: V8, 5.3 Liter, Automat-      EXT AWD 4dr ($33,563)                   Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control,
Must sell, moving. 2d honda accord,     Dual Air Bags,ABS (4-Wheel), Steel        Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise         ic, FWD, Traction Control, Air         Exterior: black, interior: beige,       AM-FM Stereo, Dual Air Bags, Side
se a/c, clean, 200k miles, needs tlc,   Wheels ~ Internet rates apply, look       Control, AM-FM Stereo, Dual Air        Conditioning, Power Steering, Power    AWD, 6.2 L OHV, automatic, stk#:        Air Bags, Steel Wheels ~ Internet
call for info 702-860-0517              us up online!                             Bags, Side Air Bags, Rear Spoiler ~    Windows, Power Door Locks, Tilt        7G317782, 58,839 miles                  rates apply, look us up online!
                                                                                                                      23                                             May 26, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 13

                                                                                              Real Estate
  Real Estate                          Furnished RV's for rent in Henderson
                                       adult park. Starting at $350, utilities
                                                                                  1713 Sabatini Henderson, NV
                                                                                  89052 - $335,000
                                                                                                                           at Prudential 702-461-4422, See
                                                                                                                           pictures at www.SevenHillsHomes.
   For Rent                            included except electric-paid to park.
                                       Pets ok. Numerous amenities in
                                                                                  Spacious floor plan w/lots of extras,
                                                                                  upgraded carpeting, 3 beds + large

                                       park; shopping, dining & entertain-        loft & den/office downstairs, set up
                                       ment nearby. Live for less! Call           as 2 master suites, 3 car garage, wine
                                       565-1945 for details.                      closet, kitchen open to family room w/
                                                                                  granite counters, wrought iron stairs,
                                         Real Estate                              custom closets in all bedrooms, large
                                                                                  low maintenance backyard w/covered
                                          For Sale                                patio & no neighbor behind home!
                                                                                  Call Mike Carlucci at Prudential
                                                                                  702-461-4422, See pictures at www.       Immaculate home on a large corner
FREE RENT!! Get 2 weeks FREE                                                                  lot at Country Club & Cumberland.
RENT with a 1 year lease; or 4 weeks                                                                                       1231 sq ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car
FREE RENT with a 2 year lease!!                                                                                            garage.All appliances. Energy efficient
Offer does not apply to applicants                                                                                         home with new a/c & heat, hot
represented by agents. Beautiful 2                                                                                         water heater, solar screens & more.
story home in Henderson, gated                                                                                             Original owners that take pride in
community, with 3 bedrooms, 2.5                                                                                            their home & it shows! $114,900.
bath, 2 car garage, community pool,    3006 Paseo Hills Henderson,                                                         Century 21 JR. 564-5142.
park and dog park. This home has       NV 89052 - $140,000
many upgrades including a up graded    Great room floor plan in Seven
master with walk in closet granite     Hills with vaulted ceilings, tile floors
counter tops in kitchen, window        throughout home with exception             2796 Botticelli Henderson, NV
coverings, tile carpet through out.    of carpets in bedrooms, mature             89052 - $599,900
Located near Boulder City. Call        landscaping in front and backyard,         Model condition w/great views
Al Molinaro at 702-400-5467 or         no neighbor behind home! Call              of mountains, city & Rio Secco
email         Mike Carlucci at Prudential 702-           golf course! Gourmet kitchen w/
for more details.                      461-4422, See pictures at www.             stainless steel appliances, granite
                                                     counter tops with backsplash,
Large 1 bedroom, 1 and a half bath,                                               5 bedrooms + large loft/bonus            Henderson, gated, 3 Bed
2 story condo near Boulder Hwy &       STUNNING IN SUMMERLIN!                     room! Paradise backyard w/pool,          walk-in closet, 2.5 Bath, granite
Warm Springs.(behind Jokers Wild)      6 BR, 6.5 BA, 6153 SF home. Spar-          spa, mature landscaping, wrought         counter tops, 2 car garage, frig/
Large living and dining, kitchen       kling pool & spa with waterfall.Wet        iron fence, master with walk-in          washer/dryer included, PETS OK,
w/breakfast bar. All appliances. 2     bar in separate family room. Huge          shower, jacuzzi tub, walk-in closet,     NONSMOKING, community
covered parking spots. $600+$600       master suite with double sinks. Truly      central vacuum, epoxy garage floor       pool/spa, park, playground close
security. May consider a small pet     amazing! $500,000.                         and much more! Too many extras           to schools $1400 month contact
w/extra deposit. own/lic. 277-6288     CALL AL AT (702) 237-1467                  to list here. Call Mike Carlucci         Al: 702-400-5467.

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