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Form 7 Request for CDR May 2011


									                                                     Form 7

                                         REQUEST FOR CDR
# Download form from:
# Strictly for Primary Dispute Resolution Centre (PDRC) application (not for ADCDR).
# Incomplete forms will be rejected.

Date: _______________

Case No: MC/DC(Please circle)_________________/___________(Year)

3.        Type of Case (please circle appropriately):
          TORT (a) Road Accident – involving personal injury/property damage/death
                   (b) Industrial Accident
                   (c) Others (please specify) ____________________

          CONTRACT              (a) Construction/ Renovation/Supply of Goods & Services.
                                (b) Others (please specify) ______________________________

          OTHERS : For Clarification /Costs Indication / Enter Judgment etc.
          Remarks : _____________________________________________

4.        Quantum of claim _______________ Claim is more/less* than $5,000

5.        Has matter been fixed for CDR before? YES/NO*
          If yes please indicate: a) date :___________________b) whether any indication given: ___________

6.         Details of Law firms
Plaintiff’s Solicitors’ firm:                               Defendant’s Solicitors’ firm:
Solicitor in charge:                                        Solicitor in charge:
Tel No:                                                     Tel No:
Fax No:                                                     Fax No:
Ref No:                                                     Ref No:
Email :                                                     Email:
Unsuitable dates:                                           Unsuitable dates:

3rd Party‘s Solicitors’ firm (if any):                                Remarks (if any):
Solicitor in charge:
Tel No:
Fax No:
Ref No:
Unsuitable dates:                        ________

7.        All relevant parties have been joined in this action. Pleadings have closed and parties have exchanged or will
          exchange the relevant documents in good time well before the 1 st CDR session.

8.        Consent for CDR has been obtained from all relevant parties. YES/NO* (not applicable to NIMA and PI cases).

Signature of Solicitor
Name of Requesting Law Firm (Please use law firm’s stamp)
* Delete where inapplicable
** Please inform the e@dr/Primary Dispute Resolution Centre of any change of fax number

                                COURT’S DIRECTION (This part is for PDRC use only.)

 THE CDR IS SCHEDULED FOR _________________AT ________________(am/pm)
 Remarks :_________________________________________________________________

 Date: _____________Name & DID : ______________________________For Director, PDRC.

Please fax your Request Form to: Subordinate Courts EFS Fax No: 65572187 (For All applications)

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