Volunteer Savings by VinnyMyler


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June 2008 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2

Activity Performed by Volunteers                                                        Saved
Maintenance and Initial Set Up for GPEHOA Website including typing the Covenants.
$50 per hour minimum per web host.                                                      $ 400
Bookkeeping, ($1800), donated computer checks, ($125), file folders ($5), and 2008
Quickbook Software ($200)                                                               $ 2,130
Lighting for sign at entry. Services of electrician & donated sensors.                  $ 105
Stabilize and add additional insulation in clubhouse attic. Support straps donated.     $   260
Clear away pump area, replace with gravel (labor). Truck pick up & delivery of gravel
to site (gas, etc)                                                                      $   200
Monitored/applied chemicals before we had a pool maintenance contract in place. On
going coordination with pool maintenance contractor.                                    $   155
Deliver minutes and newsletters door to door = postage saved.                           $   164
Repair/replace gate to clubhouse pool pump = labor + pick up & delivery of supplies.    $   245
Install Neighborhood Watch & No Soliciting sign + donated pole.                         $   140
Clubhouse Manager inspects regularly, has coordinated installation of new locks, &
addressed other issues as needed. ($50 monthly)                                         $   600
Paint over illegal parking space lines near clubhouse.                                  $   500
Pressure clean clubhouse overhang, walkways, pool area. Supplies were donated.          $   725
Print minutes 6 months, flyers 3 times, newsletter 2 times (cost per Office Depot)      $   136
Refinish 17 blue club chairs. To replace chairs = $20.00 per chair at Lowe’s.           $   300
Installation of signs in and around clubhouse.                                          $   70
Install clubhouse announcement board.                                                   $   70
Cleared both clogged drains for outside showers for pool area.                          $ 140
Donated & repaired inside tank of both toilets in restrooms at clubhouse.               $ 110
Donated & applied ant poison around clubhouse areas.                                    $   85
Entrance Landscape weeded by volunteers and builder’s employee. (Weeding is not
included in lawn service contract)                                                      $ 250
Rework Landscaping at Front Entrance. Employee of builder worked with volunteers.
Builder/discount saved 30% of plant costs. Builder picked up, delivered, helped plant   $ 350
materials, and assisted volunteers in spreading mulch.
Total estimated savings from volunteers January – June 2008                             $7,100

Good Neighbors. . . .

Please leash and pick up after your pets. Santa Rosa County
law requires that pets be on a leash. Animal Control will be
notified if pets are observed wondering around the
neighborhood. It is unsanitary to allow your pet to deposit
feces in your neighbor’s lawns or in the common areas. This
requirement is also stipulated in the Grand Pointe East
Covenants and Restrictions. You can reference this by going
on our website’s page entitled DOCUMENTS (gpehoa.com).

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