Elemental Skies by wulinqing


									                                      Elemental Skies
                                                                             By Sean Newell

      (Order just means, well, nothing, in fact, some I just put in here because I have
  characters after them, and most teachers I put in because of their great support in my
             education and their wonderful teaching methods and experiences)
   I‟d like to dedicate this book to Carpenter Middle School Staff and students that all
helped me along my path to completion of this book; Mrs. Harris (best teacher!), Raegan
Lucero, Calley Martin, James Mecham (II), and Mr. Brewer (best teacher!), Mrs. Miska,
   Mrs. Hensley (best teacher!), Christian Allen, Tabitha Segovia, Mrs. Mauldin, Mrs.
    Thibodeaux (formally Ms. Johannes), Mrs. Lye, Mr. Hurtado (best teacher!), Mr.
Colodney and Mr. Najeria (best directors!), Marjan Sameri, the coaches at Carpenter, my
  family and friends that supported me throughout this ordeal (sometimes though), and
          most of all, Robert Newell – no one comes close to this guy, my uncle.

Firstly, I would like to start, well, with the most reasonable thing to start with, the end.
The world will end when we, the humans, blow ourselves out of the sky, or the sun burns
us, or some weirdly natural or un-natural thing like that happens, we don‟t know what it
will be (natural being a phenomenon that happens without human interference, because if
I just said something that happens with Earthly proportions, than I would be including
humans). But when the end happens, the best thing in the world happens. The „bad‟
people in the world die. The „good‟ people don‟t die; they live on in the hearts of those
who they touched, which are also dead, but in death we can find peace, but those who are
„bad‟ fear it, and tremble before the unknown, while others embrace change. Death could
be something much, much better than life, or it can be another life, or, it can be
something entirely different, more difficult, but, I only know that it is going to be one hell
of a change when I die.

The Twelve Elemental Colors, and the Thirteenth Element
Scarlet, Fire
Blue, Ice
White, Light
Black, Darkness
Purple, Chaos
Gray, Sound
Green, Nature
Brown, Earth
Silver, Wind
Yellow, Electricity
Peach, Human Attributes
Gold, Planetary Attribute

                                       Chapter 1
                                The End – The First Hour

         When the sun rose that day, everyone had something to do, pray, a suicide, or
waiting for him. He was a human being, namely, George, a completely normal being,
human and all, and with hair that‟s a mix of browning red hair. During the first hours of
the end, George came to be in the front porch of someone whom he held dear, Alice. She
was also an ordinary girl, fifteen years of age, he was a few months ahead of Alice, him
being sixteen now, by the end. He walked towards the door and knocked. A dismal
faced mother answered, bearing no answer and no question as to why He was in her own
door-way, her faced was tear-streaked as well.
         He walked in and the mother closed the door and went down the hallway into the
living room. George walked down the hallway and took a left, down to a bedroom. The
mother was sitting on the couch, crying now, for the end was inevitably close at hand.
         George knocked on the door as he stopped at the end of the hallway. He heard
and felt the movement from Alice, her graceful steps towards the door; he embraced
every movement Alice made, loved her with all thoughts he could think, and everything
in the world. When she was near him everything was okay. She opened the door,
drearily at first, but she brightened at the fact that George had come all this way. George
smiled as well, but weakly, for his confidence in the situation did not come at a pinnacle
of confidence so, he couldn‟t trust in it, which had never happened in a very long time.
         “George?” Alice said softly as he walked in and closed the door behind him, “It‟s
the day isn‟t it, what everyone‟s saying it is?”
         “Afraid so Alice, and I‟m not sure if I can do anything about it…” George and
Alice sat together in silence for a time on her bed, just clasping their hands together in
trusting love, “All those people, those things, that I faced… forced me into an easier
reality, where I was a god among men. Today I realize that the people on top of the
world, with a gun pointed at our heart and head all at the same time, are the ones sending
everything I have. It‟s their version of a twisted game I guess. Playing us as pawns.”
         “You‟ve killed or sent back everyone they‟ve ever sent!” Alice interjected. But at
this George‟s hand was swept from Alice‟s and he got up, “It makes sense George…
doesn‟t it?” George shook his head.
         “Alice, these people were toying with me, with us! I can barely indulge my own
mind in their minds, telepathy won‟t work, it‟s mind boggling how much mental
preparation they‟ve put into their work, to keep it a secret from enemies, I couldn‟t keep
up with their handiwork, their thoughts, their movements, it‟s all so blurred…That ship,
or whatever the hell it is up there, is going to kill us Alice, it will blow us to bits!” He
was almost yelling, and a faint cracking could be heard in the skies.
         “George, you have all the world‟s powers to control, it shouldn‟t be a problem!
Right? So don‟t be nervous!” George‟s sadness grew at the thought of these words.
         “But I am, that‟s what troubled me at first. I‟ve never gotten nervous before a
fight or something like one before, but I am, my instincts are… not as confident in their
steps as they were,” Alice shook her head at this.
         “I know you‟ll protect us no matter the cost George, just do your best,” and with
that Alice opened the door and George walked out, unsatisfied with what he had heard.
He didn‟t want more trust from even more people. He didn‟t even want their trust, their
trust was just dumb and pointless hope in his eyes, and those of which he spoke of in the
craft above knew what they were doing, George was playing around with a new toy he
had found when he was thirteen, and those above put it down here, whether on accident
or on purpose, in those short years he didn‟t even have time to unlock it‟s full potential.
Their sick game of seeing if the best equipped earthling could use their own weaponry to
it‟s full potential was over, and it was time for the Earth to be destroyed because the most
useful person couldn‟t even work the powers of his own planet.
         There was another reason these alien-like beings were destroying the planet, it
was because of something hidden deep within the lurking powers that George had
discovered, It wasn‟t what they would call a discovery though. They knew what their
fate was if the planet was to be kept alive. They could very well be destroyed by a
species millions of years below them. George had no idea what he was getting in to
when he first walked over this strange technology.
         George walked to the end of Alice‟s walkway and he let himself float upward into
the sky by nature‟s hand. He felt the wind hit him in the face, and waves of air lifting
him up as if he was a leaf. He felt his whole being lift upward in a spiral of greatness.
George loved the sensation of flying, and always has, always will. He stopped floating,
and he felt anger fall into his heart, and all emotions of darkness and deception, nature‟s
fury had left him, and was now in a ball floating around him, in the sphere was power
beyond knowledge and description. Its shape was a sphere of blazing blues and white
and such. He had let loose the powers of the wind, and now was releasing the anger
inside of him. He felt it leave him, and it was now a floating black dark sphere following
in the first sphere‟s footsteps, and he was now filled with emotional distress at eminent
danger and pollution and all things like that. He could feel the trees in distant forests and
woods, and he saw everything‟s death, birth, and life, he was filled with the elemental
power of the trees, leaves, and such things, for this element was one of nature. He
released this; among the three spirals that were floating there was now an airy one, a dark
and mysterious one, and a green one filled with love for all things living.
         He could feel power fill his being now; an egomaniac was born again in the flame
of fire. He released this sphere of pure fire, it cannot be just said that it was fire, but it
was the temperature of heat that this sphere symbolized. He could feel a cold creeping
calmness about him now. The calm predicting omniscient being he was always, and the
first thing among three he encountered the first time he got the elemental powers he was
presenting to the world now. The temperature everyone named cold was released now.
A damp sphere of pure calm coldness was swept from him. He now could feel
impossible strength filling him. Rocks rumbled at the sight of this sphere, as they knew
that this element, to them, contained spirit, and powerful capabilities. Earth was this, but
not in the sense of everything on Earth, just the power of the rocks and the ground and
minerals. The six spheres surrounding George now resonated with power, power of
numbers, for there is power in numbers. Without this power lonesomeness would
overcome and destroy the elemental powers that resided within George.
         George was now filled with godly powers of greatness. He let loose the white
light, a stream of hope that goes through the darkness and penetrates all the pathways of
life. No other element shows all the doors, this one shows all the paths that one can be
taken; others leave you hanging, wondering if there are more doors and paths to be
chosen. This white sphere left George with slow moving admiration for everything. He
was now filled with confusion, wonder, amazement, and a chaotic nature, he still
levitated over the ground and rooftops, but George was now in a state of perpetual Chaos.
As a purple light could be seen in the sky, George‟s body let loose a purple sphere of
pure Chaos. The light in the sky was the one from the craft above, charging it‟s own
lasers, but George felt the element of pure Chaos, Chaos that wanted nothing but
complete power so it could unleash it all, and it wanted out, out of its cage. It wanted to
go out and use it‟s powers to the fullest, but it was held back, unhindered, but it was still
held back by the other elements. George was now filled with a power of lightning fast
reflexes. Electric capabilities, and the sphere that came out was a lighting bolt of
tremendous power.
         The nine spheres now surrounding George pulsed with power. He wasn‟t done
yet, and he knew it. The next emotions he felt were ones of Human Nature, ones
everyone possesses. He let this sphere come out, and it was brown, with vibrant colors
glowing inside of it. The next was his own planetary sphere, a miniature Earth, he let this
loose with strong emotion and pride. George now felt the speed and power of his own
body shaking and trembling, he could feel sound flow through his body, and he let loose
this gray sphere of sounds with a thundering temporary ambience.
         The next one he could not release. He knew that when he released the twelve
elemental spheres he was missing one; he found that there was one more to complete the
total of thirteen spheres.
         The Thirteen Spheres they were called among those who knew them. George
knew the last one, but he didn‟t have enough of it. Cracking test lasers were heard above
the atmosphere now, the purple lights that were controlled by the flying craft were about
to destroy the Earth. George trembled, but knew that he wasn‟t going to let the Earth
down, not until tonight, when the lasers were fully charged and were ready to fire at least.
He needed more of the last thirteenth elemental power. It was Time. He always seemed
to not care about Time, but now he needed much, much more of it. And he couldn‟t
seem to find the right emotions to control Time. He couldn‟t finish what he was trying to
do without a lot of Time. With all the other elements he could just make more and more
of them, but now he found something that he couldn‟t quite control, and couldn‟t mass-
produce. He let the elemental powers flood back into him, Chaos was disappointed, the
others were to, but he didn‟t care. The emotional spheres came into a storage area of his
elemental reach, so he could release all the emotions at once, which would save him
valuable time. There it was again! Time! He thought about it again and again, time,
time, and more time! He couldn‟t help himself, he needed time, but he just couldn‟t get it
into his grasp.
         It seemed like the end, truly it did. Until George appeared before George in a
flash of brilliance, that brilliant flash didn‟t affect the George that had been the main
point of the story so far, he was used to his enemies trying to distort his vision by flashing
light. Of course he flashed back at them, and it blinded them, but that‟s another story.
The second George seemed just like the first one, maybe a little bit older, but not
noticeable, and he said,
         “George?” the second one asked, getting his bearings,
        “George!” the first one said, confused,
        “Yes George, I have but one thing to tell you,” the first still seemed extremely
confused, “knowledge,” at this moment the second one bolted straight at the first George
and now the first one could only see one of himself. The second George plunged the first
into the oblivion, a time tunnel matrix of hell. Such a strong word must describe this
tunnel because in all of George‟s years he has always been hiding from everything he‟s
ever done. All the bad that he has down before now opened up to his vision and flashed
before his eyes. The first plunged deeper and deeper into the well of hell, he didn‟t even
see himself move, the second George that is, it was as if the second George moved
instantaneously, which is impossible, you can only move at the speed of light, not in an
instant. George was now unconscious, the first one of course.

                                        Chapter 2
                               The Beginnings, New and Old

        The first thing that George noticed (still on the first one here) when he was
dropped from the sky was that everything seemed to have gotten younger. The elements
also seemed angered. Being the powerful sentient guardians of the world, they had to get
a promise-able host that wouldn‟t doubt his own powers, even in the face of death and
destruction. The elements just saw fear, doubt, and a hindered confidence in their host‟s
mind, so they left him after he fell, and spread out unto the world. The second thing
George noticed was that all of his powers had been lost after they actually left him, his
incredible strength, speed, and elemental powers, all gone. He still had „amazing‟
strength and speed, but that‟s only because he was incredibly physically fit, being that he
stretched out his muscles every day of his life, breaking through the muscle tissue and
cutting through it like butter from the time that the powers of the elements came to be his
own, for that‟s when his „workout‟ started, routinely. The third thing he noticed is that he
couldn‟t see without his glasses, he needed his glasses. Strangely enough, they were
right in front of him, as if waiting for him, he could‟ve sworn they weren‟t there the last
time he looked at that spot, but there were there now, and that‟s what matters, the now,
not the past or future, just the present.
        George got up (still the first one), and looked around. He was in the middle of a
forest, but he could still hear the speeding sounds of traffic and the noise of the city. That
meant he was either in a very un-cared for park, or an un-cleared forest of some kind.
The sounds were distant, and faint, not something he was familiar with, for the elements
also gave him enhanced senses. He looked around him, and the trees did not bow before
him as they did. He felt completely lost, he sat down and thought, not as fast as he
could‟ve done with the human nature element, but he thought quite quickly.
        George got up after getting his bearings. He was stunned for a few seconds that
he lost his powers, and more shocks will come in time, but he was still intact with sanity,
for the time being. All he was now was very, very lost. He got up after he decided to go
towards the city and he started to remember, remember the glorious beginnings.

        I am thirteen. Glasses and a browning red shade of hair are my own. A shunned
and pitied age of „self-reliant‟ people thirteen is, but your ageism doesn‟t take my breath
away, or stop me in my tracks. Deny me passage of something I need, and you‟re not in
my way for long. I am not like the others of my age; I am more… advanced, more
omniscient, more concentrated. Quicker at thinking, and doing things in the head, even if
in a math class a math question could be answered by someone else before me, practicing
petty practical novice logical problems like that never endowed much entertainment or
gave me much solace, except when I was young and naïve, thrilled always to figure
something new out and how it worked. I‟m still like that, but without the naïve part. I‟ve
always gotten a big rush whenever I figure out how something works, how something is
figured out by the higher scientists of the world or someone really smart, but not as
conceited, or how things connect to each other, how if one does something a chain
reaction ensues that, no matter how hard you try, you can‟t really stop, unless it‟s
dominoes, which yes, I did experiment with once. Aside from my differentiating skills
and practices, today was a day when my whole world was incredibly different than
anyone else‟s.
        I‟ve always asked for more from this world, I didn‟t care for the things in life that
seemed to give so much joy to others. I spent my time either playing video games,
writing, imagining, reading, or interacting with something completely un-predictable, and
extremely fun. At times that was people, but even the greatest of things can have their
own down fall. With people it takes time, lots of time, for you to grow on them, and one
false move will land you straight in a list. When a name is put on that list it takes even
more time to get off of the list, and when you‟re on it your not exactly welcome among
the people who see your name. It‟s the hate-list, or hit-list, either way, it‟s a bad list.
        Today is the day when I got un-believable powers. Learned many things, and my
whole world seemed to speed out of control. Nothing was ever the same.
        I was taking out the trash, and because of my 5-member family, including me; I
had to do this most every day. Speaking of family, my mom‟s side of the family was
going to have a re-union, out in the middle of no-where, a.k.a. my aunt‟s house, and we
weren‟t coming back until night fall. I didn‟t mind going to a re-union, especially
because it‟s a chance for me to see Robert, my uncle, and everyone else on my mom‟s
side of the family. After I put the trash can lid back on after I put the trash bag into the
can, I heard a rumbling, a very deep, and very robust rumbling. I stepped back into the
grass area of a neighbor‟s yard, and a giant hole erupted from the Earth a few feet from
where I once stood. I stepped forward to look into it, and a great light burst forth, and
ripped me from the ground into the air space directly above it and the light centered me
above the hole, perfectly.
        I looked all around me, and nothing seemed to be the same anymore. Everything
was illuminated by this strange light, and was being twisted as if it was getting ready for
a big sonic boom, or something like it. I suddenly felt emotions, desires, and powerful
sentient beings inside of me, all of different types, shapes, and sizes, but all with very
potent abilities, I‟ll soon realize, at least that‟s what I hoped. I closed my eyes and felt
the rush of a sphere, a cold sphere. Than a hot one, than more and more until thirteen of
them passed over me. The main emotion I felt after the fact was pure joy, and power, so
much that I forgot almost all the emotions that I needed to control these elements. All but
three of the emotions left me. The power of wind and the sky floating above me, the heat
feeling of pure power, and the coolness of an omniscient being inside me, elemental
emotions of sky, heat, and the cold.
       Then, before my eyes, everything went black and dark as I was sucked into the
deepening hole that sprouted out of seemingly no-where and appeared to have „given‟ me
these powers. I was now anywhere but my own home, I wasn‟t even on Earth anymore,
because I just felt a useless sphere appear before me in my mind‟s eye. It was Earth, that
was my first thought. Apparently I was right, for when I thought and felt pure pride and
nationalism; its name was called out to me in my mind‟s ears. Earth, that‟s what it said.
       I came to, for I was knocked out somehow, I was in a world of differentiating
proportions. It seemed almost dry, all I knew is that it wasn‟t Earth, or what I just
witnessed inside myself wouldn‟t of happened. And I knew that at that moment, this was
the beginning of something great, and wondrous.

         George Stepped out of the sidewalk wilderness and stepped into an industrial hell.
The freeway he had stumbled upon was one familiar to him, 75 it was referred to among
his breed. He was walking at its side to go to his Granny‟s house so that his Uncle could
take him home, he hoped. He wasn‟t sure what day it was, or what hour, or anything.
The only thing he knew was that he felt three years younger, and so did everything else.
         Now don‟t start thinking that George‟s Uncle, Robert, is a penniless slob who
lives with his mom. He just made a few mistakes during his years, teenaged years, and
it‟s getting hard to get back on track with his life. All he can do is go to college, hope for
a job some time, that isn‟t retail, and get back on track.
         All the while George just hoped that he wouldn‟t end up road kill. He didn‟t
enjoy the thought of him being vulnerable to a car attack, again, but he lived with it all
the same.
         Unfortunately for George, everyone he knew wasn‟t at the place that he thought
they were. They were all at the reunion, in the middle of no-where, a.k.a. his aunt‟s
house, great aunt‟s house. And to make things worse it‟s not even close to nightfall
where George is; it had just passed mid-day.
         While George was walking, he looked up at the sun, and he felt something grow
inside of him. He felt an entity, unknown to him, but known all the same. Perhaps it was
a hidden element that didn‟t leave him, but that idea became impossible after he
rationalized it. If it was a guardian of an element, this entity, than it would‟ve had to
leave him in the woods, there was no way around it. Elemental entities must pick the
most reliable person in the world, and right now they just witnessed doubt, fear, and other
symptoms of not having enough confidence in one‟s self to be a holder of the elements.
         This entity inside of him was alien at heart, but kind also. It gave it‟s own powers
up to George, and he felt it. He stopped and he felt an emotion, not an emotion really. A
feeling, a feeling of great and exceptional knowledge, although he didn‟t have
exceptional knowledge of the situation, he did have exceptional knowledge about pretty
much everything else in the world, at least the world he was in now. The power inside of
him urged him to look up at the sun, and think, and feel the heat in the face, and when he
thought of the feeling of having exceptional knowledge, it hit him. The power to contort
the temperatures came back to him, this time it was only one elemental power, and not
three that he could control at first, and it was heat, namely, fire.
         George blasted off, with the power of fire streaking his movements behind him,
propelling him farther and farther over 75. Causing many accidents below, but those who
would‟ve sued and filed a lawsuit didn‟t, because He was born. It was deemed that He
was a god among men, Controller of Fire, and soon, all the other elements, again.
         George shot off without any ideas as to the accidents below because he is again
not gifted with the element of human nature (or the dark element, in the case of a mastery
in the dark arts) and cannot indulge himself in other‟s minds to know that this would be
their reaction, and he was used to people having seen him before, when people were used
to lightning streaking over the sky on a clear day, a flame of hope and desire over the
horizon, or an air stream firing across the sky, it was all normal in his days, before he got
sent back in time. This was the first sighting of the boy, who is, again, a god among men,
Controller of Fire at first, and soon, all the other elemental spherical orbs. In fact, a
helicopter flying near-by for traffic reports for CNN was flying nearby and caught the
flaming body and tail of this wondrous boy. All the while people below him all turned on
their flashing yellow lights, and many didn‟t obey the 5 second rules, or 10 second, or
whatever the distance / time relation it is you have to be to not have the car in front of
you stop dead all of a sudden and you crash into it. So many accidents ensued. Many
eyes pondered the meaning of a mighty flaming butt on the sky, but they deemed him a
hero nonetheless.
         With George‟s newfound powers he easily got to his Granny‟s house, with many
spectators around the house once it became clear that this was his destination; he went to
the garage and caught the remnants of his mom‟s family with the same last name as him
just before they were going to go to the reunion. As for the spectators, reporters, citizens,
and questionnaires… well lets just say they‟ve never been yelled at by an angry 13 year
old with fire powers, but some still waited at the front door, the poor, poor idiotic retards.
         “How‟d you get here George?” asked his granny,
         “Well, I flew most of the way,” replied George,
         “Wait, you flew just from Plano to Mesquite all alone? How in the fucking hell
do you do that anyways?” said Robert,
         “Well,” said George, “I used my flaming ass to fly, it‟s easy once you get the
power to do it, just ask those dozens of people gathered around your house,”
         “What are they doing? Why are they in front of our house? Get em off!!” said
         “They‟re wanting to see my ass, in a sense, hah!” George replied humorously.
         In the end the people crowding around George‟s Granny‟s house either got
severely burned, or kicked, or almost shot at. No solicitations at George‟s Granny‟s
house, or Uncle‟s.

                                         Chapter 3

       George, upon hearing the word „Reunion‟ in granny‟s car, suddenly realized
where he was, and what time period he was.
       “My god,” George said, mouth agape, looking at the window in amazement, “I‟ve
went back 3 years, damn,”
       “You went back in time? But you look just like your self, glasses and all,
shouldn‟t you look older?” asked Robert, intelligently.
         “Yeah, I should, but when I landed off of 75 in some wooded area I felt 3 years
younger, and so did everything else, or it seemed that way. I started walking down the
freeway towards your house, closest house I thought,” George paused for a bit, the event
of his time travel astonished him still, “Then this thing, I don‟t know what, but this thing
inside me resonated with… with knowledge, odd sounding isn‟t it?” George said,
smiling. George didn‟t say that his own glasses appeared before his own body, as if
waiting for him to come, but George was sure that they didn‟t care that much, or noticed.
         “Yes, hard to believe, but than again, how‟d you end up here with a gang of fans,
and some have them even get a souvenir, hah!” Granny laughed. They all grinned at that.
It was what the reporters and „fans‟ deserved in the end, or at least what the wanted.
         Before George exploded in a mad fit and blew off some steam, literally, one
reporter asked, “Do you really have fire powers?” That pissed George off way too much
to not explode.
         “I completely agree with you, hah!” said Robert to Granny. George unraveled his
story, or that part of it that included him dropping into the forest and after the fact, to the
rest of the family at the reunion, it was hard to argue after he spouted flames again in
front of their very eyes, but some were still skeptical at the time traveling part.
         “All I can tell you is that I plunged Myself through some sort of tunnel, I did it
way too fast to, way too fast to be physically possible,” He was interrupted by a skeptical
family member, a cousin, maybe about twice his age, a little younger than that maybe,
her name was Mary, all George remembered about her was that she was teenaged way
before he became one himself.
         “Well, George, how could you, yourself, throw your own body into a „tunnel‟?”
said Mary.
         “Wild ain‟t it?” George replied, smiling.
         “Yes, wild, and how could he move instantaneously? Or anything that‟s not
physically possible?” Mary nagged on, intent on trying to catch George in a lie,
         “Well, if I‟m going to get time powers, as I got fire powers, when I knocked
myself back here three years and reversed my aging for the same amount of time that I
was blasted back, than it becomes completely possible to move „faster‟ than the speed of
light, because I‟d be able to stop time, I would hope,” George explained “and if I‟m
thinking straight, than I should‟ve disappeared from my parent‟s sights after I took out
the trash, right?” George looked at his Mom and Step-Dad, and they nodded, amazed, so
far, except for his Step-Dad, he was following step-by-step, can‟t argue with something
that happened now can you?
         Back to the word „reunion‟ and it‟s importance. When George heard the word, he
realized where and when he was, and figured his way through it all through the car ride to
his great aunt‟s house where the reunion was going to take place, or for him, already took
place, but he hadn‟t witnessed it, because he also remembered this.

       After I got up in this strange and water-less world, for all I could see for miles and
miles was cracked topsoil and reddened rocks, weathered and tethered by something not
present in my eyesight, I looked around, and saw nothing. Then something, or someone,
tapped my shoulder, and jumped and turned around with electricity in my instinctive
movements, which shocked me, and I think him.
         “How are you?” It spoke the words of my language, which was a great relief, but
after I was overcame with relief, his language became incoherent and twisted, alien. I
reset my feelings back to the way I was feeling when I landed here and replayed the
sound in my mind, which I found I could do with realistic quality, and he said, “My name
is Terik, yours?” I kept my feelings the same; not knowing which one controlled which
power, and said, hopefully in a language coherent in his ears, or mind,
         “Mine is George. I come from a land not from here, a different world called Earth.
I am lost and only teenage can you help me?” He seemed to nod and gesture to follow
him, so I did.
         As we walked down a seemingly endless reddened road, I got a chance to actually
look at my surroundings, and the alien. There were giant mountains lurking in the far
distances of this land, most of the area directly in my area was covered with cracking
topsoil, not just cracked. It seemed to expand every few seconds by a few fractions of an
inch, and I could notice it, that‟s what shocked me, I could notice the changes made in
only fractions of a centimeter. My eyesight seemed to catch a lot of things better now
that I had gotten these powers, so I threw my glasses down on the ground. That actually
improved my eyesight even better, so I kept them there. I examined the alien, who
seemed to know where he was going. He was tall, brownish, and almost insect-like. The
main feature was his tallness and his hands were only 4 fingered, but to grasp things his
race probably used some kind of telepathy. His feet were also four pronged and circular;
his legs were what made him tall, they were extremely long. His body looked like a
human‟s body, except that it was brown and no apparent muscles could be seen.
         The reddened topsoil seemed to get a slight tinge of green in the direction that
Terik had chosen for us to follow and I could make out a slight impression in this „Earth‟,
as if it were a path. My eyes followed the impression marked in the ground and they
followed it up to the horizon, and I could‟ve sworn I saw water. “Terik…” I started to
         “Yes?” he replied, with a calming voice,
         “Is water over the horizon?” I asked intently,
         “Why yes, I didn‟t know your eyes could see that far,” he said, slightly surprised,
but still extremely gentle and calming, relaxing even,
         “I didn‟t either…” I said under my breath, but Terik seemed to hear, he
acknowledged by a slight hindrance in his stride, that wouldn‟t have been noticeable in
my earlier previous vision methods. We strode on towards the horizon, and Terik finally
         “Welcome back, master George,” he said with a hint of pride in his gentle voice.
That surprised me that most, I had never EVER been here before, the first thought that
came to mind was that, and I can time travel. YES! That excited me; I had the power of
time! When Terik stepped aside to show me where we were going, a whole world of
water and greens opened up before my eyes. An oasis was on this planet, filled with all
their strange inhabitants, and they all greeted me with great esteem and bowing as if I
was a god. The elemental emotions that I felt before all seemed to greet me as well; they
seemed to say, hello master, more than welcome back though.
        George thought it was nice to be in his own room again. He plopped down on his
bed and closed his eyes. Thinking of everything he could possibly grasp. School was
going to start up; he was going to see all of his friends. This time, though, everyone he
saw and knew wouldn‟t be asking him about his powers over fire. He even thought of
Alice, but he was forgetting that it was three years back in time; he‟ll figure that out
about her later. He thought,
        “How could anything possibly go wrong this year? I‟m already 5 times as smart
as any of the PISD courses, being that aliens taught me, guess its just time to relax and

                                     Chapter 4
                     “How Could Anything Possibly Go Wrong…?”

         George woke up in the morning, roughly two hours before his school started, as
he always does. This time he didn‟t go back to sleep, but sat, straight up, on his chair.
He smiled, thinking of how he‟s going to breeze through this year and the next of
schooling, and also how he‟s finally going to get to see Alice again, and his best friend,
Rick. It was all going to wind down for George, at least that‟s what he thought.
         As George smiled upon his fortune, he saw something in the mirror. A face he
thought it was, and so a face he saw. Unfortunately when he turned around to his
window the face was gone, but when he turned back around, something horrible stared
him in the face. On instinct George sparked a flare up in its face, but merely burned a
scorch mark in the ceiling as if the horribly twisted and contorted bunny masked freak
suddenly disappeared.
         No one was half-awake enough in his home to notice the noise he made, it wasn‟t
a big noise he had made, but it left a scorch mark on his ceiling nonetheless. George‟s
first inkling as to what had just happened was that his newfound powers were driving him
mad; the alien thing inside of him was killing him some how. That thought was
diminished when the very alien thing inside of him popped its head out in his mind‟s eyes
and ears and said that the master couldn‟t be taken over by such a low-life alien such as
himself. His only way to explain what had just happened was to say to himself that an
element was trying to contact him, and it was apparent that it was darkness‟ work. Its
crude illusions of hindrance always came in handy in a battle, but he had never been
confronted with it before.
         After he got fully dressed and his little brother, sister, and mom went off to
elementary school, he was out in the front porch, with his backpack, trumpet, and with
himself. He glanced around to get his bearings, for the 800‟th time for he was waiting for
his best friend‟s mom, and saw in the trees a monkey-like figure that had the same
twisted face as the thing he saw just an hour ago. He looked at it in disgust, and was so
caught up in looking at it that he didn‟t notice Rick‟s mom‟s car drive up to pick him up.
He snarled at the beast and heard a yell from below it, he jumped slightly too see that he
wasn‟t paying attention enough to notice the car, but when he dismissed the weird
monkey he got his trumpet and put it in the trunk, then got in the car.
         In the car Rick asked,
         “What were you doing man?”
        “Long story, I‟ll explain when I have more time to talk with you, and in private,”
George said, slightly disorientated. Rick‟s mom than talked on with a cheerful
disposition and with many encouraging thoughts about the new school year, George just
ignored most of what she was saying, but paid enough attention so that he could add his
own small thought strand into the mix. George was preoccupied with the thought that an
undead bunny rabbit faced monkey was following him, and he tried to remember the last
time he had encountered the forces of darkness to gain the right to use it‟s power. So he
remembered, and he thought back to the lifeless planet where he was put upon so that he
could hone his skills for two whole years.

        After I got the big welcoming party I was invited to a more private and subtle
party, with only a few people. The high officials in the town, which were only three, and
the „president‟, that‟s what I think of him as anyways, and the other big chiefs that were
important enough to need to know the big things going around in the town were the only
ones in this private „party‟. In total there were 7 of these brown aliens. They all sat
down around a circular table in a primitive-looking tent, but once we got inside it was
much cooler than it was on the outside. The president stood up first, raised his hands and
        “The boy has arrived from the sky again today as it was prophesized by himself a
long, long time ago. A time when even our eldest can barely remember the day when he
came down upon our humble and primitive village. He spoke that he needed something
that we had in excess, so he took the thing we throw away the most, time. And he said,
before he took the time away, was that when he himself comes for the second time, he
will need to train his powers, and an Earth year after the second leaving he will need help
beyond recognition, send a spirit guide to grant his powers to him when he falls from the
sky in this place, and he gave us a parchment which seemed to give directions to the
place that he will fall.” He turned around and took out a glass casing with a piece of
paper in it, it looked like a road map of some kind, “These are the directions that he gave
us, in his own language, and we will follow his instructions, for his body will be damaged
beyond repair when the guide needs to go to him, to repair it. The guide will aid him by
helping him restore his powers, so it is time to train that guide. Does anyone have a
candidate?” Spoke the president. One of the high officials got up and spoke,
        “Yes, I do,” I recognized this official instantly, it was Terik, “I have chosen Harin
as a candidate for the Spirit Guide that would help him,” he still stood up, but this time he
stopped looking at everybody and looked at the „president‟ specifically, as if it were his
turn to talk, but another alien got up, everyone‟s attention was at this one now who spoke
and said,
        “I know your judgment is good, with your aid we captured a year‟s supply of food
in a trap that could‟ve easily been our own downfall, it was your judgment that saved the
lives of our hunters,” he paused to let Terik nod and continued, “But, Harin is much too
young to undergo something like this. Maybe a more experienced Spirit Guide should
help the master, like Fareror?”
        “No, Harin is the one for the champion of the village; he has studied his
movements all his life, so much so that he isn‟t grateful for his amazing gifts he bestowed
upon us,”
         “Exactly, he doesn‟t deserve to help someone he doesn‟t look up to,” some of the
chiefs and officials seemed to nod and agree with this big chief.
         “It isn‟t that he doesn‟t look up to the champion,” I could stand it no longer, so I
interjected at the risk of being called a „champion‟ or „master‟ again,
         “What did I do in the past that was so great to be called these names, and to have
a whole species bow down before my every step? To have aliens cater to my every will
and lodging prepared in advanced that was twice as good as anyone else‟s?” Terik
answered this,
         “You mutated us sir, you gave us the power of sight and knowledge, we now feel
one with this planet, we can use our mind to bend the rules of the world, and even if the
corruption was spread because of you, that doesn‟t mean that this gift is a curse,” he
explained. I took this as a big blow, corruption? I didn‟t ask any more questions.
         “Terik, Harin is not ready!” said the big chief
         “Jrohn, it‟s not that I think Fareror isn‟t ready for something like this and that he
cannot do it, but it‟s that Harin needs this to see how much of a champion the master
really is. He‟s the best to do so. The powers that he needs are at his disposal, he can take
the energies of the world and effortlessly apply them to his own being, and the Master‟s
world is a huge energy globe, the humans are just too blind to see it, the fools.” At this I
instantly knew who was attacking Earth, it was these people. Giving me a helping hand
when I myself foretold my own demise, or whatever I was going to go through. It was all
going to be a test. The bastards, I would‟ve destroyed these sinful beings, but I felt
something hold me back, I mutated them and set their own planet into a world of civil
war, apparently. So maybe my race was going to end because of my folly thousands of
years beforehand. I kept my thoughts to myself though and listened on. The one called
Jrohn was speaking now,
         “Fine, do what you want to do. I‟ll be in my lodging, the corruption is spreading
from their encampment to the west; we‟ll need to act fast so that they don‟t corrupt the
animals,” Jrohn left with the other chiefs and the officials got up and sat in different
chairs. The first alien to speak, the „president‟, started to speak again and said,
         “Harin shall be appointed, Garin,” he pointed to an official, “You take him to a
spirit guide to train him, Terik go with him as to pick a suitable trainer that you think will
         “Yes Kair,” spoke Terik and Garin. All but Kair and I got up and left,
         “So, Kair, is it?”
         “Yes,” he replied
         “What‟s going to happen with me?”
         “Go follow Jrohn and start to fight the corruption. We must appoint guardians for
the elements that you have, so that the rites of passage may ensue, you cannot be here.
We have most of the guardians ready, but a few are not appointed yet; we have
candidates though. These guardians do not allow or disallow powers, but if your powers
see you fail against them they may become unruly. Be aware that you can be attacked
any time in this place, the corruption can raid any time they can, and guardians can attack
at any time, our raids on the corruption‟s encampment have been savage enough to
ensure that they do not have the ability to strike back, but that doesn‟t mean they don‟t
have the power to attack. We do not know their full potential,” and with that I was off
with Jrohn, who was the leading general against the corruption with the alien race that
had no name, for I asked a native and they said they didn‟t have a name, they just lived
on namelessly.
         I was given a spear and a quiver filled with more spears when I came to Jrohn to
hunt the corruption. When I asked what they looked like he just said that when you see
something fly, shoot at it. In fact, he said, “If you see anything at all aside from the
hunters, who should stay in this circle, than shoot at it”
         Unfortunately for me, I saw something, so I shot at it. I shot fire, or I thought I
shot fire. When I moved my hand to command the flames of the elements, the ground
shook and something was tunneling toward the thing I was trying to shoot at, the thing
was moving at an incredible rate as well. It didn‟t see the underground passageway
opening up right in front of him in a sparkling flaming pillar of destruction, so it got
singed. I also saw something else, but I saw it as if it was right up in front of me, but it
disappeared from my sight before I could do anything. It seemed to be a twisted and
contorted bunny of sorts, but I didn‟t get to see it clearly, so I wasn‟t sure.
         The bunny flashed before my eyes and I could see its outline in the distance, but
when I readied the emotions to blast it, it was gone. I took my spear in a ready position,
just in case.
         One of the hunters started shouting, “CORRUPTION!!” from my left. I turned to
my right and backed up quickly, just to be sure that there wasn‟t more than one of those
things to our right. I turned around when I heard people throwing their spears and saw a
dozen or so flying insect like creatures. I threw my spear, and I didn‟t even realize it but
I tipped the spear‟s point with a flame and I made the spear charge through the air with a
water stream coming out of its bottom. The spear burned through 5 of the insects and
caught 3 others on fire, the water propelling the spear was trying to be careful, it seemed,
to not douse any of the fires as the others all threw their spears and took more out of their
         After we slew these we went toward the area where they came from, and found a
lot more. I felt power beyond my imagination flow through me as I made the rain come
down upon their village; of course this rain was fire, a lot of fire. Half of the village was
crushed under the might of the flaming rain, and the other half caught on fire; three
quarters of the corrupted population was inside the town, and those all died. The other
quarter either got speared by the hunters or flew away to the east back to their main
         In a joyous parade we marched back to the village having stopped the corruption
from reaching the animals and cattle that they ate, except for me. I just lagged back,
eventually losing sight of them. I knew where to go it‟s just I wanted to see that odd
rabbit thing again.
         “You wanted to see me again?” said a voice, more from my head than anywhere
else. I spun around to see if anyone was there and clenched my fist, ice encircled it this
time, for I felt omniscient for some odd reason, I was being toyed with by an unknown
entity and I felt omniscient, odd. “Well, here I am!” A huge invisible force knocked me
back about 20 yards, and while I was in the air my whole right arm was turned into an ice
sculpture. When I hit the ground I encircled myself in an ice field and entrapped myself
in a dome of ice. I looked around for the voice, but I couldn‟t find anything. “You‟re
just letting me in more, trying to protect yourself,” said the voice. I started to float now. I
felt the great winds lift my body up, embracing its own image so that its power would be
mine. Now I could control the first three elements that I came to know. I blasted the ice
dome in a pillar of fire as I lifted up in the sky, the twisted air to twist the fire into a
dragon-like figurine as I was looking for this strange enemy.
         I stopped all the ground activities in a flare of fire that scorched the ground and I
spun around and saw a form that looked like an alien. I charged at it, and I was blinded
by darkness. I stopped flying, or I thought I stopped. I didn‟t know which way was up, it
was all too dark to tell. “I‟m here, so what now?” it called out.
         “Where are you? What do you want?” I asked the nothingness.
         “I‟m here to prove a point, and that point is that you‟re not ready!” I felt winds
shift from my back and I thought I moved to left, apparently I dodged a hefty blow
because I felt the winds part right where I was floating as if someone moved through it, at
an incredible speed. It was as if this being was controlling the darkness and the darkness
was letting him move at an extra fast speed in itself. That meant he had the extra
movement capabilities in this arena. I had to get out, and fast, before he decided to choke
me, but every direction I went was all in darkness; the only way I could tell if I was
moving is if something else was moving the air stream.
         I closed my eyes and completely gave in to the air space around me; I didn‟t need
to see if I was feeling my way around anyways. With my eyes closed I could concentrate
more on the feeling part and the air around me. I felt him about 10 or 15 feet to my right
and I turned that specific area into a huge block of ice, which fell and hit the earth with a
shattering thud.
         I opened my eyes and saw that the fog surrounding me was diminishing, and I
looked at the ice, its shattered remains didn‟t include the thing I was trying to encase in
ice. Perhaps I had defeated the first of the many guardians, the darkness one, but that
didn‟t mean I knew how to control the darkness element. I wasn‟t sure which emotion
controlled that element. I was going to experiment with them, my emotions, to figure
that out. Now that I had passed these aliens‟s first test, I could rest a little bit easier, not
that I had a chance to rest yet.

        When George and his friends got out of the car and got their instruments, a
trumpet for George, trombone for Rick, and for Jeremy, who rides with them, a French
horn. They entered the school. George was relieved to see so many people not asking
him about his flaming ass, he just hoped someone who watches the news, like Cathy,
didn‟t come up to him and say, “Don‟t you have fire powers?”
        He didn‟t want his educational life be mixed up with anything crazy happening in
any of his other lives, although his educational life was already being screwed up by all
this time travel.
        They got there relatively early, so they didn‟t have to stand out in the hallway, but
they got to go into the cafeteria where they could sit down somewhere, and if someone
wanted to they could get breakfast there, but George had already eaten breakfast.
Smiling, George slouched back while sitting in the table, with his back turned to the
table. Rick was chatting with one of his friend, Tom, who was Japanese, but who cares
nowadays, not George, and not anyone at the table they were sitting at. George said a
greeting to Tom, but was more worried about who walked through that doorway than
anything else. He wanted to see Alice, but he saw Cathy first. Tom looked over past
Rick, made Rick looked to, at George, and they all smiled. George turned around and
saw them smiling and said,
         “What?” They continued to smile and Rick said
         “Cathy huh?”
         “Bah, you know the relationship between me and her, I‟m creepy remember, or
actually, WE‟RE creepy!” George looked at Rick when he said this, referring to the time
when they called her at 11‟o clock.
         “What‟s he talking about Rick?” asked Tom, Rick was laughing and said,
         “Nothing, nothing, ha-ha,” he replied. George went back to watching the
doorway, he slightly glared at Cathy as she passed by him, and she just looked away. His
eyes got weary of looking at the doorway for all of eternity, so his eyes wandered toward
areas where the classes were separated, punk, Goth, emo, and nerds, the list goes on. He
felt the presence inside of him growing to a peak, and he felt deception, and the evils of
the world. He saw that twisted bunny masked monkey freak swinging, swinging high up
in the darkest and tallest place in the ceiling as his heart was being contorted with the
feelings of the dark covenant. Suddenly all the lights went out, and the doors that went
into the cafeteria were shut, and a girl screamed.
         George instantly moved to the doorway, by memory and feel, he grabbed the girl
who was entrapped and tried to calm her down.
         “Hey, hey, calm down, I‟m going to get you out of here,” said George
         “I don‟t take orders from, AH, guys, it hurts,” replied Alice; of course he didn‟t
know it was Alice. He eventually got Alice out, and put her aside and told her to stay
still, he didn‟t have long before the bunny man was going to make his strike and get his
revenge for what happened on that alien planet. For when an elemental guardian is
captured, you can gain exceptional powers within that element. This one was easy
because it was cocky, but now, when it went to the capturer‟s home planet (because that‟s
it‟s cage, when one defeats a guardian you send it to your home planet, but when the
capturer‟s power is diminished, or even eliminated completely, like George after he fell,
the element must come out and face him again to prove him, again. Of course we also
have an issue of the spheres escaping George, so the guardian and sphere combined,
that‟s what George is facing in the cafeteria, after he defeated it in the Alien world). The
guardian, along with the sphere, were ready to fight and prove that they were better than
George, but George did have fire on his side, and a very unique mind.
         George closed his eyes and fogged the fog, which eliminated it completely. Alice
looked up at George as he started to rise, with flames licking off of him. He faced the
bunny masked monkey character, with great intensity. Alice didn‟t know what to say or
think, along with the others in the cafeteria. George sped towards the bunny man, he
laughed, and with gooey-like movements that were incredibly fast, dodged him. George
then fired 5 fire missiles, all at different angles, missing him entirely, but encircling the
bunny in a cage of fire.
         “I call this little technique, the incinerator!” as he said the last word the whole of
the cage burst in hot white flames. George immediately turned around and fired several
fire missiles in different directions, one of the missiles stopped dead in the air and
exploded. George charged that spot in the air and felt the bunny man‟s invisible body as
he slammed against it, throwing him against the wall. He saw a huge crack in the wall,
where the bunny man landed with bright blue flames.
        George then made flaming balls in his hands; and they were turning blue with
heat, and as they turned blue he threw them at the position where he thought the bunny
man was at. This thing was no easy thing to kill; through all that beating he stopped
George‟s last and biggest fireball and turned it into a dark fireball, one of the many
hybrid elemental powers that George had come to find through lots, and lots of practice.
The guardian threw this one and it exploded in George‟s chest, and he flew half way
across the room, he turned this momentum around and was flying straight towards the
guardian, who had lost his dark camouflage. The Dark Guardian jumped and flew
straight at George and they collided in a mass of dark flame. There was a line down the
middle of the mass of the dark flame; George‟s half and the Guardian‟s half. George shot
missiles in four directions out of his half to ensnare the Guardian, who, after that stunt,
was screaming, either for mercy or for a quick break.
        George then used the alien inside of him to absorb the guardian‟s power, and the
sphere that took his dark powers away from him. The sphere that had escaped was now
captured, George could now use the dark powers. George then disappeared out of the
cafeteria; he didn‟t want to explode the huge mass of dark flame energy that he and the
guardian had created inside the cafeteria, so he went up into the skies. An explosion of
dark and flame energy spread out over the atmosphere. This nearly encased the whole of
the planet, and a huge aurora of elemental power streaked the skies, miles wide and even
more miles in length. The flaming dark energy George released turned to an elemental
catastrophe, it would churn and convert element to element as George‟s feelings changed,
and it was relentless when the energy built up inside was released.

                                         Chapter 5
                                     The Trio of Doom

        Within George‟s descent he realized a few things. One was that he just used his
powers for the first time in front of all of his friends, and two, that he couldn‟t erase their
memories. He would just have to live with it, he figured, at least until he got the human
nature element. The first thing George did when he landed on the roof was to un-cloud
everyone‟s mind so that the fig disappeared and the doors became unlocked. He let a few
minutes pass by before he appeared in the band hall to drop of his trumpet. His friends
wondered where he was, and Alice was just plain confused.
        George came into his classroom, where Rick was also, at the last minute, right
before the bell rang he was seated and ready to go. Rick didn‟t get a chance to talk with
him. George sat in his chair as the class gradually got situated, no one asked him about
what happened during the cafeteria, some of them looked at him funny, but no one asked
him anything, not yet at least, but when the next bell rang the whole class seemed to
surge out of control towards George. George got out too quickly for anyone to catch him,
and he went to the next class. Unfortunately this class was, a little more open and relaxed
than the others, it was the one where the smart people came to, the ones „gifted‟ (gifted as
in smart). This was a problem because even when the bell rang everyone crowded
around George, asking him a dozen questions, it annoyed him slightly. The teacher
yelled at everyone to sit down and leave him alone, everyone did. That wouldn‟t keep
them for long. After the teacher let the kids loose to do whatever work she planned for
them, the kids did anything they thought important, work, quietly socialize, or read like
Harry did, if the teacher didn‟t catch him and stop him (Harry was the biggest book worm
in history). George glared at most of the people that asked him anything, and he used his
newfound darkness powers to ensure that the meaning of fear got across to his fellow
         Third Period he got to without any more questioning, but George couldn‟t keep
this up for long, he knew that he couldn‟t keep it up. From third period he went straight
to the bathroom and put an aura around him, distorting vision with his newfound dark
powers, they seemed to come in handy, in a lot of ways. There was a problem with using
this much dark energy though. He kept feeling the powers of darkness flow through him,
deception, lies, all the dark emotions of the human heart, flow through him. It was the
way of the elemental warrior to feel these emotions, and George knew this, he embraced
the feeling and let it flow through him arrogantly.
        Lunch was going to be horrible for George, but he continued to use the darkness
powers of cloaking to walk through the line and buy his food, and get seated. He cloaked
his food as well, but it wasn‟t long before trouble arose, he saw Rick looking for him
throughout the lunchroom, so he got up and walked over there and whispered in his ear,
        “Cloaked, go to a table and I‟ll sit,” so Rick went to the table, which was
unfortunately crowded, but George squeezed in. George started to eat quietly, and slowly
uncloaked, trying to remember the next guardian he would face, unfortunately he is
thinking in the wrong by thinking only about one guardian, for next is not one, nor two.

         After the dark test I jogged back to the camp and rested up for tomorrow‟s
activities. The next day I went with the aliens that were just trying to stay alive in this
harsh environment by foraging. They taught me how to work the desert into a dessert of
food and water, the aliens were also astounded at my eyesight for I could spot any kind of
subtle detail from miles away. This lush oasis was just one of four in the surrounding
area. The desert wasn‟t the whole planet either; there was a huge forested area to the
west of the main encampment, the one where I had fallen in. A beach was in the Far East
after you passed the mountains and the hills, but wherever I went I always saw cracks of
some kind, they were cracking even, getting ever bigger and expanding, I still didn‟t ask
about it. I was too curious about the several encampments around this planet to be
concerned. Another reason why I wasn‟t concerned was that it was cracking by a fraction
of a fraction of a centimeter, so little that I was thinking that the aliens couldn‟t even
notice the cracking.
         This is what life was like here, surviving off of what the world around them had
to offer, living with of the encampment, each other, it might seem harsh, but when you
think about it it‟s not that bad. There‟s no war, the aliens seem content with what their
world gives them, and they thrive off of it. They know how to work the deserts,
rainforests, glaciers, and wide long plains into something they can eat, drink, or sleep in.
There was no jealousy, if you wanted something you just asked for it, everyone had at
least 5 of one thing, no one ever just had one of a thing, and in the event that one person
did, well, you looked for another or else it is deemed „evil‟ for it has not produced more
than one of itself. The aliens thought that if one thing did not reproduce itself than it is of
malicious intent, wanting to make the aliens turn against each other, but other than that
the aliens were very friendly, open minded, and social. I spent days like this, maybe a
week or so, I forgot to count the days, I only numbered the things I have learned and
gained, like the muscle mass, the knowledge of the elements, which they seemed to know
a lot about, and the ways of survival.
        They told me about my elemental lore, I could contort the basic elements that
coexist with all living things. They listed them to me with only their big names, but they
also seemed to hint at the bigger picture with each element. They hinted at these
formalities with a power that cannot be explained through texts, it was like they were
directly submitting ideas and feelings into my mind, but they seemed to be careful which
emotions they put in my head, they didn‟t want to set off any emotions. The list they
provided me was the following; Red, Blue, Air, Black, White, Sound, Green Life,
Electricity, Brown Rock, Chaos, and they stopped here and were explaining to me the last
three elements. One was of my own race, the Human Nature Element it would be for me,
but to them it would be a nameless element. This would enhance everything humane that
was ever given to me. The next was a planetary trait; they called it the home element. It
was Earth for me, which I lost during the teleportation. I told them that, and they replied,
        “You must feel and look for your own world, do not live on this plane, you must
see yourself at Home, feeling it‟s heart and let your heart beat with it, with this element
you can enroll a new important skill in your trade, the power of the pull,” I knew they
meant gravity, “distance is an obstacle we all must endure sometimes,” I felt a sudden
boost in pride, and I could almost feel the screaming of a million deaths every year, and
even more births, oh joy, Earth. The next element they explained was tricky to them,
they said, “We see the world in a different view than you. Our world doesn‟t belong to
any one thing, yet it would seem that we would have an infinite amount of the last
contort-able tree of talents, but alas, our days are numbered. Some of our best seers can
un-cloud their mind of this doubt, and hope that those numbered days aren‟t numbered,
and their hope overpowers their fear and knowledge, and they can unleash the final
element. It‟s name, is time,” they stopped explaining at this and we decided to go back to
        Every time we went out to forage I discovered something new, a new way to use
my powers so I didn‟t have to use so much of it all at once. I felt new and more powerful
ways to use the things at my fingertips, and I suddenly realized two things. One was that
I had found Earth‟s beat in the universe, it wasn‟t hard when I really concentrated on it,
and two was that I knew instantly the emotion for darkness. It was the dark aspects of
my emotions, anger, spite, and loathing, deception and maddening tortures. I slightly
smiled at my newest successes, but as I smiled a beam made up of three components was
strewn across the sky, at an incredible speed. The colors were airy at first, than I noticed
a hint of red, than cool blue. It looked like my hands were going to be full with these
three, at first. I quickly figured out how to move even faster than what they were doing,
they had three separate propulsion systems, while I had one really big one.
        When I was right behind them I was about enshroud everything in a cloud of
darkness, the other elements could take them out in one shot, I knew how, but I wanted to
test out this new one before I blew them away, but before I could the red streak backfired
and I was forced to use my water element to shield me with a wave of pure blue. Then I
was smashed into the ground by a bright flame, I had no idea what he did. I got up,
staggering. I could barely make out my surroundings, but I felt a tad jealous at that bright
flaming flash that my adversary had just used. So I was going to try and use it at him, but
instead of a bright flame, I shot out a huge dark ball of flaming energy. I leaned on
several emotions until I hit the jealousy part, the flame nearly spun out of control in my
        “So, you did defeat the dark guardian, judging by your hand, you‟ve also been
experimenting a little,” he seemed to smile and say, “This is going to be fun,” all I could
do was open up my right palm and let loose the jealous flames in both hands, and smile
back. He flashed his flames, but this time over-confidence filled me, I knew what he was
going to do this time, and I was right, that over-confidence sprung a newfound power.
        A small circle appeared around me, it was large enough to encase the flame
guardian, than, without warning, I shot a huge force of gravity down upon the flame
lord‟s shot, but unfortunately the area with which I was using was incredibly large and
included me, my opponent, and the shots fired. The only thing I could do was un-release
the powers and than to send a surge of dark energy to singe his skin, which worked
extremely well. Almost to well, his skin nearly fell off it was so burned, I smelt the scent
of burning flesh, and it was almost too much to bear. My hyper sensitive nose sensed this
to a great extent, I nearly stumbled off balance, but I had to finish the job, so I did the
thing that seemed most humane to me. I incinerated him and spread the ashes into the
        His two buddies, however, didn‟t seem so pleased; they glared at me and decided
to run away before I could do anything about it. Another great ceremony was held as my
second guardian was defeated, it was smaller, and less enthusiastic, and they seemed to
nod in approval to not hold a ceremony every time I defeated a guardian, this „party‟ was
more of the inhabitant‟s choice.

        Gradually classes seemed less serious and stressful for George, more because
people became strangely ill if they talked to him. George almost became a recluse; he
was almost addicted to his dark powers. He now knew that he had some time before the
next guardian would come, and he was ready for anything that would be thrown at him.
He also felt something else deeper inside of him as his friends got around to him, he felt
the elements colliding inside of him, a power struggle, and it was because an extra power
boost had been given to the dark powers for the defeat of the guardian, but the fire
power‟s sphere had come out of it‟s own pity, the fire sphere was weak, and the dark
strong. The sphere technically broke a rule, but without penalty, which angered the dark
element. The darkness inside of George wanted to consume the flames licking his inner
body, George tried to hold back, but the darkness was so mad at the fire that he could
hardly control it. The flame had broken a rule after all, and it was not punished.
        This inner power struggle was slowing George down; he didn‟t know what was
happening either; all he could do was try and keep fire alive.
        After a couple of weeks had passed George was nailing all of his classes, even
history, he understood more concepts of math than humanly possible, and he understood
a way of writing far above the college requirements to pass an extremely high ranking
class. Taking classes was no problem, even Spanish was no big deal for George, he
could memorize things much faster, even though he didn‟t have his human element with
him, he did have an experienced mind, which had been used at the speed of a super-
computer. And he also did some gene-therapy with himself, which was an extremely
risky thing to do, being alone, but it had apparently worked.
        George was also thinking about his future, he had all honors classes, even without
his higher trained intellect, and the top band, and was in the theatre program. That can
add up to be several different events, Jazz Band, the Symphonic Band, the PACE class,
the science fair (Which he detested), and theatre programs, which include all productions,
and finally the stage crew. George would do this even without his heightened strength
and brain; he just liked to do a lot of different things. That didn‟t leave much time for
anything else, including guardian hunting. After a few weeks he started to get edgy,
more edgy that is, and his friends seemed to not like to be around him as much now, since
he had changed. He took notice to this greatly after Alice, during Spanish, said,
        “George, look, sticky notes!” George would normally laugh like a maniac with
her, but instead he replied,
        “Not now damn it,” and this nearly made Alice shriek with incredible censorship,
disappointment, and disturbed thoughts, as did Cathy and Rick, who were sitting next to
them, and Henry, who was forced to sit in the front row on the first day of school by
George, for when he wasn‟t warped by his dark powers he forced Henry to sit there,
because he was a friend, and being a friend of George‟s meant you had to sit somewhere
near him, but he was warped with dark energy now, and could care less. Rick had a
worried face, having never see his best friend so agitated before, well, actually he has, but
that‟s not the point, Cathy interjected at this point of astonishment and said,
        “George, what‟s wrong with you? Your moody, rude, and you just cussed at
Alice!” Alice added,
        “Yeah, where‟d that come from huh? That was uncalled for!”
        “Shut up, all of you, I don‟t need any of you anymore, slowing me down, screw
this,” George said, a faint black fog seeping from his body, with his back slightly turned
toward all of them.
        “George, what‟s wrong with you? You‟ve never been like this,” Rick added,
        “Oh, your on their side now! What about you Henry? You‟re all going to try and
get on my bad side!” At this Henry just frowned and shook his head, denying that he had
anything to do with this conversation. “Listen, all of you, I don‟t need this shitty place of
hell, I‟m through with school if this is the kind of crap I‟m going to get!” At this Cathy
and Alice were very concerned and wanted to talk more, but this dark fog enshrouding
George was apparent, and fear struck their hearts. “Goodbye, I‟m going,” and with that
George left the school, and he didn‟t plan on a return, but he also noticed his incredible
rudeness, but it was as if he was watching a movie, and the main feature was his life, with
some bathroom breaks in between scenes that he had partial control of, but he practically
had no control over any aspect of his life anymore, it was as if he had gone on drugs, but
he knew he hadn‟t, drugs were never part of his life, and never will be either!
        While George sped off, with the fire streaking abilities of heat (which made the
darkness extremely mad) he just flew, and flew, and flew. All he wanted was to drift
through the clouds, like an angel, although he wasn‟t one at all, at least not right now
anyways. He was wondering what was going on back at school, as he slowly regained
his balance, he wondered…
        Back at the school three new people had entered the building, through the toilet in
the bathroom.
          “Ah, I hate that, but love the feeling of coming out of it, so relieving,” said one
with slightly spiked hair, one had just materialized out of a puddle of water that had been
dripping all morning through the sink‟s cracks. There was another one to, he was leaning
against the wall, coolly, and seemed a bit airy, his hair style a bit more natural than the
first‟s, the one from the puddle had the complete opposite hair style of the first one, it
seemed more wavy and watered down, he spoke,
          “Well don‟t expect anything luxury from me hot-head, the way you got beat up
just a little while ago, for us I mean, wasn‟t exactly terrific, or breath taking,”
          “Yeah,” said the most natural one, with a slight airiness about his use of words
and being. The first simply replied,
          “Whatever,” and they moved, and dissipated as the more natural one just seemed
to have an airy green, or white, glow from his eyes as his other brothers melded with the
air and flew away to the second floor. When the pair got there, they floated around, still
in the air, to find the right class; they only knew that it was a Spanish class with a red-
haired girl, an oddly black dyed haired boy, and a brown haired one.
          Upon reaching their destination, they didn‟t find who they were looking for,
George, for he was away, trying to figure out what was wrong with him, although they
had no idea. So they decided to have a little fun, no not that kind of fun, they aren‟t
perverted freaks, but they did torture a little bit.
          After torturing all three of the described people, Alice, Cathy, And Rick, they got
Cathy to talk. They learned that George had an outburst and went out flying, so the
naturally haired one of the threesome felt the airs of the world, and he felt a strong hot air
stream going around the school in a circle and said,
          “Guys, I feel him, want me to bring him around?”
          “Yes,” the other two said in partial unison.
          While the trio had been doing their deeds, George was thinking, and thinking, and
flying. He thought a lot up in the sky, and he figured out why he was such a jerk back in
the school. He completely forgot the dark energy within him, they were taking over, he
finally realized what was going on, and he stopped it right there. Hoe he did so is not a
clean subject, he suddenly stopped in the sky and threw up, right there in the sky, he just
threw up. The stuff that came out was a sticky tar of some kind, and the darkness inside
of him became scared. It feared that George would forcibly reject the darkness and it
would just lie on the ground, dieing. So it stopped trying to take over and became an
equal to fire, and then he noticed that the winds were oddly strong. So he readied
something he figured out how to do in the few weeks that he had, he was ready to give
them hell.
          “There!” the one controlling the skies shouted on the roof, and then a huge burst
of light came from the skies. Flame sprouted down to crush the trio, a shield was
provided by the one who had made the puddle, it was of thick ice, and the heat merely
melted it. That wasn‟t all that George had planned for these three guys though, while
they were distracted George threw out the purest form of fire he could possibly make,
which strongly resembles plasma. This searing melted flame goop flew through the sky
with parts of itself dripping down, seemingly melting everything in it‟s place, including
it‟s own body, thus making more of the plasma resembling material. The fire controlling
man looked at this fire and outstretched his own hand to plummet fire energy into this
beam of purity. A huge blast of heat from his hand seemed to knock back the plasma, but
the plasma burst forth from the flame, melting the fire and coming down upon the fire
guardian with extreme speed, in an effort to stop it the guardian used his hand as a shield,
it worked for him, he just lost a useless hand is all.
        The other two guardians couldn‟t join in, even though they were ruthless killers,
they had a sense of honor in a battle against a worthy foe. So they watched, ready to
retreat at any moment as George launched more and more plasma at the fire guardian.
All the fire guardian could do now was dodge, and hope he didn‟t lose any more limbs,
and he also could make the plasma, but he needed time to make a continual flow sprout
from his being like George has done, all he needed was more time! In a final blast
George seemed to corner the guardian, but the guardian smiled, and launched his own
plasma into George‟s making a huge explosion that encased the two, but George had a
shield up and ready, made of the purest form of evil he could muster.
        By the time George saw his opponent‟s melted carcass his two other targets had
fled to an unknown location. To George, it was cowardice, but the real reason was much
deeper than cowardice. Sure, the other two got scared when they saw the only person
they knew who could control fire get melted, but it was also an honorable thing that they
left. For once a guardian engages in battle, a certain set of rules sets the battlefield so that
only two can fight.
        After George took care of the hothead he felt the guardian‟s powers flow into his
volunteer sphere, and it felt good. The power struggle between darkness and heat had
now been settled, and George never felt better. Alice, Cathy, and Rick all brightened
when they saw that familiar smile across George‟s face when he came down and freed
the, from their bondage. After the fact though, the eventful day was soon put to the past
and life when on, it was gradually accepted that, for some odd reason, George was an
extremely special fellow. They expected him to swoop down and save them whenever
another „special‟ person came down from the sky, or up from the toilet.

                                         Chapter 6
                                      Life on an Island

         Peaceful hated worlds of the nations that are united: We call to you in error as our
life is threatened, help us. The malice you contorted has drowned us in hell. Come to
our aid, or be tainted beyond imagination. The following transmission was thrown
throughout the universe in an error, as two young aliens were fooling around with their
own broadcasting equipment. Most planets received this transmission in some fashion.
And those who got it suddenly realized that something was horribly wrong, and that
someone wanted to start a fight. The transmission was originally going to be used as a
terrorist attempt to seize their world, but instead they seized not only the world, but also
the universe. As the terrorists progressed their mission to capture their worldly body, a
transmission was returned.
         Regarding the sent transmission, we would like to say a warning to you, do not
tempt the galaxies of the united nations for a peaceful unity to use violence, and do not
hinder our steps towards a better way of life. The enemies of nations will not be helped,
but instead obliterated. The terrorists got this transmission on their planet, which they
now held, and realized what they had done. And this gave them a chance to test out their
secret weapon with which they conquered their own world with, but on their planet their
foes knew the power of the plague, as it is called, and sent aid to them, which gave the
terrorists a chance to capture the leaders and send the republic into a spiraling revolt of
         The planet was called The Island, which was a desert. Then ice came from a
neighboring planet to aid the natives, and different biomes flourished as the said planet
used their advanced technology to change the atmosphere to let the correct amount of the
nearest sun‟s rays in. But this planet hadn‟t been developed into a society that could be
accepted by the Committee of the Peace Founders of Nations as an actual „country‟, or
planet of sufficient sociology to be considered an acceptable nation. So the people of this
world stood on the edge of the known universe in a spiraling wonder of new biomes and
environments. They adapted quite quickly.
         The tribes that spread out into the new biomes were rumored to have
differentiating techniques, and so they did. Each tribe had a different way of living, and
on the way to becoming a man in that world, one must have traversed the whole world
and learned each and every way to live before they could be accepted into either a special
society on the world, such as the army, or a high official.
         The woman on this planet were treated no differently either, they had to traverse
the world and learn all the different ways of living before they could be accepted into the
said societies or high „places‟. Although the eyes of those watching easily saw this
equality of sex, race, and anything else, much of these aliens‟s technology was hidden.
The aliens could easily use light as a weapon, or sound, or any other of the forms of
matter that could be plausibly described. Their brains could easily think much faster than
a normal human being, and they processed all of our known theories and standards in the
blink of an eye. Anything plausible was grasped at a young age for these aliens, and
sometimes debated amongst one another. These debates could spark new technologies,
such as the hiding technique they have been using ever since the new biomes had
sprouted up.
         Their cloaking devise allowed for them to secretly produce new technologies
without being listened to, or being seen. So the other world‟s had no idea what these
aliens were actually doing. It‟s not that these aliens thought that they could plausibly be
spied upon, but it was a contest they held annually, this contest was also cloaked though.
The contest was who could spawn a new technology that adapted to their environment,
and the one with the best use was given a prize. The prize was usually great honor and
pride in one‟s self, or all the blueprints of all the rest of the contestants, but whatever the
prize it was a good enough prize for these beings.
         This place was literally the best place to be, and it was completely isolated from
everyone else. No one ever seemed to bother with the planet, even though that some of
it‟s features were well known, most planets already had made artificial versions of the
phenomenon, and better ones too. Some planets even had such things naturally, and in
greater quality too. So when the terrorists decided to test out their weapon, this place was
first on their list.
         The sixth dawning day of the sixth month of year 6,666 was turned into the first
sixth hell afternoon, of the sixth month of the said year (The terrorists picked a very good
time to use their doomsday device, I think it‟s just offending!). Ever since this day there
has never been a dawning day on the planet, just more hell mornings, afternoons, and
evenings. The calendar system changed on this day, for these aliens. For the weapon had
been planted. On three major points of congregating fault lines there was a huge gash of
energy, all simultaneously. These blasts churned the core of the planet into a time bomb,
ever expanding it‟s own source of energy for later implosion, or explosion. Whichever
the terrorists wanted.
         Before this curse, life was good. After the biomes had spread the new rites for
initiation into the societies were made, and a great deal of knowledge could be gathered
from different experiences not before visible or plausible when they were only in a
desert. Now there were many a tundra, rainforests, highlands, mountains, volcanoes,
islands, and much more. The skies seemed to brighten and the new calendar system
developed. It was to be dawning days from henceforth, and this new era would have to
have a new set of numerals. So they now can say that the days of their first millennium
of life were just an ordinary day, but the second, third, and fourth were all dawning days.
Now they were hellish days.
         These hellish days were normal. Why then the name? The natives understood the
meaning of eminent doom, and they recognized their planet‟s anguish. The other worlds
saw this anguish, and stared with mouths agape at the sheer ripping strength of these
terrorists weapon. They suddenly realized what real power was, and the Terrorists held it
in their hands.
         Throughout the United World‟s people, they had dreams of the anguish and
suffering that the terrorists projected into them from their base, which no one dared to
infiltrate or come near, for fear of the same fate that had befallen the Island (As it is
called amongst the United Planet Nations). Through these dreams everyone who
might‟ve been shielded from the calamity was now fully aware of the threat at hand,
every dream seemed to be more realistic than the last. It was soon to become a dream
everyone had, without an implantation, but it was a natural nightmare by that time.
         The horrors were really something that wouldn‟t scare us normally. But these
aliens had a different sight than us; they saw the world in a new way. They saw all of the
prospects of a new world, as they were grown and taught that way. We, on the other
hand, would just have the vision and see a planet of melancholy inhabitants. It was
because this disease was from within the planet. It was corrupting the core and spreading
outwards, a more prominent example of how disastrous this is would be when the elder‟s
provoked the power.
         The elders knew of the fate that their planet would befall, for they knew no cure.
So they decided to fight back, by acting like the little nomadic third world inhabitants that
they supposedly were. They purposefully provoked an energy spiking spot on their
planet. A spot that had an increased amount of energy from the core underneath it,
stretching it out, this spot was set up as a flare, cleverly disguised as a temple for
everyone else to think nothing of it. For the rest of the worlds still saw these people as
un-industrious low lives, but pitied them nonetheless. They „prayed‟ at their temple,
gathering energy in the fake sacrificial chamber, and plunged a „dagger‟ through an
invisible slit, which made a chain-reaction of energy spark the energy underneath in a
huge flare. That spot on the planet is now a huge crater-like gash, as if a meteor collided
on the other side but passed through the side it hit and hit the other side from the bottom
         This flare destroyed the temple and it‟s inhabitants with ease. As it flared through
the atmosphere it seemed to dim in energy, but it was really just losing the particles that
made it have its eerie glow and brilliant brightness. It held a carefully calculated
substance that would actually do the previously described meteor crash in a planet. And
it did just that, blowing an incredibly smaller hole in a carefully picked subject‟s
homeland. It was a human teenaged boy, by the name of George.
         This desperation attempt would take them many long years, and everyone‟s eyes
seemed to always be averted from this young lad, but it was soon to be seen that this
young (but not at all young in the mind) lad would seek revenge for all of this hell.

                                       Chapter 7
                                   The Trials of Sight

         An amazing feeling overcame George as his friends accepted his apology. Life
returned to its normal routine and worked like clockwork. George was on the top of his
game now, his social life restored and growing now, he had all the fun that he would ever
have had.
         George had been looking back into his past, wondering what strategy would best
suit his next adversary, which would be the water guardian. The emotion to control the
element was a feeling of cool understanding for all things present around the person
controlling the element. George thought about blocking that emotion out and than he
could break the guardian easily, but that was no easy task. He experimented with his
dark powers, but it usually only worked a few times before whatever thing he was
experimenting with had wrought an immunity of the continual bombardment of dark
power. So if George did that he would only have a short window of time to try and
destroy this guardian, and that could be a problem if that was his only strategy. So he
devised something completely random.
         In his fight with the fire guardian George noticed that the skies shot at his
adversaries, George had not ordered this to happen, so he had come up with the
assumption that the skies themselves had been fused with some kind of elemental power.
George would try to invoke these skies to his advantage, but its unpredictability could
pose as a problem to George and the guardian, but whatever the result is would make for
a really good show.
         As time passed George readied himself with mental training, using his dark
powers to encroach beyond the mortal bounds of reality. He made a virtual reality inside
his head, where he could practice his powers to his heart‟s content, and his sub-conscious
processed the information that the real word still imposed to him. Here he could
practically practice twenty-four seven with no interruptions. But he was also vulnerable,
even though on the outside he seemed as sharp as ever he was dulled just slightly when
he was in this state, more susceptible to a mind flaying attack and his reason is dulled
slightly, for he has his best judgment trapped inside his head. He was impulsive to a
degree on the outside, but George paid no heed to this, he was usually just as impulsive
all the time.
         When something was going on outside he was usually disturbed by a wave of
interference in his mind, so he traversed to the real world to see what was going on, it
was usually something of social importance. Yet at this point George really cared
nothing of social upheaval, but he seemed to be inclined to a better social life anyway.
        The „important‟ social event that took place to wring George out of his stasis was
an invitation to a Halloween party, hosted by Alice. When Alice ever came up to
George, George would feel odd. They had been together ever since he had came back
from the alien world, and he had gotten used to that, but now Alice seemed miles away, it
was impossible to get passed any of her barriers now. George seemed lost when he was
talking to her, an odd position for George indeed. But he accepted the invitation as
coolly as he could do so.
        Another few reasons George would come out of this states would be to deal with
his theatre and band careers. He had a tournament he was going to for theatre; he was in
the First group of people performing in the Duet Acting section. That particular section
started at around seven thirty in the morning, on a Saturday. On top of that he had
another Saturday that was booked, but this time for a Stage Crew meeting to set up the
stage for the first 2006 production by Carpenter, Razzmatazz, which is actually a word.
The Halloween party was on a Friday night, after that was the Stage Crew meeting, a
week before that would be the Speech Tournament. Then a week after the meeting there
was All-Region auditions, which George felt compelled to go to now that he had been
playing the trumpet for two years now (this being his third year). George‟s trumpet
playing had got him in the top band at Carpenter, and he hadn‟t gotten a private lesson,
until now that is. The band director decided it was time for a lesson and after George had
persuaded his parents into a scholarship he was on his way, to finding a lesson teacher.
And because of his zero hour class George couldn‟t go to sectionals, he had to make
those up on Friday.
        So he has a show to do, a string of Saturday early mornings, and Friday after
school experiences, that was nothing for George. Some people might be stressed, but not
George, even without his powers George would seem like he had the coolest head in the
whole school, and he usually did. And as George thought about this, it led him to one
time when he wasn‟t so cool, a fight against the water guardian.

         Back at the camp I was greeted and given a place to rest, as the next days
activities were to be rigorous in expense. For not only were we going to strike a
tremendous blow against the corruption encroached upon this land, but we may wipe
them out entirely!
         “Wake up, master, wake up!” I was shaken to my feet as a frightened alien
helped me up and continued saying, “Hurry, your services are needed, come, come!” All
I could do was come, so I did. As I exited my tent, the blinding sunlight took a toll on
my eyes for a split millisecond, for after awakening my powers seemed as groggy as me.
Yet right after my eyes caught a glimpse of a dead alien, and all my senses nearly jumped
out of control. I flew at least a hundred feet in the air as I looked down and saw hell
strewn across the landscape, I gaped in horror, and the corruption had the first strike.
Anger blew from my body and flame was spewed across the area, burning the corrupted
souls below, but I was careful not to harm my alien friends.
         After a thirty-minute barrage of heat the corruption actually seemed to adapt to
the heat, and now fire didn‟t seem to hurt them at all! My Alien friends had barricaded in
the center of their encampment, first it was a mere half mile diameter circle of cover, but
now the circle entrenched over three miles, the camp was at least one hundred and fifty
miles in diameter (in a perfect circle). I commended the aliens on their progress and
tactics. They would send illusions straight into the battle field, and when the corruption
seemed to catch on they would send real soldiers in and they exploded with a certain
element or powder, not destroying themselves of course, but that tactic usually got them a
long stretch of land. I also noticed how quick they are to set up a barricade. Their
communication was all done telepathically, even between me, so I was up to date with
every little happening, and this was the real advantage.
         Another half hour into the battle and we seemed to have an edge, but another
attack sprouted up in the nearby mountainous region, so the leader of this encampment
told me to fly to the trees, but before I went I needed to do one more thing, freeze. Out of
nowhere instead of getting hotter and hotter (almost producing what I thought was
plasma) I suddenly got so cold it almost hit absolute zero. I froze nearly a quarter of the
corrupted, the other three quarters had come from cold backgrounds, so it only slowed
them down. After that show I flew off to the rainforest nearby.
         Two hundred and thirty five miles away I saw the huge mountains rise five
thousand to seven thousand feet in the air, I rose eight thousand, and flew over the
mountains, causing trees three thousand feet below me to sway a yard or so. Here I
stopped and saw the immense rainforest, from traversing the planet a hundred times
before I knew that this was right at the equator and the mountains were the only thing
trapping the moisture in, making the rainforest even wetter and hotter.
         Seven hundred square miles of rainforest lay before me (approximately) and
almost every tree was interconnected to one another with the alien‟s awesome handiwork,
and here I saw trees being chopped and burned down by the black pillaging fires of the
Corrupted. I saw hell in every direction, and the aliens had barely begun to regroup, this
time not in the center but a little off to the northwest.
         I flew down in a huge concentration of black darkness, and I felt the crunch of
bones as I landed. I seemed to surprise the others around me, and I took this chance and
let my anger explode. The trees around me begun to shake, their roots were ripped from
deep under the soil, tearing apart anything in their way except for themselves and me.
After the roots were above ground for a few seconds I let my emotions drive me and the
roots became encased in fire, lightning, or a freezing touch. This quadruple mixture
became the corruption‟s demise, for although they could adapt, they couldn‟t adapt to
four elements beating on their skulls and collapsing upon them.
         After I had fixed the forest and re-rooted the trees I let the wind bring me up to
the sky and I watched from above the darkness slowly being driven out by the aliens.
The General of the Aliens called me to a glacier fight where Special Forces were being
deployed, I asked why but the connection seemed broken, I panicked and flew there as
fast as I could.
         As I approached the glacier I saw our troops being deployed, we were on the
offensive, finally. I dived into the first glacier every hundred feet or so I‟d explode and
make a huge crack in the ice, bringing down scores of corruption. I did this for about
thirty seconds when a huge blast of water shot me out of the glacier I was about to melt
down yet I still brought down scores of corruption. I regained balance and looked around
for the source, and I saw it, it was the two cowards who ran away after I defeated the fire
         “Hey! It‟s you!” I yelled from across the now broken glacier,
         “Yeah, its me, I got a bone to big with you, now beat it, this world isn‟t your
fight, get out!” the water guardian yelled,
         “Get out,” the Earth one seemed very annoyed.
         “I don‟t get it, I thought that the aliens chose the guardians, what‟s wrong with
you all?” they smiled as an answer, and the water guardian shot a spout of water from
under me and turned it to ice, encasing me in a column of ice. I broke free, letting air be
my force in this battle, and I shot a huge typhoon at him, the earth guardian planted seeds
in his arm and the water guardian watered the plants, then the seeds sprouted huge plants
that blocked my typhoon, but not without getting shredded to pieces first. Here Mr.
Spout head dove into the glacier and disappeared.
         “Your in my territory now!” his words seemed to echo everywhere. Seven figures
jumped out from the ice, first they seemed an impression than they jumped and broke
free, all shooting icicles at me. I blocked with an airwave and broke them all to little bits,
which all turned to water and gathered around five yards off to my right. I turned and
saw the real guardian right before he shot an extremely high speed water jet at me and I
dodged and shot a fast stream of air at him, both of us leaving a mark on each other‟s
         At this I grew angry, never before had a guardian ever touched me, and I decided
it was time to electrocute him, after all, lightning was one of my newest little toys. Up
from the ground I shot a huge stream of electricity that shocked and fried the water
guardian, using the water as a set of jumping pads I also set on fire the earth guardian.
Yet I didn‟t manage to take down the second guardian.
         It seemed to me that I was all alone on the glacier, I glanced all around my body
yet couldn‟t see where the earth guardian had run off to. Then, out of nowhere, a single
seed sprouted the guardian and he punctured my stomach, leaving a gaping hole. And
after that he left, he left me with a gigantic hole in my stomach.
         I limped around, my sight becoming increasingly blurred, and I tried to hug
myself in agony, but there was nothing to hold, every time I hugged myself in agony I
wanted to throw-up, which I couldn‟t because there was nothing there! I tried to send a
signal to anyone that would listen telepathically, but my head was too blurred of pain. I
saw the figure of the guardian and I erupted in a natural flame of anger. I melted the
glacier and I slid down into an alcove, huddled in pain. My vision was completely
blurred by now, and I could hardly stand up, so I fell into a deep tortured sleep.
         When I awoke it seemed to me that it had passed several hours, my eyes were still
too blurred to see through, and my body could only stand slightly. The piercing cold had
reached my little cave so I decided I needed to walk out and find some help. I climbed up
out of my alcove and groped over the loss of one of the most important organs in my
body, and the pain that came with that loss drove me to me knees, I was forced to crawl
for help.
         As I crawled I tried to rub my eyes to see if that helped with seeing anything, I
could only feel, and although I could feel very well through my powers, it just wasn‟t the
same, yet as I rubbed my eyes something came off, it felt like a powder of some sort, but
I was too deep in pain to realize anything, so I just crawled on.

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