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					                                               SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                         FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – I)

S.NO     ENGLISH             HINDI             MATHS                     E.V.S                M.Sc           G.K              COM
 1     Clapping and      Playing with    Whole class Activity      Family Tree          Visit to religious   Puzzle           Recognize &
       Singing           Handkerchief    Topic- Game “Cat and      Topic- My family     temple               Topic – Let us   Write
       Lesson- My Cat,   ikB&2           the Rat”                                       Topic- Morning       Pray             Chapter -1 What
       Mulberry Bush                                                                    Prayer                                is a computer

 2     Playing Card      Playing Cards   Nature Walk               Collection of        Caring and           Collage Making   Identify the
       Lesson- Mrs       ikB&1           Topic- “ School library   Objects              sharing              Topic- Indian    computer main
       Sharma, Abdul                     and campus”(outside       Topic- Healthy       Topic- Caring For    Festivals        parts
       and Zarina                        activity)                 habits               your Loved                            Chapter -2 Parts
                                                                                                                              of a Computer
 3     Antakshari        Antakshari      Written Test              Introduce Yourself   Moral Values         Project
       Making new        ikB&3           Topic- Less than,         Lesson -1 Myself     Topic- Being         Topic-
       words                             greater than, more                             Punctual             Communication
       Lesson- Mrs                       than, less than,
       Sharma, Abdul                     number names.
       and Zarina
                                  SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                          FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – II)

S.No       MATHS                  E.V.S            HINDI           ENGLISH              M.Sc           G.K             COM
 1     Number Game         Introduce yourself   Playing Cards   Reading             Conversation    Collage Making    Recognize & Write
       Topic- Numbers      Lesson -1            ikB&1           Lesson 1– The Old   Topic-          Topic- Things     Chapter -1
       up to one hundred                                        man and the Goat    Wonderful       around us
 2     Play with           Recognize Sense      Antakshari      Clapping and        Moral Values    Chinese           Identify the main
       numbers             Lesson-3 My Senses   ikB& 3          Singing             Topic-          Whisper           parts
       Topic- Numbers                                           Topic- Poem-        Obedience       Topic- How do     And other parts
       up to one hundred                                        Conversation                        they the          Chapter – 2 Parts of
                                                                                                    message           a Computer
 3     Written Test        Family Tree          Playing with    Dictation           Activity        Quiz
       Topic- Numbers      Lesson -4            Handkerchief    Lesson – The Mice   Topic- Let us   Topic- Spot the
       up to one hundred                        ikB&2           and the Elephant    Spread          odd one out
                                           SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                           FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – III)

S.No         E.V.S             HINDI             ENGLISH                MATHS                G.K           M.SC            COM
 1     Family tree         Playing Cards     Peer Assignment        Project on        M.C.Q                Recitation      Recognize & Write
       Topic – My family   ikB&1             Lesson- 1 The clever   addition          Topic- Wonderland,   Topic- Prayer   Chapter -1
                                             fish                   Topic- Addition   Continents &
 2     Oral Test           Playing with      Word Antakshari        Game-Snake &      Play just a Minute   Learning with   Identify the
       Lesson 1– Our       handkerchief      Topic- Poem –          Ladder            Lesson- famous       Playing         hardware &
       Body                ikB&2             Brother’s bent nose,   Topic- Number     Inventions, Space    Topic- Moral    Software
                                             Robin                                    Human Body           values           Chapter -2 Parts of
                                                                                                                           a Computer
 3     Recognize and       Antakshari        Role Play              Skip Counting     Flash Group          Play
       Write               ikB&3             Lesson- 12, 13         Topic- Skip       Lesson- Solar        Topic- Unity
       Lesson -1 and 2                       Nawab of Salimabad     Counting          System, Space,
                                                                                      Connecting people
                                           SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                           FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – IV)

S.No        HINDI       ENGLISH                   MATHS               E.V.S             M.Sc         G.K                COM
 1     Slip Making      Hide and Seek          Written Test     Chart on Living   Speech             Collage Making     Quiz
       o.kZ fopkj       Lesson – 1 Tess and    Topic- Numbers   and non living    Topic- Be proud of Unit 2 Sports      Lesson- History
                        Abby get a job         System           Chapter-1         What you are                          & Development
                                                                                                                        of computer
 2     Pass the Paper   Card Making            Play with        Interview         Recitation         Quiz               Playing Cards
       ikB&2            Birthday Present       numbers          Chapter 3         Prayer             Unit 1 Plant and   Playing Cards
                        (poem)                 Topic- Number                                         animal
       pwgksa dh                               System

 3     Musical Chair    Role Play              Sudoku           Prepare a         Poster Making      Interview of
       ikB&3            Lesson -14 Birbal’s    Topic- Numbers   Questionnaire     Creations of God   Staff
       v[kckjssssss     Wit                    System           Chapter 5 and 6                      Topic- Our body
                                                                                                     and computer
                                          SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                           FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – V)

S.No       ENGLISH                E.V.S           MATHS            HINDI          G.K                 M.SC               COM
 1     Notice Writing        Album Making      Exercise on      Musical Chair     Data Collection     Play Just a Minute Playing Cards
       Drawing               Chapter -1Human   place value      Identification    Unit 1 National     Topic – Prayer,    Chapter-
       competition/Singing   Body              Topic – Number   ikB&1             sports & games,     Be Thankful        Application of
       Competition/School                      System                             Olympic                                computer &
       tour                                                                                                              Peripheral
 2     Story Writing         Role play         Sudoku           Characteristics   Poster Making       Valuable thought   Quiz
       Topic- Spare My       Chapter- 3        Topic – Number   ikB&2             Individual          The more you give Chapter 2
       home Please                             System                             Unit 2 The living   the more you get , Computers
                                                                                  World               Be                 Memory
 3     Biography             Picks the hanky   Number System    Slip Making       Speech              Flash Cards
       APJ Abdul             out (game)        Topic – Number   ikB&3             Topic – My role     The more you give
       Kalam/mahatma         Topic- Plants     system                             Model (Chacha       the more you get ,
       Gandhi/ P.T Nehru                                                          Nehru, Rani         Be
                                                                                  Lakshmi Bai)
                                            SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                           FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – VI)

S.No      MATHS           HINDI             ENGLISH                 SCIENCE               S.SCIENCE          SANSKRIT            COM
 1     Abacus             Slip Making       Freezed Scenes     Group Activity          Work Sheet            Sanskrit/vastoo/ Playing
       Topic- Number      ikB&1             Topic- The night   Topic- Sorting          Topic- Introduction   Chitr Darshan    Cards
       System                               the ghost got in   materials into groups   to History            ikB&1            Chapter 1

 2     Oral               Musical Chair     Story Writing      Hide and seek (game) Group Discussion       Gadhansh           Quiz
       Assessment         ikB&4             Topic- Qualities   Topic- Fiber to fabric  Topic- The Earth in Vachan             Chapter 2
       Topic - Integers                     (how I have                               the Solar System     ikB&2
                                            suffered )
 3     Fraction           Path Ka Natiya    Diary Entry        Fiber seller (game)     Cross word Puzzle     Shabd Kosh
       Activity           Manchan (Role     Topic- Dear Mum     Topic – Components Topic- Prejudice and      ikB&1,2,3
       Topic- Fractions   Play)                                of food, source of food Discrimination
                          ikB& 3
                                       SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                          FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – VII)

S.No HINDI            ENGLISH                       S.ST             SANSKRIT            SCIENCE            MATHS               COM
 1   Slip Making      Poster Making          Work Sheet            Sanskrit Vastoo   Diagram Making         Mental Ability      Playing
     ikB& 2           The natural World      Topic- the Medieval   Vishay             Topic- Nutrition in   Test                Cards
                                             Period (History)      ikB& 1 , 2        animals                 Topic – Sets and   Chapter 1
                                                                                                            number System
 2   Play Card        Family of Parts of   Poster Making           Katha Chitra      Hide and Seek          Fraction            Quiz
     ikB&             speech                Topic- Kings and       Prashan           Topic- Structure of    Activity            Chapter 2
     Villom Shabd     Topic- Grammar –     Kingdom of the          ikB& 1 , 2 , 3    matter                 Topic – Fraction
                      Parts of speech      early Medieval
                                           Period (History)
 3   Path ka natiya   Spellathon           Cross Word Puzzle       Gadhansh Vachan   Identification &       Snake and
     Manchan          Topic- Lit . Reader   Topic – the Earths     (Shruti Lekh)     Characteristics        Ladder
     ikB& 1&4         Chapter 1 – Treasure Structure and Land      ikB& 2 , 3        Topic- Animals         Topic- and
     Mahabharat       in the garden        Forms (Geography)                         Fiber
                      Poem – Trees are
                                     SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                         FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – VIII)

S.No       ENGLISH              MATHS                SCIENCE               HINDI              S.ST           SANSKRIT            COM
 1     Spellathon           Work Sheet          Prepare the field      Slip Making      Cross word          Sanskrit          Playing
       Topic- Lit Reader    Topic- Sets &       Lesson -1 Crop         Varn Vichar      Puzzle              Sambhashnam       Cards
       Chapter 1 – After    Venn Diagram        Production                              Topic – Land ,      ikB& 1, 2         Chapter 1
       Twenty Years                                                                     Soil, and water
       Poem – The                                                                       Resources
 2     Formal Letter        Power Point         Demonstration (exp)    Varg Phali       Poster Making       Gadhansh          Quiz
       Topic – Writing      Presentation        based activity         ikB& 1            Topic –            Vachan (Shruti    Chapter 2
       Skills – Formal      Topic – Number      Worksheet              Kamdhanu         Classification of   Lekh)
       Letters              System              Lesson – 2 Micro                        resources           ikB& 2, 3
 3     Family of Parts of   Learning Square     Power Point            Khani Kraam      Work Sheet          Sanskrit Vastoo
       Speech               through Activity    Presentation VIVA      story Sequence   Topic – Modern      Parichay
       Topic – Grammar –    Topic – Squares &   Topic – Lesson -3      ikB& 5           India               ikB& 4
       Parts of Speech      Square roots        Synthetic fibers and
                                 SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                        FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – IX)

S.No     MATHS                  HINDI         ENGLISH              SCIENCE                   S.ST             COM              MUSIC
 1     Work sheet      Slogan Writing        Antakshari       Game based work         Map Skills          Radio/Talk       Written Test
       Topic- Number   Li”kZ x| [kaM+        Topic- How I     sheet                   Topic- India Size   Show             Topic - Sangeet
       System          &/kwy                 taught my        Topic- Improvement in   and Location        Chapter 1,2      Se Sambandhit
                                             grandmother      food resources                                               Paribha
                                             to read

 2     Unit Test       Kavita/Doha Gayan     Letter to        Game based Quiz         Slogan Writing      Open Book        Chart Making
       (assignment)    i| [kaM+&jSnkl ds     Editor           Topic- Improvement in   Topic - Eco- The    Chapter -3       Topic-
       Topic- Number   in                    Topic-           food resources          story of village                     Alankaar
       System &                              Writing Skills                           palampur and
       Polynomials                           and ‘the                                 history of French
                                             Brook’                                   revolution
 3     Quiz            Debate                Recognize        Paper Presentation      Summary Writing     Report Writing   Oral
       Topic- Number    Lakp;u fxYyw &       me               Topic- Improvement in   Topic- Civics –     Chapter -4       Topic-
       System &                              Topic- Parts     food resources,         Democracy in the                     Patriotic Song
       Polynomials     i”kq if{k;ksa dks     of Speech        Matters surrounding     contemporary
                       ikyrw cukuk                            Us, Motion              world
                       mfpr gS ;k
                                         SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                             FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -I SYLLABUS (CLASS – X)

S.No      HINDI            ENGLISH                   S.ST            COM                 MUSIC              SCIENCE           MATHS
 1     Role Play       Antakshari             Map Skill              Quiz                Written Test    Poster Making     Puzzle Making
       Xk|& cM+s       Topic- The tribute     Chapter – 1 Resource   Chapter 1,2         Sangeet Se      Topic- Chemical   Topic- Real
       HkkbZ lkgc                             & Development ,                            sambandhit      Reactions and     Numbers
                                              Chapter -2 Forest &                        Paribhasha      Equations,
                                              Wildlife (Geography)                                       Electricity
 2     Doha Gayan      Recognize Me           Slogan Writing         Peer Assignment     Chart Making Peer Assignment      Quiz
       Lkk[kh dchj     Topic- Parts of        Topic- Chapter -1      Chapter-3,4         Topic- Tanpura Topic- Chemical    Topic- Real
       ]in ehjk        Speech                 Power sharing                                              Reactions and     numbers and
                                              (Political Science)                                        Equations         polynomials
 3     Diary Writing   Letter to Editor       Guess What             Project Work        Oral Test       Picture           Written Test
                       Topic-Writing          Chapter-8 Novels,      Chapter-4           Topic- Regional Description       Topic-
       Xk| & Mk;jh     skills, The tribute    Society and History    Stock Inventory,    Language Song Topic- Chemical     Polynomials and
       dk ,d iUuk      and night of the                              Employee Payroll,                   Reactions and     pair of linear
                       Scorpion                                      School/Class                        Equations,
                                                                     Result                              Electricity