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                   General Knowledge Class Quiz – 2
 1. Recently ___________________ in Jaipur has been inscribed recently in the UNESCO World
     Heritage List.
 2. Australia’s Neil Robertson won the ___________________________ in Sheffield.
 3. Umaru Yar Adua, the former president of Nigeria and the presidency is now headed by
 4. The Football World Cup 2010 was lifted by ___________ after defeating Netherlands in final at
 5. As per the recently released Forbes’s list of World’s top billionaires, the richest person of the
     world is _____________________ with the assets worth $ 53.5 billion.
 6. Akira Suzuki and Ei-ichi Negishi from Japan have been awarded Noble prize in ______________.
 7. President Pratibha Patil has appointed _____________________ as the CEC (Chief Election
     Commissioner) of India.
 8. Recently Russia signed Oil Deal with ____________. The 999 Km pipeline runs from Angarsk to
 9. Ronald Noble has been re-elected as the General Secretary of _____________ during general
     assembly session in Doha.
 10. India has planned to establish its first defence university (INDU) at ___________________.
 11. India signed two MOUs with _________________ on defense that includes visits by military
     personnel and pursuance of R&D.
 12. Indian company OVL, along with its partner entered into an agreement with ____________ to
     develop a $20 billion oil project in that country.
 13. Union cabinet has recently approved the Setting up of CSIR Academy with the name
     _______________ (AcSIR) at Noida headquarter.
 14. Indian Rupee is designed by ___________________ who is working with Department of Design
     at IIT Guwahati.
 15. Counter Terrorism Initiative has been signed between _________ & __________ that would
     help both the countries to effectively combat terrorism.
 16. Russia handed over Nerpa and Akula to India this year. What are these? ______________.
 17. After Iran-Pakistan-India Gas pipeline failure, India has recently got success in pipeline
     agreement with _______________ known as GPFA.
 18. The country’s biggest grid-connected solar power plant set up at __________ in Karnataka.
     Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy __________ inaugurated the same.
 19. Benigno Aquino Emerges Victorious in the presidential Elections in _____________. He became
     the president succeeding Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
 20. Australia recently signed a coal deal, largest in the history worth $ 60 billion with __________.
 21. As per the Global Peace Index Report 2010, India’s rank is 128th. _______________ emerged as
     the most peaceful nation among 149 countries.
 22. ____________ recently joined NAM to divert its focus to Asia – Pacific region rather than
     Australia and New Zealand.

CHANDIGARH – 93162 57156   PANCHKULA – 95923 15729   SANGRUR – 85912 59139   JALANDHAR – 99158 59138