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Rental Application Approval Criteria


									        Silver Oaks of Southfield 23741 Pond Rd., Southfield MI 48033
                     248.353.1372 phone 248.353.1960 fax

                            Rental Application Criteria

Silver Oaks of Southfield offers one, two and three bedroom apartments /town
homes. Before you apply to rent an apartment, please take time to review the rental
criteria. The bolded areas below will determine your qualifications for residency.

Occupancy will be limited to no more than two (2) persons in a one bedroom
apartment, four (4) persons in a two bedroom apartment, five (5) persons in a two
bedroom town home or six (6) persons in a three bedroom town home. All
occupants 18 years or older will be processed and must complete a separate

Income Requirements:
The gross monthly income must equal or exceed 2.5 times the rent you will be
paying for the apartment. You may show a current pay stub, letter from your
employer on company letterhead, award letters and bank statements.
All income will be verified by third party.

Credit Requirements:
Your credit history will be reviewed for the following but not limited to: timely
payments, charge offs, court filings and judgments. If you have filed a Bankruptcy
it must be discharged for one year and no derogatory credit after the bankruptcy.

Landlord History:
The prior/current (2) years residency will be reviewed and cannot contain any
negative references. If you have any Landlord Judgments on your credit report,
that will result in an automatic denial.

We welcome cats and dogs. No aggressive breed dogs are allowed. The maturity
weight of the pet cannot exceed 40lbs. One pet is allowed per apartment. You
must provide a shot record. *Additional fees will apply.

Criminal History:
We will conduct a criminal back ground check on all leaseholders as well as
occupants 18 years or older. Felonies will automatically deny your application.

You must submit the following with your application.
*$20.00 application fee per application in a form of a personal check or money
order/cashiers check.
*Valid Picture State ID for everyone over the age of 18.
*Social Security Card for all residents and occupants of the home.
*Applications must be completed in full.
*Two or more of your most recent pay stubs are recommended.

Resident’s signature                                         Date

Resident’s signature                                         Date

Management’s signature                                       Date

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