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					FA1 (Month:- April)                             Reading, Dictation Test, Recitation
Main Course Book:-L-1 Life‘s lighter            Comprehension Passage
Moments                                         Grammar:- Adverbs
Activity Book:-Sheet No.1
                                                FA 4 (Month:- November/December)
Recitation, Reading, Writing, Dictation Test
                                                M C B:- L-9&10 Delicious Buns & Justice
Comprehension passage
                                                Activity Sheet No:-9&10
Grammar:- Reflexive Pronouns
                                                Literary Reader L-9 The Dying Detective (Part-
FA2 (Month-May, June, July)                     II) Comprehension, Composition
MCB:-L-2 Too Many books                         Grammar:- Sentence, Phrases and Clauses
Activity Book:-Sheet No.2
                                                Month:- January / February
Literary Reader L-1 A Weekend with George
                                                MCB L-11 &12
L-2 Gulliver & there little People
                                                Night Flight, A Dog from Nowhere
Grammar:- Possessives: Adjectives and
                                                Activity Sheet No:-11&12
Pronouns Comprehension, Picture Composition.
                                                Literary Reader L-10 a crumb for the Bird
Extempore:-My Sweet Home, Holi
                                                Grammar:-Preposition & Conjunctions
Month:- August                                  Comprehension, Formal Letter, Paragraph
MCB-L-4 A Funny Thing Happened                  Writing, Recitation
to Me                                           Dictation:- Word & Paragraph
L-5 Grandpa Tickles a Tiger                     Small Composition.
L-6 A Tidy Ghost (Role Play)
                                                SA 2 (Month- March)
Activity Book:-Sheet No.4&5
                                                MCB Repeat L-9, 11 and12
Literary Reader L-4 A Fairy with Horns
                                                Activity Sheet No:-9, 11&12
Recitation, Small Composition with picture
                                                Literary Reader Repeat L- 9&10
                                                Grammar:- Full Grammar of FA3 & FA4
Grammar:- Tenses, Adjectives, Informal letter
                                                Comprehension, Composition. Letter writing
Story Telling with Props.
                                                (Formal& Informal) Paragraph Writing.
SA 1 (Month- September)
MCB- L-1 Life’s Lighter Moments                          Holiday Home work( English)
        L-5 Grandpa Tickles a Tiger              1.Write and learn 50 difficult words with their
Activity Book: - Sheet no:- 1,5 and 6              meanings from lesson 1 & 2.Make sentences
Literary Reader L-6 & 8                            of at least 30 words.
 The Chocolate River & The Dying Detective       2.Cut & Paste head lines from English.
(Part-1)                                           Newspaper ( in scrap book) daily .
 Grammar: - Grammar of FA1 & FA2                 3.Write on a chart & learn at least 30 words
Comprehension, Composition and Paragraph           with all the three forms of the verbs.
writing                                            Eg. Write Wrote Written
FA3 (Month-October)                              4. Read and Write any one story and two
MCB L-7 The locked Room                            poems ( long) other than the MCB.
Activity Book: - Sheet no:-7                     5.Write a paragraph on your visits in summer
Extempore: - Tiger (National Animal), Save         Holidays It may be on Garden, Railway
Water.                                             Station or Market Place etc.
SUBJECT – EVS                                      Activity:-1. Activity or MCQ , Draw musical
FA1 (Month:- April)
Lesson –1 - Super Senses                           Month -February
Lesson –2 - A Snake Charmer’s Story.               Lesson – 16 – Who will do this work?
Labelled Diagram, MCQ                              Lesson – 17 – Across the Wall.
                                                   Lesson – 18 – No Place for US?
Month - May/June
Lesson-3 -From tasting to Digesting
                                                    1. Make a survey on women achievers across
Home Assignment-
                                                        the country.
1. Make a chart on any Historical monuments
                                                    2. Make a poster and write a slogan on what
    and write a short note on it.
                                                        you want to be.
2. Make a model of any musical instrument.
3. Collect 10 leaves & flowers, dry & paste
    them on A4 sheets or scrap books.              SA2 (Month –March )
                                                   L – 19 – A Seed tells a farmer’s story.
FA2 (Month- July)
                                                   L –20 – Whose Forests?
Lesson-4 Mangoes Round the year
                                                   L – 21 – On the move again.
Lesson-5 Seeds & Seeds
                                                   Repeat:- Lesson - 15 - Blow Hot, Blow Cold
Lesson-6 Every drop Counts
                                                   Lesson- 6 - Every Drop Counts
Activity:- Making of Aam Papad
                                                   Map Activity:- 1. Thick & thin forests in
                                                     political map of India.
Month: - August                                      2. Poster on forests with a slogan.
Lesson– 7 - Experiment with Water                  Subject:- Moral Science
Lesson– 8 – A Treat of Mosquitoes                  SA1:- Lesson- 1 to 7
Activity:- Outdoor and Indoor Activity & Exp.      SA2:- Lesson- 8 to 14
Float and Sink.                                    Subject:- G.K
SA1 (Month – September)                            SA1:- 1 to 30
Lesson– 10 – Walls tell Stories.                   SA2:- 31 to 58
Lesson – 11 – Sunita in Space.                     Subject: - Computer
Repeat:- Lesson-5 & 8                              SA1:- 1 to 5
FA3 (Month – October)                              SA2:- 6 to 10
Lesson-9 Up you go!                                Subject:- Drawing
Lesson–12 – What if it finishes.                     April:- L.D.L:- Pg no1to 7, Craft- Pg1 to 8
Lesson-21- Like father, like Daughter               July:- L.D.L:- Pg 8 to 13 , Craft:- 9 to 16
Activity& Home Assignment:- 1. Make the                D no:- Scenery with water color step by step
model of a rocket.                                 August: - L.D.L:-Rakhi making
 2. Make a poster and Write a slogan on uses of                Greeting Card making Envelope
petrol & Diesel.                                   September:-14 to 17 , Craft:- Pg no 17 to 28
 Activity:- 1. List the similarities of physical                 D. no:- Poster with water colour
     traits in your family.                        October: - L.D.L:-Pg 18, 19 Craft:- 29 to 34
 2. Lesson 2 – Up you go! Finding of related           D no-Diwali scene & Water rangoli design
facts                                              November:- L.D.L:-Pg 20, 21, 22, 23, Craft:-35
      and Answer (MCQ)                                 to 40, D. no: - Drawing with Eraser
  3. Draw renewable & non renewable sources of     December:- L. D.L:-Pg 24 to 28, Craft-41 to 45,
    energy (labelled Diagram)                  Landscape with water colour
Month - November /December                         January : -L.D.L:- 29, 30, 31 Craft: - 46 to 48
Lesson 13 – A Shelter so high!                          D no: - Free hand design
Lesson 14- When the earth Shook!                   February: - L.D.L:- 32, 33, Craft: - 49 to 58
Lesson 15 – Blow Hot, Blow Cold                        Stitches on a cloth , D. no: - Poster making
Repeat: - L-12- What if it finishes…..?
Group class Activity:- Skit on natural disaster.
FA4 (Month – December)

These topics will be completed a week
before the assessments.                           FA 3 (Month - September / October)
                                                  1. Simplifications
   FA 1 (Month – April)                           2. Circle
   1. Large Numbers                               Home Assignment:- Use the
   2. Basic Operations on Numbers (Add, Sub,       compass to draw various geometrical
       Div, Multiply).                            designs.Also colour it.
   Activity: Draw a Indian place value &
   International place value on a A4 sheet.       Month: - November
   Month- May / June                              1. Decimals
   1. Roman numerals.                             2. Percentage
   Home Assignment:- 1. Draw1 to 50               3. Profit & loss
   Roman numerals on a chart.                     Activity:-Activity based on these chapters
   & Holiday Home Work:- 2. Draw
   Tables 1 to 12 on a chart.                     FA 4 (Month: - December/January)
                                                  1. Perimeter
   FA2 (Month – July)                             2. Area, Volume
   1. Unitary method.                             3. Geometry
   2. Factors & Multiples.                        Activity:- Activity based on these chapters
   3. HCF & LCM.
   Activity:- Activity based on unitary method.   Month - February
                                                  1. Simple interest
                                                  2. Temperature
   Month: - August
                                                  3. Time table.
   1. Fractions
                                                  Activity:- Activity based on these chapters
   2. Average
   3. Speed.
   Activity:- Quiz based on                       SA 2 (Month – March)
   1. Factors & Multiples                         1.   Decimals
   2. HCF & LCM                                   2.   Perimeter
                                                  3.   Area
                                                  4.   Volume
   SA 1 (Month- September)
                                                  5.   Circle
                                                  6.   Simple Interest
   2. Factors & Multiples
   3. HCF & LCM
   4. Average
   5. Speed

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