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									Tassel Ridge® Winery
2010/2011 Catalog

                    Tassel Ridge® Wines...Simply Extraordinary
    Give the Gift of

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Iowa, Give Tassel Ridge® Wine
             The next time you are a guest in someone s home,
             show your appreciation with a bottle of Tassel Ridge
             wine. We offer a wide range of Iowa wines on the
             following pages. With wines to suit every palate,
             you are sure to delight your host.

             Tassel Ridge wines have won more than 150 awards in
             prestigious national and international competitions.
             Visit for
             an up-to-date list.

             Red, White, & Blue® is a traditional sweet,
             Concord-based blend with strong grape
             flavors reminiscent of grape jelly. An
             outstanding sipping wine, Red, White, &
             Blue is best served chilled. Store at 55˚F. $11

             Star Spangled White™ is a sweet white
             wine with pineapple, melon, and pear on
             the nose and candied pineapple and pear
             on the palate. This wine is made entirely
             from Edelweiss grapes grown in our
             Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards. Pair
             with apple and pear desserts or blue
             cheese. Enjoy Star Spangled White alone
             as a sipping wine. Serve well chilled. Store
             at 55˚F. $11

             Sweet Roxie Red is a refreshing, fruity,
             sweet red wine made from a blend of
             Zinfandel and Muscat grapes. This wine
             displays cherry and green apple notes on
             the nose with cherry and plum on the
             palate. Sweet Roxie Red is a great sipping
             wine or pair with spicy foods. Serve chilled.
             Store at 55˚F. $13

             Order a case 12 bottles and save 10% on single and mixed case
             wine purchases at the winery, by phone, or online.
Entertain with Iowa Red Wine
    Delight your dinner guests by serving Tassel Ridge Iowa wines in your
    home. With Tassel Ridge wines, you can feel good about serving a
    local product while enjoying superior quality. All of our wines are
    made at our winery in Leighton, Iowa. Choose from our selection
    of dry reds to pair with meats or to enhance fully-flavored dishes.

    2010 Iowa Nouveau, a light and fruity red wine, is our first wine of the
    season. It is made entirely from grapes grown in our Mahaska County,
    Iowa, vineyards. Iowa Nouveau pairs well with traditional holiday
    meals. Best when consumed soon after purchase. Serve slightly chilled.
    Store at 55˚F. limited supply available after November 20 $14
    Pizzeria & Pasta Too!™ is a very fruity, dry red wine made entirely from
    Sabrevois grapes grown in our Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards. This
    wine offers a nose that hints of plum and black cherry, and it follows
    with plum on the palate. Pair Pizzeria & Pasta Too! with spicy pizza or
    pasta with spicy tomato-based sauce. Serve at room temperature.
    Store at 55˚F. $13
    Zinfull Red is a medium-bodied, dry red wine made entirely from
    Zinfandel grapes. Aged in French oak for a year, this wine displays
    blackberry jam, plum, and black pepper on the nose and raspberry,
    cherry, and spice on the palate. Zinfull Red will work well with grilled
    meats including lamb, pork, and beef or with stews. Serve at room
    temperature. Store at 55˚F. $20
    In the Dark is a big, full-bodied, dry red wine with hints of cherry,
    plum, and white pepper. Made from St. Croix grapes grown in Mahaska
    County, Iowa, Syrah grapes grown in Lake County, California, and
    Marechal Foch grapes grown in Mahaska County, Iowa, In the Dark
    will complement fully-flavored meats and Cajun-spiced foods. Serve
    at room temperature. Store at 55˚F. $20
    American Syrah is a dry red wine that displays light oak, plum, and
    baking spices on the nose with black raspberry, plum, baking spices,
    and white pepper on the palate. Made entirely from Syrah grapes and
    aged in French, American, and Eastern European Oak for 23 months,
    American Syrah pairs well with grilled meats. Serve at room
    temperature. Store at 55˚F. $20
    2008 Iowa St. Croix is a dry red wine with pepper, plum, and black cherry
    on the nose; plum and black cherry on the palate; and subtle oak and
    spices on the finish. Made entirely from St. Croix grapes grown in our
    Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards, Iowa St. Croix pairs well with steak
    or other grilled meats. Serve at room temperature. Store at 55˚F. $20

    Order a case 12 bottles and save 10% on single and mixed case wine purchases
    at the winery, by phone, or online.
Make any Dinner Special
       with Tassel Ridge Whites                                           ®

Don t wait for a special occasion! Make every dinner in your home something special with
Tassel Ridge wine. Our wide range of white wines, from dry to sweet, will complement and
enhance any meal. From aperitif to dessert, take your everyday dining to the next level with
Tassel Ridge white wine.

             Iowa White Blossom is a dry white wine that offers aromas of tropical
             fruits, including pineapple and citrus. Pineapple, nectarine, and white
             peach dominate the palate, and the finish hints of green apple. Made
             entirely from Edelweiss grapes grown in Mahaska County, Iowa, Iowa
             White Blossom pairs well with fish, chicken, Asian stir-fry, and Caribbean
             jerk-seasoned dishes. Serve chilled. Store at 55˚F. $14

             American Chardonnay is a dry white wine that exhibits tropical fruit and
             grapefruit on the nose with citrus and hints of apple on the palate. One
             third of this wine was aged in Eastern European oak for nine months
             giving it a long finish with subtle hints of oak and soft creamy vanilla. Pair
             American Chardonnay with oysters, shellfish, and light to medium-bodied
             meats like poultry and pork. Serve chilled. Store at 55˚F. $14

             American Dry Riesling is a refreshing, dry white wine with green apple,
             citrus, and peach on the nose and green apple, citrus, and melon on the
             palate. Pair American Dry Riesling with fish, shellfish, chicken, and green
             salads. Serve Chilled. Store at 55˚F. $13

             Try American Dry Riesling in our Cosmoritas! see page 23

             Candleglow® White is a crisp, dry white wine with citrus and green apple
             notes and a hint of oak. Made from Chardonnay grapes, Candleglow White
             pairs well with salmon, chicken, and pork. Served chilled. Store at 55˚F. $13

             2008 Iowa Brianna is a dry white wine with honeydew, pear, and citrus on
             the nose and melon, pear, and apple on the palate. This wine has subtle
             oak and buttery notes on the finish. It is made entirely from Brianna
             grapes grown in our Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards. Iowa Brianna pairs
             well with chicken, white fish, or shellfish prepared with butter or light
             sauces. Serve chilled. Store at 55˚F. $14
                                      Candlelight is a semi-sweet light white wine
                                      with tropical fruit flavors on the nose, citrus
                                      notes on the palate, and a crisp, clean finish.
                                      Made from Chardonnay grapes grown in
                                      California, Candlelight pairs well with seafood and
                                      poultry dishes. Serve chilled. Store at 55˚F. $13

                                      Try Candlelight in our Sen˜oritas!
                                       see page 23

                                      2008 Iowa Edelweiss is a semi-sweet white wine
                                      with the scent of ripe pineapple followed by hints
                                      of mandarin orange, pear, and pineapple on the
                                      palate. Made entirely from Edelweiss grapes
                                      grown in our Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards,
                                      this wine pairs well with spicy Asian foods, meats
                                      seasoned with Caribbean jerk spices or a salad that
                                      includes pineapple, pear, apple, and papaya. Serve
                                      chilled. Store at 55˚F. $14

                                      Prelude is a semi-sweet white wine offering citrus,
                                      pear, nectarine, banana, and tropical fruit notes.
                                      Prelude is made from St. Pepin grapes grown in
                                      Mahaska County, Iowa, and Muscat grapes grown
                                      in California. Serve it as an aperitif, pair it with
                                      salad, or sip it on a warm afternoon. Serve chilled.
                                      Store at 55˚F. available spring 2011

                                      2010 Iowa LaCrescent is a refreshing,
                                      semi-sweet white wine with tropical fruit,
                                      peach, pear, and grapefruit on the nose and
                                      tropical fruit, peach, and citrus on the palate.
                                      This wine is made from grapes grown in our
                                      Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards. Iowa
                                      LaCrescent pairs well with shellfish, fish, chicken,
                                      and green salads, or enjoy before dinner as an
                                      aperitif. Serve chilled. Store at 55˚F.
                                       very limited quantities available spring 2011

                                      Iowa Prairie Snow is a sweet, iced wine made from
                                      grapes picked at the peak of perfection and frozen
                                      after harvest. With its concentrated notes of
                                      apple, pear, and nectarine on the nose followed by
                                      honey, apple, pear, and peach on the palate, Iowa
                                      Prairie Snow is best sipped with or as dessert. It
                                      pairs well with apple tarts and lemon desserts.
                                      Serve well chilled. Store at 55˚F. $29
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                         Order a case 12 bottles and save 10% on single and mixed case
                         wine purchases at the winery, by phone, or online.                  7
    Tassel Ridge® rose´ wines are
    perfect for gift giving, pairing
    with meals, or simply sipping.
    It s hard to go wrong when you
    drink pink!

Pink!                  2008 Iowa Frontenac Rose´ is a semi-sweet
                       rose´ that displays plum, cherry, and berry
                       notes on both the nose and palate. It is made
                       from 75% Frontenac grapes and 25% LaCrosse
                       grapes grown in our Mahaska County, Iowa,
                       vineyards. Serve Iowa Frontenac Rose´ as an
                       aperitif or pair it with Asian foods. Serve
                       chilled. Store at 55˚F. $13

                       Try Iowa Frontenac Rose´ in our Wine-a-Ritas!
                        see Wine Glace´ on page 23

                       Tickled Pink is a semi-sweet rose´. Made
                       from Zinfandel grapes, Tickled Pink pairs
                       well with Asian foods, Mexican food,
                       and curry-flavored dishes. Tickled Pink
                       is very refreshing when served chilled.
                       Store at 55˚F. $11

                       American Pink Catawba is a refreshing,
                       fruity, semi-sweet rose´ with pineapple and
                       other tropical fruit aromas and green apple
                       and citrus flavors on the palate. Made
                       entirely from Catawba grapes, American
                       Pink Catawba is a great sipping wine. Pair
                       with barbecue or picnic foods like cold
                       meats or cold fried chicken. Serve chilled.
                       Store at 55˚F. $13

        Order a case 12 bottles and save 10% on single and mixed case wine
        purchases at the winery, by phone, or online.                     9

dulge   with Dessert Wine
        You deserve to enjoy the peaceful moments in your life.
        Indulge yourself with a glass of dessert wine. Our five
        dessert wines are rich, luscious, and perfect for savoring
        alone or with sumptuous cheeses or chocolates. Treat
        yourself or someone you love to something special with
        Tassel Ridge® dessert wines.

                    Chocolate Granfinale´™ is a dessert wine made from
                    grape wine and natural chocolate flavor. Its generous
                    chocolate notes and rich, warming finish make
                    Chocolate Granfinale´ a decadent evening treat. Pair
                    it with a nut torte or raspberry, strawberry, or other
                    fruit desserts. Sip as or after dessert. Serve at room
                    temperature. Store at 55˚F. 375 ml bottle. $20

                    Finale´ Blackberry dessert wine has flavors reminiscent
                    of blackberry jam with a warming finish. Pair Finale´
                    Blackberry with dark chocolate desserts or serve as
                    dessert. Serve at room temperature. Store at 55˚F.
                    375 ml bottle. $17

                    Finale´ Raspberry dessert wine is a rush of tart raspberry
                    aroma and flavor. Enjoy Finale´ Raspberry with fine dark
                    chocolate. Serve at room temperature. Store at 55˚F.
                    375 ml bottle. $17

                    Finale´ Iowa Red is a dessert wine with plum, black cherry,
                    allspice, and black licorice notes. Made from grapes
                    grown in our Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards, Finale´
                    Iowa Red pairs well with dark chocolate, salted cashew
                    nuts, and blue cheese. Serve at room temperature. Store
                    at 55˚F. 375 ml bottle. $17

                    Finale´ Premier Red dessert wine has jammy flavors
                    that complement dark chocolate, salted cashew nuts,
                    and blue cheese. Serve Finale´ Premier Red at room
                    temperature. Store at 55˚F. 375 ml bottle $17

        Order a case 12 bottles and save 10% on single and mixed case wine
        purchases at the winery, by phone, or online.                             11
     Try Something

      Tassel Ridge® fruit wines capture the essence of fresh fruit. Enjoy
      these wines anytime, or create a memorable end to your meal by
      serving them with or as a dessert.

                        Blackberry Wine is brimming with mellow berry
                        flavors reminiscent of old fashion blackberry jam.
                        Pair Blackberry Wine with cheesecake or fruit
                        desserts. Consider serving it as dessert or sipping it
                        whenever you are in the mood for something
                        luscious and fruity. Serve chilled or at room
                        temperature. Store at 55˚F. $12

                        Cranberry Wine packs a tart cranberry punch with
                        a smooth and sweet finish. Serve it as an aperitif,
                        drink it with traditional holiday meals, or enjoy it
                        as dessert. It s great with Thanksgiving dinner!
                        Serve chilled. Store at 55˚F. $12 seasonal

      Order a case 12 bottles and save 10% on single and mixed case wine purchases
      at the winery, by phone, or online.

or Something

Tassel Ridge® fizzy wines are a great way to turn any day into a
celebration! Gather your family and friends, open a bottle, and
let the fun begin!

        Oskyfizzante® Red is a refreshing, sweet, fruity, and fizzy red
        wine with cherry and green apple notes on the nose and cherry
        and plum on the palate. Pair Oskyfizzante Red with spicy
        appetizers or just chill, open, and celebrate! Store at 55˚F. $14

        Oskyfizzante® White is a fruity, semi-sweet, fizzy white wine
        with grapefruit, kiwi, and stony fruit on the nose and kiwi,
        peach, and citrus on the palate. Made from Muscat grapes,
        Oskyfizzante White is terrific with brunch and is a great wine
        for celebrations! Serve well chilled. Store at 55˚F. $14

        Try Oskyfizzante White in a Peach Bellini!
         see page 23

        Oskyfizzante® Pink is a refreshing, sweet, fruity, and fizzy rose´
        wine that pairs well with spicy appetizers and celebrations!
        Serve chilled. Store at 55°F. $14 available spring 2011

                       Champagne Stopper
                       Keep the fizz in our fizzy wines with this
                       champagne stopper. Perfect for Oskyfizzante
                       wines and a great gift. $5


Oils add Pizzazz to any Party
             Whenever you serve bread, go beyond butter and add
             exciting flavor with Tassel Ridge® Winery s selection of
             dipping oils. Each flavor is packaged in an elegant glass
             bottle and includes a pouring spout.

             Try our dipping oils with ciabatta, focaccia, French
             baguettes, or any other crusty bread.

             Drizzle dipping oil on pizza or toss in a warm bowl of pasta.

             Use dipping oil in place of regular oil when saute´ing
             meats, chicken, shrimp, or veggies.

             Make a simple Mediterranean-style meal by opening a
             bottle of Tassel Ridge wine and serving it with bread,
             dipping oil, cheese, and meat.

                  Dipping Oils            $16.50
                  Roasted Garlic
                  Traditional Italian
                  Spice it up!
                  Herb it up!
                  Jalapen˜o Cilantro
                  Tomato Basil

Sweet Treats         In the Dark Chocolate Fudge                           Chocolate Truffles
                     Serve this delicious fudge over                       Five luscious assorted gourmet
                     ice cream, strawberries, pound                        truffles are packaged in a
                     cake, crepes, or by the spoonful.                     stunning gift box. The perfect
                     This rich, dark chocolate fudge                       accompaniment to Finale´
                     sauce is made with Tassel Ridge                       dessert wines! $9.75
                     In The Dark wine. $10

                     Candlelight Caramel Sauce
                                                                           Candlelight Wine Brittle
                     This silky-smooth caramel
                                                                           This is a candy classic with a
                     sauce has a hint of Tassel Ridge
                                                                           twist! This crunchy brittle is
                     Candlelight wine. Drizzle over
                                                                           made with Tassel Ridge
                     ice cream, dip apple slices the
                                                                           Candlelight wine and is
                     possibilities are endless. $10
                                                                           bursting with lightly salted
                                                                           Spanish peanuts.
                                                                           8 oz. bag. $9.50

                     In the Dark Chocolate Sauce
                     Made with Tassel Ridge In The Dark wine, this
                     sauce is the perfect consistency for drizzling over
                     ice cream, cheesecake, brownies, and strawberries.
                     375 ml bottle $18; 187 oz. bottle $10

     Stonewall Kitchen Dessert Sauces
     Rich, decadent and full of flavor, these dessert
     toppings are sweet temptations. Use to top
     ice cream, pound cake, pancakes, or breakfast
     breads for a delicious treat. $6.50 11.5 oz. jars
        Black Cherry Cognac Sauce
        Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce
        Coffee Caramel Sauce
        Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Sauce
        Dulce´ de Leche Sauce
        Key Lime Curd
        Lemon Curd
        Raspberry Liqueur Hot Fudge Sauce
        Spiced Rum Butterscotch Sauce
Gourmet Candies above
Sweet, wine infused treats are sure to please! Choose from the following 4 oz. boxes: Cabernet Chocolate
Blueberries, Pinot Noir Chocolate Cherries, Merlot Chocolate Apricots, Syrah Cinnamon White Chocolate
Almonds, Tiramisu Chocolate Caramels $5 , and Champagne Chocolate Strawberries $6 .
Also available in 8 oz. bags: Pinot Noir Chocolate Cherries $9 and Chocolate Trio with cherries,
strawberries, and blueberries $10 .
Picnic with Tassel Ridge                                                                          ®

Already looking forward to the arrival of spring? You can be prepared for warmer days
well in advance with wine picnicking supplies and accessories. What could be better than an
afternoon in the warm sunshine with great company, simple foods, and a bottle of Tassel Ridge
wine? These items will help you make your wine picnics easy and relaxing. A well-appointed
picnic basket also makes an elegant and memorable gift.

                                   Picnic Stix left
                                   These picnic stix are
                                   perfect holders for
                                   your wine and glasses
                                   at picnics, outdoor
                                   concerts, and more.
                                   Set includes a stake to
                                   hold wine bottle and
                                   two more stakes to
                                   hold wine glasses! $14
                                   Note: Wine and
                                   glasses not included.

                                             Two-person picnic set above
                                             This unique basket combines a fully-insulated, zippered
                                             interior with the romantic look of a traditional picnic
                                             basket. It includes two wine glasses, cutting board,
                                             two napkins, and bottle stopper the perfect gift for
                                             newlyweds or anyone who would enjoy a romantic
                                             wine picnic! Dimensions: 91/2 x 10 x 15 $80

                                             Wine tote
                                             With this all-in-one carrier, your wine picnic can go
                                             anywhere you do! Designed to hold two glasses included
                                             and one bottle of wine not included in the insulated
                                             interior, this tote is complete with cutting board, cheese
                                              knife, napkins, and bottle stopper. Available in olive,
                                                black, burgundy, or chocolate.
                                                    Lightweight and durable with a handle and
                                                      detachable shoulder strap.
                                                        Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 131/2 $40
18                                                           Note: Wine not included.
Make Entertaining Elegant & Easy
    The Perfect                                                                         Try Tomato Herb
    Complement with                                                                     Bruchetta Spread on
                                                                                        French baguettes
    Tassel Ridge® Wine                                                                  paired with Pizzeria
                                                                                        & Pasta Too!™
    Stonewall Kitchen is a leading
    producer of specialty foods. With
    choices ranging from mustards
    and chutneys to grille sauces                                       Spice up pork with
                                                                        Spicy Pineapple Ginger
    and marinades, these gourmet
                                                                        Sauce paired with Iowa
    products will wow you with                                          White Blossom
    exceptional flavors.

Jams & Jellies: 12 oz. jars $7.75   Spreads: 8 oz. jars           Grille Sauces & Marinades:      Grille Sauces &
 Apple Jalapen˜o Jelly               Eggplant Spread $5.95        11 oz. jars $6.95 $7.95         Marinades cont d :
 Bellini Jam                         Roasted Garlic Bread          Burgundy Marinade               Korean Barbecue Sauce
 Kir Royale Jam                         Spread $7.95               Tuscan Marinade                 Maple Chipotle Grille Sauce
 Mimosa Jam                          Roasted Garlic Onion          Curried Mango Grille Sauce      Mesquite Steak Sauce
 Raspberry Peach                        Bruschetta Spread $6.95    Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce    Mushroom Sage Steak Sauce
    Champagne Jam                    Tomato Herb Bruschetta        Ginger Garlic Sauce             Pineapple Ginger Sauce
 Red Pepper Jelly                       Spread $5.95               Honey Barbeque Sauce            Pomegranate Grille Sauce
 Roasted Garlic Onion Jam                                                                          Roadhouse Steak Sauce
                                                                                                   Roasted Apple Grille Sauce
Chutneys & Relishes:                                                                               Roasted Garlic Peanut Sauce
8.5 oz jars $5.95                                                                                  Roasted Pepper
 Apple Cranberry Chutney                                                                               Sesame Sauce
 Cranberry Pomegranate                                                                             Roasted Tomato Grille Sauce
    Chutney                                                                                        Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce
 Fig Raisin Chutney                                                                                Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce
 Major Grey s Chutney                                                                              Wasabi Ginger Sauce
 Mango Chutney
 Old Farmhouse Chutney                                                                            Cheese Ball Mixes: $4
 Artichoke & Caper Relish                                                                          Caramel Apple
 New England Cranberry Relish                                                                      Sweet Pepper
 Sun-Dried Tomato &
    Olive Relish                                                                                  Pestos: 8 oz. jars $8.50
                                                                                                   Artichoke Pesto
Dip Mixes: $4                                                                                      Basil Pesto
 Roasted Garlic Onion                                                                              Black Olive Pesto
 Sun-Dried Tomato                                                                                  Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
                                                                                                  Mustards: 8 oz. jars $5.95
Salsas: 16 oz. jars $6.95                                                                          Basil Pesto Mustard
 Pineapple Chipotle Salsa                                                                          Bourbon Molasses Mustard
 Papaya Salsa                                                                                      Horseradish Mustard
                                                                                                   Maine Maple
Pasta Sauces: 16 oz. jars $6.50                                                                       Champagne Mustard
 Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce                                                                      Roasted Garlic Mustard
 Classic Vodka Sauce                                                                               Spicy Honey Mustard
 Roasted Garlic Basil Sauce                                                                        Traditional Pub-Style Mustard
Gifts that get Noticed
You can make any wine lover on your holiday gift list feel like a kid again this Christmas. Surprise
them with the unique wine gifts and accessories found on the following pages. Can t choose just
one or two gifts? Let us wrap them all up along with bottles of their favorite Tassel Ridge® wines in
a custom-made gift basket.

Or, what about a Weekend get-away package? Call the Winery for details on
pairing a Tassel Ridge event with an overnight stay in Pella or Oskaloosa.

Perfect for red or white wine no more warm wine or wet glasses. Woozie with glass. $12
Colors: Lime Green, Hot Pink, Bright Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple, Forest Green,
Burgundy, Black, Camouflage; Caribbean: Stripes, Flower, Dots, Geometric;
Safari: Cheetah, Lizard,
Zebra, Snake
Woozie Party Pack 4 pack :
Tropical Colors, Caribbean,
Safari, Breast Cancer Awareness,
Solid Colors Glasses not
included $28
Iowa State Woozie
 Glass not included $10

Designer Wine Glasses
Enjoy your wine In Style. Each glass is mouth       Don t forget! Tassel Ridge
blown, hand cut, hand painted, and includes a       Winery Gift Cards
         beaded enamel wine charm with              Let us take the stress out
                    crystal inset. Forever 21,      of holiday gift giving with
                       Wine Diva, Giddy             convenient gift cards. All
                       other designs available      you have to do is choose
                       at the winery $20            the amount!
                                                    Or, another great gift idea is to give a gift card for a
                                                    dinner/event at Tassel Ridge Winery event prices vary :
                                                    Saturday, January 29 Chinese New Year Dinner
                                                    Saturday, February 12 Valentine s Wine Dinner
                                                    Saturday, February 26 Red Wine Lovers Event
                                                                              with barrel tasting
                                                    Thursday, March 10 Girls Night Out
                                                    Saturday, March 26 Moroccan Wine Dinner

                                                                                    Wine Racks
                                                                                    Display your wine with
                                                                                    style. Choose from our
                                                                                    assortment of elegant
                                                                                    wine racks ranging
                                                                                    from 3 23 bottles. One
                                                                                    is sure to be the perfect
                                                                                    gift for you or your
                                                                                    friends. $20 $55

Slate & Cheese Board
Impress your friends with this elegant slate
serving board. Display any cheese in style
and add a message or notes about the
cheese. Chalk included! $14

                                    Wine Tasting Journal
                                    This wine journal will help you keep track of the wines
                                    you sample, or it makes a perfect gift for both wine
                                    novices and wine experts on your list! $13

                                                               Note Cards
                                                               No matter what the season, you can share the
                                                               beauty of Iowa s wine country with friends
                                                               and family near and far. Our exclusive Tassel
                                                               Ridge Winery note cards feature stunning
                                                               color photographs of our winery and
                                                               vineyards. Set of 12 cards with envelopes.
                                                               Small 51/2 x 41/4 $11.95
                                                               Large 81/2 x 51/2 $14.95
                                                                    Wine Glace´
                                                                    It s not a Margarita…but a Wine-a-Rita.
                                                                    Blend with 2008 Iowa Frontenac Rose´
                                                                     see page 9 and ice. Mixing directions
                                                                    included. Makes 12 6-oz. servings. $11
                                                                    A refreshing blend of two great things,
                                                                    wine and margaritas, that gives you
                                                                    the flavors of a margarita lightened
                                                                    with the taste of wine. Try it with
                                                                    Candlelight see page 7 . Mixing
                                                                    directions included. Makes 12 6-oz.
                                                                    servings. $11
 Bisschopswijn Mulled Wine &                                        Peach Bellini
 Cider Spices                                                       For a fresh peachy taste, blend with our
 Enjoy these locally made mulling                                   Oskyfizzante® White see page 13 wine
 spices with Tassel Ridge® wines                                    and ice. Mixing directions included.
 for a warming treat! Recipes and                                   Makes twelve 6-oz. servings. $11
 muslin steeping bag are included.
 Perfect with our 2010 Iowa                                         CosmoRita
 Nouveau see page 4 . Makes up                                      It s a refreshing twist on a trendy city
 to 56 8-oz. servings. $12.50.                                      classic! Blend with ice and American
                                                                    Dry Riesling see page 6 . Mixing
                                                                    directions included. Makes 12 6-oz.
                                                                    servings. $11

                                     Original Wine Crackers
                                     Delicate and slightly sweet with a hint
                                     of lemon and a touch of vanilla, these
                                     crackers are featured in our tasting room
                                     to cleanse the palate and enhance the wine
                                     tasting experience. $4

Chocolate Cordial Cups
Dark Belgian chocolate
Cordial and Toasting cups are
an elegant and unique way to
serve Tassel Ridge dessert
wines. Enjoy these chocolate
cups as a dessert, or give them
as a special gift. Perfect with
Tassel Ridge Finale´ dessert
wines see page 11 . 12 cordial
cups per box. $8

                                Wine Charms
                                You re hosting a festive party and your coffee table and countertop are full
                                of wine glasses. Which one belongs to whom? You will know instantly when
                                you use our wine glass charms. Available in several styles, these metal tags
                                can be hung around wine glass stems or mug handles for easy identification.
                                Choose from glass beaded, silver finish wine shapes, vintage metallic wine
                                shapes, or simply said charms. set of 6 $10

                                    Bottle Coaster
                                    Beautify your dinner table while protecting it
                                    too. This elegant silver-finish bottle coaster s
                                    vineyard inspired design will capture your guests
                                    attention, while its deep interior captures errant
                                    drips. Diameter accommodates most wine bottles
                                    comfortably. 4 size. $12.50

Tassel Ridge® Wine                                      Tassel Ridge® Wine & Food Pairing Wheel
Glasses                                                 Learn which foods pair well
Whether you re                                          with award-winning
seeking a memento of                                    Tassel Ridge wines
your experience at                                      and make every
Tassel Ridge Winery or                                  meal special.
stemware for home                                       Includes
tasting use, our set of                                 descriptions of the
two wine glasses with                                   grapes grown in the
the Tassel Ridge logo is                                Tassel Ridge Vineyards
the perfect choice. These 6.5 oz. capacity              and the wines made
glasses are identical to the glasses used in our        from them. $7.95
tasting room. set of 2 $10

                                                                  Neoprene Wine Tote
                                                                  Made from the same
                                                                  material as a wet suit,
                                                                  this tasting room
                                                                  tested bag will keep
                                                                  your wine chilled for
     Marble Tile                                                  hours. Perfect for a
     Display or serve your Tassel Ridge wines on this             picnic or for heading
     beautiful natural marble tile. Carved from large marble      to a party! $10
     blocks, no two stones will be alike. 4 x 4 size. $12

                             Drip Ring
                             Use this handy tool to keep your wine where you
                             want it. With a drip ring around the neck, drips will
                             not run down the side of the bottle and will stay
                             away from tablecloths and clothing.
                             A great stocking stuffer! $2.50
Wine-themed Apparel
Show the world your
enthusiasm for wine
and your sense of
humor. More styles
available at the winery.

                                 Tassel Ridge Hoodie
                                 Spend cooler weather in style          T-shirt/Water Bottle
                                   with this warm, garment                     Combo
                                  washed hooded sweatshirt           Tassel Ridge Logo d T-shirt and Tassel
                                  with the Tassel Ridge logo.         Ridge Water Bottle, a great gift for
                                  85% cotton 15% polyester.         someone who loves Tassel Ridge wine.
                                          S-XXL $40                               S-XXL $20

       Wine Tank Tops                                 Zinful                    Group Therapy
     Ladies girl cut L-XXL $22                   Ladies S-XXL $30             Ladies girl cut S-XXL $22

Themed Gift Baskets
Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Let us do the work for you with our themed gift
baskets! We ve assembled a selection of award-winning Tassel Ridge® wines and complementary
gift items into easy-to-give gift baskets basket design may vary .

Just Peachy!
For the taste of fresh
peaches, try a Peach Bellini!
This basket includes Peach
Bellini mix and
Oskyfizzante®                                              Red Wine
White, the                                                 Lovers Basket
perfect fizzy wine                                         All the tools you ll
to blend with it,                                          need to showcase
to make a great                                            your wine at
frozen drink. $32                                          dinner are
                                                           included in this
                                                           basket, Pizzeria &
                                                           Pasta Too!™ and
                                                           In the Dark
                                                            see page 4 along
                                                           with a bottle coaster and set of
                                                           drip rings to keep drips off your
                                                           beautiful table setting.Enjoy! $58

Summertime                                                                So Cosmo!
Start getting                                                             A sophisticated twist
ready for summer                                                           on a trendy city classic,
any time of the                                                                 CosmoRita is a
year. With this                                                                 delicious frozen drink
basket you re                                                                   mix perfect blended
prepared to sit                                                                  with Tassel Ridge
outside and enjoy Tassel                                                           wine. Included in
Ridge wine all summer long. Two                                                    this basket are
Woozies® assorted colors , picnic stix,                                           American Dry
and a bottle of Candlelight see page 7 ,                                         Riesling see page 6 ,
to sip and enjoy, Cheers! $65                                                  and CosmoRita frozen
                                                                          drink mix. $31

 Super Sen˜orita
 A blend of two great treats takes the flavors
 of margaritas and lightens them
 with the flavors of wine. Sen˜orita                              Think Pink!
 blended with Candlelight makes a                                 It s not a margarita,
 refreshing cool treat. Candlelight                               but a Wine-a-Rita!
  see page 7 and Sen˜orita frozen                                 This basket includes
 drink mix are included in a                                      Wine Glace´ mix,
 decorative basket. $31                                           2008 Iowa
                                                                  Rose´ see
                                                                  page 9 , and
                                                                  Wine Glace´
                                                                  rimmer to add
                                                                  the finishing
                                                                  touch to a delicious
                                                                  frozen drink. $31
                            Dessert s the Grand Finale
                             After wrapping up dinner, treat
                             yourself to a wonderful dessert.
                             Rich Dark Chocolate Cordial Cups,
                             Pinot Noir Chocolate Covered
                            Cherries, and two Tassel Ridge®
                           dessert wines, Finale´ Raspberry and
                          Chocolate Granfinale´™ see page 11
                          top off your meal! $62

                                            Night in Tuscany
                                            If a trip to Italy is not on
                                            your agenda, this basket
                                            is a great substitute! We
                                            include Pizzeria & Pasta Too!™
                                             see page 4 , bread dipping oil,
                                            Roasted Garlic Basil Sauce, Vineyard
                                            Pasta, and Tiramisu Chocolate Caramels. $55

                                                                                Edelweiss Trio
                                                                                Enjoy all three Tassel Ridge
                                                                                  award-winning wines
                                                                                   made from Edelweiss
                                                                                   grapes grown in our
Taste Of Iowa                                                                     Iowa vineyards: Iowa
Give the gift of Iowa! This basket includes                                      White Blossom, a dry
semi-sweet 2008 Iowa Edelweiss see page 7 ,                                    white; 2008 Iowa Edelweiss
made from grapes grown in our Mahaska                                         see page 7 , a semi-sweet
County vineyards, Tassel Ridge note cards,                                 white; and Star Spangled White™
a Discover Iowa cookbook, locally-made                                  see page 3 , a fruity, sweet wine
summer sausage, and crackers. $60                                      presented in a basket! $50

     Custom Gift Baskets

                                 We assemble your gift
                                basket from scratch with the
                                wines and gift items of your
                               choice. Wrapped in cellophane
                              and tied with a bow, a
                            personalized gift basket is
                          perfect for that person who has
                        everything. We suggest starting with
                     two or three bottles of wine and adding
                gourmet food items and wine-related
               accessories, but the sky is the limit! Visit the
               Winery s Make-Your-Own-Gift-Basket station
               to design the perfect gift! We ll add the
                                        finishing touches
                                        with a card and
                                        wrapping, and your
                                        custom gift will be
                                        ready to give!
                                        Base price of baskets
                                        ranges from $6 $20.
                                        Filled basket prices
                                        vary according to
                                        the wine and gift
                                        items added to the
                                        basket. Basket design
                                        may vary.
Make an Impression
Custom labels are perfect for weddings,
anniversaries, holidays, corporate gifts,
birthdays, events, and more!
Our Tassel Ridge® Winery designers will create a label for
you using one of several standard label formats, or we can
design a label for you from scratch! Minimum order is one case
 12 bottles of one type of wine case discount does not apply on
custom label orders and a 50% deposit is required when an order
is placed. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for custom label
orders. Call the winery at 641.672.WINE 9463 for pricing.

                                                                  Custom labels are available for many
                                                                  Tassel Ridge wines. Custom labels
                                                                  are not available on dessert wines.

Gift Bags
Sized to hold standard wine or champagne bottles,
gift bags add a festive touch to your gift of wine.

Taffeta                 Satin Beaded           Assorted
Semi-sheer, sparkling   Festive, intricately   Holiday bags
taffeta bags            patterned patchwork    Dress up your
featuring a taffeta     fabric bags with a     Holiday gifts this year
bow closure.            drawstring closure.    with a holiday gift
Colors: Green, gold,    Colors: Green, gold,   bag. $2 $6 Pictured
or red $6.75            purple, or red $6.75   bag $5.75

Choose from a wide assortment of paper gift bags in many different
designs to suit all of your gift giving needs. $2.50 $5

                                        Gift Boxes
                                        Are you looking for the perfect high impact gift for that
                                        person who has everything? A gift of Iowa wine produced by
                                        Tassel Ridge® Winery and delivered in an elegant wooden box
                                        will make a long-lasting impression. Gift boxes are available in
                                        two sizes 12 bottles and three bottles. Feel free to mix the
Wine Tins
These unique containers are gift        wines of your choice in both box sizes. The three-bottle box
packaging and de´cor in one!            can be packed with three bottles of wine or two bottles of
Perfectly sized to fit one or two       wine and two Tassel Ridge wine glasses.
bottles of wine, these durable wine
tins will have a place in the kitchen
or dining room long after the wine      Note: Sample pricing is shown below. Call for pricing of other wines.
has been consumed. The smooth
brushed-metal surface with
embossed WINE lettering will            12-bottle crate crate alone $45.00 Prices below include box and wine with
complement many decorating styles       10% case discount.
from country to minimalist-chic.
1-bottle tin 15 x 31/2 x 31/2 $15
2-bottle tin 15 x 8 x 31/2 $19                                             12    Tickled Pink                   $163.80
                                                                           12    Red, White, & Blue             $163.80
                                                                           12    Blackberry                     $174.60
                                                                           12    Zinfull Red                    $261.00

                                        3-bottle gift box box alone $20.00      Prices below include box and wine.

                                                                           3    Red, White, & Blue                $53.00
                                                                           3    Blackberry                       $56.00
                                                                           3    2010 Iowa Nouveau                $62.00
                                                                           3    In the Dark                      $80.00

                                        2-bottle gift box box alone $20.00 Prices below include box, two bottles of
                                        wine, and two Tassel Ridge wine glasses.

                                                              2   Tickled Pink, 2 wine glasses                   $52.00
                                                              2   Red, White, & Blue, 2 wine glasses             $52.00
                                                              2   2010 Iowa Nouveau, 2 wine glasses              $58.00
                                                              2   In the Dark, 2 wine glasses                    $70.00

                                        Note: Iowa Edelweiss & American Dry Riesling bottles do not fit in the boxes.
                    Tassel Ridge Winery
                    1681 220th Street
                    Leighton, IA 50143

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Sun, Noon to 6 p.m.
Purchasing Wine:
Tassel Ridge wines are sold at the                                                                                                                                                New Sharon

winery and over 300 retailers in                                                 Otley

Iowa. For a complete list of retailers visit                                                                                                          63

Order wine online at or by telephone at                             Exit 40

641.672.WINE 9463 . We offer shipping within Iowa and to select states.                                              163
                                                                                                                                     Tassel Ridge
Adult signature required for receipt of wine. Gift items can be purchased at
the winery or by telephone.                                                                T15
                                                                                                                                              220th Street                                                                              92
Shipping Information:                                                                                                                                                                    Oskaloosa
Would you like to give someone a gift of Tassel Ridge wine and have it
sent directly to them or need to restock your cellar? We can ship wine
to Iowa addresses and other select states via UPS. Adult signature is                                                                                                                                           23

required upon delivery. The cost for shipping two bottles of wine in                                                                                                                   63
Iowa is $12 17, and the cost for shipping a 12-bottle case is $22 30. The
cost for shipping two bottles of wine elsewhere is $12 20, and the cost
for shipping a 12-bottle case is $25 35. Normal delivery time is 2 3 days      Tassel Ridge Winery is located between Pella and
from the date of shipment to most Iowa addresses and an additional             Oskaloosa on the south side of Highway 163. We are 9
1 2 days to other addresses in the US. Give us a call, and we ll get your      miles southeast of Pella, 7 miles northwest of Oskaloosa,
order on its way to you or your gift recipient.                                and 53 miles southeast of Des Moines.

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