Trebb The Troll by pengxiang


									1   Trebb the Troll
 I want to thank God for giving me this story to
share with the world and the vision to create the
   character “Trebb” for my own illustrations.
 I want to thank my mother Hulean Gooden
Hoskins for all her strength and encouragement,
as well as all my friends who have urged me to
tell this story to you all, Claudia El Salvador,
Carl (Runt) Payne, Arlee Williams and Colesta
 “Trebb the Troll” this book was inspired by one
of my closest and dearest friends Lea Gadberry-
Wright who helped me to select the title.
 “Trebb” who is my main character develops
into a real person as we journey along with him
through the hardships he faces. Against all the
odds he tries to find a life for himself and
manages to maintain his integrity. “Trebb” who
once frightened people came to be well loved and
gained many friendships on his search to find out
who he is and what to make out of his life.
 Maybe there is a little bit of “Trebb” in us all,
as we make our journeys through our own lives.

1   Trebb the Troll

Trebb the Troll
                      The Quest
Once upon a time long ago, there lived a troll in
the Emerald Forest in a world of grand beauty
and serenity. His name was Trebb, despised by
people because of the way he looked; he had no
friends and was doomed to live his life all alone.
Trebb grew tired of his loneliness and
remembered a tale he once heard about. There
was an old witch who lives in the bog on the far
side of Fire Mountain, who could tell him of his
fate for a price. The only item he possessed of
any value was an old necklace with a medallion
he cherished dearly and wore it around his neck
everyday. One morning at sunrise Trebb
decided to make a Quest to find the old witch,
hoping to find a life companion to end his
loneliness. Trebb had no money of his own and
didn’t really know anything about it, but he did
know about work. He also realized that this
would be a hard task, most humans were afraid
of him and those who weren’t threw stones at
him or ran for there lives. That is why he lived
so deep in the Emerald Forest, and the only
home he had ever known.
The nearest village was a three-day walk, his
parents died when he was very young. This
would be his second trip out of the forest; the
first experience was seven years ago when he
frightened the villagers.

2   Trebb the Troll
Trebb gathered his belongings for his Quest,
taking only what he needed and could carry. He
knew he wasn’t going to return to this place
alone he would rather die first. Trebb traveled
along the riverbank were he knew food would be
plentiful; most of his journey the sun’s rays beat
down on his back. After a few days he noticed
some smoke ahead of him, and thought this
would be a chance to find work. He was willing
to do most any job, only if the people there gave
him a chance. Trebb walked three hours more
toward the smoke and realized that it wasn’t
coming from a fireplace, but instead the house
and barn were now ruins, rubble smothering
against the light autumn breeze. The family had
appeared to be killed and their livestock lay
slaughtered, this sight worried Trebb. Who had
feared someone might see him there and thought
him capable of such evil. As he turned to go
another direction, not far from where he stood,
he heard a faint cry. Trebb approached the
brush not knowing what he might find there laid
a young boy who had been burned severely by
the fire and had managed to escape without
dying with his parents. The day was coming to
an end as the sun began to settle behind the trees,
Trebb gathered some wood constructed a tent
hut and made a fire to cook some food for him
and the boy who lay unconscious. He then found
some herbs to soothe the lad’s burns so he could
rest and heal, through the night. Weeks had
passed, as the boy grew better, this ordeal

3   Trebb the Troll
delayed Trebb. The boy’s health was more
important than his Quest for now; he cared for
the boy as if he was his own. One afternoon the
boy was able to sit up and tell Trebb his name,
which was Tuckett. He then started crying as he
recounted the terrible events. His mother forced
him to hide in a cutout floor and covered it when
the Raiders approached their peaceful home;
there was no room for his sister Ariel to hide
with him. Tuckett then told him that he could
hear his father arguing with the men outside, and
then heard his mother screaming. His sister was
crying loud and he could not see what was
happening to them, the noise quieted and the
smoke began to fill the house. Tuckett told
Trebb he crawled as far as he could before he
went into shock, his body tingled from the burns.
Trebb told the boy Tuckett that he had buried
both of his parents and his sister was nowhere to
be found. The Raiders had molested the girl and
carried her off with them, since the boy had lost
his father and mother Trebb thought that the lad
could travel along with him toward the village.
Trebb still needed money to pay the witch, so he
told the boy his plans of the Quest. But he
needed to find work in the village so he could pay
the witch her price, Tuckett revealed where his
father hid his money and that Trebb could have
it all only if he could find his sister Ariel. Trebb
took the money from the boy’s family vault
where his grand parents were laid to rest, Trebb
wasn’t very smart about money never having to

4   Trebb the Troll
need it before where he lived in the Emerald
Forest. He agreed to the boy’s terms, which
would save him some time, and the boy could
help him figure out how much to give the witch.
Tuckett had learn to walk using the crutch
Trebb made from a tree branch, weeks had
passed and the trail the Raiders left had been
long gone. Trebb thought that maybe the witch
could tell them for extra pay, where they might
find Ariel. Deciding to get a good night’s rest
they turned in early to make the long journey to
the far side of Fire Mountain to the bog where
the witch lived. Awaken well rested the boy
started breakfast, Trebb wasn’t so rested tossing
and turning all night from his anxiety. Still half
asleep Trebb ate the meal the boy had prepared
for them; they gathered their things for their
adventure. It took them twenty days to reach the
mountain that seemed to touch the sky, each side
spread out as far as the eye could see and a
journey around it could take them months.
A good part of the mountain was very steep and
required them to make rope and the passages
were narrow. They made ropes from vines and
climbed until their muscles ached; Trebb found a
cave and made a camp out of it. The task ahead
of them both seemed almost impossible and was
very dangerous, Trebb concealed his fear of
heights well the boy didn’t know it. Not needing
the crutch any longer the boy climbed like a cat,
the cave was dark, damp and cold as well as deep
but provided them water. Because of the

5   Trebb the Troll
emanating odor within they remained near the
opening, the bats were awakening for their night
flight as they flew passed over their heads.
Trebb and the boy laid flat against the ground
until they cleared the cave, knowing to get out of
there before they returned at dawn. The chicken
Trebb had smoked for the journey provided
them with a glorious meal before retiring for a
few hours rest. But soon they would have to find
more food to survive, the Quest they sat out on.
The next day they found mushrooms, Trebb
knew what plants they could eat along the way.
Although he had expected to reach the top of the
mountain in a few days, keeping an even pace at
best they could finish this task. Finally reaching
the top Trebb looked down the other side and
seen that it would be much easier to get down.
It had taken all of four days the see down the
other side; the edges were jagged but not as
steep. Finding the easiest path possible Trebb
came up with a plan, they spent half the time
descending the mountain as it began to tremble
and spew smoke. Their food supply had
completely ran out as they reached the bottom,
getting as far as they could from the mountain as
possible they had no time to stop for food. Soon
they came up on a small herd of wild goats,
Trebb lassoed one and made jerky from the meat
it provided that wasn’t eaten then. Things began
to look up for them as they journeyed on toward
the bog where the witch lived, Trebb learned
about money and what value it held along the

6   Trebb the Troll
way. They made a camp just outside of the dark
forest, which contained the bog, where the witch
lived. Tuckett stared at the trees, which
frightened him; they looked distorted in their
appearance. The noises that came from the
forest were quite creepy to both of them; the hair
on the back of Trebb’s neck had risen. The
sunshine could not break through the tall ugly
trees; it was dark and damp within it. Trebb
had always carried his club but thought he might
make a spear for whatever they may encounter,
what could live in a place that seemed so evil
which sent chills up his spine. This wasn’t a
pleasant feeling at all for the two of them.
   Realizing that he had come to far now to turn
around, this would be better than a lifetime spent
alone, Trebb thought he wasn’t much taller than
the young boy but his strength was that of four
average men. Being a troll had some advantage
over humans, he had heard of other creature’s
fairies, hobbits and elves but never seen any from
were he came from in the Emerald Forest.
Trebb considered himself to be very unique and
often wondered why he was the only troll left.
His parents were quite old when he was born and
died when he was very young. His mother on her
deathbed gave the necklace he wore around his
neck to him. Trebb was too young and so many
years had passed to remember what she had told
him about the necklace and the emblems
meaning was unclear. Parts of the bog was deep
and quicksand was abundant wherever there

7   Trebb the Troll
was land they walked and slept otherwise they
waded through the bog holding on to fallen trees
the water was very cold. The snakes and spiders
were very deadly and poisonous, Trebb knew the
boy wasn’t use to this and tried to keep him as
warm and dry as possible sometimes the wood
was too damp to for him to make a fire. Trebb’s
life in the forest gave him knowledge about
plants and which one’s repelled bugs, others that
heal and which plants that were safe to eat.
Suddenly he thought of home and missed the
beauty that the sunshine produced, the darkness
in this forest could not compare. Soon they
neared the witch’s house you could then begin to
see the candles flickering and lanterns that were
inside, Tuckett became afraid because of the
stories he had heard of about witches that made
him feel uneasy. Don’t let the witch eat me said
the boy promise me Trebb, who replied, your
safe with me. They walked up to the door and
before he could knock it swung open, there were
dozens of cats, which seemed evil in their
appearance to them. The figure sitting in the
chair before the fireplace was old, pale and
creepy. Her voice craggily and hard as she asked
them to enter, the house had a dead stale odor
which almost took their breath from her
collections she had kept in jars. Those odd jars
filled the shelves, which were her ingredients for
her potions and spells; her cauldron was boiling
something. The two of them were surprised
when she knew their names, as if she had been

8   Trebb the Troll
expecting their visit. Before Trebb could speak
she began telling him about his mother. Her
name was Anika; she was once a princess and the
youngest daughter in the German royal family.
Her older sister Anya for stealing the heart of a
British prince whom she wanted badly had
cursed her. Anika and her husband the prince
were transformed into trolls as a punishment she
felt they deserved and were to remain that way
even in death.
   This news hit Trebb hard, he knew then at
that moment he was cursed to be alone, the only
troll for the rest of his life. He dropped his head
in despair but the witch pointed her crippled
finger at the medallion on the necklace and
spoken these words. Trebb be at ease for the
curse is not yours to carry, the price you must
pay is high but your rewards cannot compare.
You have suffered great innocent one the
medallion you wear will release you, but in this
form you must fight an army only with the help
of a fairy, a hobbit and an old wizard. The boy
Tuckett is much like you the two of you together
must find your allies, then the witch put out her
hand for her payment. Trebb asked how much
and she replied all of it except; what you will
need to arm yourself and your allies for battle.
Bring the girl Ariel back to me, the witch said to
him; the medallion will guide you along the way.
Trebb was now completely confused now, he
didn’t know how much money to give to her but
Tuckett took the bag from his hand. Taking out
9   Trebb the Troll
what would be needed and gave the witch the
rest, the boy knew what the items would cost his
father had taught him well. The witch smiled at
them and spoke a sacred chant and disappeared
into a cloud of smoke, this stunned them.
    As they departed from the house the
medallion levitated as if it was pointing the
direction to follow. Walking east about a mile
and then dark forest opened up for them, the sun
fell on them both since they had been in there for
so long. Having lost all sense of time in that dark
cold place this gave them a feeling of hope.
Trebb and the boy walked until the sun went
down and then made a camp for the night,
awaken in the night by a noise they both saw a
Unicorn of pure white with a golden horn.
Trebb’s medallion trembled as if it was talking to
the strange creature, which approached them
cautiously. He remembered that they only
traveled by night and at great speed; quickly
they broke down their camp and mounted the
creature. In a flash they had came to an old
house built on the side of a hill, they got off the
Unicorn and neared the old house. Looking back
they noticed that the creature was gone, just then
an old man stepped out of the trees with his
walking stick and carrying a pail of water. He
noticed them and walked up, introducing himself
as Jonathan who had lived here all his life as the
guardian of the last Dragon. The monster had
been asleep for the past thirty years, which the
old man spent most of his life with, telling them.
10 Trebb the Troll
Trebb thought to himself this old man cannot be
the wizard that the witch had mentioned to go to
battle with them. The old man threw his pale of
water into the air as high as it would go and
pointed this stick at it; the pale stopped and
remained motionless in the sky no water fell
from it.      Tuckett the boy was amazed at this
and applauded the magic trick he just witnessed,
and wanted to learn how to do this himself. The
old man then said a few words that no-one could
understand and the pale drifted back down to
earth and sat gently on the ground before them.
The old wizard had seen many battles in his
youth and was ready to go to battle for the last
time in his life. He had grown old and knew that
he would not be around much longer; Jonathan
was feeble now and his magic.
Tuckett had taken to the old wizard and he to the
young boy, who began instructing him in his
craft sorcery, the boy picked up his lessons
quickly as though he was gifted; Jonathan began
calling him his apprentice. With this use of
magic in Trebb’s life it became much easier; they
could start fire without wood. The three of them
made camp just outside of a nearby village and
slept for the night, when they had awakened to
make breakfast the next morning a hobbit by the
name of Spence sat there before them on a stone.
He was only a teenager and not much older than
Tuckett but he was the greatest archer in his
small village, which cooked some rabbits for
them to eat. Jonathan the old wizard was the
11 Trebb the Troll
only one in this group who had any experience in
battle; Trebb thought to himself; this battle will
be over before it begins with the Raiders being
the victors. And in any case he would not be a
troll much longer, maybe a dead troll. The days
that passed turned into weeks and still no sign of
a fairy, how do you find a fairy Tuckett asked the
old wizard. Who replied, one would find us
when the time is right be patient and practice the
things I have thought you. Two days later they
had walked to a small village that had been
plundered and burnt to the ground.
Dead bodies laid everywhere spread out as if
they had be running for their lives, men, old
women and children had been killed. The
livestock were slaughter and the young women
had been carried off, this was the Raiders doing,
Trebb thought. They were close by all this evil
had taken place not long ago. Their emotions
had been stirred up and each had mixed feelings,
Tuckett was ready to get his sister back. Spence
was ready to battle; this would make him well
known and honored in his village. Tears rolled
from the eyes of the old wizard, this evil must be
stopped as he spoke to the group. Each kept
their weapons nearby, sharp and ready for the
battle they had to face. Spence could hit a fly on
a wall with expertise with his arrows. It had
taken them all day to place each body in a mass
grave made them even angrier and weak. Trebb
held his medallion to the sky and pleaded for the
fairy to come to them soon. It seemed like cotton

12 Trebb the Troll
began to fall from the sky, this was a strange
sight to see. A fairy appeared before them with
pointed ears and wings but resembled a woman.
Great Trebb thought, I have to go into battle
with an old wizard, two boys and a woman all
hope he once had was gone completely, How
could we possibly defeat and army capable of
such evil. The army they had to face was well
trained and killed for pleasure, this was not an
easy task placed ahead of the small group. Tired
from the day’s work of burying the villagers they
made a camp for the night. Spence killed a deer
and it was roasted for supper. Our last meal
Trebb thought. Everyone filled himself or
herself; the old wizard conjured up some wine.
Trebb knew nothing about wine only water but
liked the taste of it and drank too much.
Everyone slept well except for Trebb whose head
spun half the night. The next day as they
traveled, in passing word had come to them
about an auction of pleasant girls at the palace
not for ahead of them. The Raiders were
auctioning off the young women and girls to the
highest bidders, this was the kingdom of Lord
Rainier who was evil, corrupt and a very cruel
ruler. Jonathan knew him from his youth when
dragon slaying was common and many brave
men lost their lives. This is a big event Tuckett
told the ragtag group we could sneak in and
rescue Ariel un-noticed and not have to do battle.
This idea seemed like a good one to Trebb and
the old wizard, but Spence was not happy with it.

13 Trebb the Troll
He wanted this battle and his name to be
remembered by everyone throughout the land.
A few days later they reached the palace,
campsites surrounded it and people gathered for
this special event. Trebb only wanted to know
where to find Ariel, he must return with her to
the witch not knowing why.
Maybe she needed her to lift the curse he had
endured his whole life. Trebb really did not
want to do battle with this group they were
young and not experienced enough for what lay
ahead of them. They had made camp and
devised their plan to sneak in, but through the
night Tuckett had sneaked into the palace gates
and seen where most of the women and girls
were being kept in cages and the ones that Lord
Rainier favored were kept in the palace. Lord
Rainier’s choice was Ariel his sister and a few
others, disguised as a servant Tuckett found
where she was being held. Later that night he
returned to the group and told them what he had
learned. This news was discouraging this meant
she was well guarded and they would have to
wait for a better opportunity. This reminded
Trebb of what the witch had told him, he would
have to fight an army and the price would be
high. Getting to Ariel isn’t going to be easy; she
is well protected by guards in the Lord’s
chamber inside the palace. Jonathan told them
that since she is favored she would be in the
stands beside the Lords chair. The others will be
in the arena, for the buyers to look over and

14 Trebb the Troll
bided on during the auction. The Raiders will be
nearby to collect their payment. Spence went out
to count the number of the Raiders and returned,
he stated there were 50 well armed and he could
take out 20 alone. Trebb turned and looked
straight in his eyes and said that leaves 30 and a
lot of magic. Someone would have to cause some
confusion and we must have someone to get
Ariel, I can fight as many as I can. The fairy
volunteered to rescue the girl because she could
get passed the guards. We still need an
advantage the three of us here against 30 well-
experienced fighters, said Trebb.
Jonathan thought he could summon up the
dragon from its long sleep, which would create
the most confusion, since the auction would start
soon. The old wizard held up his stick that
transformed into an elegant and beautiful staff,
shining from the precious jewels it contain in it.
Jonathan chanted to awaken the large monster,
which could be there in a flash, Tuckett joined in
chanting not knowing the words. The sky over
them became dark and full of black clouds, the
sun disappeared as the moon began to cover it.
Thunder ranged out as lightning flashed across
the sky all eyes turned up to the heavens, and
witnesses as the dragon descended down upon
them in his slender and flew passed the palace.
That moment the fairy made her way over to
Ariel, Spence began firing on the raiders with his
arrows making accurate hits they began to fall to
the ground not knowing were he hid. Trebb

15 Trebb the Troll
flung open his hooded cloak and swung his
spiked club killing some with its first blow, other
fought bravely but could stand against his might.
Their helmets were crushed and blood spewed as
they fell. Jonathan and the boy cast spells
creating more illusions of an invading army
surrounding them.
The fairy and Ariel found their way to Spence
who had used all his arrows, Tuckett began
opening the cages setting free the captive women
pointing to which direction for them to run.
Buildings burned from the dragon’s fireballs,
tents blazed from the fires the monster had
started. People fled for their lives crying out and
shouting, seeking a place to hide. Suddenly
Tuckett saw a raider behind Trebb with his
sword drawn and quickly ran between them
falling to the ground holding his gut, bleeding
from the wound. That instant Trebb understood
what the witch had told him, the price he had to
pay was high. Trebb threw his club to the
ground and fell to his knees the tears covered his
face, he yelled out loud for this not to be true.
The raider stood over him ready to run him
through with his sword that dripped from the
blood of the boy’s limp body. Spence saw
everything and was completely out of arrows to
save Trebb’s life so he covered Ariel’s eyes
pulling her to the ground. Jonathan seen this
and directed the dragon down on the raider
which the dragon picked up in with its mouth,
his feet dangled in the air.

16 Trebb the Troll
The dragon carried him to a mountain and
devoured him, Trebb took Tuckett’s lifeless body
in his arms carried him over to his sister Ariel.
Spence grabbed the fairy as tears dripped from
his face. Ariel removed her cloak and wrapped it
around her dead brother’s body covering his face
best she could weeping as she did when her
parents were no so long ago killed. The fairy
disappeared somewhere along the road as the
group traveled back to see the witch, she
reappeared after a time glowing they had made
camp for the night. All this time Trebb could not
look Ariel in her eyes, feeling the guilt he had
caused to her. He blamed himself for the boy’s
death; Jonathan tried to console him to no avail.
He comforted Ariel telling her that her brother
had been his best apprentice, though he had been
the only one, and remarked he could have taken
his place someday. The fairy went into the tent
that Tuckett was placed in; she did not come out
for three days. Tuckett came out alone and held
his sister everyone was stunned at this. The boy
walked over to Trebb who fell to the ground, and
hugged his neck. Asking what had happened, he
only remembered running between him and the
raider and a piercing pain when all went dark.
The boy raised his shirt and there was not a scar
from the wound to remind him of his ordeal,
Trebb looked to see for himself. Trebb then
looked into Ariel’s eyes and she looked back into
his, she did not see a troll instead she had seen
into his soul. What she did see was a handsome

17 Trebb the Troll
prince adored in regal attire and fell immediately
in love with him. After awhile they collected
their things and started the journey back into the
dark forest to find the witch. Jonathan grew
weak and called the boy to him, he took a book
out of his pack and gave it to him along with his
staff and amulet. Telling him that he had to
finish the job of putting the dragon back to sleep
again, you still have much to learn and master
the things in this book with his last breath and
died. Before they could make it to see the witch
their tale of bravery spread throughout the land.
Spence became well known and honored by the
people in his village; he gained great status as a
warrior and grew up to become a great man as
well. He fought many more battles in his
lifetime. No one had ever seen the fairy again
some says see lives on inside Tuckett. Trebb had
taken Ariel to the witch with her brother, once
there the witch took the medallion from his neck
and asked the girl to kiss Trebb. For the first
time in his life he knew what love was the witch
asked both to drink some potion and chanted a
sacred spell within minutes he was transformed
into the prince he had always been. The
medallion was his crown that no one could ever
wear but him, its elegance was almost blinding to
all in the room. Outside a carriage arrived and
waited to take him home with his love Ariel, not
back to the Emerald Forest where he had spent
his whole life but to the other side where his
castle and family he never known existed. Trebb

18 Trebb the Troll
returned home and married Ariel who gave him
six children; they lived a long a happy life.
Trebb visited his parent’s grave often in the
Emerald Forest where he brought flowers often
and spent most of his time in meditation.

19 Trebb the Troll
                   The Beginning
Many years ago somewhere in the Eastern
providence of Germany in a huge castle there
lived a King named Willem II. He had two lovely
daughters the oldest was called Anya, who had
long red hair and green eyes. The younger of the
two was called Anika who was very beautiful, as
tall as her father and she had blue eyes and long
black hair like her mother whom had passed so
years ago. King Willem had planned to throw a
large eloquent Ball to marry of his two daughters
who were of marrying age. This was to be the
biggest event ever known of in this region. The
king had pre-arranged the marriage of Anika to
Prince Richard of England, but had not found a
husband to-be for his oldest daughter Anya. The
King sent out invitations throughout the land
hoping to find a suitable husband for Anya, who
was a very temperamental young woman. Anika
had been ill-treated by her sister her entire life
and was looking forward to starting a whole new
life with the man of her dreams. She had also
decided to have a new gown made from the finest
fabrics she had picked from Indian and Asian
traders outside the castle, she wanted to for this
special occasion. Anika searched her fathers’
treasures for the prefect jewels to wear with her
new gown to the Ball. Anya made no special
preparations for the event; she procrastinated as
she always had. Instead she went riding giving
the event no mind at all.

20 Trebb the Troll
Anikas’ chambermaids worked diligently at
preparing fragrances and oils so that she would
smell enticing at the Ball. After a few weeks had
already passed people from all over began to
arrive, they sat up their traveling carts full of
their merchandise to sell to wayward buyers.
Many pitched their tents around the borders of
the castle. As the suitors arrived with there
elegantly dressed guards and riding their best
horses they entered the huge gates of the castle.
They paraded through the streets hoping to catch
a glimpse of the Kings’ two lovely daughters.
The people turned their heads to admire their
elegance as they rode passed them toward the
Royal Palace. King Willem stood on the balcony
with his daughters acknowledging the arriving
Prince’s. Just days before the Ball the Kings’
guest made their acquaintances with the lovely
young women. Anya had not thought much
about the Ball or what she was going to wear
until she had seen the young men. She did
happen upon her sisters’ new gown, which made
her very upset and decided to steal it for herself;
she felt she had every right to it.
King Willem was mostly concerned about finding
a husband for Anya. She had a fiery spirit,
strong-will, and a very quick tongue which made
other uncomfortable around her. Her husband
to-be would have to be strong, firm in his
commitments with her and unyielding. The King
had hoped to expand his kingdom by gaining two
new alliances from these two marriages. He

21 Trebb the Troll
knew that Anika the younger of the two would do
well for herself; she was the apple of his eye.
Before the Ball Richard and Anika spent many
hours together in her fathers’ courtyard, she
ignored the other suitors they did not interest
her. These two were very enchanted with one
another; they shared deep and intense
conversations when they were alone together.
While they were in the courtyard Richard looked
into Anikas’ eyes and spoke, “Oh what beauty
that can not be surrounded by beauty.” Anika
blushed as she tried to hide her reddened face
behind the laced fan she carried to cool herself
from the warm June heat. She replied to him,
“Truly Sire, only beauty is held in the eye of its
beholder,” as she smiled at her Prince. Richard
spoke often of his victories in battle and of how
he would care for her until the end of time. Not
knowing their destiny would be changed forever,
because of her sisters’ jealousy.
Anya who had just stepped out onto the balcony
overhead, high above the two of them caught
sight of them below her. Her anger grew as she
watched them hold hands and make small talk in
the courtyard. She had fallen in love with
Richard when she first laid eyes on him and
wanted him for herself. Seeing this picture of
them gave her an idea, so she went to her father
and suggested to him that everyone should wear
elegant masks at the Ball. This she thought
would give her a better chance of getting close to
Richard where she could try to win his affections.

22 Trebb the Troll
The hours that preceded the Gala became
livelier; the streets inside and outside of the
castle were filled with people. As the sun began
to fall behind the castle the sky was full of
wondrous colors, which made the people sing
louder and dance harder than ever before. Her
chambermaids in preparation for the Ball tended
to Anika, she soaked in a warm bath filled with
rose petals and the scented oils that were made
especially for her. She only thought of how much
she wanted to be held in Richards’ strong arms
and hearing his voice whispering in her ear of
how much he loved her. After drying herself off
from her relaxing bath she called for her
chambermaids to bring her beautiful gown that
she had made for the Ball. They searched the
entire room and could not find the gown she had
made anywhere. Running out of time she
managed to put something together in haste just
in time. Anika had a teal gown that she had
worn only once about a year ago when she went
to visit her aunt. She sat to have her long hair
braided and put up on top her head to wear her
tiara. She looked over at her mask, which was
made of pure silver and adorned with diamonds
and emeralds. Meanwhile Anya was being made
ready for this special event dressed in her sisters’
gown. The one she had stolen to wear to the Ball,
knowing this would make Anika very mad at her
in front of all the guests.
The Kings’ musicians played lively tunes that
spilled throughout the castle, as the people

23 Trebb the Troll
waited for his arrival. Soon the Kings’ guards
escorted them to his throne to await his two
lovely daughters’ to descend the stairs. His royal
guards looked regal in their armor all polished
and prim at the request of their commander. As
the two lovely girls were escorted down the stairs
to the huge ballroom all eyes turned toward
them. They walked graciously through the
guests who had lined down both sides of the
corridor. Anika could not look at her sister who
was wearing her new dress for fear of causing a
scene before the spectators. Instead she focused
her attention toward Richard who she loved very
much; she could feel the butterflies within her
stomach once more. Anika was determined not
to let her sister get the best of her this night, for
soon she would be married and carried miles
away from Anyas’ presence. Tonight would be
the night that all her hopes and dreams would be
fulfilled, soon she would be married a dream she
had often. Finally she would be out of her
sister’s life for good as she smiled nearing her
fathers’ throne. Approaching the throne they
both bowed to their father and took their places
on each side of him. The jesters made their way
into the huge room and entertained all, followed
by the dancers who were quite skilled and
beautifully dressed for the crowd.
No one else was allowed to dance until the King
had the first dance with each of his two
daughters. As he danced everyone looked on in
amazement not knowing how good the King

24 Trebb the Troll
could waltz around the room. Many of the
suitors awaited their chances to dance with his
daughters. Each spin around the room Anika
smiled at Richard as she passed him, longing to
be in his embrace. After the King finished
dancing with his two girls, Prince Eduardo of
Spain met with the King to make his offer for
Anya. He had hoped to make her acquaintance
since he had wanted to for many years. He had
offered the King a handsome dowry, which was
accepted gladly. Eduardo loved her fiery red
hair and spirit, but she never really noticed him
her heart was intent on having her sisters’
Prince. Richard had stolen her heart she had
believed in her own mind.
The Kings’ daughters danced for hours Anika
had danced with Richard most of the night while
Anya only managed to get only a couple of
dances with him. Soon the King would be
making his announcement to all the guests at the
Ball of the weddings of his two daughters to the
entire kingdom. The priests assembled in
preparation for the ceremonies to commence
after an elaborate feast was had by all in
attendance. What Anya did not know was that
her sister and Richards’ marriage had been pre-
arranged since childhood. This was never known
by either of the two girls the Ball was just a guise
for the King to find a husband for Anya whom
he loved as much as Anika. Things worked out
as he had planned his two daughters would be
married tonight and make new alliances to his

25 Trebb the Troll
kingdom. Any attack or invasion would not be
able to conquer what he had built over the years;
Russia was the only country that concerned him
most. Willem signaled to his trumpeters to blow
their horns, this got everyone’s attention, as the
room became quiet waiting to hear who had been
chosen to wed the two girls. All attention turned
toward the King, the moment everyone had been
waiting was now! The King stood up and had his
two daughters to stand with him; their soon to-be
husbands would be joining them soon at the
throne. As the King spoke, “Prince Richard of
England my daughter Anika awaits you with her
hand for marriage.” Anyas’ jaw fell to the floor
as her disappointment showed in her face. Next
he spoke, “Prince Eduardo of Spain my daughter
Anya awaits you with her hand for marriage.”
Anya almost fell as her knees became weak with
this news. Richard and Eduardo made their way
before the King accepting his two daughter’s
hands and standing beside them facing the other
guests in the room. As Eduardo reached out for
Anya’s hand she extended it slowly in rejection
to him. The Priests walked over to the altar and
summoned the two couples to join him there; he
offered them goblets filled with wine as part of
the ceremony for them to drink. The musicians
played softly as the priest had them to exchange
their vows with each other, which echoed
through the large room. The two Princes kissed
their new brides as the crowd clapped for them.
King Willem was happy now that all his plans

26 Trebb the Troll
had been accomplished; his daughters were now
married. Their chambers had been well
prepared for the couples to spend their first
night together in the castle before they departed
the next day. Soon the castle was quiet again
after his daughters left to make their new lives.
Each day that passed after her wedding Anyas’
heart grew bitterer toward her sister Anika,
because of her love for Richard, which ate at her
soul daily and blinded her to the love Eduardo
was trying to show he had for her. Anya felt that
her sister could not love Richard as much as she
could and wanted to find a way to have him for
herself. After several attempts to embrace his
new wife Eduardo out of anger told her of the
handsome dowry he had paid to her father.
They argued most of the night and Anya lay
across their bed acting coldly toward him. She
was not really mad about the dowry he had paid;
she was upset because he made her feel like she
was bought. Devastated she yelled out, “I was
sold to you by my father like an animal this is
how I will act,” she stated to him. Angered
Eduardo replied, “I will have you as well as your
love,” he returned. She spoke again, “I will
never love you!” She began to throw whatever
she could find at him as she ran out onto the
balcony, only to be followed by him. The tears
rolled off her cheeks and he held her tightly in
his arms, she tried to get free and failed. Anya
grabbed her husband and cried on his shoulder,
the two of them went back into the room and

27 Trebb the Troll
returned to bed. She lay there still in tears as he
snuggled near her comforting her.
    Back in England Anika and her husband
started their new life together for away from her
sister she was at last happier than she had ever
felt. She never knew she could feel so good and
secure with his warm, affectionate embraces
around her. Her eyes sparkled when she looked
into his causing her to melt inside as each
moment had passed. Anya could not help herself
she thought of Richard each day and still
resented her sister for loving him. Now all she
wanted was to get even with her and take him
away from Anika. Months had passed Anya
began to feel trapped in Spain, she started to
reflect her own husbands advances toward her
and the attention he had tried to give her. His
affections were returned with sharp criticism
and harsh words when they were together alone.
In public she appeared to be happy on the
surface and respectful toward him but
underneath she held only contempt for Eduardo,
which was upsetting to him. Keeping up her
appearances to love him, no one knows how cruel
she could be. This only made him love her even
more despite it all; he admired her spirit.

   Anya began to send letters to her sister trying
to gain her confidence by befriending her so that
she could visit her and see Richard again. She
lied often about her own happy marriage to

28 Trebb the Troll
Eduardo, but in her heart the thoughts of
Richard was why she wrote her. Each day she
became more cold and bitter distantly thinking
only of revenge. One afternoon she had
summoned for her husbands’ Seers to come to
her chamber, she dismissed her maids while the
two of them visited. The seer mentioned to Anya
of a very powerful witch who she will seek out to
help her in getting her revenge. Anya asked her
if she had known this witch but she could only
tell her of the stories she had heard. The Seer
spoke to her saying, “The witch could help you
but you would have to pay her what was due, if
you could pay her price you will have what you
want.” Anya dismissed the seer after learning
this news and began planning her trip but she
would need to get some money from her husband
to cover the expenses.
   Anya began to get closer to Eduardo as part
of her plan, showing him the affection he had
longed to get from her. She continued to write to
her sister asking to visit for a while, telling her
own husband she wanted a holiday to England to
visit her sister Anika. Her plan seemed to be
working her husband was happy with her and
soon a letter would arrive from her sister inviting
her to England.
One day after having lunch with her husband a
news arrived Anika invited her to visit her in
England, her faced lit up with her own
excitement. Eduardo was not ready for her to go

29 Trebb the Troll
so he refused her wishes disappointing her. After
a few nights Anya had her chambermaids ready
for her husband, she invited him into her
chamber and got him to drink until he was
drunk. She danced for him seducing him with
her affections, which he had long awaited from
her. Overjoyed and overwhelmed the defenses
she had were weakened and they embraced all
the nightlong. Something happened to her that
night she never really knew how much he loved
her until now, but she still wanted her sisters
husband more than her own.
Since Anya had heard of the witch who would
have many potions and who could cast many
spells for a price she could get her revenge. The
witch she sought lived deep inside the bog in the
Dark Forest on the far side of Fire Mountain,
which was almost impossible to reach. Her
journey would be filled with many dangers and
no easy paths to follow but her mind was set.
Eduardo loved his wife and was now happy
about the change in her feelings so he arranged
for an escort and carriage for her travel to
England. The night before her departure falling
asleep in his arms she awakened the next
morning well rested and felt refreshed and
different, she had totally given herself to him and
did not know she would be a mother soon.
Her carriage and escort waited outside the palace
for her while she readied herself for her trip.
Embracing her husband and kissing him before
entering the carriage that was ready to leave.

30 Trebb the Troll
His wife was departing for England Eduardo
thought but her destination was Fire Mountain
and then on to the witch inside the bog of the
Dark Forest. The trip seemed as if it was taking
months but only a few weeks had passed, they
would be arriving at the base of Fire Mountain
which was the first obstacle she had to conquer.
Stopping she looked up at it the mountain
seemed to touch heaven; it was high and
treacherous. It would require all their strength
to climb to its peak. Tired they decided to make
camp for the night to rest before ascending it, she
sent a few men ahead to scout the terrain and
find the easiest path. At their return Anya was
pleased to hear that they found the safest and
quickest route to travel the mountain. The
following morning she and a few men continued
their journey up the mountain, it took all of four
days to reach the peak when Anya looked down
the other side they were all relieved. Tired and
confused from breathing the thin air high above
they made camp to rest before descending down
the side.
Morning came quickly and the cold winter made
it uncomfortable to sleep well, the edges were
jagged so the men made a basket to lower her
down in the rough places. It was not long that
they sat foot at the bottom of Fire Mountain,
which had stood in their path to the Dark Forest
then on to the witch’s house in the bog where she
lives. From a distance the forest seemed to be
like any other but as they came closer to it, it

31 Trebb the Troll
looked eerie and frightening as the fog spilled out
from inside. Looking inside the forest there was
no hint of sunshine within only darkness; the
forest earned its name well. Anya and her small
party entered into the forest, which felt creepy to
them all. Most of the way through they waded in
waist high water, which was quite cold and hid
its quicksand, which waited to swallow them up
whole. The strange noises that surrounded them
echoed in their ears the snakes were in the water
as well as the trees around them. The large
mosquitoes that ate at they created large itching
bumps as they traveled through the bog; this was
more than they had bargained for.
Only her determination to get her revenge drove
her through the Dark Forest toward her goal,
being cold and wet she could only sleep when she
could. The closer she came to where the witch
lives the sooner she could have her revenge and
Richard for her own. Before long the small
group could see the house its presence in the
distance relieved their tensions they approached
it. As she neared the cottage-like house her aches
and pains seemed to disappear so she picked up
her pace as she walked onward to the house.
Anya reached out to knock on the door feeling as
happy as she could be the door creaked open, she
could not see anyone inside but entered anyway,
looking all throughout the house. While the
candles that illuminated it flickered inside. Tired
she found a chair in front of the fireplace and
made herself comfortable awaiting the witch to

32 Trebb the Troll
return. Anya fell asleep in the squeaky chair
warmed by the fire, soon the witch appeared
surprising her. She thought now that today she
would have her revenge and the heart of the man
she loved and wanted most.
The witch opened her mouth and spoke to her
saying, “What you have wished for has already
been done,” but Anya did not believe her and
only paid the witch half of what she owed to her
thinking that the witch was scamming her. The
witch demanded the rest of her pay and Anya
refused to do so. The witch began to chant as
Anya was leaving her house in an unknown
language. Anya felt she had got the best of the
old crazy woman not knowing that the witch
changed the spell. Over the next few weeks Anya
and her escort made it back through the bog and
over the mountain heading toward England to
get her revenge and Richard. Before her arrival
she mixed the potion into the bottle of wine that
she must get her sister Anika and Richard to
drink. Tired from the long trip there Anya was
excited after she saw the man she longed for; she
visited for a moment before retiring to her
chambers for the night. Awakening the next
morning she gave Anika and Richard the bottle
of wine as a gift for them to drink alone which
they accepted gladly.
Anya asked Richard to give her a tour of the
large castle where she openly tried to throw
herself on him. In rebuttal he spoke of his
intense love for Anika his wife and their plans for

33 Trebb the Troll
the future. This was not what she wanted to hear
and her anger inside grew even more but instead
now she was ready for them to drink the potion.
Hoping that they would lose their love for one
another after drinking the potion she thought to
herself as her tour of the castle came to an end,
and then finally she would have him. Later that
evening an elegant dinner was prepared for them
by Richards’ chef’s as they ate and talked on into
the night Anya could not keep her mind off of the
man across the table from her. Richard and her
sister drank the wine Anya had given them and
began to feel its effects making them tired woozy;
they retired to their bedroom for the night.
Anya wait up to hear if an argument would start
but heard nothing, feeling that the witch had got
the best of her she became frustrated and when
to bed herself. Early the next morning there was
chaos throughout the castle, the Princes’ guard
searched every inch of it to find the Prince and
his wife Anika. Anya asked the guards what had
happened and one replied, “Sometime during the
night the Prince and his wife must have been
abducted.” Anya did not know what to make of
this news she had just heard, where Richard she
thought was. Soon news reached the castle of
two hideous creatures that had been seen
through the night frightening the nearby
Chased out of the village with burning torches
and pitchforks the two creatures fled into the
forest outside of the village. Curious as to what

34 Trebb the Troll
was going on she went to investigate this news for
herself. The tattered clothes that they had been
wearing were lying about appeared to belong to
her sister and Richard she assumed. Anya began
to feel broken hearted so she ventured into the
forest after them to see if what she had heard
was true. Deep inside the woods Anya saw for
herself two trolls so she hid herself behind trees
not to be seen by them. What had she done to
them she thought this was not what she wanted.
In her fury she departed the forest she could not
love Richard in the state he was in realizing the
witch had got the best of her. She returned to
the castle to prepare for her journey back to
Spain to her husband who had been waiting for
her. Richard and Anika had to keep moving
traveling farther and farther into the forest to
avoid being captured or even killed which almost
happened a few times. They traveled by night
and managed to sleep during the day; soon they
came upon a beautiful forest uninhibited by
people. There was no one around them for miles
and miles; this was going to be their new home
until they could figure out what had happened to
them. While they had been walking Richard did
a good job of covering their tracks along the way
so no one could follow them there. The days that
followed seemed to turn into months and they
began to realize that they could never return to
home to their kingdom.
Anya returned to Spain and was welcomed by
her husband Prince Eduardo; soon she learned

35 Trebb the Troll
that she was going to be a mother. This news
made Eduardo happy he was going to have his
own family soon. Anya never loved in the way
that she had for Richard but was elated to be
carrying a child. The months that followed were
filled with happiness, they agreed on the name of
their son be called Raniero. Back in the Emerald
Forest Anika and Richard realized that all their
hopes and dreams had vanished they would have
to make this their new home. Their love for each
other grew as they made shelter from what
nature offered them; they made the best of their
situation and learned how to live a troll’s life,
which was not easy for them. This new life was
different from what they had been accustomed
Richard hunted for food while Anika cooked and
kept their hut as clean as she could, making a
garden nearby. The mountains that stood
behind the forest where majestic in their
appearance, the streams which flowed through
their new home provided drinking water and
fresh fish for them to eat. The forest full of every
kind of bird and small game furnished their
clothing. They had one another for company and
the outside world began to fade away from them,
they found happiness there despite their own
agony. Two years passed and Anika was going to
have a child this concerned them, being trolls
was not easy and having a troll baby would be a
tough job. Soon a little baby was born it was a

36 Trebb the Troll
boy and Anika wanted to name him Trebb; he
was cute and very adorable.
Over the years Raniero grew to become a fierce
warrior and heir to his fathers’ throne, he built
an elite army, which consisted of thieves and
murderers. They conquest much of the land
many Spain a larger country, Anya and Eduardo
were very proud of their son and his
accomplishments. He ruled northern Spain with
an iron fist; many trembled when his name was
heard. His army was called the Raiders they
plundered villages, made slaves of young women
and children and killed at their own whim. A
young magician named Jonathan lived nearby in
France in a very secluded place who was the
overseer of the dragon. The dragon had already
been asleep for a hundred years and the middle-
aged magician had spent much of his own life
tending to it. Once Jonathan had a run in with
Lord Raniero and nearly lost his life back in the
days of dragon slayers when the magic he
learned was still very weak.
Anya received word of her father’s ill health and
she had to return to Germany to care for him.
Along the way there she stopped to visit her son
Raniero who comforted her for a brief period,
she felt bad because she had never forgiven him
for what he had done to her. But now she knew
he had her best interest at her for to have a
husband who could put up with her and then she
could find happiness. Maybe she could get there
in time to tell her father she loved him and how

37 Trebb the Troll
happy her life had become. The journey was
long but after awhile she arrived in Germany
and was greeted by Lance the commander of his
army and the servants that remembered her.
Anya sat beside her fathers’ deathbed laying her
head on his chest crying, but as King Willem
drew his last breath he called out for Anika and
died. Anya’s guilt resurfaced she had not
thought about her sister in years, still in tears the
priest led her from the dimly lit room and
prepared her father’s body for his funeral.
Her heart ached so that after her father’s burial
she decided to pay the witch a visit but half way
their her own health was at stake, she wanted to
try to undo what she had done to her sister. Too
old now to climb Fire Mountain and travel
through the bog she returned home to her
husband Eduardo. The only joy she had in life
was that of her son who was now grown and
living his own life. Eduardo had done the best he
could as a husband and father but Anya never
really loved him but he reminded at her side
forever loving her. When Anya died she never
revealed to her son that he had an aunt and he
had never heard of Anika, she was never
mentioned over the years. Nor was her fate ever
known of, only Anya had knowledge of her and
took this information with her to her grave. Her
husband Eduardo grew old and never remarried
after Anya had died, no other woman held fire in
her heart like Anya did.

38 Trebb the Troll
In the Emerald Forest Anika nursed her small
baby who was as cute as a button although her
own health was becoming frail. Her husband
Richard helped her as much as he could Trebb
grew fast and at seven months old he took his
first steps alone after that no one could stop him,
he played and ran like a normal child not
knowing he was a troll. All the animals in the
forest became his friends and protected him like
their own. Trebb was a very curious child
discovering the world around him and ran to his
father with questions. Richard and Anika knew
that they would not be around very long so they
raised him from his youth to provide for himself.
He went fishing and hunting with his father
every day and Anika taught him how to cook so
he would not starve. Trebb learned about which
foods he could eat and which plants could heal
him in the forest.
At the age of seven Trebb knew more than any
human child could wonder, he could care for
himself. Building fires and making his own
clothing from the things the earth provided for
him. Anika loved her only child very much and
prayed that she could get well so that she could
see him grow-up. Her life began to start slipping
away from her Richard and his son did
everything to keep her comfortable. She had a
medallion that she took from around her neck
and put in around Trebb. She told him that it
was her family crest and that it represented both

39 Trebb the Troll
of his heritages England and Germany and that
one day he may be a King over many people.
Trebb really did not understand anything she
was trying to tell him, but listened carefully
about what his mother was trying to tell him. He
did not know what people were and why to be
careful not for any of them to see him. Anika
kissed her son on the forehead and closed her
eyes for the last time, Trebb tried to awaken her
but she did not respond. Tears rolled off his face
as he began to cry, he knew about death from
living in the forest but this was different. In the
distance Richard heard his son crying and ran
back to the hut to see what had happened. He
had not heard his son cry since his birth expected
the worst. Discovering that his wife had passed
on Richard covered her body and asked Trebb to
find the most beautiful place in the forest. After
Trebb had left he then fall to the ground and
cried. Trebb returned and took his fathers hand
walking him over to the most beautiful spot he
could find there in the forest, Richard was so
proud of his son. They buried Anika both had
tears falling from their faces placing flowers of
every kind on her grave. Richard would now
have to raise his son alone, giving him a club he
had made for protection helping that he would
never have to use it.

40 Trebb the Troll

                     Reign of Terror
Winter came covering all of Europe; the people
in England suffered its harshness the most. The
bitter northern winds that crossed the Atlantic
Ocean rolled in sending chills down everyone’s
bones. The castle’s large rooms became quite
cold despite everyone’s efforts to heat them. This
season was the worst one anyone could ever
remember many people grew sick. The elderly
and very young children that could not bare its
intensity died from their many illnesses. Trebb
and his wife Ariel were concerned about their
own two children David and Kate. They burned
with high fevers; their attendants who sat with
them bathed them in tubs of ice-cold water and
nursed them back to health over several nights.
Soon the spring emerged with its cool rains and
warm sunshine filled days. The trees were
beginning to come alive once again blooming
over the entire land.
It was a beautiful sight to behold as life was
restored to Trebb’s’ kingdom as the people that
lived there became enchanted that winter was
over; they sat their carts up around the castle to
sell their merchandise once again. They started
doing their business, some sold potions and snake
tonics others sold wares and fabrics from other
parts of the world. Visitors arrived to pay Trebb
their rents and monies owed for taxes to their
king. Ariel started her morning early as usual
tending to her children’s education about their
duties. She also thought about her brother
41 Trebb the Troll
Tuckett who had not visited them in quite some
time. Tuckett’s duties kept him busy saving the
world and helping those in need as well as
watching over the dragon that slept. Tuckett
remained on at the house that belonged to
Jonathan the old wizard. Although the house
seemed small from its outside appearances, it
was huge inside and filled with secret passages
and hidden rooms, particularly one room where
the dragon rested. It was comfortable to Tuckett
who resided there with the dragon in seclusion.
Over the years Tuckett spent time with his friend
Spence who together they traveled the entire
land on many adventures. They found rest and
hospitality in many of the surrounding
providences and were treated with honor. Deep
inside of his heart Spence longed for action his
restless soul needed it otherwise his life seemed
quite bored. The other hobbits held him in high
esteem and viewed him as one of their greatest
leaders who was absent too much of the time.
The world was at peace and everyone was
content, feeling secure but soon all this would
come to an abrupt end. Lord Raniero had
rebuilt his army that was standing ready on his
orders to reclaim all the lands he had once
conquered. But in his anger his heart had
hardened for the lust he had carried in it for
Ariel. What little heart he had left was
consumed in his own evil desires of owing the
world. When he was just a young child his
mother Anya never really shown him much

42 Trebb the Troll
affection and distanced herself from him over
emotional matters he might have had. Because
of her contempt for her own father she kept her
son Raniero from any contact with his
grandfather, Knight Willem in his youth. Now
he was enraged over the fact that Willem’s
brother sat on the throne that he felt belonged to
him. Thrilled over his grandfather’s death he
felt all ties and treaties with Germany were void
and null. Lord Raniero felt that his
grandfather’s brother was stealing away his
rightful inheritance. Unjustly his birthright had
been taken away from him this devoured his
soul. Raniero’s cruelty was well known
throughout Spain and he turned completely to
evil in its purest form. Women that he had kept
in his chambers could no longer interest him he
desire Ariel the most. With her beside him on
the throne in Germany he would have everything
he ever wanted. The new king was the only one
who stood in his way but not for much longer
Lord Raniero thought. His army was larger and
driven by its own greed they plundered the land
and burnt villages to the ground.
Trebb’s affairs ruling over his kingdom in
England kept him busy, Ariel his wife not
wanting to get in his way and feeling a little
restless asked him if she and their children could
go visit her brother Tuckett. She wanted to
make this a holiday for them since it had been
some time since he had came to visit. David and
Kate their two young children were excited when

43 Trebb the Troll
they heard their mother talking to their father
about a holiday that they started running about
the castle happily. “Uncle Tuckett,” they
shouted as they were running around from room
to room. The children loved his magic tricks and
the spells he could cast for their amusement. The
world was peaceful and quiet, yet Trebb was still
concerned about their safety while traveling.
The only person that Trebb felt that he could
trust with his family’s lives were his commander
Lance, who was away in Germany evaluating the
new Kings’ army. Upon his arrival their Lance
saw the condition that their army was in and
knew that his stay would have to be extended
longer than Trebb thought. There were many
problems that needed to be addressed some could
be fixed but others needed much more attention
before he could return to England. Apparently
the size of the army had diminished because the
new King had cut their wages. Only a few
hundred who were loyal to King Willem who was
now dead, remained in service to their new ruler
despite their objections. Lance felt that working
with this new king would be hard but Germany
was his homeland. The families of his army were
near starvation because of their King’s greed
causing many to return home to support and
provide for their loved ones.
Lance found it very hard to oblige the King’s
wishes for ruining his homeland while he had
been away in England. He knew that he had to
do something to bring happiness back to his own

44 Trebb the Troll
people before they would revolt because of their
discontent. Everything that King Willem had
spent a lifetime building was now crumbling to
the ground and the people did not like it! When
Trebb was young he had spent much of his
childhood alone, being born a troll kept him
isolated inside the Emerald Forest. His parents
died while he was still at a very young age
leaving him to care for himself. He only wanted
for his new family to be happy and agreed for
them to have their holiday plans. They were all
Trebb had left in this world and he did not want
to lose them too, he would not be able to bear the
pain. Trebb’s two children missed their uncle
and wanted to see him again but Trebb agreed
reluctantly to their wishes. He arranged for their
escort and had the royal carriage prepared for
their journey to France were their uncle lives.
Trebb hoped that the escort would be enough
protection for his family from evildoers who
might attack the carriage. Which had been
attacked many times in the past. For the first
time in their lives they would be outside of
Trebb’s reach and out of the castle. Readying
for their departure everyone’s eyes lit up in
excitement, Trebb kissed Ariel and the children
goodbye before they left. Remembering his first
time out of the Emerald Forest and his
amazement at how big the world was he
understood their curiosity that was much like
his. His thoughts of just how far his family
would be traveling did cause him to feel uneasy

45 Trebb the Troll
about the whole trip. The area where Tuckett
lives is very remote and isolated far from any
nearby villages, Trebb reassured himself. The
days that followed after his family had departed
left him missing them around the castle. The
cold bitter winter had passed and there was lots
of work that needed to be done around the castle
leaving Trebb very busy. If it had already been
finish Trebb would have went with them to
France to see is old friend once Tuckett once
again. Ariel had not planned to be gone long
with the children just a few weeks would be a
long enough visit with her brother. Trebb began
counting the days that his family were gone and
knew that they would be back home to him soon.
The rode that Ariel traveled was muddy and it
slowed the carriage a bit on its way to France but
they were making good time as they proceeded
onward. Tuckett had received word of their
coming visit as he waited patiently on their
arrival. Ariel and the children reached Tuckett’s
house without any trouble, the children jumped
from the carriage in their excitement and ran to
greet their uncle who they had not seen in some
time. While they were there Tuckett enjoyed
their company since Spence had returned to his
own home some time age. Soon time came for
Ariel and the children to leave and return home
to Trebb. Tuckett made the children trinkets to
play with on their way home to England. They
said their goodbyes as you could see the tears of

46 Trebb the Troll
joy falling from her eyes; Ariel loaded the
children onto the carriage.
Meanwhile back in Spain evil began to erupt
spreading over the countryside, Lord Raniero
had started his invasion. Sending his troops out
in all directions again the people trembled with
fear many fled from their country. While few
remained behind to protect their property and
meager possessions they had with their lives. In
a short period of time Raniero had completely
taken all of Spain, Eduardo his father put up no
resistance against his son. He did nothing to stop
his son and many small villages were left burning
while those who remained behind their dead
bodies lay from fighting and failed. Before long
Raniero’s evil had found its way into France
where Ariel was returning home to her husband
Trebb. The royal carriage became delayed
because a wheel had broken when it struck a
rock in the road. Asleep in the carriage the noise
of the carriage axle dragging the ground
awakened Ariel and her two children as they
came to a stop. Needing to repair the carriage
the commander of the escort ordered two of his
warriors to travel to a nearby village to find a
new wheel. He was also concerned about the
location where the carriage was and had the
others try to conceal it behind the tree line.
The brush they found helped to hide the carriage
some but the white color was much of a
hindrance. Ariel made the children as
comfortable as possible for their overnight’s stay

47 Trebb the Troll
there in the woods. They were unable to move
the carriage very far so this also left them in an
awkward position and vulnerable to attack. The
next morning the men returned with a new wheel
and completed their repairs to the carriage. One
of the men reported to them that they had seen
some smoke up ahead of them several miles
away, fearing trouble they did not investigate but
returned as fast as possible. The leader of the
escort had Ariel to load the children into the
carriage so that they could get back started on
their journey home. Staying off the main road
they traveled the tree line to avoid being seen by
anyone but instead they ran right into the middle
of an ambush. The looters had been waiting on
them and attacked the carriage and its escort
who fought valiantly and failed. They were out-
numbered and overwhelmed by the looters and
had no chance to escape with their precious
cargo. One of the looters recognized Ariel from
when was held captive by Lord Raniero and
knew about the reward he had offered for her
return. He told this news to the others and they
began to celebrate, drinking wine and dancing
around the dead bodies of the men who had
fallen trying to protect Ariel and her children.
Afraid the children held their mother tightly as
they cried while the looters sat the carriage afire.
It blazed under the hot afternoon sun the
remains of it smothered as the wood crackled
from the devouring flames. The looters ravaged
the dead bodies of her escort taking their money

48 Trebb the Troll
and weapons that were valuable as well as their
horses. Ariel and her children were in shock
after witnessing all the evil that was thrusted on
them. They bound their captives and made them
walk toward Spain giving them little water to
drink along the way.
Back in England Trebb became worried his
family was long overdue by now and wandered
what could have delayed them. Their safety
began to eat at him and he decided to send out a
search party to find them. Many days had
passed and news came that the burnt remains of
the carriage and the exposed bodies of her dead
escort were only found. This news made Trebb
grieve “Who could be responsible!” Trebb
thought as his tears filled his eyes, weeks passed
and still no ransom was offered for them. Trebb
began to feel uncertain and hopeless about the
condition that his family might be in as he waited
to hear something. He began pacing around the
castle knowing that he had to do something to
find them. Trebb sent a few of his warriors to
Germany to get the only person he trusted this
was Lance the commander of his armies. Lance
had not returned to England and Trebb needed
him. While settling a dispute between two
farmers a stranger appeared before his throne,
he had news for Trebb.
The news he had was that he had witnessed the
abduction while he himself was trying to escape
from the looters. This news discouraged Trebb
hitting him very hard as the stranger continued

49 Trebb the Troll
speaking of the events that transpired in France.
Trebb paid the stranger for his information
dropping his head as he sat on his throne in
shock of what he had learned. All his fears had
come to be true; Raniero had crossed his path
once more holding his entire family against their
wills. He had to be stopped once and for all
Trebb thought. The huge army that Raniero had
amassed for conquest must be destroyed before
all of Europe was at his evil command. He was
much stronger now more than ever before,
everything was at stake and the world that had
been peaceful was in turmoil.
The alliances that had been made long ago have
now drifted apart; England alone could not stop
Raniero from his invasion. The army that
Germany had now could hardly defend its own
providences in the state it was in at present. It
seemed to be hopeless and a war with Spain
would be unavoidable. Raniero already had
Spain and much of France as he advanced
onward toward Germany. He won each battle
quick and decisively, as his army marched
through the providences. Burning villages were
all that remained when he had finished with
them. Trebb realized as a human he had no
physical strength but as a troll the world stood a
chance. Once again he needed help from the
witch that lives in the bog to rescue his family
and bring an end to Raniero’s invasion if anyone
was to survive. She could tell him what he

50 Trebb the Troll
needed to do to get his family back who were
most important to him.
There was no way around it Trebb had to return
to the bog to find the witch this was his only
choice. The night before his long journey he
tossed and turned the whole night through
dreaming about family. He did not get much rest
because of his nightmares of Raniero; several
times he had awakened in a cold sweat. The next
morning Trebb assembled a formidable fighting
force and prepared for their journey to Fire
Mountain from where he would journey on along
by himself to see the witch. It was a long and
arduous journey but Trebb crossed Fire
Mountain and made his way through the bog
where the witch lives. Seeing her once again he
made his requests known to her, for her help.
What he wanted had a very large price attached
to it. The witch spoke these words to Trebb,
“You were born into this world a troll and if
what you seek I grant thee, can never be
reversed!” Trebb knew he would have to
sacrifice who and what he was to save his family
and the world. The love that he carried for his
family outweighed the way he looked. Trebb
replied to the witch’s question, “I love my wife
and children more than anything in this world
but I could not live if they were harmed!” His
decision was made. He told the witch, “Yes grant
me all that I ask of you” Trebb demanded of her
to do this for him. She prepared a special potion

51 Trebb the Troll
for him to drink and gave it to him as she
chanting as he drank what she had given him.
Shortly Trebb transformed back into the troll he
was once before, as his tears filled his dark black
eyes. Knowing this time he could never be
human again cut deeply into his soul. Before
leaving her he asked the witch what he might
need to rescue his family and save the world
from Lord Raniero’s invasion. The witch told
him that he must go back to Germany and find a
book his grandfather King Willem had hidden
before his death. And also along his way there he
would find everything that he would need. He
took some money from his pouch and he paid the
witch; all that he had owed her and left her
house. Trebb journeyed onward to Germany
with his fighting force there he would unite with
his commander Lance. Along the way he had
stopped at a small watering hole to quench his
thirst when a water sprite appeared hovering
around him at great speed sprinkling him with
tiny drops of water. Not knowing what to expect
out of this strange creature Trebb readied
himself for the unexpected. Several times he
reached out trying to grab at it but it eluded him,
so he then swung his club missing with it too!
The tiny creature distracted him, and he heard a
noise as Tuckett stepped out from a cloud of
The ground underneath Trebb’s feet began to
shake as Tuckett spoke to him as he walked
toward him. “You always looked better as a

52 Trebb the Troll
Troll anyway my old friend”, Tuckett said to
him. It had been a long time since the two of
them had seen one another and both their faces
lit up at their reunion. Tuckett thanked Trebb
for letting his family come to visit and then told
him not to worry for the time being that Ariel
and the children were safe trying to ease his old
friend’s mind. Trebb’s spirits seemed to be lifted
some although he was still concerned about
them. What he needed most now was to see them
with his own eyes; only this would relieve his
Tuckett lured the water sprite into an empty
bottle he pulled from his pouch saying, “This
small creature just might come in handy later
on.” After the two of them visited for a while
trying to catch up on old times they continued
their journey toward Germany. They covered a
lot of ground the next few weeks as they began to
see the mountainous terrain emerging in the
distance. Germany was close now; knowing the
landscape of its providences they ventured
onward toward their destination. Soon they
reached the castle and being very curious about
the witch had told him Trebb was excited to
begin looking for the book of his grandfather’s.
The two of them gained entrance through a
hidden passageway not to be seen by anyone,
searching diligently it was not long before Trebb
found the diary and began to read its contents at
last he would have the answers to all of the
questions that he might have had. The diary was

53 Trebb the Troll
old and frayed but was still intact the first part of
it spoke about his mother Anika and how she
was full of life. It told of how she was as a child
growing up in the castle and also that she had an
older sister named Anya. Their father also had
mentioned of how bad Anya had treated his
mother as they were growing.
King Willem had spoke of how he had hoped
Anya would grow out of her own selfish ways. It
also went on to spoke of how the marriage of
Prince Richard his father and Anika his
mother’s marriage had been pre-arranged. How
she had left to England and mysteriously
disappeared one night her and the Prince. That
was the last entry relating to his mother then the
rest spoke of Anya and her marriage to Prince
Eduardo of Spain and about an elegant Ball that
was thrown for their marriages. How his plans
had work to unite three countries and then his
grief over Anika and her disappearance. Later it
mention of Anya’s son Raniero whom Trebb had
known from a previous encounter with him
rescuing Ariel who he married and had children
with. This was his cousin Trebb thought and
how could his life have turned out like it was
now. Trebb placed the old tattered diary in his
pouch and the two of them left the castle.
Since they were so close to the Emerald Forest
Trebb decided to pay his deceased parents a visit
along their way to Spain. It was not long before
they arrived in the forest where his parents laid
in rest that Trebb gathered fresh flowers for

54 Trebb the Troll
them and sat in their presence, which was very
beneficial to him. For the first time in his life
Trebb really understood how he came to be a
troll. The Emerald Forest was the only place he
had known as his home and how his life was not
supposed to have ended up. If this was to be his
fate Trebb was willing to accept it, his only wish
was for his family to safe. Nothing else seemed to
matter to him much anymore only the new
family he had made for himself. As the tears
began to roll from his cheeks once again he
turned to Tuckett and they walked away from
the Emerald Forest.
Tuckett sensed the anguish of his old friend and
knew that Trebb was not going to return to live
in the forest again and live the rest of his life
alone as a troll. His men waited outside of the
forest for them to rejoin them and continue on
toward Spain. They would journey on with out
Lance who he had hoped would meet with them
in Spain. As they neared the border the rage in
Trebb’s heart grew tearing at him for justice as
Raniero. In silence they marched on and then
noticed some smoke up ahead of them, nearing
the chaos and destruction they came across
Spence helping the villagers fight off a few of
Raniero’s band of looters. They stopped to assist
their friend making sure no one escaped to tell
Raniero about what had happened there. The
few surviving villagers rejoiced in their victory
and managed to extinguish the fires burning
their shabby huts. Trebb had his men assist in

55 Trebb the Troll
burying the dead and all made camp for the
night very exhausted after their labors. The next
morning well rested they continued toward Spain
to help Trebb rescue his family and to stop
Raniero. Spence longed for battle and was eager
to get there as well; the roads that they had
traveled held them as witnesses to Raniero’s evil
reign of terror. Miles upon miles it had seemed
as if the gates of hell had opened up scorching
the world.
Since King Eduardo had turned a blind eye to
his son’s evil and doing nothing to stop it from
spreading. Trebb had to stop him even if it
meant one of them would have to die which
seemed more appealing. Either way there was
turning back for Trebb it seemed his fate had
already been sealed.
Back in Spain it had been years since Trebb sat
foot there and now he was returning once again.
Lord Raniero was holding his wife and children
and Trebb did not know what to expect once he
was there. Several miles outside of Raniero’s
fortress they made camp. But inside the castle
Raniero had started making advances toward
Ariel and continued to fail. She only loved her
husband and would die first before letting him or
any other man have their way with her. She
thought about her children’s safety as well,
which worried her the most. Each night she
prayed that her husband would come rescue her
from this place where she and their children
were being held. Hoping that Trebb would find

56 Trebb the Troll
them and not giving up any of her hopes. Her
children did not like Raniero and distanced
themselves from him whenever he would enter
the room feeling his evil presence they would run
to their mother.
Becoming quite tired from not getting his way
with her Raniero began to threaten the
children’s lives which she would kill him if he
were to harm them. The more he had done this
the more distressed Ariel would get causing her
to pray harder that her husband would arrive
soon. Raniero would laugh at her silly praying
and she felt she had to hold out as long as she
could for the sakes of her children. Soon
Raniero stopped coming into her chambers
trying to figure out what was happening to his
soldiers, few were returning from their raids.
This concerned him, something was going on and
he needed to have some answers and he needed
to have them now! Ariel began to feel a little
better from his avoidance of her and the
The feelings that Trebb had about his family
began to weigh heavy on his nerves; not knowing
how they were being treated worked him the
most. He and his comrades picked up their paces
as they began to come near the fortress, which
was heavily guarded. Anticipating an assault
Raniero had doubled the guards around the
fortress walls in preparation. Spence went ahead
of the group to survey the area and returned
some time later to them with valuable

57 Trebb the Troll
information. He told them what they would be
up against so they held their place at the same
campsite for the night to devise a plan of attack.
In his sleep Trebb remembered what the old
witch had told him that he had everything he had
needed. While thinking he knew that Tuckett
was now well seasoned in the dark arts that he
had learned from Jonathan the old wizard before
he died. And Spence was better now with his
archery than ever before, they were not the same
inexperienced group that faced Raniero before.
His confidence had grown feeling that they could
change a bleak outcome to their advantage. This
reign of terror that Raniero evoked could not all
be allowed to spread throughout Europe and
swallow up the rest of the world in its wake?
Tuckett and Spence felt that they could not live
with themselves if they had not tried to stop this
evil. Not allowing their minds to wander over
self-defeating thoughts; they began to sing old
songs of victory that they had remembered from
the past as they readied themselves for their final
destination. Victory was their goal and saving
the world from its doom would be their only
rewards. The closer they came to the well-
protected fortress they could feel the presence of
pure evil emitting from inside it. Not realizing it
Trebb and his small party did not know that
Lance had finished his journey to meet with
them; he had assembled the best men that
Germany had to assist Trebb. These men were
some of the most loyal to King Willem, and were

58 Trebb the Troll
now on their way to join Trebb in his attempt to
rescue Ariel and his children. In haste Lance
made the journey there reaching, Trebb before
he arrived at the fortress with his men. Lance
and his army looked very valiant on their well-
groomed horses, as they stopped not far from
Darkness began to fall upon them all and they
decided to make camp as the hot day had came
to an end to rest themselves for they would need
all their strength and clear minds to win their
battle the next day. They would have to meet
Lord Raniero head on and on his own battlefield
to win. This battle would have to be fought to
the death; to end his reign of terror and evil from
spilling over the rest of the world. This evil
needed to be sent back to hell from where it had
come from Trebb thought. That night inside the
fortress Ariel could sense that her husband was
near as she laid across her bed praying for his
safety and quick victory over Raniero.
She lay across her bed praying loudly and
continuously aggravating Raniero even more,
who in his own fear struck out at her. He pulled
Ariel up from her bed holding her by her frail
clothing threatening her, she spit in his face. In
his rage he hit her in the face causing her to fall
to the ground holding her face. She lay on the
cold hard cold floor as her warm blood spewed
from her nose. Her children who had seen this
began crying for their mother, her chambermaid
rushed into her room not knowing her Lord was

59 Trebb the Troll
there and she stopped quickly. Shouting at her
now he ordered the maid to take the children out
of the room with her. Ariel reached out her
hands wrapping her arms around his knees
begging for him to let her children stay with her
as her tears dropped from her swollen face. He
then snatched her up from the floor pulling her
even closer to him demanding, “Give me what I
want or your children will die!” Seeing the
digger at his waist that he carried she grabbed it
in a futile attempt to save herself from him. He
then hit her again causing her to fall unto the
ruffled bed beneath her.
She was saved by hard knocks at her chamber
door, by Raniero’s guards who were reporting to
him. That someone had seen an army posted not
far from his fortress. Raniero tidied his clothes
before leaving her room; this news had saved her
from her attacker. Ariel rushed to her window
to see if she could see what was happening
outside but she could not see anything but
Raniero’s soldiers scurrying about in haste to
protect the fortress. Looking over the
countryside she only saw the bright moon
overhead shining down over the land. She took a
sit on her bed and patiently waited for her
husband to rescue her and their children. The
maid seeing that her lord had left the room
brought Ariel back her children who were still
crying. Ariel laid her children down on her bed
and sat beside them comforting them knowing
that soon their father Trebb would rescue them.

60 Trebb the Troll
Trying not to fall asleep Ariel had sank down in
the bed with her children and closed her eyes.
The next morning the sun cast its light through
her window awakening her, everything was still
quiet and her children were still asleep.
The maiden girl brought in breakfast for them to
eat and left their room; Ariel fixed their plates
and let them eat. Still waiting for her husband to
come she groomed herself to ease her mind
longing to be in her husband’s safe arms once
more. The sun began to rise behind Trebb and
his advancing party as they neared the fortress.
Raniero’s men could barely see them coming
because of the sun’s bright rays that were
blinding to them. This left them hopelessly
hindered against Trebb and his army who were
approaching fast. Lance and his men took a
flank to one side of Trebb’s forces and they
started surrounding the fortress. Raniero
ordered his men to sound their trumpets loudly
acknowledging that they were prepared.
Within minutes Trebb had his men assault the
front while Lance and his men stormed the sides
of the fortress. Many men fell before reaching
the walls; the archers were accurately hitting
their targets at the fortress. Soon they were
ascending the walls gaining entry into the
fortress; the gates opened while Trebb’s men
rushed inside. Once they were inside Raniero’s
men took up new defensive positions as they fell
back to protect the palace. Hours had passed
since the battle first began, Tuckett began

61 Trebb the Troll
casting spells and turning the battle around for
Trebb. Once again the dragon had been
awakened smoke and fire raged from inside the
fortress as people scrambled for their lives. They
were near the palace as Trebb began swinging
his club making his way through to where
Raniero had his family held. Seeing that Raniero
had ran inside Trebb followed behind him
smashing his way through any and all obstacles
that were in his path. The blood soaked club
dripped with enemy’s blood as he traveled down
the corridor. Each step became harder for
Trebb as Raniero’s men fought bravely,
mustering all the strength he had left he
continued onward. Before long it was just the
two of them standing face to face, him and
Raniero his cousin.
Trebb flung the old diary at him so that he could
read what his grandfather had written inside of
it. Trebb went on to tell him that he was his aunt
Anika’s son and that his mother Anya had
cursed his mother and husband to become trolls.
Raniero stood there unfeeling about this news
and denied being kin to troll as he drew his
sword against Trebb. While they fought Trebb
demanded that Raniero released his family or
die. Near the room where Ariel was held Trebb
could hear his children shouting, as Ariel was
calling out his name yelling loudly. Almost out of
strength Trebb fought harder than ever before;
getting a clean shot in at his cousin’s ribs he
swung and sent him flying across the corridor.

62 Trebb the Troll
He knocked the wind from him; Raniero lay on
the floor with crushed bones and could hardly
breathe as his blood spilled from his mouth.
Trebb took the last of his strength and kicked
down the door that held his family, rushing
inside he grabbed his wife Ariel and began
kissing her. Their children startled did not know
what to make of this, their joy then seemed to
turn into fright from what they had seen, a
Ariel realizing that her children had no idea of
who the strange creature was took the two of
them aside and tried to explain that he was their
father. Still in shock the children listened to her
as she told them, “This is your father Trebb who
had been cursed and born a troll.” She went on
to explain more as they continued to listen to her;
they took another look at their father as his eyes
filled with tears. This time they could see that
this was their father and smiled at him, Trebb
extended his large arms out to them. Running to
him full of happiness his children embraced him
with their love. Tuckett and Spence entered the
room witnessing a very emotional and heartfelt
scene telling him of their victory. Raniero and
his army had been smashed putting an end to his
evil reign of terror once and for all. Taking his
family they exited the palace that was still
burning, everyone outside who had been freed
applauded his victory and their liberation. The
old witch disguised as a young woman made her
way to Trebb and whispered something into his

63 Trebb the Troll
ear. Everyone stood in amazement as Trebb
transformed back into the handsome Prince he
had always been. He then loaded his family into
a carriage for their long journey back home to
England with him where they all belonged. Not
wanting to never experience what they did again,
they left Spain leaving Tuckett and Spence
behind to restore order back to its people once


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