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									Their Eyes Were Watching God

         Chapters 1-6
                     Chapter 1
• “Ships at a distance have    • “Now, women forget all
  every man’s wish on            those things they don’t
  board. For some they come      want to remember, and
  in with the tide. For others   remember everything
  they sail forever on the       they don’t want to
  horizon, never out of sight,   forget. The dream is the
  never landing until the        truth. Then they act and
  Watcher turns his eyes         do things accordingly.”
  away in resignation, his
                               • What does this
  dreams mocked to death
                                 observation about
  by Time. That is the life of
                                 women mean?
• What does this observation
  about men mean?
                Chapter 1
• Based on the previous two quotations, what
  comment is Hurston making about gender
  in society?
• How do the men and women of Eatonville
  perceive Janie differently?
• Do you agree with the author’s observations
  about men and women —in the story? —in
  today’s world?
                Chapter 2
• What conflicts has Janie had (and does she
  still have) regarding her identity and her
  perception of herself?
• What’s the deal with the blossoming pear
• How have Nanny’s life experiences and
  expectations shaped her plans (and fears)
  for Janie?
                Chapter 3
• How does Logan compare to Janie’s image
  of the pear tree?
• How is Janie’s perception of her marriage to
  Logan Killicks different from Nanny’s
  perception of the marriage?
• In general, how is Janie’s outlook on life
  different from Nanny’s?
               Chapter 4
• How is Joe Starks different from Logan?
• How is Joe Starks similar to Logan?
• Why did Janie choose to leave?
                Chapter 5
• Is marriage to Joe Starks what Janie
• Is Janie happy with Joe?
               Chapter 6
• When is Janie happy?
• When is Janie miserable?
• How does Joe affect Janie’s happiness?

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