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James Lloyd V.de los Santos


Greatest Experiences and Learnings

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									       Each individual is dreaming to have a happy ending or happily ever after in their
life, but life will never be the same if happiness is always at us. Life should be balanced
and there should be sadness or failures too. With the guidance of God, we can achieve
happiness but if we went to wrong way, we might commit failures and mistakes which in
the end give us disappointments or discouragements.
       For my 4 years here in SIPS (San Isidro Parish School), I experienced failures and
successes. When I was in elementary, many people said that I was the dullest among our
siblings because my brother and sister always brought home medals while I only brought
some ribbons. I really felt ashamed and embarrassed that time and so, I decided to study
hard to make a difference. When I was in first year, I was aiming to be joined in the top
students for I don’t want to be called the dullest in our family. I was a consistent top 1
student in our section that time and with that, I feel so confident to be come one of the top
achievers. When it was the final grading, I didn’t study hard for I was so confident
enough and thinking that even though I will not study, surely I will be still the top 1 in
our section. Also, I was tempted on that time into computer addiction. When the time
came to announce the top achievers in the whole first year, I was expecting to be joined
but when it was announced I was shocked. I was not joined even in the last spot. I really
cried on that time and felt that it’s the end of the world to me. On that time, I felt that it
was my darkest moment ever and I was thinking that I should not continue my studies
and I also felt that they were right that I am the dullest in our family. I cried and cried in
my room and I even didn’t go outside to eat or to drink either. Suddenly, I felt asleep and
when I woke up I felt that I was being refreshed and felt that I am being so O.A.
(overacting). So, I stood up and said, “Why am I doing this? It’s not the end of world for
me, I may be loose this time but I know I will become victorious someday”. With that, I
went outside to my room like there was nothing happened and immediately went to my
mother and said, “Mom, I’m very sorry for disappointing you but I promise that I will
study hard and bring home the bacon”. She hugged me and with her hug, I felt her love to
me and it gave me strength and courage to continue and never surrender in the game.
After that, I prayed to God and asked for His help. I know that God gave it to me as a
challenge and that challenge gave me an idea of how God loves me so much for He
entrusted me a mission and I am very much honored to accept. His mission to me shall be
done according to the Will of the Father. And so, when I was in second year, I really
study hard and I never went to the wrong path. Also, I never became so confident being a
consistent top student in order that I will not be disappointed like what happened to me
when I was in first year. There is a saying that, “don’t expect too much of something
because you might get discourage in the end” so better expect the unexpected. Also,
“don’t count the chicks unless they are hatched”. And so, I fulfilled my promise to study
hard and in the announcement of honors, I was surprised that I was the top 1 in our
section and I was the top 3 achiever in the overall top 10 in the whole 2nd year. By the
time I heard my name, I cannot explain my feelings, it was a mixed emotions. I felt
happy, relieved, and I cannot believe it. I felt that I was dreaming on that time that I don’t
want to wake up anymore but I realized that it was the reality. I was very, very thankful
to God that time and so happy that I made it. I really felt the moment being a champion
even though I just only got the 3rd spot, but being joined in the top was a great
accomplishment to me already. When I went home I immediately went to my mother and
suddenly, a tear fell from my eye and I cannot explain what tear it was whether it was a
tear of happiness or a tear of success, but the only thing I knew was that I was so proud to
tell her that I made it. Thank God so much that He answered my prayer and I knew that it
was the reward of all my sacrifices, perseverance, and hard works.
       I am so proud that from that accomplishment of mine, I can show to them that they
are wrong in judging me. For me, just accept any negative things that they are going to
tell you. Don’t take vengeance to them, instead, prove to them that they are wrong in
judging you. I always put this in my mind that “no one is perfect except God”. Lastly, I
realized that during your darkest moment, God is always at your side, ready to help you
as long as you call upon His name for God loves us so much.

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