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									My experiences in SIPS? Greatest Experiences?I have lot of experiences in this school.
Some are memorable, unforgettable, embarrassing, best or worst. I came to this school
excited to face a new chapter in my life. I have no close friends at all. As the time pass
by, I met lot of friends. My close friends we're my classmate in 1st yr. We have our group
name PINKIANz, NinAlliSsaSsyRicar. And finally found my best friend. She is Jessa
May Basiga. We we‟re best friend since first year. We face lot of problems and trials in
our friendship but we solve it and pass it. Sad to say 2nd yr until now, we‟re not
classmates anymore but it‟s okay out friendship stays and it never dies. In this school,
I‟ve been discipline and being respectful. I practice myself to say “Thank you.” even in
the little things. Little things count. I came to school early. I came to school with
complete uniform. Because when I was in elementary, sometimes I went late and
incomplete uniform to school. I studies at Talamban Elementary School and that is a
public school. There are lots of changes in my life most especially in being a good
Christian. I know lot of prayers and I always pray everyday. I know the special days of
the church. I know how to pray the rosary. I always practice myself going to church every
Sunday and special occasion of the church. I feel I am closer to God right now. One of
my greatest experience here in school was I found my first live. Gosh ! I didn‟t expect it
that this feeling will came and it will happen. I met the boy named John Elizardo Velayo.
We‟re close friends and classmate in 2nd yr. He‟s nice, kind, talented but one thing I can
say I‟m comfortable with him. Thought he‟s the one. The sad thing was when we reach
3rd yr, he transferred school but our friendship is still there but a very shocking moment is
when he courted me. I don‟t know what to do that time but I just answered him right
away a “Yes.”. The day was August 7, 2010. I can‟t forget that day. We are 4 months but
on Dec 30, he broke up with me. And we decided staying friends because we don‟t want
commitment that complicates all. It is much better in staying friends. As the time pass by
he have been close to my family. My mother already knows our past story and him. It‟s
okay for her to be with him but we need to study first. I know there‟s a time for that
thing. In studying, I enhance myself to be more responsible. In every grouping they
always choose me as a leader. Honestly I‟m not good in leadership. But by that, I learned
how to handle things, my members and our plans. Since 1st yr I‟m always in the top list of
the class. I wonder why in 1st grading I‟m include in the Top 10 of the batch but next
grading I‟m not on the list anymore. I think I‟m just good at first never been last. But I
hope this 4th yr, if God give me a chance, I want to be in the honor list but I think it‟s
impossible. In this school also affects my physical appearance. I‟m not as chubby as
before. In 1st yr, I entered Sinulog „O9. SIPS was one of the contender in the Sinulog
Mardigra at that time. Starting November until January we have a non-stop practice. We
practice everyday, after class, saturday and even sunday we still have practice. Whew! I
think that‟s all I can say this time for my greatest experiences in SIPS. By writing this
time, I was thinking to sleep but I have to write my experiences. Honestly, my life change
by the time I enrolled here in SIPS. I‟m so thankful. I never regret even though there are
some worst happenings but still I just keep moving forward. Out life never stop. Only
God knows. He has plans and things to in store for me.
“Sir, I think I’m not a writer but I’m just expressing my feelings through
writing. but thank you sir for letting me email this story of mine or
experience in SIPS .. :D . xD”

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