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					Stephanie B. Abenido             IV- St. Arnold Janssen

                       “My Greatest Experiences In SIPS”

               The time I entered the SIPS community I was really shy and
shocked because new people and school is new to my eyes. As I go along the
SIPS community there are many big and memorable experiences I’ve ever had
just like the way they pray in their classroom and also during flag ceremony they
have always a Homily that we can really learn a lot and especially during the
reflection time. Mostly here in SIPS I’ve experience how important we should
pray and give thanks to our beloved God as he guide us to our way and forgive
us for we commit sin, right? Everyday in our life we cannot denied that we can
encountered some problems just like I’ve encountered some friends that are
being so bad at me but time will pass out and life will be good although my
emotions towards those friends is some kind of hatred but still they develop my
talent and confidence when facing to other people. There’s a friend of mine that
I really treasure her name is Althea B. Loyao she’s good, intelligent and kind to
me although I’m a new to her eyes but this friend of mine never had a doubt to
approached me that there’s a feeling that we knew each other already. Every
time I’m with her I really learn a lot, lot, lot of things just being true to yourself
and follow your instinct.
        There’s a time that or during class hours here in SIPS I’ve discovered
myself to be more confident in participating classes, answering quizzes, studying
lessons, and joining some activities in the classroom. Frankly, If you will enter
this school they will really help the child to be more molded in their studies, will
make students life more enjoyable to come to school, because of their being
good to students the students were really learn some educational values on how
to respect other people and to there own self. As I studied here everyday I meet
so many new people as I join some clubs and activities outside classroom just for
example when I join CAT officer I really do meet new friends and new lessons
which I can it to my batch mates in 4th year. This school really molded myself
and teaches me some values in doing good things. Many learning and
memorable happenings that I can’t compare to other experiences because this
experiences really serve as my greatest experiences that even though I will be
leaving SIPS soon in God’s hope, I will never ever forget those experiences that
I’ve encountered here in SIPS community. Those learning, ideas, thoughts,
values and even praying everyday really help to discovered my true self which
I’ve never seen it in the past year.