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                 LegalView Announces Continued Success of Mesothelioma Search Engine

       By LegalView
       Dated: Aug 09, 2009 continues to provide the most comprehensive mesothelioma resources available on the
       Internet with the success of its mesothelioma search engine., the premier online provider of personal injury legal assistance, is pleased to announce that
       after a successful development and launch of their mesothelioma search engine, the service continues to
       provide the most comprehensive and extensive searching capabilities for mesothelioma information and
       access to developing a potential mesothelioma lawsuit, available at http:// .

        The success of the mesothelioma search engine is based on copious amounts of research into the most
       advanced search technologies and countless hours of optimization to create the most extensive and easy to
       use mesothelioma search engine on the Internet. It was built using one of the world's top search-engine
       technologies, the highly advanced Yahoo search system. However, the engine is limited to a relatively
       small set of sites; some of the world's major newspapers, genuine mesothelioma blogs (from actual
       sufferers and family, not just attorneys or paid bloggers), real cancer sites and cancer forums, major
       universities, and mesothelioma foundations among others. This provides extensive access to resources that
       would otherwise be unavailable or difficult for an individual using a traditional search engine to find.
       Additionally, LegalView's mesothelioma search engine provides users with the opportunity to connect with
       a mesothelioma law firm on the same website if they discover something that may push them toward legal

        The mesothelioma search engine was launched to support the already extensive resources provided by
       LegalView's mesothelioma team. Over the past several years, LegalView has continually provided the
       most recent and relevant mesothelioma information with a dedicated team of professionals working to
       provide updated content and easily navigable web pages. The recent redesign of the site to increase its
       usability as well as the mesothelioma search engine provides individuals with a wealth of resources in the
       fight against mesothelioma cancer. Additional information can be found at http://

        Mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer are all caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers and dust;
       exposure can occur anywhere asbestos has been previously used, though it is most commonly found in
       insulation, building materials, and in buildings built before 1970. As these conditions, especially
       mesothelioma, are often irreversible, chronic, and ultimately deadly, individuals who have been exposed to
       asbestos and subsequently developed these conditions are advised to seek out a mesothelioma lawyer that
       can provide a better understanding of the implications and legal options available to them. Oftentimes,
       mesothelioma leaves a person incapacitated or unable to work, severely impacting their financial situation.
       This could leave family members in difficult positions, especially if the medical bills commonly associated
       with mesothelioma are stacking up. It is thus advisable for anyone in this position to contact an
       experienced mesothelioma attorney in order to begin the process of legal recourse. This is easily
       accomplished by visiting


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