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       The splendor & irresistible Spirit of Greece is returning to Long       laughing, chatting, shouting, and teasing each other. They are always ready
Beach. It’s the 61st Annual Long Beach Greek Festival, hosted by the           to add to the company congenial acquaintances, and even strangers
welcoming community of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,              encountered along t way.
Greek Orthodox Church, starting Saturday, September 4th at noon and
                                                         er                                    enjoy
                                                                                      Greeks enjoying Parea are all around you, when you are at the Long
ending Monday night, September 6th at 9:00 pm. This is the one cultural        Beach Greek Festiv Just take a look around; everyone is having a good
event this year, not to miss! OPA!                                                      time! You w recognize and feel Parea immediately!
       In celebration of the 61st annual Long Beach Festival, the                         It’s contag
Greeks are throwing a party! Live Greek Music & Greek Dancing!
                                                         k                                    Come join our Greek Life. Stroll around & soak in all the
Need a lesson? Watch our award winning folk dance groups as                               wafting a  aromas, sights and bouzouki sounds. Drop by, visit the
they perform, or grab a napkin and join the line!                                         Kouzina a see what’s cooking! Need a breather? Sit & watch
       Come and be Greek for a Day!                                                           the dan
                                                                                                   dancers, listen to the live music, while sipping on Caffee
       As you enter the Festival, you will be instantly  antly                                    D’A
                                                                                                  D’Amore coffee. It’s rich enough to keep you up dancing
transported from the heart of Long Beach to the allure ofe                                            f 3 days. OPA! Hungry? Stop at the Taverna grill
the simple Greek countryside and the magic of the Greek   ek                                            area, try exotic octopus, have a world famous Gyro, or
Isles. There are neither quaint coastal villages, nor the he                                            some imported Loukanico sausage. But, save some
blue water of the Aegean for your eyes to see. But, as you                                             room for Greek Style Chicken, Lamb chops with Greek
walk about the festival, we’ll fill you and your soul withth                                         F
                                                                                                     Fries, or a combination dinner. Better yet, share a
the “GREEK WAY” of life. Greeks like no others, tend to                                             H
                                                                                                    Hercules Feast Platter and those mouth-watering, Greek
live life with greater zest and intensity in all their    eir                                      pas
                                                                                                   pastries. Cap off your evening with a taste of Ouzo
activities. They call it: Kefi (“Ke-Fi” ) (n.,Greek)     ek)                                     (lico
                                                                                                 (licorice liquer) and fresh, hot Loukoumathes drenched in
- Liveliness, intense and especially ecstatic happiness. The                                     cinn
                                                                                                 cinnamon & honey syrup.
expression of such a feeling “Ke-fi” is what you will                                                 C
                                                                                                      Check out the vendor Kiosks that are brimming with
experience during the Long Beach Greek Festival &                                                souv
                                                                                                 souvenirs, imported olives, oils, spices and treats. The fine
Cultural Event. The Festival offers a weekend celebration on                                     jew
                                                                                                 jewelry, art, crafts and religious items are well worth a visit
of authentic Greek foods, including plenty of “mezedes” (appetizers),          too! Their works are original and the values are as exceptional as any found
traditional folk dancing, live Greek Music, shopping, a Kids Carnival area,    in Greece.
cooking demonstrations, church tours and much, much more!                             The Festival starts Saturday, Sunday & Monday at Noon and the
       However the Greek way of life includes “Parea”. So bring your           Kefi’ keeps going ‘til 9:00 pm all 3 days! Assumption Greek Orthodox
friends, the more, the better and “Be Greek for a Day!” OPA!                   Church is the venue for the festivities located at 5761 E. Colorado Street,
       Parea (n., Greek) - Good company, the enjoyment and camaraderie         Long Beach, Ca. Look for the Blue domed, white church, and Greek Flags
of many friends, a group of friends. Greeks find little enjoyment or           waving to welcome you to be come join us and “Be Greek for a Day!”
happiness in spending time alone. They love the buzz of being out and          Admission is just $3 per adult and FREE to all Policemen, Firemen &
about in the company of others. Their happiness is not complete unless they    active Military w/ proper ID. Free to children 12 and under. For further info,
can enjoy it surrounded by their Parea. Greeks love moving about their         call the church office at (562) 494-8929. So Kalos Orisate! Welcome!
neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities in these Pareas, eating, drinking,   Eat a bit, drink a little, dance a lot, share our Kefi’, have fun and ...
                                                                                                                                         "Be Greek for a Day!”
                                                       61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                 Page 2 of 20

Dear Friends:

It is with great pride and joy that I extend to you a warm
welcome to our 61st Annual Greek Festival. We look
forward to offering you the finest cuisine and entertain-
ment as well as our rich Hellenic Culture.

During your visit we would like to also extend to you an
invitation to participate in our church tours and learn about
the rich tradition and teaching of the Greek (Eastern)
Orthodox Church. At that time you will have an opportu-
nity to learn more about our faith, history, architecture and

“Philoxenia” (hospitality) is a very important part to a
Greek family and we extend it to you, our friends and
guests. Please be assured that we will do all that we can to
make your experience here with us a fun and memorable one. Should you need any
assistance feel free to call upon any of our hard working volunteers.

             To all of our dedicated and tireless members and volunteers,
               I extend my gratitude and blessings for all your support
                          and love for our church and culture.

       I hope and pray you have fantastic time, and thank you for being with us.

Please accept my continued prayers to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and Theotokos, protector
                of our parish, for her never ending intercession for all of us.


                                    Father John Roll

                                                                                  “Kalos oree- seteh!”
                                                 That’s the Greek word for “WELCOME”. Literally it means, “It is well that you are seen!”
                                     Taking to heart this literal meaning it is an expression of Love & Caring in Greek. To our Guests here today, we
                                   want to Thank You all for supporting us for so many years. Because of you, we have celebrated sixty one years of
                                          successful festivals. We will continue celebrating, as long as you are here to celebrate with us and
                                                                                         “Be Greek for a Day!”
                                       “Efharisto!” (Thank you) for being such loyal supporters. You are, what it’s all about! If this is a new experi-
     Matoula Batshoun                 ence for you and your family, we hope that you will savor your weekend of Greek Culture, Greek Foods and
 Festival Chairwoman 2010           wines, and that you will return again next year. Remember, same time, same place. Always Labor Day Weekend!
                                         See you next year September 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2010! “Come celebrate & be Greek for a weekend, OPA!”

Be Greek for a Day!
Before you know it you’ll be shouting “Opa”! & “Yassou”! Just like the Greeks.
Spend the whole day at the Festival. Whether you choose to eat at the indoor Dining room or, outdoors in our center “Plaka”, the 61st Annual Long
Beach Greek Festival is serving up the best food this side of the Aegean! Walk around and you’ll discover old Greek favorites with new tastes and
lots of delicious taverna style “Mezedes” appetizers, Greek Salads, Spankopita and grill items. Plus complete dinners. They are made with loving
hands and are well prepared and priced to please you and your family. So as you start your food odyssey today, remember you’ll find lot’s of our
“Philoxenia” hospitality everywhere. We hope to spoil you and help you “Be Greek for a Day!”
Come experience the Greek tradition of the “Taverna”. Known as a casual meeting place in each & every village. Specializing in Light meals like no
other, best served with Greek Beer and lots of music. CALAMARI & GRILLED OCTOPUS ~ Deep fried & served island style.
           ATHENS WEST GYROS, oh those amazing GYROS!
              By far the most popular eatery. Greeks proudly stake our claim for introducing to the culinary world, GYROS, the savory lamb & beef
                 strips wrapped in a pita. So you see, the Greeks invented wraps & rollups way before they became mainstream on menus.
                     Be prepar to wait a few minutes for this one. It’s served warm with tomatoes, onions and refreshing “Tzaziki” yogurt, garlic
                         & cucumber sauce. Try Traditonal style or our Hot Feta Gyros.
                                 No trip to Athens would be complete without Street food. Greeks walk around the city with Kabobs of Souvlaki, and
                                 Ice Cold Frappes. Check out the Appetizer both for a variety of delicious finger foods.
                                Pork Souvlaki & Chicken Souvlaki ~ served sizzling hot w/ pita,
                               Greek style Lamb Chops & Fries ~ Our signature seasoned Lamb Chops with hot Greek, seasoned Fries.
                                                                                                         Continued on page 10

                                                                                  WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE TO OUR SPONSORS FOR THEIR CONTINUED SUPPORT
                                                                                      OVER THE YEARS FOR THE LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL AND CULTURAL EVENT
                                                             61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                    Page 3 of 20

                                                                                                           September 2010
        Best Wishes on the Success of Assumption’s                                                         Dear Friends, Parishioners
                                                                                                           and Guests of “Festival 2010”
       61st Annual Greek Festival and Cultura Event!
              nual                    Cultural
                                                                                                          If this is your first visit to our annual festival, we want to
                                                                                                          welcome you with open arms. We are proud of our event and
                                                                                                          we do it all “for you” who are reading this today. We want
                                                                                                          you to become “Greek For The Day”. If you have any
                                                                                  questions please see our information/welcoming committee located at the main
                                                                                  entrance of the church.

                                                                                  We are proud to say; that our “Greek Sweets” are all prepared and baked in our own
                                                                                  Church kitchen by the women of our parish. They prepare these sweets in the same
                                                                                  way that their Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers taught them many
                   Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, Inc.
                                                                                  years ago. There is an art to preparing these Greek Pastries, and for that reason, we
                       Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary                      offer free cooking demonstrations so that you too, can learn the secrets of “Greek
                         Omonia Chapter – 2010-2010 Board                         Cuisine”. Check your schedule of events to see the scheduled times.

                                                                                  It’s a must that you take time to learn Greek Dancing! Its an experience of it’s own.
                                                                                  Once you learn to Greek Dance, you will never forget it. “Music by the Olympians”
                                                                                  throughout the weekend, offers free dance lessons. Take the challenge of learning
           Members of this philanthropic organization,                            the art of Greek Dancing. You will be glad you did! Check your schedule of events
          which started in 1931, participate in the noble                         for the time/s.
        tradition of participating in projects and programs
                                                                                  The food/s and drink/s of this event are super-delicious and refreshing. There are
       aimed a making a substantial difference in the lives
                                                                                  foods for everyone. Your taste buds will savor the flavors of Greek Cuisine. From
        of others. Their work impacts not only their local                        Chickens cooked on our outside BBQ to the Gyro’s cooked on our own grills. The
           communities, but national and international                            foods are all prepared by our own parishioners and again, handed down from
            communities as well. We thank all those                               recipes’ many centuries ago.
            committed to our mission of Philanthropy.
                                                                                  It is our expectations; that you and your families go home with Happy Thoughts and
                                                                                  Lasting Memories of your experience today.
                 To our awesome Philoptochos Sisters and Friends. . . .
                     who without their time, talents, and treasures
                      we could not have baked all those pastries!                                                      Yiasas,
                                                                                     Have a great day and hope to see you again next year! Labor Day Weekend
                                      Thank You!
                                                                                  Olympia Stapakis
   p.s. Don’t forget to stop by the pastry booths and see us!                     Parish President 2010

         Very Best Wishes
                   For a Successful Greek Festival 2010

                 Piano Lessons and Performance Coaching for:
     Recitals               Competitions                   Festivals
            All ages and all levels. From beginners to advanced

Member of MTAC
                                               (562) 433- 4759

                    James C. Andrews, M.D., F.A.C.S
                    A Medical Corporation
                    Clinical Professor Surgery - UCLA
                        Otology, Neurotology, Skullbase Surgery
                   Disorders of Hearing, Balance and the Facial Nerve

     435 N. Bedford Drive                    18350 Roscoe Boulevard
     Suite 203                                              Suite 518
     Beverly Hills, California                  Northridge, California
     90210                                                      91325
     310.478.4308                                       818.349.0680
     FAX 310.318.2446                               FAX 818.417.1011
                                                 61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                          Page 4 of 20

                                                                       DAUGHTERS OF PENELOPE:
                                                                       The Daughters of Penelope, Minos Chapter #159,
                                                                       of Long Beach, cordially invites you to join this
                                                                       wonderful philanthropic organization which has
                                                                       chapters throughout the United States, Canada,
                                                                       Greece, Australia and New Zealand. The Daughters
                                                                       of Penelope Mission is to perpetuate our pride in
                                                                       being Hellenes, stressing education and philan-
                                                                       thropic works throughout our domain. Our El
                                                                       Camino Real District #20 Project is Guide Dogs of
                                                                       America, with a facility in Sylmar, California.
                                                                       Daughters chapters in our District have contributed
                                                                       more than $25,000.00 to this wonderful cause and will continue to raise funds
                                                                       for Guide Dogs of America, along with local charities, as well as their local Greek
                                                                       Orthodox churches. The Daughters also established and fund a home for abused
                                                                       women and children in Mobile, Alabama. If you are interested in joining this
                                                                       elite organization, please contact Catherine Vackrinos - President of Minos
                                                                       Chapter #159, Long Beach through our church office.

                                                                                               The Maids of Athena is a junior order of the Daughters
                                                                                                of Penelope, which is the female affiliate of AHEPA. The Maids are
                                                                                                also the sister organization of the Sons of Pericles, the male youth
                                                                                                affiliate to AHEPA. Our local Maids of Athena, Zoe #167, was started
                                                                                                in December 2009 and is based at St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church
                                                                                                in Anaheim. Since December, we have had three initiations and are
                                                                                                currently the largest chapter on the West Coast. Maids of Athena is
                                                                                                dedicated to promoting Hellenism by strengthening Greek culture
                                                                                                through educational and artistic activities. We take great pride in
                                                                                                our sponsorship and support of philanthropic activities, leadership
                                                                                                conferences, scholarship programs, travel opportunities the arts,
                                                                       athletic tournaments and social functions. The Maids of Athena are dedicated to ensuring
                                                                       our future place in North America's preeminent Hellenic organizations.
                                                                                      If you are between the ages of 14 and 26 years old, unmarried,
                                                                        and of Greek descent from either parent, please feel free to contact either our President,
                                                                         Alexandra Nikolau (562) 243-9580 or our Vice President, Sofie Batshoun (714) 705-9314.
                                                                                          Depending on how many girls are interested in joining,
                                                                                initiation will be held in October, location TBA. Love in Pi Alpha, Zoe # 167

      Best Wishes from                                                  George and Christos Andrews and Isabella
                                                                          on vacation in Morro Bay June, 2010

   Nick and Linda Monios
        For another
     suc es ful Festival
            2010                                                                              Congratulations Assumption Church
                                                                                           on all your hard work and a job well done.
                                                                                          Thanks to all that made this festival a success.
                                                                                       George, Christopher, Nikki and Jim Andrews

                  SENIOR CHRISTIANS:
                   Do you, as a Senior, need something fun to do
                   once a month?
                   If so, then why not join Assumption Senior                   Best Wishes for a successful festival
                   Christians? We meet every third Tuesday of the
                   month, September through June.                                From the Assumption Greek school
                   Our association dues are $15.00 per person                    We are now accepting new enrollment
                   yearly, payable every January. Best of all, we              Registration for the 2010-2011 school year
                   have a POTLUCK LUNCHEON at every meeting
so you can bring your favorite food item/s to the table. An upcoming
                                                                                 We are currently offering classes from
event is scheduled for Sunday, September 19th after church which                       pre-kindergarten to sixth grade.
will be a Fashion Show Luncheon sponsored by Assumption Senior                               Also offering an adult class.
Christians. Anyone wishing to model please contact Bobbie Soupos.               Registration will be held on Wednesday,
We also have occasional trips by bus that are either one day or
several days long. Our Senior Christians also sponsor the "OLI                                       September 8th 2010
MAZI" Friday evening potluck dinners that take place in our church                      at 5:30pm in the cultural center.
hall three of four times a year, with a movie to follow. Consider
joining the fun and fellowship this fine organization offers you.
                                                                                              Classes begin on Wednesday,
Nick Monios - President; Matoula Batshoun - Vice - President;                              September 15th 2010 at 5:30 - 7:00pm
Catherine Lambrakis - Treasurer; Catherine Prineas - Recording
Secretary; and Catherine Vackrinos - Corresponding Secretary
                                                              61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                         Page 5 of 20

                                                                                                            Plan your next Greece Trip with OPA Travel

                             THE GREEK UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE:
                                         Whether you visit the Mediterranean islands of Greece or
                                             ancient Ruins of Athens you will Fall in LOVE with more
                                              than the scenery, sights & sounds of Greece. There is
                                              a feeling in Greece like no other place. You’ll feel the
                                             LOVE. Modern day Greeks, like their ancestors LOVE a
                                            lot! They LOVE their lives richly and consider Life a gift.               
                                          They LOVE their families without question and LOVE their
                                      friends (Parea) deeply. They LOVE to work and they LOVE to
                                 play. They LOVE their Food & Drink immensely and take great care
                          in the preparation. They especially LOVE their music and song. OPA!
                        Greeks LOVE God and it shows in everything they do. More than anything
Greeks LOVE to share all that is Greek!
         But, you ask, how can they say they LOVE everyone & everything? To understand the
Greek mindset, you have to understand their unique concept of LOVE;
         There are several Greek words for love, as the Greek language distinguishes how the
word is used. Ancient Greek has four distinct words for love: agápe, éros, philía, and storgē. How-
ever, as with other languages, it has been historically difficult to separate the meanings of these
         To the ancient Greeks, LOVE was bound to intention and a priority in their purpose was
finding the good to do in life, and doing it. The idea of "excellence" to the Greek, was more than          1133 E. WARDLOW RD. LONG
philosophical, it was fundamentally structured within the ethos of their society.
         LOVE, in the Greek mind was not purely the expression of the senses or emotion. Those
were seen for what they in fact truly are, a perception of well being that comes from well doing!
                                                                                                                   BEACH CA. 90807
The Greeks perceived that "LOVE" is more about, what I do than what I feel. Moreover, what I feel
is an outcome of what I do. It's not difficult then to understand why the Greek word for LOVE is
                                                                                                                   Fax# 562-492-9875
multifaceted.. To a Greek, the word could be used to relate 4 fundamental ideas in simplicity:
        (érōs) A love that relates the idea of physicality, passion and sexuality.
        (philía) A love that relates the idea of the familial such as friendship.
        (agápē) A love that is deeply devotional, loyal, and seeks nothing of itself.
        It is the highest expression of LOVE for a Greek, a LOVE that is unrelenting it
        cannot-will not fail, even at the expense of his own life.
                                                                                                               MAJOR EQUIPMENT RENTAL
        (storge) A love like affection that’s between children & parents.                                           Special Events ~ Food Courts
          The Greeks lived purposefully, and gave themselves to excellence in whatsoever they put                             Festivals
their hands to... It formed their intentionality and governed their every step in life.
       Nonetheless, the senses in which these words were generally used are given below.                         Conveyor Ovens, Preparation Tables,
- Agápe (αγάπη agápē) means "LOVE" in modern day Greek, such as in the term s'agapo
(Σ'αγαπώ), which means "I love you". In Ancient Greek, it often refers to a general affection rather                Portable Refers and Freezers.
than the attraction suggested by "eros". Agape is used in ancient texts to denote feelings for a
good meal, one's children, and the feelings for a spouse. It can be described as the feeling of
being content or holding one in high regard. Many have thought that this word represents divine,
unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. It is also the Love for God.
- Éros (έρως érōs) is passionate love, with sensual desire and longing. The Modern Greek word              Ingredients
                                                                                                                              Greek Doughnuts
"erotas" means "(romantic) love;" however, eros does not have to be sexual in nature. Eros can             2 Pkg. Dry yeast
be interpreted as a love for someone whom you love more than the philia, love of friendship. It can        1/2 Cup warm water
also apply to dating relationships as well as marriage. Plato refined his own definition: Although
eros is initially felt for a person, with contemplation it becomes an appreciation of the beauty within    3/4 Cup scalded milk
that person, or even becomes appreciation of beauty itself. It should be noted Plato does not talk         1/4 Cup sugar
of physical attraction as a necessary part of love, hence the use of the word platonic to mean,            1 tsp. Salt
"without physical attraction                                                                               1/3 Cup soft shortening
- Philia (φιλία philía) means friendship in modern Greek. It is a dispassionate virtuous love, a
concept developed by Aristotle. It includes loyalty to friends, family, and community, and requires        2 Eggs
virtue, equality and familiarity. In ancient texts, philos denoted a general type of love, used for love   3 1/2 Cups sifted flour
between family, between friends, a desire or enjoyment of an activity.                                     Honey
- Storge (στοργή storgē) means "affection" in ancient and modern Greek. It is natural affection,           Cinnamon
like that felt by parents for offspring. Rarely used in ancient works, and then almost exclusively as
a descriptor of relationships within the family. It is also known to express mere acceptance or
putting up with situations for the benefit of family well being.                                           Instructions
The next time you say, “I like someone or something”; remember LIKE is a form of LOVE in it’s              Add yeast to water, let stand. Pour hot milk in bowl, add sugar
Greek Origin.
                                                                                                           and salt. Blend together and cool to lukewarm. Stir yeast mixture
                                                                                                           well and add to milk and sugar. Mix in shortening, eggs and flour.
                                                                                                           Beat vigorously until batter is smooth. Cover and let rise about
                                                                                                           30 minutes, or until doubled. Stir down and let rest while oil is
                                                                                                           heating to 350 degrees in deep fryer. Have oil at least 2 inches
                                                                                                           deep. Drop batter from teaspoon into hot oil. Turn when edges
                                                                                                           show color, frying until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper.
                                                                                                           Dilute honey with a little warm water and drizzle over loukou-
                                                                                                           mathes while still warm. Sprinkle with cinnamon, chopped nuts
                                                                                                           or sesame seeds if desired.
                                                                                                                        In loving memory of Mary & Chris Pastras
                                                61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                                                                                        Page 6 of 20

                              “It’s all Greek to me?
English speakers say "It's Greek to me"? In Greece, Greeks say "It's Chinese to me"
                                                                                   Use logic to fill in the puzzle so that each of the 9 Greek symbols
                                                                                                                                                                     Greek SudokuΦ Χ Ψ Ω
                                                                                                                                                                             ΠΡ ΣΤΥ
                                                                                              appears exactly once in each row, column and 3x3 block. There is only one solution.
- If you would like to learn more Greek, all you have to do is visit Greece or better
yet, take Greek Lessons at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Long Beach.                                                                                           Φ Τ                                  Π Ω

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          More Puzzles & Solution Tips @
                                                                                                Shortcut to Greek Sudoku Puzzles @
- Greek should be relatively easy for Europeans and English speaking people, since
all Indo-European languages contain at least 35% Greek words. Also, if we take into
                                                                                                                                                                     Ω Ψ Π         Χ            Τ       Υ Φ Σ
consideration that Latin derived from Greek, then more than 70% of the words are of                                                                                  Σ Υ Χ                              Ρ Ψ Τ
Greek origin. In the medical, scientific & technological world at least 85% is Greek.
- Therefore, with a little bit of effort and some determination, you should be able to
                                                                                                                                                                       Π                                  Υ
speak basic Greek within a couple of months’ time and practice!                                                                                                          Τ        Σ Ψ Ω                 Φ
Contact us for Greek School info at: (562) 494-8929
                                                                                                                                                                       Φ Σ        Π   Υ                 Ω Τ
                                                                                                                                                                     Π              Ω                       Υ
Why I am proud to be Greek:                                                                                                                                          Τ Ω Φ                              Ψ Σ Χ

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          48ip - 27 - 9
Because nights in Greece finish in the morning.
Because we drink our coffee slowly and not in 'gulps'.                                                                                                               Ρ Χ Υ        Ψ             Σ       Π Ω Φ
Because flirting is our national pastime.
Because we go out almost every night, even if we are penniless.                                                                                                                   Solution on page 14
Because we respect our Grand-mothers sometimes more than our wives.
Because we know how to 'spend' better than we know how to 'save'.
                                                                                                                                                                     Π Ρ Σ Τ Υ Φ ΧΨΩ
Because we never visit others empty-handed...we bring a cake or a bottle of wine
Because we do not share the cost of gasoline with those travelling with us.
Because the word 'filotimo' (helping someone because it is the right
       thing to do) doesn't exist in any other language.
Because whenever foreigners cannot find a word, they bloody steal one of ours!
Because we always make it, albeit at the last moment.

                                                                                                                                                                               BEST WISHES
Because we love and hate with passion.
Because we spend our bad and low times with our friends and family;
       not with therapists and counselors.
Because Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were Hellenic and we still quote them!

                                                                                                                                                                              for a successful
Because we invented the theatre.
Because we gave birth to Democracy.
Because we jump-started science.

                                                                                                                                                                         2010 Festival!
Because we are proud of our culture, not of our wars.
Because when we were building the Parthenon, the others were still sleeping under trees.
Because when others created wars, we created the Olympic Games to stop wars.
Because we don't use ketchup or mayonnaise with our food!
Because we get angry quickly, but forget about it even more quickly.
Because Greek men are not ashamed to cry.
Because we dance when we are sad and party when we are happy.

                                                                                                                                                                       JAMES J. MENTAS
Because we work to live and we do not live to work.
Because 97% of the cosmic stars are named after Hellenics.
Because although we know danger well, we dare.
Because when you shout 'adelfe' (brother) in the streets, everyone turns around.
Because we speak loudly and laugh even louder !

'Greeks do not fight like heroes; heroes fight like Greeks.' (Winston Churchill, 1941)
                                                                                                                                                                                        ATTORNEY AT LAW
No one will love you more deeply than a Greek.                                                                                                                         9928 Flower street                Tel: (562) 263-0221
                                                   Yia sas!
                                                                                                                                                                       Suite 201                         Fax: (562) 263-0234
                                                                                                                                                                       Bellflower, CA 90706    
                                                   BEST WISHES
                                                      FOR A
                                                    SUCCESSFUL                                                                                                              We Wish This Year's
                                                     FESTIVAL                                                                                                                  Greek Festval
                                                 THE ARGYROS
                                                                                                                                                                            Another Big Success
                                                                                                                                                                             Best Wishes
                                                                                                                                                                      Dr. Jack and Penny Spirtos
                                                   61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                                                 Page 7 of 20

                                 ANCIENT GREEK PROVERBS OF LOVE
                                 "A heart that loves is always young." - Greek Proverb
                                 “At the touch of Love, everyone becomes a poet” – Plato
                                 “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies” – Aristotle
                                 “Love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables.”- Sappho
                                 "Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other” - Euripides
                                          Am I the Last to Discover Greek Yogurt?
                                          Compilation excerpts from articles written by Jennifer Middleton Richards & Stephanie H. Dray
                                       I've always loved yogurt. Add some granola, and you've got breakfast. Short on time? Spoon for a
                                      snack. Need to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth? Serve up vanilla. It's versatile, creamy, cool, and
                                      And here comes the discovery. On a trip to the neighborhood store, I stumbled upon Fage, a Greek
                                      yogurt. I've heard about Greek yogurt for years but never tried it. (As a former Cooking Light
                                      employee, I even read articles on how easy it is to make. The yogurt is strained differently to remove
                                      the whey, giving it a thicker texture and adding protein.) I grabbed a tub.
                                      The next morning, my view on yogurt changed for life. That sounds overtly sensational, but I'm not
                                      kidding. Greek yogurt is nothing like normal yogurt. It's rich, uber-filling, and the texture is similar to
                                      soft serve ice cream without the sweetness. Example: Ever heard calorie-cutting tips like substitute
sour cream or whipping cream for plain yogurt and thought, "Sure, if you don't care about taste." You COULD with Greek yogurt; it's that rich
and creamy. Make granola happy. Buy Greek yogurt ;)
                                                          Five Ways to Eat Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt is a rich, velvety alternative to the sour, runny stuff that passes for yogurt in American grocery stores. The health benefits of Greek
Yogurt are myriad, and it has several cooking advantages over the regular kind, including the fact that it will not separate when baked. Greek
Yogurt is gluten free, safe for diabetics and vegetarians, and with the 2% variety being only 120 calories a cup, it's perfect for dieters of all
kinds. You can buy Greek Yogurt in specialty stores like Trader Joe's or you can make your own by straining plain yogurt through a cheese-
cloth. But what do you do with Greek Yogurt once you have it? Here are five ways to eat it:
1. Tzatziki. If you LOVE Greek cuisine, or have ever enjoyed a gyro sandwich with a delicious cucumber yogurt sauce, then you've probably
had tzatziki and didn't even know it. Tzatziki is a staple of Greek cuisine that is used as a topping for meat dishes or salads. You can make this
savory sauce at home using Greek Yogurt and your own spices. Add some cucumbers, and you may never go back to sour cream. (Incidentally,
Greek Yogurt can also be used plain as a sour cream substitute with all the texture, but dramatically fewer calories.)
2. With Honey and Nuts. In Greece, a classic way to eat Greek yogurt is to pair it with honey and nuts. The texture of the yogurt swirls beauti-
fully with honey, and the nutty crunch adds some wholesome pizzazz.
3. Smoothies. When milk is scarce or out of the question and you're looking for a smoothie with more tang, add some Greek yogurt. You'll be
surprised at the richness it imparts to your frosty beverage.
4. Peanut Butter Fluff. Take a cup of Greek Yogurt and add two tablespoons of peanut butter to it for an extraordinary treat. You'll think you're
eating soft-serve peanut butter ice cream and your kids may be envious. If you're trying to cut down calories, carbs, or fat, try adding the new
PB2 powder instead of peanut butter, and sweeten it with splenda or a sugar free syrup for all the taste and none of the guilt.
5. Fruit Chiffon. Greek Yogurt makes an exceptional accompaniment to all kinds of fruit. Traditionalists may
grill fruit slices and serve them with Greek yogurt for desert after a light summer supper. But if you're in a hurry, try flavoring your yogurt with
a sugar free lemon or strawberry syrup. You'll find it makes a refreshing way to eat Greek yogurt while watching your weight at the same
time.              Once again the Greeks have been eating right all along. No wonder they LOVE food and Life so much!
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                                                              2010 Church Festival.                                            have been known to cause manic
                                                                 Most sincerely,                                               bouzouki obsessive behavior.
Helen, Michelis, Billy and Dino                                   Mary Poulos                                                  Please treat the bouzouki with the respect it deserves
                                                     61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                                              Page 8 of 20

                     Congratulations                         Baklava
                 On your 61st Anniversary            Ingredients
                           And                       6 Cups Chopped walnuts
                    Best Wishes for a                3 T. Sugar
                                                     1/2 tsp. Cinnamon
                 Successful Festival 2010            1 Pkg. Commercial Phyllo dough
                  Zoe Falley & Family                1 lb. Melted Butter
                                                     3 Cups Sugar
       Tradition, Culture & Family                   1 Cup Water
   What the Long Beach Festival means to Us.         1 1/2 Cup Honey
 Congratulations on having another Successful Year ! Instructions
               Ted & Olga Stavros                    Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl. Spread 7
                                                     sheets of phyllo in baking sheet, brushing each sheet with melted butter. Spread a think layer of nut mixture,
                                                     then 2 more phyllo sheets (make sure to brush butter on each layer of phyllo) Repeat process until
                                                     you have 7 sheets of phyllo left. Layer on top of Baklava, brushing each with butter.
                                                     Bake in 350 degree oven for approximately 45 minutes. Make syrup by boiling sugar, water and honey.
                                                     Pour over Baklava, making sure that if Baklava is hot, syrup is cold. If Baklava is cooled, syrup needs to be hot.
                                                     In Loving Memory of Bea Papadopoulos ~

                                                                               ANCIENT GREEKS
                                                                     The reining culprits behind Western philosophy: (S)ocrates, (P)lato and (A)ristotle. Plato studied under Socrates
                                                                   and then taught Aristotle. Think “SPA” and you won’t get confused about their chronology. Now, who were they exactly?
                                                             Socrates: famous philosopher who never wrote a thing. Plato’s works memorialize him, particularly in
                                                             Apology which revolves around Socrates trial in 399 BC for allegedly corrupting the youth of Athens.

                                                             Plato: philosopher, mathematician and founder of the Academy in Athens in the 5th century BC. It was the
                                                             first institution of higher learning in the Western World and survived, remarkably, until 529 AD.

                                                             Aristotle: philosopher born in Northern Greece who tutored Alexander the Great and studied everything
                                                             from theology to embryology, making him a Renaissance man some 2000 years before the Renaissance!

                                                             Sappho: poet whose sensitive writings about women led to acclaim in her day, and today as well in feminist
                                                             circles. Plato reportedly said, “Some say the Muses are nine: how careless! Look, there's Sappho too, from
                                                             Lesbos, the tenth.”

                                                             Pythagoras: mathematician and mystic from Samos credited, perhaps incorrectly, with the Pythagorean
                                                             Theorem. In Greece’s Italian colony of Calabria, he led a commune of vegetarian followers who renounced
                                                             personal possessions.

                                                             Pericles: statesman regarded as a major force behind the Athenian empire. He promoted arts and literature
                                                             in the city and championed Athenian democracy. He also by the way was responsible for the construction of
                                                             the Acropolis.

                                                             Euripides: playwright who wrote Medea and Electra and some 95 other works. He brought a cutting edge to
                                                             Greek theatre by portraying women and slaves with intelligence and satirizing heroes of Greek mythology.
        Andrew J. Manos D.O. Inc.
             Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon               Thucydides: historian who wrote History of the Peloponnesian War. He transformed history writing by a
              Board Certified Family Medicine                strict reliance on evidence, a cause and effect approach to events and ignoring the gods as factors in explain-
                      (562) 498-0029                         ing history.

              1760 Termino Avenue, Suite 222                 Alexander the Great: military commander, a phenomenal leader who was undefeated in battle. Through
                                                             him Greece conquered Persia and extended the Greek empire as far as Afghanistan. He died a mere 33 years
                   Long Beach, CA 90804
                                                             old in Babylon.
             At the corner of Pacific Coast Hwy
          and Termino Avenue, next to Long Beach             Archimedes: mathematician, physicist and engineer who resided in Sicily, a colony of Magna Graecia. His
                     Community Center                        groundbreaking theories included the principle of the lever, the device on which mechanics is based

                                                             Leonidas: king of ancient Sparta and commander of an elite troop of 300 Spartan soldiers who fended off
Adult and Pediatric Care
Lab and X-Ray on Premises
                                      Complete Family        thousands of Persians at Thermopylae. The bravery of their patriotic stance continues to bring enormous
Outpatient and Inpatient Care
Hospital Staff Membership              Medical Care          pride to all Greeks.
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
Long Beach Community Medical Center                          Sophocles: playwright of 123 plays, the most famous being “Oedipus the King” and “Antigone.” He influ-
Los Alamitos Medical Center                                  enced Greek drama by adding a third character to the stage which diminished the Greek chorus. He lived to
Pacific Hospital of Long Beach                               be 90 years old.
Most Medical Plans Accepted
                                                             Hippocrates: physician known as the Father of Medicine, born on Kos island in the 4th century BC. His
Medical Group Membership                                     Hippocratic Oath obliges doctors to perform no unnecessary or harmful medical procedures.
Allied Physicians Medical Group
Memorial Medical IPA
                                                             Aristophanes: comic dramatist who wrote “Lysistrata,” a play about females waging a moratorium on sex
California Pacific Medical Group
Alamitos IPA                                                 until the men cease warring. Lysistrata was performed in dozens of cities around the world on a single night
Associated Doctors of Orange County                          in 2003 to protest the U.S. government’s invasion of Iraq.
                                                         61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                             Page 9 of 20

Greek Mediterranean Diet: Oranges Can Help You Prevent Heart Attacks
Oranges have been from time immemorial a staple food in the Mediterranean countries, like Greece. They have also been a major player in protecting the people of that
region from heart disease. Thus, if you never thought of oranges as a food for your heart, here are some good reasons to start doing so:
Oranges and vitamin C
Oranges are very rich in vitamin C. This vitamin has the following effects in our body:
1. It protects our arteries from free radicals, highly damaging molecules that cause our cells to oxidize.
2. It helps prevent the oxidation of cholesterol; oxidized cholesterol sticks to the walls of our arteries, building up plaque. Plaque can grow large enough to block blood
             flow in our blood vessels, causing a heart attack or a stroke.
               3. It helps recycle vitamin E, one of the most powerful antioxidants and the first line of defense when it comes to the oxidation of our cells.
                Oranges and Folate
                        Oranges are naturally rich in folate, or folic acid, a vitamin of the B group. One role of folate is to process the amino acid homocysteine in our body.
                            When folate is lacking, homocysteine is not broken down, piles up in our blood vessels and becomes toxic even in small amounts. The accumulation
                                    of high levels of homocysteine in the blood may cause a heart attack even among people who have adequate cholesterol levels.
                                       Oranges and Minerals
                                         1. Sodium. Oranges are very low in sodium. When we eat foods containing a large amount of sodium (salt) we retain a large volume of
                                         fluid in our blood vessels that needs to be moved around by the heart. The result is we end up with high blood pressure.
                                        2. Potassium. Oranges are high in potassium, a mineral that plays a key role in heart functions and muscle contractions, making it an
                                       important nutrient for a healthy heart. It works with sodium to regulate the water balance in the body. Diets low in sodium and high in
                                  potassium lower blood pressure, reducing the risk for strokes.

                      We should all eat like the Greeks,

                                                                                     Best Wishes For a Fabulous Festival
   for our good health and pure pleasure of fresh, foods made with LOVE.

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Huntington Beach, CA 92649 U.S.A.                                                        
Phone Number: 714.894.9022 Fax: 714.894.2660                                                      
       To the exuberant revelry embodied                                                   Don’t forget to donate
             In the spirit of Hellas,                                                 to the new Assumption Center
                     Best Wishes                                                              Coming Soon!
               For a Successful Festival                                                                                  EFHARISTO!
                                                                                                                             Thanks for your support!

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                                                                                       All Our Blessings For Another Successful Festival

                     Sofia Riley and George Marinos
                                                                                               Tom and Bobbie Soupos & Staff
                                                  61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                    Page 10 of 20

Continued from page 2                                                                                   ZYMARIKO- Sweets/Desserts ~ Oh ,those
Loukaniko ~ Packed with its’ own long-standing fans. Our “Lou-                                          heavenly pastries only the Greeks can make. That
kanico” is the absolute best sausage this side of the Acropolis. We’re                                  famous Baklava. The rich smooth custard
cooking up sizzling portions served in a fresh pita with olives, feta                                   baked Galatobouriko, Kourabiethes, the
cheese and a lemon wedge.                                                                               melt in your mouth butter cookies dusted with
Tzatziki /Hummus w Pita ~ Don’t forget to share a dip & Pita                                            powdered sugar. The Melomakarona honey
with your “Parea” while trying our imported Greek wine or Beer.                                         cookies with a hint of orange and topped with
Dolmades/Tirpoita/ Spanokopita ~ Famous Greek appetizers                                                chopped walnuts. The traditional Koulourakia
                         or side dishes at any Greek meal. Our Dol-                                     cookies we all grew up on. More treats for your
                         mades are hand rolled Stuffed Grape leaves                                     pleasure; Tsoureki, a Greek sweet bread that
                         with meat, rice & herbs. The Tiropita are light,                               melts in your mouth. Diples, a rolled pastry,
                         delicate Philo triangles baked with cheese.                                    honey dipped and sprinkled with just the right
                         Spanokopita are Philo stuffed with                 amount of cinnamon and walnuts. Karithopita, Spicy ground walnut cake
                         spinach & cheese. Baked to perfection.             topped w/syrup. Pasta Flora, a delicate lattice topped tart filled with fruit
                         Greek Style Lamb Chops ~ We’re offering            jam sure to please everyone and extra popular with the children, because it
                         our signature Greek Style Lamp chops.              doesn’t contain any nuts. Don’t forget to add a cold drink from Caffee de
                         They’re tender, flavorful, and by far the best     Amore. Yes, the Greeks invented energy bars too. Pasteli, a favorite Greek
                         you’ll find anywhere. You’ll won’t be disap-       candy, made only with sesame seeds & honey for pure energy. Check out the
pointed. Served w/ hot, Greek Seasoned fries and Feta cheese. Line up       Dessert booth for these & more delicious homemade, authentic Greek sweets.
early and prepare to wait a bit. It’s well worth it.
CHICKEN ~ Neil, Ted & Bill are BBQ’ing fresh skewered Chicken to            BARS / BEER GARDEN
perfection with centuries old Greek family Recipes, Greek herbs &           In the true “Zorba the Greek” tradition we have Greek Wines, Ouzo and
spices. You’ll be speaking Greek after eating these.                        Greek Beer to help you share our feeling of “Kefi”. For those of you a little less
                                                                            adventurous we have American Beer, wine, soft drinks and water available.
“Dining Room OPA Experience”
Complete Greek Dinners ~ Always a crowd pleaser. This year’s                ENTERTAINMENT GREEK STYLE
Hercules Platter is a variable feast, not to be missed. In honor of         MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC – OPA!
our 61st anniversary we are offering heaping entrees with ¼ Roasted         What would life be without music & dance? To a Greek, life is a gift that
Chicken, 2 ps of Roast Lamb, Rice, Briami, Greek Beans, Pastichio,          needs to be shared with good music, dance, food , family and friends. Your
Moussaka, Tiropita, Spanakopita, Dolmades, small Greek dinner               journey to Greece wouldn’t be complete without the exciting tunes of “The
salad & bread rolls. ENOUGH FOR x 2 people to be Greek for a Day!           Olympians” our traditional Greek Bouzouki Band.
Combo Dinners of your choice include Greek Style Roasted                    FOLK DANCE GROUPS ~ Come watch and be amazed at the talent of
Lamb or Greek Style Chicken, Pastichio, Mousaka, Dolmades                   these young people dancing the traditional, authentic dances of their
dinners, or our Mediterranean Vegetarian meals. All are served with         ancestors. In native costumes indicative of the area where the dance
Rice Pilaf, Greek Green Beans, sm. Greek Salad & a bread roll.              originates in Greece.
ALA CARTE MENU ~ For those who truly want to try everything                                                  KIDS - FULL CARNIVAL AREA ~ Expanded
Greek, we proudly offer Ala Carte menu as well, including “Salata” a                                         this year due to popular demand, the children’s
Greek Village salad and a dinner roll in 2 sizes.                                                            area includes a Bounce House, Rides Carnival
Fasolakia, green beans savored in tomato with Lemon, and Briam,                                              style games, Face Painting and great prizes.
our Vegatarian Casserole. Don’t forget to dance a little and make                                            Bring the kids, purchase an all day pass and let
room for those heavenly desserts, too.                                                                       them play, while you dance.
LOUKOUMADES ~ Complete your adventure in Greece with a                                                       “AGORA” MARKETPLACE ~ What trip to
little Ouzo and a plate of Loukoumades, the mouth watering,                                                  the Islands would be complete without
feather light golden puffs of pastry drenched with honey, sprinkled                                          shopping? We have vendors offering everything
with cinnamon & walnuts. Take home orders by the dozen are the                                               from Artwork, to Jewelry to Byzantine style
norm at this festival. Be sure to say “Yia’sou” to Vicki, our resident                                       Icons. Stop by and pick up a Greek coffee
Loukoumathes Queen.                                                                                          Kanella while you shop. She makes the best!
                                                                            CHURCH TOURS ~ A complimentary, guided tour of our beautiful edifice
                                                                            is a treat in itself. The Assumption Church has become a landmark of excep-
                                                                            tional Architecture in the heart of Long Beach. You’ll be amazed at the classic,
                                                                            Byzantine style Mosaics contained in the incredible iconography.Our Priest,
                                                                            Fr John is on hand to answer questions and introduce you to the rich history,
                                                                            faith & traditions of Orthodox Christianity. See schedule for tour times, come
                                                                            early, as it fills up quickly. Photos encouraged.
                                                                            GREEK CULTURAL CENTER
                                                                            Visit our Cultural Center and see travel Films of Greece to plan your next
                                                                            adventure. Join us for Live Cooking demonstrations and become educated in
                                                                            the history & legacy of the ancient Greeks.

                                                                                Come Be Greek For a Day!

                                                                                                     2010 LB FESTIVAL PROGRAM CREATED
                                                                                                          BY WYNN AND ANA STORTON
                                                                                                                      Members of
                                                                                                          St. George Greek Orthodox Church
                                                                                                                    Palm Desert, CA
                                                                                                        Publishing / Graphic Design /Advertising
                                                                                                             Web Site Creation and Hosting
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                                                          & M PRODUCE
                                                        CReasonable Price & Good Service
                                              25235 Cinnamon Road, Lake forest, CA 92630
                                                          (949) 859-6116

                                              Meat Filling:                        Pastichio
                                              1 oz. Butter                             Greek Lasagna
                                              1 1/2 lb. Ground Beef
                                              2 T. Tomato Paste
                                              3/4 Cup Dry Red Wine Pastistio:
                                              1/2 tsp. Nutmeg 8 ox. Pkg. Macaroni(2 Cups raw)
                                              Salt & Black Pepper to taste 1 T. Olive Oil
                                              1/4 tsp. Cinnamon
                                              1 Large Onion, Finely Chopped
                                              1/2 Cup Dried Bread Crumbs
                                              1 1/2 Cup Grated Kefalotiri or Parmesan Cheese                        Pastistio:
                                                      Bechamel Sauce:                                    8 ox. Pkg. Macaroni(2 Cups raw)
                                              1/2 Cup Butter           4 to 6 Egg Yolks                            1 T. Olive Oil
                                              8 T. Flour               1/4 tsp. Nutmeg
                                                                                                            "Get some Macaroni from
                                              4 Cups Milk              Salt & White Pepper              the festival and try this at home"
                                              Melt 1 ounce of butter in a large skillet & sauté onion until soft & transparent. Add the meat, cook
                                              until browned. Mix tomato paste with wine & add to meat. Continue cooking, adding nutmeg, salt,
                                              pepper & cinnamon. Cook about 15 minutes. Take of heat.
                                              Cool & & mix in half the bread crumbs & half the grated cheese; set aside. Do not allow meat to
                                              “bulk”, keep it separated. Cook the macaroni in boiling water with oil until soft. Drain & set aside.
                                              Make Bechamel Sauce. Stir in 1/4 cup cheese. To Assemble: Grease a baking dish (like a
                                              lasagna pan) & sprinkle it with bread crumbs. Spread half the cooked pasta over the bottom of the
                                              dish & sprinkle it with 1/4 cup reserved cheese. Spread al of the meat over the pasta. Pour half
                                              the sauce over the meat & spread the rest of the pasta over it. Sprinkle it with 2 tablespoons of
                                              cheese. Pour the rest of the sauce on top & smooth with a spatula. Sprinkle with the rest of the
                                              cheese & bread crumbs; bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 50 to 60 minutes. Let stand 10
                                              minutes before cutting into squares.
                                              Serve with Greek salad and lots of chilled retsina wine!

       Simply Delicious!
          Greek Salads
          Kabob Platters
          Pita Sandwiches
          Lamb Chops
          Dine-in                                   4750 E. PCH                                   5782 E. 2nd Street
                                                    Long Beach                                    Long Beach
                                                    562-986-4680                                  562-438-3939
                                                    2340 E. PCH                                   1948 E. Del Amo
                                                    Long Beach                                    Long Beach
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                                              Wishes the Assumption Church
                       Seal Beach
                       303 Main Street
                                              Much Success with the Festival

            Huntington Beach
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                                               GO LOOONG BEACHIEEEEE!!!
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                                     Greek Culture:                                                           Ta Angeloudakia
                         A Treasure of Music, Song, and Dance
                                        By Aristi Contos

Greece is known to have one of the richest folk traditions in the world. Hundreds of
documented dances, lyrics that go back to ancient roots, musical instruments that reflect
geography, and garments that showcase skillful handwork create an abundant collage
reflecting the Greek—his life, his beliefs, his story. One could say that no anthropological
study of Greece is complete without acknowledging music, song, and dance as an integral
part of being Greek.
                                                           With zealous fervor, Greeks in Greece uphold their folk
                                                 traditions even today, and with a hungry passion for the motherland,
                                                 Greeks in the diasporas preserve these traditions as if their very
                                                 survival depended on it. This is not surprising, for music, song, and
                                                                                                                                                    Jr. Olympians
                                                 dance feed the Greek psyche in a most intriguing way.
                                                 Most often one may witness these traditions around significant times in
                                                 life: weddings, betrothals, baptisms, days honoring patron saints, and
                                                 other festivities, but other times an intimate, spontaneous get together
                                                 with family and friends can be a reason to get up and dance. If the
                                                 feeling is there, the singing and dancing will follow. It all begins with
 Jr. Olympians                                   kefi. Kefi, the word that describes the feeling that overcomes the partici-
                                                  pant in a given celebration, has no exact translation in English beyond
                                                  being in a good mood or in high spirits, but these definitions fail to
                                                  express the word’s genuine meaning. Kefi may be considered a prelude
                                                  to singing and dancing, a requirement to participation in many ways.
                                                  If the Greek does not feel kefi, he just will not participate in the festivities,
                                                  for participation without kefi is understood to being contrived, forced,

                   Nea Ellas
                                                  even superficial. Thus, when a Greek gets up to dance or jumps in to sing
                                                  a verse in a song, one can be certain that he is participating with all his
                                                  heart and what he expresses is real.
                                                         Musical tunes in Greece can be meant for singing around a table of
                                                                                                                                      Nea Ellas
                                                  friends or for dancing. They are so prolific that they are village-specific.
The tunes even allow for the poet in each participant to come through with the option to create spontaneous verses that fit
the melody. They sing of life, love gained, love lost; they poke fun with their verses and even curse at their misfortunes if
the social climate and audience is right. This vehicle of expression is exceptionally flexible, which has allowed it to evolve                    Ta Paramitha
with the Greek people over generations. Likewise, the musical instruments have paralleled this evolution with choices like
the lyra, laouto, tsambouna, violin, santouri, and more. Regions of Greece favor certain instruments over others, not
merely as preference, but as a result of how the region has been affected in history and influenced over time, its geogra-
phy, and lifestyle.
        Greeks understand music, not necessarily with the knowledge of a formally educated musician, but on an
emotional level. One who feels the kefi to dance first identifies the tune, the circle gathers, and one takes the lead. Highly
democratic, the Greeks take turns in the lead, and oftentimes in some villages, the dance does not finish until all the males
dancers have taken the lead. The leader’s job is often to complement—even
showcase— the female dancer next to him. All dancers in the circle under-
stand their respective relationship to one another, promoting a oneness in
the dance and a synchronization that goes beyond the steps. Moreover, the
leader understands when in the music it is appropriate to embellish the
steps. The embellishments are never choreographed or presumptuous.
                                                                                                   Assumption Greek Dance
Whether it is a circle dance of men, women or both, couple dances or other
variation, the Greek observes a kind of etiquette while in the dance that                           & Cultural Arts School
allows him to express himself within the boundaries of a given dance. From
one perspective, the village has come to define a given dance where one
village may dance the same dance slightly differently. From another
perspective, the festivity defines the dance. Thus, context in the form of                    Would Like to Wish this Year’s Festival
location, celebration, participants and more governs how dances come to
life.                                                                                          The Biggest and Best Festival Ever
The handmade garments worn only in isolated places today visually encap-
sulate the wealth of the Greek culture. The variety in costumes overwhelms
the eye with colors that reflect the entire spectrum, fabrics of all kinds,
needlework, beading, and diverse designs. A guide is usually the weather of
a given region: high, mountainous regions prefer woolens and darker                                     Ta Paramithia
colors while coastal regions and islands prefer lighter colors and silken
fabrics. Regardless of the location, however, the garment will always reflect                           Ta Patriotakia
the amazing handwork of the women with skills that go back generations.
Greek folk culture is among the Greeks’ many prized inheritances. Its pres-                           Ta Angeloudakia
ervation is vital to being Greek and expressing Greekness. The Assumption
Greek Orthodox Church hopes that you enjoy the festivities by being Greek
                                                                                                      Junior Olympians
for the weekend!                                                                                          Nea Ellas
                                 OPA!                                                                Olympian Dancers
                                                                                          DANCE SCHOOL REGISTRATION MONDAY
Ta Patriotakia                                                                     SEPTEMBER 13th, 2010 CHURCH CULTURAL CENTER 6:30 pm
                                                        61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                  Page 13 of 20

                    Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
            Greek Orthodox Church Cultural Arts and Dance School:
     Preserving and Passing Down Greek Folk Traditions One Step at a Time
                                 By Aristi Contos

         Formally instituted close to twenty years ago, the Cultural Arts and Dance School
encompasses seven dance groups with participants ranging from 4 years old and up:
Ta Paramithia (age 4), Ta Patriotakia (ages 5-7), Mikra Asteria (ages 8-10), Ta Angeloudakia
(ages 10-12), Junior Olympians (ages 13-15), Nea Ellas (ages 16-18), and Olympian Dancers
(ages 19 and up).
         The dance groups perform at various church functions, philanthropic and cultural
events, and compete at the annual Greek Folk Dance Festival sponsored by the Greek
                                                                                                                 Ta Patriotakia
Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco. The annual competition involves over 100 dance
groups that perform dances from all over Greece. The Assumption Dance groups have
received multiple awards not only for dance, but for costume, music, and choral abilities as
                                                                                                        Mikra Asteria
well. This community is known for setting the bar in its cultural presentations.
         Preservation in the Dance School occurs on multiple levels, but education comes
first. The research of Greek dances and music is one of the most noteworthy. As Greek
dance is intended to be observed “in the raw” at various festivities, our school encourages
research in Greece where one may witness an old-timer and his friends dancing in the most
authentic way. Here, our directors have the opportunity to experience the culture for
themselves and understand it from its source. Villagers are flattered by the desire of
Greek-Americans to learn the songs and dances of their fellow Greeks in the mother
country, so villagers open up and share all that they know. Many of these educational
relationships blossom into lifetime friendships. In addition, a supplement to becoming
                                                                                                      The Assumption
educated in the dances is to learn from other Greek dance scholars from other parts of the         Adult And JunioR choirs
world, including the United States and Canada. Multiple times during the year, the Assump-                       Wish our beloved
tion Dance School invites guest scholars who specialize in a given region to teach directors
and dancers.
         Quality is also a key in the Assumption Dance School. The Dance School chooses                            “panagia”
not to cut corners when it comes to preserving and passing down the Greek folk traditions
to our young people. Costumes are often created from original prototypes. Mothers learn         A very successful 2010 festival
the handiwork skills required to recreate a garment in the most authentic way. Today the
Dance School owns over 200 costumes that reflect villages in Macedonia, Thrace, the Ionian
Islands, Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Crete. The costume collection is one of the most
impressive in the United States. The Assumption Dance school also encourages using live
musicians over recorded music for performances. We take pride in bringing musicians
from Greece to play for us. Frequently, musicians that we have invited are masters of an
                                                                                                       I WILL SING TO MY LORD for AS LONG AS I LIVE
instrument that is near extinction due to a lack of desire among young people to play the
instrument; other times the musicians that we have invited leave their small villages for the
first time to come to the United States. Lastly, and more significantly, we encourage our
young people to learn the musical instruments and most often include them in our
         Ultimately, our effort to preserve and pass down comes in the form of an exchange
between villagers and scholars and encouraging learning the dances for ourselves, handi-
work skills for ourselves, and instruments for ourselves. The latter gives us the confidence
that the traditions our young people have come to know will be passed down to future
generations. We hope that you take the time to watch our performances this weekend and
to ask us about our Greek folk traditions.
                                                                              Greek Dancing
   Assumption Dance School Directors 2010-2011                                Lessons Daily
   Ta Paramitha: Panayiota Triantos, Christina Karadakis, Christa Demos       1:00 p.m.
   Ta Patriotakia: Olivia Varonos, Christina Batsakis                         3:00 p.m
   Mikra Asteria: Constandina Triantos, Anastastia Triantos, Eleni Demos
   Ta Angeloudakia: Elefteria Sirigos, Alexia Zambos                          Daily
   Jr. Olympians: Joanna Demos                                                2:00 p.m.
   Nea Ellas: Constandina Triantos, Anastasia Zoumberakis                     4:00 p.m.
   Olympian Dancers: Vasilis Contos                                           6:00 p.m.

                                                                                                    BREAKFAST SPECIALS
                                                                                                     S AT U R D AY & S U N D AY
                                                                                                    10:30 AM TO 2:00 PM
                                                                                                          $4 MIMOSAS

                                                                 rexi !
        Wishing for a very
      successful festival for
             2010!                                        Kali O
                                                          61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                    Page 14 of 20

                                                                          GREEK NAME DAYS
   Most Greeks do not celebrate birthdays beyond the age of 12. Instead, they celebrate their name days (or “giorti”); the day of the saint
after whom they were named when baptized. Children are usually named after their grand parents, though in recent years it has become
fashionable to give children names deriving from Greece’s history and mythology. When someone celebrates his or her name day you may
be told, “Giortazo simera” (I’m celebrating today) to which the traditional reply is “Chonia polla” (Many years). Friends tend to drop in, bear-
ing small gifts, and are given cakes and sweet liqueurs in return. As already mentioned, the name of newly-borns are usually determined
by the name of their grandparents, starting with those on the father’s side. During the Christening - which may be some time from the birth,
the godparents are the ones to actually designate the name, and they usually abide by the parent’s wishes. A gold pendant with the child’s
name and the name of the godparents is placed around its neck to commemorate the event in addition to the Gold Baptismal Cross.

                       Tel: (866) 466-1808
                       Fax: (714) 892-5588
 PO Box 741783 Los Angeles, CA 90004

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 100% of proceeds supports Food Finders Charity                                                                              Solution from page 6

                                                                                                 Best Wishes For a Successful
                                                                                                        Festival 2010
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                    6041 Bolsa Avenue                                                             For your continuing support of the Long Beach Greek Festival
             Huntington Beach, CA 92647                                                        The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church
                                                                                               Parish Council and The 2010 Long Beach Greek Festival Committee

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                Kallins Family                                                    IONIKI FOODS, INC
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          the Blessed Virgin Mary                                         2116 S Grand Avenue                            10615 Bechler River Avenue
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  Beach front Accommodations                                                                        on the building of their new gymnasium.
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        Jack & Michelle Skandalakis

                                                                  The Officers and Members of the
                                                              Long Beach Chapter #342 Order of AHEPA
                                                               Extend our best wishes for a successful Festival

                                                                                    The Officers
                                                                        Nicholas G. Karidakis         President
                                                                        Costa G. Kourtis              Vice President
                                                                        Thomas J. Soupos              Secretary
                                                                        Tasos T. Papas                Treasurer

                                                                                 The Members
                                                     George Achedafty, PDG,PSG     Nick Anagnostou            Dr. James C. Andrews
                                                     Perry A. Apostle              John P. Argyros            Peter Bacol
                                                     Jim K. Bakolas                Theodore Batsakis          Deno H. Boosalis

  Our Very Best
                                                     Panagiotis Boukis             Peter M. Bouras            George Captanis
                                                     Demetrios T. Castritis        Xenophon C. Colazas        Ernest Corday
                                                     Chris Daglas                  Chris J. Dolas             George C. Demos
                                                     Nick L. Dimou                 Nicholas W. Edwards        James E. Eleopoulos

      Wishes                                         Constantine J. Foutris
                                                     George Georgoulis
                                                     Evans Kitsigianis
                                                                                   Samuel E. Gabriel
                                                                                   Aristotelis I. Kakaris
                                                                                   Chris G. Kolachis
                                                                                                              Jerry Galanis
                                                                                                              Angelo G. Karapoulios
                                                                                                              Dr. Anthony Kostallas

 For a Successful                                    Peter Koulos
                                                     Spiro Lambrakis
                                                     James J. Mentas
                                                                                   Peter Kourkoulis
                                                                                   Max N. Lofton
                                                                                   Nick Monios
                                                                                                              Michael S. Lambrakis
                                                                                                              Dr. Andrew J. Manos
                                                                                                              George N. Papacalos

2010 Greek Festival
                                                     Nicholas Poulos               Nicholas A. Perris          Jerry S. Polychrones
                                                Z    Zachary T. Prineas, PDG       Rev. John J. Roll           Melvin D. Salsman
                                                     Christos J. Smyrniotis        George E. Soter            Dimitri M. Spirtos
                                                D     George T. Stavros            Louis G. Stavros           George K. Syrengelas
                                                      John G. Talaganis            Steve Tassos                Christos Theoharatos
                                                      Peter Tsamus                 Nikiforos Valaskantjis      Alex G. Varonos
                                                      John Zambos                  Nick S. Zamvakellis        Theodore G. Zounatiotis


                                                      Our Local Chapter Long Beach #342 was organized on June 16, 1946

                                                Best Wishes to the Long Beach
                                                               Greek Festival                                 from
                                                                                                Nick Monios, Public Relations
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                                                                    Wishing the Assumption Greek Church of Long
                                                                       Beach a successful 2010 Greek Festival.

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                                                                 Wishing you a successful Greek Festival!

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                                                                        Assumption of the Greek Orthodox Church
                                                                                Long Beach, California
                                                                                  GREEK FESTIVAL

                                                                            BUY YOUR RAFFLE TICKET AND CELEBRATE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN A CAR
                                                                                  and HELP OUR ORTHODOX COMMUNITY FULFILL THE DREAM
                                                                           TO COMPLETE THE ASSUMPTION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH COMPLEX
                                                                                   WITH THE BUILDING OF THE ASSUMPTION CENTER
Stapakis                                                                                      Pick up your ticket at the festival
                                                                                            More information at Raffle ticket booth.

"Congratulations to Long Beach                                     The new building will include administrative offices, classrooms for Sunday School and
                                                                 Greek School, meeting rooms for organizations, a gymnasium, book store, library – a facility

  for a Successful Festival"                                       for everyone to use. Construction has begun and when completed we will have a much
                                                                   needed building that will benefit everyone making possible the continued growth of our
                                                                    religious community, the sharing of our Greek culture and preservation of our Greek
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    sponsorship for all the faithful years to the                                         555 atlantic blvd long beach, ca 90802
        Long Beach Greek Festival!                                                        phone 562.437.4078                          fax 562.495.3105

                                                                    FAMOUS GREEKS
                               Agganis, Harry (The Golden Greek)                                           Louganis, Gregory-Efthimis - Diver - Athlete
                               Agnew, Spiro - Theodoros - US Vice President                                Maharis, George - Actor
                               Angel, Criss - MindFreak - Illusionist, musician                            Maroulis, Constantine -
                               Angelos, Peter - Attorney,                                                            Rock singer, actor, and writer.
                               Owner of the Baltimore Orioles                                              Matenopoulos, Debbie (Despina) - Journalist,
                               Aniston, Jennifer (Anastasakis) - Actress                                             talk show host, and actress.
                               Aniston, John (Yannis Anastasakis) - Actor                                  Menounos, Maria - Actress, journalist
                               Azaria, Hank - Actor. voicing character                                     Mentas, Dr. Anthony ~ Most likable person
                               Buckley, Jeff - Musician                                                    Mercouri, Melina - Actress, Politician
                               Bulgari family - Famous Jewellers.                                          Michael, George - Singer/Songwriter
                               Callas, Maria (Kalogeropoulos) - Opera singer                               Mitropoulos, Dimitris - Conductor
                               Carasso, Isaac - Founder of the Danone yoghurt                              Mouskouri, Nana - Singer                                         A
                               Company (Dannon in US)                                                      Neitzel, Blake - Actor                                           o
                               Castrale, Nicole - LPGA                                                     Neitzel, Phaedra - Actress                                       e
                               Caratheodory, Constantine - Mathematician.                                  Neitzel, Tyler - Actor                                           T
                               Cassavetes, John - Actor & Director                                         Nick the Greek (Nick Dandolos) -Famous gambler.
                               Cavafy, Constantine - Poet                                                  Onassis, Aristotle - Socrates - Millionaire Shipowner            o
                               Chakiris, George - Actor                                                    Onassis, Athina - Millionaire                                    k
                               Chelios, Chris - Hockey Player                                              Onassis, Christina - Millionaire                                 h
                               Chiklis, Michael - Actor.                                                   Pantages, Alexander - Vaudeville and motion pictures producer    t
                               Chryssa (Chryssa Varda) - Sculptor                                          Papanikolaou, George - Nikolas -Physiologist (Pap test)          m
                               Clarkson, Kelly - Musician                                                  Papathanassiou, Evangelos (Vangelis) -Musician & Composer
                               Costacos, George - Actor and Writer                                         Pappas, Irene - Actress                                          G
                               Cynthia Daddona, Author & TV Host                                           Pappas, Tasos ~ "The Objector"
                               Cyrus, Miley - Singer, Actress                                              Payne, Alexander (Papadopoulos) - Director
                               Davatzes, Nick - Television Executive. Creator                              Perkins, Elizabeth - Actress.
                                        of A&E Network and The History Channel.                            Pilates Joseph - Pilates, The man behind the Pilates method
                               Davies, Marion - Actress                                                    Pisanos, Col. Steve ~ "The Flying Greek", WWII ACE
                               Demokritos - Philosopher                                                    Roll, Fr. John - Proistamenos, Long Beach
                               Dimas, Pyrros - Athlete (Weight Lifting)                                    Sampras, Pete - Tennis player
                               DiScala Jamie-Lynn - Actress, musician.                                     Susan Sarandon: Academy Award winning actress
                               Dukakis, Michael - Politician                                               Savalas, Telly (Aristotle) - Actor
                               Dukakis, Olympia - Actress                                                  Scourby, Alexander - Narrator
                               El Greko (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) - Painter                               Seferis, George (Seferiadis) - Poet & Diplomat
                               Elytis, Odysseus (Alepoudelis) - Poet                                       Sirtis, Marina - Actress
                               Euclid - Mathematician                                                      Skouras, Spyros P. - Movie Magnate,Pres. 20th Century Fox.
                               Fey, Tina - Head writer of Saturday Night Live                              Snyder, Jimmy - Gambler, TV Commentator
                               Fotinakis, Alex ~ A true Greek American Hero                                Soupos, Bobbie ~
                               Frangoulis, Marios - Tenor.                                                           The only woman who has carried the Epitaphion
                               Gage, Nicolas (Gatzoyiannis) - Journalist                                   Spanos, Alex - Real Estate Magnate &
                               Gals, Diamanda - Avant-garde performance                                              Owner of NFL’s San Diego Chargers
                                        artist, vocalist, and composer.                                    Spheeris, Penelope - Director, producer, and screenwriter.
                               Gavras, Constantine (Kostas Gavras) - Director                              Stamos, John (Stamatopoulos) - Actor
                               Hajiioannou, Stelios - Entrepreneur.                                        Stapakis, Olympia ~ "New Sherriff in Town"
                               Henner, Marilu - Actress and producer.                                      Stephanopoulos, George - CBS host,
                               Huffi ngton, Arianna (Stassinopoulos) - Writer                                        Diplomat,Former Presidential Advisor
                               Issigonis, Alec - Designer of the Mini car.                                 Stevens, Cat (Stephen Demetre Georgiou) - Musician
                               Jones, Catherine Zeta - Actress.                                            Suvari, Mena - Actress
                               Kanakarides, Melina - Actress                                               Tatopoulos, Patrick - Production designer.
                               Karmanos, Peter - Software magnate, Owner of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricane   Tavoulareas, William Peter -President of Mobil Oil Corporation
                               Dean Karnazes: Ultra-Marathon runner.                                       Tenet, George - Former CIA Director
                               Karras, Alexander George - Footbal player, actor                            Thales - Philosopher, scientist, mathematician, engineer.
                               Katsulas Andreas                                                            Theodorakis, Mikis - Composer
                               Kazan , Elias - Director                                                    Tsongas, Paul Efthemios - Politician
                               Kazantzakis, Nikos - Writer                                                 Vardalos, Nia - Actress & Writer
                               Korner, Alexis - Musician, Composer                                         Varonos, Alex ~ 50 and still nifty.
                               Koteas, Ilias - Actor.                                                      Von Karajan, Herbert (Karayiannis?) - Famous Conductor
                               Lazaridis, Mike - Founder of Research In Motion,                            Vouras, Peter - Actor
                                        creator and manufacturer of BlackBerry.                            Wilson, Rita - Actress, producer
                               Lee, Tommy - Musician                                                       Yanni (Yannis Chrysomallis) - Composer
                               Leonsis, Ted - AOL Executive, Owner of the                                  Zane, Billy (Zanetakos) - Actor
                                        NHL’s Washington Capitals                                          Zappa, Frank - Musician, Composer, Satirist
                               Londos Jim (Christopher Theophelus) - Wrestler                              Zavos, Panos - Geneticist
                                                         61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                                Page 18 of 20

                                                                             EXTRA, EXTRA,
                                           Read all about it – Hot off the Assumption Press 09/04/10 ~ “King of Loukoumades” Comes Out of Retirement
                                           Yes, it’s true! Fred Hennig; a man of few words, but many talents has come out of retirement to prepare the ingredients for this years
                                           baking. He retired last year but still has his fingers in the cookie jar. Hmm, that should make this years pastries just that much more
                                           special. Whenever Fred Hennig is involved, everything tastes much better. He may not be frying the Loukoumades this year, but you
                                           can bet he has added his touch. Think of Fred when you bite into those puffy little donut holes dripping in honey and sprinkled with
                                           cinnamon and nuts. These little morsels are habit-forming to say the least. If you taste just one, we know we gotcha, and you can’t
                                           resist coming back for more. This will be Fred’s 21st year of dedicated service in one way or other.
                                           What dedication!
                                           Vickie Hennig, wife of Fred, has worked untiringly for over thirty years as well. Not only does Vickie mix the dough and supervise, she
                                           is also our “Sweets Chairperson” and has done a fabulous job throughout the years. Yes, all the sweets your tasting this weekend
Vickie was a part of, along with the help of her husband Fred.
Vickie was honored this year as “Most Valuable Person” for all of her services and talents to the Assumption Greek Church throughout the many years. She was honored at a
dinner event held at St. Johns Greek Orthodox Church in Anaheim, California. She received recognition from all who knew her, as well as Metropolitan Gerasimos from the
San Francisco Diocese. Vickie is a true asset to the Assumption Church of Long Beach and a most talented woman!
Be sure to stop by the “Loukoumades Booth”, tell Vickie and Fred hello. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Vickie and Fred throughout the years, please don’t hesitate
to introduce yourselves today. Be sure to let them know how delicious the little donut hole/s are!
                                                             Thank you Fred and Vickie for being the people you are! OPA

                                                                History of our Church
                        The Assumption Church dates the beginning of hosting a Long Beach Greek Festival as 1949 because August 15, 1949, was the date the
                        Assumption Church opened in Long Beach. In the years before the official opening of the church, festivals in the form of family picnics, dinner
                        dances, or “Greek Nights” and other fund raising activities helped bring to completion the dedicated work of Long Beach residents of Greek
                        heritage who had organized to perpetuate the ideals and traditions of their Greek Orthodox Faith. With the opening of the church on Pacific
                        Avenue in Long Beach, the church community hosted a weekend festival celebrating the name day of the church. The event was open to the
                        public and featured Greek food, pastries, music, dance and entertainment. From humble beginnings as a small weekend fundraiser the festival
                        grew to an annual event contributing to the growth of the church and 40 years later, in 1989, the church membership began plans to move from
                        its original location to a new church to be built on Colorado Street in Long Beach.
A temporary church was set up in Marina Pacifica close to the construction site. Needing space for a now largely expanded Long Beach Greek Festival, the festival
organizers arranged to have the event at Rainbow Lagoon Park, behind the Long Beach Convention Center. The “Grecian Festival–By-the Sea,” became a three day
event for the Labor Day Week-End.
The Long Beach Greek Festival continues to be an annual event held during the Labor Day weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, on the church grounds at 5761
East Colorado Street in Long Beach. Truly a labor of love the festival is a community event put together by the families of The Assumption Church. Planning and
organizing takes months of preparation and as the opening day of the Festival draws near many volunteers are mobilized. Numerous ladies and gentlemen who are
known in the community for their mastery and skill in cooking traditional Greek food spend hours preparing food and pastries using family recipes that give distinct
home made taste. As the opening day of the festival nears even more volunteers are needed to transform the church grounds into a Grecian village welcoming visitors
to a variety of gift shops, carnival rides, colorful dancers, authentic Greek music, church tours and of course a variety of culinary delights such as gyros, pastitsio,
moussaka, souvlaki, spanakopita & tyropita and traditional Greek pastries such as baklava, galaktoboureko, loukoumades, and the list goes on and on.

Greek Festivals offer a unique experience to those who have a love for culture and tradition. Those participating in a Greek Festival, either as a host or participant, know
the meaning of the symbolic Greek word for celebration: “OPA! Come, celebrate life. Dance! Enjoy good food and meet new friends, Express joy and gratitude to God
that you are where you are supposed to be. Stop and celebrate. Be Greek for a day!

                                                        Immerse yourself in Greek culture and enjoy being Greek for a Day!

Labor Day Weekend !!
                                     FESTIVAL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
Saturday, September 4 - Monday, September 6,                 Sunday - noon to 9 pm                                       Monday - noon to 9 pm
Saturday - noon to 9 pm                                      12:00 pm - Festival Opens                                   Noon - Festival opens
12:00 pm - Festival Opens                                    12:00 pm - Music by the Olympians                           12:00 pm - Music by the Olympians
12:00 pm - Music by the Olympians                            12:15 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                 12:15 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)
12:15 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                  12:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                 12:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)
12:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                  1:00 pm - Greek Dance Lesson - Dance Area                   1:00 pm - Greek Dance Lesson - Dance Area
1:00 pm - Greek Dance Lesson - Dance Area                    1:30 pm - Historical Video (Cultural Pavilion)              1:30 pm - Historical Video (Cultural Pavilion)
1:30 pm - Historical Video (Cultural Pavilion)               2:00 pm - Dance Performances: Ta Patriotakia,               2:00 pm - Dance Performances: Paramithia,
2:00 pm - Dance Performances: Nea Ellas,                     Junior Olympians - Dance Area                                            Ta Angeloudakia - Dance Area
             Mikra Asteria - Dance Area                      2:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                  2:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)
2:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                   2:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)         2:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)
2:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)          3:00 pm - Church Tour (Front Church Entrance)               3:00 pm - Church Tour (Front Church Entrance)
3:00 pm - Church Tour (Front Church Entrance)                3:00 pm - Greek Dance Lesson - Dance Area                   3:00 pm - Greek Dance Lesson - Dance Area
3:00 pm - Greek Dance Lesson - Dance Area                    3:45pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)          3:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)
3:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)          4:00 pm - Dance Performances: Paramithia, Mikra             4:00 pm - Dance Performances: Nea Ellas,
4:00 pm - Dance Performances: Ta Patriotakia,                Asteria - Dance Area                                                     Junior Olympians - Dance Area
             Ta Angeloudakia - Dance Area                    4:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)42:45             4:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)
4:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                   pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)              4:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)
5:00 pm - Church Tour (Front Church Entrance)                5:00 pm - Church Tour (Front Church Entrance)               5:00 pm - Church Tour (Front Church Entrance)
5:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)          5:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)         5:45 pm - Cooking Demonstration (Cultural Pavilion)
6:00 pm - Dance Performances: Paramithia,                    6:00 pm - Dance Performances: Nea Ellas, Ta                 6:00 pm - Dance Performances: Ta Patriotakia,
             Junior Olympians - Dance Area                   Angeloudakia - Dance Area                                                Mikra Asteria - Dance Area
6:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                   6:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)                  6:30 pm - Travel Video (Cultural Pavilion)
9:00 pm - Closing                                            9:00 pm - Closing                                           9:00 pm - Closing
                               THROUGHOUT THE DAY, AND FOOD DEMONSTRATIONS ARE AT 2:30, 3:30 AND 4:45 DAILY.
                                                AND SEE YOU THERE ON SEPTEMBER 4, 5 AND 6
                                                    61st ANNUAL LONG BEACH GREEK FESTIVAL & CULTRUAL EVENT                                         Page 19 of 20

      MEZE/APPETIZER                                             ATHENS WEST                                                   TAVERNA
          BOOTH                                                  GYRO BOOTH                                                     BOOTH
                                                                                                                                  ALA CARTE
                                     $4.00             TRADITIONAL GYRO                      $ 7.00
 1 PORK SOUVLAKI                                                                                                DEEP FRIED CALAMARI                   $8.00
 3 PORK SOUVLAKIS                    $12.00            HOT FETA GYRO                         $ 7.00             GRILLED OCTOPUS                       $8.00
  CHICKEN SOUVLAKI                   $4.00             FRENCH FRIES                          $ 4.00             SAGANAKI (FRIED CHEESE)               $8.00
                                                                                                                W/ OLIVES, FETA & PITA

 3 CHICKEN SOUVLAKIS                 $12.00                                                                     FRENCH FRIES                          $4.00
 (SERVED W/TZATZIKI & PITA BREAD)                        DOLMADES/TIROPITA                                      ROASTED CORN ON THE COB               $2.00
                                                           & SPANIKOPITA
 4 LAMB CHOPS W/FRIES                $14.00                              ALA CARTE
 (SERVED W/TZATZIKI & PITA BREAD)                                                                              BOTTLE WATER                           $2.00
                                                      4 DOLMADES                             $7.00             SODA                                   $2.00
 LOKANIKO/ FETA, OLIVES &PITA        $7.00            SERVED WITH FETA CHEESE,                                 BUDWEISER BEER                         $5.00
                                                      KALAMATA OLIVES & BREAD                                  GREEK RED/WHITE WINE                   $6.00
 FRENCH FRIES                        $4.00                                                                     GREEK BEER                             $6.00
                                                                                                               GREEK WINE RETSINA                     $6.00
 TZATZIKI DIP W/PITA                 $3.00            1 SPANAKOPITA                          $5.00             OUZO                                   $6.00

 HUMMUS DIP W/ PITA                  $3.00            1 TIROPITA                             $3.00



RICE/ROLL                                  $3.00
FASOLAKIA (GREEN BEANS) & BREAD            $3.00
BRIAMI/BREAD                               $7.00
MOUSSAKA/BREAD                             $8.00
PASTICHIO/BREAD                            $7.00
SM. GREEK DINNER SALAD/BREAD               $4.00
LG. GREEK DINNER SALAD/BREAD               $8.00
1 TIROPITA                                 $3.00
1 SPANAKOPITA                              $5.00

1 SPANAKOPITA, SERVED WITH                 $7.00

TZATZIKI/ OLIVES & PITA BREAD              $3.00
HUMMUS/OLIVES & PITA BREAD                 $3.00
                                                    BAKLAVA Chopped walnuts & cinnamon in layers of Philo pastry, covered in a sweet honey syrup
                                                  BOUGATSA Philo pastry, sprinkled w/confectioner’s sugar
4 PIECES OF ROASTED LAMB                   $15.00 DIPLES Twirled sheets of deep fried pastry covered w/honey & with cinnamon and walnuts
1/2 ROASTED CHICKEN                        $13.00
PASTICHIO DINNER                           $13.00   FLOGERES Chopped walnuts & cinnamon rolled in Philo pastry, covered in sweet honey syrup (similar to Baklava)
MOUSSAKA DINNER                            $13.00   GALATOBOUREKO Milk & egg custard between layers of delicate Philo pastry drenched in honey syrup
4 DOLMDES DINNER                           $12.00
2 VEGETARIAN KABOBS                        $12.00   KATAIFI Shredded Philo dough filled w/chopped nuts & spices, baked golden brown; covered w/honey syrup.
BRIAMI VEGETARIAN CASSAROLE DINNER         $12.00   KARITHOPITA Spicy ground walnut cake topped w/ sweet delicate syrup
       HERCULES FEAST PLATTER INCLUDES:             KOULOURAKIA Traditional Easter cookie, rich in eggs & butter.
¼ Roasted Chicken, 2 ps of Roast Lamb, Rice,        KOURABIETHES Tea cookies made w/sweet butter & dusted w/powdered sugar to melt in your mouth!
Briami, Greek Beans, Pastichio, Moussaka,
1 Tiropita, 1 Spanakopita, 2 Dolmades,              MELOMAKARONA (FINIKA)             Honey dainties, a hint of orange, & a touch of cognac,
1 small Greek dinner salad & 2 bread rolls                                            dipped in honey & sprinkled w/chopped nuts.
ENOUGH FOR x 2 people                        $27.00
                                                    PASTA FLORA Butter pastry topped w/apricot or strawberry preserves, oven browned.
     ALL DINNER COMBOS ARE SERVED WITH:     PASTELI Favorite Greek candy, made only w/sesame seeds & honey, also been called the original energy bar.
            NO SUBSTITUES ALLOWED           PAXIMADIA Greek biscotti! Cholesterol free.
                                            RAVANI Cake rich in eggs and butter. Topped with syrup.
             **EXTRA MEAT PIECES**
                                            TSOUREKIA Traditional Greek Easter bread.
4 PIECES OF ROASTED LAMB              $8.00 LOUKOUMADES Deep fried Greek donut holes topped with honey syrup, walnuts, powder sugar, or chocolate syrup.

1 WHOLE CHICKEN                            $7.00
                                                     PLEASE VISIT OUR GREEK PASTRY BOOTH FOR PRICING
                                                                         Ya Sou!                                    Father and son team, George and Demitri Loizides proprietors, wish to
                                                                                                                    welcome you to “A little piece of Greece in Southern California.”
                                                                                                                    George’s experience encompasses 48 years in the deli and market area
                                                                                                                     and son Demitri has spent over 28 years in the restaurant business –

                                                                         PURITAN                                                           A winning combination.

                                                                                                                    Demitri cooks exactly like his mom, Rodou. He uses no shortcuts,

                                                                         BAKERY                                     exhibiting the greatest care and experience in preparing fresh, delicious,
                                                                                                                    tender and healthy food for your enjoyment. Only the highest quality
                                                                                                                    products are employed to produce these healthy, traditional, fresh,
                                                                                                                    homemade Greek dishes, which are prepared daily from scratch.
                                                                                                                    Demitri uses top quality Greek products, such as Extra-Virgin Olive Oil,
                                                                                                                    in preparing these traditional Greek Salads, Sandwiches, Specialty
                                                                                                                                      Plates, and exquisite Greek Desserts.

                 GIANNIS, "O., PSOMAS"                                                                               George’s specializes in Banquets & Catering for groups of 20 to 2,000
                                                                                                                            and is prepared to design a menu to meet your needs.
                                                                                                                        For information visit us online at
            1624 E. CARSON STREET                                                                                                           Three great locations to serve you
          CARSON, CALIFORNIA 94745                                                                                                                  Belmont Shore:          Pine Avenue:
                    310.860.5451                                                                                                                    5316 E Second Street    135 Pine Avenue
                                                                                                                                                    Long Beach, CA 90803    Long Beach, CA 90802
 "The Company That Was Built By The Greek Community"                                                                                                562.433.1755            562.437.1184

                   John Markilis
      Matt Grimes             John J. Markulis                                                                                                                              Lakewood:
                                                                                                                                                                            5252 Faculty Drive
                                                                                                                                                                            Lakewood, CA 90712

                                           Ευχαριστώ                                                                                                                        562.529.5800

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         1110 North Gaffey Street                                        3225 East Pacific Coast Highway
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          San Pedro, CA 90731                                                Long Beach, CA 90804                                           on the celebration of its
              310-732-5800                                                        562-498-8788
                                                                                                                                        61st Annual
                                                                             5761 E. Colorado St.                                       Long Beach
                                                                             Long Beach, CA                                            Greek Festival
                                                                                Proudly Sponsered by
                                                                           Assumption of the Virgin Mary
                                                                              Greek Orthodox Church.
                                                                             For more information visit
                                                                                 or call 562.494.8929
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