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					                             ALCOCK ASHDOWN (GUJARAT) LTD.
                                 OLD PORT, RAMSAR WORKS
                                    BHAVNAGAR 364 001
                   Ph. Nos.: 2426305, 2426326, 2511038 Fax: 91-278-2428342

Tender closes on Date:                                    Tender No.: ALK/PP&C/255-256
Validity of the offer 60 days                             Date: ……………………………..

M/s …………………………………

Tender for Turnkey contract for complete Accommodation system supply and
installation work onboard 2 Nos. Workboat cum Supply Vessels, Yard. No. 255-256, at
our vendor’s yard at Bharuch-Gujarat.

Dear Sir,

You are requested to submit your lowest quotation for tender mentioned Accommodation
system work on 2 Nos. Workboat cum Supply Vessels, Y.No. 255-256.

        The details of total scope of work of Manufacture, Supply & execution of
        complete accommodation system work are attached at Annexure “A”.
        Contract Specification, G.A. & Accommodation Layout drawings of the vessel,
        are attached separately for vendor’s detailed study and estimate, in C.D. Form.
        The price bid to be submitted separately in attached Annexure “B” of this
        tender document.

General terms & conditions for on board accommodation work

1)        (a)    Temporary scaffolding if required shall be arranged by the contractor.
          (b)    No permanent scaffolding shall be allowed to be put inside the hull.

2)        The contractor has to adhere to the instructions related to the sequence / method of
          work given by us time to time. Any change in above shall be discussed mutually &
          implemented on agreement.

3)        The bidders to submit all certificates in support of works executed by them.

4)    All equipments, partition, boards, lining panels, windows, doors, scuttles etc. shall be
      manufactured and supplied by the bidder and he will have to install them as per
      drawing/instructions and standard marine practice. Necessary trimming cutting, drilling,
      as required for fitment onboard shall be done by the contractor.
Stamp and sign of the Bidder
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          All the consumables like electrode, & gas for hot work, clamps for fitment of panel
          boards, furnitures, fittings for accom. System, grinding disc, welding cables, tools,
          tackles etc are to be arranged by the contractor at his cost.

5)        The work is to be executed at ship yard at Bharuch (Dahej). Lodging, Boarding &
          Transportation of their labours and staff shall be arranged by the contractor at his cost.

6)        Contractor has to adhere to the instructions given to him time to time and also follow the
          drawings and instructions strictly. Any rejection/rectification shall be attended by the
          contractor at his cost, including supply of material.

7)        The work will be inspected by authorized representative of the yard, in stages and also
          by the owners, class and statutory authorities as may be applicable. Any loss or
          wastage of material will attract heavy penalty. Any slippage in completion of the work
          will also attract penalty.

8)        Only approved/ skilled welders shall be deployed for the critical structural welding of
          any work related to the accommodation.

9)        Any damage to nearby areas / structures due to negligence in carrying out
          Accommodation system installation work shall be made good by the contractor at his
          cost. Damaged painting shall be touched up by the contractor in case of the hot work
          done by the contractor after the painting of subject area. Primer for such touch ups shall
          be supplied by AAGL.

10)       No labour idle time shall be paid by the company to the contractor.

11)       The contractor will complete the work as per the schedule and instructions given to him.
          In case if he fails to do so, the company will get the work done with the help of some
          other resources and if in doing so, the company (AAGL) suffers any looses, the same
          will be deducted from contractor‟s bills.

12)       The contractor shall not assign or sublet the whole or any part of the work without
          AAGL‟s consent in writing. Even if any permission to assign or sublet any part of the
          work has been granted, AAGL shall have no obligation to assignee and the contractor
          shall be fully responsible to the company for satisfactory execution and completion of
          the work.

13)       The contractor will be fully responsible for maintenance of records and other liabilities
          under the provision of various labour legislations. The contractor will be abide by the
          terms and conditions of contracts labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act and the rules
          framed there under.

14)       Workmen of the contractor will be governed by the rules and regulations of the shipyard,
          while they are at our work. The contractor shall be responsible for complying with all
          laws, regulations, notifications, etc of the Central, State Government and other local

Stamp and sign of the Bidder
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15)       Rates must confirm to the jobs specified in the tender. The rates must be shown legibly
          in ink or type written in “Annexure B” and same to be stamped and signed by the bidder.
          The Tender to be submitted under Two bid system.

16)       The acceptance of the tender in whole or in part will be entirely at the discretion of the
          management of the company or their authorized representative.

17)       The tender may be sent through Courier / Regd. Post / Hand Delivery and to reach our
          Bhavnagar office before closing date within office hours.

18)       Any other work / activity / equipment not specified above, however necessary for the
          job, the same to be carried out by the contractor as a standard scope of work at no extra

19)       Price quoted for the job to be fixed and firm.

20)       The Contractor will exercise due control over his staff & workmen as well as staff &
          workmen of their subcontractors if any, Company shall have the right (incase any of
          Contractor‟s staff & workman being incompetent or ill mannered) to ask the Contractor
          to remove such staff / workmen from the site which shall be complied with by them with
          immediate effect.

21)       The Contractor will also be responsible for cleanliness of related work area and for
          storage of scrap at proper place assigned by the company. The Contractor will be
          responsible for planning and interaction of tools tackles and material handing for the job
          assigned to them.

22)       The Contractor will be responsible for providing compensation to his employees as per
          the governing Act, and medical aid due to any injury or accident. The Contractor should
          also maintain records as per contract labour [Regulations and Abolition] Act 1970.

23)       The contractor will observe all the rules & regulations connected with safety of all
          workers. Contractor‟s workmen or staff will be trained by them from safety point of view.
          And they shall observe the safety regulations strictly while on work.

24)       The contractor will comply with the provisions of workman's compensation act & arrange
          for their employee's liability insurance and any other insurance required under law &
          regulation. In addition Contractor should also cover their tools tackles, equipments, staff
          and also their subcontractor's staff and workmen if any by suitable insurance. The
          Contractor should also cover third party risk under insurance.

25)       The contractor should register his firm with the office of the labour Commissioner from
          the respective jurisdiction for getting labour license.

          The contractor will have to comply with all the provisions under the various labour laws,
          which will be applicable to them.

Stamp and sign of the Bidder
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          Limitations of contractor‟s liabilities on the company:

          1)      Any consequential or indirect losses.
          2)      Any claim made against the company except as provided in this order.
          3)      Any damage/injury from acts or omissions from our employees or agents or

          The contractor shall abide by the existing industrial laws as applicable from time to time
          to their firm & persons working for them at our site.

          1)      Central labour (Registration & abolition) act 1970 and Rules there under.
          2)      Payment of wages Act 1936 and Rules there under.
          3)      Minimum wages Act 1948 and Rules there under.
          4)      Industrial dispute Act 1947 and the amendment thereof.
          5)      Workman compensation Act 1923.
          6)      Factory Act 1948 & Rules there under.
          7)      Payment of bonus Act 1965.
          8)      Payment of Gratuity Act 1972.
          9)      The contractor shall extend provident fund benefit to their eligible employees as
                  per the provisions of employee‟s provident fund and miscellaneous provisions
                  Act 1952 and amendments there after.

          The documentary proof, in the form of challan receipt and returns as may be applicable
          in respect of their firm and all eligible employees should be produced for verification as
          and when asked by the company.

          The contractor will be responsible for the Security / Safety of the equipments used by
          them at site.

26)       The contractor will be completing the work as per the schedule given by the company.
          Any delay will attract a penalty of 1% per month up to the maximum of 5% of the total
          contract value.

27)       All the taxes & levies as applicable to their contract by local agencies, State & Central
          Govt. Authorities shall be borne by the contractor.

          TDS as applicable shall be deducted from the each payment made to the Contractor.

28)       The workmanship of installation of complete accommodation work carried out by the
          Contractor will be guaranteed by the contractor for twelve months from the date of
          delivery of the vessel to the owners at contractors cost.

29)       The Contractor will produce progressive bills attached with certificates duly certified by
          competent authority of the Company [AAGL], for the accommodation work done by him.

          The payment shall be released within 30 days of presentation of the bills attached with
          certificates duly certified by competent authority.

Stamp and sign of the Bidder
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          The Contractor will produce their bills on monthly basis. AAGL shall retain 10% of the
          bill amount from each bill on account of performance guarantee of the work done by the

          On successful completion of the test & trials of the subject vessel, the Contractor may
          put forward claim towards release of 10% of bill amount retained on account of
          performance guarantee from each running bills, against which you will have to give
          virtual completion certificate.

          The payment against each Bill shall be released based on the measurement of the
          physical work completed by the Contractor.

          Work to be commenced and completed as per the available work front and material and
          payments shall be released accordingly.

          Any deviation from the estimated quantity shall be considered for release/deduction of
          the payment as applicable on prorata basis.

30)       The work shall be subjected to the inspection by our Q.C. Department, ABS / Flag State
          Administration / owners as applicable. Any recommendation given by said authorities
          for the work and workmanship shall be made good by the Contractor without any extra
          cost to the Company [AAGL].

31)       Any deviation what so ever to all above terms and conditions and any additional
          condition from the Contractor will not be accepted by the company.

32)       Tender to be submitted in the sealed cover, clearly titled as tender for Turnkey
          Contract for accommodation work for Workboat cum Supply Vessels, Yard No.

          Each and every page of this tender document including “Annexure A ” and “Annexure B”
          containing Price Bid to be stamped and signed by the bidders as a token of acceptance
          by him to all the job requirements, terms & conditions of the subject tender.

                                                                                 Authorized Signatory
                                                                        Alcock Ashdown (Gujarat) Ltd.

Stamp and sign of the Bidder
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                                          ANNEXURE - A

                        ACCOMMODATION WORK ONBOARD
                WORKBOAT CUM SUPPLY VESSELS, YARD NO. 255-256

The scope of work
          1. a) The complete scope of work will include supply, storage and issual of respective
                accommodation panels, (i.e. side ceiling and partition) components, equipment,
                furnitures insulation material etc. shifting to the respective location, installation
                as per drawing, welding/fixing/bolting etc. as applicable. All material to be
                certified & approved by appropriate authority for intended class of fire integrity.

                b) Supply, storage, issual and installation of appropriate class of insulation material
                   duly approved by class / statutory authority, for intended class of fire integrity.

                c) Supply storage and installation of biddings, capping, accommodation sections,
                   holding clamps, hard-wares, insulation holding clamps, washers etc, as well as
                   accommodation fittings.

                d) Supply, storage and installation of all windows scuttles, cabin doors and
                   wheelhouse doors.

          2.       Supply storage & Installation of All flooring materials in line with the Class /
                   Statutory requirement.

          3.       Supply of all toilet, sanitary and bath and accommodation fittings and their
                   installation as per standard marine practice.

                A. Preparation of suitable enclosures with clamping arrangement for fitment of all
                   bought out items Like TV, VCR, Telephones etc.

                B. Supply storage & laying of approved flooring material in dry & wet spaces as per
                   the requirement of Class/Flag state.

                C. Supply, storage and fitment of all furniture as per accommodation plan with
                   proper antirolling provisions and securing as per standard ship building practice.
                   Galley, cooking range, shall be supplied by AAGL all other galley, equipments
                   are to be supplied and fitted as per Tech. Specification of this project. (Bidder
                   may separately quote for supply & fitment of cooking range of appropriate

                D. Supply & fitment of all furnishing material like mattresses, bed sheets, pillows,
                   covers curtains runners etc.

          E. Manufacture of wheel house & other control consoles with cutouts / mountings
              for communication and navigation equipments/aids and its Control and power
Stamp and sign of the Bidder
Page 6 of 12                                        D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2b75565c-f279-49a1-9789-bb8b6a3aa72a.doc
                 supply units like;

                     Navigation lighting system & Navigation equipments
                     Window wipers / CVS
                     Whistle/Horn
                     VHF including for its antenna & other communication aids
                     Ship‟s internal communication systems
                     Public Address System etc.

          4.     Various cutouts for fitment of A/c diffusers, mounting pads for heavy wt. items
                 like cabin fans, side lamps, wall mounting, etc. to be done by the bidder in
                 consultation with A/c, elect. Contractor. The contractor to regularly liaise with all
                 other contractors engaged electrical, A/c, ventilation, painting as well as piping
                 work and progress accordingly to avoid rework due to the work pending by any

          5.   Accommodation work related other activities as listed below which are
               also to be carried out up to the yard / surveyor / owner‟s satisfaction.

              Sealing of all the free edges and other weather exposed parts.
              Proper dressing of all lining panels, insulation stubs and fixtures.
              Proper clamping of loose items, insulation materials, biddings, panels, support
               structure etc.
              Dressing/sealing of all corners/edges for flooring work done in wet & dry spaces.

          Note : The Bidder to thoroughly study the contract Specification & it‟s requirement for
          subject vessel & accordingly prepare complete design and manufacture all
          accommodation system.

          The bidder to also study General Arrangement Plan as well as accommodation plans,
          and make a detailed bill of material for each space, and same to be submitted along
          with technical bid.

          The Design, manufacturing and fitment of complete accommodation system to be
          certified by class / statutory authority / owners as applicable.

          The work shall have to be executed at our steel vendor‟s yard at Bharuch-Gujarat.

          Following documents are part of this Tender :
          1)     Contract specification (SS/2006/MOE/01 Rev. C dt : 11.05.2006)
          2)     General Arrangement Drawing No. 50-01 / Rev F.
          3)     Accommodation lay Drawings : As per G.A. Drawing No. 50-01 / Rev F.
          3) Windows, scuttles and doors arrangement drawings

Stamp and sign of the Bidder
Page 7 of 12                                     D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2b75565c-f279-49a1-9789-bb8b6a3aa72a.doc
          Note :-

          [a]. Any burnt paint due to hot work has to be touched up with primer by the contractor.
               Primer shall be issued by the yard at no extra cost.

          [b]. All the consumables required for hot work like cutting gases, electrodes,
               fastners , grinding disc, drill bits, and tools tackles like drill machine, saw machine,
               grinding machine, cutting hoses, welding cables, pulley blocks etc are to be
               arranged by the contractor.

Stamp and sign of the Bidder
Page 8 of 12                                      D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2b75565c-f279-49a1-9789-bb8b6a3aa72a.doc
                                                                   Annexure – A


No.            Description                                 Requirements                                         Confirmation/Acknowledgement by Contractor

 1     General                   Various accommodation spaces are to be furnished as per
                                 arrangement plans. Accommodation system is to be Designed,
                                 Supplied and installed, onboard. Complete Accommodation
                                 system is to be erected by the vendor as per standard ship
                                 building practice including all hot work. All the material
                                 needed for accommodation system including clamps,
                                 holders, insulation work, Lining & ceiling panels, biddings,
                                 windows, doors, scuttles flooring material shall fall under
                                 bidder‟s scope of supply. The bidder shall have to submit
                                 certificate of approval for the material to be used for
                                 accommodation work, as per the requirement of intended
                                 can & fire integrity of the vessel.

 2     Statutory and classification The accommodation system manufacture and installation
       society requirements         should meet requirements as per the latest rules and
                                    regulations of ABS. The vessels will be built under survey
                                    of Classification Society ABS to obtain class notation of
                                    “Maltese cross A1 Circle (E) Maltese cross AMS, Work
                                 boat-cum- Supply Vessel unrestricted service”. The
                                 vessel is also to satisfy the rules & regulations of Flag
                                 administration which is to be Mauritius. Accordingly
                                 system installation and operation are also to comply with the
                                 rules requirements of Mauritius as well as SOLAS
                                 requirements as may be applicable.

Stamp and sign of the Bidder
Page 9 of 12                                  D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2b75565c-f279-49a1-9789-bb8b6a3aa72a.doc
                               System manufacture and installation to meet with following
                               Statutory rules and requirements as may be applicable

                               RULES AND REGULATIONS

                               1] Relevant national rules and regulations of the ship‟s flag.

                               2] The International Convention on Load Lines, 1966 (Type „B‟
                               3] The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea
                                  (SOLAS), 1974/88 for Cargo Ships, including all

                               4] The International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from
                                   Ships, 1973/78 and Protocol 1978, MARPOL 73/78
                                   including requirements of the Baltic Sea Convention

                               5] The International Convention for Prevention of Collision at
                                   Sea, 1972 with amendment.

                               6] The International Regulation for Tonnage Measurement of
                                  Ships, 1969

                               7]    Radio Communication             Regulation       to     International

                               10] Requirements for Accommodating of Crew on Board of
                                   Ship ILO 133, 1970, 152, 140, 141 (as applicable)
                               12] IMO Code on noise and vibration onboard of sea-going
                               17] IEC Regulation relating to Vessel/s electrical equipment
Stamp and sign of the Bidder
Page 10 of 12                                D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2b75565c-f279-49a1-9789-bb8b6a3aa72a.doc
                               20] Marine Environmental and safety criteria for industry vessels in
                                   Exxon Mobil affiliate service.
                               21] IMO Resolution A. 534 (13)
                               22] Maritime Laws and Regulations of the Flag State
                               23] Wireless Safety Requirements (GMDSS)
 9     Test and surveys        The vessel will be surveyed during construction by surveyors
                               of ABS for class purpose and assigned classification notation
                               for “Maltese cross A1 Circle (E) Maltese cross AMS,
                               Work boat-cum- Supply Vessel unrestricted service”.

                                    Statutory requirements/registration: The vessel is also
                                    to satisfy the rules & regulations of Flag
                                    administration which is to be Mauritius.
                                    Ref. at Sr. No. 2 above.

                               a)   Test: The vessel‟s accommodation system, its fittings,
                                    accessories etc., to be inspected before installation
                                    onboard at manufacturer‟s yard according to the
                                    requirements of the yard/ owners/ classification society/
                                    manufacturers etc. as applicable. All material should
                                    have appropriate approval of class / statutory authority in
                                    line with the requirement of class of the vessel.

                               The complete accommodation system shall be provided in
                               accordance with the requirements and relevant standards and
                               as per the class, statutory, owner‟s and yard requirements as

                               Note: Any fault in the workmanship to be carried out by
                                   contractor without any extra cost.
Stamp and sign of the Bidder
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                                       ANNEXTURE B

                                          PRICE BID

                               TO BE FILLED IN BY THE BIDDER

                    [Builder also to submit item-wise rate for each item
                           for supply as well as installation part]
Managing Director
Alcock Ashdown (Gujarat) Ltd.

Sub : Tender for complete Turnkey / accommodation work                      onboard       Workboat cum
Supply Vessels, Yard. No. 255-256.

Dear Sir,

We have read all the terms and conditions of the tender and all conditions are acceptable to us.
We are submitting our lowest quote as under for the subject work.

                     Description                                Consolidated quote for
Design, manufacture, Supply, Installation, of complete
accommodation system including supply of all
equipments, materials, Fasteners, consumables, etc. as
per contract specification, onboard 2 Nos. Workboat
cum Supply Vessels, Yard. No. 255-256.

We confirm that we shall be able to undertake work of all the vessels

We have submitted independent rates for each item for its supply as well as
separately or its installation, so that work quantification and billing can be done on
actual measurement bases.

Date: …./…./….                                              Signature of bidder with stamp

Terms of payment:

Stamp and sign of the Bidder
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