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					AP Environmental Science – Air, Water, and Soil Pollution

Key Terms
Acid deposition                               Chlorofluorocarbons
Acid rain                                     Criteria air pollutants
Algae blooms                                  Integrated pest management
Biological oxygen demand (BOD)                Nitrogen fixation
Carbon dioxide                                NOx
Carbon monoxide                               Organophosphates
Chlorinated hydrocarbon                       Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Additional Terms
Acid                                          Cosmetic spraying
Acid mine drainage                            Cryptosporidium enterocolitis
Acid shock                                    Cultural eutrophication
Activated sludge process                      Cyclone separator
Acute toxicity                                DDT
Advanced sewage treatment                     Decomposition zone
Aerosol                                       Delaney Clause
Air quality standards                         Dioxin
Aesthetic degradation                         Dissolved oxygen content (DO)
Air pollutant                                 Dredge spoils
Aldrin                                        Dry alkali injection
Ambient air                                   Dry deposition
Area sources                                  Economic threshold
Asbestos                                      Effluent sewage
Asbestosis                                    Electrostatic precipitator
Asthma                                        Emission standards
Bacillus thuringensis                         Emissions trading policy
Baghouse filter                               Emphysema
Basic                                         Eutrophication
Bioaccumulation                               Fecal coliform bacteria
Bioamplification                              Fertilizer numbers
Biocide                                       First generation pesticides
Biological controls                           Fluke
Bioremediation                                Foliar
Blue-green bacteria                           Food irradiation
Broad-spectrum agents                         Formaldehyde
Brown smog                                    Fugitive emissions
Buffer                                        Fungicide
Carbamates                                    Genetic treadmill
Carbon sink                                   Global POP Treaty
Chemical analysis                             Gray smog
Chimney effect                                Greenhouse effect
Chlordane                                     Groundwater pollution
Chlorination                                  Heat island
Chronic bronchitis                            Herbicides
Chronic toxicity                              Indicator species
Circle of poison                              Indoor air pollutants
Clean Water Act                               Industrial smog
Coliform bacteria                             Inorganic pollutants
Contact pesticides                            Insecticide
Conventional (criteria) pollutants            Insurance spraying
Lindane                            ppt
Lung cancer                        Primary pollutant
Macronutrient                      Primary standard
Maximum contaminant level          Primary sewage treatment
Mesothelioma                       Pyrethrum
Methane (CH4)                      Radon (Rn)
Microgram                          Red tide
Micronutrient                      Rodenticide
Mirex                              Sag curve
Mobile source                      Secondary pests
NAPAP                              Secondary pollutants
National Ambient Air               Secondary sewage treatment
  Quality Standards (NAAQS)        Secondary standard
National Pollution Discharge       Second-generation pesticide
  Elimination System (NPDES)       Selective (narrow spectrum) agents
Nematocide                         Septic tank
Nitrous oxide (N2O)                Septic zone
Nondegradable wastes               Sick building syndrome
Nonpersistent pesticides           Sludge
Nonpoint source                    Stationary source
Nonselective pesticide             Stratospheric ozone
Nontarget organism                 Subsidence temperature inversion
Oligotrophic                       Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
Organic pollutants                 Suppression
Oxygen sag                         Suspended particulate matter –
Ozone                                (SPM)
Ozone layer                        Systemic pesticide
PANs                               Target organism
Persistence                        Temperature inversion
Persistent organic pollutants –    Tertiary treatment
   (POP)                           Thermal pollution
Persistent pesticide               Total maximum daily loads –
Pest                                   (TMDL)
Pesticide                          Toxaphene
Pesticide treadmill                Toxic release inventory (TRI)
Pest resurgence                    Translocated herbicide
Pfiesteria piscida                 Tricklings filters
pH                                 Unconventional (noncriteria) pollutants
pheromone                          Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
photochemical (tropospheric)smog   Wastewater garden
PM10-                              Weed
Point source                       Wet deposition
ppb                                Wetland waste treatment
ppm                                Wet scrubber