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									Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

   What is Search Engine Optimization
                                                                                                           Our Targets
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves a website’s placement on search
engines. Using methods that search engines use to rank a page, a SEO company can
make your website appear on the first pages of a search engine for relevant

Search Engine Optimization combines processes, features, additions, and ongoing
changes to a website in order to achieve top rankings in the major search engines.
Google, Yahoo, and Live (MSN) all look for different ranking criteria. A good SEO firm
can simultaneously make your website friendly to all three search engines.

   Why do you need it?
SEO continues to be one of the most important factors for establishing a successful
online business. Unless your site is a household name like Ebay or Amazon, your site
is virtually invisible to most web users. Search Engine Optimization is the logical
choice for online marketing.

   Ways SEO can help your business
-Brand Recognition          -Combat Bad Publicity
-Sell Product               -Launch a new Product
-Lead Generation            -Push a message or idea

   Common Misconceptions
One of the most common misconceptions is that simply creating meta tags and                                 Partners
performing automated submissions to thousands of search engines will generate top
rankings and increase traffic to your site. Some people even make the mistake of
partnering with bad SEO firms that practice “black-hat” tricks that can get websites
blacklisted on search engines. SEOhaus knows that page optimization to the site
accounts for only 10% and the majority of SEO is content creation, link plans, and
viral marketing.

  Companies using Search Engine Optimization as a large part of their
online budgets
       -Toyota            -Expedia
       -Microsoft         -Delta Airlines
       -AOL Radio         -Find Law
       -Quicken           -Prudential
       -General Motors    -Washington Mutual

                   If they think it is valuable, shouldn’t you?

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           SEO Industry Stats

Please consider the following…                                                                               Clients
· $12.2 Billion spent on Search Engine Marketing in North America in 2007.
(SEMPO, State of the Market 2007 Report)

· 1 Billion searches are conducted on the internet daily.
(Iconocast, May 2008)

· 81% of US consumers use search engines to help make purchase
(Forrester Research, June 2007)

· 2 out of 3 Americans visits a search engine on a regular basis.

· 95 million Americans spend a large part of the day at search portals like
Yahoo!, AOL or MSN
(Nielsen Net Ratings, June 2006)

· 79% of major U.S. companies advertised online last year.

· 75% of major U.S. companies used search engine optimization.
(Association of National Advertisers)

· 97% of Fortune 100 companies had some type of site architecture
problem (SEO roadblock) that might give themselves problems being found
by search engines.
(iProspect, May 2007)

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Why choose World Wide Webmasters

World Wide Webmasters is a full-service Internet Marketing Company that                        Certifications and
helps business websites improves online sales. Our primary goal is to help                       Associations
you build, market, and maintain your e-business brand for long-term
profitable growth. With a focus on measurable results, the bottom line is to
help yours.

World Wide Webmasters is a nationally recognized Internet Marketing
Company. For years, we have helped small and large e-business companies
meet and surpass their short and long-term goals. We incorporate the most
current and effective SEO and internet strategies to drive thousands of
qualified visitors to your site every month. As if this weren't enough, World
Wide Webmasters offers a custom approach to analyzing your website and
converting it into a selling-machine. Think: your website on steroids.

What makes World Wide Webmasters special is Über support from a “Wünder
Team”. We value communication and offer regular feedback, an innovative
communication system, and access to real-time website results. Additionally,
each client receives a dedicated virtual marketing team including:
- Internet Account Manager
- Search Engine Optimization experts
- Link Builders
- Professional Website Copywriter
- Web Programmer / Engineer
- Online Branding Specialist

We believe our marketing background differentiates World Wide Webmasters
from automated SEO tools and other “techie” SEO providers. We know what
sells. We know what people want, when they want it, and in what format. We
realize that companies hire an internet marketing firm in order to get the best
ROI for their dollar. It’s all about results and World Wide Webmasters delivers
the most efficient way to promote your products and services today.

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Client Successes
Search Engine Optimization Page #1 Results

Luxury Electronics                                           Philadelphia Tooth Whitening
Page 1 of Bing (Formerly MSN)                                Page 1 of Google                                   
21,300,000 results                                           335,000 results

Photo Scanning                                               Chicago Diabetic Foot Care
Page 1 of Google                                             Page 1 of Yahoo                                   
940,000 results                                              959,000 results

Hair Style Products                                          Marine GPS Unit
Page 1 of Google and Yahoo                                   Page 1 of Google                                      
10,600,000 results                                           590,000 results

Computer Financing                                           Beauty College in California
Page 1 of Yahoo                                              Page 1 of Google and Yahoo                                 
67,300,000 results                                           3,380,000

Teeth Bleaching Equipment                                    Golf Schools
Page 1 of Google and Yahoo                                   Page 1 on Google and Yahoo                               
73,600 results                                               59,200,000

Peanut Free Chocolate                                        Luxury
Page 1 of Google                                             Page 1 of Google                                 
300,000 results                                              148,000,000

“I can not thank World Wide Webmasters enough for the help they have given me. I highly
recommend them to anyone who is looking for a greater online presence.”
Dr. Leonard Tau, DMD

“The Prada of Search Engine Optimization”
Patrick O’Keefe, Joico

“World Wide Webmasters is the only SEO company that helped our site build results. If you can
only advertise in one place, this is it!”
Frank McNeil, Coldwell Banker

“Thank you for the extra effort put into the Jonano project!”
Bonnie Siefers, Jonano

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Search Engine Optimization Campaign
Millions of customers are searching for your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
improves a website's rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Connecting
warm leads while they perform presales research, SEO makes your site visible to 750 million daily
searches. According to Forrester, more than 80% of US consumers use search engines to help
make purchase decisions. Having an internet presence can mean the difference between success
or failure of an ecommerce site.

SEO Benefits
          - Lead Generation                                  - Launch a Website, Product, or Service
          - Increase Web Sales                               - Combat Negative Publicity
          - Online Branding                                  - Promote a message or idea

World Wide Webmasters Methodology
SEO is a delicate blend of processes, features, additions and continual changes to a website. Additionally,
search engines use different criteria to place websites. Your consultant will multitask what is needed in order
to make your site “friendly” to all of the top search engines simultaneously. The following are deliverables
your Wünder Team delivers and executes:

            a. Research and Analysis
            The first step in optimizing your website for the search engines is to understand how your
            audience may be searching for you. Using a variety of techniques and research tools we
            research, analyze and determine the most relevant and targeted keywords and key phrases for
            your business or organization.

            b. Internal Website Optimization
            Web page copy and structure are important factors that search engines now use to determine
            rankings. We create Meta tags, title tags and alt tags that target your keywords. In addition, our
            experienced team will edit your existing copy or suggest new copy that will focus your web pages
            for these targeted keywords. World Wide Webmasters takes it a step further and

            c. External Link Building
            World Wide Webmasters builds relevant links on a variety of search engines and complimentary
            websites. World Wide Webmasters uses organic methods to naturally build a website’s links in a
            strategic way.

            d. Viral Marketing
            Using guerrilla Web 2.0 methods, we broadcast your website to social media networks and online
            communities to spread the word.

            e. Continued Maintenance
            We provide monthly search engine position reports, which show how your web pages rank for
            your targeted keywords and phrases. Traffic reporting for your website is also available. These
            results, along with feedback from our clients, enable us to gauge the effectiveness of the search
            engine positioning campaign. We regularly track the progress of your campaign and reoptimize
            portions of your site and make changes based on announced and unannounced changes in the
            search engine industry.

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Pay-for-Performance Options - $100/mo + Results
Establish top organic rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN

Only pay when we perform! $100/mo + $100/keyword on the first page of Google.

 Deliverables                                        Starter             Grow               Pro
 Website Analysis
 Market Competitor Research Documents
 Key Term Research
 Identify List of Keyterms                           3 Keyterms          10 Keyterms        25 Keyterms
 Internal Optimization
 Website Content Copywriting
 Meta Tags
 Title Tags
 Internal Link Structure
 Google XML Sitemap
 Website Sales Conversion Tools
 SEO Article Content Pages                           3                   10                 25
 Setup Fee                                           FREE                FREE               FREE
 External Link Building
 Submission to major search engines
 Back Links                                          300                 1,000              1,500
 Guaranteed Permanent Directories                    120 = 10/mo         180 = 15/mo        240 = 20/mo
 Viral Marketing
 Social Bookmarkings                                 3 /mo               10 /mo             15 /mo
 Article Press Release Syndication                                                          2 /mo
 Continued Maintenance
 Monthly Key Term Ranking Reports
 Monthly Traffic Analytics Reports
 Monthly Back Link Reports
 Free Support: Phone / Email

If you’re ready to get online, call a World Wide Webmasters representative immediately at            (888) 942-5554   .

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