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									                         Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Your Glimpse into International Women in Portugal

Summer 2011                                                                 1
                                      Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

    Inside this Issue...
4	     From the Editor
                                        Editor: Sara Tamulonis
     President’s letter               ajanela@iwponline.org
     IWP Logo’s
8	     IWP Events                       Contributors:
9	     Welcome New Members              Sharon Wake, Christine Rola, Kathie
                                        Bowen, Margaret Marques, Delfina
    Members Ad’s
                                        Tamulonis, Cinzia Sgarlata, Effie
13	    IWP Coffee Mornings
                                        Pilalis, Ariane Hartje, Aya Yamasaki,
14	    Japanese Brunch                  Jenny Fernandes, Heather Sheill
16	    WRVS recent Events
17	    Be a Natural Beauty              Editorial / Proofreading Team:
18	    Royal Wedding Event              Sharon Wake, Kay Baker, Lisa
                                        Roughley, Beth Schatzle, Lilla
20	    St. Anthony: Life and            Schottner, Christine Rola, Suzan
	      Legend                           Stolk
22	    June Celebrations
                                        Printed by:
23	    Local Beaches
                                        Grafitala, Artes Gráficas Lda.
25	    Kids Activities                  www.grafitala.com
27	    Bubble Trouble
                                        Cover Photo: Caves in Lagos, Algarve
29	    Camping in Portugal
32	    IWP Book Club Review
35	    IWP Activities
41	                  A
       Membership 	 pplication


                                                          Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

             Administration & Leadership

  International Women in Portugal
  Associação de Mulheres Internacionais em Portugal
  Apartado 6, 2751-901 Cascais - Tel. 915 552 847 / 214 532 101
  www.iwponline.org e-mail: office@iwponline.org

  Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9:00 - 14:00
  Please contact us with any questions or concerns you have about becoming a
  member, benefits of membership, membership renewal, advertising in A Janela or if
  you have not received your membership card or copy of A Janela.

  Executive Board 2010/2012

     President               Vice - President           Treasurer         Secretary         Member Designate/
                                                                                           Activities Coordinator
    Sharon Wake               Lisa Roughley           Lauren Wojtyla      Kay Baker           Linda Hunter
president@iwponline.org vicepresident@iwponline.org

  Committee Officers 2010/2012
                                                          Due to the early departure of Lisa
                                                          Roughley, nominations are being
                                                          accepted for the position of vice
                                                          president. If you are interested in
                                                          learning more about the role
                                                          please contact Sharon Wake
     Lunch Coordinator          Amigas Coordinator        president@iwponline.org for a full
      Cornelia Loureiro            Christine Rola
   lunches@iwponline.org         chrisrola@aol.com        job description.

   IWP Office
              Office Manager Sara Tamulonis 214 532 101 / 915 552 847 office@iwponline.org
              A Janela Editor ajanela@iwponline.org 	 Website Administrator iwp@iwponline.org

                                              Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

                         Words from the Editor
                  Dear Reader,

                  Welcome to the Summer 2011 issue of A Janela. The summer sun
                  has arrived early and for me not a moment to soon!

                   This issue marks the beginning of another glorious season in Portugal
                   which is also my favorite, summer. For some, it is a time to say
goodbye and embark on a new adventure and for new arrivals, the time to settle in and
discover all that Portugal has to offer.

The past few months have been very busy for IWP with coffee mornings, lunches and
special events like the Japanese Brunch (page 18) and the Be a Natural Beauty
Workshop (page 21). This summer there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.
Check our website www.iwponline.org for regular updates about activities, events and

Over the next few weeks, Portugal kicks off the summer celebrations starting with Dia
de Camões or Portugal Day. Even though Portugal is experiencing a difficult economic
and political transition, the Spirit of Camões continues to be a great source of
inspiration when faced with Portugal’s Greatest Challenge (page 25). Despite the dark
cloud that hovers, it does not stop the Portuguese from taking to the streets in
celebration of the popular saints (page 29), with special focus on Lisbon’s most adored
patron, Saint Anthony, whose life and legend is celebrated every year on June 13th
with a glass of vinho verde and a plate of sardinhas assadas (page 26).

Summer is a time for outdoor activities, so the A Janela editorial team put together a list
of activities available for kids (page 32), suggestions for day trips to beautiful local
beaches (page. 30) and for the more adventurous a guide to some of the best camping
locations in Portugal (page 40).

Also back by popular demand is a list of discounts for members (page 47) provided by
local businesses. If you are a business owner and would like to include your special
offer in A Janela please contact office@iwponline.org for more details.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy reading this issue either under the
beach blazing sun or in the cool calm shade!

Sara Tamulonis
                                                  Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

                   Letter from the President
Dear Member,

My husband and I finally retired to Portugal in June 2009. It took me until
June 2010 to find IWP and in September I joined the organisation. When
Teresa Posch introduced herself to me, little did I know that within a few
months, I would become President! I hope I can live up to your
expectations, and with the Board’s help, I would like to welcome more
women into IWP.
Born in Brisbane, I left when I was 21 to do a working holiday based in
the UK. Here I met my husband of 28 years and we have three grown up daughters who now all
live in the UK.
IWP will be 20 this year and one of our priorities is to make sure that the name of IWP is out
there in the expat community. We want people to know about us and invite their friends or
colleagues to join us, whether it be at a coffee morning, monthly lunch or any of the other
activities that we offer. We are in the process of designing a new logo to celebrate these 20 years
and will invite you, the members, to choose the winning design so look on page 7 for more
The Activities Fair is in September and we would like to ask for volunteers to form the committee
for this event and start the ball rolling. What better way to get involved first-hand with your
organisation. Please let us know if you can help!
Please remember to become a “friend” of IWP on Facebook (look up IWP Portugal). We strive to
publish photos of most events (with member approval) along with announcements about events
and activities. The pictures often bring back happy memories for old members and new and
enable our friends and family to view our lovely country and see our new friends.
The IWP website has also been updated. The community page now publicises forthcoming
events for different organisations as well as IWP functions, whilst the business pages provide
contact information for various local businesses and services. I know from personal experience
that these are very useful pages! Make sure you check the website regularly so you know what is
happening in your area.
I would like to thank the members who organised the Japanese Brunch with the donations going
to the Japanese Red Cross appeal and all the members who supported it. It made me proud to be
President of such a caring and supportive organisation.

Activities are crucial to our organisation, so if you have a passion for something and want to
share it with others, please contact the Activities Co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org and
let’s see if we can all share your experiences.
Lastly, I would like to thank the previous board for their commitment to the organisation through
what was a demanding term of office. Due to relocation back to the USA our vice president, Lisa
Roughley, has sadly resigned. Even though her term in office has been relatively short she has
made valuable contributions to the organisation, especially with the website, and I am very sorry
to see her depart Portugal. We are now looking for a new vice president and that could be YOU!
Send your nominations for vice president and please contact the office or myself for further

I look forward to meeting you all in the coming years.

                                           Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

In September 2011, IWP celebrates its                                                   1
20th Anniversary. In honor of this
special occasion the IWP Board have
decided to give members the
opportunity to choose and vote on a
new logo that best represents IWP.
Fellow member, Aya Yamasaki, lent
her professional graphic design skills
and created two individual logo’s (see
examples two and three). Special
thanks to Aya for presenting so many
ideas which gave the board a difficult                                                   2
task of choosing only two!

Above is the original IWP logo,
created in 1991. Center right is a
remake of the original logo. On the
bottom is a completely new and
modernized image for International
Women in Portugal.

The choice is YOURS!

Please send in your selection                                                           3
indicating the numbers of the logo’s 1,
2 or 3 to Sharon Wake at
president@iwponline.org by
August 31st 2011.

The new logo voted on by members
will be unveiled at the Annual
Activities Fair that will take place the
end of September.

                                     Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

 We know how hard it is to start life in a new country, so all members
 and prospective members have the opportunity to meet, greet and
.socialize every month over coffee and pastry. Come join us at a
 Coffee Morning either in Lisbon or Cascais. It’s a great way to build a
 support system and feel at home. If you are not yet a member of IWP,
 you are welcome to attend two IWP events before joining.

  Lisbon Coffee Mornings take place at Chá do Carmo in
  Chiado on the second Tuesday of every month at 10:30 am.
             Lisbon Coffee Mornings Upcoming Dates:
                  June 14th, July 12th, August 9th

             Cascais Coffee Morning Upcoming Dates:
              June 16th, August 24th, September 22nd
                Further details will be sent by e-mail.

                           Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Summer Brunch
    Before the holidays, join us for our
           Summer celebration!

      Date: Thursday, 16th June
           Time:11:30 am
     Donation: €15:00 to charity
       Location: The Home of
                 Lilla Schottner in Birre
       Next Cascais Coffee Morning
      Wednesday, August 24th 2011
Members will be sent further details by e-mail.
  Dates are subject to change so check our website
          www.iwponline.org for updates.

                        Lunch Dates
                    Tuesday, June 21st
                                July 20th
                       Location details will be sent to
                              members by e-mail.

                      Dates are subject to change so check our
                      website www.iwponline.org for updates.
                                          Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

               New Members
                 ALBARRAQUE                experiences. With our harsh winter
                                           in the States I have really enjoyed
                Carolyn Heger              being in this wonderful climate. I am
                                           looking forward to playing golf and
                                           enjoying the beach.
               Annabel Earle               Jackie Kennard
I have lived in Portugal for 15 years      I was born in South Hampton,
and am married to a French man. We         England and initially trained in
have two children at IPS. We own an        secretarial skills before joining the
outdoor furniture business in              WRNS in 1964 as a court
Cascais.                                   stenographer. I married Selwyn who
                                           was serving in the Royal Navy in
CASCAIS                                    1967. I have three children aged,
                                           42,40 and 36 along with seven
Maj-Britt Nordholm -Hoesjkov               grandchildren. I have wide
                                           secretarial experience working in a
Birgit Hollmann                            variety of large companies: my final
                                           20 working years with John Lewis
                                           plc, with the last 15 at its Head
Teresa Santos                              office in Victoria, London.
Oi! I'm Teresa Santos from Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil. I've been living in
Portugal for two years with my             ESTORIL
husband who is a correspondent for
the German Press agency. We'll             Shannon Parris
probably stay for another couple of        We have recently moved here from
years. At the moment I work as a           the US. I was formerly a special
freelance writer / translator and I'm      education teacher involved with
pursuing a master's at ISCTE. The          assessments. Now, I am a stay at
few IWP members I've met were very         home mom to Oliver and I am
friendly, so I'm looking forward to        looking forward to exploring
joining its' activities. I'd be glad to    Portugal and finding ways to keep
help with Portuguese conversation          busy.
                                           Barbichan Friebel
Norma Jean Dowd                            Hi! I am a freelance make-up artist
I am working on an assignment in           and looking for new acquaintances
Portugal for an indeterminate length       and possible contacts whether for
of time. I enjoy being sociable and        work or pleasure! Call me!
participating in artistic and cultural

                                         Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

          Welcome to IWP
WanSook Kim                               Helen Kallstrom Valle
Hi, I come from Seoul in South            Currently taking my certificates as a
Korea. I am happy to join IWP. I have     guide in Lisbon.
lived in Estoril for almost two years.
Previously, I lived in Tokyo, Japan       MONTE ESTORIL
when I was a child. I lived in Milan,
                                          Joanne Procunier
Italy after I got married and had two
                                          Moved to Portugal with my husband
daughters. I love meeting people          who is teaching at St. Dominic’s.
who come from different countries.        Worked for 20 years at a centre for
I look forward to meeting IWP ladies      children in Toronto.
and participating in IWP activities.
LISBON                                    Jill Marion Hichwa
Alejandra Expósito
Enthusiastic - speak a lot - like         PAREDE
reading - listen a lot - anxious for
news - do not smoke - love                Tracy Brain
Japanese food - waiting to                I am 42 years old with three
understand the way to use "poente"        beautiful daughters living with my
and "nascente" when I exit subway         husband in Parede. I would like to
stations.                                 meet new friends, to walk and talk
                                          with or go for coffee. I am excited
                                          about seeing all of Portugal whilst I
Margarida Graça                           am here.
I lived in England for 11 years,
married to an Englishman and had          Catherine Andrews
two children. I worked for Tap in         Hello, I moved to Lisbon from the
London. After returning to Lisbon I       UK last summer. My husband works
worked as a secretary for the Lisbon      for NATO and I have two children
Underground.                              currently studying in the UK. I am
                                          looking forward to discovering
Wai In Sou                                Portugal and making friends.
I am Chinese and was born in
Macau. I met my husband 27 years
ago in Macau but he was born in
Moçambique. We have two boys,
Samuel and Simão, one is 25 and
the other is 24 years old.

                                       Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

   Members Ads &

         To book please e-mail Sharon at p2sbw@hotmail.co.uk

AEG – Iron for SALE
                                                     

   In good condition                 
                                          

  260€ (negotiable)             
 •2500 watts                    

 •1.40 x 0,60m                   
 •On wheels                     
                                               
 •6 different programs          
                                 
 for temperature                
                                                               
 •Used + new ironing            
                                 
 sheet included                 

    Contact: Maria                    
     964 332 240                      
                                              
     214 688 876
                                             Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

                     After three beautiful years in Portugal, it's time for my family
                     and I to have a new exciting experience abroad, much further,
                     in another continent with  a totally different culture. What a
                     challenge!!!  I really thank the relocation specialist Ann
                     Wetering de Rooy, who introduced me to IWP because without
                     this association my life would not have been so enjoyable. The
                       rst class I joined was the English one to improve  my
                     language. Then as soon  as    I became more con dent I
                     started attending Spanish and Portuguese classes,
Patchwork, Arraiolos and  Aspiring  Chefs.  My life changed completely, being busy
almost every day with the activities and the lunches, and making new friends who
I'm sure I will miss so much. I  really had a good time!   I  want to thank all the
activity captains and  the executive board  for their commitment and
support, wishing a long life to this superb association.
                                                                 - Cinzia Sgarlata

                                                Atelier2 Ceramica
                                               International Hairdressers, Beautician and Manicurist

                      Sadly, in a few          Atelier 2, located in Alapraia, is 1km from the São Joao
                      weeks I am going         do Estoril station.
                                               Atelier 2 offers:
                      to leave this            -Workshop rental space for ceramic and other art fields,
                      beautiful country        -Demonstration workshops (handbuilding,English
                      and return to            bonechinaslipcasting, alternativeraku techniques, plaster
                                               mould making, paperclay)
                      Greece. IWP was          -Gas, electric and raku kilns for low, high fire, oxidation
                      one of the               and reduction).
reasons I met so many good friends             -Weekend alternative raku workshops you can bring your
                                               own pieces or purchase pieces to raku fire.
from different countries!!! I will             -Potters wheel classes and for rent.
never forget the lovely moments we             -We have some ceramic materials for sale: Clay,
                                               porcelain, Stoke-on-Trent bonechina, plaster and our own
shared and the  experiences I got
                                               prepared and tested glazes.
with all of you ladies. Thank you very         -Call 913592042 for more information or visit our website
much for three really wonderful                www.atelier2ceramica.com
                                                 Open House June 24 @ 6pm

                            - Ef e Pilalis
                                   Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Valentine’s Day Coffee Morning
On February 16th, Sue Lyons hosted a Valentine’s Day inspired coffee
morning at her home in Pé de Serra, Colares. Even though the weather
was less than cheery, and despite some “technical difficulties”,
everyone present enjoyed the sunny atmosphere inside.
In keeping with tradition, there was a Valentine’s Day raffle where all
proceeds went to charity. A few lucky members went home with
wonderful gifts for themselves or their loved ones.

                                           Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

March Coffee Morning
On March 17th, Barbara Gray hosted a coffee morning at her home in
Estoril. Barbara gave a short talk about the recent activities and charitable
causes of the WRVS. Shortly after, Japanese members invited everyone to
attend a Japanese Brunch that was being organized to aid the Red Cross
after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Members applauded their
efforts and insisted on contributing to their cause that morning. Barbara
also donated the money collected from the coffee morning to the relief
effort which totaled over €400.

Japanese Brunch
PRAY FOR JAPAN / PORTUGAL would like to convey our deepest gratitude and
show our sincere appreciation to all the IWP members who contributed to our
efforts in raising funds for the victims of the earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan; in
this way helping our country heal. Between the coffee morning and the Japanese
Brunch, which were held in March, we were able to collect €1,282. Thank you!
- Ai Sasaki, Akiko Nakade, Aya Yamasaki, Kyoko Prospero, Megumi Ota, Moriko Miyamoto,
  Yumi Sumimura, Junko Tuchiya, Kumiko Bonilla, Mayumi Sato and Rieko Otsuka

                                    Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

On March 24th, IWP members Ai Sasaki, Aya Yamasaki, Kyoko Prospero,
Yumi Sumimura, and Rieko Otsuka together with friends organized an
amazing event that gathered over 50 members for a Japanese Brunch in
support of the Japanese Red Cross. Mihaela Rogalski, graciously provided
her stunning home as the backdrop for this lively event.

The vast assortment of Japanese food was unmissable as well as the
traditional Japanese gift wrapping demonstration led by Javhlan Byamba.

                                              Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

WRVS Bridge Event at Lar da Boa Vontade
                                   By Heather Sheill  

The Bridge Day at LBV (The Cheshire Home) was a huge success with 80 participants.
The majority of the players were from established bridge clubs here in Portugal.
Zein Naber, also a member of IWP and the main organiser, pulled it all together,
liaising with the home, bridge organizers and the WRVS, etc. The logistics were
enormous, from having bridge tables and chairs delivered to the home, racks for coats,
plates of all kinds, serving utensils, drinks, ice, cold boxes, food heating plates, not to
mention all the food! There were donations of cakes, desserts, plastic silver cutlery
which looks very real, napkins and toilet rolls!  Glasses and tea cups were lent by St.
Paul’s Church. Miriam Chambers and Naterçia from St. Mary’s Church made
sandwiches and cakes for the tea.   Ian Crocker was photographer for the day.  Prim
Ridley-Thomas donated jams and chutney to be sold in the shop. Prizes were also
donated for the winners. Last but not least, a team of WRVS members set up tables and
served food and drinks and provided all the salads, plus some cakes. 
We made over €2,600, which will refurbish two more bedrooms at the Lar da Boa
Vontade. Andrew Bailey spoke on behalf of the Home and gave very warm words of
thanks to everyone involved.

                                         Social Teas at Quinta da Fonte  
                                        One of our regular activities is the monthly 
                                        Social Teas at Quinta Da Fonte British
                                        Retirement Home in S.Pedro do Estoril. Usually
                                        on the 3rd Tues at 3 pm we precede delicious
                                        afternoon tea with a guest speaker or activity.
                                        Gabriella Dawson spoke of her five week
                                        camping trip with British Schools Exploratory
Society to record data on the Amazon River.   Our  wonderful Margot Dias quizzed us
twice! We learned from Teresa Posch how to decoupage eggs, using pretty napkins.
We read  and discussed the inspiring  “Charter for Compassion” with the Reverend
Graham McGeoch of  St Andrew’s, Lisbon. We were enlightened on Iraq’s history by
Dr. Geoffrey Parker; we shared the British Historical Society’s account of their three-day
trip to Bussaco and all enjoyed Paulo Lowndes Marques’ presentation on “Views on the
Marginal”. Please join us for future events!
WRVS works with IWP to raise funds and charity awareness. We are grateful for their
involvement, support and continued donations.
                                             Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

                       By Ariane Hartje Photos By Cinzia Sgarlata
The morning started out already very natural: with a cup of
organic tea. After introducing each other, Ariane spoke
about natural cosmetics, comparing its ingredients with a
colourful fruit bowl filled with organic fruits like pears,
apple, pineapple, kiwi, pomegranate...all precious
“materials” that can be found in natural cosmetics.

We discussed the harmful ingredients in conventional
cosmetics, their names, and how to easily recognize them
on packages and what they do to our skin and the entire
body. Everyone was very surprised and embraced the
different possibilities in skin care. They learned to
appreciate that natural cosmetics are sustainable and not
just good for themselves but also for the environment.
Furthermore, many natural cosmetics companies support
fair trade actions which promote fair labor and no child

Time went by very quickly and at the end we had the
chance to smell and try the cosmetics. An interesting
morning with a fresh outlook on health and beauty …
natural beauty.

Contact: Simplesmente Adorável lda,
Travessa da República, 92, 2750-475 Cascais
TM: 938 369 161

                                             Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

       The Royal Wedding Event

On Friday, May 29th 2011 the world stood still and watched as H.R.H Prince William of
Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton pledged their matrimonial vows in what was and
still is considered to be the biggest event of the year. Everyone seemed to have a place
to go that day, to witness the most well engineered wedding the world had ever seen.

A few lucky IWP members had the pleasure of watching the live coverage from the
impressive British Residence as guests of the British Chargé de Affaires, Joanna
Kuenssberg O’Sullivan.

Members were extremely grateful for the unique invitation and thoroughly enjoyed the
experience of watching the Royal Wedding event alongside members of the British
community. Special thanks to Joanna Kuenssberg O’Sullivan and Caroline Medrado for
providing IWP members with such a memorable experience.

                        Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal
                                    By Delfina Tamulonis

Value yourself and your fellow
citizens and you will be a true patriot.
                    -Fernando Pessoa

Our most admired Portuguese writer and poet
Miguel Torga (1907-1995) expressed in one of
his journals some concern but also hope
about Portugal’s joining the European
Community, which was, in fact, formalized in
1986: "It is time to come face to face with the     Portugal, Camões and Portuguese
masters of the civilization to which we belong.     Communities, hopefully the votes of many
In this confrontation, our warm temperament         Portuguese will be influenced by the reasons
will give way to the coldness of reason,            why Luís de Camões, who died in Lisbon,
improvisation will yield to orderly thinking and    June 10, 1580, became a symbol of Portugal.
resolve will replace indecisiveness. Very           First and foremost, he wrote beautifully and
commendable qualities, indeed, but opposed          eloquently about the Portuguese in Os
to the way we are; we may be disfigured,             Lusíadas, an epic poem that places
should they be simply mimicked. Let’s hope          Portuguese literature among the world’s
that all the changes we may have to undergo         greatest. Acceptance and adaptability to
will come as an enrichment of what we are           different cultures, spirit of adventure, ambition,
rather depletion of our virtues. Let’s hope that,   sense of mission, drive, resilience and at the
when the excitement of this adventure has           same time undying love for Portugal are
finally wound down, we will take pride in            tantamount to the so-called “spirit of
having been up to the challenge while staying       Camões,” the Portuguese spirit. A wonderer
true to ourselves.” Twenty-five years on, we         in Asia for fourteen years and during a two-
feel that we have failed to keep up with our        year stay in Africa, Camões never ceased to
West European peers, as the IMF, the EU and         perfect his long epic poem, and his
the BE landed last April in Lisbon to sort out      determination to have it published and publicly
our worst financial crisis in 90 years. We are       acclaimed in his beloved homeland (esta é a
yet to do in Europe what we did all over the        ditosa Pátria minha amada) was never stifled
planet for 600 years. But we do not despair.        by harsh living conditions. And he succeeded.
We will change direction. We will thrive in         Just like Vasco da Gama, his hero in Os
Europe, our ultimate challenge. After almost        Lusíadas, he accomplishes what he set out to
900 years of history, what’s at stake here and      do: reaching India by sea. The poet and his
now is our ability to free our creativity,          heroes, Vasco da Gama and the Portuguese,
imagination, initiative, knowledge, enthusiasm      become one. The voyage of Vasco da Gama,
and skill from the heavy, suffocating state/        Camões’ life and the History of Portugal
government weight to create a modern,               become a timeless and universal symbol of
vibrant economy. We are in dire need of a           man’s relentless effort to ride the waves and
slender,”citizen’s friendly government.”      On    sail through contrary winds in this big ocean
June 5th, we will decide which direction we         we call life. It is about finding one’s unlimited
want to take and since these early elections        strength to achieve the impossible (mais do
will be held just five days before the Day of        que prometia a força humana).
        Celebrating Santo António: Women in Portugal
                       Your Glimpse into the International

     The Life and Legacy of St. Anthony
                                By Margaret Marques

                                                       Fernando Martins de Bulhões, was born
                                                       to a rich family whose desire was to live
                                                       the life of a noble. He received a good
                                                       education at the local cathedral school.
                                                       Contrary to his family’s wishes, Fernando
                                                       entered the Augustinian Abbey of St.
                                                       Vincent on the outskirts of Lisbon. He
                                                       became a member of The Canons
                                                       Regular (or, priests' rules) of St Augustine
                                                       that were famous for their dedication to
                                                       scholarly pursuits. Fernando studied
                                                       Scripture and the Latin classics but
                                                       found it increasingly more difficult to
                                                       pursue his studies due to constant visits
                                                       by friends and relatives, who would
                                                       bring him embarrassing gifts and news
                                                       from the outside social world which
                                                       bothered him. His studies suffered from
                                                       the annoying distractions and he
                                                       persuaded his superiors to transfer him
to the Augustinian Santa Cruz Monastery in Coimbra, then the capital of Portugal, to
continue his studies.
After his ordination, Fernando was responsible for hospitality in his abbey where in 1219, he
met five Franciscans who were on their way to Morocco to preach to the Muslims. The
simplistic lifestyle of the Franciscan friars was very appealing to him and when news arrived
in February 1220 that the five Franciscans had been martyred in Morocco, Fernando
contemplated the heroism of these Franciscans. He felt his calling from God to follow Him
and asked permission from his superiors to join the Franciscan order. In the summer of
1220, he began to learn the teachings of their founder, Francis of Assisi. He adopted the new
name of Anthony in honor of the early monk Saint Anthony the Great, to whom the
Franciscan hermitage where he was living was dedicated.

Shortly after, Anthony set off to Morocco with a mission to preach the Gospel to the Muslims
or at least die trying. However, when he arrived, he became very ill and had no choice but
to return to Portugal. On his way home, his ship was led by a storm to the coast of Sicily,
landing in Messina. From Sicily, he travelled to Assisi and sought refuge in a monastery in
Italy, but due to his sickly appearance he was not greeted with open arms. Finally, out of
pure compassion, the rural hospice of San Paolo outside Bologna, took him in where he
lived as a hermit and was put to work in the kitchen.

                                                Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

During a visit of Dominican monks, an ordination was to occur, but there was a
misunderstanding over who would preach. The Franciscans expected one of the Dominicans
to fulfill this duty because they were renowned for their preaching but the Dominicans were
not prepared and looked to the Franciscans to take over.
The head of the hermitage had no one among his own friars suitable to preach, so he called
upon Anthony, whom he believed to be the most educated. He ordered him to speak
whatever the Holy Spirit should put into his mouth. Anthony protested but was overruled.
His sermon created a lasting impression due to his profound voice and eloquence.
Following the moving discourse, Saint Francis was informed of his rich education and
requested that Anthony teach theology to the brethren. Another account shows that
Anthony was commissioned by the Franciscan provincial minister to preach the Gospel
throughout northern Italy. From this moment on, his oratory skills played an important role
in the Church. Occasionally, he would also teach at the universities of Montpellier and
Toulouse in southern France. Anthony went to Vercelli to confer with the famous abbot,
Thomas Gallo, before becoming a full time teacher. He then taught successively in Bologna
and Montpellier in 1224, and later at Toulouse. Even though he accepted his role as a
teacher, it was as an orator rather than a professor that St. Anthony expressed his God given
gift. He had all the good qualities of an eloquent preacher: a loud and clear voice, a
winning countenance, extraordinary memory, and profound learning, to which were added
the spirit of prophecy and miracle making. With the zeal of an apostle he wanted to reform
the morality of his time, by fighting against the vices of luxury, avarice, and tyranny.

Anthony reportedly accomplished many miracles when trying to convert heretics. The most
noted are when a horse knelt down after having refused food for 3 days and adored the
Blessed Sacrament that Saint Anthony held in his hands. St. Anthony was given poisoned
food by Italian heretics, which he in turn made pure by the sign of the cross.

The passion with which St. Anthony fought heresy, and the numerous conversions he made
honored him the title of Malleus hereticorum ("Hammer of the Heretics").

After attending the Franciscan chapter at Arles, France in 1226, St. Anthony returned to Italy
and served as a representative of his community to Pope Gregory IX. At the papal court, his
preaching was hailed as a "jewel case of the Bible" and he was commissioned to produce
official sermons for Feast Days.

In 1231, St. Anthony became ill with dropsy, a condition where abnormal amounts of fluid
accumulates under the skin. He went to Camposanpiero where he lived in a cell built for
him under the branches of a walnut tree. He died on June 13, 1231 at the age of 36 on the
way back to Padua. It is said that when he died, children cried in the streets and angels
came to earth to ring all the church bells for the death of the saint. He is buried in a chapel
of the large Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua. The house where he was born in Lisbon was
turned into a church, the Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa where thousands congregate
each year to celebrate this famous patron saint.

         POPULAR SAINTS DAYS IN JUNE in Portugal
                      Your Glimpse into the International Women

                                         by Chris Rola

Santo António or St. Anthony (August 15, 1195 - June 1,1231)
is a Catholic saint who was born in Lisbon and died in Padua,
Italy where he is also venerated. His saint’s day is June 13th
with celebrations and public holidays in Lisbon and Cascais.

On Santo António’s Day there are large street parties all over
the area. Sardines (sardinhas assadas) are eaten with tomato
and green pepper salad with lots of red wine or sangria or the
ever popular green wine. Streets are decorated with lanterns
and streamers. Fado and Portuguese folk music can be heard
from the various neighbourhood gatherings in the Alfama.
Traditionally, bonfires are lit which the young and the not so
young jump over. The Alfama area of Lisbon becomes a big
party on the Eve of Santo Antonio with celebrations lasting
until dawn.

Also in Lisbon, on the eve of Santo Antonio (June 12th) there is
the Marchas Populares. Groups of dancers and singers,
dressed in colourful costumes, parade and compete down the
long avenue of Lisbon’s city center. Generally, the marchas
start at the Marques de Pombal at 22.00, pass down the
Avenida de Liberdade and are judged until about 1 am. More
information is available from the Lisbon Tourist Office 21 031
2700 www.atl-turismolisboa.pt.

São Pedro is celebrated on 29th June with a public holiday in
Sintra. On 26th - 28th June Sintra has an Annual Festival with
an artisan's fair, music and dance competitions. There is also
a boat procession along the Tagus River.

In June you will see mangerico plants for sale with a paper
carnation and a message for your loved one. The receiver must
keep the plant alive to keep the love alive. The legend says if
you smell the plant it will die, so you must pat the plant with
the palm of you hand and smell your hand, to appreciate its
herbal smell.

On June 24th Porto’s residents and visitors take to the streets
to celebrate their favourite Saint John the Baptist (São João).
For centuries colourful, paper balloons have been released
into the sky in honour of São João. In a more modern
approach Porto lights up with a magnificent display of
fireworks. In keeping with tradition, party goers congregate
on the narrow streets of the old town armed with plastic
hammers and garlic stalks taking turns banging each other on
the head. The origins of this tradition are uncertain but it
continues to be an unmistakable part of the São João
                                                  Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Lagoa de Albufeira is a stunning lagoon separated from the sea by a series of
sand dunes. This beautiful hideaway is both a fresh and saltwater lagoon and is the perfect
spot for swimming with small children. It is also an ideal setting for water sport enthusiasts who
enjoy sailing, canoeing, wind and kite surfing.

Directions: From Lisbon take the A2 highway cross the 25 de Abril bridge, exit indicating
Sesimbra, then follow EN378 road until you reach a OTAN/NATO base, where you turn right
(you will see a sign for Lagoa de Albufeira). Then you follow that road until you see an arrow
pointing to Lagoa de Albufeira.

Costa da Caparica                    is located on the south bank of the River Tagus where
magnificent sandy beaches stretch south for nearly 30 kilometers from Caparica to Cabo
Espichel. Big areas of eucalyptus, pine trees and acacia trees are scattered along the golden
sand. During the summer months, you can take a ride on an open-carriage railway that starts
in the center and runs 10 kilometers along the stretch of glistening beaches.

                                                  Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Troía can be reached by a 10 minute ferry ride from Setúbal. This narrow sand-strip south
of Lisbon is one of Portugal’s best-kept secrets and is definitely worth a visit. Troía boasts 18
kilometers of fine white sand beaches and the water is comparable to that of the Caribbean with
iits clear turquoise colors and calm tides. Troía also has a tennis center, several swimming
pools and the well-known 18-hole championship golf course. Scuba diving is a popular activity,
and there are many diverse types of fish and underwater sea life to see. If you’re in need of a
relaxing beach break, this is the place to be.

Sesimbra was once a quaint fishing village but has developed quickly over the past few
years. South of Lisbon, the village lies nestled in the hollow of a small valley and the sea is
protected from the northern winds by the surrounding hills. Small narrow steep streets lead
down to the beach which is guarded by a 17th century fort. Sesimbra became a notable
location for world famous enthusiasts of deep-sea fishing, mainly swordfish and tuna. The
tradition of fresh fishing has given the local restaurants a solid reputation that draws crowds
from Lisbon most weekends.

                                  Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

  Summer Activities for KIDS

                                   Nov-Mar daily 10 am-7 pm
We know how summer holidays        http://www.oceanario.pt
are a challenge for parents to
keep kids entertained,             Dormindo com Tubarões
                                   Sleeping With Sharks
therefore, the AJ editorial        Oceanário de Lisboa
team have put together a list      Doca dos Olivais Lisboa
                                   Tel. 218 917 002
of activities to keep your kids    www.oceanario.pt
                                   Lisbon Zoo
Museu das Crianças                 10 am-8 pm
Children’s Musuem                  217 232 900
213 976 007 | 217 268 082          pedagogico@zoolisboa.pt
www.museudascriancas.eu            Horse Riding Cascais/Sintra
Museu do Brinquedo                 968 412 612
Rua do Visconde de Monsarrate
Sintra                             ZooMarine - Algarve
219 242 171                        Located in the province of Albufeira, just
www.museu-do-brinquedo.pt          on the outskirts of Guia, Albufeira
Pavilhão do Conhecimento           289 560 300
(The Pavilion of Knowledge)        www.zoomarine.com
Parque das Nações
214 815 323.                       Monsanto Ecological Park, Lisbon
www.floresta.cienciaviva.com        Opening Hours:Tue-Sat 9.30am-5pm; Sun
Oceanarium                         177 432 245
Lisbon                              www.cidadevirtual.pt/p.e.monsanto/ingles/
Apr-Oct daily 10 am-8 pm           informa.html
                                         Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Botanical Garden                          Playbowling Cascais
http://www.jb.ul.pt                       Paintball Cascais
213 921 800                               Go-Karting Cascais
Badoca Safari Park                        R. Dª Dácia M. D. Estanislau 35
Herdade da Badoca                         S. Aldeia de Juzo, Cascais
Vila Nova de Stº André                    214 870 795 / 917 344 437.
269 708 850                               www.playbowling.net
                                          Parque SuperWind
                                          Cacilhas de Oeiras, 2780 Oeiras
Dolphin Watching                          214 694 602/3
Every day 9:30 am and 2:30 pm (need
minumum of 8 people to run the tour)      Music Lessons
                                          Conservatório de Música de Cascais
968 412 612
                                          Avenida das Acácias, 81. Monte Estoril.
                                          214 643 460
Slide & Splash
Water Slide Park                          LISBON Surfcamp, Surf School & Surfaris
E.N.125 Vale de Deus-Estombar             www.nomadsurfers.com
Lagoa 8401-901                            english@nomadsurfers.com
282 340 800
http://www.slidesplash.com                Carcavelos Surf School
AquaShow Parque                           Av. Marginal - Praia de Carcavelos
Semino E.N 396                            962 850 497
8125-303 Quarteira                        pedrosoares@carcavelossurfschool.com
(Algarve - Portugal)                      www.carcavelossurfschool.com
289 389 396
http://www.aquashowpark.com               Explora Caminhos - Segway Tours and
                                          cycling from Guia within Cascais
Vasco da Gama Aquarium                    966 267 334/966 267 334
Rua Direita do Dafundo                    Casa da Guia
1495 - 718 Cruz Quebrada - Dafundo        Avenida Nossa Senhora do Cabo nº 101 5º D
214 196 337 -                             2750-334 Cascais
aquariovgama.marinha.pt/AVGAMA/Site/PT    www.exploracaminhos.pt

Dino EXPO                                 Clube Naval de Cascais
Castelo Branco                            Introduction Sailing School
272 340 250                               Esplanada Príncipe D. Luis Filipe
www.dinoexpo.com.pt                       2750 - 411 Cascais
                                          214 830 125
                                          www.cncascais.com geral@cncascais.com

                                             Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

      Bubble Trouble by Jenny Fernandes
In the past we did quite a lot of travelling. When summer holiday time came, we’d
excitedly plan our next expedition out and about in the Iberian Peninsula. In the early
days, we carried everything on our backs, which meant that gear was reduced to the
bare minimum. Eventually we got a car and our camping activities became a little more
sophisticated and a great deal more complicated. We started having ‘needs’, like a table
and proper chairs to sit on; a nice little gas cooker; a variety of plastic bowls and
buckets; an accumulation of saucepans, cups, plates, cutlery, and so on; until it looked
as though we were moving house when we set off.

Over the years there was also an evolution in our tents. We went from the very basic to
the sophisticated ones with lots of extras. Each new one brought with it a fresh set of
assembly problems. Ours never seemed to look quite like anyone else’s, and usually we
blamed the manufacturer for making it sag, bulge, not reach the ground neatly, have
draughty gaps, zips which didn’t close, pegs which bent when you hit them, and so on!
The instructions for mounting these things always gave the impression that they’d got
mixed up and didn’t belong to that particular version. Do you know the feeling? We’d
look around at other impeccably pegged, perfect tents, often with the occupants sitting
outside watching with smug grins as we did our Mr Bean act. Sometimes we were
convinced that the canvas had shrunk or that the poles were definitely designed for a
different model.

So we gave up on the tent thing and bought a caravan.

This was going to be luxury living and ours came with the most beautiful curtains. (In
fact, I only agreed to buy it because I fell in love with them.) It came complete with a
                                               Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal
small refrigerator, and the instruction book said that it had to be absolutely level to work
properly. So, Mário decided we should buy a spirit level to make quite sure. That
summer, we went off on our first trip towing 600 kilos of caravan behind our Ford
Escort. We left Monsanto Camping Park very gingerly, but by the time we were over the
Tagus, we’d stopped checking in the rear mirror to see if it was still obediently following
and were sweeping along as though we’d been doing it for years. It was a joy to stop
miles from anywhere in the Alentejo, make a cup of tea in our little house on wheels
and sit on the doorstep, mug in one hand and a chunk of cake in the other. We sat
looking out over the sun-drenched landscape, dotted here and there with ancient olive
trees, the silence only broken by the rhythmic chirp of many crickets, and no other
living soul in sight.

The only hiccup in the Alentejo was entering a narrow street in a small town to be
confronted by a huge lorry facing us and blocking our path. The burly driver sat with his
arms folded on the wheel waiting for us to solve the problem. Have you ever tried
reversing a car and a jack-knifing caravan along a very narrow, one-way street?

First stop for the night was the Algarve and a camping park close to the Spanish border.
We managed to separate the car and caravan and then set about installing it, and this
was when the fun began! The ground was uneven for a start, which didn’t help things.
Mário had the spirit level out and was soon busily adjusting the legs. I became chief
bubble watcher while legs were lengthened and shortened. Now and then I stood back
outside and by eye I could see that something was wrong. When the bubble was right
the caravan very definitely wasn’t. We tried the spirit level in all directions. This was a
precision instrument, wasn’t it? Surely it must be right. I declared that it had the
craziest bubble I’d ever seen and that I’d rather trust what my eyes told me. Could it be
possible that we had a spirit level that wasn’t? Eventually we settled for our eyes and
gave up on the instrument.

Weeks later when we were back in Lisbon, I took the gadget to the shop to complain. It
was difficult to convince the lady employee that a precision instrument from a
prestigious factory was wrong, until I put it on her counter and, before her astonished
eyes, the bubble disappeared! She thought of every logical explanation – ancient
counter, sloping floor, building about 200 years old... But eventually she went to get
another spirit level to make comparisons and reluctantly had to agree with me.

After several years and a number of very happy jaunts around Portugal and Spain, we
decided to sell the caravan and buy a country cottage.

But ... that's another story!

                                                   Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

 Camping in Portugal
 There are nearly one hundred campsites in Portugal and a handful of these
 are considered the best in Europe. With beautiful picturesque scenery you
 can have a fantastic holiday either pitching a tent, or relaxing in a caravan.
 Portuguese campsites also offer the possibility to rent a mobile home, a
 bungalow or a chalet. If you travel with a motor home, some campsites are
 equipped with a special services area. If you are an outdoor or nature
 enthusiast, camping is the ideal setting. We have selected a few of the best
 and unique campsites around Portugal that are well worth a visit.

                       A L G A R V E

LAGOS Turiscampo                                    TAVIRA Camping de Tavira
Open all year round, the campsite is located        The camping park is located on Tavira Island
three kilometers from Lagos. Spread out over        which is part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park,
an area of 72,000 m2, it has 200 camping            a wide lagoon which offers 11 kilometers of
pitches measuring 70 to 100 m2 with
                                                    soft sand and still waters. Through the years,
electricity and some with water and drainage.
                                                    Tavira has preserved and elevated its natural,
A mixture of Atlantic and Mediterranean
                                                    historical, patrimonial and cultural resources.
climate makes the winters mild. Well-kept
facilities includes one of the largest and most
modern Californian pools in the country. Relax      Services: Besides accommodation,
and take advantage of the fantastic sun in the      Camping Tavira offers various complementary
Algarve. Surrounded by green areas and              services as well as facilities assuring you a
gardens, it has an area for adults, children and    pleasant stay.
lifeguard surveillance.                             These include: Tent Rental, supermarket,
Services: Bar, restaurant, take-away food,          snack-bar / pizza, kiosk, sanitary facilities,
food shop, gas supply, laundry facilites, iron,     clothes iron, luggage keeper, hairdryer and
kids'club, bicycle hire, telephone, WI-FI
                                                    picnic tables.
internet access.
                                                    Location: Ilha de Tavira, 8800
Location: N. 125 Espiche, 8600 Lagos,
282 789 265 www.turiscampo.com                      281 32 17 09

                                                   Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal
                        SILVES                      German fire truck. Each sleeps two and has its
                                                    own shower and compost toilet. Visit the latter
                        Eco-Lodge                   two also have kitchen areas. Or head to the
                        Brejeira                    communal straw-bale building where breakfast
                                                    and a three-course dinner are served on
                        Situated in the heart of    request. Spend your days exploring the nearby
                        the Algarve, near the       beaches or set off on the new Via Algarviana
                        town of Silves, this        hiking and mountain biking trail, which passes
                        retreat is as unique as     right under Brejeira.
                        it is eco-friendly.
                        Choose between a            Mobile: 91 937 6502
beautifully furnished Mongolian yurt which has      info@eco-lodgebrejeira.com
a raised veranda to watch the sunset, an old-       www.eco-lodgebrejeira.com/welcome.htmL
fashioned Dutch gypsy caravan or a converted

    S I L V E R                                            C O A S T

NAZARÉ Vale Paraíso                                 LEIRIA Land's Hause Bungalows 
Nature and sea, Vale Paraíso is situated 2000       Less than 20 kilometers from the beach and
meters from the beach of Nazaré, surrounded         located in a natural reserve, there are 78
by the largest ecological reserve of pine trees     rentals (fully equipped tents, caravans, mobile
in Portugal. With a temperate Atlantic climate      homes, bungalows, chalets, flats and villas)
it is an ideal place for an enjoyable holiday,      Booking is advised, open year round.
combining nature and sea.
                                                    Services: One swimming pool (free),
                                                    waterslide, cold showers, entire campsite
Services: Car/motorcycle parking, sports
                                                    accessible for disabled persons, solarium,
park, playground, chalets, motorhome service,
                                                    playground, meeting room, bar, restaurant,
apartments, dogs health, bungalows, pitches,
                                                    take away food, food shop, washing machine,
bathhouse, lounge, playroom, pool, car wash,
                                                    bicycle hire, telephone, free WI-FI internet
dishwasher, washing machine, supermarket,
                                                    access, caravan park and accessible by
internet access.
                                                    public transport.

Location: Estrada Nacional 242                      Location: Rua José Maria Custódio
2450 - 138 Nazaré                                   2445-045 Burinhosa - Nazaré
262 561 800                                         244 586 765 / 244 586 765
info@valeparaiso.com                                info@landshause.com
www.valeparaiso.com                                 http://www.landshause.com
                                                     Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

                     A L E N T E J O

ÉVORA Quinta São Jorge                                BEJA Camping Zmar
Located in the heart of the countryside with          Eco Camping Resort
direct access to a lake and situated in a             Zmar is the first Eco Camping Resort located
natural reserve, on 2 hectares with 30 pitches        in Zambujeira do Mar with 81 hectares for Eco
(tents, caravans, camper vans), 3 rentals             Tourism. Enjoy the unexplored beaches of the
(bungalows, flats), winter campsite, pets              Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and the
permitted on a lead throughout the campsite,          Vicentina Coast.
booking advised, open from year round.                Services: Bungalows,mobile homes,
                                                      restaurant, pool, medical services,
Services: 1 swimming pool (free), free hot
                                                      supermarket, internet access, motor home
showers, individual barbecue, private car
                                                      service, WIFI, bathrooms for babies, Mini club,
park, electric hookups, laundry facilities, dryer,    adventure park, ATM machine, sauna, jacuzzi/
and bicycle hire.                                     spa, gym, aerobics, aquagym, supermarket,
Activities: hike, mountain bike, horse riding,        take-away food, campers station, swings,
and fishing.                                           indoor swimming pool, football field and bar
                                                      with terrace.
Location: Quinta Sao Jorge
Nossa Senhora de Tourega, 7000-088 Evora              Location: Herdade A-de-Mateus EN. 393/1,
266 711 133 / 266 711 215                             S.Salvador 7630 - Odemira, Beja

                                                      This camp site is relatively close to Porto
                                                      Covo and Vila Nova de Mil Fontes.
                                                      Services: Car wash, bar, children´s park,
                                                      fishing, installations for the handicapped,
                                                      laundry, mini / supermarket, parking along the
                                                      water, pets allowed, post office, public
                                                      telephone, rental bungalows, restaurant,
                                                      shops, sockets for caravans and tents
PORTO COVO                                            Location: Estrada da Ilha
Ilha de Pessegueiro                                   7520-435 PORTO COVO
                                                      269 905 178
Located in the Southwest Alentejo Natural
Park and in front of the Pessegueiro Island.

                                                     Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

               IWP Cascais                            produces his consuming cynicism.
                                                      Grossly overweight, a heavy drinker,
               Book Club 1                            five times married, totally amoral,
                                                      rather bitter and sporting a
                   By Kathie Bowen                    supersized ego, he is a loathsome
Solar by Ian McEwan                                   “Solar” is not so much a narrative as
                                                      it is a series of clever vignettes, many
                          Critics expressed           of them amusing and zany, all
                          decidedly mixed             featuring Michael Beard.
                          opinions about Ian           
                          McEwan’s latest             The writing is silken and witty and
                          work, “Solar, and           makes for easy reading in spite of the
                          this was reflected           sometimes stomach-churning antics.
                          in a recent                  
                          discussion at the           The book ends with Beard in the
                          meeting of Book             desert of New Mexico, planning a
                          Enthusiasts, group          magical machine which will save the
                         one. Perhaps it’s no         world from disaster. By this point, the
surprise that McEwan was more                         reader is heartily sick of Michael
favorably reviewed in London, his                     Beard and his excesses and joyfully
home ground, than in New York.                        witnesses the destruction of this
While most critics praised the                        repugnant man.
author’s ample storytelling gifts and                  
his command of science—McEwan is                      “Solar” lacks the gravitas and depth
known for doing months of research                    of “Atonement” or “Saturday,” two
b e fo r e t a c k l i n g a s u b j e c t — t h e    earlier works by the author, but it
majority of our members agreed that                   does demonstrate that a writer of
this is not his best novel.                           McEwan’s immense talent can do
                                                      almost anything with the written
“Solar” tells the story of Michael                    word. Maybe this time around he just
Beard, a Nobel Laureate British                       wanted to have some fun.
physicist who makes a handsome                         
living giving lectures, heading                       Selections for Book Enthusiasts,
prestigious boards and panels and                     Group I:
serving as the head of a government-                   
funded institute to combat global                     April: “Alone in Berlin” by Hans
warming with green technologies. His                  Fallada.
prominence and the lifestyle it                       May: “Love and Summer” by William
af fords stem from a scientific                        Trevor.
discovery which he never repeated                     June: “The Friday Night Knitting
and knows he never will.                              Club” by Kate Jacobs.
                                                      September: “In Search of Fatima” by
Perhaps it is the knowledge that his                  Ghada Karmi.
best work is behind him which
                                             Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Cascais Book Club 2                           We all approached the last pages with
                                              fear and were pleased with the final
             By Chris Rola                    outcome which is not what most of us
                                              had expected to happen.       It was
Water for Elephants                           generally felt that the book gave us
By Sara Gruen.                                an insight into some of the recent
                                              histor y of Zimbabwe and the
                 A modern fairy tale          beginning of the Mugabe regime and
                 based on life on a           brought attention to the fact that
                 circus train in the          what looks good and full of hope can
                 1930’s depression.           so quickly change completely.
                 The story narrated
                 by an old man in a
                 nursing home.      He
                 also comments in the         Mennonite in a Little
                 present on his fellow        Black Dress
                 nursing home                 By Rhoda Janzen.
                ‘inmates’ and the
attitude of the staff and this                                 Referred to as an
generated much discussion in the                               ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ type
group. Everyone enjoyed the book                               of book, it is a
which has now been made into a film.                            collection of musings
So if you are not a reader look out for                        on Janzen’s
the film.                                                       childhood, marriage
                                                               and eccentric
                                                               Mennonite family.
                                                               Rhoda teaches
The Boy Next Door                                              English and creative
By Irene Sabatini.                            writing and I feel this is reflected in
                                              her writing style.
                     A first novel by this
                     author and which is      The group did not particularly enjoy
                     set in Zimbabwe in       the book but it did provide insight
                     the years following      into Mennonite life.
                     Everyone at the          As you can see from the last three
                     meeting enjoyed the      books the group has read they are all
                     book very much. It is    very different. If you are a reader, I
                     well written and         am sure you will find some books you
                     gripping. Several of     will love or hate reading but will
us agreed that if it had not been the         enjoy the discussion over a glass of
book club choice we probably would            wine afterwards. If you would like to
not have read this book and we were           join us email me at chrisrola@aol.com
glad we had. The characters are well          and I will send you details of our
developed and we liked the fact that          reading list.
it "tells it like it is."
                                                      Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

                         Advertise in A Janela
• Advertising reservations for “A Janela” must be received by the 15th of the month preceding publication.
  Advertisements will not be accepted after this date.
• Business advertisements may be placed by members and non-members.
• All members are entitled to one personal advertisement free of charge once every six months. Please
  send your personal ad to the office at ajanela@iwponline.org
• All adverts must be paid 30 days after the invoice is issued. Please include name, address and NIF
• Receipts will be sent upon payment. All payments should be mailed registered to: IWP Advertising,
  Apartado 6 2751-901 Cascais or paid by bank transfer using the following NIB 0019 0112 002000
  13721 85. Please indicate your invoice number when transferring so payment can be identified.
• All advertisements must be submitted ‘printer ready’,via email or on a CD-ROM. Requested formats
  are: Word, PowerPoint, .pdf. jpeg.or bmp.
• Advertising Inserted Flyers will only be accepted if they are printed on A5 or smaller normal (80 gram)
  weight paper. They can be printed on both sides and on colored paper. Two or three fold brochures are
  fine as long as the paper is A5 or smaller and 80 grms. or less. Inserts must be delivered to the IWP
  Office Manager by the 20th of each month before publication. Reserve your flyer in advance as not
  more that 3 flyers will be mailed in any one issue.
• For more information contact the IWP Office on 214 532 110 / 915 552 847 or ajanela@iwponline.org
• Business Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 09:00 - 14:00
• IWP does not necessarily endorse those services featured in paid advertisements.

                 A Janela ADVERTISING RATES 2011
 A5 Inserted Flyer                                                          €77
 A5 Back Cover (20,60 x 14,40 cm)                                           €186
 A5 Inside Cover (20,60 x 14,40 cm)                                         €150
 A5 Full page (20,60 x 14,40 cm)                                            €95.50
 1/2 Page (10,16 x 14,40 cm)                                                €67
 1/4 pg (10,16 x 7,20 cm)                                                   €37.50
 Business card (5 x7 cm)                                                    €30

         www.iwponline.org ADVERTISING RATES 2011
The website advertising rates listed below are calculated on a monthly basis. Ads will be
posted online only after payment has been received and on the first business day of every

A5 Full page (20,60 cm x 14,40 cm) €25,50                  Visit www.iwponline.org for
½ page (10,16 cm x 14,40 cm) €20,00                        more information about online
¼ page (10,16 cm x 7,20 cm) €15,50                         advertising or e-mail
Business Card (5 cm x 7 cm) €9,50                          office@iwponline.org.
Link to a website €3,00

                                                    Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

              IWP                    ACTIVITIES
IWP is an organization which boasts members
throughout the Cascais – Lisbon area.       More recently,
some members based in Lisbon have found it                        Please note that the
convenient to hold a variety of activities in the city and        Cascais Fitness Walkers
this group has gone from strength to strength. It must be
                                                                  activity continues to
stressed that members, no matter where they live are
always welcome to participate in any IWP activity, no             run on a weekly basis.
matter where it is held.       We hope that by holding            Mon, Wed, & Fridays
different events and activities around the entire area that
it will provide you with more opportunities to ‘get out
and about’ and give you the opportunity to meet a
greater number of your fellow IWP members.
Some activities do have a small charge for materials
supplied and/or refreshments or for a direct cost, (e.g.
Golfing), but these fees are on a nonprofit basis and are
detailed in the individual descriptions.      Please note:
The Activity Captains are volunteers and donate their
time.   If anyone needs assistance with transport to an
activity, please contact the Activity Captain who may be
able to put you in touch with another member of the
group who can help.

Tuesdays 10:00-12:00. The art of Arraiolos is unique to
Portugal. Learn the craftmanship of making handmade
carpets. We meet in St Paul's Church in Estoril every
week. There is a small fee to cover the cost of the church
hall and refreshments.

Patchwork and Crafts
Alternate Thursdays 10:30-18:00. Join a fun group of people who cut beautiful fabrics into little
pieces and sew them back together again!  Whether you do this already, or you want to learn
how to make stunning quilts, you are invited to join us.  Tea and cakes are served with tips from
experienced quilters in our Quilt Bar.  More information and photos at

                                                 Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal
                                     Playgroup - Tuesday

                                     Tuesdays 10:00 - 12:00.

                                     Playgroup - Thursday
                                      Thursdays 10:00-12:00. Come and meet other
                                      international mums for a coffee and let your little ones
                                      enjoy playing and singing together. This drop-in playtime
                                      for mothers and children aged 0-3 is held weekly in the
São Pedro Surf Center. There is a €2 fee per session to cover the costs of refreshments and other

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Support

Come and meet other pregnant and breast feeding mums! We meet once a month to offer
support, share experiences and to chat! Please call if you would like to join us.

                                      International Diners

                                      For all keen cooks and enthusiastic hosts, single or with a
                                      partner. We meet monthly, take turns to host in our home,
                                      share the cooking and costs for a fun evening with good

                                      Aspiring Chefs

                                    If you would like to share a love of cooking & good food,
                                    we meet monthly to exchange ideas and recipes.
Meetings take place in members’ homes as a workshop, “Pot-luck” morning or demonstration.
Lunch is prepared and costs are shared. Groups may be small or large according to kitchen
capacity. We try to accommodate everyone interested.

                                     Mah Jong
                                     Bridge - Cascais
                                     Contact activities@iwponline.org for more

                                                    Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal
Beginners’ Tennis
Please contact Luis Filipe or Xavier, who will be
very happy to help you.

Tennis Intermediate
Wednesdays 9:00-11:00. We play ladies doubles
tennis at the Estoril tennis club every week for
two hours. It is a friendly, welcoming group and
new members are encouraged to join us. The fee
is €7 for two hours.

Sintra Walks
Friday mornings at 10:30 am - Call on Thursday for meeting place and directions. Over hill, over
dale, rain or shine we hit the trail! Come join us for walks through the Sintra Mountains and on
the cliffs overlooking the sea. Meet new friends and enjoy spectacular scenery, while having
vigorous exercise. Generally 2-3 hours long.

Fitness Walkers Cascais
Mon, Wed, & Fridays 09:15. What better way is there than to start the day enjoying the peaceful
seafront of Cascais? The walk starts at Monte Estoril train station tunnel exit, facing the sea, and
lasts about an hour. Break down stress and improve your power, body and mind.

Golfing for All

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00-11:00. This activity is for all abilities from complete beginners to
those who have played before. We meet every week at the beautiful location of Penha Longa
(off the road to Sintra from Cascais). We work with a professional who teaches a group lesson
for one hour. The lesson takes place either on the driving range or out on the course. The fee
(discounted for IWP members) is €52 per month (4 lessons). Balls and clubs are provided if

Mind Body Spirit
We discuss issues regarding the mind, body and spirit. Each session will have a theme and we
discover and rediscover old and new ways of dealing with life. These may include inspirations
from a book, personal experiences or the topic of the moment. We meet once a fortnight,
Mondays at 3 pm at one of the members houses and inform everyone by e-mail.

Diving for All

I invite you to an interesting form of leisure, to discover the underwater world of Cascais and its
surroundings, diving with  "Exclusive Divers Club at the Praia De Duquesa. I assure great fun
and professional instructors with an original sense of humor.

                                                 Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

                                     Book Enthusiasts Cascais
                                     Group 1
                                     Group 2

                                     Avid readers are welcome to join us one evening a month
                                     for a stimulating discussion of a book chosen by the
                                     group. Contact Chris to be put on the email list to receive
                                     meeting dates, directions and chosen books. Group I is
                                     presently full but there is room for more participants in
                                     Group II and in the Lisbon group.

                                     Book Club in Lisbon
                                    One weekday per month at 13:30. Join us for an
easygoing afternoon of book chat and catching up.

Creative Writers

No experience is necessary to join. We are, or would like to be, creative writers. Normally a
subject, theme or letter is chosen. The group is very supportive and encouraging. Meetings are
normally held monthly on Saturday afternoons at a members house.


Wednesdays 11:00-13:00. There are over 8,000 books: ( paper, hardback, & large print, a good
supply of audio tapes, videos and books for children of all ages).

Bible Discovery

Wednesdays 09:45 - 11:45. The Bible Discovery group offers a wide variety of exciting Bible
studies written for people of different backgrounds and needs. If you’ve never studied the Bible
before, then these are the studies for you! We are an International group of ladies from various
denominations enjoying each other’s company and exploring the Bible with guided study and
lively discussions.

                                                 Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Lisbon Descobridoras (Discoverers)
Join us for monthly excursions in the Lisbon area including museums,
walks and tours.

English as a Foreign Language Advanced
Mondays 10:00-12:00. This lively conversation group will give you
an opportunity to practice your English as well as involve you in
some great discussions. The group is currently full but we are
happy for people to call us to be put on the waiting list. The class
takes place at either Barbara or Bela's house. If you are interested
in starting a Beginners or Intermediate English Group contact

English as a Foreign Language - Improvers
Wednesdays 10:30-12:15. An opportunity to improve your English through general fun
conversation and discussion with guidance from Kay and Jane on grammar and vocabulary.
Call or email for details. CAPTAINS NEEDED to help run this activity - please contact the
existing captain or the Activities coordinator activities@iwponline.org

French Conversation

Wednesdays 15:00 - 17:00. Come and join a friendly group trying to remember the French they
once knew. You’ll get a medley of information (in French) on various topics, lots of media
gossip, bits on current affairs and occasional grammar tips. The group will be tailor-made to
meet the needs and tastes of the students attending. Come and meet the challenge!

Intermediate French (group 1) Intermediate/Advanced
Wednesdays 13:30 - 15:00. This group discusses articles from French magazines. Vocabulary
and grammar explanations are given linked to the topic. Please call for the meeting place.

Practical French for Beginners

Wednesdays, 14:00-15:00. The group will learn the basic French needed to cope in everyday
situations.   The emphasis is on understanding and participating in conversation, with occasional
tips on grammar.  

                                                  Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

Portuguese Beginner Conversation
Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00 These are not Portuguese lessons!   The sessions will help you to
understand basic conversational Portuguese and how to get by in common situations.  
CAPTAINS NEEDED to help run this activity - please contact the existing captain or the
Activities coordinator activities@iwponline.org

Portuguese Conversation in Cascais
Practice, improve your Portuguese in a very informal atmosphere.  Learn to speak like a native.  
It is achievable. Querer é poder! We meet at my house in Bicuda/Birre and other places. Please
call or e-mail for directions.

Portuguese Conversation Advanced
Tuesdays 14:30 This group gets together to practice Portuguese and have interesting and varied
discussions. Newcomers with a good basic knowledge of Portuguese are always welcome as no
specific program is followed. At each meeting we all make a small donation and the money
collected over the year is given to a local charity.

Portuguese Conversation in Lisbon
Fridays 10:00 - 12:00. Are you looking for the chance to use and improve your Portuguese? If so,
then this is the perfect opportunity. Our mediator, Mariza, is a retired teacher who loves to talk
and teach. All levels welcome.

Spanish Conversation

Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00. If you can speak some Spanish (or even understand a bit) and want to
revise, improve and practice, this is the group for you!

Italian Conversation
Thursdays 14:30 - 16:00. Join us as we share experiences and chat. This new group also has
some interested speakers support.

German Practice
Mondays 10:30-12:00. German is one of the official languages in six other European countries
apart from Germany itself. If you are interested in the language and would like to refresh your
knowledge or just use the language, join this class. Reading, conversation and discussion will be

                                                    Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal
                !                 !"#$%#&'()*+&,"#$("-&$*.&/)""&)*&$""&%#,+)0*%1!
5%0%67/8%&!9/)%!:!''''''''''''''''!!         ;/<30%:!''''''''''''''''''''''''''''!
B3,$7+#4&!          !"#4''''''!;/8$7'''''''!C%#,''''''!
(#$3/8#03$4&''''''''''''''''''''''''!        !          ;#,3$#0!D$#$>-&'''''''''''''''!
9/?!)#84F!          !J:K!''''''!!   K:L!'''''!<%$?%%8!*@%-&!M:NN''''''!!
                                                                    Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal

      J$5'$IH$/""TS_M__"                            Q%,7%/4""T^cM__"                    C%4""T\]M__"
      [0'2H$/""T]cM__"                              *$H/7%/4""T^]M__"                   Q7,$""T\_M__"
      X21$IH$/""T]^M__"                             C%/0(""T^_M__"                      Q7&4""TRcM__"
      D$0$IH$/""T]_M__"                             .5/+&""T\cM__"                      .797-'""TR]M__"
E"K27&8"&+>$"'2"H$02I$"%"I$IH$/"23"E=A"%,8"$,0&2-$"! "B($N7$"! "B%-("! :/%,-3$/"g$0$+5'"32/"'($"


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