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									 MAY 29, 2011                                                                  EASTER VI

 8:15am HOLY COMMUNION ( Book of Common Prayer page 67 )
      We invite you to keep a time of silence in preparation for worship
 1st Reading: Acts 17: 22-31 (New Testament p. 137)
 2nd Reading: John 14:15-21(New Testament pg. 109)
 Homily: Rev. Elliott Siteman

 10:00am HOLY EUCHARIST ( printed separately –white booklet )
 We invite you to keep a time of silence in preparation for worship

                     Prelude: Kyrie-Christe –Kyrie - Bach
                          Processional Hymn: 474

                   Celebrant: Alleluia! Christ is Risen !
                    People: The Lord is Risen Indeed ! Alleluia !
             Celebrant: May his grace and peace be with you.
                People: May he fill our hearts with joy.

                        Children’s Welcome
                       The Collect of the Day
        1st Reading: Acts 17:22-31( New Testament p. 137 )
            Psalm: 66:7-18 (BAS p.786) - Refrain below
       2nd Reading: 1 Peter 3:13-22 ( New Testament p. 234)
                        Gradual Hymn: 397
      Gospel Reading: John 14:15-21 ( New Testament p. 109 )
                    Homily: Rev. Elliott Siteman
                 Creed - Prayers of the People
                The Peace - Announcements
      The Celebration of the Eucharist—Eucharistic Prayer 3
                       Offertory Hymn: 214
               Communion Hymns: 337, 489, 408
                          (please join in the singing of these hymns)
              Motet: I Believe In Springtime - Rutter
                     Recessional Hymn: 505
              Postlude: In Thee is gladness - Bach
     ( the postlude is part of the service and you are invited to stay & enjoy this music
                                                        played by our organist Jennifer Goodine )

participate fully in our worship this morning. You are welcome to come to the Altar Rail
or station to receive communion or a blessing. All are encouraged to receive from the
chalice or with bread alone, and to refrain from intinction (dipping the wafer in the
chalice). NURSERY for children (up to 3yrs old)
           in room 302 of the Parish Hall, during the 10am service .

     *** former & present Altar Guild members; given by the Altar Guild

 COLLECT: Merciful God, you have prepared for those who love you riches
 beyond imagination. Pour into our hearts such love toward you, that we,
 loving you above all things, may obtain your promises, which exceed all that
 we can desire; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who is alive and reigns with
 you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever Amen
 PRAYER OVER THE GIFTS: God of glory, accept all we offer you this day,
 and bring us to that eternal city of love and light, where Christ is King. We ask
 this in his name. Amen.
 PRAYER AFTER COMMUNION: Father, you restored us to life by raising
 your Son from death. May we who receive this sacrament always be
 strengthened to do your will, in the name of Jesus Christ the risen Lord.

         Our Vicar, Canon Sharyn’s last Sunday with us is Sunday June 12.
      Please join us for a lunch reception in the Parish Hall, following the 10am
         service as we say ‘farewell & happy retirement’. Come and help us
           celebrate the ministry that Sharyn and Fred have shared with us
                                  for the past 10 years.
     After the lunch, we will also have ‘the burning of the mortgage’ with regards
                                 to our new Parish Hall
           Our bishop, Michael Bird will be joining us for these celebrations.

       CHURCH MINDERS—your new schedules are available in the Narthex
       this morning. Please pick up your copy & help us save on postage.
       Thank you!

      In the Narthex, we have FM Assistive Listening
      Devices. Please speak with the Verger if you would like to use
      one. Please return them to the Verger following the service.
                      UPCOMING SERVICES
Every Wednesday:       -10am - Holy Communion

Sunday June 5:              Ascension
                       -8:15am-Holy Communion
                       -10am-Holy Eucharist—Healing Service
Sunday June 12:             Pentecost
                        -8:15am-Holy Communion
                        -10am-Holy Eucharist- followed by lunch reception
                                                        in the parish hall

   MAY 29, 2011                                          EASTER VI

                   ST. MATTHEW’S FOOD DRIVE,
                       NEXT SUNDAY -JUNE 5

   We just received a communication from St. Matthew’s House indicating
   that they are dangerously short of food and have been forced to buy some
   supplies from discount stores such as No Frills. Food donations are down
   across the whole system. Please give generously to this Food Drive in
   goods or money. We will collect food on Sunday June 5. Stews, soups,
   cereal, baby food, toilet paper etc. would be most welcome.
            Let’s help St. Matthew’s re-stock its shelves for Spring!

                  St Luke’s Talent Show!
                         TODAY at 3pm
                        in the Great Hall

                  A Celebration of St. Luke’s
                  musical and artistic talents

                        Free will offering
                  Proceeds to Youth Ministry
         Come for an afternoon of fun and entertainment

                    We hope you will join us…
         please let us know by signing up at coffee hour.
                             Christmas Market Meeting
                           Wednesday, June 8th at 7:30pm

    Please mark this date on your calendars as we kick off the preparations for
    this year’s Christmas Market which takes place on Saturday, November

    All your help is needed to make this year’s event even better than our past
    successes. We have some new ideas but need more so please come to
    share how you can help make this another great Christmas Market to
    remember. See you there.

    For more information about how you can help please call Lesley 905 637-
    0739, Carrie 905 681-2816, Ros 905 635-3976, or Judy 905 639-5800.

                               FOOD FOR LIFE

Food For Life and Refresh Foods assist in filling the gap between social assistance
and living costs by providing nutritious perishable food worth about $25 to $50 weekly
to approximately 22,000 individuals in the Halton Region. St. Luke's is one of the
distribution centres.
To help cover operating costs the 3rd annual Lunch Money Tuesday will be held
on May 31st at the Halton Go Stations. Volunteers are needed for the morning rush
period of 6:00am - 9:00am.
Training and materials will be provided on the day by the two station masters
assigned to each station. You may choose which station is best for you and be
reassured that there is no specific skill required and it's FUN! It is also a one off and
a great way of being involved with social outreach.
Please prayfully consider helping by phoning Deacons Anne 905 333 4704 or
Sheila 905 632 9837.

ORDINATION TO THE DEACONATE: Sunday June 12th 7pm at our
Cathedral in Hamilton. Deanne Patchett, of this parish, will be
ordained deacon by Bishop Michael Bird. Your prayers and presence
are requested.

   PHOENIX FELLOWSHIP DROP IN CENTRE– meets Wed. mornings in
   the Parish Hall after the 10am Holy Communion Service.
   June 1: Social Day, Election of Executive, Monthly Birthday Draw
   June 8: Hamilton Harbour Lunch Cruise

                 Bring a friend—new members are most welcome!
 MAY 29, 2011                                                          EASTER VI

                            GIFT CARDS
To date we have sold $62,830, which brought us $2,000 in profit,
with our No Frills, Sobey’s, Esso, & Longos, our standard offering,
and we will continue selling this all year long. For the Spring we are
looking to expand with a pre-paid purchase on a variety of
different cards;
     Gap ~ includes Banana Republic & Old Navy
     Mark’s Work Wearhouse                        Roots
     Starbuck’s                                   Sears
     The Bay                                      Best Buy
     Famous Players                               American Eagle
     Indigo ~ includes Coles & Chapters
     Shoppers Drug Mart                           Canadian Tire
     Home Depot                                   The Keg
     Starbucks                                     HMV
     Swiss Chalet ~ can be used at Harvey’s, Kelsey’s, Milestone &
These cards offer different rebates to us from 2% - 7%. Orders
must be in by June 12th so that they can be available, for pick up,
on June 26th. Order form is on the reverse, at the office, or contact
Chris@ 905.634.4345

              Age-Friendly Communities Forum Hosted by
                         the Region of Halton
          Halton Regional Centre, 1151 Bronte Road, Oakville
                  June 2, 2011, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

By 2015 it is estimated that one out of every seven people in Halton will be aged 65 or over.
This demographic shift will impact many elements of life in Halton, including businesses, health
and social services, recreation, transportation, and government. There is a growing need for
communities in Halton to examine what changes can be made that will make it easier for
seniors to be safe, maintain their health, and participate fully in their community
     On Thursday, June 2, 2011 the Halton Region Elder Services Advisory Committee (ESAC)
will host an Age-Friendly Communities Forum that aims to bring together Halton seniors,
business representatives, and community stakeholders to develop ideas on how to continue to
build age-friendly communities in Halton. The information collected at this forum will be used to
develop opportunities for action that will be shared with Regional Council and the Halton
community. Registration for the Age-Friendly Communities Forum is open to all Halton
residents. Lunch will be provided.
              For more information or to register for the community forum,
         call Cindy Devai at Halton Region – (905) 825-6000, extension 7773.
              HALTON TEAM!

On Saturday June 11th, a team from St. Luke’s will
participate in this wonderful opportunity to show solidarity with
the Grandmothers in Africa, who are sustaining the lives and
futures of a generation of grandchildren.

As a division of Outreach, the Burlington Ubuntu Grandwomen,
have been partnered with the Stephen Lewis Foundation in its
efforts to provide grassroots support to initiatives which foster
independence and family sustainability for these brave people.

Across Canada, 240 Grandmothers Groups will be walking
within a common time period. Our Halton Team’s Five K Walk,
will be hosted here in Burlington, at Heritage Park. The team
represents five Grandmother Groups from Burlington,
Milton and Oakville.

Last year, our Halton Team raised over $67,000.00 …. the
largest amount raised by a single team across Canada.

Should you like to sponsor our team or join us, please call
Carrie Raybould at 905-681-2816 or visit the display table
                      at coffee time.

TO ALL ‘ROOM USERS’ - Now that meetings are winding down—please let
Laurie Lee know the date of your last meeting before summer & your start
date & schedule for the fall. Contact Laurie Lee @ the office 905-634-1826
(Tues to Thurs) or laurielee.sproule@stlukesburlington.ca

      This is a great help for visitors, clergy & other parishioners .
 MAY 29, 2011                                              EASTER VI

                   A NEW ALTAR FOR ST. LUKE’S

          Next Sunday, June 5th, at the 10am service,
    Canon Sharyn will dedicate a new portable altar as her gift
     of thanks to the parish for ten years of shared ministry.
    The altar has been created by Ross Gosling, Rick Reycraft
                        and Glen Hastings.
      Also, next Sunday we celebrate the Ascension of the
      Lord and the 10am service will be a healing service.

                Come and join in the celebration!


We have another opportunity to hear Dr. Jean Chamberlain-
Froese speak about her organization, Save The Mothers.
Last year, our Advocacy Team hosted 130 people for breakfast
to hear her story.
Save The Mothers educates people to prevent the deaths of
women in childbirth in Uganda and other African countries,
where thousands of women die every year.
Dr. Jean will speak at a breakfast on Friday, June 3, at 8am,
at the Holiday Inn, Burlington. The cost will be $30 (including a
$14 donation to Save The Mothers).
Tickets available at Different Drummer Books.

Gardening at St Luke's

Every year a team of faithful volunteer gardeners work
diligently to supply that extra touch to our gardens at the front of the
church, around the hall, the Ferguson plot, and the memorial garden
(surrounding the columbarium). Our memorial garden volunteer, Fred
Hall, has resigned (for reasons beyond his control!) and we thank him for
his service over the years. So, we are looking for a volunteer or small
team of volunteers to look after the memorial garden. If you are interested,
please contact Michael Skafel, at 905 332 0837.
  Habitat for Humanity Halton’s ReNewIt Program
Do you know someone whose home requires essential repairs,
but they can’t afford to do them? Perhaps the roof leaks, or the
windows don’t keep the cold out, or the steps need a railing.

Habitat Halton doesn’t just build homes; they fix and renovate
them to make them safe, accessible and energy efficient, through
interest-free loans to people who qualify. Qualified applicants
are offered an interest-free loan with monthly payments geared to

Who qualifies?
  Low-income homeowners
  Residents of Halton for at least 2 years at time of application
  Homeowners must be willing to partner with Habitat,
  including completing an appropriate amount of
  volunteer time

To learn more about these programs and/or to register:
Call: 905-637-4446 ext. 226 or 1-866-314-4344
Email: jworsley@habitathalton.ca


 Do you have bone china mugs that we can use for receptions?
     Many people seem to prefer them to cups & saucers.
        Any donations would be greatly appreciated.
               Contact: Elsie 905-336-0105

Tuesday, May 31—Canon Stuart and Canon Sharyn will be at
a LARC conference in Kitchener

Tuesday, May 31– Monday, June 6; Rev. Elliott Siteman will
be away at the Common Ground Conference.

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