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Susie Chiang studied law at National Chungshing University and joined the Chinese
Television Service as a reporter after graduation. She produced numerous feature
programs, ranging from culture and education to partisan politics and diplomacy.

Chiang was especially good at doing exclusive interviews with political dignitaries
and foreign national leaders visiting Taiwan. Her outstanding work gained her the
compliment as the “Barbara Waters of Taiwan”. One of the milestones in her career
was when elected the most outstanding journalist in Asia.

Preferring the freer atmosphere in Hong Kong, Chiang settled here and became a
freelance journalist. In 1980, she joined China Times, Taiwan’s leading Chinese
daily, as its Hong Kong bureau chief and correspondent. That was a time when
Mainland China began its reforms, and Chiang was in an advantageous position to be
a watcher from across the border.

In 1991, Chiang took the task of setting up the Kwang Hwa Information and Culture
Center in Hong Kong for the Taiwanese authorities. The Center began operation in
August 1993 and was officially inaugurated in April 1994. Under the leadership of
Chiang, the Center continued its operation beyond 1997. It acts as the bridge for
communication and cultural exchanges between Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland
China. In December 2001, seeing that the first stage of her task has been completed,
Chiang left the Center to look for new space and challenges.

Chiang was a member of the National Assembly in Taiwan, representing interests for
Hong Kong and Macau, serving two terms from 1992 to 1996 and from 1996 to 2000.

In April 2002, Chiang set up two organizations. The CS Culture Foundation is a
non-profit organization for cultural exchange.   The CS Corp. Ltd. conducts trading
and consulting in Greater China.

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