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									Service-Oriented Architecture & Web Services

The future is now
Swissotel Sydney                                         “As companies become more Web Services savvy, the benefits of a
                                                              Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) become more apparent,
                                                                 SOAs provide a framework for flexible low cost enterprise
26th & 27th October 2004                                       integration. They also lead to substantial business agility - a
                                                                  primary goal in today's fast-paced business environment”
                                                                                                                                      Jason Bloomberg

                                                                             To be successful in Service-Oriented architecture (SOA) and Web Services
                                                                            organisations must incorporate an innovative combination of technology,
                                                                    infrastructure, communication and expertise. In doing so, Web Services and SOA
                                                                   will help drive productivity gains by making it easier for firms to collaborate, both
                                                                 internally and with business partners via the use of Internet technology. This crucial
                                                                    event will provide you with the practical skills and strategic advice to understand
Featuring keynote presentations by                                      how SOA can deliver greater flexibility, dynamism, and robust interoperability.
international leaders:
Michael Reagin Director of IT Research and Development
Providence Health System (USA)
Rob Bolton Chief Information Officer
New Zealand Immigration Service (NZ)                       Attend this premier forum and gain crucial insight into:
Dr. Jim Webber Senior Researcher                           • Understanding how enterprises can realise the business benefits of adopting Web
The University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)                   Services and SOA
                                                           • Outlining the necessary steps organisations should follow when implementing SOA on
                                                             legacy systems
Featuring comprehensive case studies, in-
                                                           • Aligning SOA and Web Services strategies with business objectives and value drivers
depth analysis and strategic insights from
these leading organisations:                               • Empowering your users with information on demand

• Centrelink                                               • Examining contemporary architectural and development practices in Web Services

• IP Australia                                             • Gaining a competitive advantage by integrating Web Services into your Customer
                                                             Relationship Management platform
• CSIRO ICT Centre
                                                           • Setting Web Services objectives and establishing appropriate launch strategies
• ANZ Banking Group
                                                           • Examining the security challenges of Web Services
• Thomson Corporation
                                                           • Using application integration technology to improve existing business processes using a
• Queensland Transport                                       new Web Services infrastructure
• AWB Services Limited                                     • Examining Web Service application technology platforms - assessing the future of .NET
• NEC Business Solutions                                     vs Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
• Australian Bureau of Statistics                          • Using Web Services to automate your document interchange - considering ROI and
• Westpac Banking Corporation                                project implementation issues

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Conference Programme Day One                                                                                 Contact Chris Low at marcus evans
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Tuesday 26th October 2004                                                                                    Email

0830 Coffee and Registration                                                     1110 Session Three - International Keynote Address
                                                                                      Supporting your SOA through Web services standards -
0900 Opening address from the Chair                                                   leading implementation rollout strategies
                                                                                      Reusing legacy systems in an innovative SOA manner allows
0910 Session One - Case Study                                                         organisations to maximise their current IT investments, helps reduce
                                                                                      the complexity of the computing environment and improves the
     Defining SOA and its relationship to Web Services
                                                                                      readiness to respond to new business demands. Whilst major benefits
     “Service-oriented architecture underpins most modern Web Services.               exist with SOA companies must continue to have realistic
     It aims to achieve loose coupling between interacting software                   expectations when they go through the implementation process. In
     agents in order to preserve the benefits of reusability, extensibility           this session Michael will outline the necessary steps organisations
     and simplicity” Dr Hao He                                                        should follow when implementing a new SOA rollout. Topics include:
     SOA is defined as a system for linking resources on demand.                    • Training and recruitment - assigning the best team to kick off your
     Resources are made available to other participants in the network as             first SOA project
     independent services that are accessed in a standardised way. SOA
                                                                                    • Choosing SOA project - making sure your team is working on the
     provides a more flexible loose coupling of resources than in
                                                                                      right project
     traditional systems architectures. Preparing to integrate SOA and
     Web Services into your business can be a challenging procedure for             • Identifying the right tools - investing in the correct standards based
     any CIO. The following session provides delegates with the                       development tools for your business
     opportunity to define the true meaning of SOA and its relationship             • Addressing leadership and change management - driving new ideas
     with Web Services.                                                               and challenges for your IT department
   • What is SOA? And where can I use SOA?                                          • Return on investment - quantifying the value of SOA and Web
   • Examining the benefits, challenges and potential of SOA                          Services technologies
   • Distinguishing key target markets and early adopters of Web Services           • Highlighting the practical relevance of SOA in your business
     technology                                                                       Michael Reagin Director of IT Research and Development
   • Should Web Services play a role in your information technology and               Providence Health System (USA)
     business strategy?
   • How does SOA achieve loose coupling amongst interacting software            1155 Session Four - Case Study
     agents?                                                                          Web Services and SOA at the Australian Bureau of
   • Understanding what to look for in a Web Services assembly platform               Statistics
   • What are the key selection criteria when selecting either .NET or J2EE           For some time the ABS has been exploring and applying a services
     as a core development platform?                                                  oriented approach to the way it delivers and deploys future
     Dr Hao He Architect                                                              applications. To do this the ABS started understanding and applying
     Thomson Corporation                                                              emerging technologies. XML explorations began in 1998 and then
                                                                                      with Web Services and SOAP in 1999. An important enabler, that has
                                                                                      also affected the way the ABS thinks about its Services Oriented
0955 Session Two - Case Study                                                         Architecture has been its Business Process Management (BPM)
     Examining the benefits of adopting service-oriented                              initiative and related tools. This presentation will cover:
     architecture                                                                   • The context: the ABS Enterprise Architecture, key concepts for
     SOA provides a number of benefits such as assisting with the                     positioning the ABS SOA including patterns and technologies
     development of dialogue between CIO and line-of-business                       • Addressing SOA at the ABS
     executives, reducing development costs, streamlining the internal
                                                                                    • Reviewing the ABS BPM initiative and tools
     integration process, as well as leveraging existing IT assets. In essence
     SOA can encourage companies to adapt to changing business                      • Managing applications based on the SOA and using BPM
     requirements and shifting market conditions. In this presentation              • Mastering services identification, provision, management and use of
     Geoff will introduce the benefits and key challenges that SOA will               standards
     provide your company.                                                          • Assessing future directions and facilities
   • Understanding how SOA can reduce risk and expense whilst                         Don Bartley Director IT Architecture
     speeding the development of new applications                                     Australian Bureau of Statistics
   • Identifying the challenges and pitfalls associated with the
     implementation of SOA                                                       1240 Luncheon
   • Describing the cultural aspects associated with making SOA part of
     the organisation’s capability
   • Developing a blueprint for your SOA - focusing on your company's
     architecture goals
                                                                                  Endorsed by
   • What role does Web Services play in SOA?
     Geoff Ward Head of Integration Architecture
     Westpac Banking Corporation

1040 Morning refreshments and networking break                                    The Institute for Information Management Ltd (IIM), is Australia's leading
                                                                                  forum for information, education and insight into the continually evolving
                                                                                  information management industry.
                                                                                  IIM is a non-profit professional organisation which provides educational and
                                                                                  networking opportunities for business professionals in both the public and
                                                                                  private sectors to advance their information management knowledge and
                                                                                  skills, as well as keep abreast of new technology and exchange views and
                                                                                  IIM is the exclusive Australasian affiliate of AIIM International, one of the
                                                                                  largest information management associations in the world.
                                                                                  Further information about IIM is available at or by phoning
                                                                                  (03) 9662 9619.
Conference Programme Day One cont’d..

1330 Session Five - International Case Study                                     1615 Session Eight - Case Study
     Examining contemporary architectural and development                             Gaining a competitive advantage by implementing Web
     practices in Web Services                                                        Services into your Customer Relationship Management
     In its earliest form, Web Services technology was little more than an            platform
     XML-based remote procedure call mechanism, though lacking the                    Following a broad evaluation process back in 2002, NEC Business
     enterprise-strength features expected from the leading distributed               Systems decided to implement Web Services as a strategic integration
     programming platforms of the time. However since the arrival of                  technology into its key business operations. To add extra features into
     SOAP in 1999, Web Services technology and best practice have                     the company’s CRM system Neville Drake, the National Manager of
     slowly but inexorably evolved towards true SOA.                                  NEC’s Project Management Office, found Web Services provided a
     The current best practice in Web Services is to view services as                 dramatic reduction in administrative time and helped to provide a
     autonomous entities that use explicit message-passing to exchange                clear view of the entire sales lifecycle in real time. In this session
     information (as exemplified in leading platforms such as WSE, Indigo,            Neville will discuss the business benefits of implementing Web
     and Axis). In a message-oriented system, super-loose coupling is the             Services technology into your CRM platform. Topics include:
     norm and consistency requirements must be relaxed - both of which              • Examining the benefits of integrating the .NET framework into your
     can be perplexing for architects coming from a distributed object                business operations
     world where coupling is generally tight and consistency guaranteed.            • Evaluating the competitive advantage of Web Services
     However once these concepts are accepted, they enable the                      • Optimising the use of Web Services in a CRM context
     development of applications which are highly scalable in terms of
                                                                                    • Discussing issues surrounding secure Web Services
     load, adaptive in terms of re-use, and highly robust in the face of
     change.                                                                        • Planning for organisational impact, managing change and fostering
                                                                                      re-use through programmes rather than projects
     This talk will introduce the architectural concepts underpinning
     message-oriented Web Services at the individual service and network              Neville Drake National Manager, Project Management Office
     of service levels of abstraction. This session will also outline software        NEC Business Solutions
     development and architectural practices that best suit the
     development of message-oriented systems, eschewing top-down or              1700 Closing remarks from the Chair and Close of Day One
     bottom-up strategies for a “message-outwards” approach to
     integration.                                                                1705 Drinks and networking opportunity
     Dr Jim Webber Senior Researcher
     The University of Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)
                                                                                  Silver Partner
1415 Session Six
     Empowering your users with information on demand
     Traditional integration approaches have been moderately successful,
     yet still fail to meet the demands of business users. This presentation      Today's businesses are savvy, disciplined purchasers of information technology. They
     will examine how a SOA based on XML and Web Services can                     demand value, superior functionality, matchless service and a rapid return on every
     provide users with a real-time, single view of information from across       investment dollar. At Computer Associates we put customers in the center of
     the organisation. Case studies will highlight the benefits and return        everything we do. We understand that today customers are looking for more than a
     on investment achieved by organisations through “single view”                mere IT vendor. They are seeking a strategic business partner to help them leverage
     integration. It will also explain how an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), as    information technology to gain a competitive edge. We invest in the success of our
                                                                                  customers by providing best-in-class solutions and dedicated sales and technical
     the backbone of a service-oriented architecture, can provide a low-
                                                                                  services organizations that partner with our customers every step of the way: from
     cost, incremental approach to integration.                                   design, through implementation, to operation. More info >
     Michael Hawkins General Manager, Professional Services
     Software AG Asia Pacific
                                                                                  Bronze Partner

1500 Afternoon refreshments and networking break

1530 Session Seven - International Keynote Address                                FileNet Corporation (NASDAQ: FILE) can help organizations make better decisions by
     Understanding how enterprises can discover and realise                       managing the content and processes that drive their business. FileNet's Enterprise
     the business benefits of integrating Web Services                            Content Management (ECM) solutions allow customers to build and sustain
                                                                                  competitive advantage by managing content throughout their organizations,
     One of the largest IT integration projects developed by the
                                                                                  automating and streamlining their business processes, and providing the full-
     Department of Labour’s New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS) was            spectrum of connectivity needed to simplify their critical and everyday decision
     an initiative to integrate the systems and processes that connect its        making.
     business operations and its customers to achieve real-time                   Headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., the Company markets its innovative ECM
     information access, enhanced two-way business visibility, and                solutions in more than 90 countries through its own global sales, professional
     improved business performance. In this session Rob Bolton, Chief             services and support organizations, as well as via its ValueNet® Partner network of
     Information Officer for NZIS, will explain how integrating Web               system integrators, value-added resellers, and application developers.
     Services and existing systems, within a service-oriented enterprise IT
     architecture, has allowed NZIS to achieve considerable process               Bronze Partner
     improvements and cost savings whilst simultaneously improving
     customer satisfaction. Topics include:
   • Establishing the steps for planning and implementing successful Web
     Services strategies
                                                                                  Software AG uses standards-based technology to create solutions that help
   • Generating ROI from Web Services                                             organisations preserve the value of their existing IT systems and unlock data to
   • Achieving and sustaining SOA                                                 drive real-time business. We help turn data from disparate systems into
   • Project managing Web Services initiatives - lessons learned                  actionable information, whenever and whereever it is needed.
   • Understanding the competitive advantage to be gained from Web                For organisations that need better control of their data assets within a dynamic
     Services                                                                     business environment, Software AG's XML Business Integration Portfolio
                                                                                  enables unified business views of information from virtually any data source.
     Rob Bolton Chief Information Officer
                                                                                  Unlike traditional integration approaches, it leverages existing systems and
     New Zealand Immigration Service                                              uniquely combines a standards-based architecture with a business meta-data
                                                                                  modelling approach to accelerate business innovation. For more information
                                                                                  please visit
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Conference Programme Day Two                                                                                Contact Chris Low at marcus evans
                                                                                                            Tel +61 (2) 9223 2137
                                                                                                            Fax +61 (2) 9223 2352
Wednesday 27th October 2004                                                                                 Email

0830 Coffee and networking                                                     1100 Session Three - Case Study
                                                                                    Implementing SOA - launching and managing a Web
0900 Opening Address from the Chair                                                 Services strategy
                                                                                    Web Services promise to assist companies to rationalise application
0910 Session One - Case Study                                                       architectures. However before companies launch headfirst into a
                                                                                    service-oriented architecture strategy they must prepare to use a
     Examining the security challenges of Web Services
                                                                                    series of guidelines when gauging the rate at which Web Services
     Business executives and IT architects see exciting opportunities for           based applications should be used to enhance business capabilities.
     Web Services however security issues are seen as major possible                In this session Sam will evaluate the issues and opportunities that
     impediments for all parties involved with this technology. Web                 Queensland Transport faced when launching and subsequently
     Services are still immature and companies must overcome a broad                managing Web Services upon an existing SOA strategy.
     range of security issues before they expose parts of their business
                                                                                  • Communicating a shared vision amongst your IT and business
     processes as Web Services to their key suppliers and business
                                                                                    departments for an SOA based business model
                                                                                  • Evolving a traditional B2B approach to a flexible Web Services
     In this session, Paul will address the key security issues to be faced
                                                                                    infrastructure within budget
     within a Web Services environment that enable a number of systems
     to securely interoperate in a platform and language - neutral manner.        • Addressing the future direction of your business requirements with
                                                                                    your Web Services strategy
   • What is meant by secure Web Services? What capabilities are you
     going to need to help you protect your services and information?             • Ensuring Web Services add value to overall customer service delivery
   • How can you implement secure Web Services today and why are the              • Learning how to prepare for the impending pressure from customers
     emerging standards needed to provide even stronger security?                   and suppliers to use Web Services through the application of the
                                                                                    OASIS Web Service Distributed Management (WSDM) standard
   • Examining and demonstrating the use of the emerging XML-based
     security standards - XML Signatures, XML Encryption and Web                    Sam Higgins Manager & Application Architect (Innovation &
     Services Security, WSS and SAML                                                Planning)
                                                                                    Queensland Transport
   • Reviewing a B2B application integration case study
     Paul Greenfield Stream Leader, Distributed Systems Research
     CSIRO ICT Centre                                                          1145 Session Four
                                                                                    Implementing a service oriented solutions approach
0955 Session Two - Case Study                                                       One of the most challenging aspects of service-orientation is to
                                                                                    identify the core business services that are subject to most change. It
     Examining Web service application technology platforms
                                                                                    is critical that these services are agile enough to support ongoing
     - assessing the future of .NET vs Java 2 Enterprise
                                                                                    change without disruption. Implementing a Service Oriented
     Edition (J2EE)
                                                                                    Solutions Approach (SOSA) addresses this challenge by providing a
     As CIO’s and senior IT strategy architects continue to assess the range        framework that structures an organisation’s software portfolio in
     of application development and execution platforms on offer, two of            terms of the services it must offer the business, regardless of
     the major software competitors in this field continue to impress their         technology. This helps insulate the organisation from the effects of
     target market with new application feature announcements and                   change and make it quick to respond in taking advantage of new
     pricing strategies. One player attempts to build an extensible,                opportunities in innovative ways.
     distributed and standards-compliant framework for Web applications
                                                                                    In this session Stephen will describe an effective framework for
     and the other promotes the Java range of technologies. In this
                                                                                    delivering Web Services that balances strategic vision with responsive
     session, Peter Campbell from the ANZ Bank will define the strengths
                                                                                    software solution delivery. This will include detailing the key elements
     and weaknesses of Microsoft’s .NET and Sun’s J2EE platforms and will
                                                                                    of the SOSA and how these integrate with existing processes and
     highlight the way these two application technologies can play a
                                                                                    practices of the business. The five key elements of implementing a
     crucial role in the future of your business and IT architecture
                                                                                    SOSA are:
                                                                                  • Service Oriented Architecture Design
   • Identifying the problems that organisations are trying to solve
                                                                                  • Service Oriented Specification
   • Analysing the J2EE platform and application architecture overview
                                                                                  • Business Process Improvement
   • Facilitating an overview of the .Net framework
                                                                                  • Solution Delivery
   • Comparing application and development architecture, vendor &
     standards support. What do .NET and J2EE mean for developers?                • Software Unit Implementation
   • How can you guide decision-making?                                             Stephen Wells Principal Consultant
                                                                                    Computer Associates
   • Reviewing ANZ’s recent work on J2EE and .Net
   • Assessing the key challenges for ANZ looking forward
                                                                               1230 Luncheon and networking break
   • Is the ‘war” over between J2EE & .Net?
   • Promoting the emergence of XML and Web services as a unifying
     technology for enterprise application platforms and technologies
   • What is the industry trying to achieve with Web services?                  About our Endorser
   • Understanding what integration options are available at present
   • Preparing a business case for developing organisational capabilities in
     new enterprise application technologies such as Web services, J2EE
     and .NET                                                                   The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the recognised association for
     Peter Campbell Enterprise Architect                                        Information Technology (IT) professionals, attracting a large and active
     ANZ Banking Group                                                          membership (over 16,000) from all levels of the IT industry. It provides a wide
                                                                                range of services to its members. A member of the Australian Council of
                                                                                Professions, the ACS is the public voice of the IT profession and the guardian
1040 Morning refreshments and networking break
                                                                                of professional ethics and standards in the IT industry, with a commitment to
                                                                                the wider community to ensure the beneficial use of IT. Visit
                                                                       for more information.
Conference Programme Day Two cont’d..

1330 Session Five - Case Study                                                  1605 Session Eight - Case Study
     Using Web Services to automate your document                                    Using application integration technology to improve
     interchange - considering ROI and project                                       existing business processes using a new Web Services
     implementation issues                                                           infrastructure
     To help reduce the amount of time it takes IP Australia’s staff to              Since the vast majority of business transactions are not automated,
     manually process applications for intellectual property (IP) rights, the        there is a tremendous amount of unrealised value left on the table.
     Australian intellectual property governing body recently developed a            The National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) estimated
     Web Services project that will assist the organisation to enable                that as much as 2% of Australian GDP can be returned to the
     electronic patent, trade mark and design lodgment. It is envisaged              economy through widespread deployment of cost effective B2B
     this Web Services application will help reduce a large amount of                automation. For these reasons NOIE, together with Standards
     paper based IP applications that are received from patent and trade             Australia, worked to develop a national interoperability framework to
     mark attorneys. In this session IP Australia’s acting CIO and Director          promote B2B in Australia. The BizDex service and it’s associated
     of IT Architecture, Paul Ayers will discuss the business and technical          components form the core of the interoperability framework
     benefits involved in the launch of this unique Web Services                     BizDex is a collection of open infrastructure components that,
     application.                                                                    together with a commercial and governance framework, provide the
   • Interoperability issues - people, processes and technology                      environment necessary for B2B collaborations to flourish. BizDex
   • What are the technical benefits of using Web Services and XML?                  provides three main services (a standards library - “BizLib”, a registry
   • Assessing the ROI and real cost savings in automating manual                    of community data - “BizDex”, and integration tools - “BizLink”)
     processes                                                                       supported by a commercial and legal charter. In this session Tony
                                                                                     Clement from the AWB Services Limited (formerly the Australian
   • Addressing project implementation issues using PKI
                                                                                     Wheat Board) will discuss why he believes AWB could increase
     Paul Ayers Chief Information Officer and Director of IT Architecture            revenue approximately 20-30 million AUD per year from inventory
     IP Australia                                                                    transparency and improve supply chain management through its
                                                                                     relationship with the BizDex programme.
1415 Session Six                                                                   • Developing public standards
     Orchestrating Web Services via business process                               • Discussing market developments and addressing industry issues
     management                                                                    • Aligning business process with IT architecture
     To effectively control and orchestrate Web Services, the requisite            • Managing wheat inventories and reducing supply chain costs through
     approach involves building applications as a collection of individual           Web Services
     entities, connected and coordinated by a separate layer of business
                                                                                     Tony Clement Architecture & Planning Manager, Information
     logic. A more effective and efficient approach to orchestrate Web
                                                                                     Technology Services
     Services and applications is to automate the process through Business
                                                                                     AWB Services Limited
     Process Management (BPM) technology. Developers and analysts can
     rapidly design and implement the business processes that controls
     how the services and other applications are employed and managed.          1650 Closing remarks from the Chair and Close of Conference
     This presentation highlights ways in which BPM architecture can
     leverage Web Services to seamlessly integrate business applications
     regardless of location and platform.
   • Assessing process orchestration via business process execution
   • Incorporating Web Services discovery within a process definition
   • Reviewing the consumption of Web Services as part of a BPM
   • Establishing publishing processes as Web Services
   • Illustrating how externally defined Web Services are being
     incorporated into a business process
     Carl Hillier Product Marketing Manager
     FileNet Corporation

1500 Afternoon refreshments and networking break

1520 Session Seven - Case Study
     Reducing the cost of sharing information through the
     integration of Web Services into your IT infrastructure
     The Government’s Service Delivery Agency, Centrelink, has recently
     rolled out a Web Services initiative that provides external agencies
     online confirmation of a customer’s Centrelink status. In this session,
     Helen will identify the key benefits and limits for using Web Services
     by reviewing Centrelinks’ Customer Confirmation IT initiative.
   • Discussing barriers and success factors for implementing Web
   • Assessing the vulnerability of Web Services
   • Understanding the future of enterprise architecture at Centrelink
   • Reviewing the cost of internal application integration
   • Examining the business strategy and the business model of Web
     Helen Skrzeczek National Manager Enterprise eSolutions
Service-Oriented Architecture & Web Services
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Web Services adoption strategy. As take-up rates continue to steadily rise organisations must           to selected third parties to assist in communicating products and services which may be of interest to the Client, by
                                                                                                        letter, telephone, fax (including automatic dialling), e-mail and other electronic means. If the Client requires further
continue to build their knowledge base across a range of Web Services and SOA issues. Due
                                                                                                        information of the data collected, to update the Client's record or to be removed from the marcus evans database
to the advancement of standardisation efforts and the promise to allow organisations to                 to stop receiving information, please inform marcus evans at Marcus Evans (ANZ) Limited, Marketing Dept, Level
simplify the integration process in a low-cost manner Web Services have been promoted as                7, 77 Castlereigh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 (e-mail address: Tel: +61 2 9223 2137,
the next big integration solution. Regardless of the assurance of attaining a SOA and Web               Fax: +61 2 9223 2352. For training and security purposes, telephone calls may be recorded or monitored.
Services nirvana, organisations that continue to run enterprise-wide implementations can face           6.Important Note: While every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the advertised package, marcus
planning, deployment, as well as management complexities.                                               evans reserves the right to change event dates, sites or location or omit event features, or merge the event with
                                                                                                        another event, as it deems necessary without penalty and in such situations no refunds, part refunds or alternative
This conference has been developed to provide organisations that are involved in service-
                                                                                                        offers shall be made. In the event that marcus evans permanently cancels the event for any reason whatsoever,
oriented architecture and Web Services implementation with a comprehensive understanding                (including, but not limited to any force majeure occurrence) and provided that the event is not postponed to a later
of the business and IT strengths and weaknesses of launching new integration technology                 date nor is merged with another event, the Client shall receive a credit note for the amount that the Client has paid
solutions.                                                                                              to such permanently cancelled event, valid for up to one year to be used at another marcus evans event. No
                                                                                                        refunds, part refunds or alternative offers shall be made.
                                                                                                        7.Governing law: This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of New South
Who must attend                                                                                         Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Sydney. However marcus evans only is
                                                                                                        entitled to waive this right and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in which the Client's office is located.
This forum will present valuable and timely information that will allow you to network with
industry specialists in SOA and Web Services. The following professionals must not miss this
conference:                                                                                               Business Opportunities: A limited amount of exhibition space is available at the conference.
                                                                                                          Sponsorship opportunities including lunch and documentation also exist. For further details contact
• Chief Technology Officers • Chief Information Officers • Chief Architects
                                                                                                          Michael Robinson on (02) 9238 7200.
• Enterprise Application Architects • IT Architects • Systems Integrators
• Technology Integration Managers • Applications Managers • e-Commerce Managers
• Web Managers • IT Managers • IT Directors • e-Business Directors                                        I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the research and organisation of this event,
                                                                                                          particularly the speakers for their support and commitment
                                                                                                          - Alexander Goldrick Conference Producer

                                                                                                          Air Travel & Accommodation: Global Connection
                                                                                                          can provide very competitive discount fares and package
                                                conferences                                               deals exclusively negotiated for this event. Please contact
                                                                                                          Mark Swift on (02) 9922 7777 for assistance with all
marcus evans and marcus evans conferences are registered brands of Marcus                                 travel and accommodation requirements.
Evans (ANZ) Limited. Marcus Evans (ANZ) Limited ARBN 106 922 776

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