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             (Corporate Office)
              5555 Cullen Blvd.
             Houston, TX 77004

              (713) 555-5555
            FAX (713) 555-5556

Principle Contact is Jane J. Jenson—President
               September 2004
        DTPInc. Contents
 Background
 Business
 Mission
 Operation
 Target Market
 Products
 Services
  DTPInc. Contents (continued)
 Competition
 Advantages
 Marketing Tactics
 Specifics
 Future Plans
 Management Team
       DTPInc. Background
 DTP Inc. was founded in May 1991 as a
  sole proprietorship under the DBA of DTP
  Associates by Jane J. Jenson.
 DTP Inc. is headquartered in Houston, TX
  and is seeking second round financing to
  expand existing operations.
 DTP Inc. has experienced steady growth
  since its beginning with the exception of a
  6-month period in the summer of 1992.
        DTPInc. Business
 The general public recognizes the power, time
  saving aspects, and convenience of DTP Inc.
 DTP Inc. is actually the business of
  communication, but has been more recently
  known for printing.
 DTP has many applications including typeset,
  page layout, drawings, diagrams and photos
  used in all types of printed materials.
 DTP is a cost-saving alternative to traditional
  graphic design and image-setting.
         DTPInc. Mission
 A DTP system allows users to produce printed
 DTP equipment can help an a user write and
  edit text, produce charts or drawings, layout text
  and graphic elements, and store the results.
 DTP plans to lead the industry in desktop
  publishing with advanced technology and
  efficient management.
 DTP also plans to provide desktop publishing at
  effective prices for its target market.
           DTPInc. Operation
 DTP locations are managed to provide
  superior customer service and
 The DTP headquarter office employs
  outside sales representatives and 8
  DTP experts.
 DTP headquarters houses a state-of-
  the-art printing facility and is led by a
  20-year experienced pressmen and
  assistant press workers as necessary.
  DTPInc. Operation (continued)
 The cross-town retail location is staffed
  with a DTP trained and experienced
  manager, a salesperson, a customer
  service assistant, and 1-3 DTP experts.
 All employers are expected to be
  personable and should assist customers
  with problems.
 Customer service is a top priority.
     DTPInc. Target Market
 Wide range of customers, primarily those
  engaged in business.

 Communication through service representatives
  to reach outside area customers.

 Reaches millions of Americans from huge
  corporations to small businesses.
        DTPInc. Products
 Letter heads and stationary
 Flyers and brochures
 Order forms
 Product information sheets
 Price lists
 DTPInc. Products (continued)
 Catalogs
 Newsletters
 Manuals
 Directories
 Logos
 Packaging designs
 Presentation pieces
        DTPInc. Services
 Products designed with state-of-the-art
 professional photography
 Extremely advanced printers
 Individualized client customer service
 Direct mailing availability
     DTPInc. Competition
 DTP intends to become the most
  significant player in the market.
 Its competitors include:
     Other free-standing DTP stores
     Home-based DTP operators
     Copy and print shops—most prominent
      DTPInc. Advantages
 DTP’s Ability to offer one stop service
 Working relationships with freelance
  independent contractors
 Extensive in-house developed software
 One-stop service
 DTP’s unique marketing strategy to
  provide customer satisfaction
 DTPInc. Marketing Tactics
 Point of sale cards/banners in each store
 Monthly newsletters to all customers
 “Special offers” to specific product users
 Personal customer calls
 Telemarketing
 “Samplers”-portfolios of customer projects
 Direct mail
        DTPInc. Specifics
 Operates at 2 locations, with headquarters
  located in Houston, TX
 Facilities fully equipped with latest
  computer systems, laser printers, and
  technology advances
 Has 4 trademarks and 18 copyrights on its
  products and trade names
 DTP maintains its own accounting
       DTPInc. Future Plans
 Finalize the development of
  its internal software
  programs and systems
 Add 3 new retail locations
 Add retail stores, fully test its
  DTP system, and analyze its
  next expansion step,
  including franchising its
DTPInc. Management Team
                            Jane J. Jenson

 Linda L. Loger    William X. Elmir    Beverly V. Martin John D. Conte
  Executive VP         Director               VP Marketing      VP Production

                            Board of Advisors

James B. Advisor         Pamela Kim Professor                Timothy M. Franchise
        DTPInc. Finances
                                     Gross Sales, Cost, and Profit of Goods

          Dollars (Millions)

                                        1        2        3         4         5

                                   Gross Sales   Cost of Goods    Total Gross Profit

The income over the past 5 years steadily increases, which
  shows the growing demand of DTP over time.
    DTPInc. Capitalization
                              Cash Outlay

             578,700     150,000   923,521
                                             Start-Up Costs
                                             Cost of Goods
                                             G&A Expenses
                                             Income Taxes

DTP Inc.’s distribution of the total cash outlay in its
 most recent year.
DTPInc. Personnel Salary
Employer    Annual    Monthly   Quarterly
 Jenson      60,000    5,000     15,000
  Loger      40,000    3,333     10,000
  Elmir      12,000    1,000      3,000
 Martin      36,000    3,000      9,000
  Conte      50,000    4,167     12,500
Sub-Total   198,000   16,500     49,500
       DTPInc. Overview
 DTP Inc. is a rapidly growing desktop
  publishing company who is far beyond that
  of its competition due to advanced
  marketing tactics, team orientation, and
  unique advanced software.
 DTP Inc. is currently looking to achieve
  support for its future plans of growth and
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