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					                                                       PRODUCED BY PURETEC INTERNATIONAL

                                                           All Natural Moisturizing and Progesterone Creams

                                                                                   Should I use PureTec
THE MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD                 on the amount of natural progesterone
                                                                                   International™ Natural
of          restoring          natural    each month until estrogen dominant
progesterone levels is with the proper    symptoms occur. Then return to the       Progesterone Cream?
supplementation of transversally          last dosage used without symptoms.
applied      natural    progesterone.                                              YES, if you experience any
PureTec Natural Progesterone Cream        When do I use Sensitivos                 of these symptoms!!
is a technologically advanced, light,     PS 960™ Pro g e s t e ro n e              • Acceleration of the aging
greaseless, moisturizing formulation.                                                  process
PureTec Natural Progesterone              Cream?                                    • Allergies
Cream contains 960 mg. per 2 oz. jar   Use 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon two times               (asthma, hives, rashes)
of natural progesterone in a hypoal-   per day for the following:                   • Auto-immune disorders such
l e rgenic non-comedoginic (won’t      PMS: Start applying cream 12 days              as lupus
clog pores) aloe vera base, free of    after the first day of your period and       • Breast tenderness
colors and fragrance.                  continue through day 26 or 28                  (cysts, lumps)
                                       (depending on length of cycle).              • Cervical dysplasia
WHERE DO I APPLY                       Premenopause: Start applying cream           • Decreased sex drive
                                       8 days after the first day of your period    • Depression with anxiety
SENSITIVOS PS 960™                     and use through day 26 or 28.                  or agitation
PROGESTERONE CREAM?                    Irregular Periods: Start applying            • Fat gain around abdomen,
Natural progesterone in a moisturizing cream 10 days after first day of your          hips and thighs
cream can be applied to the face,      period and stop on day 28. If your           • Fatigue
neck, chest, inner arms,                                 period begins before       • Gallbladder disease
palms of the hands, and        PS960 NATURAL             day 28, discontinue        • Hair Loss
the soles of the feet. PROGESTERONE CREAM use. Start counting to                    • Headaches
Sensitivos PS 960™               INGREDIENTS             day 10 and resume          • Inability to focus or
Progesterone Cream can                                   use and stop on day          memory loss
                           Purified Water, Natural
be applied to the same                                   28. It may take 3 to 6     • Hypoglycemia
capillary beds for as         Glycerin, Simugel,         months to regulate
                           Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, the cycle.                       • Fibrocystic breasts
long as needed. The                                                                 • Increased blood clotting
cream        is    readily Natural Progesterone, H y s t e r e c t o m i e s ,        (risk of strokes)
absorbed and leaves no Aloe Vera, Grapefruit M e n o p a u s e ,                    • Infertility or Miscarriage
trace after a few minutes. Seed Extract, Vitamin Postmenopause, or                  • Irregular menstrual periods
During absorption, the         A, Saw Palmetto           Osteoporosis: Use          • Irritability or Mood swings
progesterone bypasses Berries, Cramp Bark, 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon                      • Insomnia
the liver and goes to Sarsaparilla, Carrot Oil, two times a day for                 • Osteoporosis or
specific receptor sites.       Lemon Grass Oil.          25 consecutive days.         Premenopausal bone loss
                                                         Stop for five days         • PMS
PLEASE NOTE: Everyone is different.    and resume use. Repeat monthly.              • Prostate Inflammation
Some women require more                Men: Use 1/8 teaspoon two times per          • Sluggish metabolism
progesterone cream to help alleviate   day. All of the time. No break is            • Uterine cancer or Uterine
symptoms, while others can use less.   needed.                                        fibroids
For the first 3 months, use one 2 oz.                                               • Water retention, bloating
jar per month. Next try cutting back
                                                      PRODUCED BY PURETEC INTERNATIONAL

                                                Dr. Christine Northrup, Dr.        I'M   POSTMENOPAUSAL, WILL            I
                                                David Zava, Dr. Dave Law of        START MENSTRUATING AGAIN IF
                                                the UK. The good news is
                                                                                   I USE NATURAL HORMONES?
                                                these doctors are educating
                                                                                   Occasionally, upon beginning use of
                                                women and healthcare profes-
                                                                                   natural hormone supplementation, a
                                                sionals on the many benefits
                                                                                   postmenopausal woman could expe-
                                                of natural progesterone. Dr.
                                                                                   rience some breakthrough bleeding
                                                Peter Ellison of Harvard, has
                                                                                   or a "period." This is a perfectly nor-
                                                conducted worldwide assay of

                                                                                   mal response and is nothing to cause
                                         salivary hormone levels, and he
                                                                                   alarm. The progesterone is simply
WHAT EXACTLY IS SENSITIVOS               believes that high estrogen levels
                                                                                   causing the body to rid itself of
PS 960™ PROGESTERONE                     seen in premenopausal women in
                                                                                   excess stored estrogen which can
                                         industrialized cultures, increases the
CREAM AND HOW DOES IT DIF-               risk of breast cancer and endometrial
                                                                                   some times stimulate a uterine shed-
FER FROM SYNTHETIC PROGES-                                                         ding thus break through bleeding. It
                                         cancer. If female cancers occur in tis-
TERONE?                                                                            may take 3 to 6 months to regulate
                                         sues sensitive to these gonadal hor-
                                                                                   your cycle.
Natural progesterone is derived from     mones, using progesterone may help
diosgenin obtained from an organic       the unopposed estrogen. Unopposed
tubar. Through a laboratory process,     estrogen is the only known cause of       I HAVE FACIAL HAIR, ESPECIALLY
diosgenin is synthesized into the        endometrial cancer, though there          ABOVE MY UPPER LIP, THAT
progesterone molecule identical to       may be other factors involved.            REQUIRES SHAVING OCCASION-
progesterone in the body.                                                          ALLY, WHAT CAUSES THIS?
                                         I   AM ALREADY TAKING HOR-                This is a condition called "hirsutism"
Manufacturers alter the chemical         MONES      FROM      MY    D O C TO R ,   (defined as excessive growth of
makeup of progesterone in order to                                                 facial and body hair). It indicates that
                                         WHY SHOULD  I SWITCH TO
create     synthetic       progestins.                                             there is a hormonal imbalance
Progestins in their altered molecular    SENSITIVOS   PS    960™
                                                                                   between estrogen, testosterone (the
structure are not natural to the body    PROGESTERONE CREAM?                       dominant male hormone) and prog-
and may cause many side effects.         Natural hormones are simply an            esterone. Progesterone acts as a reg-
                                         alternative to hormone replacement        ulator for the entire endocrine sys-
CAN SENSITIVOS PS 960™                   therapy (HRT). Synthetic proges-          tem. A woman who has the hirsute
PROGESTERONE CREAM HELP                  terone (known as progestins) has          problem probably has PMS, too.
                                         many side effects and synthetic           Both menopausal and menstruating
                                         estrogen can be dangerous to your         women have reported that facial hair
Yes. Fibrocystic breasts are merely a    health, especially if taken without
sign of estrogen dominance (rela-                                                  (and body hair) decreased or com-
                                         natural progesterone. If someone is       pletely disappeared after three to six
tively high estrogen levels and low      taking estrogen (HRT), a gradual
progesterone levels); therefore,                                                   months of regular application of
                                         step is to start natural progesterone     cream as previously described.
using physiological doses of proges-     cream and gradually reduce the
terone may eliminate fibrocystic                                                   Natural progesterone is needed to
                                         estrogen dose. Reduce estrogen by         effect proper hormonal balance.
breasts in a few months.                 one half every month for three
                                         months then discontinue use of
CAN I USE SE N S I T I VO S                                                        Is Sensitivos PS 960™
PS960™ PROGESTERONE                                                                Pro g e s t e rone Cream useful
                                         **If you are using birth control pills    after a hysterectomy and for
                                         or injections, it is important that you   menopausal women?
H I S TO RY   OF     BREAST       OR
                                         discontinue use when you start on         Yes. Many women experience hot
UTERINE CANCER?                          natural progesterone.                     flashes following a premenopausal
Yes, it is recommended by many                                                     hysterectomy and in the beginning of
doctors, including Dr. John R. Lee*,                                               the natural onset of menopause.

                                                     PRODUCED BY PURETEC INTERNATIONAL

                                               CREAM INGREDIENTS                  is primarily present in post-
                                              Purified Water, Natural             menopausal women. Natural hor-
                                                 Glycerin, Simugel,               mones in a cream base can be used
                                              Vitamin E, Coconut Oil,             intravaginally and has been very suc-
                                               Natural Progesterone,              cessful in treating vaginal dryness
                                                                                  and vulvar atrophy associated with
                                               Aloe Vera, Grapefruit
                                               Seed Extract, Vitamin
                                                  A, Saw Palmetto                 ARE   THERE ANY OTHER BENE-
                                               Berries, Cramp Bark,
                                                                                        SENSITIVOS PS 960™
                                                                                  FITS OF
Natural progesterone is effective for         Sarsaparilla, Carrot Oil,
                                                                                  PROGESTERONE CREAM USE?
relieving hot flashes. Most women                Lemon Grass Oil.
have reported a complete cessation                                                Additional benefits for women
of flushing within 3 to 8 weeks.                                                  include: improved brain function,
                                        cream from 6 to 48 months. His
                                                                                  diminished muscular aches and
                                        results also indicated this therapy is
IS SENSITIVOS PS 960™                                                             pains, improvement of skin problems
                                        successful even several decades after
                                                                                  including acne, seborrhea, rosacea,
PROGESTERONE CREAM INDI-                menopause. One of his patients, who
                                                                                  psoriasis and keratoses, and
CATED FOR OSTEOPOROSIS?                 is 82 years of age and has been using
                                                                                  improved sleep pattern.
Many medical authorities tell female    natural progesterone cream for four
patients who are postmenopausal         years, has a greater than 50 percent
that osteoporosis is inevitable. A      new bone density as proven by
physician in Mill Valley, California,   dualphoton absorptiometry. Dr. Lee
                                                                                  * - John R. Lee, M.D. does not
John R. Lee, MD*, has proven that       has proven that osteoporosis is not
                                                                                  endorse any one brand of proges -
this often repeated statement is sim-   only preventable, but is also
                                                                                  terone cream, nor does he make
ply untrue. The results of his ongo-    reversible in most cases.
                                                                                  money from the sale of any proges -
ing clinical study with women are                                                 terone cream. Using Dr. Lee's name
noteworthy. Patients have experi-       DO   NATURAL HORMONES HELP                does not imply in any way that Dr.
enced new bone density ranging          VAGINAL DRYNESS?                          Lee endorses or recommends this
from 5 to 40 percent for women who      Vaginal dryness can occur in women        progesterone product or any other
have used natural progesterone          of all ages for various reasons, but it   product.

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