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Quiz Name: Case Study 1 - Cyber Bullying + TeacherWeb.Com
                Case Study 1 content based on the Case Study 1 material referenced on the Course Resource CD plus some
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1. [TeacherWeb] The slogan used on the website home page is “Enhancing _______________
among teachers, students and parents.”

Circle Answer
technology integration

2.[TeacherWeb] In addition to using the website to construct a website, you could also use the
service to create a:

Circle Answer
International Conspiracy
3.[TeacherWeb] Once the basic website creation steps are completed, the user is assigned an internet address for their
website (e.g., URL address). If Darryl Sittler was to create a teacher website using the Nipissing University account, his
website URL address would be: _____________________.

Circle Answer

4.[TeacherWeb] Considering the default icons and pages created by the service, which icon would
the teacher delve into in order to enter their teacher profile information for website visitors to read?:

Circle Answer
All About Me
Supply List

5.[TeacherWeb] Once inside the selected page to complete some editing, what control feature would one click on
(select) in order to change the current page text/ content?:

Circle Answer
Upper Divider (Margin)
Lower Divider (Margin)
Both Dividers (Margins)
Log into again and start over from the beginning
6.[TeacherWeb] Once page content has been entered, it is important to _________________ to upload the changes to
the server.

Circle Answer
enter the teacher password
click on „update‟
enter Teacher Information extremely fast
select „upload‟
enter Teacher Information and click on „Set as Default‟

7.[TeacherWeb] There is a limit to amount of data that can be placed onto your Teacherweb website account without
having to pay extra. What is the limit?

Circle Answer
5 megabytes
20 megabytes
1 gigabyte
10 megabytes
10 kilobytes

8.[SOURCE:Cyber Bullying PowerPoint - CyberCops by OPHEA & OPP] Risky internet behaviour begins in

Circle Answer
Grade 5/6
Grade 9/10
Kindergarten/Grade 1
9.[SOURCE:Cyber Bullying PowerPoint - CyberCops by OPHEA & OPP] Teens – what are they up to? Which of the
following examples is not listed as being one of their on-line activities?

Circle Answer
instant messaging/chat/e-mail
web cams
trading digital information (music, pictures)
e-learning (taking courses on-line)

10. [SOURCE:Cyber Bullying PowerPoint - CyberCops by OPHEA & OPP] Kids Help Phone service reports that
twenty per cent of the “bullying-related” contacts are from the bullies themselves seeking help with their own

True    False

11.[SOURCE:Ontario Ministry of Education “Bullying” Pamphlet-We can all help stop it] Bullying can take many
forms. It can be physical, verbal, social and _______.

Circle Answer

12.[SOURCE:Ontario Ministry of Education “Bullying” Pamphlet-We can all help stop it] Electronic bullying is
defined by the Ministry of Education as ____________________________________.

Circle Answer
spreading rumours and hurtful comments through the use of e-mail, cellphones, and text messaging
use of computer technology to spread racism and hatred among the school community
mental abuse inflicted on others using computer technology
playing loud obnoxious music filled with profanity and sexist put-down language so others are offended
13.[SOURCE:Ontario Ministry of Education “Bullying” Pamphlet-We can all help stop it] __________________ is a
toll-free, 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone and web counselling, referral and information service for children
and youth. Every day, professional counsellors provide immediate, caring support to young people in urban and rural
communities across the country.

Circle Answer
Children's Aid Society
Big Brothers & Sisters
Kids Help Phone
Cyber Bullies Annonymous

14.SOURCE:Cyber Bullying PowerPoint - CyberCops by OPHEA & OPP] It‟s easy to be someone else on-line. What
comment was NOT given to help guide the teen and their on-line behaviour with respect to this issue?

Circle Answer
Never arrange a face-to-face meeting without telling your parent or guardian.
In order to clear up any doubt about the identity of an on-line individual, arrange to meet in a public place and then
leave quickly
Remember that people online may not be who they seem.
Because you can't see or even hear the person it would be easy for someone to misrepresent him- or herself.

15.[SOURCE:Cyber Bullying PowerPoint - CyberCops by OPHEA & OPP] Which of the following recommendations
for victims to employ to combat issues of cyber bullying was not advocated?

Circle Answer
Delete evidence – this is crucial for identifying the bully and making a case
Attempt to enlist assistance from the service provider
If able to identify the bully, contact him or her and/or parents
Use available blocking technology (i.e., block the user on IM, email and chat)
In serious cases, seek assistance from the police (i.e., threats of physical harm, unrelenting or unable to stop)
16.[SOURCE:Cyber Bullying PowerPoint - CyberCops by OPHEA & OPP] Which of the following methods or
examples of Cyber Bullying was not included in the CyberCops presentation list?:

Circle Answer
Send e-mails or instant messages containing insults or threats directly to a person
Spread hurtful comments about a person to other through e-mail, instant messaging or postings on web sites and blogs,
Steal passwords and send out threatening e-mails or instant messages using an assumed identity
Build web sites, often with password protection, to target people - students or even teachers
Use of podcasts to broadcast hurtful audio containing insulting messages

17.[SOURCE: The Emerging Scene in Ontario - various stories from the Ontario media] Canadian Teachers‟
Federation President Winston Carter explained that “It's fair to say that students have gotten there first when it comes to
technology, and as educators we are really playing catch-up to the knowledge that's out there. Cyber bullying is without
boundaries, it's without borders.”

True    False

18.[SOURCE: The Emerging Scene in Ontario - various stories from the Ontario media] At a news conference at
Queen's Park, Education Minister Kathleen Wynne said the revamped act will add _______________ to the list of
offences for which students can be suspended or expelled from school.

Circle Answer
weapons offense
19.[Source:The Emerging Scene in Ontario - various stories from the Ontario media] Students at Robert F. Hall
Catholic Secondary School in Caledon East began an online group calling the principal the
__________________________ after the school enforced a district ban on electronic devices and announced it would
impose a uniform policy. Eleven students at this Catholic high school north of Toronto have been suspended after
posting comments about their principal on the online social networking site Facebook.

Circle Answer
worst principal in the school's history
grinch of school spirit
grinch who stole Christmas
next Adolph Hitler
enemy of the people

20.[SOURCE: Lauren's Ordeal - Cyber Bullying Case Video] How did Lauren‟s ordeal with Cyber Bullying begin?
(e.g., what crucial information did she release and to whom?)

Circle Answer
She forgot to sign off from MSN Messenger and someone else used her account
She gave her MSN username and password to a friend
Her computer was attacked by a virus
An on-line stalker stole her identity
A sheer coincidence of bad luck came her way

21.[SOURCE: Lauren's Ordeal - Cyber Bullying Case Video] Lauren was too afraid to tell her parents about the issue
so she hid the truth from them until the ordeal was over.

True    False

22.[SOURCE: Online Respect and Responsibility – comments from students and organizers participating in a Ministry
of Education Forum] The Forum was assembled to announce the Ministry of Education directive push for a ban on
student access to on-line resources.

True    False
23.[SOURCE: Online Respect and Responsibility – comments from students and organizers participating in a Ministry
of Education Forum] One of the most powerful comments from one of the student participants included: “the criticism
of a fellow peer is more effective than the disapproval of an adult.” This reinforces the need to involve the youth in the
overall solution to Cyber Bullying.

True    False

24.[Source: Online Respect and Responsibility – comments from students and organizers participating in a Ministry of
Education Forum] The solution emerging from the Forum dialogue to this emerging issue is ____________.

Circle Answer
investing more money in software to control the students cyber bullying behaviour
heavier handed consequences for cyber bullying offenders
banning on-line access to such sites as MSN, Facebook and YouTube
Having a heavier police presence in the schools during operating hours to keep the students in-line.

25.[SOURCE: CBC News On-Line Case Study - The David Knight Story] The major cyber bullying tool used to
assault David Knight was the posting of a website taunting and making fun of him.

True    False

26.[SOURCE: CBC News On-Line Case Study - The David Knight Story] The damaging website was not taken down
by police because the Knight family did not have their lawyer issue a suit for such a request.

True    False
27.[SOURCE:CBC News On-Line Case Study - The David Knight Story] The article quotes statistics which raise
awareness that a significant number of students are potentially "at risk" of cyber bullying because nearly ____ per cent
use chat rooms and instant messaging.

Circle Answer

28.[Source: All Referenced Materials] Considering the overall evidence, what are your feelings about the issue of
Cyber Bullying and the School? Do you feel that it is a serious issue? What strategies are you considering to employ to
safeguard you and your students? Explain. (150 to 200 words - marked out of 3).

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