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									                        Fair Representation study group meeting
                                                          September 25, 2007 at the LWV/ABC Office

The Fair Representation Study Group met at Cheryl Haaker’s (new!) house, 5701 Klondike St NE,
at 1:30pm. There had been some confusion about the time – some announcements had said 1:30,
others had said 1:00. If the meeting starts at 1:00, however, it will be over earlier.

Attendees: Cheryl Haaker, Lisa Franzen, and Judith Binder. During the meeting, the mail
came in, and included a large packet from Linda Moscarella on alternate systems of
representation and voting. These will be added to the Study Group’s resources (and thank you,

Progress on Studies: Judy has sent out and received responses from five people in other
states on redistricting. Lisa produced an article for La Palabra on the history of redistricting in
New Mexico. Lisa has organized the resource box, which will be returned to the League office. It
is becoming increasingly important for the Study Group to get a handle on the statutes governing
representation and redistricting. Cheryl has enhanced the Fair Representation web page,

Next Articles: The schedule calls for articles on Alternative Systems of Representation and
Alternative Voting Methods by Katherine Campbell and Cheryl Haaker, respectively. The Trivia
question from last month went over well, and should be continued. When you write an article,
think of a few possible trivia questions that could go along with it. Lisa will delve more deeply
into the 2001 redistricting, and try to determine what went wrong, and any changes made or
proposed to redistricting rules as a result. This will help us in preparing for 2011. She will also
write up her results.

The Study Group may find it useful to produce more (and longer) articles than La Palabra will
permit. These can all be posted on the Study’s web page in their entirety. Perhaps brief
summaries and links to the complete reports can be printed in La Palabra and the .local Voters.

All the Study Group’s reports should include any references used, and these can be added to the
web page as well.

Spring’s Unit Meetings: At the top of the October agenda will be detailed planning on
what we will present and hope to learn at the Spring Unit meetings (February: Santa Fe, April:
Albuquerque). Cheryl will contact the Las Cruces and Los Alamos Leagues to try to get onto
their schedules in the March-May time frame. The Study Group will also plan for Sunshine Week
in March.

Increasing attendance at the Next Meeting:
   1. There were only three in attendance, and nobody appeared to connect with on the
      conference call, although a few people later emailed that they had tried, and nobody was
      there. Clearly, this needs to be corrected. Part of the problem appears to be that the
      meeting time was uncertain – 1:00 or 1:30 – and the conference call was initiated late. The
      next meeting (10/23) will actually start at 1:00, and the conference call initiated within
   2. Cheryl will make an effort to contact other members of the Study Group personally.
   3. Members will be requested to RSVP and, if not able to attend, send a report.

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                         Fair Representation study group meeting
                                                           September 25, 2007 at the LWV/ABC Office

   4.    A schedule of meetings will be posted on the web pages: The Fair Representation page,
         LWVNM calendar, and LWV/ABC calendars. Cheryl will send the information to the
         other Leagues and request that they post, or link to it, as well.

Next Meeting: October 23 at 1:00pm, at 5701 Klondike St NE. A conference call will again be
set up, announced better, and started at the meeting site on time. There are no long distance
charges for us this way, because Cheryl has Internet phone service. It was also decided to
reschedule the December meeting from 12/25 to 12/18.

Agenda for Next Meeting: Plans for the Spring Unit meetings and 2008 Fall, leading up to
the 2009 Legislature; Review of next set of articles for La Palabra;

Status of last month’s Action Items:

         Cheryl will draft a letter to the Legislative Council Service, asking about the plans for
          and status of redistricting for 2011. – not done; Judy will just give the LCS a call, since
          she needs to contact them about a bill, anyway.
         Kathy will contact Danice Picraux about redistricting plans and MRCOG about
          coordination with the Census Bureau. – Cheryl will contact Kathy to let her know
          that Rep. Picraux may be out of town working on medical reform, and to put this off.
        √ Cheryl will enter new references on the Fair Representation web page, and post the
          reference entry worksheet. – Done; the reference entry worksheet was also distributed
          via the LWVNMFair listserve.
         Dee will work on an article: “Can We Have Fair Representation?” – Not yet done, but
          La Palabra has been postponed until November.
        √ Cheryl will send out an announcement of the next meeting early, and try to get
          attendance from non-Albuquerque members. She will also set up a conference call, to
          cut down on commuting. The announcement will also solicit alternate meeting cities.
          – Done, but conference call parameters were not distributed until the night before the
          meeting, and start times appeared to get confused.

Action Items for Next Meeting

    Cheryl will draft an article on Alternative Methods of Voting.
    Katherine Campbell will draft an article on Alternative Systems of Representation.
    Lisa will write up the 2001 redistricting fiasco.
    Cheryl will contact the Las Cruces and Los Alamos Leagues about getting onto their
     schedule for unit meetings and adding the Fair Representation meetings to their
    Cheryl will contact other members of the committee.
    Judy will contact Common Cause and other organizations, to see what lobbying they
     plan to do as the Census and Redistricting approach.

                                                            Submitted by Cheryl Haaker, Chair

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