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Cost consciousness is one of important concept to be aware of and to be understood by all the
persons in any company carrying out any economic activity and with an aim to improving
productivity and profitability. This concept is also included in BLT Chembulk Group culture.

Cost Consciousness Behavioral Norms

This article focuses on the third value, cost consciousness. To refresh and fine tune our
understanding let us take a look at the implementation of this value in our daily activity at the office

       Use office equipment, facilities and utilities wisely (do not waste resources)
        We sometimes still consciously or unconsciously use the company’s resources and facilities
        inappropriately. Our desk computer, for example, we forget to turn it off when we go out for
        a lunch break or go out of the office for a couple of hours. Another example is the office
        telephone usage for unimportant purposes.
       Optimize the capacities/resources of all company assets and thus reduce excess capacities to
        the lowest.
        The capacities and resources of all company’s assets are the effective levers for all staff to
        optimize their works. Thus, all employees should be able to optimize them for achieving the
        goals. If the available capacities and resources are not utilized optimally, they will be less
        effective and more costly to the company
       Always work within the budget and spend wisely
        We must do our best to accomplish every task or assignment given. Though, sometimes the
        budget and allocated resources we have or get are limited. However, this must not hinder us
        from doing the best of our individual and team efforts to achieve the goals.
       Manage your time efficiently
        Time is one of the most important resources everyone has in the world. We must work hard
        and smart to spend our time to meet the deadline, to achieve the target and to satisfy our
       Be resource-conscious: reduce, recycle, and reuse
        Global warming has become a global issue for the past 30 years. People nowadays have paid
        more concerns about the economic, environmental and other effects towards all mankind in
        the world. We have been granted with vast green rain forest as the source of pulp industry
        to produce office papers. To save the world we must protect our rain forest by reducing,
        recycling and reusing the papers in the office every time we work.

So, there are many ways for us to show that we are aware and care about our corporate values,
especially cost consciousness. The company already guides us in implementing this important value
in our daily activities in the office. It is a must for us to show our corporate identity by practicing our
corporate culture values in our team and to our customers. So let’s show our sense of cost
consciousness together!
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