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					benefits of green tea

Health is the most important thing for us. Drinking green tea has many
benefits such as stabilizing diabetes, fight cancer cells, and helps
weight loss, slow the aging process and helps digestion. Green tea also
increases the immunity in our bodies. The following are some benefits
that we can get from green tea.

-Green tea in the trust can lower cholesterol levels by increasing the
good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol.

-Green tea is rich in antioxidants that can destroy cancer cells and also
inhibit cancer cell growth.

-Green tea also destroys bacteria, thus preventing tooth decay.

-Green tea can increase metabolic rates and speed up fat oxidation.

-Green tea can increase energy expenditure and increase endurance.

-Green tea can help to boost one's immune system thereby helping to
prevent HIV.

One study found that drinking green tea is the best method to prevent
cancer at this time.
All types of cancer like stomach, breast, lung, colon, liver and rectum
can be prevented by green tea.
Green tea also helps in prevent unhealthy blood clotting. Gargling with
green tea after meals helps in fighting bacteria and thus prevent

Green tea is probably one of the plants in the world with so many values
medication and without side effects

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