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									                You can either scroll through the topics/categories below to search this ever-growing document, or
use the [CTRL]-[F] key combination to type a keyword (try DeepFreeze) into the ‘Find’ window.

  ELEMENTARY SMARTBOARD PROJECT UPDATE: I am happy to report that since the state budget has been
  approved we are now able to order the remaining equipment to complete the installation of SmartBoards for our
  elementary classrooms.

  The approved plans for Iron Forge have already been completed, as well as for the 3rd and 2nd grade
  classrooms at Rice. When the Rice project is officially finished, there are a few supplemental spaces in other
  buildings that will be addressed.
  The first district-wide (everyone with a Novell system account) password change for this school year will take
  place on Tuesday 11/10 in Rice and BSHS, and on Wednesday 11/11 in IFEC and YBMS.

  Shutdown your computer the night before the change so that the Novell system can automatically prompt you to
  change your password. Because this is scheduled to occur every 90 days, we ask that EVERYONE change
  passwords on the days designated, to keep all building personnel on the same cycle. Use the attached steps
  with pictures to help you through this process, and know that the office personnel in your building have already
  completed this process and may assist you, as well.

  TIP: Create a secure password that you will remember and use that for all productivity accounts for this Quarter
  (EX: slw123Q2 = for the next 90 days). It should be something that is A) at least 6-characters in length, B)
  contains a combination of letters and numbers, and C) is easy for you to remember, and difficult for others to

  Hint: Use a personal pet or life experience story as a memory aid.

                                NOTE: There is a short grace period, but if it is exceeded,
                           you will be “locked out” of the system and must be manually re-set.
  TECHNOLOGY CURRICULUM COMMITTEE MEETING: Members of the Technology Curriculum Committee
  will meet from 8:00-11:00 in the Board Room of the district office on Wednesday 11/11/09. We have an
  important and very full agenda! Please preview the proposed AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) in preparation for this
  meeting it will be sent via interoffice mail on Monday.
  TECHNOLOGY STUDY HALLS: The afterschool study halls have not been as popular as they were last year, so
  we are trying a different approach and hopeful of your support. We will keep the announced schedule but are
  “taking the show on the road”. You are still welcome to attend any session and will earn Act 48 credit for every
  hour of participation, but we will be in a different building each month.
        Thursday 11/5/09 – 3:00-5:00 – BSHS Library
        Wednesday 12/9/09 – 3:00-5:00 – IFEC Library
        Wednesday 1/20/10 – 3:00-5:00 – YBMS Lab 118
        Thursday 2/18/10 – 3:00-5:00 – Rice Library
        Tuesday 3/2/10 – 3:00-5:00 – YBMS Library
        Thursday 4/15/10 – 3:00-5:00 – Rice Library
        Wednesday 5/12/10 – 3:00-5:00 – IFEC Library
MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007 FOR TEACHER AND STUDENT HOME USE: This is a reminder that there is
discounted software available to K12 employees for your home use. The price has increased by $10 since we
emailed this to you in March/April 2009:
           1. Go to this URL/site: http://www.journeyed.com/Select/
           2. Under “Select a Type”, choose "K-12"
           3. Then choose "PA" as your state
           4. Then choose "Pennsylvania K12 Schools"
BUILDING LOANER LAPTOPS FOR STAFF USE!: Apparently, not every employee knows that last Spring we
purchased a laptop for every building that employees may sign-out for use at conferences, meetings, and out-of-
district training sessions, etc.. Just see your librarian in advance of your need to sign-up to borrow this
equipment. NOTE: We recommend that you purchase a USB/Flash Drive to avoid saving your data onto the
hard drive of this shared resource.
SET UP YOUR OWN “JUNK MAIL” Folder: The next time that you have your GroupWise email open,

    1. Either click “Tools” from the toolbar OR right-click the “Junk Mail” folder from folders list

    2. Then, select the “Junk Mail Handling” option

    3. When the dialog window is displayed, make certain to place a check into the first, second, and final
       options, then click [OK]

    4. To check the mail as it begins to accumulate in this folder (the number of items will be displayed behind
         the folder icon), double-click the folder to view the contents Right-click the selected/highlighted email to
         display a menu and perform an action:
               Trust – means “this is not junk mail”, returns this and future mail from this address to your
               Junk – means “this is junk mail”, and continues
               to send it and „like‟ mail to this folder
               Block – means “this is junk mail”, and it also allows you to send the items directly to the trash
BEGIN USING THE “OFFICIAL STUDENT LINKS”: This is a repeat from last month‟s iTIPs front
page…Remember that the temporary link to the Plato website will soon be removed from the school/building
homepage. Take a moment in your classroom to demonstrate to the students how to select the “Student Links”
page from the “Community” channel on the District homepage and follow it to applications, resources, teacher
pages, etc.
OUTDATED COMPUTER, TV, AND AV EQUIPMENT: We are currently in the process of discarding outdated
classroom items and updating the associated building inventory lists. If you have any items that no longer work
or have exceeded their lifespan, please inform your principal so that he/she can make the appropriate

The CAIU technology department has discontinued their service center for AV equipment such as filmstrip and
movie projectors, typewriters, record players, VCRs, and other similar items.

So, whenever these items are no longer viable, they should be properly removed from inventory lists and
reported to be either auctioned or salvaged, in accordance with the state guidelines
INTERNAL EMAIL AND OTHER SHARED RESOURCES: Below are a few tips that will help us all be “good
neighbors” by being considerate while making the most use of our shared resources.
       Mail Server Space – Please use the internal phone and voicemail systems to communicate with district
        colleagues during the work day to limit the number of emails sent especially minimize use of the
        distribution lists (i.e., an entire building or group) for issues that only impact a few students or staff that
        takes up space and that everyone else has to read and discard.
       Think of your Email Box as a traditional mail bin, and periodically clean out your entire mailbox. Delete
        items from the Inbox, the Sent Mail, the Junk Mail, the Archive, and the Trash.
       Server Space – The amount of maximum space each user is appropriated is based on the size of the
        server, the number of users, and the typical amount of storage space used during a school year. We do
        build-in a cushion for „special circumstances‟, and have increased space for many employees with
        justified and reasonable requests. However, there is a limit to how much space can be provided to a
        single person and how often we can raise your limit. One solution is to transfer files to external storage
        (USB, portable hard drive, an online resource, etc.) t or permanently remove files that: a) do not need to
        be actively accessible on the district servers; b) are outdated files and sitting in your storage spaces; c)
        are not directly related to your job
       Bandwidth – We DO encourage you to use web-based activities with your students! However, during
        your planning consider the number of students simultaneously accessing any interactive resource.
        Solutions: a) broadcast from your teacher unit whenever you want an entire class to benefit from a
        multimedia tutorial or video instead of having every student do it individually; b) stagger start, access,
        and exit times when using certain websites and tools; c) schedule with IT so that we may alert others of
        your need for focused time (virtual field trips, etc.).
       There still seems to be some confusion about streaming. There seems to be some confusion about

The following are all examples: using your computer to watch and/or download videos, to watch television shows
and movies from websites, and to listen to online radio. Please refrain from streaming during the school day.
BUZZWORD OF THE MONTH – MEGABYTE: Forget the technical definition, you can find it online if you want…
However, if you purchase a 128 Mb Flash Drive (this is extremely small and cheap, and is just 1/8 of a Gig) and
were planning to save Word documents that you had created that contain no graphics, you will be able to store
approximately 1000-1500 average-sized documents. If there are graphics in the documents, I suppose you can
still save between 100 and 200 documents of average size.
I hope that this helps! 
PRINCIPAL‟S PAGE LINKS BAR: on the STAFF ONLY Page. As the building administrators complete their
Principal‟s Webpages designed to enhance internal staff communication, we will activate the building name
in the Links Bar at the top of the STAFF ONLY screen. Remember that this site is only accessible by typing
a password.

On November 11th, that district-wide password will change from “bubblers” to one that your building
principal and/or the IT Department will share with you, in confidence. Please, do not disclose it to
nonemployees! We often use this site to post codes, passwords, and links to information that we need to
share with you, but that we do not want to become public.

STUDENT LINKS PAGE: By request, our district webmaster Rachel Zilbering, has posted a new page
accessible from the district homepage http://www.smsd.us under the “Community” link called “Student
Links”. This new page enables district students of all ages to navigate our website an access these tools,
with the click of a mouse. As new online tools used by a significant number of teachers and students are
introduced, this list will grow as Rachel adds them to this alphabetical listing. So, begin to teach your
students to use this portal, so they know where to look at school and/or home for this assistance. NOTE:
The links at the top of the page quickly display the list of building teacher webpages.
Speaking of teacher pages… Create your own “Teacher‟s Favorite Links” on your classroom website for
items that are not accessible on the main page but your students use frequently, especially if you are
working with younger students. Providing clickable links and teaching your students where to consistently
find them, will minimize their frustration of mistyping lengthy URLs (web addresses) and failing to locate a
much needed resource in a timely fashion. Should that link be added to the Student Links „main page‟,
remove it from your site, to avoid the confusion caused by having to look on too many pages.

BOOKMARKS: When you arrive at a page you want to return to often (the Help Desk, Plato, Sharonn‟s
Page, etc.), Bookmark or add it to your Favorites at your teacher computer at school and on your computer
at home, so that you will be able to find it easily. You can rename your bookmarks to have more meaning for
you, and you may organize them into folders for quick access. If your work computer loses the bookmarks
whenever you restart because of Deep Freeze, put in a Help Desk ticket and the technicians will fix the
problem for you.

DEL.ICIO.US!! Are you ready for the next level of bookmarking? If so, try creating a free account for the
social bookmarking website called delicious at: http://delicious.com/. Social bookmarking enables you to
create and save a clickable list of your favorite sites, and access your bookmarks from any online computer
in the world.

WHEN ARE THE TECHNICIANS IN MY BUILDING? The techs have scheduled days in each district
building, and also have required daily office and project time. Please, do not divert them from their tasks by
asking them to perform favors. If you have an issue, it needs to be documented in the Help Desk prior to
their arrival in your building. NOTE: If no one has an issue in any building and there are other critical
projects in the district, we may contact the principal and agree to skip the building. So, be sure to let us
know via The Help Desk if you need service. The weekly schedule is as follows:
MON                IFEC and YBMS
TUES               BSHS and RICE
WED                YBMS and IFEC
THURS              RICE and BSHS
FRI                Assigned Projects

USB STORAGE DEVICES: This is a reminder from last year, but it keeps resurfacing so it is probably worth
repeating… SMSD teachers and students may use USB storage devices unless (or until) they cause us
more problems than they are worth. Here‟s what that means. These little portable devices are wonderful for
transporting data from school to home and back again, however it is important that you keep your antivirus
software at home updated to avoid introducing a virus into our system! Where can you buy them? Almost
anywhere nowadays. Often called flash drive or thumb drives, these devices may be purchased at Target,
WalMart, Office Max, even Rite Aid. Please, do not invest in SanDisk or any U3 format devices.

PASSWORD CHANGES!: Well, It Is Official!! The first password changes for the year will take place after
the start of the 2nd Quarter. To provide as much assistance as possible, we will post a self-help, clickable
step-by-step guide on Sharonn‟s Page for you to follow; and we will „set-up camp‟ in your buildings for those
who need to see us for more personal, “direct IT assistance” this first time through the process: on Tuesday
11/10 in Rice and BSHS, and on Wednesday 11/11 in IFEC and YBMS.

Because the system will automatically prompt you to change your password every 90 days, we ask that
everyone change their passwords on the days designated to keep all building personnel on the same cycle.
So, your personal goal in the next few weeks is to create a secure password, something that is… at least 7-
10 characters in length, B) contains a combination of letters and numbers, C) that is easy for you to
remember, and difficult for others to guess. Use a personal story as a memory aid. A Memory Format Story:
As a kid my first pet was a puppy received as a gift for my 3rd birthday. My new 2nd Quarter password
based on this story could be: Ace1968Q2 (for the dog‟s name + the year

I got her + 2nd quarter); 3rd it changes to: Ace1968Q3, 4th to Ace1968Q4. As long as no one else knows
my story, I can restart the cycle the next school year with Ace1968Q1 for 1st quarter. I won‟t need to write it
down because it is so personal I‟ll remember it, and I can use it for all productivity passwords as it changes
quarterly: Novell, Groupwise, SchoolWorld, Moodle, Ning, etc.

HEADSETS: Although the district does provide headsets in many of our computer labs and for a few
individual workstations, with the increasing number of computers and the rising health concerns, teachers
may want to encourage students to use the personal headsets and ear buds to work on multimedia
computer activities, whenever possible. If the students want to keep these items in your classroom, make
certain that the student places them into a labeled, sealable bag for protection, and checks before using that
they have retrieved their property and no one else‟s.

PLEASE, REFRAIN FROM STREAMING!!: We cannot emphasize this enough! We should not still be
„peaking‟ with our considerably increased bandwidth, but at times we are! Perhaps we do need to reexamine
the instructional choices that are being made and determine if there are legitimate, and whether or not more
reasonable alternative strategies for utilizing our new shared resources are available. However, we can only
be able to do that if we know when you are planning to execute activities for which you are pulling or
pushing numerous multimedia or graphic files directly to or from another source or website.

Please, let us know via the Help Desk prior to this occurring and tell us 1) what and 2) when you are
streaming and why, so that we can properly assess the situation. (Examples of streaming: viewing live TV
feeds online, testing or taking video field trips or videoconferencing, accessing numerous simultaneous
multimedia tutorials, downloading video uploading video and/or large audio and graphic files, etc.).

NEW MOBILE TECHNOLOGY: This is just a reminder that the district has recently invested in a number of
„new‟ laptop and netbook carts throughout the district. This technology was purchased for and coded as
instructional equipment for student use, not productivity equipment for teacher use.

Please, refrain from the temptation to misuse this technology. In most cases these are shared resources,
and it is being reported that some units have gone missing or were not charged when they were most
needed. We do not want to have a need to create „rigid‟ rules and are asking for your assistance and
cooperation. Thanks.

BOOT CAMP 2010 AND “BEST PRACTICES” SHOWCASE: Just when you thought that it was safe to
return to the beach…. Believe it or not, it was about this time last year that I began organizing the plans for
the June and August technology integration training that became known as Boot Camp. This year, I
welcome your input in identifying the new and continued Staff Tech Integration Boot Camp classes.

The 2009 Summer Catalog is still accessible for review on Sharonn‟s Page under The Training Center Menu
at: http://www.smsd.us/webpages/swilliams/the.cfm. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions, and I will
share them anonymously with the training team. Include suggestions about: What should we keep/repeat?
What should we add? Which classes (if any) should be eliminated?
Also, I‟d like to plan a district wide spring activity that would be open to staff and the public and Showcase
some of the „best practices‟ (with teacher and student presenters) at each building level, based on the 2009
boot camp themes: A) Productivity, B) Classroom Enhancement, C) Web 2.0 tools.

Provide suggestions for how we might encourage teacher and student participation, and then select the
concepts, areas, classrooms, activities, etc. to be presented; 2) when could we have/host this district wide
event (month, date, evening, weekend); and 3) how we should advertise this event to get public support and
participation. To avoid another official survey, just use the Training Requests – Summer/ Boot Camp option
that is already on the Help Desk. ☺

PATI AND BOOT CAMP: Time Is Running Out!! Please add these items to your „to do list‟, ASAP. It is
imperative that we have adequate time to effectively prepare for Boot Camp. We must know how many
people to expect in each training session to make final decisions to hold or cancel certain classes, reassign
trainers to cover other sessions, prepare materials for the scheduled participants, and post the official Class

aLate Boot Camp Registration is open at:
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspxsm=sHoOpi_2b5U5wKSEz_2biiJAXw_3d_3d by 5/1/09
aBegin the PDE PATI is from:
http://www.smsd.us/webpages/swilliams/resources.cfm?subpage=652960 by 5/8/09

OPENING ATTACHMENTS: Just a reminder that when opening attachments in the desktop version of
GroupWise, instead of double-clicking the icon of the attachment point to and right-click the icon. When the
shortcut menu displays, select “Open”.

ANNOUNCING THE PATRIOT NEWS ONLINE!!: We now have access to the Patriot News Online. There
are a limited number of teacher and student licenses per building that may be accessed at one time, and
from school. Your building principals will determine how to distribute the student accounts. There are 10
simultaneous general Teacher accounts per building.

From the Login site you will need to type your building‟s info is:
User ID: YBMS-T@smsd.us (replace YBMS appropriately w/ BSHS, IFEC, or Rice), and the
Password: bubblers (of course).

Note: This link may not be made public, so do not put it on your teacher page, however has been made
accessible             to             you                from             Sharonn‟s             Page:

TECHNOLOGY             HOUSEKEEPING               –        Server         Files       for       End-of-the-Year:
We are rapidly approaching year end and the servers and hard drives are full of photos, emails, and
documents that you no longer need. Please set aside a few minutes each week to begin deleting these
files. At the same time back-up any critical files/data to a disc or flash drive in case they are eliminated over
the summer as a result of weather and/or software updates. Ultimately you are responsible for your data
and must make certain to protect it.

BOOT CAMP SURVIVOR: Wow! Over 25 district teachers are registered to attend more than 18 hours of
SMSD summer technology integration training! If you are one of these „go getters‟, be certain to complete
the Boot Camp Survivors – Grand Prize Drawing Entry Form, currently available on Sharonn‟s Page:
http://www.smsd.us/webpages/swilliams/forms.cfm by 5/8/09.

FINAL STUDY HALL REMINDER: The last Technology Study Hall of the year will be held in the high school
Library from 3:00-6:00 PM on Monday May 11th.

WILL MY TEACHER UNIT HANDLE OFFICE 2007? If the term “lightscribe” is printed on your CD/DVD
drive on a 2008 computer (see red arrow), you could be a candidate for Office 2007, and may put in a ticket
to request a “Software Upgrade” over the summer. In a few cases other factors may interfere with that
process, and the technicians will need to inform you on an individual basis.

BROWSER TIP FROM JACKIE: Getting older? Text in your browser difficult to read? Then increase the
screen text size in your internet browser! Each browser is a little different. Directions below show how to do
it for the two browsers that we use here at school.
Happy reading…without glasses! J
PInternet Explorer: Click “View” on the menu bar. Choose the size you desire from “Text”.

PFirefox: Press and hold the [Control] key and while holding it, press the [Shift] and [+]/plus keys. Repeat
the process to continually increase the font size. Use the [Ctrl] [-] keys to reduce the font size.
(Shift is unnecessary because the [-] is located on the lower half of the key)

TO QUICKLY “FIND” TEXT ON A PAGE: Use the [Control]-[F] key combination to locate word(s) on a
website, in a document, on a spreadsheet, etc., instead of scanning visually. Press and hold the [Ctrl] key
and while holding it, press the [F] key once, then type the word or string of words that you want to find.
Press the [Next] button to move to the next occurrence of that word(s), until you locate your item.

HEARWHO: Great online tool that converts text to mp3 (audio) files. Cut and paste any simple text into the
main white box. Step 1. Choose a voice style, Step 2. Click Start Conversion, Step 3. Depending on the
amount of text, the site will render the audio file in a few seconds. While similar to the Nettrekker „read-
along‟ feature, you can listen to the audio or download these files from this site for later use, or to upload
into your iPod. Both tools are handy if you have struggling readers and ELL students, you can choose a
male or female voice. The free version‟s limit = 500 characters per conversion, the $14.99/yr student version
allows 6000 characters per conversion (Note: this tool is useful for directions and vocabulary lessons).
URL: http://www.hearwho.com/

CLEARING „THE CACHE‟: Sometimes when you are getting strange looking results on the screen or
transitions seem to take forever (or not at all), you may just need to restart your computer. A second
troubleshooting technique is to „clear the cache‟, which means to get rid of previous snapshots/versions of
the same screen that can potentially cause the display of „stale‟ data. Press and hold the [Ctrl] key and
while holding it, press the [F5] key. Then refresh [q] the screen and proceed.

TECHNOLOGY STUDY HALLS FOR STAFF will be introduced on Wednesday April 29th and Monday May
11th. During this time, Sharonn will be available to provide face-to-face, hands-on technology assistance for
staff on any general district productivity application. You are welcomed to stay for 10 minutes, 1 hour, or the
entire time since this is an optional activity! View it as an opportunity to have questions answered, issues
addressed, or just to focus on updating a website or cleaning-out server files (with support), after the hustle
and bustle of the day has ended. So, drop by the study hall in the BSHS Library anytime between 3:00 and
6:00 PM on 4/29 and/or 5/11. (Act 48, available)
NUMBERS UPDATE – AS OF TODAY 4/3/09: 80 employees have registered for Boot Camp (20 with 18+
hours); 68 have joined the Ning; 24 teachers are in our Moodle Cohort; and 89 district Teachers and
Principals have completed the annual PATI (PA Technology Inventory) survey.
I am so very proud of you guys! Thanks for your support. J

QUICKLINKS           –    always      available   from     the     district   website   under     “Faculty”,
click “Staff Only!”, the password is: bubblers

THE PATI SURVEY: The Instructional Phase of the PATI (Pennsylvania Technology Inventory) for
teachers and administrators to identify for PDE the current uses of technology in their schools and
classrooms is open, and data will be collected until the May 15, 2008 deadline! Tech Directors have been
asked to provide reminders until this mandatory process is complete for each building so please take care of
this, ASAP.

Letters were sent to all of the Principals. Your building Teacher Codes are
·     BSHS=6328-02-TE;
·     YBMS=7611-02-TE;
·     IFEC= 6853-02-TE;
·     Rice=1730-02-TE.

Click to begin the 20/30-minute survey: http://pati.metiri.com/surveyIP/

I have also attached a copy of the questions from last year (to view but not print) to show you what to

THE COMPUTERS MUST BE ABLE TO BREATHE!: Take a moment to locate the air vents on the
processing unit of your computer. Generally, they are on the sides, top, and back of the units. These
openings allow air to circulate and cool the unit during operation. Make certain that nothing is leaning
against the unit to block them as the CPU could overheat and ultimately fail to operate.

PROJECTORS AND BULBS: When you are not using your LCD/VGA projectors for extended periods of
time please turn them off! It seems that a number of projectors are active (left on) with blue screens and
screensavers displayed even when no one is in the classroom or for entire periods while other types of
activities are in progress. Replacement bulbs for these units are extremely expensive (some as much as
$200-$300), and funds have not been allocated to replace projectors that burn out before they are
scheduled for replacement within the budget cycle.

Take care of your technology, and it will thank you. J

DELETE WITH CARE: Unless you renamed the archive at some point (i.e., My Email Archive), Groupwise
auto-generates an oddly named folder within your “Home Folder/F: Drive” for your saved emails. Deleting
this folder is problematic when you attempt to retrieve these files.

                                         When in doubt,… don‟t delete!

NING IS “THE THING”: Introducing our newest online district portal for the Professional Development
Network of all employees! This is a new workspace at: http://bubblerspd.ning.com/, that will be used
regularly as a professional social network for our SMSD employee community of learners, and will become
our district-level hub for announcements, updates, requests for input, staff chats, blogs, forums, etc. We
ask that everyone join the Ning, including support staff and administrators. Several Virtual groups,
counterparts to actual committees and peer groups have already been created for you to join, where you will
communicate and collaborate with colleagues informally and whenever discussions and updates need to
take place related to curriculum, in-service planning, brainstorming, feedback, etc. QuickLinks to other
helpful resources (including the PATI) are available from this hub, as is the ability to develop your own
professional „My Page‟. Please go to this site and register within the next week or so, and become familiar
with the site. Use your district email address and password to sign-up, post a photo of yourself (or an
avatar), join your appropriate virtual group(s), and look around the site. Remember, this is a „workplace‟ site
shared by district colleagues so keep personal photos, videos, etc. to a minimum.

                                     NOTE: Clicking/Activating any audio
                                   or video link on any site is “streaming”!!!

SUMMER TRAINING: In a few days we will officially announce the first SMSD Summer Technology Boot
Camp, as an optional technology training series available to all staff. The concept is three days of
workshops on numerous themes, topics, applications, and tools in June and repeated in August. You may
elect to take all three days at once, or never, and in any combination that you desire. This flexible schedule
accommodates those who want to train early and develop projects during the summer months, as well as
those who want or need participate in workshops towards the end of summer. There will be door prizes and
incentives throughout these sessions, and a major raffle/drawing for only those who attend all three days, in
any combination.

BANDWIDTH: As you have undoubtedly noticed, we have completed the bandwidth upgrade! So, your
online transactions are processing at a faster rate! While we want to encourage you to utilize the network‟s
maximum potential, as always we ask that you please refrain from streaming (clicking onto links that provide
live audio/video directly from a website, including downloading from a site to a server and webinars) during
the school day without prior authorization from our network administrator (via a Help Desk ticket), to
minimize congestion and ensure adequate bandwidth for activities that require speed (virtual field trips,
testing, webinars, etc.) during that specific timeframe.

SURVEYMONKEY: The deadline to submit your Professional Development and Instructional Technology
survey             is             Tuesday            January            20,               2009.

·     Multiple buildings?: If you teach in more than one building, you may want to complete a separate
    survey for each building. Your demographic data will alert us to associate the responses with the
    correct facility.

·     Incomplete Surveys?: At least 13 of you fall into this category. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for
    us to determine who you are until after the survey is closed.

So, if you know that you started the survey but did not complete it, please complete a new survey, then
email Sharonn to have the first attempt discarded: slw2@smsd.us

HELP DESK: If you have not already logged into the Help Desk, you are encouraged to test your account
and bookmark the intranet website. Beginning 1/20/09, this will be the official procedure to request
assistance. Technology personnel will begin returning emailed requests, instructing you to:

“Please submit a Help Desk request” at: http://www.smsd.us/intranet/

TRAINING REQUESTS: Special thanks to those of you who have begun using the Help Desk to request
technology training. Please remember to specify the training that you need, and to include you available
dates, times, and location in the comment area of your request. This information will allow us to check our
calendars before we respond.

XEROX MFDS (Multi-Functional Devices): You may have noticed that the new copy/print equipment has
arrived. To access this equipment, we will need to be load drivers onto every computer (al 1200 district-
wide!). The technicians are working on this during their shared project time and will upgrade everyone as
quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

T.C.B.s: The Technology Coffee Breaks have been very well-received and attended. We‟ve discussed a
number of topics and you have provided sound suggestions that will be considered for the rewrite of our
district technology plan, policies, and procedures. Thank you so much for taking time to stop in to share your
thoughts. We hope to see more of you in the future.

SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY LINKS: To access special links to technology resources on the „Staff Only‟
intranet website (Password is „bubblers‟ – Note: this link includes access to back issues of iTIPS, Help Desk
steps, etc.) http://www.smsd.us/faculty.cfm?subpage=396096

Sharonn‟s Teacher Webpage is an intranet site that includes and examples and templates for teachers to
use for Professional Development purposes to enhance their own teacher websites – Currently, No
password is necessary! http://www.smsd.us/webpages/swilliams/

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW 2009 KTIS: Be sure to give kudos to this year‟s District nominees for
the PDE Keystone Technology Integrator recognition. BSHS: Michael J. Freese, YBMS: William J. Bechtel,
IFEC: Janet A. Kunkel, and Rice: Mary M. Good. These are teachers who think outside of the box in order
to enhance learning by integrating technology. BTW, there were quite a few runners-up out there who are
possible nominees for next year, joining the ranks of our 2008 KTI – Kristine Ahl and these four new
nominees. There‟s a lot of „good stuff‟ going on in SMSD, and your talents are being noticed! J

A REMINDER FROM JACKIE M.: The best way to view an email attachment within the application instead
of the browser is to right-click it to bring up a shortcut menu, and then choose “Open With…” and select the
appropriate application. Another option is to select “Save As…” to the desktop (or browse for a preferred
destination like your L: drive) and open it from that location.

TECHNOLOGY HELP DESK – To provide faster service and communicate status of requests, we are
implementing an online Technology Help Desk. Attached is a step-by-step instruction packet (with screen
shots) on how to use the website. Whenever you submit a request a ticket number is generated and the
a.    emails the entire IT staff of your problem,
b.    you will know when and how your problem was addressed, and
c.     it documents and tracks the actions taken with your inventory, assisting in developing our required
     district and state reports.

Please begin using the Help Desk of emailing Dennis (who will begin returning emails to promote the use of
the Help Desk). When the second quarter ends, the Help Desk will be the only way to request IT

NOTE: This product and process are new for all of us, so let‟s begin to practice using it to work-out any bugs
before the start of the third quarter. Thanks.

NEW!! TECHNICIAN SCHEDULES: Our district technicians now have assigned morning schedules in your
buildings. They will check Help Desk tickets each morning to prioritize the needs to be addressed within
their assigned buildings, organize their tools, and manage their available time prior to taking their lunch

In the afternoon, Dennis will assign project time activities to the technicians based on District needs and
timelines, as well as any tickets submitted between the scheduled building days.

In short, technicians may not be able to provide impromptu service if you “catch them in the halls”. Please
begin to submit Help Desk Requests, in a timely manner.

CFF teachers at BSHS should continue to consult Beth O‟Marr as the initial point-of-contact.

IMPORTANT DATE REMINDER: Technology Curriculum Committee Meeting – Thursday – November 20,
2008 – 8:00 AM – District Office.

BANDWIDTH UPDATE: We have obtained authorization to increase the rate at which data travels from our
district to the Internet. You should see a noticeable improvement by mid-December. As always, thank you
for your patience.

PHOTOS FOR THE WEBSITE: Remember to take digital photographs of your students to be used on our
website, particularly when they are engaged in special activities and projects. Check to make certain that
these pictures do not contain any students for whom parents have restricted media access. Send the
pictures to Rachel Zilbering (rkz@smsd.us ).

TECHNOLOGY HELP DESK: In a few weeks, SMSD will launch an online help desk for technology
assistance and information. This system is like sending an interactive email that will also allow you to report
problems to the entire tech team at once, check on how soon your issue will be addressed, and documents
the type and frequency of services performed.

After Thanksgiving, when we begin using the Help Desk, we will ask that all technology hardware, software,
and training requests be submitted via this online work order system and discontinue emailing individual
members of the team. This will keep the entire tech team informed (even if they are away), eliminate things
„falling through the cracks‟, and increase the quality and speed of service.
SCHOOLWORLD TEACHER WEB PAGES: If you are interested in developing your own Teacher Web
Page and do not want to wait for the next formal professional development training opportunity, Jackie
and/or Sharonn will arrange a training for individuals or small groups. If you would prefer to self-study, they
will send you a Quick Start visual, step-by-step, user guide. Requests are to be submitted via the Help

TO USE WITH YOUR STUDENTS?: If so, visit this link

KEEPING KIDS SAFE ONLINE: A technology class for parents and teachers called “Keeping Kids Safe
Online” developed by Sharonn Williams will be offered next spring through the South Middleton Parks and
Recreation Commission. This two-hour session is a hands-on, multimedia workshop that will examine the
positives and negatives of current online trends and provide safety tips and alternatives. Multiple sessions
of this workshop will be offered at a minimal cost to cover materials.

WHAT IS A TCB? It is a Technology Coffee Break, of course! Sharonn will periodically come to your
building‟s Faculty Room for a few hours with donuts, and you may drop by to chat-and-chew about anything
technology. You can „take-care-of-business‟ while you relax.

So, whenever you see an email with **TECH ALERT – T.C.B.!** in the subject line, come to chew and
prepare to chat, as well. Oh by the way, it is BYOB – bring your own beverage! J

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